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Error404NotFoundI am getting http://pastebin.com/hC1tzxBP on every boot, what is this?04:41
* flaccid goes to look04:43
flaccidwell thats cloud-init04:43
flaccidmountall: Event failed is a bit of a concern04:43
flaccidthe cloud-init fail could be a bug in cloud-init04:43
flaccidsmoser or erichammond are the people to see about cloud-init. is this the latest official maverick AMI?04:44
flaccidalso, are you putting any user data in the launch?04:45
Error404NotFoundnope, its the official cannocial one.04:50
flaccidwhat does that mean?04:50
flaccidflaccid: smoser or erichammond are the people to see about cloud-init. is this the latest official maverick AMI?04:51
flaccid[2:45pm] flaccid: also, are you putting any user data in the launch?04:51
Error404NotFoundIts the latest official and i am not putting any user data.04:51
flaccidlooks like 2 bugs04:51
Error404NotFoundchecked with 32bit AMI as well, exact same error.04:55
flaccidif its the latest AMIs and you have not done anything additional, then submit bugs to ubuntu04:56
flaccidlet me launch one and so i can confirm it04:58
flaccidError404NotFound: i can confirm it. the messages we are seeing may be intentional, but i don't think that cloud-init-local should return non-zero if no user data is found05:06
Error404NotFoundbtw, with t1.micro instance there is not swap or /mnt ?05:07
Error404NotFoundflaccid: great05:07
flaccidi'm not familiar with mountall, but i've seen it stay resident and leak05:07
flaccidand i don't see a need for it05:07
flaccidError404NotFound: correct - you may want to read the instance types page on the aws site05:07
flaccidi also noticed these:05:07
flaccid* Starting AppArmor profiles       [80G 2011-03-28 04:00:52,257 - DataSourceEc2.py[WARNING]: unable to convert swap to a device05:08
flaccid2011-03-28 04:00:52,268 - cc_mounts.py[WARNING]: 'mount -a' failed05:08
Error404NotFoundthat as well05:08
flaccidnot a very clean boot i must say05:08
flaccidthere is [    0.210128] /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: unable to open rtc device (rtc0) but i know this bug and will be submitting a but on it soon so we can fix it in debian and ubuntu. archlinux fixed it ages ago.05:09
Error404NotFoundit also adds /dev/sdb as /mnt in fstab even though t1.micro doesn't have it.05:09
flaccidso please submit bugs for all of the above05:09
flaccidheh, yeah that is a logical bug05:09
flaccidin my debian images i use hd00 and a swap partition so none of this stuff occurs05:10
DroBuddyHello room07:41
DroBuddyI'm in the process of setting up UEC on a HP Pavillion p6774y with a Realtek 8101E/8102E ethernet card and a RaLink Wireless N card, but have been unable to get an Internet connection to even run sudo update; sudo upgrade. The wireless abg works under Win7 but I've been unable to get it to work on CentOS 5.5, UEC latest and desktop Linux Mint (x64 for all installs). I would greatly07:43
DroBuddyappreciate any help and/or insight the community may have to offer07:43
flaccidDroBuddy: you might want to go to #ubuntu . sudo update and sudo upgrade are not valid commands07:48
koolhead11DroBuddy, lspci07:49
DroBuddyHrm, I may be mistaken on those commands as I have not had a chance to connect to the internet... So, I was simply trying to recall from the top of my head. But, nonetheless, thank you very much. I'll go give it a shot..07:49
DroBuddythe lspci is...07:49
DroBuddyAh, sorry, I'm in the process of reinstalling.. Ner.. It's been a long day of messing with this.07:49
DroBuddyI'm almost to the poing where I'm going to run ethernet down to my basement...07:50
koolhead11DroBuddy, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=336%C2%A007:51
DroBuddyIn the tutorials for setting up a cloud they should include like 7x12 backs of beer, at a minimum... But, I digress.07:51
DroBuddyI'll check it out.07:51
flaccidUEC is kind of not of any relevance until you have your network card working..07:51
DroBuddyExactly :)07:52
flaccidwell eucalyptus is very buggy07:52
flaccidwhereis cloudstack is not.07:52
koolhead11flaccid, +107:53
DroBuddyCan I have the cloud controller and a node installed on the same machine for testing purposes? I know CentOS install didnt complain, but logistically speaking...07:53
flaccidDroBuddy: no.07:53
DroBuddyThe game plan is to have a server OS to host the VMs, as well as, my LAMPP stack. The VMs will only be used for mundane tasks like Modding, etc.07:54
DroBuddyHrm, damn.07:54
DroBuddyI better start throwing some stuff together...07:54
flaccidkind of defeats the purpose of a cloud if you aint going to put your lamp in there etc.07:54
DroBuddyWell, the idea was to have LAMPP universally available when I load a VM for web dev, or asterisk, OpenCRM, etc.07:55
