penguin42feels randomly assured now he found the backup button00:08
penguin42phew - it boots and has a network signal :-)00:16
penguin42hmm rather touchy though; market place doesn't work and it seems to insist on trying to set up an exchange account rather than gmail00:34
bigcalmIs it possible to move an already running process into a screen?00:38
hamitronhi haz02:01
HazRPGhamitron: \o02:01
HazRPGhow's it going dude?02:01
hamitronI still not slept02:01
HazRPGI had to, I was awake for way too long02:02
hamitronmy brain has only just this second felt totally mashed02:02
HazRPGhow long you been awake?02:03
hamitron42 hours02:03
HazRPGwow lol, and I thought I was bad sometimes02:03
HazRPGI've done 48+ hours before, and people have called me insane lol02:04
HazRPGI call it "I hate sleeping, means less hours I can be doing stuff"02:04
hamitronI missed 2 nights in a row once02:04
hamitronfell off my comp chair :/02:04
hamitron4pm on the 3rd day02:05
* HazRPG enrolls hamitron into the "sorta insomniac" group02:05
hamitronbut that was because I had coursework to do02:05
HazRPGcoursework will do that :P02:05
HazRPGI miss those days :P02:05
hamitronI started it 5 days before the deadline02:05
hamitronwas supposed to spend 5 months02:06
hamitronso my own fault02:06
HazRPGI do that all the time :P02:06
HazRPGhmm, bug!02:07
HazRPGapparently chrome doesn't think it's the default browser anymore02:07
hamitronnn all ;)02:13
HazRPGawww, you actually going to sleep now?02:14
HazRPGnight dude o/02:14
HazRPGhmmm, is SixXS or HE better for IPv6?02:15
HazRPGshauno: \o03:58
HazRPGHave you read the e-mail about the guy with RSI troubles on the mailing list?04:02
shaunoI feel like a complete zombie :/  off to mug the kettle04:05
stgraberHazRPG: I've had great service from HE. It's reliable and they have a good network. Oh, also, they don't need you to earn points or other weird stuff like SixXS does04:12
HazRPGstgraber: ah ok, cool - thanks :)04:12
shaunoearn points?  (only used HE, haven't used sixxs, trying to figure out how points would fit into the picture)04:13
stgrabershauno: with sixxs you need to keep your tunnel online or you loose point, if you loose points you can't ask for subnets or other tunnels04:14
shaunooh, fun04:14
shaunoI've had no problems with HE at all.  and my router supports their tunnels, so autoconf is pretty tidy for the rest of the LAN :)04:18
shaunooh, I heard back on that calibre bug.  they won't change the default, but have added it to the options UI.  so \o/04:48
HazRPGwinner \o/04:55
HazRPGI must say the developer of calibre does listen to his users really well :)04:56
HazRPGhe's very active on the forums!04:56
HazRPGand always quick to try and add or sort things out04:56
shaunowell, I should get off my rear & get ready for work05:01
shaunomy odd sleep rotation worked out tho; waking up an hour before your alarm clock goes off is awesome :)05:01
shaunoalarm clock doing off at 5am .. not so awesome05:02
HazRPGheh, I haven't heard an alarm clock in years05:10
HazRPGeven if I wanted to hear an alarm clock, I wouldn't hear it while I'm asleep05:10
HazRPG(awake, I can hear them just fine)05:10
HazRPGwhen I'm asleep, I physically can't hear them - and I don't know why!05:11
HazRPGpeople next door (and from downstairs) can hear it - because I got a loud little beast, however I just don't... and I have no idea why05:11
HazRPGsuffice to say, I'm usually late... unless I plan a schedule around so that I'm still awake for the times that I need to be...05:12
HazRPGe.g. if I know I need to be awake and on time for something... I have to make sure I force myself to sleep around 10-14 hours before the time I need to meet them... that way if I oversleep, I know I'll definitely be awake for it... failing that I do the whole "hmm, think I could last and stay awake till then?" question in my head05:14
HazRPGheh, just posted a wall-mass of text about a guy and his kindle-related questions... I don't know how I always manage to do this, but I don't seem to be able to keep things short and to the point :/05:21
HazRPGhopefully it'll be useful for him though05:21
shaunoheh, I noticed.  didn't manage to finish your book on RSI :p05:21
HazRPGworks really well for me though (the RSI thing)05:21
shaunoI very rarely get anything05:22
HazRPGdepends on your usage I guess05:22
HazRPGand how your sat, positioned05:22
HazRPGah crud, I should really have mentioned that in the e-mail too05:23
HazRPGah well too late05:23
shaunofairly sure someone mentioned lumbar etc in the first couple of responses05:23
HazRPGhmm, I did skim through most of the posts, think I missed that one05:24
shaunomy seating position is so slothenly that I book holidays off work whenever we have a health & safety audit :/05:24
shaunoI actually got one of the security guys to help me do a weekend raid on our old building, so I could retrieve my favourite chair :D05:25
HazRPGhaha winner05:26
shaunothe security guys like us because they're not allowed to go off-site during their shifts, and we can.  so if they need food/smokes/etc, we become popular05:27
HazRPGI'm catching up on the 60 or so mailing list stuff I've missed recently (been busy reading other things I guess?)05:27
HazRPGhehe, I can imagine :P05:27
shaunojust giving them a bell to say "popping down the shop, you need anything?" earns you useful allies :)05:28
shaunobut generally the only thing my seated posture has going for it, is that I seem to move constantly.  I'm not sat in any position for hours on end05:29
shaunoand I maintain finding a new position every 15-20 minutes is more useful than sitting in the "right position" for 12 hours at a time.  there is no right way to sit for 12 hours.  we're not built like that05:30
shaunoit does confuse people who try to borrow my chair tho :)  it's kinda broken.  if you try to lean back, the back will go diagonally in either direction, but not straight back05:31
shaunoso if you try to lean back without knowing the secrets of my chair, you tend to get tipped onto the floor05:31
HazRPGhaha I had a chair like that at work too xD05:39
HazRPGgreat fun to see others try and use it :)05:40
HazRPGwas so tempted to put "geek chair: use with precaution, prior knowledge of how to operate required"05:40
HazRPGbut thought my boss probably wouldn't like that :P05:40
HazRPGalso, agreed... there is no "right or wrong" way to sit on a chair05:43
HazRPGI tend to find myself moving around a lot too05:43
HazRPGusually helps to have someone I can plonk my legs up onto :)05:43
HazRPGxD somewhere* I mean05:43
HazRPGhaha love it: How to torment a telemarketer with one word :: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-torment-telemarketers-with-one-word06:06
kaushalGood Morning everyone06:18
kaushalPlease guide me about http://paste.ubuntu.com/586347/06:18
AlanBellmorning all06:34
AlanBelloff to towcester today06:34
AlanBellHazRPG: are you behind some nasty proxy server?06:35
AlanBellsorry, kaushal: are you behind some nasty proxy server?06:35
HazRPGAlanBell: ... I was going to say!06:35
kaushalI have installed squid-deb-proxy-server06:36
AlanBellkaushal: you are only being given the first [45B] of each file06:36
AlanBellok, well that is the bit that is broken then :)06:36
kaushalAlanBell: shall i pastebin the squid-deb-proxy.conf ?06:37
AlanBellI am off out for the day now06:39
AlanBellI would start by turning the proxy off and see if that helps06:39
MooDoohello all07:49
erolciGood morning everyone08:14
erolciI am using Ubuntu 10.10 and I would like to reach a folder located Windows (/desktop)08:16
erolciI can reach everything in windows but When I open the desktop folder,  I only see 4 unimportant files, there is no my folder in it08:16
erolciWhat do you think ?08:17
BigRedSdoes Windows do encryption of that sort of thing these days?08:22
directhexunless you turn it off, yes08:23
directhexerolci, which desktop folder? you have several08:23
erolciI am using dual operating system08:24
HazRPGerm... windows 7 does encrypt the user's folders now08:24
directhexHazRPG, only if you pay for ultimate08:25
HazRPGhowever am I right in thinking your trying to access "my documents" "my pictures" etc?08:25
directhexerolci, which folder exactly are you looking in08:25
HazRPGbecause that would be /windows/user/<name>/My Documents08:25
HazRPG(or replace with My Pictures, My Music, etc)08:26
erolciI will have a look08:26
HazRPG/windows/user/<name>/Desktop/My Documents is the wrong place to be looking08:26
directhexHazRPG, Users.08:26
directhexalso, Documents08:26
directhexas of w708:27
HazRPGyeah sorry08:27
directhexmaybe vista too08:27
MartijnVdSmorning everyone08:27
erolciI checked it but there is not Desktop folder08:27
erolciThe intresting point08:28
erolciI can see everything in c drive08:28
erolciOnly desktop folder has this problem08:28
erolciWindows is down at the moment08:28
HazRPGerolci: http://ScrnSht.com/wanwic08:29
HazRPGdirecthex: also, if you look at that screenshot... "My Documents" is still there as a thing in win708:30
HazRPGI'm pretty sure there's still one place inside windows that's inconsistent with the rest and calls it "My Documents" instead of "Documents"08:31
directhexHazRPG, i wouldn't trust junction points.08:31
MartijnVdSCool.. we're going to push ipv6 even more @ work08:32
directhexerolci, without you being precise in a) what you're looking for, and b) where you're looking, you're unhelpable.08:32
HazRPGdirecthex: is that what they're called? I thought they were just called "links"08:32
erolciI am looking for another folder which is located in /Desktop08:32
directhexerolci, WHICH desktop?08:33
directhexerolci, you have at least two desktops.08:33
erolciin Windows 708:33
erolciI checked the both in windows08:33
directhexthen you're looking in the wrong place.08:33
directhexyour USER desktop, for anything you copy there yourself, is in Users/username/Desktop. there's also the system desktop, which has icons etc placed by installers.08:34
HazRPGMartijnVdS: \o/08:34
directhexwindows silently merges the system desktop and user desktop when showing them to you08:34
HazRPGdirecthex: yeah I know what you mean, that's always annoyed me as a thing :/08:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: It's going to be part of some independent "Choose an ISP" sites ('Offers IPv6 yes/no' -- we're the only 'yes' atm :))08:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: did you set it up yet?08:35
erolciWhere is the system desktop located buddy?08:35
erolciin Windows folder ?08:35
directhexi think that one might be a junction point, for compatibility with windows 95 apps08:36
HazRPGMartijnVdS: IPv6?08:39
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yes08:39
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I made the account :D08:40
HazRPGMartijnVdS: as far as I got with that :P08:40
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ...08:40
erolciI can open the windows in Dos mode08:42
erolciI will try to copy files to another folder08:42
erolciI hope works08:42
HazRPGshauno, MartijnVdS: ikr :(08:42
erolciThanks a lot for your helping08:42
HazRPGinternet too much of a distraction08:42
HazRPGdoesn't help I'm having a link war with my friend on mumble08:43
erolciI have to go08:45
erolcisee you, bye08:45
* DJones mutters about graphics cards in laptops & why isn't there a nice simple way of choosing one that will work nicely with ubuntu08:57
MooDoos-fox: morning09:05
s-foxHello MooDoo . How are you?09:06
MooDoos-fox: congratulations as well :)09:06
MooDooi'm fine thanks09:06
s-foxIt is good you are okay :)09:06
MooDoos-fox: hven't you been elected to a team council?09:07
MooDooor have i got the wrong person?09:07
s-foxOh yes,  I have.09:07
MooDoothen congratulations :D09:07
s-foxWednesday last week I think09:07
MooDooah i just noticed it on the planet09:07
s-foxMooDoo,  gnome-look is back up.  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=127192  & http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=13734609:08
s-foxTwo of my shots I uploaded.09:09
MooDoovery nice :)09:10
s-foxThank you.09:12
DJonesMorning all09:20
