ruben23hi guys i have a web server apache then i have alias set where i can browse the directory and download the file on a browser by typing the local IP http:localip/recordings --->its working on local but in remote or using its publci ip it wont open at all, the webserve have local ip and publci ip set. any idea guys..?00:32
kernalzeroHey all.  I'm new to ubuntu server.  Have had intermittent linux experience for sometime now though but not much server experience.  I'm planning on running ubuntu server for my home webserver / vpn server.  Would you guys suggest I just install ubuntu server and go? or install ubuntu desktop and virtualize ubuntu server?00:47
SpeedSterDesktop until you get more familiar with linux00:49
SpeedSterThe server build has no gui00:50
kernalzerofigured that was the best idea, I've been running the server on an old windows box through VMware and have the webserver running, only took like 30 minutes to get running just don't want to screw things up and have no way to fix it d/t lack of experience00:50
kernalzerohave an atom setup en route and just trying to plan what i'm going to do before it gets here on tuesday.  any suggestion what to use for virtualization? I've looked at KVM00:52
SpeedSterVirtualbox is a little easier to use than kvm00:59
kernalzeroi'll take a look into that, appreciate it speedster.  later01:00
JasonnWhat can i put thats easy to install on my server?01:14
JasonnSomething that i might find usefule01:14
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bin1010has anyone deployed grails in ubuntu server?01:46
bin1010not sure I trust grails just yet ;)01:47
SpeedSterWhats grails02:02
SpeedSterGrails was acquired by vmware?02:09
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shaggy2hey I was wondering if there was a way I could simply revert ubuntu 10.10 back to the way it was after install without completely formatting and reinstalling,02:54
rcconfwhat's up ubuntu server users03:01
ScottK$ uptime03:04
ScottK 22:03:50 up 52 days, 23:59,  1 user,  load average: 0.38, 0.13, 0.0403:04
* patdk-lap wonders who doesn't patch their kernel :)03:04
qman__lost power for over 3 hours a few weeks back, so my numbers aren't that impressive right now03:05
qman__but I've got a couple LPG generators on the way, so never again03:05
rcconfpatdk-wk: you can update the kernel with rebooting thanks to ksplice03:06
patdk-lapya, I had some 800day uptimes day 2 months ago :(03:06
patdk-lapdamn storm knocked out power for 3 days03:06
patdk-laplp tanks didn't last 3 days03:07
qman__well, one thing we sell is propane, got a 5000 gallon tank just for that03:08
* rcconf loves Ubuntu03:08
patdk-laponly 1000 here03:08
patdk-lapubuntu doesn't use rcconf, go back to bsd :)03:08
rcconfI use rcconf in UBuntu :D03:12
rcconfis this true? i really need to know03:35
qman__rcconf, that forum requires registration03:41
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uvirtbot`New bug: #744006 in backuppc (main) "package backuppc 3.2.0-3ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74400604:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #744019 in cloud-init (main) "mountall errors on boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74401905:37
hsn_how can i upgrade 7.10 to 8.04?07:04
ikoniaaliverius: good morning08:53
Pinponraphink: :)09:36
rpinson_Pinpon, ?09:48
twbWhy is collectd using between 200MB and 600MB of VSZ?09:57
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alamihello, can any explain to what i can do in this situation, http://pastebin.com/wbD69aEW10:31
alamiwhen i try to start my server, i get this things10:31
twbalami: are you using vmware?10:32
twbalami: or some other third-party software?10:32
alaminope, i'm using a real HP server10:32
twbThat message is because something is calling "/etc/init.d/hostname start" instead of letting upstart do it10:32
twbRather, because something has symlinked /etc/init.d/hostname into rcS.d or rc2.d10:33
twbThis is not normal, but something third-party packages try to do it to be clever10:33
alamiand how can i fix it?, i can only trough repaire console to the server10:33
twbTry update-rc.d -f hostname remove10:34
twbOr look in /etc/rc2.d and /etc/rcS.d for symlinks to hostname and manually delete them.10:34
alamiok i will try to do that10:35
alamithanks a lot10:35
alamii thing that a conflict between ssh and apache in libssl, but i have stop sshd and apache and acpi-support on the boot, but i steal can't start up this system10:36
twbSounds like you've fucked it up badly10:40
twbMaybe it is best to reinstall from scratch10:40
alamii have on this server firewall and proxy, and i don't want to reinstall it10:41
cylexHello, I would like to do an active directory effect, where users logs in through ubuntu server11:09
cylexis there something like that available between windows and linux11:10
jamespagecylex: do you want to integrate linux systems to active directory11:18
jamespagecylex: or just have something similar for your ubuntu systems?11:19
cylexhave something similar11:19
cylexlike have windows users login, using linux server11:19
aliveriusgoodmorning people11:20
aliveriusgoodmorning ikonia11:20
jamespagecylex: so this is Windows clients authenticating against an Ubuntu Server?11:20
cylexand then it logs on to windows11:20
cylexbasically, I wanna know if its possible11:24
alamijamespage: what do you thing, if my ubuntu-server 10.04 get weird at the boot, if i upgrade to 10.10, is that a good idea11:24
jamespagecylex: hmm not tried that before; I've backed Samba share authentication off to AD but never tried making linux act as the primary domain controller11:25
cylexwat's AD?11:25
jamespagecylex: I think you used to be able todo this for NT 4 domains but I'm not sure about Full Active Directory (AD)11:25
