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Chloricevening guys03:12
Chloricevening guys03:12
Chloricsorry, doubles03:12
zoopsterawfully quiet out in the florida ubuntu land....18:47
mhall119hiya zoopster 18:52
zoopsterheya mhall11918:52
mhall119what's happening?18:53
zoopsterheh...lots of things...much needed rain and all kinds of busy work crap!18:58
mhall119working hard19:00
mhall119getting settled in very well though19:00
itnet7we were all waiting for you zoopster (waits for all of the daily slappings)19:21
zoopsteryea...I can tell, but only you and michael...19:35
zoopstermhall119: working hard? you are productive already?19:35
mhall119zoopster: I was productive on my 2nd day19:45
zoopsterrock on mhall11919:45
mhall119we started a new project my 2nd day, our deadline is this week19:45
mhall119I was telling Michelle it's the most productive I've been the first couple weeks at a new job, ever19:46
maxolasersquadI think ubuntu should have a contacts manager like is on the Android.20:00
maxolasersquadOr really, account management like on the Android.20:00
zoopstermaxolasersquad: what 'chu talkin' 'bout willis?20:46
zoopstermaxolasersquad: like a separate app?20:47
maxolasersquadThe place on Android where I put in all my accounts.20:47
maxolasersquadSo I just put my google account in one time and IM, Gmail, Contacts, Reader, etc. can all get my credentials from the one spot.20:47
maxolasersquadAnd the contacts screen has all my contacts from all services I sign in to.20:48
zoopsterah...that place for me is thunderbird20:48
zoopsterbut not the last item20:48
maxolasersquadYes, but nothing else uses Thunderbird to get access.20:48
maxolasersquadIf you put your Google credentials in thunderbird, Empathy still won't have your GMail account.20:48
maxolasersquaderrr, your google chat account.20:49
zoopsterah true20:49
zoopsterthat's what evo tried to do20:49
zoopsterbut no one could come up with a standard way to do it20:49
maxolasersquadYeah, I really like the ideas behind Evolution, but the implementation is buggy and resource intensive.20:49
maxolasersquadI have a python script that is called by mutt, which calls the Evolution contacts, so I can get email autocomplete in mutt, but the Evolution backend has crashed more often than not.20:50
maxolasersquadAnd when it is up, it is very slow to respond.20:51
maxolasersquadBut that probably is the way to do.  Fix the bus in Evo, then patch Empathy and the other apps to tap into it.20:51
zoopsterthe evo backend would do what empathy does for me...just decide it wants to go south for a bit then come back20:52
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