LLStarksbug 438868 needs urgent attention now00:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 438868 in firefox "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886800:08
LLStarksfirefox 4 has worsened the bug 10 fold00:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 10 in launchpad "It says "displaying matching bugs 1 to 8 of 8", but there is 9" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1000:09
micahgfta: so, what do you think about what I said re > chromium?00:14
BUGabundofta: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=7760400:20
ingiAn error occurred during a connection to umsoknir.audkenni.is.00:35
ingiPKCS#11 token was inserted or removed while operation was in progress.00:35
ingi(Error code: ssl_error_token_insertion_removal) plz help00:35
micahgingi: did you recently get an update?00:40
ingiI have had proplems w/ pksc but now the omnikey reader works but after i enter the pin this comes instet of what is suposet to come00:42
micahgidk how that stuff works00:43
micahgingi: can you restart the session with the token attached?00:44
micahgingi: restart firefox and try to connect again?00:44
ingitry'd that many times00:45
micahgingi: which version of firefox?00:46
micahgingi: which release?00:46
micahgwhich Ubuntu releasE?00:46
micahgingi: are you using the firefox-stable PPA?00:47
micahgingi: well, all I see upstream is mozilla 431959, does that sound similar?00:50
ubot2Mozilla bug 431959 in Libraries "after removing token, all connections get SSL_ERROR_TOKEN_INSERTION_REMOVAL" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43195900:50
ingibut still the diferent is that I have my card in but i get the pin and the window that say that my card is ok but the page dose not comply00:56
micahgingi: might be a problem with the site00:58
ingino cuz I have try'd 2 difrent site same result00:58
ingiThe operation failed because the PKCS#11 token is not logged in ....thats weard cuz the security devise say that im loged in01:03
ingiPKCS#11 token was inserted or removed while operation was in progress....werd cuz my card has not moved01:05
ingiany way gn thanx for the help :)01:30
BUGabundofirefox 5.0 Wet http://acidcow.com/pics/20110328/acid_picdump_15.jpg01:45
BUGabundoguys: hugs and kisses! guud nite01:56
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MarchHairHi folks, I have a Thunderbird crash I can't solve. bus error on every launch. Ubuntu 10.10 current, Thunderbird 3.1.8. Anyone have time to help, or maybe point me somewhere for help?03:34
fta2chrisccoulson, yt?07:53
chrisccoulsonfta2, yeah07:53
fta2i still have a problem with nss, certutil07:54
fta2$ echo | openssl s_client -connect ${FQDN}:443 -showcerts > /tmp/my.crt.$$07:54
fta2$ certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -A -t "C,," -n "$FQDN cert" -i /tmp/my.crt.$$07:54
fta2certutil: could not add certificate to token or database: Error adding certificate to database.07:54
fta2where $FQDN is one of my server with a self signed certificate07:54
fta2(it's libnss3-tools)07:55
fta2it used to work, now it's broken07:55
chrisccoulsoni'm not too sure about that, i've never tried to use that before :/07:56
chrisccoulsonthe error message isn't particularly useful :(07:56
fta2it was the recommended workaround to add a self signed cert to chromium07:56
_Tsk_is micahg  around08:05
micahgfta: re chromium> could you poke upstream about a timeframe for a patch for that bug or should I?08:05
* micahg hides08:05
_Tsk_if so he should look at bug 46443608:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 464436 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb) (dup-of: 429322)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46443608:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932208:05
micahg_Tsk_: LP or mozilla?08:05
_Tsk_ok and that meant to be in bugzilla.mozilla.org08:05
micahgmozilla 46443608:06
ubot2Mozilla bug 464436 in Message Compose Window "'Bidi Mail UI' functionality needed in Thunderbird for RTL locales" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46443608:06
_Tsk_ha ok now I'll prefix with mozilla :-)08:06
_Tsk_sorry for the lag08:06
micahg_Tsk_: ah, ok, so not in yet, but planned at some point, I guess we're stuck with bidiui again08:07
chrisccoulsonheh, i recognize that seahorse-plugins bug08:07
micahg_Tsk_: any chance of that getting fixed for 3.3?08:07
_Tsk_Good news is that eshan is assigned to it - so it should come along08:07
_Tsk_don't know08:07
_Tsk_I'll make sure we discuss it in drivers :-)08:08
micahg_Tsk_: thanwe need to get bidiuiks08:09
micahg_Tsk_: thanks08:09
_Tsk_welcome - sorry for not knowing when you asked08:09
micahg_Tsk_: no problem, now I have a quandry, we haven't had the extension for 2 releases already, and with it possibly coming in 3.3, I don't think it's a good idea to add it again08:10
_Tsk_well let's see how things turn out08:10
fta2chrisccoulson, n-m, s/-t "C,,"/-t TC/  worked08:12
micahgchrisccoulson: do you have an opinion on the above re bidiui?08:12
chrisccoulsonwe removed that already didn't we?08:14
