gamerchick02the computer is quieter? did you clean it or something?00:18
Blazeixhe shot it with a 12-gauge.00:20
rick_h_and some training00:20
gamerchick02ah. ok...00:20
gamerchick02why would one shoot a computer? *confused*00:22
rick_h_ok, excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing for the next 10min00:22
Blazeixthey've started cracking the passwords. Apparently their product manager's password is "6661"00:25
rick_h_gotta love it00:25
rick_h_of course each time I see these things I get afraid of what if it was my company00:25
* rick_h_ puts some more spackle on that bunker of his00:26
snap-lWow... just... wow00:33
snap-lI cleaned out the computer00:34
snap-lTook it apart to dust out the insides wit compressed air and a  vacuum cleaner00:34
snap-lNow all I can smell is that bloody bitterant they use in the Endust can00:34
gamerchick02wow. cool, snap-l.00:38
gamerchick02gotta do that every once in awhile.00:38
snap-lYeah, hadn't done it in a while00:38
gamerchick02i should pull my laptop apart and clean it.00:39
gamerchick02on that note, i'm migrating to the couch. maybe i ought to have another glass of wine?00:40
gamerchick02i'll be on tomorrow. see ya'll later?00:40
aupifgreg-g: hey, man. it's roy from wikipedians. finally made it out to this channel.01:03
_stink_any friend of greg-g's is a friend of ours.01:18
greg-gaupif: hiya! welcome to the channel :)01:22
aupifI was going to email you, but maybe the library could display our flyer (or something similar) on those screens downstairs01:23
aupifuntil the screening01:23
aupifI think we'd get a lot of randoms that way01:23
greg-gyeah, I was going to try and figure that out, I'll let you know01:25
aupifk, thanks.01:26
greg-gthanks for the reminder01:27
jrwreni'm a little surprised by this, can anyone else confirm? I'm seeing a web client that sends a couple of HTTP Headers before the actually request.02:14
jrwren*actual* request02:14
jrwrenContent-Location: url02:15
jrwrenand then the Post /blah02:15
rick_h_sure it's the same request? and not a second one?02:22
rick_h_are a couple of situatinos where headers pre-request are valid02:23
rick_h_jrwren: ^^02:23
jrwreni'm positive its the same request.02:25
jrwreni'm going to emulate the original behavior whether it is bad or not :)02:26
rick_h_ok, I guess I missed what the question was02:27
rick_h_but cool party one!02:27
jrwrenrick_h_: you win, i think it was part of a different request.03:13
snap-lman, I have a lot of old shit on my computer04:11
snap-llots of old dotfiles from when I had dialup access04:11
snap-lfinally figured out why my hostname completiong suddenly stopped working04:11
snap-lI'd type in ssh dec[tab], and it would display shit like, ic.net, etc04:12
snap-lApparently I had a .ssh2 directory with those entries in it04:12
jrwrenstupid .ssh205:27
jrwrenglad they rolled back that default05:27
snap-ltwo power outages last night that tripped the UPS13:27
rick_h_snap-l: your power hates you13:40
rick_h_love this: http://daniel-database.blogspot.com/2011/03/sql-injection-on-mysqlcom.html13:40
rick_h_"hacked", if you can call it that, really it was a brief sharing of information we were going to put out anyway, like people's auth credentials13:40
brouschwow, did rick_h_ write this? http://teddziuba.com/2011/03/osx-unsuitable-web-development.html13:46
brouschnvm, it pimps emacs nstead of vim13:47
rick_h_hah, that was what I used to throw off the scent13:48
rick_h_but beyond that "AMEN!!!"13:48
brouschthe package management is what i miss most compared to ubuntu13:49
rick_h_But really, Mac developers, stay out of the command line. You'll hurt yourselves.13:49
rick_h_he's right to an extent, you should be as close to production as possible13:50
rick_h_learn those hard lessons about setup/pain points in performance, etc early13:50
brouschhow do you get close to production if your production environment is half a dozen VMs running bits and pieces of the program?13:54
brouschor GAE?13:55
rick_h_well, AE the best you can do is make sure you're running their IDE/vm on something they support13:55
rick_h_but still, a half dozen VM's still run XXX for an OS13:56
rick_h_I'm not saying setup a VM env that duplicates all the machines on your network13:56