DJonesCan anybody see any problems that I might have with this laptop (drivers/incompatibility etc), just trying to get ideas on what to buy http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/acer-5742-core-i5-laptop-with-4gb-memory-red-laptop-08702408-pdt.html09:26
DJonesI'm also tempted by something with this sort of spec http://www.coopelectricalshop.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?ProductCode=ACE-COM-ASPIRE5742G-BK09:26
gordDJones, looks fine to me, of course wifi is always *random dice roll* if you don't get well used chipsets. never heard of acer chipsets for wifi before09:28
DJonesgord: Yeah, thats always a worry, trouble is there's so many acer 5742's out there with different specs, I don't think you'd ever know which you were getting09:29
oimonDJones: i noticed that - tesco have a wildly different spec09:31
oimonhttp://direct.tesco.com/q/R.210-8467.aspx  http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.210-1936.aspx09:32
directhexit's common for huge retailers to get slightly different models for electronic items09:33
directhexit makes it impossible to do price comparison and "we pay the difference if it's cheaper elsewhere" deals09:33
JamesTaitHappy daylight savings time, everyone! :D09:34
oimonDJones: ever tried dell outlet? i got a really good deal from there09:34
DJonesoimon: No, I've not looked there yet09:35
DJonesoimon: Outlet is quite interesting, Intel i7 for £537 with 4Gb, Radeon HD 5470 1G09:48
HazRPGhmm, I have a feeling I did something wrong there...09:49
DJonesoimon: Not a top end i7, seems reasonable09:50
oimoni used to also buy from the outlet for a cheapskate employer too - never had any problems with the machines i received from them (usually business ones)09:50
nperryHmm, gnome3 ppa has been updated within the last couple of days09:59
HazRPGhmm, could someone help me out with some ipv6 setup (via HE) please :)10:01
HazRPGso knew to this whole ipv6 thing :/10:02
HazRPGso far every attempt has just failed10:02
BigRedSOh yeah, I meant to do that weeks ago10:02
BigRedS(I'm no help, I'm afraid)10:02
BigRedSthe HE thingy on ip610:02
HazRPGah, fair enough10:03
nperryvia HE?10:04
HazRPGIPv6 over IPv4 style10:05
HazRPGHE stands for "Hurricane Electric" they prove IPv6 address :)10:06
HazRPGBigRedS: if I get it to work, I'll post my find on my blog for ya to have a read if ya like :)10:10
BigRedSHazRPG: ah, that'd be cool!10:12
BigRedSAn even-shorter-than-the-short-intro-thing to ip6! :)10:13
HazRPGindeed :)10:13
HazRPGguessing your using a router that's non-ipv6 compliant yet too?10:13
HazRPGI'm rolling with 10.10 at the moment, but I can test stuff on others too if need be before I post it up10:14
dogmatic69what would be the best way to limit ssh to a single ip address? looking at some google links, seems like about 100 different ways to do it10:14
shaunoeither ufw/iptables, or just hosts.deny/allow10:16
dogmatic69in iptables do i need to set something up so that it happens after a reboot?10:16
dogmatic69or setting it once will always be set?10:16
nigelbYeah, you need to setup a script so that it always runs on reboot10:16
dogmatic69iptables -I INPUT -s <IP> -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT10:16
dogmatic69iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j REJECT10:16
dogmatic69look right?10:17
JamesTaitdogmatic69: You might already know about this, but ufw can do this and has the advantage of retaining its setup across reboot.10:18
dogmatic69JamesTait: i dont, will look that up10:19
Mezdogmatic69: looks wrong... Why not just set policy as REJECT, adn then add accept rules?10:19
dogmatic69Mez: dont know, just found that on server fault :/10:19
Mezdogmatic69: as you're a local... gimme a moment, I'll find you a very good article :D10:20
Mez(aka the firewall article I wrong for LXF)10:20
HazRPGBigRedS: just out of interest dude, you planning on having IPv6 on one computer or setup like a DHCP for IPv6?10:23
shaunoI love ufw.  the rules are actually readable.  'sudo ufw allow from <IP> app OpenSSH'10:24
BigRedSHazRPG: just one computer, I want to set it up on my dedicated box10:24
HazRPGbecause ideally I'd like to setup a DHCP for IPv6... however if I at least get it working on only one machine that would be great too - but if your also interested in setting up via multiple, might try my best to get it to run on multiple10:24
BigRedSI don't even use DHCP on ip4 really10:25
HazRPGBigRedS: technically your router does though :P10:25
shaunoI don't use dhcp on v6.  just let autoconf do it10:25
BigRedSwell, I do on other people's networks, but I've not been near a dhcp server for a while, quite intentionally :)10:25
HazRPGah cool10:25
HazRPGshauno: hmm really? I thought that was what the screenshot was doing?10:25
BigRedSand, yeah, there's a built-in-to-ip6 thing that you should be doing instead of dhcp10:26
BigRedSin fact, that's probably what you are doing, thinking about it :)10:26
shaunothat's just a tunnel endpoint10:26
shaunoanything joining the network just autodiscovers it's own address as lan address + mac address10:26
shaunoget some well ugly IPs that way, but zero hassle :)10:27
HazRPGshauno: ah, but isn't that DHCP essentially? I'm guessing you don't need to do anything fancy on your phone to get ipv6 for it?10:28
HazRPGafter its setup on the router I mean10:28
HazRPG(I know what I mean in my head :S)10:28
shaunoit's part of the protocol; they just find the lan address via neighbour discovery10:28
BigRedSHazRPG: same effect as DHCP, but utterly different method10:29
shaunoyou can do dhcpv6 if you really want/need to, but autoconf is built into the protocol now10:29
HazRPGBigRedS: yeah, but I think they're still calling it DHCPv6 despite it only being similar in concept (sorta)10:30
HazRPGshauno: oh?10:30
HazRPG(getting more confused the more I read)10:31
BigRedSyeah, that was my understanding - two mechanisms to achieve the same thing, both occasionally called dhcpv6 :)10:31
BigRedSthat's the lovely thing about standards...10:31
shaunoI believe dhcpv6 still exists very similar to dhcp, for people who need utter control over that kinda thing10:32
shaunoeg, at home I have v4 set so I get IPs, next door get, etc.  autoconf isn't that tidy10:33
shaunoif you don't need that much control, just let autoconf make fantastically ugly IPs10:34
HazRPGsee the ways I keep seeing, essentially just let HE pick the IP's10:34
HazRPGso I'm assuming that's the "ugly IP" way?10:34
HazRPGso far all different ways of setting this up, basically say do this on every machine... or setup a DHCPv6 (endpoint for the tunnel) server, however each requesting machine that asks for an IP still goes out to HE and grabs an IP from them and brings it back to the requesting machine10:36
HazRPGthey don't actually show you how to specify a range10:36
shaunowell if you're just doing it straight on your machine, you'll most likely get the LAN address they gave you with ::2 as the end10:36
HazRPGyeah I am doing this straight on my machine, although I would like to setup my phone, and other PC's/laptops/netbook/etc to use it too10:37
HazRPGhopefully with the least amount of faffing around :P10:38
shauno2001:ba8:1f1:f1a5::2   like this is my vps's address10:40
shauno2001:ba8:1f1:f1a5 is 'my' network, and ::2 because I'm the only host on it (and can't use ::1)10:40
HazRPGhang on I'll link you to ubuntu's way of doing the DHCP tunnel broker way of doing things, if you've got a moment :)10:41
HazRPGhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6#Configure your Ubuntu box as a IPv6 router10:41
BigRedStsk. spaces in urls10:41
HazRPGBigRedS: blame the person who made the wiki, that was the link straight via "copy url"10:42
directhexHazRPG, blame chromium for not replacing spaces with %20 in copied urls10:42
HazRPGthat too10:42
HazRPGgood thing I know most commonly used replacements10:43
BigRedSHazRPG: Oh I do10:44
HazRPGBigRedS: didn't say you didn't :P10:44
X3Nping popey10:46
bigcalmMust we?10:48
BigRedSI've just downloaded an Android telnet client10:50
BigRedSthis feels quite anachronistic10:51
shaunonever heard of radvd, but that describes what my router's doing10:51
popeyX3N: pong10:53
HazRPGshauno: ah so we were both on the same page then :)10:53
X3Ngetting nagois alerts for ssh on the ubuntu-uk box,10:53
popeyits apache still OOMing10:53
popeywell, apache eating RAM and the kernel OOMing10:53
* shauno shakes fist at apache10:54
* popey shakes fist at PHP10:54
X3Nis lighttpd going to be deployed?10:54
popeylast time I suggested that, you were against it10:55
X3Noh, I thought we had agreed to change10:56
popeyI am happy to test migrate to lighttpd for a period, and if it doesn't "fix" the issue, go back.10:56
popeyor do something else10:56
popeyI am open to suggestions10:56
popeyI'm happy to do the migration to lighttpd, but not until thursday, we have the podcast tomorrow and release on wednesday so I dont really want to bork it before then :D10:57
popeywhat I'd do is run lighttpd on another port in parallel and migrate the config over, then swap the ports and then shutdown apache, then uninstall it10:59
popey^^ thats my plan ;)10:59
X3Nsounds good10:59
dogmatic69cherokee > * :)11:00
shaunostatic pages > *  :)11:02
gordcake > * :)11:03
dauberswhere's cake?11:03
* daubers was given cake by his nan yesterday \o/11:07
FanshaweHello folks.11:10
FanshaweI'm not sure whether anyone here was on yesterday, but I have some rather good news.11:10
FanshaweMy ASUS is alive and well.11:10
dwatkinshey folks, could someone please tell me if port 5060 is accessible on sipgate.de? (i.e. can you telnet to it and get something other than a refused connetion)11:10
oimontelnet sipdate.de 5060 Trying
oimonwooops sipGATE11:11
oimontelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused11:11
dwatkinsthanks oimon11:11
* dwatkins will also check with nmap11:11
* BigRedS is refused too11:12
dwatkinswierd, I wonder if they use a different server for SIP logins, then11:12
dwatkinseither that, or all the methods I've tested and you both tested are blocking SIP11:12
davmor2morning all11:13
dwatkinsunless it's because SIP is UDP11:13
=== tim is now known as tim_making_tea_b
=== tim_making_tea_b is now known as tf_makingtea_brb
* czajkowski gags davmor2 not a sound mister!11:26
MooDooczajkowski: oi be nice :p11:27
MooDoomorning davmor211:27
=== tf_makingtea_brb is now known as tim
* davmor2 flicks czajkowski's ear11:30
davmor2morning MooDoo11:30
MooDoodavmor2: yeah don't stand for any nonsense from that czajkowski :)11:30
MooDoodavmor2: hows tricks/11:31
popeylies/whois tim11:31
* popey pokes tim with some biscuits11:31
davmor2MooDoo: magic but not a lot11:31
MooDoodavmor2: :D hows debbie ;)11:31
davmor2MooDoo: Magic but not a lot :D11:32
MooDoodavmor2: i see you've made czajkowski be quiet ;)11:33
davmor2MooDoo: flicking ears will do that11:33
davmor2MooDoo: that or you swear more times that the Blues Brothers get hit by the Penguin11:34
MooDoodavmor2: maybe i'll just get beat up on the quiet like, czajkowski the ninja11:35
davmor2MooDoo: either way it'll need to subside before czajkowski can give me grief back11:35
MooDoodavmor2: maybe we should disarm her with charm ;)11:36
davmor2MooDoo: it's us it'll only come across as smarm11:37
MooDoodavmor2: hmmmmmm ok abuse it is11:37
czajkowskidavmor2: MooDoo http://www.newstalk.ie/2011/featured/dancing-ninja-freaks-out-passers-by/11:37
MooDoolol czajkowski are you planning on scaring us like that :D11:38
Garyczajkowski is a ninja?11:39
MooDooGary: yes it's a rumour im starting......don't worry she can't hear us11:40
davmor2MooDoo: I thought the whole point of a rumour was they didn't know who or how it got started11:41
MooDoodavmor2: oh er.....11:41
* davmor2 starts the vicious tale that czajkowski isn't Irish but a Russian spy infiltrating England through Irish connections11:42
DJonesHeh. Mysql.com hacked by an sql injection exploit....Ooops11:43
MooDoodavmor2: what?  she'll have her own tv show next11:43
shaunocztabtv?  needs moar vowels :/11:44
shaunojust 'tab tv' rolls of the tongue tho.  this could work.11:45
MooDoooooo :)11:45
Garyglad the cz<tab> thing is taking off, she likes that11:45
* Gary hides11:45
davmor2shauno: You maybe her next nuclear tea victim11:46
MooDoopah tab.tv is taken :(11:46
