dpmmorning all09:14
dpmheya happyaron, how are you doing?09:24
happyarondpm: fine, thanks, busy but happy, :)09:29
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dpmthis is only work in progress... but look at the Galician, Bosnian, Slovenian and Asturian teams up there, impressive!11:28
dpmandrejz, good work!11:28
andrejzand that's even before the translation maraton11:29
andrejzi guess it will be around 103 % after it :P11:29
dpmyou'll run out of work!11:29
andrejzuntil ddtp packages exist i won't worry about it :)11:30
andrejzalso documentation still awaits us.. but it would be boring, if there were no challenges left11:31
happyaronI think we can push some changes to ddtp project11:35
andrejzin addition it needs to be kept in mind we were already at 99% for 10.10, so most of the work was done on other things not included in these statitics11:35
happyaronthe debian way is not so efficient, and the launchpad way will make people scared and tired...11:35
happyaronand ddtp on launchpad are just suggestions to ddtp debian, that's a bad thing in some way...11:36
happyaronsoftware-center relies on ddtp heavily (IIRC), it'll be a great deal of things to be done.11:36
andrejzback, empathy crashed on me (running 11.04)11:36
dpmhappyaron, have you got any plans for improvement in mind?11:36
andrejz@happyaron: what do you mean by suggestions?11:37
andrejzdo ddtp translations get used in ubuntu or do only upstream translations get used?11:37
dpmhappyaron, nightmonkey can send ddtp translations to debian already, it's just that IIRC, the maintainer upstream was busy at the time to process them11:37
dpmand what do you mean that the lp way will make people scared and tired?11:38
happyaronfor debian, I can read "DDTSS is down" on debian-i18n regularly... and DDTSS needs three people to review every submission (rosetta's translations just count to one). Using the email way is making more noises.11:39
happyaronFor launchpad, it's a huge project in a single template, which make people feel tired and don't like to continue11:40
happyaronwe may split the template into more detailed categories and make each template smaller11:40
* happyaron poor andrejz11:41
andrejzi am a victim of empathy bug11:41
andrejzexcuse me for continious leaving/coming again11:42
andrejzhappyaron, you worte something ?11:42
happyaronandrejz: will send to you via private msg, :)11:42
andrejzanyway i was going to say i translated ddtp main and i believe it could easily be seperated in the strings that make sense and thnd the ones that dont11:42
andrejzfor exmaple11:42
dpmhappyaron, ok, gotcha11:44
andrejzas i already mentioned to happyaron11:47
andrejzmy experience with ddtp is the following:11:47
andrejzddtp main has 17000 strings 12:43:4711:47
andrejz7000 are either python bindings, libaries for something and obscure x modules11:47
andrejzadditional 1500 are translations for gnome and kde packages (8 strings per language)11:48
andrejzi was planning to do all the package but got frustrated (also by the length of the package - you work the whole day and make a lousy percent or so ?) and also by this advanced strings, like libbrasero, which are utterly useless in my opinion11:48
andrejzno user is going to go and look libbrasero11:49
andrejzUser will go and install brasero and doesn't care for all the libaries it needs, system installs it for him11:49
andrejzthe same goes for ddtp main universe which i started a couple of days ago11:49
andrejzso my suggestion is11:49
andrejzat least get all the libaries and phython bindings into some sort of advanced package11:49
andrejzI am translating ddtp solo, because i believe many newer membes will be intimidated by sometimes highly technical strigns they don't understand11:50
andrejzany additional categories (besides libaries and phython bindings would be nice), but i think this is the absolute minimum11:51
andrejzi think about 30-50 % are either a libary or phython binding11:51
andrejzany opinions here?11:52
happyaron+1 from me11:56
andrejzagain my technical knowledge is slightly above avereage and i have almost 0 programing / packaging knowledge, so i cannot estimate how difficult would be to implement this11:59
andrejzit would be great if somebody from launchpad team could comment on this11:59
