dragonconsidering this bug, I'm glad that I made the switch to Ubuntu years ago.00:06
dragonIt would be painful to boot into a different OS to watch a youtube video, e.g.00:07
pleia2meeting in 10 minutes :)02:50
pleia2(this weekend went by too quick!)02:50
philipballewthey always do that! it feels like they've been stolen...02:51
DarkwingDuckyeesh, how long does it take to clone a 200Gig HD using dd?02:53
pleia2long time02:53
DarkwingDuckNo kidding... we are going on 5 hours02:53
philipballewi had a question to awing by you guys here. if ive been posting a question on the forms and the people there dont know, wheres another place to ask?02:54
DarkwingDuckWhat are you looking for?02:55
DarkwingDuckNormally, I look for an answer on google...02:55
iheartubuntuwhats dd?02:55
iheartubuntui just fini transferring 1TB of data from several drives now all on one02:55
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: http://serverfault.com/questions/4906/using-dd-for-disk-cloning02:56
philipballewi need to ssh to my desktop thats on the same network here but it appears its on a different subnet and i doesnt wanna connect02:56
pleia2philipballew: well you can always ask here, or #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners02:56
DarkwingDuckYou should be able to as long as your whitelisted via network IP02:56
DarkwingDuckBut, iirc you have to set the whitelist02:56
DarkwingDuckbecause everything is blacklisted as default02:57
philipballewthat makes sence. ill do the irc ubuntu or beginers because theres probably more people there02:57
iheartubuntuso dd is copying from oen drive to another?02:58
DarkwingDuckBut, but it copies EVERYTHING02:58
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: No problem.02:58
iheartubuntuunfortunately, im not ready for my report yet on games night :(02:58
iheartubuntuwill have to be next meeting02:58
DarkwingDuckand I'm in crunch mode so everything has gotten ignored 'cept docs02:59
iheartubuntuif its copying doesnt it depend then on the computer itself? the USBs and/or the connections?02:59
DarkwingDuckNot if you are running the command form a LiveCD03:00
DarkwingDuckThen the firesystems are not actually being used.03:00
pleia2ok, meeting time!03:00
iheartubuntumy 2.0 USB is really fast compared to 1.0, but my dads new computer he bought today has 3.0 and WOW03:00
pleia2this shouldn't take long, we have a short agenda03:00
* DarkwingDuck gets his popcorn03:00
pleia2==== START ====03:00
pleia2Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11March2703:00
philipballewquite the big agenda!03:01
pleia2TOPIC: Ubuntu Global Jam Parties03:01
pleia2so the Global Jam is next weekend, Apr 1-303:01
pleia2our wiki page for it is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyGlobalJam03:02
pleia2as you can see we have 2 events planned, one in Walnut Creek on Friday and another in Berkeley on Sunday03:02
pleia2more are welcome :)03:02
DarkwingDuckThese on the loco directory yet?03:02
pleia2yes, the links are on the wiki03:03
DarkwingDuckare they all inclusive or, are they topical jams?03:03
* eps giggles03:04
pleia2the one in Walnut Creek is all inclusive, jono's email about it is here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-March/001640.html03:04
dragonWe have a meeting, right?03:04
pleia2for the Berkeley one I put on the wiki: Focus: Testing and Bugs03:04
DarkwingDuckWe are in the meeting now dragon03:04
pleia2dragon: this is the meeting :)03:05
aadityaOh, no wonder.03:05
aadityaI see no messages on my pidgin.03:05
pleia2but even at the Berkeley one we can do other stuff too03:05
pleia2DarkwingDuck: were you going to do a virtual doc jam?03:06
DarkwingDuckI'm still thinking about setting one up online but, it all depends how much crunch work I have.03:06
* pleia2 nods03:06
DarkwingDuckBut yes. I'll post date and time on the ML03:07
pleia2cool, thanks :)03:07
DarkwingDuckOne of my doc gurus got his lappy stolen03:07
DarkwingDuckSo crunch time +103:07
pleia2oh, and I mailed the list about it this morning, but in case you're interested in running one but are not sure how, there is an event in #ubuntu-classroom tomorrow geared toward getting everyone ready: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJamBootcamp03:08
pleia2yeah, poor nixternal :(03:08