DroBuddyThe host would also be running openQRM, as well. That's what I plan on using to remotely initiate VMs07:55
DroBuddyBut, this is simply for testing more than anything07:56
flaccidnot sure what that means, but each instance can do whatever you want it to do07:56
DroBuddyI'd like to see it work before I scale it.07:56
flaccidec2 works much better or if you want private cloud, cloudstack. but i wish you the best of luck with eucalyptus.07:56
DroBuddyBasically, the server would always be on but the VMs would not necesarily always be running. As such, I want LAMPP running 24/7, irregardless of whether or not a VM instance is running07:57
flaccidinstances can run 24x7.07:57
flaccidif the host OS crashes, so do instances.07:57
DroBuddyYeah, really, I'm trying to centralize my web development files, and have a few VMs for specialized tasks... But, I just started dabbling with this the other day07:58
DroBuddyflaccid: Well, I understand that and I do not currently have any plans for redundancy, but this is just a test to see of it is the most efficent and economical way forward.07:58
DroBuddySorry, I have a very slow Internet connection... Which also defeats the purpose of a cloud.. Other than private use.07:59
flaccidthe problem with eucalyptus is getting to work first and then having it be of some reliance.08:00
sorenDepends on how you look at it. In many cases, having only limited bandwidth is a reason *for* doing cloud.08:00
DroBuddysoren: Exactly why I'm trying to centralize things on my side, really...08:00
flaccidyeah its not like a cloud needs to be on the net if its for doing local tasks08:00
DroBuddyThat includes my PS3/Xbox360 Media server... lol;08:01
DroBuddyGod bless FOSS :)08:01
DroBuddyWell, back to it. I'll be back when I get things set up which will hopefully be sooner than later08:05
flaccidthere is no god, certainly not one that blesses FOSS.08:29
kim0Morning everyone09:00
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Error404NotFounderichammond: you would have got yourself a cloud-init bug report :)11:41
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koolhead11smoser, aroun?12:52
kim0koolhead11: just leave him a question in the channel12:57
kim0he'll get to it whenever possible .. others might be able to help too12:57
koolhead11kim0, i am not sure if am doing some stupid mistake13:08
kim0koolhead11: put your question in the channel man :)13:09
koolhead11kim0, i think i will do some brain storming b4 putting it.13:10
* koolhead11 gives another 10 mins13:10
kim0yeah sure13:10
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koolhead11kim0, so i had had not sourced my novarc and thats why i was not able to start image13:18
kim0yaay :13:26
smoserkoolhead11, here now13:38
koolhead11smoser, i was trying to run instance from the ttylinux and was not able to get the image13:46
smosernot able to get ?13:46
kim0"start" .. but I think it's started now13:48
koolhead11smoser, yes its started now13:49
koolhead11i have to source my novarc file13:49
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ubuntucloud093this is neo14:47
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aliguorikirkland, do you have a pointer to a howto that describes doing an automated ubuntu install in kvm?  preferrably, without requiring a network connection?15:12
aliguoriif the later possible?15:12
kirklandaliguori: i gave this to hallyn last week, actually15:13
kirklandaliguori: i can get it to you, but it does require a network connection15:13
aliguorikirkland, okay, does it take a command line parameter like ks?  if so, can you point it to local media (cd or floppy)?15:14
aliguorior does it always do an http request for the answer file?15:14
kirklandaliguori: that network connection, however, could just be the kvm host itself running apache local15:14
kirklandaliguori: actually, yes, you could also build a floppy.img with the preseed15:14
aliguoriokay, excellent :-)15:14
kirklandaliguori: here, let me give you this....15:14
kirklandaliguori: add these command line parameters: "priority=critical local=EN_US url=http://bit.ly/ubuntu-nqa"15:16
kirklandaliguori: to an ubuntu server, alternate, or mini ISO15:16
aliguorikirkland, thanks!15:16
kirklandaliguori: note that the url param15:16
kirklandaliguori: you can grab the preseed file I've put at that bit.ly link15:16
kirklandaliguori: and host it local, on
kirklandaliguori: or put that into a floppy.img15:17
kirklandaliguori: smoser has experience building a floppy.img15:17
kirklandaliguori: with boot stuffs in it15:17
kirklandaliguori: one sec15:17
aliguorikirkland, i can google my way there, i've got scripts that do the floppy creation for fedora so it should be easy to adapt15:17
kirklandaliguori: local= should be "locale="15:17
aliguoriah, that makes more sense :-)15:17