cylexalso, I heard of universities use Ubuntu as desktop OS11:26
cylexdo they use some sort of networking11:27
jamespagealami: that depends - what sort of issue are you having at boot?11:27
jamespagealami: also be aware that 10.10 is not a long term support release whereas 10.04 is (so fixing might be a better option in this case)11:28
alamiok plz try to stay with me11:29
raphinkcylex, what do you mean by "some sort of networking"?11:29
alamii have on this server firewall with iptables, and i have only run sudo apt-get update, and upgrade11:29
alamiafter that, i can start my server11:29
cylexsomething like Active Directory login11:29
jamespagecylex: if you are just working with Ubuntu there are a few options for login/authentication - see https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-authentication.html11:29
raphinkcylex, probably, that or another kind of LDAP auth11:30
alamiit stay weird11:30
jamespagealami:  when you say weird what sort of behaviour are you seeing11:30
cylexok thanks11:31
jamespagecylex: np - have a nice day!11:31
cylexyou two! :)11:31
cylexI have tons of questions11:32
cylexi'll be back, when I install ubuntu11:32
alamijamespage: i see that apache2 can't start, clamAV is out of date, checking for running unattended update11:33
alamiand also libssl and libcrypt and phyton11:33
alamiafter unattended update11:33
jamespagealami: did you see any issues during the upgrade?11:35
jamespagealami: /var/log/apt/term.log might have more information if anything went wrong.11:35
alamisorry i don't remamber that was two week a goo11:35
alamii have search every when i have get any other informations11:35
alamii will passt you  /var/log/apt/term.log11:36
jamespagealami: OK11:36
alamibtw: i have try to apt-get install --reinstall libssl0.9.8 in rescu mode, but without any change11:36
alamijamespages: http://pastebin.com/SN5dfzxb11:38
jamespagealami: can you pastebin /var/log/boot.log as well so I can see the error messages.11:43
alamijamespage: that's http://pastebin.com/VkHwJV3811:45
jamespagealami: hey - I have to duck out for 30 mins or so - I'll take a deeper look when I get back...11:48
alamiok, i will stay here11:48
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jamespagealami: back now12:24
alamii'm happy12:26
alamiso i hope you can help me12:26
jamespagealami: so there are quite a few error messages relating to /opt/hp/hpsmh/lib/libcrypto.so.0.9.812:27
alamiyes and libssl12:27
jamespagealami: it would appear that this library is conflicting/interferring with the operation of the normal system installed one - issue with libssl is the same.12:28
jamespagealami: is that the HP systems management agent? (hpsmh)12:28
alamibut when i'm also on recovery mode, i can't use ssh, because libssl and libcrypto12:31
jamespageI'm guessing that hpsmh has installed something to /etc/ld.so.conf.d so that the system picks up the libraries that it provides.12:33
jamespagecan you do a ls of this directory so we can take a look?12:33
alamiyes of cource12:34
alamibut i want only to tell another ting12:34
alamii thing that libssl version that i have is not compatible with the system12:34
alamiehat do you thing12:35
jamespageagree - the versions provided by the HP agent look to be breaking other things like SSH, python and maybe apache12:36
jamespageoutput of ldconfig -p might be useful as well12:36
alamijamespage: http://pastebin.com/BRWBbzgN12:42
alamiwhat do you thing about this other link http://www.go2linux.org/linux/2010/05/pacman-error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libssl-so-0-9-8-cannot-open-shared-object-12:42
jamespagealami: if you look at lines 51->53 it confirms that the hp provided library is overriding the system provided one.12:48
jamespagefor libssl12:48
alamiand what's the solution to fix that?12:49
jamespagelibapr is being impacted by the same issue.12:49
jamespageWhich is probably the cause of the apache startup failure12:49
alamii don't know rearly, apache ist not the problem, i want only to start the system another time12:50
jamespageWell; you could un-install the HP systems management stuff - or it might need an upgrade if there is a later version (but that might cause the same issues).12:50
alamihttp://www.go2linux.org/linux/2010/05/pacman-error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libssl-so-0-9-8-cannot-open-shared-object-, what do you thing about this solution12:51
jamespagealami: I don't think that is the issue you have; or a good solution12:51
alamii have disable all hp stuff at the boot12:52
jamespagealami: fixing up system libraries like that is normally very fragile and future upgrades might break stuff12:52
alamiaha ok12:52
alamijamespage: i thing reinstall the system is the best thing here12:53
jamespagealami: disabling is probably not sufficient; take a look in  /etc/ld.so.conf.d and see if there is a file related to the HP stuff and move it out.12:53
alamibecause i can't reinstall un-install the HP systems management stuff12:53
jamespagealami: I think that may be a bit extreme (re-install the system)12:53
jamespagealami: you should be able to  uninstall the HP stuff12:53
jamespagewhich should resolve the issue.12:54
jamespagealami: hpsmh.conf12:54
jamespageI'd be willing to bet that if you move that file (or purge the HP systems management stuff) and reboot your errors should go away :-)12:55
jamespageSo this directory tells the system where to load libraries from12:55
alamii will move this file to /var/tmp12:56
alamiand reboot, ok?12:56
jamespageSuggest that root home directory may be best.12:56
jamespagethings like /var/tmp /tmp etc... get purged out on reboots12:56
jamespagebut other than that try it out.12:56
alamido you mean that i have to move /etc/ld.so.conf.d/hpsmh.conf to my /home?12:57
alamilol or i will just change th name from mv /etc/ld.so.conf.d/hpsmh.conf /etc/ld.so.conf.d/hpsmh12:58