shaunodealextreme really needs  a button to hide all their 'personal massage devices' from results.  It really makes buying trash gizmos at work awkward.11:46
gordpostmen who don't knock on your door and just assume no one is in during the day are devil spawn. *devilspawn*.11:46
daubersgord: You need some kind of postman trap, so if they don't knock, a MASSIVE pile of red rubber bands falls on their head, followed by a sign on a string saying "KNOCK DAMN YOU"11:48
shaunored rubber bands is oddly specific.  should we be worried?11:48
daubersshauno: Thats the kind that the postmen tend to leave all over your doorstep/road11:48
MooDoobloomin red rubber bands11:49
daubersMooDoo: Does seem to be the right season for them11:49
MooDooi'm going to make a rubber band ball with all the ones i find outside my house, it will be massive in a week11:50
DJonesMooDoo: If you have as many red rubber bands near your house as I do, you could end up with a rubber ball with its own gravitational effects11:52
popeyours does it too11:53
davmor2MooDoo: and then throw it at the posty right :D11:54
gordthe problem i have is that this house has a small intercom outside, i guess somehow who needed one lived here before. but postmen who are new to the area think its a doorbell =\11:54
shaunoand then claim it couldn't possibly have been you, because you weren't home :D11:54
MooDoodavmor2: it will be so big, i'll drop it out the top window.....postiecrusher v111:55
czajkowskigord: have your toys arrived yet?11:56
popeymy toys arrived from DX11:56
gordczajkowski, *not* toys =\ professional grown up activity device! - but yes :)11:56
popey^^ my new electric car11:57
czajkowskigord: toys :)11:57
nigelbpopey: can I steal it from you? :p11:57
davmor2gord: so remove it11:57
shaunodo you ever wonder if the postie gets a bit suspect of all the HK Post packages you get?11:57
czajkowskipopey: you nicking poor sams toys11:57
gorddavmor2, i rent, can't really do that11:57
nigelbgord: stick  tape over it11:58
davmor2gord: tape over it then so they can't press the button :)11:58
nigelbgord: for extra points, stick one that looks like 'evidence tape'11:58
shaunoif it's okay for a previous tenant to put it up, surely it's okay for a current tenant to take it down?11:58
gordmaybe i'll just tape an angry face to it11:58
shaunoor wire it up to something :D11:59
shaunoone of those little recording gizmos they stick in cards.  so when you press it it says "that's not the doorbell".12:00
nigelbthat'd rock12:00
ali1234smear some chocolate sauce on it. problem solved12:03
=== denny- is now known as denny
JGJonesdoes anyone here use Ekiga?12:05
JGJonesas wondering if I can get H.263, H.264 video codecs with Ekiga? (as it still doesn't use GStreamer)12:06
JGJonesHmm look like I'll need to complie it myself? Haven't done such a thing for quite a while...let's see if I can remember how to do all that :-)12:14
willy_1977'ow do.12:25
oimonJGJones: did you try medibuntu for a h264 plugin?12:30
popeywhat backend does ekiga use then if not gstreamer?12:30
JGJonesMy understanding is that it's using OPAL libraries12:31
czajkowskipopey: what kinda suggestions did you get for you mum ?12:31
JGJones"out of the box" Ubuntu will give you H.261 and Theora as the video codecs12:31
JGJonesThere's opal libraries that can give you h263, h263+ and mpeg4 but it's not available in Ubuntu repo.12:32
oimonclick here to use old twitter - yes please: 403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.12:42
shauno"pacman error" was nowhere near as entertaining as I'd hoped for.12:46
BigRedSoimon: it's been like that for a while12:53
oimonupdated hotot and now it won't start. i wonder whether installing gwibber will actually provide more functionality :P12:54
oimonBigRedS: i don't use the webiste much..only when my clients break.12:54
ubuntuuk-planet[Phil Bull] GNOME Women: Work on docs! - http://philbull.livejournal.com/59356.html13:22
brobostigongood afternoon everyone.13:39
brobostigonhi seeker13:39
seekerHow are you?13:41
brobostigonseeker: up and down-ish, back and hip pain, how about you?13:41
seekerIn general, ok. Right now, a nervous wreck13:42
popeybug #70732113:45
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 707321 could not be found13:45
seekerI can't overstate just how irritating anxiety disorders are13:45
seekerI'm good at this!13:46
brobostigonseeker: not just irritating, but frightning, and heart stopping.13:46
willy_1977seeker, brobostigon: physically take your breath.13:47
seekerbrobostigon: Yes, that too. My heart hasn't stopped yet, but is topping 120bpm13:47
brobostigonseeker: not good, i know the feeling,i get it myself.13:48
brobostigonwilly_1977: yes, i know what to do, :)13:48
willy_1977brobostigon, no I was saying for me, that pounding chest feeling takes my breath13:48
brobostigonwilly_1977: oh, sorry, yes, :)13:49
seekerIt's the feeling I'm about to pass put that's the worst13:50
brobostigonseeker: i just get a feeling of total and shear fear, with nothing else in my mind, but having to find and go to a safe place.13:51
drpopeNever fear!13:51
drpopeDoctor Pope is hear!13:51
drpopeI prescribe beer for everyone!13:51
brobostigonhuh, ?13:51
MooDoodrpope: is popey?13:52
seekerI get a knot in my chest, and my legs turn to jelly13:52
shaunoI hope so, else that's some freaky timing13:52
drpopeseeker: lime or strawberry jelly?13:52
willy_1977cheers doc - in some respects going to the quack was for me (touch wood) I've not had an attack for over 2 years now...consider myself v. lucky.13:52
MooDooshauno: well i'm guessing lookint at the farn5 bit of the cable modem13:52
drpopewilly_1977: no problem, my work here is done!13:52
willy_1977for me the best way to go *13:52
seekerAnd the desire to F safe place13:53
seeker*find a13:53
seekerWhich is hard with legs of jelly13:53
shaunoMooDoo: my stalk-fu is weak, I didn't know that offhand :)13:53
* popey returns from the cafe13:53
* seeker eyes Popey13:53
popeyhi seeker!13:53
MooDooshauno: well i'm guessing that farn = farnham13:53
* popey has pizza and pepsi max13:53
brobostigonseeker: yes, i dont get it quite likethat, but are alldifferent, :)13:53
shaunoMooDoo: I mean, I didn't know popey's in farnham :p13:54
seekerAll the best people stalk Popey!13:54
popeyI'm not, currently.13:54
seekerHis ssh shell is13:54
shaunonow I'm several shades of confused.  this is why I avoid doctors.13:54
popeypssst: no it isnt13:54
popeyfarn != farnham13:54
shaunopopey's an air show?13:55
* popey flies over everyone's heads13:55
seekerYes, his car doubles as an aircraft carrier13:55
willy_1977I like that new shape eurofighter... almost biblical13:56
willy_1977very human lines.13:56
shaunoif my brain explodes, I'm sending you guys the dry cleaning bill, mmkay?13:56
willy_1977never fear... we'll just call in that nice dr pope...13:57
* popey pops to the loo13:57
drpopeDid someone call!?13:57
willy_1977wow... that response time is worth paying taxes for!13:58
drpopeMy help is Free as in Bear.13:58
willy_1977drpope you have to help I do believe shauno is about explode all over his screen.13:58
drpopeWhich is like free as in beer, but a bit more scary.13:58
willy_1977oooer missus...13:58
dogmatic69i changed my port in the ssh config and now i cant ssh into the box :/13:59
drpopeSilly rabbit.13:59
drpopeHave you tried rebooting it, I hear that works.13:59
shaunoyou opened the new port on the firewall first?13:59
hamitronhe he14:00
hamitronI did that once14:00
dogmatic69shauno: prob not :D14:00
hamitronI was 28 miles away :/14:00
* dogmatic69 is still logged in with another terminal ;)14:00
drpopeMy sources tell me you could nmap the router to find out if the port is open14:00
drpopeMy nurses tell me I should go and lie down though.14:00
dogmatic69im ~10k miles away from the server :)14:00
dogmatic69drpope: its not14:01
hamitrondogmatic69: even worse14:01
drpopeopen it?14:01
drpopeor change it back then open it14:01
dogmatic69im looking now14:01
* hamitron DoSes dogmatic69's connection14:01
* drpope sleeps14:01
* popey returns14:01
directhexun popey!14:01
dogmatic69hamitron: you would need to know the ip14:01
shaunohere's what I do.  I backup sshd_config.  set a cronjob to restore from that backup & restart sshd on the hour, every hour.  mess around to my heart's content, and then remove that cronjob when I'm convinced I don't need a safety net anymore14:02
dogmatic69or have enough power to take ec2 down :)14:02
hamitrondogmatic69: I was assuming you are sshed in from the comp you are chatting from14:02
dogmatic69hamitron: maybe14:02
hamitronoh I am very powerful, just not EC2 powerful :/14:03
shaunoso if he takes that one down, you're no longer logged in on another term :p14:03
dogmatic69shauno: that is what server admins do when they been caught lots...14:03
hamitronbut I aren't anyway, so all good :)14:03
shaunodogmatic69: I'm just paranoid about having to send support tickets that start "So, I'm as stupid as I look .."14:03
hamitroncan't you login using a java terminal or something?14:04
hamitronI close down sshd on my vps14:04
hamitronwoohoo, all data off the RAID 0 arrays14:05
shaunoI just move it off 22.  I don't care if it's security thru obscurity or whatnot.  I show up in my logs more often than china now.14:05
dogmatic69ok, the site im reading says setting Port in sshd_config is good enough14:06
dogmatic69that opens said port14:06
hamitronbut not the firewall14:06
hamitronif you have a firewall?14:07
dogmatic69oh, on amazon there is one...14:07
BigRedSshauno: you don't need to do that - sshd only affects the login process. Once you've an ssh session, stopping sshd doesn't kill it14:08
BigRedSso as long as you keep a shell open, you can break sshd14:08
BigRedSand still fix it14:08
shaunoso then ntl not blowing chunks is my saftey net?   that's not very safe here :)14:09
dogmatic69only one attempt left though :/14:09
hamitronif you have no firewall on the machine, and there is a firewall out of your control, it sometimes pays to test the port with nmap and check it is "closed"14:09
BigRedSI did hear that ubuntu server has a snazzy thing where it starts an sshd on a different port with a plain config for the duration of an upgrade, which sounds handy and thoughtful14:09
shaunoI trust my isp so much that they've stopped answering me on twitter =x14:10
hamitronis ntl that bad?14:11
shaunothey seem to be rather spotty here.  I rarely go 24 hours without my line dropping14:11
shaunobut it's them, or the national telco.  I get the choice of incompetant, or intentionally evil.14:12
dogmatic69was the ec2 group policies14:12
dogmatic69thanks guys14:12
lubotu3For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:13
dogmatic69ok, i can connect with ssh ... -p xxx14:21
dogmatic69but setting Port in .ssh/config is not using that port, still uses 2214:22
* HazRPG thinks I missed a lot today's topics it would seem14:24
brobostigongood afternoon HazRPG :)14:25
popeydogmatic69: how are you setting it in .ssh/config ?14:25
HazRPGbrobostigon: goooood afternoonings squire :D14:25
popeyHost foo14:25
popey  Port NNNN14:25
HazRPGbrobostigon: \o14:25
brobostigonHazRPG: :)14:26
dogmatic69host <somename> \n User <user> \n HostName <ip> \n Port <xyz>14:26
dogmatic69popey: ^14:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: how's you today?14:26
shaunoand then you connect to 'somename' rather than ip/realname?14:27
brobostigonHazRPG:  up and down-ish, back and hip pain, how about you?14:27
dogmatic69popey: dont mind me... i was doing ssh  user@host, not ssh <somename>14:27
HazRPGbrobostigon: I'm alright, should really learn to stop slouching as much though14:28
brobostigonHazRPG: not good for your back, :)14:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: I know :(14:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: its already arched because of years of slouching14:28
oimoni slouch a lot and it never seems to casuse back problems14:28
brobostigonHazRPG: yes,thatwont help.14:28
HazRPGcan't help it though14:28
popeyhttp://twitter.com/dontslouch !14:30
popeyfollow that :)14:30
BigRedShah. that's awesome!14:30
* BigRedS follows14:30
oimonwww.gettomahawk.com looks like what amarok 2.x should  have been14:30
BigRedSIt'll be like my mum being on twitter14:30
popeysuggestions for better / new things for it to say welcome14:30
