earthling_Is it possible to keep the same layout/appearance of Firefox 3.6  after upgrading to Firefox 4?00:29
MrChrisDruifearthling_: I don't know00:32
MrChrisDruifBut I don't think so00:33
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earthling_firefox men > options > un-check tabs on top check menu bar00:34
earthling_someon from #FF suggested00:36
escoloaderthere is also a lifehacker.com article dedicated to this00:37
escoloaderchedk that out earthling_00:38
earthling_<kbrosnan> view > toolbars > customize00:43
earthling_<kbrosnan> drag stop and reload to the left00:43
earthling_<kbrosnan> and maybe the home button00:43
javatexanif you had to add grails to your ubuntu server, how would one go about that without leaving one's proverbial "butt hangin in the wind"?01:34
escoloaderhi rcconf02:01
rcconfHow can I customize tha icon http://i55.tinypic.com/2qv3y49.png ?02:12
earthling_right click properties?02:20
rcconfearthling_: no, it's for window title02:21
rcconfcant right click it and change02:21
holsteinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-53277.html maybe02:21
holstein^ is for the show desktop button02:22
rcconflol i want for gnome terminal :)02:24
rcconfno show desktop tksanyway02:24
holsteinrcconf: can you still do custom icons for terminal profiles?02:25
earthling_no icon in my title bar02:25
rcconfholstein: I cant02:29
rcconfim using ambiance theme02:29
rcconfmaybe thats the problem?02:30
earthling_for upgrading to firefox 4 can I uninstall 3.6 and then install from ubuntu software center?02:49
rcconfearthling_: no02:53
ubot2Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox02:53
rcconfearthling_: follow the instructions02:54
rcconfearthling_: you dontneed to remove, just upgrade it :)02:54
earthling_will it keep all my settings?02:54
rcconfof course :)02:55
earthling_what does unsupported PPA mean?02:56
rcconfearthling_: it means is not supported by Canonical02:56
rcconfbut it's a official ppa from Firefox team02:56
rcconfit's safe.02:56
earthling_it becomes supported over time?02:56
rcconfearthling_: firefox 4 only in natty02:56
rcconfnew ubuntu version02:57
rcconfearthling_: oh yeah i dont know02:57
rcconfif ubuntu repositories will add firefox 402:57
rcconfbut for now you need the PPA02:57
earthling_10.10 still uses 3.6 as official version02:57
earthling_because it came out before 4 was released02:58
rcconfearthling_: are you using 10.10?02:58
earthling_actually Im on 10.0402:58
earthling_Im used to it :)02:58
rcconfearthling_: in 10.04 FF 4 showed up automatically in repositories?02:58
rcconfwithout PPA?02:59
rcconfoh forget.02:59
earthling_3.6 in software center02:59
rcconfyes 3.6 is the latest from ubuntu repositories02:59
rcconfin natty will be firefox 402:59
rcconfnatty = ubuntu 11.0402:59
earthling_!latest ff03:01
ubot2Factoid 'latest ff' not found03:01
earthling_!latest firefox03:02
ubot2Factoid 'latest firefox' not found03:02
rcconfit's !ff403:02
ubot2Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:02
rcconfic means?03:02
earthling_I see03:02
rcconfoh lol.03:02
rcconfI just read it :)03:02
earthling_got it03:02
earthling_roger roger03:02
earthling_from the movie Airplane03:03
rcconfdidnt watch03:03
rcconfi need to do someting BBL ma man03:03
earthling_so does that command automatically install new updates as they become available?03:04
earthling_or do I set that in the browser?03:04
earthling_I wait until updates show up in Update Manager03:04
rcconfyes earthling_03:05
earthling_ok, thx03:05
rcconfit will update automatically because of PPA :)03:05
rcconfI just add PPA from trusted sources03:05
earthling_but only stable updates?03:05
rcconfearthling_: for unstable you need to use dev ppa iirc03:05
earthling_stable is good03:06
earthling_enough for me03:06
earthling_you running 4 now?03:06
earthling_like it?03:06
rcconfit's better than 3.603:06
rcconfearthling_: join #firefox03:07
earthling_k :)03:07
earthling_cya later03:07
* rcconf loves Ubuntu03:08
earthling_open source 4 evah!03:08
Guest80327I'm having trouble extending my desktop to a second monitor. I can mirror he image just fine, but when i try to uncheck that option, the image i get on the monitor implies that my graphics card crashed? Im a newbie. I was using ubuntu 10.4 and i had the same problem before i upgraded to 10.10 just now. what do i do? thanks03:08