alamiare you ok jamespage?12:58
alamiso i have try it, but don't work13:02
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jamespagealami: hey13:22
jamespagesame issues?13:23
dschuettI just did a re-install of one of my ubuntu 10.04 machines. Now i can't ssh into it. I get the error  WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! It gives me the fingerprint and the file, but the file is encrypted, so i can't delete it13:28
alamijamespage: nothing, i have do that, but i still geting the same Problem13:29
jamespagealami: so what does ldconfig -p say now?13:32
jamespagedshuett: ssh-keygen -R <hostname> -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts should help you out - because the host keys have changed you need to purge any existing entries.13:40
jamespagedschuett: sorry - missed the c ^^13:41
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alamijamespage: do you still here? :)14:15
jamespagealami: yes14:17
alamihow can i understandt that :D via recovery mode, i can start the system normaly14:18
alamii don't understadt that14:18
alamibut look, every thing work fein, but ssh not, i thing the Problem is only libssl14:18
alamiwhen i will get that, everything will work14:18
jamespagealami: so did the change you made have any effect? i.e. is SSH the only thing now not working?14:22
alamino the change doesn't have any effect14:22
jamespagealami: well it looks like the system is still picking up the HP software.14:26
alamii will try to remove it14:27
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Cariboualami I don't understand why hpsmh is coming into play when restarting sshd14:34
Caribouhpsmh is System Management Homepage, the webpage that you access when you reach https://{yoursystem}:238114:35
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jamespageCaribou: it would appear that the various libraries installed with hpsmh have conflicted with system installed versions which is causing this issue14:41
alamijamespage: i have delete  /etc/ld.so.conf.d/hpsmh.conf and i still get the samethings14:41
Caribouhold on, lemme check a few things14:42
jamespagealami: have you confirmed that this has removed these libraries from the ld configuration by running ldconfig -p14:42
alamiwait i will passt you ldconfig -p14:42
CaribouOnly on ref on ITRC, but seems like it has some good suggestions : http://tinyurl.com/4dcv7vq14:46
alamijamespage: http://pastebin.com/zd24uLbp14:49
alamiCaribou: thanks for your help14:49
Cariboufunny, this url http://communitylinux.org/node/271 talks about a known bug and that the original author is Dann Frazier14:49
Caribouhe's dannf & he usually hangs around in this room14:50
alamijamespages: do you see 50-5214:50
jamespagealami: hmm - that's weird - it might be worth checking the content of the other files in /etc/ld.so.conf.d14:51
jamespagethe ld cache is only updated after sudo ldconfig is run so make sure todo that as well.14:52
Caribouyou must rerun ldconfig after modifying the file14:52
Cariboujamespage beat me to it ;)14:52
alamii have do after that14:53
alamianother question, why this? http://pastebin.com/C21L4Mit14:59
alamiwhy when i run sshd, hp anwser me15:01
alamijamespage:Caribou: thanks a lot, i will give it up, i have try all what you said but without any results15:05
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alamiif i want to backup squid and dansguardiain configuration, i need only to backup squid.conf and dansguardian.conf?15:08
alamiCaribou: this bug is rearly hard15:17
Caribouyeah & apparently not very well known. I would suggest to remove hpsmh if you don't plan to use it right away15:18
alamiCaribou: do you mean apt-get -remove hpsmh?15:19
Cariboudid you install the Proliant Support Pack yourself (hpsmh comes from the PSP)15:20
alamisorry i don't know another person has install this server 6 mouth ago15:21
CaribouI'm just not sure if hpmsh has other dependancies.15:21
alamihave see what Mike Watt say here http://tinyurl.com/5raezoq15:22
alamisure it has another dependancies15:22
Caribouyeah, you might want to try that15:24
alamiCaribou: i will try apt-get remove hpsmh, what do you thing? are you with15:25
Cariboudon't you want to try Mike Watt's trick first.15:26
alamiok, i will try that first then i will remove if mike's trick doesn't work15:27
alamithanks a lot15:27
Caribouotherwise, you can remove it. It's publicly available anyway so you can always d/l & reinstall15:27
alamiyes that it15:28
alamiand i don't need it15:28
alamiyou know, why i should need hpsmh15:29
Caribouit's in there somewhere : http://downloads.linux.hp.com/SDR/15:29
Caribouit's a management webpage to help manage your proliant15:29
CaribouYou access it by the following URL : https://{your server hostname}:238115:32
alamilol have you forget :) don't work15:32
* Caribou didn't catch the beginning of the discussion15:33
alamicp -i -s /opt/hp/hpsmh/lib.hp/* ./15:34
alamino problem ;)15:34
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uvirtbotNew bug: #744293 in drbd8 (main) "Infinite loop in helper LVM script for DRBD 8 in Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74429315:44
alamiCaribou, jamespage : look at my new boot.log :)15:49
alamionly to let you know i have remove hpsmh and i don't get any positiv thing16:04
alamibut thanks a lot16:04
alamifor you help :)16:04
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: ping?16:08
mdeslaurDaviey: why did you say we don't have a comprehensive test suite for bind9?16:21
tyrezahello there16:22
tyrezausing sed16:22
tyrezais it possible to just only delete a line ?16:22
tyrezaanyone there ?16:24
tyrezausing sed is it possible to change a value ?16:25
Davieymdeslaur, We don't.... upstreams you mean?16:29
tyrezaanyone there ?16:29