davmor2popey: which editor did you go with in the end?14:31
popeydavmor2: not for me to decide :)14:31
popeywont get a chance to play till the end of the week when Sophie breaks up from school14:31
oimonhow many years of slouching are required to get a bad back?14:31
oimongwibber is an embarrassment. > 2 minutes to start and then missing loads of messages14:38
MooDoooimon: install tweetdeck then :p14:39
willy_1977+1 for tweetdeck14:39
oimonhow much extra crap do i have to install? adobe air?14:40
popeyoimon: ls -l ~/.config/gwibber/*.sqlite14:40
popeyhow big is your gwibber db?14:40
popey(kill gwibber and gwibber-service first though)14:42
oimondid an rm before i saw that14:42
MartijnVdSkill gwibber.. I dream of that14:42
oimonhaven't used gwibber since disocering hotot14:42
oimonbut hotot daily build is broken14:42
oimonno rollback14:42
davmor2popey: changing -l to -lh makes it far clearer that the answer is shed loads  149M14:44
popey-rw-r--r-- 1 alan alan 65M 2010-09-22 08:04 gwibber.sqlite14:45
popeyand that's missing 6 months of tweets14:45
popeydid you see the bug report from the guy who has a massive sqlite db?14:45
popeyhe follows 17K people14:45
andatchepopey: I've just found something on my todo list I've been neglecting14:45
BigRedSI found that amusing14:45
andatcheUUPC mirror!14:45
davmor2popey: ouch that's gonna be high14:45
popeyyeah, it was GB's14:46
andatchepopey: could you remind me of the details I need to get it configured and I'll get it done this afternoon14:46
andatchedanke, will ping you when it's done14:47
davmor2popey: you'd think there would be an option to clear previous data14:48
oimonarghh 5 mins of gwibber and all the pain is coming pain.. apt-get purge gwibber!14:48
popeyyou think it wouldn't attempt to hold your entire archive of tweets from everyone you follow...14:48
willy_1977or give the user the ability to set the timeframe... then if their daft enough... etc.14:49
MartijnVdSpopey: but what if you want to reply to something they tweeted 6 years ago?!14:49
popeygood luck getting gwibber to scroll that far14:49
nperryBecause of gwibber I don't uise desktop apps anymore, I use the website...14:51
nperryWow, unity support multi monitor good!14:51
davmor2MartijnVdS: Sadist!14:51
* Laney stops slouching14:53
willy_1977ok so can you get gwibber to FRO?14:55
popeysudo apt-get remove gwibber --purge14:55
davmor2Laney: you can buy one of those car buzzer that goes off if you head tips forward/sideways and attempts to wake you up :D14:57
gordis gwibber that bad? it isn't so bad for me14:57
popeyyes, it is14:57
* Laney uses seesmic web14:57
* brobostigon hasnt been able to get gwibber do twitter recently, my only major complaint.14:57
popeybut I have 8 accounts on my gwibber14:57
gordi mean, for me all i require it to do is display tweets and twitter things i say, for my usecase it works fine and is the only thing i have found that supports everything i use14:57
oimongwibber is possibly the worst written app on ubuntu, in terms of bugs and slowness.. it's a shame because potentially it could be great14:58
brobostigonhence i have had to setup twirssi again.14:58
willy_1977how new is it?14:58
gordi wish it was more responsive - but thats about it. when you click on a person it takes a while to show what they have been tweeting. makes me think that a simple spinner wound solve that though14:58
davmor2gord: I'm with you I use it all day no issues14:59
popeybah, natty is bigger than 700MB15:00
popeyooo, alternate is okay15:01
gordwhat storage is only 700mb? o_O15:01
popeythe iso15:01
nperry!info dropbox15:01
lubotu3Package dropbox does not exist in maverick15:01
nperry!google ubuntu dropboox15:02
lubotu3I have no google command, use http://www.google.com/15:02
nperryLazy :P15:02
shaunodisappointing answer.  It should say !google it yourself15:02
oimonfacebook support works with 1/10 messages, gwibber maxing out RAM and CPU usage. takes ages to respond (compare with instantenous hotot)15:03
oimonother crashy bugs not fixed15:03
popeythe slow response is painful15:03
DJonesbrobostigon: I keep trying twirssi, but I've never been able to get it working15:04
popeyi got it working and no longer touch it15:04
brobostigonDJones: it was hell the first time to setup, and second timealso had loads of trouble, but once setup, it works fairly well.15:04
DJonesbrobostigon: Is there a guide you've seen that works ok, I've tried a couple but although it installs, I get error messages trying to log in15:06
gordare there any alternatives to gwibber that support status net, twitter and buzz? status menu support is also a plus. i'm not against using something else if it works better15:07
oimonis status.net a copycat of identica?15:09
BigRedSno, it's what identica is15:09
BigRedSidentica implements status.net15:09
BigRedSin the same way as Rackspace Cloud is OpenStack15:10
brobostigonDJones: the first i follwed, was onthe crunchbang wiki.15:10
DJonesbrobostigon: Same here, that was what I started with15:10
* TheOpenSourcerer just marks popey 's tweet as a favorite.15:11
brobostigonDJones: and it seemed to have wroked.15:11
willy_1977popey: by the way thanks for the removal command ;)15:11
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: which one?15:11
TheOpenSourcererThe how to clean Gwibber one15:11
TheOpenSourcererIt's getting painful.15:12
TheOpenSourcereralord@lobsang:~$ ls -lh ~/.config/gwibber/*.sqlite15:12
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 458M 2011-03-28 15:06 /home/alord/.config/gwibber/gwibber.sqlite15:12
brobostigon1.8M    gwibber.sqlite15:13
gordmaybe gwibber only struggles if you are popular on the twitters ;)15:14
* oimon only have follower/ing in douoble figures15:14
brobostigonnot to sayi am notpopular, because i am not.15:14
oimonany app that logs verbosely into sqlite and doesn't have garbage collect /cleaning up is alpha quality15:14
oimonand advertises stuff that doesn't actually work properly15:15
brobostigonoimon: like its twitter module.15:15
directhexi use tweetdeck, for my sins15:16
dogmatic69if i have from="<ip>" <pub-key> in .ssh/authorized_keys, what is the chance that someone has the same external ip as an internal one?15:16
TheOpenSourcererWhat are some alternatives to gwibber? Don't want tweetdeck though - tried it and didn't like it plus all the Air stuff...15:16
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, most twitter clients are using a bloaty framework like Air, or integration into a chat client like irssi/smuxi15:17
brobostigonair on my eeepc, is more painful than gwibber.15:17
directhex /empathy/etc15:17
JGJonesI'm using Hotot as my twitter client15:17
oimonthere's a few kde ones: choqok has good features but ugly ui15:18
JGJonesNicer to use than Gwibber, but it's alpha15:18
JGJonesVERY nice UI though15:18
popey"kde ones" "ugly ui"15:18
popeyfancy that15:18
* TheOpenSourcerer reads about http://hotot.org/15:18
oimonJGJones: hotot is broken right now15:19
oimoni don't think new users can add a twitter account15:19
oimonthat's the problem i have since 0.9.615:19
JGJonesoimon, I was able to add a twitter account.15:19
nperry!info ubuntu-mono/natty15:20
lubotu3Package ubuntu-mononatty does not exist in maverick15:20
nperry!info ubuntu-mono natty15:20
lubotu3ubuntu-mono (source: ubuntu-mono): Ubuntu Mono Icon theme. In component main, is optional. Version 0.0.26 (natty), package size 279 kB, installed size 6380 kB15:20
oimonJGJones: :(15:20
oimonJGJones: just now?15:20
DJonesbrobostigon: This is the error I get as soon as I use the /twitter_login command http://paste.org/pastebin/view/3089615:21
TheOpenSourcererHotot just installed and worked for me.15:24
JGJonesoimon, few days ago15:24
* oimon is sad15:24
JGJonesoimon, suggest you remove all profiles for hotot and try again15:24
oimoni've purged all stuffs from my machine15:24
JGJonesoimon, in your home15:24
oimonare you using the hotot ppa15:25
JGJonesoimon, um...I believe so15:25
oimonmine was working until recently15:26
oimontried all the versions in my /var/apt/cache/archives15:26
JGJonesI noticed a update for hotot today, but it's still 0.9.6 and that still works, although i do get error messages, but otherwise it works.15:27
brobostigonDJones: no idea,sorry, i would go and ask the perl guys, as it looks like anerror inthatperl module.15:27
oimonhey, that's bizarre15:27
oimonJGJones: been trying for 1 hr, then suddenly it worked with no intervention - must hve been a twitter server error15:28
oimonone annoying thing is that you can't delete tweets from your timeline , or mark them as read, when others mention you.15:29
JGJonesoimon, it's still alpha :)15:29
oimonanyone who finds gwibber's responsiveness acceptable hasn't used hotot :)15:33
brobostigonoimon: what protocols does it do, it doesnt say much on their site.15:33
oimonbrobostigon: only twitter and identica for now.15:34
JGJonesbrobostigon, twitter and identi.ca15:34
JGJonesno...just the two15:34
popeystatus.net _is_ identi.ca15:35
popeywell, vice versa15:35
brobostigonso ptaylor.status.net/ptaylor is supported?15:35
brobostigonor isn*15:35
BigRedSdogmatic69: depends on the IP15:35
BigRedSbut if you've two hosts on the same network sharing an IP, things will be very broken15:35
BigRedSyou'd notice15:35
brobostigoni will rss their blog, and keep my eye open.15:36
oimonbrobostigon: it is an active project, so it's worth raising a feature feqest15:37
brobostigonoimon: ok, i will try it out later and see what i think.15:38
dogmatic69BigRedS: like 10.x.x.x15:40
dogmatic69internal ec2 ip15:40
BigRedSbrobostigon: I've no idea, really, I don't know what sort of setup you have on ec215:42
BigRedSdoes also depend upon what the IP actully is15:42
brobostigonBigRedS: umm, ?15:43
=== Newbie is now known as Guest47483
Snomigetting a 'kernal panic' and it says it cannot open root sda5 when I try to boot ubuntu16:10
shaunocurious, what's the backstory to this?16:10
Snomishauno: there isnt any. only that ubuntu updated16:11
Snomii can run windows fine16:11
dogmatic69sda5 is a drive that was mounted?16:12
Snomialso it said 'please append correct 'root=' '16:13
shaunoyeah, they're the same issue.  it's trying to use sda5 as your root device.  when it can't find a root device, it dies.  before it dies, it'll leave suggestions that you try to find what it couldn't16:14
shaunoit should be searching by uuid tho, which is why I asked if there's any history to this16:14
shaunodo you have any drives (even usb) connected that wouldn't usually be?16:15
=== yaili_ is now known as yaili
Snomishauno: no16:16
shaunoI think your best bet is going to be to boot from a livecd, and from there we can find out what drive your root should be, and where grub thinks it is.  and make sure they're the same answer16:16
willy_1977is this still on going? if so...did it upgrade to the alpha release? only asking because I had this when I "upgraded" recently, and I fixed it by going through to the previous kernels recovery option and rebuilding grub.cfg with the option that is displayed (sorry can't remember the exact option) YMMV of course.16:20
shaunosounds like a pretty sensible option (if sda5 is there, and a recent kernel is fluffed.  that'd be a pretty bad fluf tho)16:21
willy_1977I don't think it was the kernel to be honest - I was having my own panic and just decided to go back a stage and calm down :) I'm saying it may work just going through the recovery option on your current kernel.16:23
willy_1977also no further updates and the new kernel worked post grub.cfg update... so that leads me to believe I was being a great jessie ;)16:23
tyrezaanyone there ?16:24
willy_1977tyreza, hello.16:24
tyrezahello willy_197716:24
tyrezawho know sed ?16:24
tyrezausing sed is it possible to change a value ?16:25
shaunotyreza: for example?16:26
willy_1977guess it depends16:26
tyrezai need to change wiki to mickey on a file16:28
tyrezahow to do ?16:28
dwatkinsuse a regular expression that's very carefully crafted, tyreza16:29
shaunosed 's/wiki/mickey/g' <oldfile >newfile16:29
tyrezagreat now16:29
dwatkinsWhat if the fil contains the word "wikipedia"?16:29
shaunothen welcome to mickeypedia :)16:30
* dwatkins grins16:30
daubers\o/ Disneys dream of world domination comes true16:30
