thethomaseffectmorning czajkowski12:36
slashtomgood afternoon12:36
thethomaseffector afternoon i should say12:36
pwnsauceHey all15:49
pwnsauceI'm just checking up on the global Jam.15:51
pwnsauceI'm based in Galway, so travelling to Limerick or Dublin doesn't make too much difference. Which UGJ will be "better". :)15:51
ebelIt's infoturtle who's doing the limerick one IIRC15:54
ebelMe (and some others on channel) be at the dublin one15:54
pwnsauceGreat. Dublin is the 28th?15:55
slashtomthe 2nd15:57
slashtomthe 28th is today15:58
pwnsauce:D . Thanks slash.15:58
ebelwell you can go to either event, tis really up to you16:16
infoturtletheres a good do's and do not's session over on #ubuntu-classroom now if anyone's interested on checking t out18:41
infoturtlefor UGJ's18:41
infoturtleebel, do ye normally have a introduction for the UGJ? for people to understand what they can work on or group up or something like that?19:15
ebelOne great thing about ubuntu events is that there's often new people there19:17
ebelit's a great way to get new people involved.19:17
ebelso you have to expain stuff19:17
infoturtlethats cool, I'm going to make an introduction to explain the idea of the day and how it works, like you say for new users19:18
thethomaseffectRDrury:  Good to see you got IRC working then :)23:32
RDruryEven I have to get it right sometimes, i guess!23:32

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