Davieymdeslaur, Perhaps i missunderstood the question, but i thought we were talking about comprehensive test *cases*.. which we lack.16:29
tyrezaWHAT'S up here ?16:29
zulwhat about the ubuntu-qa testsuites?16:29
Davieytyreza, Please have patience... your question didn't include enough detail...  You need to state what you need removed.16:30
Davieyzul, Unless things have changed, i thought that testsuite was less than comprehensive.16:30
mdeslaurDaviey: ah...pitti mentioned not having a test suite in the bug (651875)...yeah, upstream test suite is pretty good16:30
Davieymdeslaur, perhaps i should clarify... first - zul, is the ubuntu-qa testcases more comprehensive than i gave them credit for?16:31
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tyrezai got 3 pc16:37
tyrezai have ssh access on 3 pc16:37
tyrezai need to remove a line called networkcom wich is present on 3 pc16:37
tyrezaso i want to use sed -i for that what should i have to do ?16:38
Davieyzul, what do you think?  Are they comprehensive?16:38
Davieytyreza, I'm sorry - but i'm really struggling to understand what you are trying to do..  you want to remove a line which starts with networkcom, from a text file?16:39
tyrezawell let me explain you in an other way16:40
tyrezaon this file : /etc/network/interface16:41
tyrezai got a line : iface lo inet loopback16:41
tyrezai need to delete this line16:41
tyrezahow to do ?16:41
tyrezawith sed -i ?16:41
Cariboused '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interface16:44
Caribouor in a more complete fashion : mv /etc/network/interface /etc/network/interface.sav; sed '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interface.sav > /etc/network/interface16:46
tyrezai m sorry not working16:53
tyrezased '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interface16:53
tyrezais it : sed '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interface or sed - i '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interface  ?16:54
pmatuliss/interface/interfaces ?16:54
tyrezased '/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interfaces16:55
tyrezanot removing the line iface lo inet loopback16:56
tyrezai think there is missing /s16:56
tyrezais it the correct syntaxe ?  sed -i 's/iface lo inet loopback/d' /etc/network/interfaces16:58
pmatulistyreza: you need to read a little on how sed works16:59
smoserSpamapS, ping16:59
pmatulistyreza: basically you need to output the changes to a separate file.  something like Caribou said17:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #744371 in php5 (main) "PHP5-FPM doesn't always restart on 10.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74437117:03
tyrezaoh dear you earase my file17:07
tyrezai have to reinstall my macchine17:07
pmatulistyreza: no, *you* erased your file17:14
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tyrezamay be17:22
tyrezathanks a lot17:22
skaetDaviey,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/717166 do you know when a fix will be landing for this?17:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 717166 in eucalyptus "Broken with v4 isc-dhcp-server in Natty" [Critical,Triaged]17:32
skaetits marked as a release blocker, is that accurate?17:32
tyrezais there anyone ther e ?17:33
tyrezaon my terminal i got a scrip when i run the script i got a blue script where it asks me to enter the entry17:34
tyrezato be able to have that screen i have to do ./myscript17:34
tyrezaso my question : how to that script to an new window17:35
skaetDaviey,  all:  also, any update on: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/open-vm-tools/+bug/72734217:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727342 in open-vm-tools "FFE: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build" [Critical,New]17:35
tyrezai don't like that script run on the same window17:35
tyrezai would like to run the script to a new window17:35
tyrezahow to do ?17:35
tyrezayes i know i is an very tuff question, may be there is no answer for that17:38
smosertyreza, try: gnome-terminal --command "sh -c 'echo hi world; sleep 10'"17:40
smoserthat opens a new terminal, runs 'echo hi world; sleep 10' as if you'd typed it at the terminal17:40
tyrezado you understand my questioN ?17:41
tyrezaso for my case i have to use myscript instead of hi world ?17:42
tyrezagnome-terminal --command "myscript'"17:43
tyrezagnome-terminal --command "sh -c 'echo myscript'"17:43
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tyrezaam i right ?17:43
tyrezaok let me check17:44
robbiewhallyn: hey...so what's the situation with bug 72734217:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727342 in open-vm-tools "FFE: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72734217:45
hallynrobbiew: no change since my last response to skaet.17:46
robbiewso are we waiting for others to test it?17:46
tyreza-bash: gnome-terminal: command not found17:46
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
hallynrobbiew: some already have, but yes17:46
hallynrobbiew: i'm gonna try to look for another vmware-player version, one that actually works, to test with myself.17:47
robbiewhallyn: ok.  From a "regression" standpoint, aren't we regressing the user experience if we DON'T put this version in?17:48
robbiewit's busted right now, right?17:49
patdk-wkhmm, I'm pretty sure it built fine for me in vmware17:49
hallynyes it is17:49
hallynpatdk-lap: open-vm-tools did?17:49
robbiewhallyn: given this bug is targeted to Beta 1...which is thurs...we need to decide now or punt to beta 217:49
patdk-wkbooting it now, will see :)17:49
patdk-wkI know awhile ago it wouldn't17:49
patdk-wkbut thought that was only in alpha17:50
hallynpatdk-lap: open-vm-dkms will not build in natty17:50
hallynkernel incompatibility17:50
hallynrobbiew: punting to beta 2 feels cozy, except then i consider that if there are bugs to be shaken out, putting it in at beta1 would mean we have beta2 to try and find/fix those17:50