rick_h_but he's right, things like python packages that use C extensions, should be built/dev'd tested on the OS they'll get deployed to13:56
rick_h_those are the things that will be different OSX/Linux of your choice, and bite you when you're not expecting it13:57
rick_h_I know plenty of people that use OSX for dev work, but I also see a ton of people "dammit, why can't I get {db binding here} to work right, or paramiko, etc"13:59
brouschpostgres and mysql installs are both annoying in osx13:59
brouschhalf the time i make a little ubuntu server vm to use for DB14:00
snap-lThere's some valid points, but that article is flawed14:01
snap-lThe UNIX way is to compile from source14:01
rick_h_oh come on, how many companies deploy to 'compiled from source'?14:02
snap-lAnd we have a WINNER!14:02
rick_h_the argument isn't package vs source, but "as a dev, get close to production"14:03
_stink_Down arrow14:32
rick_h_lol, nice15:42
rick_h_brousch: need to chat, /me needs graphics helps15:42
snap-lI think I have ab uilding wire fault that's causing the problem with my UPS15:42
snap-lYeah, not fun15:43
snap-lThough I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason we're not in happy electricville is because they swapped meters a while ago15:44
snap-lever since that happened, I've been having electrical problems15:44
_stink_for sure15:44
greg-ghttp://teddziuba.com/2011/03/osx-unsuitable-web-development.html (thanks lmorchard)16:27
brouschrick_h_: what's up?16:28
jcastrogreg-g: fixed that for you: "osx is an unsuitable platform"16:28
greg-gjcastro: yeah, he was a tad generous :)16:28
rick_h_we were discussing this earlier16:30
rick_h_brousch: bookie icon, have two ideas for you if you think you might be interested in helping16:30
brouschi can give it a try16:31
greg-gyay, icons!16:31
rick_h_brousch: pm me an email I can share a google doc with you pls16:33
rick_h_ok, sent, snap-l and greg-g as well, feedback at will16:38
rick_h_Blazeix: don't have you in my gmail, but if you send it I'll add you as well16:39
brouschsecond one would be easier i think, but would lose a lot at low res16:43
rick_h_so the ookie part is just for reference16:43
rick_h_in the web ui and such I'd add that in16:43
rick_h_the B is the icon concept on both16:43
greg-gI did it all for the ookie16:43
brouschand we have a theme song16:44
rick_h_yea, at small icon I wasn't sure which would come out cleaner16:44
greg-gbrousch: :)16:44
rick_h_since the one is more graphic makes up the letter, but the other, you need to see the letter and the bookmark paper bits might not be clear16:44
brouschright, you'll lose the paper at small size16:45
rick_h_anyone have opinions/etc?16:45
rick_h_alternative ideas?16:45
brouschmight be able to do a stack of books, end-on and have it survive16:45
_stink_rick_h_: can you email the mockups to me?16:45
rick_h_decided in playing with the extension and having 3 different delicious icons in my toolbar right now it needs to change lol16:45
rick_h__stink_: emaield16:45
rick_h_err, emailed16:45
rick_h_might work better16:45
_stink_i actually like the idea for the first one better16:48
_stink_i like having a bold B on the book cover instead of having the books in the shape of a B.16:49
rick_h__stink_: cool, I was leaning that way as well, but it seems harder to make the book look like a book at icon size16:49
_stink_how many pixels are we talking?16:50
snap-lI have an idea for the B16:51
snap-lI'll scan it in in a sec16:51
greg-grick_h_: / brousch here are some public domain book icons to take a look at and see if they are useful as building blocks: http://www.diigo.com/list/greg-g/bookie16:51
greg-gand _stink_ / snap-l as well, now that I caught up with who all is talking about it :)16:51
greg-gfavicons are most commonly 16x16, btw16:52
rick_h__stink_: docs say to provide a 128, 48, and 16 versions16:52
_stink_if i were up to me, i'd assume the 16x16 will be very different, and make the bigger ones looks good.16:53
greg-gand bigger versions for other uses, of course. Also, the 16x16 version acn just be a simplified version (duh)16:53
_stink_but maybe this is anti-branding.16:53
brouschi think the 128, 64, and 48 are for mobile "desktop" shortcuts16:53
