ncweberWhen I log in to the group, I get a pop-up message from something called "frigg".  Does anyone know what that is?14:13
macothe group?14:23
macothis channel, you mean?14:23
ncweberSorry, yes this channel.14:56
ncweberThis is the message I get:14:56
ncweber(09:44:34) frigg:14:56
ncweberReceived CTCP 'VERSION' (to ncweber) from frigg14:56
ncweberI'm still new  to the whole IRC thing.  Plus, I'm using Pidgin to connect, and Pidgin refers to the channel as a group. *shrug*14:58
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maconcweber: frigg would be some other user on the freenode server, but it's not someone in this channel16:05
macothey did a command that requests info about what irc client you are using16:05
ncweberI see.16:26
ncweberKind of a 'whois' sort of thing?16:26
macothere is also a whois command16:28
macothat tells you if they have the "real name" field set and which freenode server they're on, and if they lack a cloak then itd show the ip address too16:29
macoctcp version is like a whois for your pidgin instead of for you16:29
macocuz all itd tell them is that you're running pidgin version whatever16:29
ncweberCool. Thanks.16:50
bcurtiswxmaco, any chance you'd get to make it to TOI this weekend?18:15

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