tyrezai need to delete just only  a line called mickepedia16:30
tyrezahow to do it using sed ?16:31
dwatkinsThat's a very different thing from replacing, tyreza.16:31
tyrezaso i can't use sed16:31
dwatkinsYou can, you might want to use grep -v, though.16:31
dwatkinsI suggest backing up all files first, and running tests.16:32
shaunoit may be better if you try to describe what you're trying to do fully, rather than get hung up on which tool you're going to use for it16:32
tyrezausing grep -v we can delete a line ?16:32
dwatkinstyreza: as shauno says, what exactly do you want to do?16:32
willy_1977shauno, +1 to that.16:32
tyrezai simply need to remove a line wich is present on network interfaces file16:34
dwatkinsWhat is uniue to this line, and could you not just edit the file by hand?16:34
tyrezayes of course i can16:34
tyrezabut i need to do the same thing on several pc16:34
tyrezai got ssh access16:34
dwatkinsI suspected that might be the case, understood.16:35
tyrezaon 3 pc16:35
tyrezai simply want to simplify the task that's all16:35
dwatkinsYou want a one-liner you can run on muiltiple machines and re-use when you have to reinstall them, in other words.16:35
Snomiwilly_1977: yeah probably had the same as you16:35
dwatkinsI would also ask why the line needs removing, but that's another question.16:35
willy_1977Snomi, so sorted now?16:36
tyrezame tyreza take the decision to remove that file16:36
tyrezai can't tell you more on that16:36
shaunonow this is odd, watching the same conversation in two channels ;)  makes me glad it's time for me to go home.  back in an hour or so16:37
* dwatkins goes to a meeting, back later16:38
willy_1977shauno, "enjoy" the commute.16:38
shaunoI will!  it's sunny out16:38
willy_1977and you're on the way home!!!16:38
shaunowhen it's this nice out there, not driving rocks :)16:38
oimon\o/ does the sysadmin dance16:39
BigRedSoimon: is that the walk to the pub?16:40
oimonBigRedS: it's the dance you do when fixing a weird problem16:40
oimonyou know i have issues with hanging (16:41
DJonesoimon: Is that this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C6r6fG4k4016:41
oimonwell, ) i also notice that NXEA have started saying "full complement" of carriages instead of compliment in their twice daily emails...double yay16:42
oimonDJones: is that RMS?16:42
DJonesYep :)16:42
BigRedSoimon: Ah! The getting-a-celebratory-coffee one :)16:43
oimondjones more like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSR9ZrREb4016:43
oimonARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH it's not fixed16:44
oimonah wait...maybe it is16:45
DJonesoimon: I thought that was the Safety Dance16:45
* oimon is having issues with large files >2gb cannot be created on a filesystem16:46
bigcalmdirecthex: fnar fnar16:46
daubersoimon: Fat32?16:46
oimonext3, turns out i have to pass -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to the C compiler16:47
* oimon waits to find out if he is successful16:47
dogmatic69fatx, fat16 and fatx have 2gig limits16:48
directhexfatx does? really? what's the point of it then?16:49
oimon..............\o/    dances across the room in victory16:49
willy_1977directhex, fatx as in the xbox format...?16:49
willy_1977exFat is something like 16EiB16:50
bigcalmDaviey: stop talking, you're flooding this place :P16:53
dogmatic69willy_1977: 127 PB16:54
bigcalmDaviey: awaken16:54
dogmatic69slightly off topic... anyone into bikes?16:57
willy_1977dogmatic69: I'm into the pedal bike variety... :)16:58
* brobostigon shakes fist at the washing up.16:58
* dogmatic69 wants something a bit faster :P16:58
bigcalmHow come it's 5pm?16:58
willy_1977shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... 1700 already... :o16:59
dogmatic69beats 18:0016:59
willy_1977oh... that means...16:59
willy_1977be back later... time for me to "do one"...16:59
DJonesHeh, my dad has just had a phone call from an overseas gentleman to tell him that his computer has got a virus & they could fix it if he connects to their website logmein123.com which would give them remote access17:00
oimoni've never had one of those calls..17:00
DJonesoimon: There's quite a bit on the internet about the scams17:01
brobostigonDJones: i hope  you told him to ignore them.17:01
oimoni wonder if PC world just send the customer lists17:02
oimoni mean, a rogue employee17:02
brobostigonoimon: you bet.17:02
DJonesHe must have been wetting himself laughing though, they told him to click on the internet explorer icon, I haven't got one of them, ok, click the Start button, I don't have that. Which version of Windows are you using, I don't know, my son set it up, its got a purple screen :)17:03
brobostigonDJones: hehe, :)17:03
Davieybigcalm, sorry :(17:04
DJonesbrobostigon: For a 70+ year old he's not as senile as you'd think :)17:05
brobostigonDJones: :)17:05
DJoneshah, just told me, after that, they asked for his email address and they'd send him a file that would do it for him, not sure what his email address was, ok, open up Outlook express or windows live mail, I use evolution for my email.......Their reply, What is Evolution? Dad's reply its the email it comes with17:09
* bigcalm hugs Daviey17:11
bigcalmDJones: was your dad playing along?17:12
DJonesjust slightly, he knows exactly what o/s he uses17:13
brobostigonDJones: yes. :)17:13
bigcalmOh good17:13
DJonesMainly because I have to keep reminding him that he doesn't need to be worried about emails everybody forwards to him telling him to watch out for viruses by email called Postcard.exe etc17:14
brobostigonoh, sorry, i misunderstood.17:14
davmor2hahahahahahahahahaha.   Under unity hit alt-f2 and type in free the fish it's funnier than watching the fish swim by :)17:16
czajkowskiI get there is no... ter egg in unity17:20
BigRedSit works in Gnome whatever-came-before-unity too17:20
BigRedSis that 2.x or 1.x?17:20
Snomithe reason it didnt work was because the update didnt complete >.<17:22
davmor2BigRedS: no it tells you there is no easter egg in unity17:23
davmor2BigRedS: with a picture of wonder17:24
* brobostigon has found another bug, in empathy 2.91.93 facebook contcts dont update properly as people come on or offline, and are also invisible incontact list,when they are talking to you.17:27
BigRedSdavmor2: ahh17:27
davmor2BigRedS: so there is an easter egg to tell you there is no easter egg :D17:28
BigRedSheh heh17:29
FanshaweHey popey. I see you lurking, and I remember you saying you had an old Eee 900 which was equally as buggered as mine.17:44
FanshaweI think mine's okay now, it involved a few distro switches, though.17:44
FanshaweEeebuntu 3, then Easypeasy, and now it's running on that just fine. Unfortunately, I hate netbook editions.17:44
FanshaweBUT, it's not bricked and I can recover all the stuff I backed up, so I'm happy. I recommend giving Eeebuntu a try before binning the entire thing, though.17:47
popeygreat stuff17:48
FanshaweI know, not thoroughly technical advice, but it's saved me a whole lot of hassle, and 'tis usable again.17:48
FanshaweAnyway, thanks to you guys for the help.17:48
FanshaweOh, one more thing, did you have that link to the problem logged somewhere? It's a reported bug, right?17:49
=== imexil1 is now known as imexil
czajkowskipopey: do you have any live usb of karmic at home?17:52
popeyeasy enough to make one tho17:52
czajkowskiyup :) I need to see if a karmic install may get my mini 9 back to life, if not it goes in the bin17:53
popeywhats wrong with the 9 ?17:53
czajkowskipopey: could you make one up for me tomorrow. my virigin internets is pish posh today17:53
czajkowskiit went all wrong installing natty a few weeks back17:53
popeywhy karmic though17:53
czajkowskiand it seemingly fails a memory test17:53
popeythats old old17:53
czajkowskiyes but it worked well on karmic and it wasnt till I went to upgrade to maverick things went hairy17:53
popeyinstall maverick rather than upgrade?17:54
czajkowskiI think 2 of the usb ports are gone as well so done to last one to try.17:54
czajkowskimaverick didnt work well on it17:54
czajkowskiif not tis going in the bin17:54
shaunoyou upgraded karmic to maverick?17:54
shauno(eg, without giving lucid a lil hug on the way past)17:54
czajkowskiand possibly buying http://www.pcwb.co.uk/catalogue/item/A0561342?gclid=CI7H--vc8acCFcoa4QodYhknaw17:55
czajkowskishauno: no I went to lucid also.17:55
shaunookie.  had to ask :o)17:55
czajkowskithere are a lot of threads on the Ubuntu mailing list over that laptop17:55
Fanshawepopey: Is it worth trying Natty on the Eee?17:56
popeydunno, not tried natty on mine17:56
brobostigoni have.17:56
popeyczajkowski: drop the 9 round my place, I'll fix it17:56
popeyor gimmie it tomorrow17:56
czajkowskiif you fix it beers are on me :)17:57
shaunojust be careful he doesn't get too much sugar, else drpope will fill it full of bear :/17:57
brobostigonaslong as you canavoid the gpu-lockup/hang errors because of xserver-xorg-video-intel, it would be worth trying, but you might not get them.17:57
popeybrobostigon: bugs filed?17:58
brobostigonpopey: yes.17:58
brobostigonpopey: including after reports of repeated hangs/lockups.17:58
czajkowskihmm I feel the need to have spag bol tonight.  To the co-op17:59
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 715096 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i945gm] GPU lockup (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [High,Incomplete]17:59
brobostigonFanshawe: other than that bug, natty works fine.18:00
brobostigonhence i am running in vesa mode right now.18:01
exobuzzi only had gpu lockups since 2.6.38 they go when downgrading to 2.6.37 so perhaps its not only the driver. having said that, the lockups i had were with 2.6.38rc and since final ive only had one freeze (temporary)18:01
Fanshawebrobostigon: Thanks. You remember the error I had, though, right?18:01
brobostigonFanshawe: yes, i havent seen it yet here in natty.18:01
exobuzzthey added a bunch of intel stuff to 2.6.38 regarding intel gpus18:02
FanshaweAlright. I'll go for it, because I can't stand the 'netbook optimised' thing I'm running here.18:02
brobostigonexobuzz: since i changed to vesa, no lockups/hangs,18:03
FanshaweThat's odd. Anyone direct me to a working link for Natty?18:04
FanshaweI could even go back down to 10.04 if it's required, or will that incur the same bug?18:04
brobostigonFanshawe: cdimage.ubuntu.com18:04
exobuzzbrobostigon, i need my h/w acceleration though18:05
brobostigonFanshawe: i didnt get the gpu lockup in 10.10.18:05
brobostigonexobuzz: me too, but i am hoping this is a temporerymeasure.18:05
exobuzzbrobostigon, try downgrading to 2.6.37 kernel and see if its ok then18:06
brobostigonexobuzz: i will try that, i think i still have a 37 installed.18:06
FanshaweI might openly weep if Natty brings about the same problem. But I guess I can always go back to the setup I have now.18:08
JGJonesI've got a important support query here....18:17
brobostigonJGJones: fire away, :)18:17
JGJonesJust getting into Minecraft - and doing a farm - would making a underground water lake with a block of soil work for farming? (what....you mean this is for Ubuntu only?)18:17
shaunoJGJones: yes.  my wheat farm is 3 floors deep and all underground.  the only restriction is water beside soil and one block of air above soil.  and light.  torches are sufficient.18:18
bigcalmThink light stone would work?18:19
shaunohaven't tried.  torches are cheaper :o)18:19
JGJonesshauno - thanks...now off to construct my small farm...18:20
shaunoI'm not sure how to describe my setup, but I put a row of water with two blocks of glass on top.  then a row of soil with 1 block of glass on top (soil, air, glass).  then a row of floor with no glass.18:21
shaunostops anything falling in the water, stops me falling in the wheat :o)18:21
Azelphurshauno: sounds similar to mine18:22
shauno(yes, it's way OT.  at work we're told that if the customer thinks it's important, then it's important :p  )18:22
shauno((unless the customer is poor))18:22
JGJonesthanks directhex - joining that now18:22
Azelphurshauno: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/March%202010/2011-03-28_18.22.19.png here's mine :p18:23
FanshaweMaybe I'm being a massive idiot here, but what can I use to create a Live ISO with Natty on a USB?18:24
