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dholbachgood morning07:38
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AnAntHello, can someone run this on natty: apt-cache rdepends libswt-gtk-3.5-java10:44
AnAntor: apt-cache rdepends libswt-gtk-3.5-java10:44
AnAntor: apt-cache rdepends libswt-gtk-3.6-java10:45
dholbachAnAnt, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586395/10:46
AnAntdholbach: thanks10:46
AnAnthmmm, so why is swt-gtk in main then ? all rdepends are in universe/multiverse ?10:47
sorenAnAnt: Eucalyptus build-depends on it10:48
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* JackyAlcine will be right back.16:13
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Piciokay then.16:55
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tumbleweedbroder: lp:~stefanor/ubuntu-dev-tools/extra-scripts (a few bits and pieces I've written but haven't added to trunk because I haven't seen demand / testing)20:58
brodertumbleweed: sweet. i'll check it out20:59
micahgSpamapS: BTW, we now have a mozjs in /usr/lib, so we can clean up the hackery in mongodb21:01
micahgSpamapS: and congrats :)21:01
tumbleweedindeed, congrats21:01
SpamapSmicahg: YES! (re the mozjs) .. I saw that happening and meant to ^5 you :)21:01
micahgSpamapS: chrisccoulson did that all :)21:01
SpamapSWe should buy him dinner in Budapest. :)21:02
SpamapSI have some friends using MongoDB on Maverick and they've held off moving up to the latest mongo because they feel our packages are of higher quality than upstream's.21:03
SpamapSI was shocked to hear that. ;)21:03
SpamapSI told them its largely Antonin Kral's excellent debian maintainership.21:03
micahgcool, that's good to hear21:03
=== ari-tczew changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Archive: feature freeze | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://bit.ly/fz6AyQ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ | Congrats to new core-dev: SpamapS
brodertumbleweed: looking at list-sponsorships. it requires a dateutil.parser - is that a py2.7-ism?21:17
tumbleweedbroder: python-dateutil21:18
brodertumbleweed: does ubuntu-dev-tools have rules about weak dependencies for scripts? it seems like for third-party packages, at least, it would be nice to catch the ImportError and print something a bit more user friendly21:19
tumbleweedyeah, we do that. These scripts are a bit scrappier, though :)21:20
* tumbleweed tidies it up21:20
broderhmm...it's not finding anything for me in natty21:21
broder(sponsoring SpamapS)21:21
brodermaybe i imagined it. or only sponsored srus?21:21
tumbleweedit also won't pick up archive-admin syncs21:22
* broder nods. that's reasonable for a first cut21:22
tumbleweedand the list archives it downloads can be rather big21:22
broderis there a particular reason to require specifying the sponsor? e.g., when i get around to doing enough and applying for core-dev, i'd want to be able to use this to track down my sponsors for endorsements21:23
tumbleweedI just wrote it from the standpoint of someone giving endorsements21:23
brodertumbleweed: when i applied for motu, i looked up who had sponsored me and e-mailed each of them asking for support21:23
tumbleweedI think both modes are useful21:23
tumbleweedyeah I did that too21:24
ari-tczewbroder: when I found people who would like to do 'dedicated sponsoring' for me, I'm subscribing sponsor to bug and comment that I'd like to be sponsored by John Doe.21:25
ari-tczew(I'm going to apply for core-dev in future as well)21:25
ari-tczewit's informal contract with sponsors ;-)21:25
ari-tczewand big thanks to they for their time21:26
broderi've always been on the fence about asking specific people to sponsor. personally, i prefer to just throw it to the queue, especially since the queue works these days21:28
tumbleweedyeah, I'm also undecided. I worked with quite a few sponsors in Ubuntu, but only had a single mentor in Debian21:29
ari-tczewbroder: I've opened cooperation with sponsors via dedicated sponsoring to get endorsements from they - via sponsors queue it can't be guaranteed.21:30
ari-tczew~15 uploads and ask they for comment.21:30
ari-tczewHowever, some people blame me for this way. They think that I should use sponsors queue, so it's sometimes hard to lead dedicated sponsoring.21:31
bdrungari-tczew: do you subscribe ubuntu-sponsors when you have a dedicated sponsor?21:32
cody-somervilleari-tczew, I'd recommend having item in sponsorship queue like normal then asking sponsors you work with regularly if they can take care of it.21:32
ari-tczewbdrung: of course no :)21:32
cody-somerville(that way someone else can sponsor it your regular sponsors are busy)21:33
ari-tczewcody-somerville: what's the point? only making sponsors overview busy.21:33
bdrungari-tczew: that depends if your sponsor has the time for it.21:33
ari-tczewcody-somerville: but when I'd like to be sponsored by sponsor 'X', I don't want to get it uploaded by someone else, so I don't need to subscribe ubuntu-sponsors.21:33
broderari-tczew: Looks like at least one of the endorsements I got on my MOTU application was essentially for a single sponsorship21:34
broderThough it involved sponsoring the same bug into, like, 10 different places :)21:34
ari-tczewbroder: endorsement based on 1 upload? then it should be rather a comment instead endorsement ;-)21:35
broderari-tczew: No, one patch. Just uploaded to several different releases/SRUs/backports/etc.21:35
ari-tczewbdrung: when my dedicated sponsor doesn't have time, he gives me a note that I should find someone else. It works. ;-)21:35
cody-somervilleari-tczew, wouldn't you like to get your change into Ubuntu as quick as possible?21:36
broderBut I don't see why someone couldn't endorse based on a single upload, if that was combined with non-upload-driven interactions on IRC, mailing lists, etc. I'd certainly do that21:36
ari-tczewcody-somerville: it depends what is it.21:36
cody-somervilleari-tczew, So you're saying you see value in getting your changes reviewed by people with domain expertise?21:36
