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penguin42can someone set prio on 743324 - it's my bug so I won't recommend one; but its pretty important for netbooks01:32
penguin42bug 74332401:32
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743324 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Allocate drive space window too large for netbook - can't get to buttons (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74332401:32
paultagpenguin42: I think there's a workaround. Regardless, set.01:44
paultagpenguin42: thanks! :)01:44
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ikthas any progress been made on this bug:09:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 705988 in software-center (Ubuntu) "[master] Untrusted packages can not be installed (affects: 81) (dups: 28) (heat: 286)" [Medium,Confirmed]09:08
iktI was just affected by it, it's not nice :/09:08
abhinav-ikt:  I am also affected by it :-/09:13
abhinav-although installing from command line using apt allows to confirm the source09:13
iktI unticked the 'Canonical Partners' in the other sources tab of software sources and it seemed to fix it09:20
iktI've seen 5 different work arounds09:21
iktbut this shouldn't be a bug at all in a program that has such a simple job to do09:21
abhinav-ikt : if apt asks the user about confirming the authenticity of the source, then this could also be done in software center ? although I never noticed this problem until recently09:25
iktI'm not sure tbh09:30
iktI've never had apt ask me about the source09:30
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Abhijitneed to submit bug for ubuntu notificatioons. plese tell me the package name.14:44
hggdhAbhijit: what do you mean by 'Ubuntu notifications'? Indicator?14:49
Abhijithggdh, like sound bar14:49
Abhijitgwibber notificatioon14:49
hggdhAbhijit: then it is (probably) indicator-applet14:50
Abhijitokay thanks hggdh14:50
Abhijithi guys14:58
Abhijitshould i go to #kubuntu-bugs for kde bugs or here is okay? hggdh ?14:59
Abhijitah okay i head to there15:00
hggdhAbhijit: #hubuntu-bugs will know more about KDE bugs; if no response, you can try here15:09
Abhijithggdh, if you mean #kubuntu-bugs then yes i gone there already. :-p15:09
Abhijithggdh, and they said to submit it upstream. so will do it later.15:10
Abhijithggdh, just to confirm should i submit gourment recipe manager bug here only or go upstream?15:10
Abhijithggdh, ??15:13
hggdhAbhijit: please be patient, we may be busy elsewhere (as I was)15:21
Abhijityeah okay15:21
Abhijiti am patient15:21
hggdhgourment recipe manager?15:21
* hggdh goes digging data about it15:21
Abhijithggdh, yes15:23
hggdhgourmet, you mean, correct?15:23
Abhijitits in software center15:24
Abhijitin software center in search type the word 'recipe'15:24
Abhijitand gourment will be first result15:24
hggdhAbhijit: gourmet -- no 'n' before the 't'15:25
hggdhAbhijit: you can open the bug here for record, but (a) it is an Universe package, so it is a target of opportunity for contributors; (b) it would help to _also_ open the upstream bug, and link both to each other15:26
Abhijithggdh, ok so first i submit here. and now i also go upstream too. thank you for yout time! :-)15:26
hggdhAbhijit: correct15:27
hggdhand thank you15:27
Abhijithggdh, this is the launchpad one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gourmet/+bug/74430215:27
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744302 in gourmet (Ubuntu) "gourment automatically selects the section (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:27
hggdhAbhijit: ok, I have some points I would like to raise re. 74430215:30
Abhijithggdh, sure! :-)15:30
hggdh(1) you show a bug in gourmet in English -- not always auto-selecting the right section;15:31
Abhijitwait wait15:31
hggdh(2) you show another bug -- perhaps the same, perhaps not -- on *not* English: always selecting the wrong section15:31
Abhijithggdh, i dont understand that above whole sentence 1st one15:31
hggdhno problem15:32
Abhijithggdh, hey wait you doont get my point. why i mentioned that english and non english thing becuase15:32