robbiewhggdh: any updates on our favorite euca bug 717166 ?17:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 717166 in eucalyptus "Broken with v4 isc-dhcp-server in Natty" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71716617:51
robbiewskaet: what do you need from hallyn in bug 727342 ?17:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727342 in open-vm-tools "FFE: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72734217:51
hggdhrobbiew: not yet. It is like a firefly, right now...17:51
robbiewhggdh: so we should retarget that to beta 2 then?17:51
patdk-wkoh ya, those two modules fail17:52
skaetrobbiew,  I was looking for someone to have tested it, and be willing to sign off in the bug that they had.17:52
hallynactually i need to target bug  742770 to beta1 or beta217:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 742770 in lxc "Erorr in syntax in ubuntu templates" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74277017:52
hggdhrobbiew: yes, even though I will try again today17:52
robbiewhallyn: beta 1 is this week...so beta 2 most likely17:52
robbiewskaet: ack, so we've tested it...but there's sure to be bugs17:53
skaetrobbiew,  it was touching a lot of stuff.   I checked with the kernel folks, and they were ok.   However at this point,   unless it really is release critical,  I'd rather it wait until Friday.17:53
robbiewskaet: no worries17:53
robbiewit can wait17:53
hallynskaet: comment #14 and #9 are confirmations, fwiw17:53
SpamapSsmoser: pong17:54
robbiewhallyn: let's target to beta 2, but push the change out next week17:54
hallynrobbiew: ok17:54
robbiewthen we can get it to folks via apt-get dist-upgrades17:54
skaethallyn,  ack, but my comments about regression risk, and extent of testing weren't really answered.  (comment #21).17:55
skaetrobbiew,  have gone in and marked it for release,  not against beta-1 then.17:55
smoserSpamapS, does this look sane: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586535/17:56
SpamapSsmoser: the white space is a quite lacking, but it should work fine.17:59
smoserwhy do you think white space is lacking?17:59
smoserwhere would you enter white space?17:59
hallynzul: ivoks: regarding bug 727342, I actually wonder if it's also the cause of bug 72734218:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727342 in open-vm-tools "FFE: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72734218:01
SpamapSsmoser: I would indent the entire script section, and I'd put a blank line between every unrelated stanza18:03
smoseri dont know what "unreleated stanzas" are18:04
SpamapSIt was a formatting nit18:04
jamespagesmoser, hggdh: I've setup the ec2 jobs on the Jenkins QA instance - http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu-uk.org/view/natty-ec2/18:05
hggdhjamespage: K; give me one hours, giving a presentation on -classroom18:06
jamespagehggdh - np18:06
jamespagewould be good to run them against the beta-1 candidates when published18:06
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smoserSpamapS, so, yeah, this is very much nit.  from a non-upstart developer perspective, mine looks prettier to me (outside of the indentation of the script sections).18:08
SpamapShrm.. there should be a universal syntax highlighting definition language so that when vim gets syntax highlighting for something, all others get it relatively soon thereafter18:09
rcconfWhat is the downside of disabling SysRq?18:09
smoserie, i would consider task, env, console, start on, and description to be "related" rather than "unrelated"18:09
SpamapSsmoser: sure. I stare at upstart jobs constantly and having no separation is a pet peeve. ;)18:09
* SpamapS should add some formatting guidelines to the cookbook18:09
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smoservery much personal taste. separating one line "stanzas" of anything is a waste of screen in my opinion18:13
SpamapSsmoser: maybe get a bigger screen ?18:13
smoserah, then you have one with more than 1080 verticle lines, eh?18:14
smoserit must have came from before the "wide screen takeover"18:15
zuloh its smoser :)18:15
SpamapSI'm happy to say I have almost no idea what my screen resolution is on either monitor. A testament to "it just works"18:16
smoserSpamapS, does 'start on starting X' block 'X' ?18:20
ivokswait, why?18:24
ivoksif X is starting, start Y18:24
ivokswhy would Y's start|stop preferences compromise X?18:25
hggdhjamespage: roger, I do want to18:52
SpamapSivoks: the whole point of the 'starting' condition is to be able to block the start of another service with your own18:54
patdk-wkhggdh, ok, got the open-vm-dkms and stuff from that bug report18:59
patdk-wkthe amd64 package almost works18:59
patdk-wkautologin to ubuntu-desktop is missing gnome-panel (running but not displayed, probably unrelated bug)18:59
patdk-wkbut shared desktop folders won't mount at all19:00
patdk-wkoh, got it to mount19:01
patdk-wkit just doesn't automount, like I was used to, but they do manually mount19:01
oneseventeenI'm downloading a php app that is encoded in Zend or ionCube.19:04
oneseventeenis there a preference among Ubuntu server users?19:04
SpamapSoneseventeen: err.. open source apps that don't get "encoded" is my personal preference. ;)19:07
JanCand even for non-open source apps the ability to see the code for debugging etc. is very useful...19:10
Davieyhallyn-afk, skaet, do you need me for open-vm-tools update ?19:18
Davieyah, we are pushing it back to beta-2.19:18
RoyK- Hellow, it's IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?19:22
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
jpdsRoyK: s/it's//19:24
RoyKsorry :)19:24
* RoyK is named Roy and has used that in his job a couple of times19:25