rcconfGuest80327: nvidia or ati?03:09
earthling_you can use 2 monitors with different images on 1 computer?03:10
rcconfI think03:11
earthling_far out03:11
rcconfmy nvidia drivers work fine03:11
rcconfclone mode03:11
rcconfhdmi out03:11
rcconfdual monitor etc03:11
rcconflove it03:11
earthling_but its the same image I thought03:12
earthling_its fun though using TV as a monitor03:12
rcconfearthling_: you can divide the image?03:12
earthling_not sure, it seemed like that was what Guest80327 was trying to do03:12
rcconfearthling_: it's fun but good for getting persistent images TV != LCD monitor03:13
Guest80327i gotta find out how to find out my graphics card, will be back:)03:13
rcconfand im paranoid about those things03:13
earthling_its good for streaming netflix to TV03:13
rcconf5 minutes wit same image in LCD tv "oh nooooo"03:13
earthling_actually I use it with my laptop03:14
earthling_different OS03:14
rcconfearthling_: you should remove panels then03:14
earthling_turbotax doesn't support linux03:14
rcconfwhat is turbotax03:14
earthling_tax software03:15
earthling_in US03:15
earthling_income tax03:15
earthling_panels, hmm03:16
rcconfUSA blows03:16
rcconfat least.03:16
rcconfthe countrywhere the best and worst happens03:17
earthling_I think no govt is perfect03:17
rcconfyes but USA gov is a bunch of puppies03:17
rcconfmentally sick03:17
earthling_I would love to change things, but I am just 1 man03:17
rcconfearthling_: kill the media and youll change society03:17
earthling_easier said than done03:18
earthling_but the reporters will say they are objective03:18
earthling_and just trying to report the facts03:18
rcconffox news :)03:18
earthling_"fair and balanced"03:18
rcconfeven CNN is full of bs03:18
rcconfand all TV stations from all over the world copy their news.. false info fte03:19
earthling_its interesting, depending on who you ask, the media has a "liberal bias" or "conservative bias"03:19
Guest80327I'm using : VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] , and im on a t42 ibm thinkpad laptop03:19
rcconfearthling_: politics are actor in real life basically.03:20
rcconfGuest80327: try #ubuntu03:20
rcconfmore ppl03:21
Guest80327ok thanks03:21
earthling_Shakespeare said we are all actors on a stage03:21
rcconf"we are all actors" marlon brando03:22
rcconf"the dogs are the best"03:22
rcconfones* :)03:22
earthling_I think dogs are more honest than humans03:22
earthling_humans can be deceptive03:23
earthling_especially when money is involved03:23
rcconfbecause money = wealth and hapinness03:23
rcconfmoney rules ppl lives03:23
earthling_there is a lot of incentive to lie if it is rewarded03:23
rcconfand honest person wont get much but hate03:24
earthling_he will get called a troublemaker03:24
earthling_or goody goody03:24
earthling_or naive03:25
rcconfearthling_: do you know anything about hardware?03:25
rcconfearthling_: im connecting led cables to motherboard03:25
rcconfthe pin thing shows an arrow03:25
rcconfwhat does that mean03:25
earthling_led light cables for decoration?03:26
rcconfarrow = number 1?03:26
earthling_or indiciation lights?03:26
rcconfno the leds for computer case03:26
earthling_I don't really build computers, but I replace parts now and then03:26
rcconfmotherboard says nothing about the "arrow" symbol03:26
rcconfthe manual i mean03:27
earthling_is there a manual on website?03:27
earthling_of motherboard03:27
earthling_or cable03:27
earthling_other than one you have03:28
rcconfearthling_: MB manual only shows the pins' numbers03:28
earthling_you could look at google images of already finished ones03:28
rcconfgonna try to read the text on the motherboard03:29
earthling_good luck03:30
rcconfit just identify the stuff to connect03:34
rcconffound something http://www.techiehq.net/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=8273003:35
rcconfreset and power led working03:52
jhanafrogis there a way to automate scp to copy files to a remote system?  i was going to use crontab, but i'm not sure about the password06:37
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earthling_hi s-fox09:33
s-foxHello earthling_ . How are you?09:35
earthling_good and you?09:36
djxcqtionwats up people09:37
djxcqtionJust got Ubuntu09:37
djxcqtionand man has it impressed09:38
djxcqtionwanted to ask a few questions09:38
djxcqtionFirstly WUBI installation vs Full Installation?09:38