dpmandrejz, these are all good points, but we need people to be aware of them to even consider working on them. What I would suggest to do is to get a discussion started by sending an e-mail to the launchpad-users list and cc mvo (at) ubuntu (dot) com12:09
dpmhappyaron, andrejz, in any case http://nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/ does help12:10
andrejzthat link is rather usefull, thanks dpm12:12
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dpmhey translators, if you want to share your experiences, there is a session on how to run translations jams on #ubuntu-classroom in 10 min16:54
dpmdo come along!16:55
Andre_Gondimhi dpm can you help me to solve this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/74315317:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743153 in ubuntu-translations "Description of package 'apt-xapian-index' is badly translated to pt_BR (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]17:03
TLEAndre_Gondim: he's sort of busy right now ^^17:05
Andre_Gondimhmmmmmmm, someone may tell me where may I fix it?17:06
TLEaskhl_: Hey, how is it, do you know where the package descriptions are stored?17:07
Andre_Gondimhmmmmm, let me c if I found it17:08
dpmAndre_Gondim, yeah, sorry, running an IRC session right now17:15
Andre_Gondimyeah I see, dpm ;)17:15
Andre_GondimI find it at https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/maverick/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-main/pt_BR/+translate17:16
askhl_TLE: hi17:22
TLEaskhl_: ah, never mind ;)17:23
askhl_TLE: so you don't refer to app-install-data then17:23
askhl_which is another one17:23
askhl_with package descriptions17:23
TLEaskhl_: I'm unsure, it was in relation to Andre_Gondim's question17:23
AJenbo_dpm, sure18:05
dpmhey :)18:05
dpmso I'm mostly happy with the output of the stats now. My goal was to keep it simple, but useful. There is now only a bug I need to tackle:18:06
AJenbo_Looks realy good, the one i have done just displays a list of packages and the number of missing lines in the terminal as the statistic are generated.18:06
AJenbo_posibly "Need review" is more usefull then "Total"18:07
dpmyeah, I should probably add it too, but I think at the point I'm generating the data files to be loaded on the page it's not easy to get the number of "Need Review" ones, so I left it for later18:08
dpmin any case, if you've got a branch, I can add your feature to the trunk one too18:09
AJenbo_dpm, i didn't have time to make my hack preatty and the out put from yours seams to be the same+18:10
dpmanyway, what I meant with the bug was that due to the way the raw data is dumped from the LP database, the templates which have got no translation at all are not shown in the output18:10
dpmbut I think that's not critical for established teams18:10
dpmit affects mostly new teams with not many translations18:11
AJenbo_how is the dump generated?18:11
AJenbo_is to done automatically periodically or manually by some one when the time feels right?18:11
dpmit's done automatically with an SQL query against the staging database, which dumps the output in a couple of text files. This happens daily, but the caveat is that the staging database is not synced daily with the production database, so it happens quite often that staging is behind production, meaning that stats from the ul10n-stats tool are behind as well18:13
dpmunfortunately there is no easy way to solve it18:14
AJenbo_ok that explains it :)18:14
dpmthe proper solution is to finish the implementation of the lp translations reporting API, and getting rid of the raw data export altogether18:14
AJenbo_Yeah, LP-trans could still improve a lot :/18:16
AJenbo_There is a real gap betwean people obliviosly making sugestions and the translation team18:18
dpmyeah I definitely agree, but I still think it's an awesome tool :-)18:24
AJenbo_dpm, I might take a look at your code and see if i can get it to link to the actuall package on LP18:24
AJenbo_Yeah we have started using it for smalle updates and package descriptions, in this area it definatly beats oure old methode.18:25
AJenbo_Not to mention keeping track of what has changed and needs and update18:26
dpmAJenbo_, adding the link to the actual package on the table was the next thing I was aiming to sort out, but I won't have time this week, so if you look at it, that'd be really awesome!18:27

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