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, for lucid, but I believe that regressed functionality, someone reported it to me a few months ago08:16
chrisccoulsoni don't mind really. was it installed by default for locales which needed it?08:18
micahgchrisccoulson: idr, I'd have to look at language-selector from karmic08:20
fta2micahg, the code looks broken to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586363/08:21
chrisccoulsonif it wasn't, then i don't really think there is much value in adding it back to the archive (especially as it may only be for a few months anyway)08:21
micahgfta: oh wow, so they supposedly have native keyring integration, but just flipped it on w/out telling people, fun08:23
fta2they did08:23
micahgchrisccoulson: true, I guess I"ll have to try to research that this week as well (if I have any free time ;))08:23
micahgfta2: yeah, so I'm not pushing out this update until that's fixed, the CVEs don't look that bad08:24
micahgfta2: and don't feel bad, you did everything you could08:24
fta2as i said in the bug, i can force store_type = "detect", or disable the gnome-keyring completely08:26
* micahg now has to figure out how to add password store testing to qrt08:27
fta2not sure it works for in kde, with kwallet08:27
micahgfta2: let me talk to jdstrand in the morning, it seems though that even detect is flaky08:31
fta2Title: indicator-weather assert failure: *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/python: realloc(): invalid old size: 0x00000000020c0420 ***09:11
fta2python dying in realloc(), sounds bad09:11
fta2oh, it's libdbusmenu-gtk09:15
fta2chrisccoulson, are you working on it? or is it someone else?09:15
chrisccoulsonfta2 - it's not one i'm aware of09:50
fta2waiting for the retracer to catch up before i expose the bug10:16
fta2bug 74408613:16
BUGabundobug #74408613:58
BUGabundo /kicks the bot13:58
BUGabundoIts dead Jim13:58
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gnomefreakis anyone having issues with plugins? i keep being told i need one, including javascript but i have icedtea installed17:28
gnomefreakright now im in google buzz and it is looking for one im missing but it has been going for a while now and not found one17:29
gnomefreakthis is in minefield17:29
gnomefreakhttp://enigmail.mozdev.org/download/download-static.php.html  tells me i need javascript17:31
gnomefreakmicahg: fta chrisccoulson are either of you here. i would love to know wtf is going on with plugins in firefox and chromium17:58
gnomefreakit seems flash is disabled in chromium and firefox (in FF it says its outdated but its not) and chrmoium it doesnt really say. and javascript is disabled or not installed when using icedtea (not sure about sun-java*17:59
micahggnomefreak: icedtea is java, not javascript17:59
micahggnomefreak: what version of flash do you have?17:59
gnomefreakflashplugin-installer: Installed:
gnomefreakmicahg: the icedtea-plugin package has javascript AFAIK18:00
micahggnomefreak: no, javascript is built in to the browser (in firefox it's mozjs, in chromium it's v8)18:01
gnomefreakjavascript: http://enigmail.mozdev.org/download/download-static.php.html  flash: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/18:01
gnomefreakif it is built in than it should work18:01
micahggnomefreak: the enigmail site is broke by firefox 4 :)18:02
gnomefreakok that explains that18:02
gnomefreakin chrome If you are using the Google Chrome browser, Adobe® Flash® Player is built-in but has been disabled. To enable Flash Player, follow the steps in this TechNote18:03
gnomefreakTo learn more about the enhanced support for Flash Player in Chrome, including information for developers, see this TechNote.18:03
gnomefreakIf you are using the open source Chromium browser, please download and install the Flash Player plug-in below.18:03
gnomefreakTo learn more about Flash Player and Chromium, see this TechNote.18:03
gnomefreakand im guessing google buzz has flash elements and ubufox just searches i cancelled it after 5 or so minutes18:04
gnomefreakadobe seems to want me to install flash it keeps bringing me to same page. i thought there was a test page on adobes site but i cant find it18:05
chrisccoulsonright, translation problem for firefox-stable PPA is solved :)18:05
micahgcool, how?18:05
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm going to mirror the official language packs and just swap out the firefox translations (i wrote a script to automate it)18:06
gnomefreakoh and chromium going to enigmail site gives same output as firefox18:06
chrisccoulsonmicahg, https://launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/+archive/ppa/+p18:06
micahgoh, I think that's a very bad idea18:07
gnomefreakok now we reallly need to add an icon in tb for select all due to gnome318:12
gnomefreakand the mailing list is finally caught up :)18:31
gnomefreakok it seems flash doesnt work at all. everything is telling me to install it18:41
BUGabundofta: http://www.shoutcast.com/shoutcast_popup_player?station_id=1377200&play_status=1&stn=TechnoBase.FM%20-%2024h%20Techno,%20Dance,%20Tranc...18:42
BUGabundoworks for you ?18:42
BUGabundoI here cracks in it18:42
ftai don't18:45