djxcqtionWhich is better09:38
djxcqtionDoes WUBI installation effect performance?09:39
djxcqtiona lot?09:39
duanedesignhello djxcqtion10:09
duanedesignI would stay away from Wubi10:09
duanedesignif you want both just do a dual-boot10:09
* FractalSquirrel waves to all.10:12
FractalSquirrelAnyone awake?10:18
wolfpackyes FractalSquirrel10:20
FractalSquirrelHow goes with you this (Local Time)?10:20
wolfpackFractalSquirrel: My timezone is UTC + 5.3010:21
duanedesignhaha, I am -6.0010:22
FractalSquirrelHalf hour incriments make it confusing imo.10:24
FractalSquirrel-7 with DST here.10:25
FractalSquirrelgot a question, I've been looking online, but haven't found a working workaround.  I've got Ubuntu Netbook Remix  on an HP Mini 1116nr.  Usually during bootup it gives an screen full of error messenge: udev worker (number) did not accept message  kill it.   The person this netbook will be going to would freak out seeing that as she has trouble with mental illness.10:33
FractalSquirrelIs there a way I can hide that screen during boot?10:33
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* JackyAlcine will be right back.16:13
rcconfhi all18:09
rcconfready for help18:09
rcconfi meant ready *to help18:11
rcconfme :)18:11
aztekwhat can i do for you?18:11
rcconfnothing right now :)18:13
rcconfaztek: I have a question18:13
rcconfwhy would I need the Magic SysRq18:14
yofelthat's usually used as an emergency interface to the kernel if the system is mostly locked up18:15
ubot2In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:16
rcconfoh I see18:16
rcconfyofel: usually I just press reset :(18:17
rcconfdidnt know about that18:17
rcconfpretty good18:17
rcconfyofel: so I keep alt+print down and then type earch key at a time?18:17
bdfhjkthis is like ctrl+alt+del in windows?18:18
yofelbefore doing that you might try K too, that will kill X18:18
yofelbdfhjk: no, we have ctrl+alt+del too18:19
yofelsysrq are direct kernel instructions18:19
bdfhjkso it is  'stronger' ?18:19
yofelR = get keyboard focus, E = terminate all apps, I = kill all apps, S = sync all disks, U = remount all disks read-only, B = immediate reboot18:20
yofelnote: nothing prevents you from pressing alt+print+b - except common sense18:20
yofelfor me usually alt+print+k and ctrl+alt+del is enough to reboot (K = kill everything on current terminal, usually X)18:21
bdfhjkI must admit that I did not know about it so far. Thank you yofel for the clarification18:22
bdfhjkI will read about it18:22
udayan_hi every1. i need help regarding mounting of ntfs filesystems.18:29
xardas008can you describe your problem in more details? Maybe i can help you18:34
xardas008udayan_, ?18:41
udayan_I had Windows XP which due to some reason crashed after which i installed ubuntu 8.10. while on windows i had 50gb of data which i cannot access. one of the partition i formatted to ext3 but it shows the following message when i try to mount it: the mount point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATE (usually /).18:52
udayan_For the other partition it shows an error saying that i do not have the privilege to mount it.18:52
xardas008mounting only with sudo18:53
udayan_i dnt knw. i jst rght cliked on the partition and tried mounting option18:54
xardas008and if you try to install ubuntu 10.10? Maybe the ntfs-tools are to old?18:55
udayan_i wud be doing that in a couple of days...18:55
asterismohi people18:56
asterismoi need help with something18:56
xardas008because Ubuntu 8.10 isn't supported anymore18:56
xardas008hi asterismo18:56
udayan_in case i upgrade to 10.10. aft that wat procedure should i follow18:57
asterismoi installed maverick i386 recently and the default user is "observer"18:57
asterismothen i created an other user called "santiago"18:58
asterismothen i gave administrator permissions18:58
asterismolike observer18:58
xardas008udayan_, the best way would be a new installation18:58
xardas008udayan_, did you use a seperate home partition?18:58
asterismoand then i realized that i can not mount my externa 500GB uab disk18:58
xardas008asterismo, is user "santiago" in group wheel?18:59
asterismoit is recognized by disk utility, and i can mount and unmount it18:59
asterismowheel is the name?19:00
asterismoonly have group www-data19:00
xardas008adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare that are all groups my user is in (default ones)19:00