RoyKs/that/that phrase/19:25
r4ffyello do you remember a name of application what can installed on ubuntu server what permitted of configure a ldap by web if in style of active directory?19:28
RoyKr4ffy: for client access?19:29
RoyKno idea - have only done that from the commandline19:30
sparcHmm, I've got a binary that's compiled again libstdc++-libc6.2-219:31
sparcbut lucid comes with a newer version19:31
sparcis there a possibility i could get it to work, with a compatibility library somewhere?19:31
coler4ffy: are you talking about phpldapadmin?19:31
sparcI don't see any in apt-cache search19:31
* RoyK wonders if sparc is on SPARC19:32
sparchehe, i'm on amd6419:32
sparcsaldy i don't have any sparcs anymore19:32
unit3Hey, has anyone seen an issue on 10.10 where mdadm won't grow a RAID1 after increasing the partition sizes?19:32
unit3I'm trying "mdadm --grow /dev/md1 -z max", and it just stays the same size, even after pulling the partitions and re-adding one at a time.19:32
* RoyK is 1mm away from ditching an old T100019:36
SpamapSunit3: are these partitions on the same drive as the partition where / is located?19:36
SpamapSRoyK: Tandy 1000?19:37
RoyKsun t100019:37
Daviey*** Did everyone get the notification of the ISO's being posted on the QA tracker? ***19:37
DavieyGet rich quick, Get the respect of your peers, friends, and trolls alike - ask me how!19:38
unit3SpamapS: yeah, /dev/md1 is /. It's XFS, so I should be able to live grow it if I can get md1 to expand to the full partition sizes.19:38
unit3The partitions were enlarged via booting from live USB.19:38
unit3so they've been bigger since the system booted.19:38
rcaskeyhow do I create a device that is on vlan14 of br0?19:39
rcconfwhen I boot up from livecd I can have access as root without a password. why do I need to put root password manually?19:39
unit3Oh, I think this explains the problem I'm having: http://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg19956.html19:41
unit3Time to reboot to live USB and see if I can do it from there.19:42
sparcHey there.  Are there any compatibility libraries, for old versions of libstdc++?19:47
sparcI don't see any in the repos19:47
sparcTrying to get an older version of Netbackup to run on Lucid19:48
rcconfhow do you mount an encrypted device in ubuntu server?19:48
rcaskey<- if I bring up br0.14, nada, but if I dhclient br0 it will get a dhcp lease from the untagged dhcp server19:48
maswansparc: I don't think so. While dapper/hardy is in use, you can dig around for libraries there and do your own manual install maybe.19:49
sparcmaswan: thanks, i'll give that a whirl19:49
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: ping ?20:02
kirklandRoAkSoAx: pong20:08
RoAkSoAxkirkland: are you seeing the issue with the dual monitors with Classic Desktop (no effects)?20:08
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'll need to check20:10
RoAkSoAxkirkland: ok :), when you have the time please provide it at bug #737891 so that we cna get this issue fixed soon :)20:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 737891 in gnome-desktop "[Arrandale] gnome-display-properties unable to correctly enable monitors connected to VGA" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73789120:11
=== hallyn-afk is now known as hallyn
NoqturnalXanyone use sysklogd?20:14
SpamapSNoqturnalX: whats the advantage of using it over rsyslogd ?20:19
NoqturnalXI thought all I had to do was change SYSLOGD="" to SYSLOGD="-r" in the sysklogd file to listen for logs20:21
NoqturnalXit's what I used on the Ubuntu Server 7.10 box20:21
NoqturnalXtoo much of a n00b to get rsyslogd or syslog-ng to work apparently LoL20:22
RoyKNoqturnalX: that's all, just restart syslogd20:22
NoqturnalXthat's what I thought20:22
RoyKerm - sorry - rsyslogd is a bit different20:23
NoqturnalXBut it doesn't seem to be working (I think) lol20:23
semiosisNoqturnalX: did you have trouble with the tips i gave you last week?  it really shouldn't be hard to enable the UDP syslog listener in rsyslog20:23
RoyKNoqturnalX: check /etc/rsyslog.conf20:23
NoqturnalXI tried a few different things browsed through some mans n tutorials and I'm starting to think i'm just a idiot and narfed something. The old ubuntu server was using sysklogd with the same -r option so I figured i'd try that today and see if I can get anything20:24
NoqturnalXrsyslogd is uninstalled atm20:24
semiosisNoqturnalX: another way besides adding -r in /etc/default/rsyslog is to add the module to the rsyslog.conf, I believe the two lines you need are "$ModLoad imudp" and "$InputUDPServerRun 514"20:25
NoqturnalXi'm bout ready to hook up the old server and comb through the config files to see what I did differently on that one lol20:25
semiosisah, nvm then20:25
NoqturnalXi'll reinstall rsyslog and try it again before throwing the old server back into a station n lookin at what makes that station work20:26
NoqturnalXrsyslog reinstalled20:27
RoyKNoqturnalX: I have rsyslog running as a remote syslog host20:27
RoyKworks for me20:27
NoqturnalXgives me hope20:27
NoqturnalXso add -r to RSYSLOGD_OPTIONS right20:27
NoqturnalXright now it says RSYSLOGD_OPTIONS="-c4"20:27
semiosisthats one way, the other is to load & config the imudp module in /etc/rsyslog.conf20:28
RoyKNoqturnalX: just edit /etc/rsyslog.conf and set it to listen to udp:51420:28
* RoyK points to semiosis's answer20:28
NoqturnalXalright i'm going to give the -r a try first then i'll try the imudp module, so should the RSYSLOGD_OPTIONS be "-rc4" or "-r-c4"??20:29
RoyKtry the module first20:29
NoqturnalXk you talked me into it20:30
semiosis"-r -c4" (a space between the two options)20:30
semiosislol, yeah, module is new school, the -r is old-school20:30
RoyKsyslog     646     1  0 Mar25 ?        00:01:05 rsyslogd -c420:30
RoyKthat's mine20:30
RoyKworks for me (tm)20:30