ftaunless you count techno as cracks ;)18:45
gnomefreakits flash18:45
gnomefreakflash == borked in natty18:46
gnomefreakdoesnt work here on any flash site18:46
BUGabundono its not flash18:46
gnomefreakno browers18:46
ftawfm everywhere18:46
gnomefreakif not flash what is it? it is doing the same rthing as flash here18:47
gnomefreaksearching but never stopping.18:47
gnomefreaki close it after ~5minutes18:48
gnomefreakfta: flash from repos?18:48
gnomefreakflashplugin-installer: Installed:
BUGabundoand I still don't have desktop notifications :(18:49
gnomefreakYou need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.18:49
gnomefreakDownload it from Adobe.18:49
gnomefreakthat is what i keep getting18:49
BUGabundoI get that sometimes18:49
BUGabundonot very often18:49
BUGabundojust purge it18:49
gnomefreaki get that everywhere18:50
gnomefreakpurge the package?18:50
BUGabundoand put flash.so in .mozilla/plugins/18:50
ftagnomefreak, yep, the same18:51
micahggnomefreak: in which player?18:51
gnomefreakmicahg: any browser18:51
gnomefreakyoutube and any other flash in browsers18:51
micahggnomefreak: do you have an addon blocking a check?18:51
gnomefreaknot that i know of18:51
micahggnomefreak: have you tried reinstalling flash?18:52
* fta is still listening to that techno noise, loudly18:52
gnomefreaki only have global menu bar, launchpad improvments and ubufox extensions18:52
gnomefreaktrying reinstalling it18:53
gnomefreakok that worked but now i dont get sound18:56
gnomefreakok wtf. i get sound on login but not in browser. anyone have an audio link that works for you?18:57
gnomefreakmaybe its not me. it seems that any youtube video i play is in fast foward18:58
ftamicahg, is running the apport hooks part of your tests for chromium?19:03
micahgfta: no, apport is disabled in the stable release19:03
micahgfta: is there something specific that should be tested?19:04
ftawell, imho, it should be19:04
ftajust "python /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/chromium-browser.py"19:04
ftajust tried in ch12, it failed :(19:04
ftai should harden that19:04
primehaxorhi, im trying to configure a ssh protocol handler on firefox419:12
primehaxorbut i didn't have any sucess19:12
primehaxori've set the about:config values how the documentation told me19:13
micahgfta: I'll look into adding that, thanks19:19
ftamicahg, can you try it in ch10?19:41
micahgfta: not running ch10 ATM, will try in a bit19:41
ftahere, it failed on ch12 because i have some ext disabled (hence missing details on the pref file)19:41
micahgfta: do you mind if I talk to upstream about the password bug?19:52
ftago ahead19:53
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chrisccoulsonwhat a total waste of PPA bandwidth - https://launchpad.net/~stephane-brunner/+archive/lucid/+buildjob/234958720:21
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ftachrisccoulson, i see the same with chromium, a few people are rebuilding it without any change just for they own use20:25
micahgthey probably don't realize they can copy source + binaries20:26
ftaincl the dailies20:26
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, it's seriously annoying. i'm trying desperately to get language packs built for people who are using the official PPA, and this guy is building exact copies of it20:26
ftaping him, maybe he'll cooperate20:27
micahgchrisccoulson: I don't language packs are the way to go in the PPA, it seems unsustainable20:27
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it's either that, or we ship totally untranslated builds20:27
chrisccoulsonthere isn't any other way20:27
micahgchrisccoulson: we can't make a firefox-locales for the PPA?20:27
chrisccoulsonmicahg - how do we ensure that users who are using french locale end up with the right language pack installed when they upgrade?20:28
chrisccoulsonthere's no way to transition it20:28
micahglang packs mean staying in sync with the stable release20:28
chrisccoulsonwell, language packs don't get updated very often (every few months atm, by which time, 3.6 will probably be dead)20:28
ftafor chromium, it's not true20:28
ftachrisccoulson, why no do something like chromium? build a sync of upstream + lp for each branch, and have a strict version dep?20:31
chrisccoulsonfta - we'll be discussing what to do with firefox translations at UDS, but, in the meantime, there isn't an easy way to provide a good user experience for users who choose to use the firefox-stable PPA20:32
chrisccoulsonwe could build a firefox-locales- package and have the firefox-stable PPA package depend on it, but that would install every locale then20:33
chrisccoulsonand that has quite a significant startup time penalty20:33
micahgchrisccoulson: agreed20:33
ftano i mean, ff-xxx-fr depends ff (= $version)20:37
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ftachrisccoulson, is there a cpu/load indicator now?21:55
ftasame question for network speed21:55
chrisccoulsonfta - not that i'm aware of, unless someone has been working on one21:55
ftai should finish mine then. i wish it was better documented21:57
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