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Abhijitin english 'very few times' some times it does select it correctly. but thats very few.15:32
Abhijitbut in my native language it never does that. i just wanted to point out the difference15:32
Abhijitin short bug exist for both languages15:33
hggdhAbhijit: so far a *similar* bug exists for both languages; perhaps it can be extended to others15:33
Abhijithggdh, do you mean i should to submit two different bugs?15:34
hggdh(other languages)15:34
hggdhI am just pointing out to you that there is a risk on assuming15:35
hggdhbut moving on15:35
Abhijitoh i see okay15:35
hggdhyou then propose to *change* the way gourmet works: add an option to either always preselect the sections, or to never preselect the sections15:36
Abhijitit will be radio button selection15:36
Abhijit1. autoselect sectioons for all webpages15:37
Abhijit2. ask on each time15:37
Abhijithggdh, ^^15:37
hggdhAbhijit: this is implementation detail15:37
hggdhbut still it will either preselect or *not* preselect15:37
hggdhthe issue I have with it is there is nothing in the above proposal that fixes the bug you raised15:38
hggdhso I can still click the radio button and get the wrong section preselected15:38
hggdhwhat fixes the bug?15:39
Abhijitbut who those aware of this setting will change it to ask on each so they will be like me benefitint15:39
Abhijitbut those who only using enlish website dont need this15:39
hggdhAbhijit: I am afraid this will not resolve the bug15:39
Abhijithggdh, then what to do?15:39
hggdhAbhijit: *fix* the wrong section selection15:40
Abhijithggdh, currently this is really annoying to me becaue there are lots of recipe i download from web and each time i manually neeed to first unselect all sectioosn becuase they all are wrong? what should i do?15:40
Abhijithggdh, how to fix it? its not in english?15:40
hggdhAbhijit: you pointed an error in the application -- it is selecting the wrong sections. Instead of adding code to BYPASS the bug, we should *correct* it15:41
Abhijitoh yes15:42
Abhijithggdh, but now another questions come how? since its for non english webpages? who will do it?15:42
Abhijithggdh, if you want i will change the description of the bug accourdingly. should i ?15:42
hggdhAbhijit: first of all, you have to find out how the application selects sections15:43
hggdhAbhijit: I am _not* involved with gourmet. I can still state that if I were to be involved, I would refuse your bug15:44
hggdhAbhijit: your suggesting does not solve the issue15:44
hggdhAbhijit: it may well be a good thing to be implemented, but IT DOES NOT SOLVE THE BUG15:45
hggdhand this is an important thing15:45
hggdhyou point out a bug, and then you propose a way that will allow you to select to bypass the bug, but does NOT correct it15:45
Abhijithggdh, ok. but now what should i do?15:46
hggdhit is sort of a non sequitur15:46
Abhijithggdh, as of now i am not in situation to fix the bug? because fixing will reauire coding?15:46
hggdhAbhijit: point out the issue -- you already did that. Now, either submit it upstream, and wait for someone to look at it or15:46
Abhijithggdh, yes i am going to submit it upstream.15:47
hggdhAbhijit: find out what would need to be done (grab the source code, chat with the upstream developers, read)15:47
Abhijithggdh, and thanks for clearing me.15:47
hggdhperhaps it needs coding, perhaps it does not15:47
hggdhbut if you do not try to find out you will not really know15:47
Abhijityeah ......but dont have that much time. really! i have time to submit bug that i can do for now!15:48
Abhijitand that is i am doing. so far 3 bugs submited!15:48
hggdhAbhijit: good enough, and very good indeed15:48
Abhijitfor goourmet that is.15:48
hggdhit is not that we have to do it all -- we do not, 99% of us are volunteers15:49
hggdhbut we shoudl try to do the right thing ;-)15:49
hggdhat least the right step15:50
hggdhAbhijit: by the way thank you for your interest and willingness to help15:50
Abhijithggdh, :-) sure!15:50
hggdhopening a bug DOES help15:50
Abhijityes! :-)15:51
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