udayan_yup. ubuntu is on separate partition. no files other than ubuntu system files are there on it.19:00
asterismothe disk does not appear in nautilus devices19:00
xardas008i think something like plugdev could be the reason19:00
xardas008udayan_, did you specialise the partitions manually or did you let ubuntu create them?19:01
asterismoi am on that groups19:01
xardas008so did you specify one for / and one for /home?19:02
asterismoi cant acces to the disk starting gksudo nautilus, then the disk appears in nautilus devices19:02
asterismobut not from my regular user19:02
xardas008asterismo, on console use the command groups with both users and look if both are in the same groups19:03
xardas008and after adding a user to a group you need to log in new19:04
xardas008udayan_, ok then you need to backup your data before upgrade, a direct upgrade would be possible but i can't make sure that everything will work fine19:04
udayan_even i think so. dat wud less cumbersome than exploring further.19:05
asterismoi will try this19:06
udayan_btw if force mount is done wat r the chances of data loss19:06
xardas008puh, i don't know maybe someone else in this channel would know that?19:07
udayan_okey dokey. thanks a lot buddy!!19:08
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rcconfIf screen is locked is it possible to use the Magig SysRsc key?19:22
charlie-tcarcconf:  sometimes it will work, yes19:24
skeddyHello! I was in there a couple of days ago, with a "wrong fs type" problem when trying to mount a hard drive. Still not having any luck with it :-(19:25
skeddyOne partition is clean according to the ubuntu disk utility, and the other isn't - wondered if this is why I can't mount it?19:26
charlie-tcarcconf: I normally try Alt+SysRq+k first, when it locks up. That closes anything on the desktop without saving it, but many times I can log back in with out a full restart then.19:26
Shysterhello, how is everyone?21:06
Shysterwhen i try to run a command with "sudo" i get this error21:06
Shystersudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0640, should be 044021:06
Shystersudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting21:06
Shysteranyone have any idea of a solution?21:07
rcconfShyster: your user should be in sudoers?21:07
rcconfShyster: try man visudo21:08
rcconfsudo visudo21:08
rcconfto make changes21:08
aveilleuxShyster: hm. does sudo still operate correctly (and just give you the warning)?21:08
Shystervisudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied21:09
Shystervisudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied21:09
Shysterworked fine untill earlier today21:09
rcconfyour use is not un super users list21:10
aveilleuxrcconf: That's not it21:10
rcconfShyster: did you type "sudo visudo"21:10
aveilleuxrcconf: The file has the incorrect permissions21:10
Shysterkyleslone@kyleslinuxlaptop:~$ sudo visudo21:11
Shystersudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0640, should be 044021:11
Shystersudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting21:11
aveilleuxShyster: Hm, this may be a problem. The way I would have normally fixed this would be to sudo chmod /etc/sudoers 044021:11
Shysterbut i cant ran any sudo commands21:11
aveilleuxShyster: The way you have to fix it this time around, though, is to reboot into recovery mode (it's one of the options in your GRUB menu), which logs you into root21:12
aveilleuxShyster: And then chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers21:12
Shysterah ok21:13
Shysteri will give it a try21:13
Shysteri was try to join the domain with this linux box here at work must have tweeked the wrong thing lol21:14
rcconfis there a way to select in terminal using keyboard only?21:21
bioterrorshadeslayer, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/likewise-open.html21:23
bioterroroh, shyster quit21:24
bioterrorand my connection lags alot21:24
sealancehey, I'm stuck installing a package on ubuntu, i'm very new to it and don't know how to do it, is this the right place to ask? thanks :)21:48
rcconfsealance: sudo apt-get install packagename21:49
sealancethats the problem, its slightly more complicated that that, I'm installing it on an ubuntu laptop without internet, the program i was told to install was wicd, so I downloaded a tar.gz and now I'm trying to install it, but I just don't understant how to21:50
