nigelbmorning dholbach :007:38
dholbachgood morning07:38
dholbachhi nigelb07:38
nigelbdholbach: ubuntu global jam bootcamp today \o/07:38
kim0Morning everyone08:58
kim0dholbach: nigelb  o/08:58
dpmmorning all09:14
kim0dpm: morning man :)09:14
dpmhey kim009:14
nigelbhey kim0, dpm :)09:55
duanedesignmorning friends10:02
dpmheya nigelb, heya duanedesign :)10:02
duanedesignthat is a pretty good yeehaw dholbach, me thinks you would fit in pretty good here in OKlahoma :)10:07
dholbachduanedesign, I'm not sure about that :)10:13
nigelbduanedesign: hehe10:13
nigelbok, mailed all instructors for the bootcamp \o/10:14
nigelbduanedesign: do you know of more app developers who might be interested in talking at ubuntu app developer week lightning talks?10:15
duanedesignnigelb: gaurav took my Randy project and ran with it. Not a big app but he did practically the whole thing himself.10:18
nigelbduanedesign: tazz?10:18
nigelbor someone else :)10:18
duanedesignnigelb: i think someone else, He would kill me, i keep forgetting his last name :P10:19
nigelbduanedesign: lawl10:19
nigelbok, don't know him10:20
dpmdholbach, wow, impressive results from the green party in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Rheinland Pfalz last night10:36
dholbachdpm, yeah - let's hope they change things for good :)10:37
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duanedesignummm, where would I find an IRC op for #ubuntu?11:45
popeyduanedesign: in #ubuntu-ops11:45
kim0MeanEYE: hey o/15:35
MeanEYEhaha <3 love the emoticon :P15:36
MeanEYEhi theres15:36
czajkowskiakgraner: did you see AW yesterday? was it as agood as we were lead to believe?15:46
czajkowskiakgraner: not an easy one to watch :(16:01
jonokim0, all set?16:01
kim0jono: yeah16:02
MeanEYEoh, something happening in #classroom?16:02
MeanEYEjono: btw, I got in contact with lernid project owner. I'll be starting soon with fixing that stuff.16:03
jonokim0, I can hear you16:03
kim0I cna't16:03
jonoyou should be able to hear me, my mic is working16:03
jonocheck your pulse settings16:04
jcastroMeanEYE: heck yeah, just take it and rock it16:09
MeanEYElot's of butchering though, but I'll live16:10
MeanEYEhad worse projects in my life. any special requests on that part?16:10
dpmjcastro, what's the name of the unity replacement for the gnome notification area? I've seen unity menu mentioned somewhere, is that it?16:30
MeanEYEglobal menu perhaps?16:31
MeanEYEsorry for intruding :)16:31
jcastrodpm: there's really no replacement16:32
jcastroit's just the indicators16:32
jcastrounless you were looking for the word "indicators", heh16:32
dpmjcastro, so there's no "indicator area", "unity menu" or such thing, just "that corner where indicators happily live"?16:34
jcastroyeah it's just "Indicators" as far as I know. I guess you could call it indicator area.16:35
dpmok, just wondering if there was an official name16:37
jcastronot afaik16:38
jcastrodpm: JohnLea or tedg might know if there is, but I've never heard to it officially named as anything but the indicators16:39
jcastrodpm: if they tell you otherwise let me know!16:39
dpmok :)16:39
MeanEYEdid anyone thought about idea of creating IRC client that wouldn't look like one and directly making it available on Ubuntu web site as a way to get tech support?16:41
jcastroright now we embed the freenode web client16:42
MeanEYEoh, nice. did you see GTK 3.2 preview with ability to serve applications through http?16:42
MeanEYE<3 can't wait for that to happen16:43
MeanEYEanyway if you feel like making a separate IRC client used only for tech support do let me know, I might get some more free time for that as well :)16:46
jcastropopey: that bug is a dupe17:01
jcastrosomeone brought up the pornview thing in a dash bug before17:01
jcastroI hate everything about that feature though17:03
jcastrothe recommending apps17:03
dholbachwe recommend pornview?17:12
dholbachnice, can't wait for the CC to be subscribed to the bug :)17:12
jussidholbach: come again?17:12
czajkowskidholbach: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/70804517:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 708045 in software-center "[software-center] `unattended` == PornView" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:13
Pici!info pornview17:13
PiciWell, its there, just hiding.17:14
jonodholbach, sorry on a call17:15
jonowont be long17:15
dholbachjono, afaik our call starts in 15m?17:16
jonodholbach, yeah, I mean I might be late17:16
jussiI can see that bug going really bad places after the way its started. sadly.17:17
jcastro<--- lunch17:24
vishpornview "issue" came up nearly than 6 months ago too, when descriptions was being discussed. and MOTU said there is nothing that can be done and that they wont block such packages based on names17:25
vishthere is also Bug 73946917:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 739469 in unity-place-applications "Dash search unavoidably returns offensive results" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73946917:28
jonodholbach, all set17:32
dholbachjono, me too17:32