NoqturnalXlol `locate rsyslog.conf` first result is /etc/rsyslog.conf but it's not there20:32
NoqturnalXfind / -name "rsyslog.conf" results /etc/init/rsyslog.conf20:32
NoqturnalXshould i just copy the init/rsyslog.conf to /etc20:32
semiosisno that is something different20:33
semiosishow could you have just installed rsyslog and not have the default config file?!20:34
semiosisthats weird20:34
NoqturnalXi'm wondering the same thing20:34
NoqturnalXapt-get install rsyslog20:34
NoqturnalXi just did a apt-get install rsyslog-doc too just in case20:35
semiosisi guess you could 'apt-get purge rsyslog' and then 'apt-get install rsyslog'20:35
RoyKapt-get install win720:35
NoqturnalXk trying that semiosis :P20:36
NoqturnalX"A new version of configuration file /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified" lol20:37
NoqturnalXi just went with the maintainers version20:37
NoqturnalXk i got the .conf file now20:37
NoqturnalXso uncomment $ModLoad imudp then?20:38
NoqturnalXand maybe uncomment $UDPServerRun 514 too?20:38
semiosisyeah that20:38
semiosisi was looking at the man page from a diff version, sorry for the confusion.20:39
NoqturnalXI <3 you guys now20:39
NoqturnalXit seems to be working20:39
NoqturnalXso it looks like my logging fun is out of the way20:40
NoqturnalXnow to figure out how to use Squid LOL20:40
semiosisgood luck20:41
NoqturnalXI dunno if I wanna persue tackling squid first as a http accellerator or figuring out how to use RADIUS with my AP's20:41
* NoqturnalX is questioning his spelling today20:42
NoqturnalXanyone round here run a RADIUS or squid?20:43
Davieyhggdh, around?21:00
ScottKSpamapS: Congratulations.21:21
hggdhDaviey: always21:21
hggdhbut slow...21:21
rcconfis there a way to select in terminal using keyboard only?21:21
rcconfselect text21:21
pmatulisrcconf: sure21:22
pmatulisrcconf: i use screen21:22
WhitorHi all. I've got a 10.04 headless server running on subnet A Everyone on subnet A can access any service on my server. Subnet B can ping my server, but cannot access any of its services (ie connections time out when trying to access web pages or SSL logins, etc) any ideas ?21:22
ivoksSpamapS: ah, thanks21:23
jmarsdenWhitor: iptables or similar packet filtering on the server could be blocking the TCP and UDP but allowing the pings through.  Or simialr rules on the router between the two subnets could be blocking TCP and UDP traffic.21:23
rcconfpmatulis: that doesnt help21:23
Whitorjmarsden, I know the routers between the networks are ok, similar services on other servers work ok21:24
Whitorjmarsden, I've narrowed it down to the ubuntu server, but I'm not sure what to look at21:25
SpamapSScottK: ty :)21:25
jmarsdenWhitor: Then it sounds like firewall rules.  iptables or ufw or similar.21:25
Whitorjmarsden, where do I configure iptables?21:26
jmarsdenWhitor: With the iptables command :)  Where you store a set of rules... depends on which firewall setup you want to use...21:27
jmarsdenWhitor: check whether    sudo iptables -L -n    shows you anything unusual.21:27
Whitorjmarsden, I guess I have to do some digging. I was just curious if there was some known default behavior to not talk to other subnets on a high level... would seem reasonable21:27
jmarsdenWhitor: You manage multiple servers, but have no knowledge of packet filtering?  Seems odd.   No, there is no default-to-own-subnet-only behaviour that I know of.21:29
jmarsdenWhitor: Check that your default gateway on the server is set correctly, although since ping is working, it should be...21:29
Whitorjmarsden, heh, I have knowledge of this magic. I was just looking for a quick answer from some knowledgeable folk.21:29
Whitorand yes the gw is correct21:30
jmarsdenWhitor: OK.  By default a Ubuntu server should not have any firewall-y packet filtering enabled, so it "should" just work.21:31
Whitora turnkey firewall I used once back in the day, had this behavior by default. I would only talk to machines on its own subnet21:31
Whitorastaro I think it was21:31
hallynzul: so do you mind sponsoring my fix for bug 742770 after beta1 freeze?21:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 742770 in lxc "Erorr in syntax in ubuntu templates" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74277021:31
Whitorthanks, I appreciate the info21:31
jmarsdenWhitor: you're welcome.21:32
guntbertWhitor: don't guess, look into the firewall rules yourself21:32
zulhallyn: sure or clint can do it :)21:32
Whitorjmarsden, I'm working with ufw right now21:32
Whitorjmarsden, of course I wouldn't guess ... thats why I'm asking here21:32
hallynclint can do it?21:33
Whitorthis particular machine was setup by an intern last summer21:33
hallynactually, hm.  can i do it?21:33
jmarsdenWhitor: Just disable it  (sudo ufw disable)  and see if things start working.   And it wasn't me who thought you were guessing :)21:33
Whitorjmarsden, a great idea. exactly what I was hoping for21:34
Whitordang, that wasn't it21:35
Whitorso it must be something other than the firewall21:35
hallynhm, nope, lxc is not one i got rights to.  drat.21:35
Whitorwhat would make icmp work, but tcp fail ?21:35
Whitorlocal to the server21:35
rcconfIs there a reason for rc.local to not work?21:36
jmarsdenWhitor: ... all the TCP services are bound to localhost only??  Does   sudo netstat -ntlp   show the relevant services listening on ?21:37
jmarsdenHmm, but if others on that subnet can see them, that shoudn't be the issue...21:37
Whitorsays its listening21:38
Whitoron 80, 22, and 330621:38
jmarsdenIf it isn't packet filtering, is it routing?  Does this server have multiple NICs on different subnets, or anything like that?21:39
Whitornope, one nic. and the routers between me and it are the same routers between me and a different server which is communicating with me fine21:40