johnny77sealance: do you have a live CD?21:53
sealancethe iso image i downloaded was burnt into a USB stick, my laptop's cd doesen't work21:54
sealanceI can burn it on my pendrive again if its needed21:54
bioterrortar zxvf wicd-asdsad.tar.gz21:54
bioterrorcd wicd21:54
bioterrormake install clean21:54
bioterrorbut why wicd?21:54
rcconfsealance: do you want wicd to connect to wireless?21:54
rcconfsealance: you make a usb live cd21:55
sealancewell, my wireless card on ubuntu has never worked, so I filed a ticket and they told me to use ndiswrapper, which apparently doesen't work either (well I don't really know, the guy just abandoned teh ticket), so I came here and they told me to use wicd21:55
rcconfno need for cds21:55
rcconfsealance: you can use ndiswrapper to install windows wireless drivers21:56
rcconfsealance: make a usb live21:56
rcconfboot and check if it detects the wireless21:56
bioterrorsome needs a teaching21:56
bioterrorwicd wont fix your problem21:57
sealanceright, thats what they told me, so I installed a windows driver for my wireless card but it didnt seem to pick up any wireless signals21:57
rcconfsealance: did you reboot?21:57
sealanceyeah, first thing i did21:57
bioterroraveilleux, hop21:57
sealancei can try again, see if theres anything leading to the problem21:57
rcconfwireless drivers pain in arse21:57
bioterrorszczur, have you played with ndiswrapper21:58
rcconfim lucky that wireless work fine21:58
rcconfszczur: ?21:58
szczurbioterror, not much21:58
bioterrorsame here, and I'm about to hit the sack21:58
* szczur reads the backlog21:58
johnny77sealance: what type of network card do you have?21:59
sealancethey are a pain, but thanks for helping out :) so let me see, i'll get ndiswrapper back on installed and i'll mount that driver, see what we can do from there21:59
sealancei'm running on an acer aspire 1410, apparently according to the ticket guy I have an InProComm 222022:00
sealanceonce i installed the 2220 chipset driver i was able to enable wireless, but no signals were picked up, thats as far as i got22:01
szczursealance, have you tried ndisgtk, it's easy to install windows driver with it. unpack the driver -> run ndisgtk -> locate the inf file insde the folder with driver and choose it22:02
szczurit should work22:02
sealanceok willdo22:02
sealancei have ndisgtk somewhere22:03
sealanceok, did that, now on that little screen i have a neti2220 driver installed22:04
johnny77sealance: I'd also run   lspci -vnn  in the terminal to verify the chipset22:04
sealancesays ethernet controller [0200] inprocomm inc. 2220 802.11g [17fe:2220]22:05
sealanceoh and it also says "kernel driver in use: ndiswrapper"22:06
sealanceand capabilities: <access denied>22:06
sealancethen the subsystem, flags, i(o ports and memory values22:06
rcconfDescription: graphical frontend for ndiswrapper (installation of Windows WiFi drivers)22:06
aveilleuxbioterror: Say what?22:06
rcconf ndisgtk is a GTK+ based frontend for ndiswrapper, allowing an easy way to22:06
rcconf install Windows wireless drivers.22:06
bioterroraveilleux, are you familiar with ndiswrapper?22:07
aveilleuxbioterror: Kind of22:07
aveilleuxsealance: What arch are you running? 32- or 64-bit?22:08
sealancei'd swear i'm on 32, there any way to double check?22:09
aveilleuxsealance: in Terminal, uname -r22:09
aveilleuxsealance: uname -m22:10
szczurdpkg --print-architecture22:10
sealanceaveilleux: says 2.6.35-22-generic22:10
aveilleuxsealance: I meant uname -m22:10
sealanceszczur: i38622:11
sealanceaveilleux: oh sorry, i38622:11
aveilleuxsealance: okay, that's 32-bit22:11
aveilleuxsealance: Where did you get the drivers from?22:12
sealanceaveilleux: the man from the ticket I filed a long time ago gave me a link, I can get that for you if you need it22:12
aveilleuxsealance: yes please22:13
sealanceaveilleux: hey, I'm pretty sure it was the a802.zip from this page http://support.acer-euro.com/drivers/notebook/tm_4000.html22:15
sealancethen inside i was told there was an .inf file (there were 2, under win2k and under winxp folders, I used the in2k)22:16
aveilleuxsealance: You need the .inf, .sys and .cat files22:17
aveilleuxI recommend using the WinXP ones since they're probably more up-to-date22:17