Azelphurdirecthex: indeed, minecraft UV lamps xD18:24
AzelphurFanshawe: unetbootin18:25
FanshaweRight, got it.18:25
AzelphurFanshawe: it's in the repos you just give it an iso and off it goes, should work with any linux distro :)18:25
FanshaweCool, thank you Azelphur.18:26
FanshaweAlso, in light of all my mistakes recently, I've decided it's wise to keep an extra USB with Puppy on it, just in case.18:27
brobostigonFanshawe: i have a dual booted haiku and debian for that, from sdhc.18:27
FanshaweMy netbook seems a little bit too small to dual boot. 4GB native drive.18:28
brobostigonFanshawe: mine is 16GB here.18:28
FanshaweI should consider updating my three year old laptop.18:30
Fanshaweer, netbook.18:30
FanshaweMaybe get something alongside it.18:31
shaunoAzelphur: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23042/2011-03-28_18.38.00.png   (the T shape glass over the water is my key to making harvesting smooth)18:39
Azelphurshauno: yea the T shape is what I have, but I have the middle of the T missing and I put lava there so I have UV Lamps instead of torches :D18:39
shaunoI found coal galore mining that out.  not so much lava :o)18:40
Azelphurhehe, I have a base at Y=1118:40
shaunotis something I'll keep in mind, but I tend to make messes with lava18:40
shaunolast one, just because it tickles my geek; lava messes on purpose :o)  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23042/2011-03-14_03.32.32.png18:42
hamitronall fixed18:43
jacobwI'm thinking of buying a netbook, what would you guys recommend?18:43
hamitronone with more than 600 pixel height screen18:43
* jacobw remembers this being a hassle with his old AA118:44
hamitronI dunno how good it was, but amazon had one with an HD display for 200 quid18:44
hamitronit looked good18:44
Azelphurjacobw: I bought a really nice EEE that I'm happy with18:45
Azelphurjacobw: although I want a tablet netbook myself, they are cool :D18:46
* brobostigon shouts and screams and shakes his fist at peoples, un-decisiveness making things more difficult.18:46
shaunoI still don't "get" netbooks, really :(18:47
Azelphurjacobw: http://azelphur.com/my-new-netbook-asus-1001p-review my netbook, I love it18:48
AzelphurI wanna sell it so I can get something like this though http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ASUS-Eee-PC-T101MT-10-1-Touchscreen-Tablet-Netbook-/110665921011?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item19c433f1f3#ht_500wt_115818:48
jacobwHmm, I don't want a touchscreen on my 'PC' just yet18:49
hamitronAzelphur: did it run 2nd life?18:49
Azelphurhamitron: it did.18:49
* brobostigon wants another BeBox, :)18:49
Azelphurit won't do minecraft though, even with the +20fps hack :(18:49
hamitronbut I would look at something like Azelphur wants18:50
hamitronthen i wouldn't need a seperate ebook reader18:50
hamitronbe nicer with 768 pixel height....18:51
hamitronmy first comp did 800x60018:52
Azelphurmy laptop does 1920x1200 xD18:52
hamitronAzelphur: what resolutions does it do at std aspect ratio?18:53
shaunohamitron: my first comp did 192x160.  You're spoilt :p18:53
Azelphurmy 1001P? not sure18:53
hamitronthat WUXGA?18:53
jacobwWhat is the battery life like Azelphur ?18:54
hamitronmy laptops are UXGA (1600x1200) and I love it18:54
Azelphurjacobw: on my netbook? it'll do 7-8 hours18:54
Azelphurit's pretty insane :p18:54
* hamitron pokes Azelphur18:54
hamitronlook at the resolutions ;)18:54
* Azelphur counter pokes18:54
Azelphurbut I have to walk all the way over to the other side of the room and get it :(18:55
Azelphurlong walk is long :(18:55
hamitronDO IT18:55
hamitronpretty plz18:55
Azelphurok :P18:55
hamitronalthough, when i beefy 200mhz cpu comp comes, won't need a netbook18:56
hamitronstill be nice to have ssomething portable18:57
hamitronAzelphur: you not considered the dell inspiron duo?18:58
Azelphurcourse I have, it's shiny18:58
hamitronand the advertising is as good as Apple18:58
hamitronAzelphur: it has to be scaled correctly too on your Eee18:59
Azelphurhamitron: 1024 x 600 (16:9)19:00
Azelphuraccording to monitor preferences :)19:00
Azelphurit can do that at 4:319:00
hamitronwith black lines either side I hope19:00
hamitronyeh, 4:3 is what I am interested in19:00
Azelphuryup, black lines either side19:00
hamitronand 5:419:00
hamitronanything higher than 800x600?19:01
Azelphurit's just 1024x600, 800x600, 640x48019:02
hamitronok, ty19:02
hamitronif there were drivers for win98, would be a win19:03
Azelphurcan't you just vm win98?19:03
hamitronI'd only want win98 for games19:03
hamitronI'm guessing it would be slow19:03
AzelphurI doubt it19:04
Azelphurwin98 era games should work in a vm19:04
shaunoslower than the computers 98 was designed to run on?19:04
hamitronvm are not good for 3d19:04
hamitronI'd want 1.6ghz cpu and raw GPU performance19:04
shaunovmware's not too bad for 3d (windows guest)19:05
hamitronit so is19:05
hamitronI tried it last week hoping it would be good19:05
shaunoI'll rephrase.  I play games in vmware.  have fun finding win32 drivers for anything made in the last 5 years19:06
hamitrondrivers are the problem19:06
hamitronso what games do you play?19:07
shaunothe worst part is, if you find them; your reward is windows 9819:07
shaunored alert 2.  westwood need mac support, like, yesterday19:07
hamitronmy ideal setup would be win98 for games, than linux for proper use19:07
shauno(yes, that's not really 3d.  but everything else I can run sensibly, natively)19:08
hamitronon a netbook?19:08
shaunono, I don't have a netbook19:08
shaunoI'd explain why, but this place errs towards family-friendly language :o)19:09
hamitronproblem with vmware on a netbook, you are lacking power to play stuff natively19:09
shaunoproblem with * on a netbook, you are lacking *19:09
shaunoif lacking is a problem, you're buying the wrong tool for the wrong job19:10
hamitronsort of19:10
hamitronbut IF you could run win98 on them, there would be a huge library of games that would play well on them19:10
hamitronthe intel graphics aren't that bad for older games19:11
ali1234i noticed that red alert is available in the ovi store now19:14
ali1234i was going to dl it but it said "this app collects information for advertising purposes" so i didn't19:15
shaunothe way I see it, really, is you buy a tool for a job.  if the job isn't "mobility", the tool isn't "a netbook".  there's much better ways to spend £200 on a win98 gaming machine.19:15
ali1234netbooks are rarely the right tool for the job19:16
ali1234they are really only good if you need to hack on the move and don't want to carry a full laptop19:16
shaunoI think they have their niche.  I don't think games are it.19:16
ali1234and also you have tiny hands19:16
shaunoif you have tiny hands, btw, I'd like to borrow you to reassemble some stuff I took apart yesterday :(19:17
ali1234i'm pretty good at that stuff19:17
ali1234i put this back together: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/ideapad/20101125_020.jpg19:18
hamitronI have normal laptop for games, just too big to carry19:18
shaunothere's a band of plastic I can't seem to get back into place in my gp2x.  whenever I try, it starts going from red to pink.  and I'm well aware that introducing whiteness in plastic is a sure sign you're doing it wrong.19:18
shaunohamitron: get a motorcycle to carry the laptop.  it'll last longer, and be more fun than win98 :D19:19
ali1234i don't see the point of a laptop for gaming19:19
hamitronali1234: for when away from home19:19
ali1234i don't play games when away from home19:20
shaunomy laptop's my main machine.  gaming's not a problem.19:20
ali1234because when i go outside my house it's for one of three reasons: work, visiting someone, on holiday19:20
ali1234or 4: gone to shops19:20
ali1234no reason to play games in any of these cases19:20
shaunoyou're not me :o)  my laptop plays games at work .. on weekends19:20
ali1234yeah, i don't have a job where i sit around doing nothing19:21
hamitronI used to play games on the train when travelling19:21
ali1234i used to have a job like that, it made me crazy and i had to quit19:21
hamitronbut get sick of carrying a brick19:21
hamitronand a netbook is better suited for games, than the average phone imo19:22
shaunoI'm perfectly capable of doing nothing.  It's when they start inventing tasks for the sole point of looking like we're doing something, that craziness sets in19:22
shaunothis week I do nothing.  it's cool.  it's a 2-day week.  next week I get to train romanians on 408 volts without killing them.  Weeks like that make quiet weeks perfectly acceptable.19:25
shaunoheeee that's funny.  "Elegant Seashell Inspired Design".19:28
shaunos/Seashell/Macbook Air/19:28
hamitronhaha, yeh19:29
hamitronbut has SIS chipset19:29
hamitrondamn it19:30
hamitronis it just me, or is the SIS website messed?19:30
shaunoPossibly. Is there a chance it fell into disuse years ago?19:31
hamitronworks in IE19:31
shaunowhat version IE?19:34
shaunoseems to work here.  a bit dated, but functional19:35
hamitronI was using chrome19:36
shaunoanyhow.  I'm off for the night.  I'll quit ribbing you for acting older than you oughta :p19:37
hamitronSIS provide drivers19:37
shaunonowt wrong with it.  you just keep striking me as 40+ :)19:38
shaunomakes perfect sense if the savings are going into a new bike tho :D19:39
hamitronI've seen the bike today19:39
hamitron1400 miles on the clock :/19:40
smittixevening all19:40
shauno1400 miles is nothing19:40
hamitronso long as it has been run in properly19:40
shaunowill they let you play with it?19:41
hamitronshop wasn't open19:41
hamitronit was 8am19:41
shaunothat's how I shop.  if it makes you grin like you're 7 again, it's worth it19:42
hamitronboth my bikes still do19:42
shaunothat's why I'm still paying off a loan on a mini  :o(19:42
shaunobut it's still the only proper mini in the state.  our time together was worth it :D19:43
hamitronnn o/19:44
NET||abusehi guys..19:44
NET||abusegot a weird snv issue, when i try to checkout my svn repo  I get             svn: OPTIONS of 'http://blah.com/svn/trunk' : 200 OK (http://blah.com)19:45
NET||abuseubuntu hardy server (lol) and ubuntu 10.10 laptop19:45
NET||abuseany idea what's causing that?19:46
=== em is now known as emma
X3Nthere isn't an actual error there, so that's a bit difficult to say19:47
NET||abuseis there a way to get more verbosity out of svn19:48
X3Nyou might want to use GIT instead if you want revision control, most people have depreciated svn in favour of git19:48
NET||abusebut i don't know git19:49
X3Nit's not too difficult19:50
X3Ni'd say it was worth learning given the uptake19:50
MartijnVdSor any distributed vcs really19:51
MartijnVdSGit is nice, but its command-line ui exposes way too much of its buts19:51
MartijnVdSeasier to start with hg or bzr (to learn the concepts), then switch to git later if required/wanted19:51
MartijnVdShamitron: git, bzr, hg can all speak svn if they have to :)19:55
hamitronI was still looking for the dude ;/19:56
MartijnVdShamitron: Lebowski?19:56
jpdsMartijnVdS: Your name's Lebowski, dude.19:56
* hamitron spanks NET||abuse19:57
hamitronsee link, may help19:57
NET||abusejpds, eh?19:57
NET||abuseurghh,, I mean hamitron eh?19:58
hamitronlooks like same output?19:58
NET||abuseyup, but not the same problem.19:58
NET||abusethe repo is live and visible in browser as i'm using web_dab19:59
NET||abuseug,, web_dav19:59
NET||abusei'm pasting the url from the browser straight to my svn command linei input19:59
NET||abuseso there's not path mixup like in nthe example.20:00
NET||abusehamitron, ok, so to give you an indication   http://svn.ashebrowne.com/svn/  is the parent path to my svn repos, i only have this one repo in there right now.20:02
AlanBellevening all20:02
brobostigongood evening AlanBell20:03
NET||abusehamitron, so if you click on it, you get the auth popup, i  can login and see all my files20:03
willy_1977evening AlanBell20:03
NET||abuseso that stuff is wworking.20:03
bigcalmAnybody got an opinion on Buffalo Ministation 500GB - http://cuth.eu/buffhd20:04
hamitronNET||abuse: so what command you use?20:08
hamitronbrb, phone20:12
NET||abusehamitron, sorry?20:12