DarkwingDuckYeah... I called him last night... still no luch03:08
pleia2ok, any thing else about the Jams?03:09
DarkwingDuckLets get good quality work out there...03:09
DarkwingDuckThese Jams help us Devs more then people know.03:10
DarkwingDuckESP Unity03:10
DarkwingDuckUnity needs some major TLC03:10
* DarkwingDuck gets off his soapbox03:10
pleia2TOPIC: Announcements, other things03:12
pleia2anyone have any bright ideas? comments? rants?03:12
DarkwingDuckUnity needs testors and bug reporting03:12
philipballewwhats the best way to do that?03:13
philipballewdo i need to actually install 11.04 or can i report bugs from my vbox machine just fine?03:13
DarkwingDuckDownload and install a daily live CD http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/03:13
pleia2only if vbox supports accelerated graphics for your card03:13
DarkwingDuckvbox will not give you the Unity 3D03:14
philipballewhum. i can partition this week then03:14
pleia2there is an experimental thing to enable 3d in vbox, but it hardly works for anyone :\03:14
pleia2this is one of the many reasons they need more testers, it's harder to do testing because you pretty much have to do it on actual hardware03:15
DarkwingDuckHere are the list of bugs03:15
epsDarkwingDuck: I was expecting we'd be working from Beta 103:15
pleia2the beta 1 or the daily build03:15
pleia2(beta1 comes out on the 31st)03:15
DarkwingDuckHere are the list of new bugs. https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New03:16
DarkwingDuckReplicate and confirm the bugs is a good start.03:16
philipballewgotta build that karma somehow03:16
DarkwingDuckThis is a simple way to help with Unity03:17
* eps would really like to see how viable Natty is on machines with older, less-capable video hardware03:19
philipballewunity is gonna be interesting. should see what happens03:19
pleia2ok, anything else?03:19
pleia2eps: if Unity doesn't work for some reason it falls back to regular gnome (it did this flawlessly on my VM), so I wouldn't worry too much03:20
pleia2alright, I think we can wrap this up then :)03:21
pleia2thanks everyone03:21
pleia2==== END ====03:21
philipballew  :)03:22
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iheartubuntudoes anyone here have any experience with LinuxCNC?03:25
pleia2I'll be in puerto rico during our next meeting03:25
akkpuerto rico! sounds fun03:25
pleia2yeah, my boyfriend is going for work so I'm tagging along03:26
pleia2(resort hotel paid for by work? don't mind if I do!)03:26
pleia2networking conferences in tropical places are nice :)03:26
* iheartubuntu lived in BVIs for a year03:26
iheartubuntuany plans to go to Tortola pleia2?03:27
pleia2iheartubuntu: no plans aside from pools and pina coladas03:27
pleia2we're staying in san juan03:27
epsSay hola to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PuertoRicoTeam03:28
pleia2I'm actually going to try very hard to take a proper Ubuntu-less vacation03:29
pleia2(I'll have email so I'll probably fail - but I will try!)03:29
iheartubuntufor me i go to bed and wake up in what seems like 1 minute of sleep03:32
iheartubuntulike i didnt even sleep!03:32
iheartubuntubut i did!03:32
iheartubuntuso is the life03:33
iheartubuntui could use a vaca03:33
akkYou want a cow?03:34
iheartubuntumy dad just bought a Gateway slimline computer today. i3 with 1TB starage. not bad for $50003:39
iheartubuntu4GB mem03:39
iheartubuntuI tried to go into windows and it took more time for the "first time turning on" section than it did to install ubuntu03:41
iheartubuntuso i tried to burn a system restore disc in win7 in case ubuntu gave me a prob. win7 failed at burning a disc!03:41
iheartubuntuso i said piss on it, and wiped win7 off and installed ubuntu 10.1003:41
iheartubuntumy dad is super happy!03:41
iheartubuntui has 10.04 on his old single core P4 with 1GB ram system and it finally failed. but not bad for 11 yr old computer03:42
grantbow-aSorry for missing the meeting, delayed without a computer. Ttys03:42
epsiheartubuntu: I hope they let you order recovery discs somehow03:43
pleia2grantbow-a: no worries, not much on the agenda anyway :)03:43
iheartubuntuive got a free ubuntu recovery disc :)03:43
iheartubuntuno win7 for us03:43
grantbow-aK, thanks03:43
iheartubuntumy sis had a prob with newegg a few years ago03:44