dholbachok my friends17:50
dholbachI call it a day17:50
dholbachhave a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow17:50
nigelbg'nite dholbach :)17:51
dholbachbye nigelb17:52
komputesDoes anyone know who I would contact to remove the "The deadline for sponsorship closes on 8th September 2010." footer on http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/18:21
nigelbjcastro: ^^18:23
jcastrowhere does it say that?18:23
jcastroSponsorship Requests close on 29 March 2011.18:23
pleia2it's an html comment which firefox is showing on the site18:23
jcastroI don't see that in FF either18:24
pleia2shows up in the FF on lucid18:24
doctormopleia2: I can confirm Firefox on Maverick shows it too18:25
nigelbSee? You all haven't upgraded :p18:25
nigelbI don't see it in FF418:25
pleia2nigelb: this is my work computer :)18:25
dpmjcastro, jono, ok ubuntu development api documentation is now available on the links at http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ - I'll send an e-mail with the summary tomorrow18:25
doctormonigelb: After I made a blog post ranting about mozilla? Did you think I would upgrade ;-)18:25
dpm(and there goes another WI done ;)18:25
nigelbdoctormo: PPA :D18:26
jcastrodpm: nice, that unblocks me for Places docs, thanks!18:26
jonodpm, nice!18:27
jonojcastro, btw, there is no Places doc links on the wiki.ubuntu.com Ayatana or Unity docs18:27
jcastrooh, there's no link on /Unity18:29
* jcastro fixes18:29
nigelbjono: if you have a min, can you tweet about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJamBootcamp ?18:29
nigelbjono: its happening right now :)18:29
jononigelb, done, and Facebooked!18:30
nigelbjono: thanks :)18:32
JanCthe fact that that comment is shown is a (very common) browser bug18:33
nigelbactually, I'm not sure its commented properly18:33
nigelbit looks to me like that the comment for that line isn't closed18:33
JanCalthough, thinking about it, it's probably not valid HTML either  ;)18:34
nigelbYeah, I'm guessing its a difference of quirks mode18:35
jcastrofixed it18:39
JanCwell, I'm not sure about XHTML, but I *think* it's actually a valid HTML (= SGML) comment, so then it would be a browser bug...18:40
nigelbJanC: validity of html is based on the doctype on the first line18:40
JanCnigelb: I think it was actually valid, but the SGML rules for parsing comments are somewhat complicated, and many browsers get it wrong18:42
nigelbbut this page is transitional xhtml, so xhtml 1.0 and html 4.01 rules apple18:43
JanCit was both a valid SGML and a valid XML comment, so the difference doesn't matter18:44
jcastrojono: all set, just ring whenevs18:58
jonojcastro, just wrapping a blog entry19:00
jonowill be a few mins19:00
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cjohnstonjcastro: do you have a bunch of packages that are being help back on updates?19:11
cjohnstonhmm.. i have a whole bunch of libs that it isnt letting me update19:15
jonojcastro, http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/03/28/balancing-freedom-and-functionality-a-design-challenge/19:15
jonojcastro, ok all set19:15
jcastroall set19:16
jonojcastro, got voicemail on skype19:16
jcastrooh whoops19:17
jcastroI closed it19:17
jcastroall set19:17
komputesthanks jcastro19:43
popeyi have filed quite possibly the most embarrasing bug ever20:28
popeybug 74447520:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 744475 in vlc "Vlc has a cone where the menu would be" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74447520:28
popeyI am ready for the ridicule20:28
popeyalso, a serious bug which is probably going to be a wishlist bug 74451120:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 744511 in unity "grid doesn't cater for dual screens" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74451120:29
popeyshame though20:29
PiciBut the cone wears a hat during the holidays20:30
jcastropopey: I read a tweet20:56
jcastrowhere 2 people were in a car20:56
jcastroand one of them was like "avoid that VLC thing" when talking about traffic cones on the road20:57
jcastroI LOLed20:57
mhall119is there a website for collecting feedback about ubuntu?21:53
mhall119things like "I tried to do X, but I couldn't figure out how"21:53
mhall119or "I really liked Y, but Z would make it even better)21:53
MeanEYEmhall119: well, some things you can put in brainstorm.ubuntu.com like your ideas on how to improve something21:54
mhall119I'm thinking of feedback that's less well defined than brainstorm is looking for21:54
TechnovikingNatty hates me23:15
MeanEYENot true!23:16
Technovikinghow to you rerestart unity from the command line?23:21
MeanEYEUnity 3d?23:22
MeanEYEI think it's a compiz plugin. Is it not?23:26
pleia2hmm, does Ubuntu Certification (UCP) still exist as a cert? I see training partners offering "Ubuntu Professional" courses but it's unclear whether there is still a Cert23:26
popeyunity --restart23:41
popey@ Technoviking23:42
popeyunity --reset23:42
MeanEYEpopey: would compiz --replace work?23:43

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