NET||abusethe command,    svn co http://svn.ashebrowne.com/svn/unifiedmedia/trunk/frontend20:13
NET||abusei tried also adding [my username]@ after the http://20:13
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Balancing Freedom and Functionality: A Design Challenge - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/03/28/balancing-freedom-and-functionality-a-design-challenge/20:22
popeyoo AlanBell20:26
popeyAlanBell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00zsdsb20:27
HazRPGhmm, virtualbox hates me20:28
HazRPGI'm back from dinner + coffee :)20:28
jacobwwb :p20:28
HazRPGhamitron: \o/20:29
HazRPGjacobw, daubers: \o/20:29
HazRPGevening all20:29
HazRPGanyone know if its just me, or if the virtualbox repo is going spare?20:29
HazRPGseems to fail every time for the last week now20:30
HazRPGgiving me a nasty red ! mark on my panel to show "updates couldn't happen, try doing manually because a repo is being silly"20:30
HazRPGmakes me sad to see that ! mark :(20:31
HazRPGalso, how is everyone :)20:31
HazRPGooo, still haven't done the router ma bob of ipv6 goodness!20:31
HazRPGnows a good a time as any \o/20:31
MartijnVdSHazRPG: DO IT NOW! :P20:31
* HazRPG opens up his new favourite tool called terminal :)20:32
MartijnVdSOoh.. free online concert in 27 minutes20:33
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ustream20:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: also, links or it didn't happen!20:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ooo I use that site for streaming every now and then (on windows, haven't tried in linux yet)20:33
MartijnVdSHazRPG: The woman with the crazy dresses - ustream.tv/channel/nerinapallot20:34
HazRPGI'm in!20:35
HazRPGdon't know who she is... but woo! \o/20:35
* popey tickles Oli``` 20:39
hamitronI got a feeling I will struggle for bandwidth20:39
hamitronso not gonna bother20:39
jacobwI heard a really interesting satire on BBC R4 between 11.30am and 12.00pm20:40
jacobwTechnology related, a future land where fame, not money, is the currency20:41
ali1234that makes nooooooooo seeeeeense20:41
jpdsIsn't that what Launchpad karma does?20:44
ali1234no, you can't spend karma20:44
hamitronthat is what I was suggesting20:44
jpdsali1234: Yet.20:44
ali1234you can spend reputation on stack exchange though20:45
ali1234to promote your own questions20:45
HazRPGjacobw: not avail. for listening anymore :(20:45
ali1234also lp karma decays too quickly to use as a currency20:46
hamitrontell that to be people of zimbabwee20:46
ali1234it's not exactly the same as inflation20:47
ali1234more like the actual money has an expirey date20:47
hamitronit is like a tax from the central hub, decaying your assets20:47
jacobwBitcoin is very interesting20:47
* jacobw wasn't aware of LP karma20:49
ali1234i have 0.05 bitcoins20:50
ali1234worth about 3p20:50
nperryStupid windows cloud advert20:58
ujjainAlanBell: I now have working VOIP telephony. I figured you´d find that interesting. :p21:16
ujjainWhat is a good scary movie with spirits?21:18
ujjainthat´s a romance?21:21
AlanBellwhat a waste of a good pun21:22
AlanBellnever mind ujjain, yes, cocktail is not about ghosts21:22
ujjainhehe sorry man! I will try to good-pun next time :p21:23
DJonesAlanBell: That was very quick and very good, and I would describe Tom Cruise as scary21:24
popeyanyone on natty fancy confirming (or not) bug 74449721:24
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 744497 could not be found21:24
czajkowskiwhat is it ?21:24
mgdmWhisky Galore has plenty of spirits, though it's not that scary21:24
ali1234private again?21:24
czajkowskinope doesnt exist..21:24
DJonesMaybe its a bug that popey hasn't filed enough bugs21:25
popeybah, no its private21:27
popeyczajkowski: private bugs show as non-extsitent21:27
* AlanBell thinks the private==doesn't exist thing is silly when the numbers are sequential anyhow21:27
popeyalso one of the bots still knows21:27
popeyif you know which one to ask21:27
MartijnVdSpopey: you're a bot?!21:29
mgdmIt would explain a great many things ;)21:29
popey21:29:24 <ubot4`> Bug 744497 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/744497 is private21:29
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 744497 not found21:29
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 744497 could not be found21:29
hamitronloads of information from it, nothing useful? :)21:29
popeycan you see that?21:30
MartijnVdSa red vlc?21:30
popeyi had the wrong number :)21:30
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 744479 in gnome-utils (Ubuntu) "Screenshots tinted orange" [Undecided,New]21:31
popeyi am failing tonight21:31
popeyanyway, confirm that please :)21:31
MartijnVdSpopey: time to replace the  batteries :)21:31
gordheh really?21:31
MartijnVdSpopey: I don't get a "Select area" option21:32
popeyhow are you starting the screenshot tool?21:32
AlanBellHey bartender, know how to make a red eye?21:33
gordits a feature! makes your images more pink21:33
AlanBellor an orangeeye for popey21:33
MartijnVdSpopey: printscreen button.. same effect as "gnome-screenshot" on the command line21:33
popeyit isnt21:33
popeyyou need to start from the menu21:33
MartijnVdSah.. -i21:34
popey$ gnome-screenshot --interactive21:34
popeyor that21:34
popeyAlanBell: comedy glands working overtime this evening21:34
* daubers considers getting a spotify account again 21:34
popeyAlanBell: did you see the chicken thing I posted earlier?21:34
popeyI heard an advert for it earlier21:34
MartijnVdSpopey: yes, those are orange :)21:34
gordpopey, is that inside compiz? if so, make sure to test in metacity/favouritenoncompositingmanager21:34
gordi'v seen compiz and gnome-screenshot have the oddest falling outs this cycle21:35
MartijnVdScompiz has been VERY broken21:35
MartijnVdSstill is21:35
popeycompiz only21:35
popeyjust tested in metacity, you dont get a filled in box, just a box21:35
MartijnVdSat work we use bitkeeper.. when I use the graphical commit tool, compiz crashes21:35
AlanBellpopey: is it the same problem as PCpro found at 2:56 http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/02/10/live-blog-running-pc-pro-on-ubuntu/21:35
gordokay then, also affects compiz and one of the compiz bug fixers will take a look :)21:36
popeythats a known bug21:36
AlanBellI did see the chicken thing, thanks for that21:37
popeyalso affects project?21:37
popeyhow do i choose compiz?21:37
AlanBellwill be at a customer meeting I think with theopensourcerer21:37
popeythis interface sucks21:37
gordyou'll get a little search thing no?21:37
popeyasks for url or email of bug contact21:37
ujjainno tv and no beer make homer go crazy - what is this a parody of?21:37
AlanBellujjain: "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"21:38
gordeh, why is launchpad doing that...21:38
ujjainAlanBell: ah tnx! :)21:38
popey"also affects distribution"21:38
popeyis the way21:38
popeyI blame gmb21:39
gordpopey, actually also affects project -> under where it says Project you can select "choose another project"21:39
gordthen you get the search interface, because it was set to gnome and lp  thought it was all upstream i guess21:39
popeyis it okay now?21:40
gordseems good to me21:41
popeyoh crud, I did metacity --replace, now the panels and everything is gone I can't restart compiz :)21:42
gordalt-f... oh wait21:42
gordduring development we all have a shortcut on our desktop that runs unity because when you crash it, you end up in that situation all the time ;)21:43
popeyoh golly, compiz is so much slower than metacity21:43
popeynow I remember why i never ran compiz before natty21:43
MartijnVdStoo bad metacity is so flickery21:44
AlanBellI find compiz to be much faster than metacity21:45
ali1234it's slower for me21:46
ali1234but the effects make it feel faster21:46
gordyou can have mixed results, right now compiz is slow with two things really, alt-tab and focusing21:46
ali1234it makes firefox really slow though21:46
ali1234but that's because of nvidia driver21:46
MartijnVdS\o/ nvidia :(21:47
daubersHow the hell do I close something that's hiding itself on the sound menu when I hit the cross?21:48
ali1234i have a theory that they don't open their driver because then people would see all the cheesy hacks to make certain games run 5% faster21:48
popeyFile -> Quit21:48
dauberspopey: Doesn't exist in this app :)21:48
daubersWas hoping not to resort to killall :(21:49
ali1234heh, menus are old fashioned21:49
ali1234you're not supposed to quit anything ever21:49
ali1234just leave it all running21:49
gordi was having that problem daubers, banshee?21:49
daubersBut I need to quit it so I can open the account on another box!21:49
ali1234cos you only run gwibber and chrome right?21:49
gorddidn't figure it out, just left it running21:49
daubersgord: Spotify linux client21:49
popeyit does have a quit21:49
popeyFile -> Exit21:50
ali1234the spotify tray menu has a "exit" when you right click it21:50
ali1234the windows one does anyway21:50
daubersHmm.. That menu doesn't go up to the bar when you full screen it though21:50
ali1234you do still have a tray applet right?21:50
popeygood isnt it21:50
popeynope ali123421:50
dauberspopey: I do like the fact I get the buttons on the left AND the right with it too21:50
daubersDo I go over -> or over <-! Choice!!!21:51
AlanBellno room for the windicators when that happens21:51
gordare the buttons in chromium on the right still?21:51
gordi guess not if you enable system decoration21:52
hamitrondaubers: not good enough, I want some in teh centre too ;)21:52
ali1234hamitron: install kde, you can have that21:52
ali1234they have a drag and drop UI that lets you move any button anywhere on the window title21:52
hamitronnever liked kde :/21:53
ali1234kde is pretty horrible21:53
ali1234you can do that thing with the buttons, but you can't have a panel that matches the window decorations21:53
ali1234so much for configuration21:53
dauberspopey: Also confirs your bug :)21:53
ali1234wow, it looks exactly like the windows version21:54
popeyi dont see that decoration21:54
daubersReally? How odd21:55
hamitronacoustica isn't new21:55
daubersmy unity is acting odd this evening though. Can't decide which windows on top properly so teh global menu keeps giving me just terminators one21:55
gordheh spotify on linux really goes for that osx look21:55
popeyodd orangeness21:55
mgdmgord: it does on everything21:55
gordreminds me of quicktime back in the day21:55
ali1234hmm you know what that looks like... when you drag a box...21:56
daubersMight just reload gnome and let it restart unity stuffs21:56
ali1234with the orange border21:56
ali1234is it taking the screenshot before clearing the "selection" box?21:56
popeylooks that way21:56
dauberspopey: Interestingly restarting gnome made that decorator go away21:57
popey"interestingly" you say :)21:57
ali1234it's a race condition then, not a WM problem per se21:57
ali1234gord: the windows version looks exactly the same, at least it does in wine?21:57
gordali1234, i'm sure it does, i'v never seen it, i wasn't suggesting that it looks different than anywhere else21:58
daubersUrgh, getting lots of "Looks like there was a problem" boxes now21:58
popeydpkg-source: info: applying 06_fix_ftbfs.patch21:58
popeyho ho ho21:58
gordwhat the hell is that?21:58
gordi get it on maverick too21:58
daubersgord: Murder worthy, thats what it is21:59
MartijnVdSdaubers: I get the keyboard thing as well21:59
gordanyone who can fix that for me gets a free cake21:59
daubersdouble cake from me21:59
dauberswith a bottle of whiskey on top21:59
daubersI have noticed it tries to change it on an app by app basis21:59
popey-        MAINTAINER_CFLAGS="-Werror -Wall -Wshadow -Wcast-align -Wno-uninitialized -Wformat-security -Winit-self"21:59
popey+        MAINTAINER_CFLAGS="-Wall -Wshadow -Wcast-align -Wno-uninitialized -Wformat-security -Winit-self"22:00
gorddon't get it on my desktop, but do on the netbook/laptop22:00
gordpopey, what project is that in?22:00
popey /* MAYBE I LIED... -jrb */22:01
gordi wonder if they use vala - you have to not use -Werror with vala because vala likes to use errors a lot22:01
gordit thinks errors are a feature22:01
daubersgord: Can you pastebin the file ~/.dmrc from your laptop/desktop?22:03
daubersI smell an experiment22:05
