ajmitchthe 3d unity apparantly works in a modern virtualbox (4.x)00:03
ibeardsleewas running virtualbox, but dropped it for kvm00:03
ajmitchwhy was that?00:04
ibeardsleeeasier to deal with getting machines to start up on boot, it's what we use on the servers00:05
ajmitchI only use it for casual desktop use00:07
ibeardslee"Sorry Unity 2D Launcher closed unexpectedly"00:07
ibeardsleeI currently have 4 machines up most of the time and another 2 or 3 that do yo-yo impressions as I'm testing a linux desktop proof of concept00:08
ibeardsleeerr two machines up most of the time00:08
ajmitchI mostly just have windows running for awhile, virtualbox is simple enough to use, I don't really log out on the host00:10
ibeardsleeI generally logout at the end of each day00:11
ajmitchhaving an ipv6 tunnel is useful for being able to access my work desktop from home as well :)00:13
snailis open.org.nz down for anyone else?00:15
ajmitchhttp://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/open.org.nz says it's dead00:15
* ajmitch can't reach it from work either00:16
* thumper wonders when to upgrade locally to natty00:48
ibeardsleedid my home PC a couple of weekends back00:51
* ajmitch might upgrade in a month or so00:52
ibeardsleeI don't know what it is about my PCs and upgrades .. both my home PC and work PC have had to have the window manager started 'manually'00:53
ajmitchthumper: when's the next scnz-dunedin meeting likely to be?00:53
thumperwhen is the next dunlug?00:53
thumperI'm wanting to move the day to a tuesday00:53
thumperand I don't want to clash00:54
ajmitchnext dunlug meeting is this wednesday, the next tuesday meeting for it is on the 12th00:55
ajmitchthe distiller have something on thurs 7 about mobile development00:56
thumperyeah, saw that00:56
thumperI may even go00:56
jhanafrogit was good talking to you guys.  hope to talk again.  may the source be with you04:35
ibeardsleedoes anyone use the full circle notifier?19:57
ajmitchnope, what is it?19:58
ibeardsleesupposed to notify when the Full Circle Magazine has been released20:05
ibeardsleeand optionally download it20:05
ajmitchah, I don't read that, probably why I don't use the notifier :)20:06
snailmorena atamira, kei te pehea koe?20:32
Atamirakei te pai e hoa. kei te pai :)20:32
Atamirasorry, was doing the email thing20:33
Atamiraquestion, why use the full circle notifier or are you actually talking about the subscription thing that notifies you when the next one comes out?20:35
ibeardsleethe application that notifies and can download the magzine and podcasts ec20:41
Atamirammm..i downloaded calibre...i think its kinda clunky..will get the magazine this week, i might learn something20:50
snailAtamira: what are you doing with calibre, we do a lot of ebook stuff here20:52
Atamirai was given a bunch of books. turned out to be 6000 epub books20:52
Atamiraneeded something to read them on and someone told me about calibre20:53
Atamiratook nearly 10 hours to load them all into the program20:53
Atamiraactually...i know it took longer than 5 hours. after that i went to bed. it finished sometime in the morning20:53
snailAtamira: calibre is a conversion program mainly, I don't know of anyone who uses it much for reading except to make sure things are working.20:56
snailAtamira: do you have a physical device to read from or are you reading from your computer screen?20:56
Atamiracomputer screen20:59
Atamiraive been tossing up which reader device to use20:59
Atamirai think i might just go with a netbook20:59
Atamirai dont want to use a variety of things that will do just one thing20:59
Atamiraie..ipod for music...kodo/kindle for bookreading21:00
Atamirafrom what i could see, the iphone isnt a drag and drop kinda thing21:00
ibeardsleeI think a netbook has some of the same issues that a computer screen has as a reading device21:00
ibeardsleethat keyboard just gets in the way21:01
Atamiranetbook is small enough to take to bed if i want, and listen to music and read ebooks on21:01
ibeardsleemakes it awkward to hold .. unless you want to be sitting up in bed with the netbook on the lap21:01
Atamirashrug no different to reading an actual book in bed21:02
Atamirabut at least i can take it to bed if i want21:02
ibeardsleeI like to lie on my side and read21:02
ibeardsleethat is true21:02
Atamiraon my pc i cant21:02
ibeardsleeI think the age of the tablet is going to come through21:03
snailif you want to read 6000 ebooks, your eyes want you to buy a kindle / kobo / eReader21:03
ibeardsleemore power.  With a bluetooth keyboard they are likely to start being able to replace the netbook21:03
Atamirawhat else can you do on kindle/kobo/eReader tho?21:04
Atamirajust read a book?21:04
snailAtamira: most of them have audio and text-to-speech functionality21:05
Atamiraid rather read a book21:05
Atamirai most often nod off if i listen to someone read to me21:05
Atamirathey tend to drone on21:06
Atamirasome books neway21:06
snailAtamira: how much does 6000 pulp-of-murdered-tree books weigh?21:06
Atamiratonnes !!21:06
Atamiraand carting them from country to country sucks !21:07
Atamirahence why im opting for digital books21:07
Atamirai hate having to leave books behind cause they wont fit in the luggage21:07
Atamirabut i do need something thats more portable than my pc to read them on21:08
hadsThe Kindle does look nice to read on.21:09
hadsI don't really mind reading off a screen though, like most of you I do it all day.21:09
snailhads: my wife has a kindle and loves it. the reading light works really well21:10
snailhads: the text-to-voice is the only functionality that causes noticable battery drain21:10
ibeardsleeI read off the screen all day, but the 'workstation' is optimised for keyboard rather than reading21:10
hadsYeah, I was flicking through Dad's Kindle at Christmas, seems nice.21:11
snailhads: often reading novel-length works you're much more static than you are programming, replying to emails, etc. and staticness can be a serious OOS issue21:11
hadsI can imagine. I'm not much of a reader to be honest.21:12
Atamiraagreed the kindle does look nice21:13
Atamiradoes it allow for drag and drop or must you import the books via the proprietry software on it?21:14
hadsI think it's proprietry?21:15
Atamirawhich rules that out for me then21:15
Atamirai dont want to waste the books i do have already21:15
Atamiranite all21:34
LukasBgood morning21:53
snailAtamira:  i believe kindle uses .mobi, which calibre exports too very nicely23:02
ibeardsleeyay .. found a way to chance the background of the login screen23:04

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