epsSometimes you "need" one ... to upgrade firmware, get warranty support, etc.03:44
grantbow-aThis android phone isn't ideal for IRC. Cya.03:44
iheartubuntuhow would i do a firmware upgrade on an ubuntu system anyways?03:45
iheartubuntuif they only offer EXE03:45
epsBoot from flash media?03:46
akkSometimes you can make a bootable DOS or Freedos disk.03:46
akkThat won't work for all firmware upgrades, though.03:46
iheartubuntuohh interesting. ive always wondered that03:53
iheartubuntubut then, i cant recall the last time i ever needed to do a firmware upgrade03:53
akkWe just had to on our router -- there was an SSL bug, and fixing it required running a windows-or-mac program. :(03:54
iheartubuntuthat bytes03:56
epsConfused: Gateway is Acer now? http://secure.tx.acer.com/RCDB/Main.aspx?brand=gateway03:56
iheartubuntui heard gateway was either going to fold or get bought out03:57
iheartubuntui like gateway more than acer03:57
iheartubuntusome of the acer boxes look so cheap03:57
pleia2I liked the cow boxes03:57
iheartubuntui have two cows03:57
iheartubuntu32 bit at work, 64 at home right here03:57
akkI saw a nice gateway netbook in a store a few weeks ago.03:58
akkDon't think I'd seen them in stores before.03:58
akkbut yeah, I liked the cows too03:58
philipballewgateway used to have their own stores. they made the computer store what it is04:00
iheartubuntui used to have a gateway store near me in monrovia04:04
jhanafrogwhat's going on peeps04:04
jhanafrogi hear good things about gateways and linux04:05
epsSpeaking of cows, Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is April 12 this year.04:05
philipballewi have a emachine04:05
philipballewits owned by gateway04:05
philipballewbest desktop ive owned04:05
jhanafrogwhoa serious philipballew?  i didn't know emachines were that great04:17
jhanafrogwhen they first came out, like a million years ago, they were like the "thrift" model04:18
philipballewit may be not that powerful but the thing had been through hell and come out alive. many times. it has never had a problem and its been 7  years. ubuntu runs perfect on it04:18
jhanafrogor thrift "brand"04:19
jhanafrogmaybe your model is a higher end one though, and more recent04:19
philipballewits after gateway bought them that they got better04:19
akkWhen they were young and the thrift brand, they were sometimes quite good (though variable).04:19
philipballewit is basic but just robust04:19
akkWe had a couple of emachines that were way better than, say, Dells or Gateways of the time.04:19
akkThey used standard parts so they were repairable.04:20
philipballewthats one thing i like04:20
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DarkwingDuckWhoot! darkwingduck@StCanard:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc04:51
DarkwingDuck390721968+0 records in04:51
DarkwingDuck390721968+0 records out04:51
DarkwingDuck200049647616 bytes (200 GB) copied, 32814 s, 6.1 MB/s04:51
jhanafroghaha that's cool DarkwingDuck05:05
DarkwingDuckNow I'm going to boot to it with my netbook and see how it really worked.05:05
DarkwingDuckIf it does I'll be blogging tonight.05:05
jhanafrogyour netbook has a 200GB drive in it?05:08
jhanafrogor is it an external drive?05:08
DarkwingDuck /dev/sdc was a portable drive05:08
jhanafrogis there a way to include a password to a remote system in scp for automation in a script?06:39
nhainesjhanafrog: don't do that.  Use an RSA key instead.06:40
jhanafrogno thanks06:41
nhainesSuit yourself.06:42
jhanafrogi just need something simple right now06:42
pleia2reminder, anyone interested in doing global jam sessions #ubuntu-classroom (and #ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions) is doing the global jam bootcamp today with a bunch of people presenting on jam stuff18:12
pleia2started at 918:12
kdub_whats globaljam18:14
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyGlobalJam18:15
=== Guest28722 is now known as Guest460372
Guest460372i need to try natty in a vm19:20
Guest460372hey iheartubuntu19:58
Guest460372do you like my new nick?  i used python to generate the number randomly19:59
* Guest460372 eats a piece of seaweed20:01
iheartubuntui love the name21:51
iheartubuntuits very becoming21:51

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