aveilleuxsealance: Use ndisgtk to uninstall the old driver, then extract all the files under winxp into the same folder and install the inf file again22:19
sealancethat sounds great, ok i'll do that. right now I have that winxp folder under a "a802" folder under an "opt" folder in my filesystem22:20
sealanceis that cool or should I move all that soemwhere else?22:20
aveilleuxsealance: Where is opt/ located?22:20
sealanceaveilleux: directly under filesystem22:21
aveilleuxsealance: Noooo no no22:21
aveilleuxsealance: You don't have the proper permissions to edit that directory. Linux isn't like Windows, you shouldn't stray out of your home directory (~/) unless you know what you're doing22:21
sealanceaveilleix: sounds like it shouldn't be there :) thats where the tutorial told me to put it under, where should that winxp file be in then? home? ok22:22
aveilleuxsealance: Yes, in your home directory22:22
aveilleuxsealance: The tutorial was probably geared at advanced users, or people using something like Arch or Gentoo22:22
sealanceaveilleux: phew, thanks, now its under home/winxp22:23
sealancei'll uninstall that driver and install it again22:23
sealancesys cat and inf are all under the same folder, that ok?22:23
aveilleuxsealance: That's how it should be22:23
sealanceaveilleux: great, now I installed it, I'll reboot now, or should i do something else?22:25
aveilleuxsealance: You don't have to reboot, just log out and log back in22:27
sealanceaveilleux: ok, I'm back in, how do I know it worked? and by the way, I don't see my wireless icon on my taskbar22:30
rcconfim trying to select text in screen22:31
rcconfit shows "xxx copied to buffer"22:32
rcconfbut then i try to ctrl shift v22:32
rcconfand does not paste22:32
holsteinrcconf: what terminal?22:32
rcconfgnome terminal22:32
holsteinrcconf> gnome terminal22:33
holsteini just high-lighted that ^22:33
holstein^ copied*22:33
rcconfholstein: without keyboard.22:33
rcconfwithout mouse!22:33
holsteinand pasted with cntrl+shift+v22:33
rcconfim just using the keyboard22:33
aveilleuxsealance: Yeah it's a glitch in network-manager-gnome. Right-click and move very slowly in the empty spaces in the status bar until you see the wireless menu pop up22:33
holsteinrcconf: in the future22:33
rcconfctrl+a+esc that i select22:34
holsteinyou should lead with that22:34
rcconfholstein: you didnt get.22:34
rcconfholstein: im using screen in gnome terminal22:34
holsteinrcconf: yeah22:34
holsteini get it22:34
rcconfi selected and copied the text22:34
holsteinyou didnt say anything about not having a mouse though22:34
rcconfbut when i paste nothing happens.22:34
holsteinBUT, im up to date now22:35
sealanceaveilleux: hey no sign of it, there are no empty spaces on the right side of the bar (right to left power button, time/calendar, mail, volume, battery and a separator - two dots)22:36
aveilleuxsealance: The gaps between the icons.22:37
MrChrisDruifrcconf: pasting in terminal?22:37
MrChrisDruifWith keyboard?22:37
rcconfselecting text and paste in screen22:37
rcconfthe problem is the pasting22:37
rcconfit's not pastign the text that copied22:38
MrChrisDruifIn what kind of screen rcconf?22:38
holsteinthe app22:38
* holstein assumes22:38
ubot2screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen22:38
rcconfi know that.22:38
rcconfholstein: screen22:39
rcconfhit space22:39
rcconfselect text with arrows22:39
rcconfhit space22:39
rcconftext copied22:39
rcconfthen i try to paste it22:39
rcconfnothing happens.22:39
rcconf22:39:25 <yitz_> ctrl+a ]  for paste22:40
aveilleuxrcconf: Idunno, I can't duplicate22:40
holsteinrcconf: i was just answering the question 'what kind or screen'22:40
sealanceaveilleux: hey sorry, no sign of it, now my mail and volume icons disappeared, hmph22:41
aveilleuxsealance: You may have accidentally removed the indicator-applet22:42
sealanceaveilleux: is there any way to get that back on?22:42
aveilleuxsealance: Right-click on an empty space, add to panel22:43
holsteinrcconf: can you try from tty?22:44
aveilleuxsealance: This is the reason I use Wicd instead of network-manager-gnome, but Wicd doesn't play well with ndiswrapper22:44
rcconfholstein: to paste in screen is this way:22:44
rcconfctrl + a then ]22:44
rcconfcomplicated but works.22:45
holsteinhey, if it works :)22:45
rcconfim gonna write it up22:45
sealanceaveilleux: hah ok, well i got my mail/battery/volume back on, no sign of wireless though22:45
