jamespagedoko_: ping09:07
doko_jamespage: pong09:08
jamespagedoko_: hey - thanks for point out the error in the multiarch patch for libjna-java.09:08
jamespageI'm now a little concerned the detection of powerpc archs is not right as well.09:09
doko_jamespage: could you check on davis?09:09
jamespagedoko_: do I have access?09:11
doko_you should, if you have access to other developer machines too09:12
jamespageOK lemme check09:12
jamespagedoko_: hmmm - it would appear not.... any chance you could check for me?09:18
zee313how can I visit ##java11:42
zee313how can I learn java?11:47
=== doko_ is now known as doko

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