kirklandaliguori: okay, ...  here you go ...15:21
kirklandaliguori: 1) boot server ISO15:21
kirklandaliguori: hit ESC, then F6 for more kernel options15:22
kirklandaliguori: add to kernel opts: "priority=critical locale=en_US url=http://bit.ly/ubuntu-nqa"15:23
kirklandaliguori: install should proceed "nqa"  no-questions-asked15:23
kirklandaliguori: as for getting around that first ESC/F6, I *think* you can probably get around that by giving KVM a kernel, initrd, and kernel param options15:23
kirklandaliguori: and use a floppy.img for those, plus the preseed file15:24
kirklandaliguori: i'm asked the first part of that question a lot, so I'm going to go and make a blog post15:24
hallynso, would the thing to do be to codify the use of that preseed in a autotest/client/tests/kvm/steps/Ubuntu-11.04.steps file?15:28
kim0This page has info on booting kvm with direct kernel/initrd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images/KVMKernelOptions15:40
kim0kirkland: ^ if you needed that15:40
kim0hmm .. that's probably more for booting uec images that installers15:41
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kirklandaliguori: did you have a chance to play with that at all?18:22
kirklandaliguori: does that get you anywhere further along the line?18:22
aliguorinot yet, but will in a bit18:24
aliguorii just wanted to have an automated ubuntu install script for testing purposes18:24
SpamapShallyn-afk: when you get back.. I'm interested in using lxc in a similar manner to schroot. Wondering if you have any experience doing that.18:31
hallyn-afkSpamapS: actually i'v enot quite left yet, gotta right about now, but18:34
hallyn-afkto use it as schroot, my plan was to use LVM snapshots18:34
hallyn-afkSpamapS: so yeah, let's chat when i get back18:35
SpamapShallyn-afk: cool ttyl18:50
SpamapSmathiaz: ^5! howdy18:50
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mathiazSpamapS: hi!19:18
mathiazSpamapS: I've got a question related to memcache:19:18
mathiazSpamapS: when it comes to clear memcache upon deploy new code what does make more sense: restart memcached or flush memcached?19:19
SpamapSmathiaz: flush19:21
SpamapSmathiaz: usually.. sometimes restart is better because it will force slab reallocation..19:21
SpamapSmathiaz: depends on if you expect the new code to drastically alter the memory access patterns.19:22
mathiazSpamapS: right - It seems that flush wouldn't expire keys set in the last second19:22
SpamapSmathiaz: and my info may be outdated.. I seem to recall reading that the slab allocation is more dynamic now.19:22
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SpamapSmathiaz: in the past to make rolling upgrades less painful I had a 'cache_version' component to all cache keys, and if I wanted to force new caching.. I just bumped that.. so rolling upgrades would gradually populate the new cache19:23
SpamapSmathiaz: which was important, because we had jobs that would run for 30-40 hours19:24
SpamapSif the serialized data suddenly changed on them.. they'd freak out and have to be restarted19:25
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jeremydeiubuntu-one svc unavailable? ouch ..20:15
hallynSpamapS: all right, so have you started anything?  Did you have anything in particular in mind?20:21
hallynSpamapS: i think what i'd probably do is ship a new set of lxc templates20:21
hallynput the smarts in there20:21
SpamapShallyn: no I've done nothing but I figured you would have thoughts20:22
SpamapShallyn: my thinking is that the only difference is you need to run 'lxc-start /mounted/whatever/sbin/init' instead of 'chroot /mounted/whatever/bin/bash'20:23
hallynSpamapS: i'm thinking you have a canonical container for each release, i.e. clean-natty, etc,20:23
hallynSpamapS: they sit each on an LVM partition, and you create a working container by doing20:24
SpamapShallyn: schroot does that20:24
SpamapSsee schroot does *all* of this20:24
hallynlxc-create -n apache-natty -t natty-build -20:24
hallynyes, it does20:24
hallynbut it doesn't give you network namespaces20:24
hallynbut if you want to use schroot, just use it, don't argue with me :)20:24
SpamapSRight but we can build that in can't we? ;)20:24
hallyni think kees was looking at that20:25
SpamapSI want an slxc basically ;)20:25
hallynpretty much what i was going to do20:25
hallynexcept based on the lxc code instead of based on schroot code20:25
SpamapSI figured schroot already had most of the machinery necessary20:26
hallynanyway, i think we're best of with you following up on your direction, me on mine, then we conmpare notes20:26
hallyndoes schroot sitll require aufs?20:26
hallynone of my motivations is to avoid that20:26
SpamapSrequire, no20:27
hallynto modify schroot, the simple part would jsut be replacing the clone with clone(CLONE_NEWNS|CLONE_NEWPID|CLONE_NEWNET|CLONE_NEWUTS)20:27