sealanceaveilleux: so wicd won't work with ndiswrapper... anything else better than the gnome one will?22:46
rcconfgnome network manager22:47
aveilleuxrcconf: That's what network-manager-gnome is22:48
sealancehey I found this piece of code on a forum "nm-applet --sm-disable", would that so anything in respect to the disappearance of the icon?22:48
aveilleuxsealance: Not to my knowledge. Keep poking around between the icons.22:49
aveilleuxsealance: I don't use indicator-applet (I use Notification Area), so idunno22:50
sealanceaveilleux: ok, well i'm unfamiliar with all of them, so if anything is out there that can help me get wireless on my laptop, whatever it is I'll use it :)22:50
aveilleuxsealance: Do you use the mail icon?22:50
sealanceaveilleux: right now I don't use anything22:51
aveilleuxsealance: Okay, then you can safely remove it. Let me write a guide real quick...22:53
sealanceaveilleux: thank you!22:54
aveilleuxsealance: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/aveilleux/MiscGuides#preview23:04
sealanceaveilleux: ok, did that, now i have a volume control and a battery icon, still no sign of wireless23:10
sealanceshould i make another one but instead of volume write gnome-network-manager in the command?23:10
aveilleuxsealance: no, that'll just duplicate it. Keep trying. I know it's there23:10
aveilleuxsealance: Move one pixel at a time23:11
sealancefound it23:11
aveilleuxsealance: When you join a network, the icon will come back23:12
sealanceaveilleux: says enable networking, enable wireless, enable notifications, connection information, edit conections...  and about23:12
sealanceok, well how do I join a network?23:12
aveilleuxsealance: Enable wireless23:12
sealancetheres a tick next to it23:12
aveilleuxsealance: er wait23:12
sealanceshould be enabled23:12
aveilleuxsealance: stay on that spot, then normal-click23:12
aveilleuxsealance: Then a list of networks should pop up23:13
sealancenope, under wireless says disconnected in dark black, then jumps to vpn connections23:13
aveilleuxyeah, you need to join a network23:13
sealancesorry, how do I do that?23:14
aveilleuxsealance: Does your router broadcast its SSID?23:14
sealancewow, you got me there, if SSID is the name, then yes, under Jazztel Wireless23:14
aveilleuxsealance: Now we're into the actual usage of network-manager-gnome, which I am unfortunately unfamiliar with23:15
aveilleuxsealance: Since I haven't used it for over a year23:15
sealanceaveilleux: oh well, thank you so much for helping me out on this23:16
sealanceknow anybody familiar with the network manager gnome?23:17
aveilleuxsealance: You've gotten this far, I'm sure you can figure it out lol23:17
aveilleuxOpen message to the room, someone help sealance on how to use network-manager-gnome23:17
sealanceyeah, i've gotten this far cause people helped me :P but thanks :)23:17
aveilleuxsealance: No problem23:18
johnny77sealance: did you find the icon?23:18
sealanceyeah, well its hidded but I can locate it23:18
aveilleuxsealance: The machine I'm on right now is actually tethered to the wired network because it'd need ndiswrapper to use the wireless chipset23:18
johnny77sealance: what do you see when you left click the icon?23:19
g00dnessi create a partition and i don't know to edit what shall i chose "use as : ext3 " ?23:19
sealanceaveilleux: well I'd do othe same, just that at home i share wireless with my neighbours and I move around a lot, so hotels, workplaces, bars, all are wireless :)23:19
aveilleuxg00dness: Can you not let Ubuntu automatically partition?23:19
g00dnessi have 2 partition23:19
g00dness1 ubuntu23:19
g00dnessand 1 backtrack23:20
sealancejohnny77: in dark i see wired network, device not managed, wireless networks, disconnected, and in white VPN connections, connect to hidden wireless network, create new wireless network23:20
aveilleuxg00dness: There should be an option to resize the existing partition and use the freed space23:20
aveilleuxsealance: OH23:20
aveilleuxsealance: I know this one!23:20
g00dnessaveilleux i 'm started from 023:20
g00dnessi'm here at partition edit , "use at : ......... " and "mount point: ..........."23:21
g00dnessi don't know what to choose23:21
aveilleuxg00dness: Use as ext3 and mount point /23:21
sealanceaveilleux: yes? lol23:22
aveilleuxsealance: Just gotta find the right file to edit, 1 sec23:22