cody-somervilleMakes sense.21:36
ari-tczewcody-somerville: as quick as possible - hmm, sounds like Quick Response. ;-)21:36
ari-tczewcody-somerville: yes21:37
ari-tczewbroder: I don't say that it can't be endorsement. Personally I would to ask sponsor for do more uploads for me and give _really_ and _strong_ endorsement.21:38
ari-tczewThat's my strategy.21:38
ari-tczewATM I have 8 sponsors to pick up endorsement from they.21:39
ari-tczewAll of them are done for main.21:39
ari-tczewAverage: 8-9 uploads per sponsor.21:39
ari-tczewI had to ask bdrung to not sponsoring me cause I have done a lot of uploads by bdrung. ;-)21:40
Amozhi guys :)21:40
ari-tczewbdrung: please don't take it as bad or something, it's just statistic issue.21:41
ari-tczewhi Amoz21:41
AmozI might be in the wrong channel  now but, I'd like to learn how to package a kernel and can't find any information. anyone willing to give a pointer?21:41
ari-tczew#ubuntu-kernel exists?21:42
broderAmoz: are you just trying to create packages from a kernel source tree?21:42
broder(as opposed to starting from an already Ubuntu-ified kernel)21:43
broderFor that, you might be interested in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile21:43
Amozbroder, actually I'd like to learn how to create a source package so I can upload it to the build farm on LP21:43
Amozalso, I'm trying to use the latest 2.6.38 but can't find the Ubuntu-fied sources for that one21:43
Amozsureley I'm missing out on something obvious here, but hey, I'm new to this =)21:44
broderAny particular reason you're starting with the kernel? It's quite likely *the* most complicated package in Ubuntu21:44
Amozbroder, I like challenges21:44
broderIt's also highly specialized, and requires a lot of knowledge that won't apply to anything else21:44
tumbleweedhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel btw (and seriously, I can't work out how to do things in the kernel packages easily)21:44
AmozI can imagine that21:44
Amozis it really that hard then?21:45
tumbleweedthat's why we have nice people in #ubuntu-kernel to do prepare builds when we want to test packages :)21:45
AmozI can get my own kernel to work, is it that much harder to package it then?21:45
broderIt sounds to me like your thought process is something like "if I can handle the kernel packages, I can take on anything", and I don't think that's really true21:45
broderBut if you're still interested, I think the links tumbleweed and I sent are an excellent place to start21:46
Amozmostly I'd like to do it so I can get my custom kernels distributed to all my computers easily21:46
Amozand would be fun to learn how to do it on the LP build farms21:47
tumbleweedAmoz: ubuntu's kernel packaging may not help you with that21:47
Amoznot even via PPA ?21:47
Amozhmm, I guess it's possible to just upload my own compiled package to a ppa for distribution, right?21:48
tumbleweedno, lp only accepts source uploads21:48
broderAmoz: No, PPAs will only accept source-only uploads21:48
broderBut make-kpkg can generate source packages21:48
tumbleweedthe ubuntu kernel workflow is quite entrenched in the build system. and Ubuntu kernels have deviated from vanilla linux quite a bit21:49
Amoztumbleweed, but that doesn't mean I can't take a vanilla kernel and package it as my custom kernel, does it?21:49
tumbleweedyeah I'd start with make-kpkg (I used to use it a lot, many many years ago)21:49
Amozhehe I'll look into that then. Also, when I'm here already, what would you recommend for a newbie like me to start out with when it comes to MOTU stuff?21:50
tumbleweedAmoz: that means that Ubuntu's kernel packaging comes togother with ubuntu's kernel, and separating them won't be trivial21:50
Amoztumbleweed, I already looked at that, but then? :)21:52
Amozthe recipes maybe?21:52
tumbleweedI'd say: You find a bug that affects you, and try to fix it. Having already played with packaging would help21:53
Amoztumbleweed, if I don't know of one, what to do then? :P21:54
tumbleweedharvest.ubuntu.com can help you find things to get started with21:54
Amozah thanks tumbleweed21:56
Amozoh wait! I know of one21:57
Amozthe MosML package disappeared somewhere between 9.10 and 10.04 I think21:57
Amozmaybe I could bring it into the universe again21:58
tumbleweedit was removed together with a bunch of rarely used packages that weren't in Debian21:58
Amozprobably not recommended to bring it back then21:59
AmozI'll just check the harvest site21:59
tumbleweedit's recommended to maintain packages in Debian. Packages only in ubuntu can get negleted22:00
Amoztumbleweed, looks like most bitesize bugs are "coding" stuff here22:05
tumbleweedAmoz: well, packaging is working with code. A lot of packaging doesn't involve actually understanding and modifying the source code, but fixing bugs tends to.22:11
AmozI see22:11
tumbleweedAmoz: have you packaged anything for Ubuntu/Debian before? Are there any programming languages you are more comfortable with?22:12
Amoztumbleweed, I know some C and Java, and coded a very small python script22:12
Amoznever done any packaging22:12
tumbleweedwell, at the moment we are in feature freeze, with a release around the corner. So we are looking at fixing important bugs and making sure all the packages build22:13
Amozso I guess it's just a lot of bug smashing then ?22:14
tumbleweedyeah. I'm afraid I can't see any easy build failures ( http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ ) to point you to and my bugs-to-look at inbox is almost empty22:17
Amozhehe no problem, I think that is a good thing, isn't it? ;)22:19
tumbleweedyeah I've been limiting myself to things I can manage in the free time I have22:21
tumbleweedhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam might have better ideas about what to tackle. I've heard good things about that team22:21
chrisccoulsonSpamapS, "We should buy him dinner in Budapest" - that sounds good to me ;)22:26

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