SpamapSaufs is *awesome* tho20:27
SpamapSsure its slower..20:27
SpamapSand can't do long filenames20:27
hallynthe more complicated part would be the setting up of the network20:27
SpamapSbut not having to rebuild the system to have LVM configured is a nice feature :)20:27
hallynyup, it's sort of why i haven't done this yet :)20:28
hallynnow LVM really isn't necessary,20:28
hallynlxc-create right now takes a few seconds20:28
hallynbut i'd still like it to be faster :)20:28
SpamapSwell I'm less concerned about adding any speedto the equation. I just want instant containers so I can test upstart jobs without the b0rked up chroot support20:29
hallynSpamapS: ok, you already have that20:30
hallynjust do as in http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/lxc-0-7-0/20:30
hallynusing '-t natty' in place of '-t ubuntu'20:31
SpamapShallyn: hawt20:33
hallynSpamapS: all right, actually i think all that I want is a new 'clone' template20:42
hallynSpamapS: (which is just about written now, took all of 5 mins :)20:42
hallynSpamapS: so i can keep a 'nattydevel' container around, and quickly clone a new one-off container from that to build a package or reproduce a bug20:43
hallyngotta run downstairs to the other 'lab', bbl20:43
SpamapShallyn: I'd really like for /home to be mapped in, and /etc/passwd to be copied in20:45
hallynSpamapS: oh, yes, /home will be mapped in, are you sure you want /etc/passwd?20:45
hallynSpamapS: actually so long as your prstine container does that, the cloned one will as well20:45
SpamapShallyn: Yeah I want at least the non-system users duplicated so /home is usable20:56
hallynSpamapS: all right, i'll blog a workflow that i think shoudl work for you20:57
hallynstill finishing up the script right now, really should go test vmware instead :)20:57
SpamapShallyn: sweet20:59
hallyncurse xfs's slow deletion21:07
flaccidxfs rox21:10
hallynflaccid: :)  i'm still using it...21:15
flaccidas are many thousands :)21:16
flaccidxfs_freeze is something other filesystems don't have21:16
kim0actually there was "fs_freeze" .. a generic one .. but it's probably not mature yet21:17
flaccidbut if the filesystem can't do it, it can't do it i.e. kernel level. that sounds like a userspace hack21:17
kim0flaccid: I believe it is kernel level21:18
flaccidnot really. not for the filesystem itself and its only Linux Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS21:19
flaccidZFS owns all of these with zfs snapshots :)21:19
kim0yeah .. unfortunately crappy linux implementations21:21
kim0zfs snaps were jaw dropping for me :)21:21
kim0too bad they ended up @ Oracle21:21
kim0obino: would you be interested in answering questions like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1716308 :)21:23
flaccidfreebsd runs in the ec2 cloud now thanks to colin@freebsd. working with aws and their ancient xen21:24
kim0using zfs on that ?21:25
flaccidi think so. can't remember though21:26
kim0flaccid: I meant are you doing it21:26
flacciddoing what exactly?21:27
kim0using zfs on freebsd21:27
kim0ENOCONTEXT :D21:27
flaccidi would if i had a need21:28
kim0not sure why fbsd was brought up though21:28
flaccidbecause that is where you do zfs snapshot goodness21:30
kim0or opensolaris :)21:32
kim0indiana was it ..21:32
* kim0 remembers Oracle again .. bleh21:32
flaccidopensolaris has muchly deteriorated21:33
kim0It's been killed I guess :)21:33
kim0Waiting for Solaris11 to come out .. and hopefully get a code drop21:34
flacciddoesn't fit the public cloud at all though21:34
kim0public cloud builders ?21:35
flaccidi don't see a public cloud supporting sparc..21:35
kim0solaris on x86 is big too21:36
kim0hoping Illumos can bring that more light21:36
flacciddays are gone for solaris21:37
kim0It's got a pretty decent kernel .. it looks mostly dead now, but will probably live in appliance form for years n years to come21:38
kim0zfs, dtrace, crossbow ..etc are all almost non existent (unfortunately) in Linux21:39
flaccidthis is why freebsd has the potential has its already in the cloud and on x8621:40
crazedcrossbow <322:55
crazedmessing with crossbow tought me a crapton about networking22:55
crazedbut not how to spell, s/tought/taught/22:56
kim0hheee :)22:56
hallynSpamapS: http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/lxc-clone/23:13
flaccidwhats lxc?23:17
hallynlinux containers23:18
hallynlike an enhanced chroot.  emulate having a virtual machine without emulating any hardware and no guest os23:18
flaccidah i heard of these but not sure of what use they are23:19
hallynflaccid: that's what i say about computers :)23:20
flaccidcould you use a lxc as a replacement shell to give users a jail for ssh that is better than the average?23:24
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