g00dnesstu aveilleux23:22
sealanceaveilleux, you might just be god hah23:22
g00dness this the same and for the 2'nd partition ?23:22
aveilleuxsealance: in Terminal, gksudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf23:23
aveilleuxsealance: Change managed=false to managed=true23:23
aveilleuxsealance: Then log out and log back in again23:23
aveilleuxsealance: The caps are important23:23
aveilleuxg00dness: No, use as: do not use for that one23:24
g00dnessaveilleux ok23:24
sealanceaveilleux: NetworkManager.conf is empty23:24
aveilleuxsealance: Er, then something was misspelled23:25
aveilleuxsealance: Close without saving23:25
aveilleuxsealance: do this: gksudo gedit /etc/Netw<tab>/Net<tab> (keep typing if a single tab doesn't complete the file)23:25
g00dnessaveilleux swap spase recommended ??23:27
sealanceaveilleux: cool, did that, first one autocompleted, the .conf file didnt and had to manually retype it23:27
aveilleuxg00dness: It's not entirely necessary anymore23:28
g00dnessa ok si go forward23:28
aveilleuxsealance: Okay, so you opened the file and it had contents23:28
aveilleuxg00dness: Sure23:28
sealanceaveilleux: no, it didnt't23:28
sealanceaveilleux: shouldnt the file be names nm-system-settings.conf?23:28
aveilleuxsealance: once you get to NetworkManager/ hit Tab twice and see what files are there23:29
aveilleuxsealance: It may have changed23:29
aveilleuxsealance: What are the files that are listed"23:29
sealanceaveilleux: yup, only 1 file, nm-system-settings.conf23:29
sealancethat on?23:29
sealanceaveilleux: ok, changed from false to true23:30
sealanceand i'll log back in23:30
aveilleuxsealance: Yep23:30
sealanceaveilleux: whazzam! theres a nice wireless icon on the bar23:32
sealanceaveilleux, with a ! sign23:32
aveilleuxsealance: What's the warning23:32
sealanceaveilleux: no idea, is it a warning?23:33
sealanceaveilleux: probably telling me it ain't conencted23:33
aveilleuxsealance: Left-click and see if any networks show up23:33
sealanceaveilleux: nothing23:35
aveilleuxsealance: What about if you hover over "Wireless"?23:35
sealanceaveilleux: nothing, plus its very dark and grayish, like disabled-like23:37
sealancevery weird indeed23:39
sealanceany ideas?23:39
rcconfuse ethernet cable23:40
aveilleuxsealance: Hm, I'm really not sure.23:41
sealancercconf: I would if i could23:41
johnny77sealance: what do you see if you run sudo iwconfig in terminal?23:41
sealancefor lo and eth0 no wireless extensions23:41
sealanceand some info on wlan023:42
johnny77do you see mode for wlan0?23:42
johnny77what does it say?23:42
sealancejohnny77: need anything else from wlan0?23:45
johnny77sealance: I think aveilleux was trying to set the mode to managed. I was just checking to see what it currently is set.23:46
sealancejohnny77: yeah, we changed it from managed=false to true23:46
johnny77sealance: Does wlan0 list the correct ESSID?23:47
sealancejohnny: I don't know what an ESSID is, but it says ESSID:off/any23:48
johnny77sealance: Just so i understand what exactly do you see between Wireless Networks and VPN Connections when you left-click?23:50
rcconfsealance: ESSID is where you connect to23:50
rcconfname of wireless access point23:50
rcconfjohnny77: his problem is wireless drivers23:51
sealancercconf: thanks23:51
johnny77rcconf: I was thinking that aveilleux set him up with the correct drivers.23:52
johnny77I thought he was having trouble getting gnome-network-manager to see his wireless connection.23:52
rcconfsealance: were you successful with ndiswrapper?23:53
sealancercconf: what do you mean by successful? I don't see any wireless signals, but on the ndisgtk it says theres a driver installed23:54
rcconfsealance: does it detect your wireless'23:54
sealanceno, i'm unable to detect any signals at all23:54
rcconfsealance: are you using network manager applet?23:54
sealancewhats that?23:55
rcconfsealance: nm-applet23:55
sealancercconf: how can I tell?23:55
rcconfsealance: alt+f23:55
rcconfand type nm-applet23:56
rcconfto open it23:56
sealancenothing happens23:56
sealancebut on the terminal it says its already running23:57
sealancercconf: and it said warning, can't initialize d.bus23:58
rcconfsealance: because network-manager service is not running23:59
rcconfsealance: try type sudo service network-manager start23:59

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