jmarsdenYes... can you do the reverse -- use a service on subnet B from the server machine?21:41
WhitorI can open a web page from an HP printer ... so yeah21:42
rcconfwhat is the keys for ^A in screen?21:42
jmarsdenrcconf: man screen, but I think it is ctrl-a and then a   by default21:44
rcconfjmarsden: too long manual cant find that21:45
jmarsdenWhitor: I don't know, I think at this point I'd pull out the big guns and run tcpdump or similar to see whether the packets from clienst on B are reaching the server at all.21:45
jmarsdenrcconf: If you can't be bothered to read, why should others be bothered to help you :)21:45
rcconfman man21:45
rcconfjmarsden: im bothered to read a lot and not finding it :)21:46
rcconfman man21:46
rcconfman -k21:46
yaaarI have a 32-bit 10.04.02 LTS server that's locking up on me regularly. I get a whole bunch of stack traces in the logs like these: http://pastebin.com/jjQsWb0t ...always seems to be rsync, which makes me think it's related to a backup operation (to a local BackupPC server) ...any idea what might be wrong?21:46
rcconfyaaar: stop rsync service21:46
oneseventeenI need to install Zend Optimizer or ionCube Loader for a web application.  Which one would you recommend if you had to load one of the two?21:47
Whitorjmarsden, yeah :( I hate digging through packet dumps. ... but thanks for your time!21:47
=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
jmarsdenWhitor: you're welcome21:47
oneseventeen(yes, an open product would be more ideal, but unfortunately none of the open systems I've looked at fit our needs)21:48
genii-aroundCan you use vconfig to make for instance vlan1 on eth0:0 vlan2 on eth0:1  etc?21:48
guntbertrcconf: its always <ctrl>A    and the the additional key   - so <ctrl>A<ESC> get you into copy mode (search for copy in man screen)21:49
rcconfguntbert: im trying to copy21:50
rcconfgot it21:50
rcconfi just need to use space21:50
guntbertrcconf: yes, I know, I just read it up in man screen - you press <ctrl>A<ESC>  -- ahh21:51
rcconfguntbert: it says it copied to buffer21:52
rcconfbut than it pastes nothing21:52
yaaarrcconf: 1)rsync isn't running as a service (that is, rsyncd is not running...the backup server does something like "ssh root@client /usr/bin/rsync --server ..." and 2)I need the backup to work, so just not using rsync isn't exactly an opion22:00
rcconfuse scp to backup?22:01
yaaari want to fix the problem, not act like it's not there22:01
yaaar(also scp would be very inferior to the current backup scheme)22:02
hggdhDaviey: where are you?22:03
rcconf /whereis Daviey22:03
rcconfis at gibson.freenode.net [Oslo, Norway]22:04
Davieyhggdh, lo o/22:06
Davieyhggdh, Great!  I wondered if you had touched the test rig since last week22:06
hggdhDaviey: not really, no22:14
Davieyhggdh, okay... great... Just to check, you didn't try the apparmour changes?22:16
=== iqbala is now known as axisys
hggdhDaviey: well, I did. But originally, when we ran it, apparmour was disabled (for whatever reason!)22:17
hggdhDaviey: I then, while testing, set the dhcpd profile to complain mode22:17
Davieyhggdh, did that make any difference?22:18
hggdhDaviey: and it is still in complain mode (but apparmour is now active for the rest22:18
hggdhDaviey: no difference that I could see. It works sometimes, most times it does not22:19
rcconfCopied 11 characters into buffer22:19
rcconfnow what?22:19
rcconfit's not in clipboard22:19
hggdhDaviey: BUT -- and this is the piece I do not yet understand -- the DHCPD *always fail to start22:19
rcconfoh ok22:19
rcconfit is i just cant press enter or something22:20
Davieyhggdh, I'm having a call with upstream tomorrow, are there any other things you want raised - other than that?22:20
hggdhnot really, nothing else is critical22:21
Davieyhggdh, Now you've said it....22:21
hggdhDaviey: :-)22:21
hggdhDaviey: interesting: right now we have 3 instances running, two got public IPs, one did not. None got metadata22:24
hggdhand we have one instance I just submitted in pending...22:24
Davieyhggdh, is zul still using one of the machines?22:25
hggdhzul: soncoya is free, then?22:25
Davieyah, wondered if there was a rogue dhcpd on the network22:25
hggdhzul: thanks. Daviey: I am going to reinstall with today's ISO, fully-distributed22:26
hggdhDaviey: this will also check if this is a problem only with the all-in-one22:26
Davieyhggdh, is fully distributed needed atm?22:26
hggdhDaviey: not really, just to verify if there is a collision if CLC/CC/Walrus/SC are together22:27
Davieyhggdh, ok... can you send me an email with your findings, and suggestions for what i could test/try on it in my tomorrow AM?22:28
hggdhDaviey: roger wilco22:28
rcconfwhy the hell screen says it copyed to bugger but than paste doesnt work?22:28
rcconfit's frustrating22:30
RoAkSoAxkirkland: still around?22:44
kirklandRoAkSoAx: yup22:44
RoAkSoAxkirkland: could you check the latest branch of powernap and see if you could sponsor that as it includes a few important bugfixes and the logic to handle the upgrade of the config file, please :)22:45
RoAkSoAxwhen you have the time of course :)22:45
yaaarI have a 32-bit 10.04.02 LTS server that's locking up on me regularly. I get a whole bunch of stack traces in the logs like these: http://pastebin.com/jjQsWb0t ...always seems to be rsync, which makes me think it's related to a backup operation (to a local BackupPC server) ...any idea what might be wrong?22:46
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hggdhDaviey: still using your PPA, correct?23:05
RoAkSoAxkirkland never mind... juat remembered we are in beta freeze so ill ask for FFe first23:08
RoAkSoAxor not really?23:11
hallynRoAkSoAx: is powernap in universe?23:18
RoAkSoAxhallyn: nope, it's in main23:18
RoAkSoAxotherwise I'd have uploaded it myself :)23:19
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