* daubers bodges a config file22:05
gorddaubers, difference is that  the netbook has Layout=us instead of Layout=gb and the desktop has two extra lines22:06
gordchanged my netbook to be the same as my desktop, maybe it'll fix things22:07
daubersgord: if I take the layou line out of mine the stupid thing works properly \o/22:07
daubersJust tested it with a new user as well, the new user doesn't get the layout= line22:07
gorddaubers, we must tell *everybody*22:07
daubersquestion is.... why the hell doesn't the settings thing replace that line properly?22:08
daubersIs there a bug on this somewhere?22:08
gorddaubers, sounds like a package got upgraded and something changed, leaving the layout line in/broken at some point22:09
daubersgord: gnome docs for gdm suggest that file should exist. Not very clear on that line though22:09
czajkowskiAlanBell: what date is the farnham beers22:11
daubersgord: Loosk like it's been fixed...22:11
daubersbug 54678522:12
lubotu3Launchpad bug 546785 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Changing keyboard layout in control-center should update default gdm layout in .dmrc" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54678522:12
AlanBellczajkowski: friday 15th April22:13
czajkowskiAlanBell: good thanks22:13
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 31st 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz Night: 16th April 21:00 | We're jammin' http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/687/detail/
daubersHmm.. actually... looks like we're into another "It should do this, no this, no this" argument in that bug thread22:14
* AlanBell wonders if more people can get themselves to http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/687/detail/22:15
popeydaubers: which bug?22:16
popeyoh that22:17
daubersAlanBell: Hmmm... not sure I'd get permission from the wifey this weekend22:17
AlanBellbetter to ask for forgiveness rather than permission *22:18
AlanBell* with exceptions22:18
daubersAlanBell: The sofa's not that comfy22:18
willy_1977AlanBell: I'm in daubers camp, almost certainly wouldn't get away with approaching it either way ;)22:18
MartijnVdSAlanBell: heh, try {} it!22:19
popeyi think i may have found the problem with the coloured tinge in gnome-screenshot22:19
popeyanyone fancy helping me?22:19
dauberspopey: Go on...22:20
popeyi think i have found a patch actually22:20
czajkowskiAlanBell: hmm not many just you and me it seems ;(22:21
* AlanBell is scared22:21
daubersgord: Reading the gnome bugzilla, it's not going to be fixed as GDM doens't allow changing the keyboard layout anymore22:22
daubers(for gnome 3)22:22
AlanBellmaybe we should change things a bit and make it a virtual jam22:22
daubersDoes gnome3 have a different GDM?22:22
AlanBellon IRC and mumble22:23
gordgnome 3's motto should be "its not our problem"22:23
willy_1977AlanBell: One of the things I'm wondering if I could do some sessions like that midlands based22:23
czajkowskiAlanBell: aye that might be better22:23
popeyI have another bug i need confirming :(22:23
willy_1977gord: gnome-ptfe-3.022:23
AlanBellwilly_1977: short answer, is yes, you can22:23
czajkowskipopey: what are you doing over there!22:23
popeycan someone open firefox 422:23
czajkowskinot installed22:23
popeyand open a big page like http://mail.gnome.org/archives/commits-list/2011-March/msg03805.html22:24
dauberspopey: yup22:24
willy_1977AlanBell: wouldn't mind chewing that fat on that one at some point.22:24
popeytry and put the mouse near the top of his mail and drag down22:24
popeydoes the page scroll?22:24
popey(when you hit the bottom)22:24
marxjohnsonpopey: no22:24
popeydo it from the bottom upwards22:24
willy_1977AlanBell: now if you do go virtual I may be able to get an hour or two on the 2nd to help out...22:24
AlanBellwilly_1977: http://ubuntu-uk.org/where-are-we/22:24
marxjohnsonpopey: yes!22:25
marxjohnsonhow odd22:25
* popey looks for a bug22:25
AlanBellyay, marxjohnson o/22:25
marxjohnsonit works if its not in fullscreen22:25
marxjohnsonhowdy alanbell22:25
dauberspopey: I don't get that issue...22:25
popeydaubers: fullscreen?22:25
willy_1977AlanBell: spotted that earlier today and got myself on it ;)22:26
daubersAh, if I go all the way to the top and then down again I do22:26
AlanBellgreat, good tool for finding people in your area22:26
dauberspopey: only in full screen22:26
AlanBellthe google maps *might* make a return to Launchpad at some point22:26
willy_1977yeah, great idea - duly noted bigcalm is just up the road in newport.22:26
willy_1977ooO unless I've read that wrong... hang on...22:27
* bigcalm looks in due to nick highlight22:27
bigcalmNewport, Shropshire :)\22:28
bigcalmNot Gwent22:28
* popey tickles bigcalm 22:28
popeymarxjohnson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/74458022:28
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 744580 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox doesn't auto scroll when selecting content downwards" [Undecided,New]22:28
* bigcalm disolves into a bubbly mess22:28
popeyfancy confirming pls?22:28
willy_1977bigcalm - Hednesford, Staffs22:28
willy_1977so I reckon 40mins from you22:28
AlanBellbigcalm: well don't do that in the bath again22:28
marxjohnsonpopey: do i just say "me too" or do I have to do something fancy?22:29
popeyfancy pants!22:29
popeymarxjohnson: change the status from new to confimed22:29
popeyand leave a comment22:29
bigcalmwilly_1977: Aha. I'm new to the county (1.5 years), so don't know all much in the area22:29
bigcalmwilly_1977: you're right, 40 mins away22:30
willy_1977bigcalm: I like Newport, Shrops. nice place.22:31
bigcalmI keep forgetting how close I live to Staffordshire22:31
marxjohnsonpopey: done22:31
popeythank you!22:31
willy_1977definitely, you're closer to our cunty town than me I reckon.22:31
lubotu3Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:32
lubotu3Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.22:32
bigcalmI'm sure you meant county town :)22:32
AlanBelland the typo of the week award goes to  . . . willy_1977 \o/22:32
bigcalmAh, I didn't see the county until typing it myself22:33
* bigcalm slithers back to some 2001 PHP :(22:33
popeyhow do i turn that into a patch I can apply?22:34
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:35
bigcalmNight brobostigon22:35
willy_1977brobostigon: g'night.22:35
marxjohnsonpopey: copy and paste into gedit?22:35
brobostigongood night bigcalm and willy_197722:35
marxjohnsonnight brobostigon22:35
popeythen what? :)22:35
ali1234popey: save the html, git apply whatever.html22:35
bigcalmmarxjohnson: popey means into a format sutable for patch22:36
popeyi do22:36
brobostigonnight marxjohnson22:36
popeyso i can "patch -p0 < foo.patch"22:36
marxjohnsonah sorry22:36
ali1234it's supposed to be applied with git though22:36
popeyI want to convert it22:36
bigcalmWhy not? :)22:37
bigcalmDoes everything have to have a reason in life?22:37
ali1234well, because git is the best way to manage such things22:37
popeybecause I'm not using git22:37
marxjohnsonif you just copy all the preformatted text, then save it as a plain text file, you can apply it with patch or anything that takes unified diff22:37
popeyI am taking the source thats currently in the repo22:38
bigcalmAnd if you're not using git, then what? :)22:38
popeyand patching against it to see if it works22:38
ali1234bigcalm: then you should be22:38
marxjohnsonI always use patch even though I use git, then just commit with git ;-)22:38
bigcalmali1234: NEVER!22:38
ali1234oh, so you want to apply it with quilt or something?22:38
popey22:36:18 < popey> so i can "patch -p0 < foo.patch"22:38
ali1234marxjohnson: that doesn't preserve author and commit log22:39
dauberspopey: I'm not sure the one in the repo's can take the patch :)22:39
ali1234popey: (22:30:05) ali1234: probably22:39
marxjohnsonali1234: good call, I only ever apply patches I make myself  though22:39
popeyforget it22:39
marxjohnsonpopey: -p1 with that patch22:39
* bigcalm hugs popey22:39
daubersFrom git apply I get : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586628/22:40
willy_1977is that saying it's moved on since the patch was created?22:41
willy_1977not patch unified diff I mean.22:41
AzelphurI wonder if there are any decent netbook tablets with nvidia ion in them22:41
Azelphurand if they'd be capable of minecraft xD22:42
popeywhat is a netbook tablet?22:42
gordminecraft won't run on ion22:42
gordoh wait sorry yes it will22:42
Azelphurpopey: a netbook that can be converted into a tablet, like the inspiron duo22:42
gordthinking tegra22:42
popeyasus have one dont they?22:42
popeyor acer22:42
gordminecraft is mostly cpu limited though22:42
Azelphurgord: I see22:43
marxjohnsonhttp://tinyurl.com/6l6pgrn nom :-)22:44
Azelphurpopey: not sure I see anything with ion22:44
Azelphurat least googles not being favourable :(22:44
marxjohnsonright, beddy byes for me, train to catch in the morn22:46
* AlanBell changes the global jam22:47
AlanBellit will now be marmalade22:48
marxjohnsonnn all22:48
daubersnight marxjohnson22:48
lubotu3To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.22:48
daubersali1234: Never been a fan of marmalade22:48
AlanBellso on Saturday, during the day we will have an online IRC hack day of some sort, plus audio via mumble22:48
AlanBellwe might go so far as to have an agenda of some kind22:49
ali1234ok i give up how do i install java on natty?22:49
AlanBellali1234: sun java isn't in the partner repo yet22:49
AlanBellmight never get there22:49
hamitronAlanBell: never?22:50
daubersurgh, bugzilla sucks22:50
* popey has openjdk java22:50
Hazmasterheh, not use to irssi :/22:50
gordjust install openjdk?22:50
hamitronpopey: minecraft works on it?22:50
gordif you try and run java on a cli, it'll give you a bunch of options22:50
Hazmasterheh, and now my normal IRC client has just logged in finally :P (typical)22:51
ali1234it give all the *-headless options22:51
popeyhamitron: yes22:51
hamitronsorted then22:51
* daubers goes to bed22:53
ali1234i would guess openjdk-6-jre-headless is probably only good for running java CLI apps?22:53
HazRPGdaubers: nite dude22:53
webpigeonali1234, or apps which were designed during the French revolution, i'm guessing23:00
willy_1977popey: this gnome-utils diff (dog with a bone I know) according to the documentation all he's added is a timeout... I can carry on looking at this if it's of use?23:01
popeyI marked a link to the patch on the bug report23:01
popeyfeel free :)23:01
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 743176 in gnome-utils (Ubuntu) "Pink layer on taken screenshots (gnome-screenshot)" [Low,Confirmed]23:01
Hazmasterhmm, this is really driving me bananas lol23:03
HazmasterI'm having a little trouble with ipv6 :(23:03
willy_1977popey: if I just assign the gnome-utils(ubuntu) to me that's enough isn't it?23:04
popeywell, only if you plan on fixing it :)23:04
willy_1977I'll give it a go, no harm in trying - can always fire questions out if I get stuck I guess.23:05
HazmasterI've managed to get ipv6 to tunnel in through to my server, and it can ping6 ipv6.google.com (great!) - however the issue i'm having is using radvd23:05
Hazmasterafter a bit of fiddling I got it to start, but I can't seem to get any other client on my server to be able to get an IPv6 :(23:06
Hazmasteranyone have any experience with this?23:06
willy_1977well I'm off to bed - will catch up tomorrow; for those that do enjoy the sleep :)23:11
ali1234~info gnome-utils natty23:17
ali1234hmm whatever23:19
ali1234willy_1977: so yeah, the patch is by the gnome-screenshot maintainer... therefore it's going to turn up in ubuntu eventually no matter what (well, unless you make a better patch and send it to gnome)23:20
bigcalmHow do you use a non default ssh port with rsync?23:41
bigcalmHow do you use a non default ssh port with rsync?23:44
bigcalmGoogle answered my own question :)23:44
bigcalmAnd with that behind a screen, I'm off to bed!23:46
bigcalmTatty hoo23:46
popeynn cuddles23:46
bigcalmAwww, you're a sweetie23:46
directhexi'm tired. packaging complex things is tiring.23:47
bigcalmRemind me to book that Friday and Monday off :)23:47
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