YoBoYgood morning06:47
BigWhaleOk, who decided to put 'good' in front of the morning? :>06:49
YoBoYdon't know... my english teachers always wanted that way06:54
dholbachgood morning07:38
nigelbYoBoY: hey, is this you? https://launchpad.net/~yoboy-leguesh10:11
nigelb(I'm mailing all ugj bootcamp instructors)10:11
torosI've just seen that we have to register for UDS here too: https://forms.canonical.com/udsreg/10:42
torosand there is a question asking "Who is your attendance requested by?"10:42
toroswhat should I write here? I will be participating on behalf of the Hungarian LoCo10:42
YoBoYnigelb: yes this is me :)10:43
torosShould I put there "Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo" or choose the "Canonical" option?10:43
YoBoYnigelb: but you can also write at yoboy@ubuntu-fr.org :D10:43
BigWhaletoros: I had the same problem :)10:43
nigelbYoBoY: already sent10:43
torosBigWhale: ohh :)10:43
BigWhalenot sure what I put there10:44
torosBigWhale: where are you from?10:44
BigWhaleSlovenia :)10:44
czajkowskitoros: have you applied to be sponsored?10:45
torosczajkowski: no10:45
torosactually, our house is only 10 minutes walk from the Hotel :)10:45
czajkowskitoros: ok. 10:45
BigWhaleAnd I thought I am close, bcs I have only three hour drive :>10:46
czajkowski10:42 < toros> what should I write here? I will be participating on behalf of  the Hungarian LoCo10:46
czajkowski YES10:46
torosczajkowski: then I will just write Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo10:50
torosI hope that many people will be participating from our LoCo10:50
toroswe wanted to organize some events too (like sightseeing)... but it is very hard to organize for hundreds of people10:51
czajkowskitoros: indeed, my advice is to put up a list of places ye may recommend and then let people decide themselves10:51
czajkowskiand offer to go with people to translate or to be a guide10:52
torosthat's a good idea10:52
czajkowskitoros: it's hard to get large groups doing things, but putting a selection of what could be recommended in the evenigns always helps and then lets people plan the week around meet ups10:54
torosBudapest is famous for its Ruin Pubs: those are large pubs in old buildings... we could visit those too: http://ruinpubs.com/index.php10:54
czajkowskitoros: what is the currency that is most used there?10:54
torosczajkowski: Hungarian Forint10:54
toros1 Euro = 266 HUF10:55
toros1 USD = 189 HUF10:55
torosprices are similar to western european prices... food and drinks in restaurants are somewhat cheaper10:56
czajkowskiand sterling ?10:57
toroswe have only one currency10:57
torosas you see, the worth of 1 HUF less than 1 Euro Cents10:58
torosthe smallest coin is the 5 HUF10:59
torosusually shops and restaurants do not accept Euro... or even if they do, the conversion rate is pretty bad. So it is better to exchange your money, or to use your credit card11:01
toroswe will write a "Survivors Guide for Hungary" before the UDS11:01
dholbachBudapest rocks :)11:04
torosdholbach: true :)11:07
dholbachI hope it'll be nice and warm around the time :)11:08
dholbachI really liked the island in the Danube, but forgot its name11:08
dholbachand the one place there they turned a whole building in a bar (rather a set of bars) - really nice, but I forgot the name too :)11:08
torosdholbach: Instant?11:10
torosthere are many pubs like that in the city11:10
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dholbachsorry, I can't remember the name - it's been a while11:11
JanCtoros: according to my parents who went to Budapest last year, eating out was *a lot* cheaper than in Belgium, not "somewhat"...11:54
torosJanC: well, yes, that might be true...12:16
torosA typical food costs around 6 to 10 euros in a cheaper restaurant12:17
torosA Big Mac Menu costs around 4.50 Euros12:17
torosA beer costs about 1.50 to 2 Euros12:18
toroscider is not very common in Hungary, so I don't know the prices :)12:20
mhall119you and that cider12:20
torospeople here usually drink beer or wine... or pálinka :)12:20
JanCso a typical cheap meal in Belgium would cost twice as much as in Budapest12:20
JanCbeer isn't that much more expensive in Belgium though, but IME beer is relatively cheap over here compared to the rest of Western Europe12:21
torosactually, there are pubs where a beer is under 1 Euro... but I never would there to go those pubs :)12:22
torosI mean I never would dare to go in those pubs12:23
JanCfor security or health reasons?  ☺12:23
torosJanC: yes :)12:24
BigWhaletoros, are there any hostels or bed & breakfast accomodations around that place? Preferrably within a walking distance and a parking space. :)12:24
BigWhaleThat hotel is a wee bit too expensive for me :/12:25
torosBigWhale: yes, there are many12:25
BigWhaleI'll have to look into that, before everything is booked. :>12:25
torosBigWhale: please send me a mail to toros@ubuntu.hu and I will send you links12:26
BigWhaleWill do, great!12:28
nigelbmorning mhall119 12:30
mhall119morning nigelb 12:34
mhall119or should I say good afternoon12:34
YoBoYyes the hotel is a bit expensive :]12:34
YoBoYczajkowski: come to France, we have good cider here ;)12:35
czajkowskiyes but.. tis in france :) I'd only go there for rubgy 12:36
nigelbmhall119: more like good evening :)12:38
mhall119morning cjohnston 18:52
czajkowskiwell hello to you too cjohnston 18:52
cjohnstonhey mhall119, czajkowski 18:52
paultaghello, world18:52
* czajkowski prods paultag 18:53
* paultag waves to czajkowski 18:53
paultagczajkowski: I've named my synful OS -- synnamon18:53
cjohnstonmhall119, czajkowski did you see the picture of paige losing her first tooth? Mike, it was on the way home Saturday18:53
mhall119paultag: I think synful would be a better name, actually18:53
czajkowskicjohnston: no..18:53
paultagmhall119: :)18:53
mhall119cjohnston: I did, yes18:54
czajkowskicjohnston: link me in pm 18:54
czajkowskipaultag: should be crankypants18:54
paultagczajkowski: why?18:54
mhall119paultag: or syntacks18:54
paultagI'm not cranky yet18:54
paultagmhall119: haha! Good one! I rather like that18:54
mhall119paultag: not cranky yet?18:54
* mhall119 gets a youtube urls ready18:54
czajkowskipaultag: yet :) 18:54
paultagwell it always comes to that18:55
paultagit's just a matter of time, really18:55
czajkowskicjohnston: aww big gap at least tis at the bottom 18:55
czajkowskipaultag: so true.18:55
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mhall119nigelb: this bootcamp thing worked pretty well, we've already got more events and participants23:45

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