greg-gI mean, Wikipedia has that big puzzleglobe for their big icon, but just a stylized "W" as their favicon16:53
rick_h_problem is the best icons work small as well16:53
greg-gbrb, heating up lunch16:54
rick_h_http://www.delicious.com/deuce868 upper left for delicious, hmm, instapaper doesn't even have one16:54
_stink_heh, just realized i never see favicons because i use vimperator.16:55
snap-lHere's an idea for an icon16:55
snap-lThe B with a longer bookmark16:55
rick_h_I think the 3rd, bottom right16:55
snap-lwhich almost looks like a snake's tongue16:55
rick_h_I was going through images earch results for bookmarkk last night16:55
rick_h_and it's a tough one, not a lot of real options16:55
rick_h_but I find I use post-it notes for the most part16:55
snap-lI do too16:56
_stink_crap, i wish i had a scanner nearby.16:56
rick_h_and saw some like that and figured that might be cool16:56
rick_h_so I was trying to figure out how to get post-it notes into a design to mean bookmarks16:56
snap-lrick_h_: I think you need to go more oldschool16:56
snap-lotherwise it just looks like paper16:56
snap-lor a bar-graph. ;)16:56
rick_h_what if it's not the whole book16:57
rick_h_but only the last couple inches with the paper hanging out the end?16:57
rick_h_so the B moves to the font/normal text16:57
_stink_if bookmarks end up as part of the icon, maybe putting clean little tassels on the end of them would help16:57
_stink_to make it obvious what they are16:57
rick_h_but tassles disappear at small size16:58
_stink_that is true.16:58
rick_h_updated the gdoc16:58
snap-lI think too that the sans-serif font isn't going to work.17:00
snap-lI was thinking of something like Droid serif italicized17:01
rick_h_well yea, but just default font there for the doc17:01
snap-lAh, OK17:01
rick_h_concentrating on the image part17:01
rick_h_yea, will make the font pretty/etc but really, just not having a toolbar icon is what's provoking this, didn't want to deal with it yet tbh17:01
rick_h_time to code vs design crap17:02
rick_h_I really like that idea, the angle book thing with the bmark out the top?17:03
snap-lThat's the stuff of nightmares17:03
rick_h_not the bmark in use, but the book itself17:03
tjagodasnap-l: ping17:03
rick_h_would do something at that angle with paper stuff17:03
tjagodaYou use amazon mp3 store, right?17:03
rick_h_amazon mp3 ftw17:04
_stink_rick_h_: just shared a slightly changed mockup with you17:04
_stink_mostly like the first one17:04
tjagodaDoes it work well on 10.10?17:04
rick_h__stink_: ok, feel free to edit the original doc though17:04
tjagodaand also, do they DRM/17:04
snap-ltjagoda: NFC, I use Banshee17:05
tjagoda / = ?17:05
_stink_ok, i'll throw it on there instead17:05
_stink_hah, too bad i can't copy/paste from one google drawing to another.17:06
rick_h__stink_: yea, so I originall thoguht something like that, except that the icons are square, so you have more room if you make the bookbmark papers out the end17:06
rick_h_vs a very vertical icon that way17:06
_stink_rick_h_: yeah, i see what you mean.17:06
_stink_maybe having it tilted like http://www.openclipart.org/detail/10101717:07
_stink_would solve that17:07
rick_h_yea, that's what that link above was for17:07
rick_h_more a, go iso and only use the top of the book as an icon17:07
snap-lGod, I really hate INkscape17:08
tjagodarick_h: Does amazon do DRM?17:09
rick_h_tjagoda: thought they were drm-free mp3 files17:09
rick_h_"All our songs are in MP3 format and are free from DRM (digital rights management), so you can play them in any music program and on any MP3 device, including the iPod"17:10
brouschinkscape is awesome17:10
_stink_pretty funny to think about folks watching me struggle with google draw17:10
tjagodano drm17:11
snap-ltjagoda: If you're buying music online with DRM, you're doing it wrong17:11
tjagodaPerhaps you missed to "NO" in that post?17:11
rick_h_snap-l: ok, so close the serifs of the B off and have some page edge lines in there so the end of the b looks like a book with a marker hanging out and I'm sold17:11
snap-ltjagoda: I'm saying that it's not uncommon anymore17:12
brousch_stink_: you don't need a scanner when you have a camera in your pocket17:12
brouschyou could use the tilted book then have each letter in "bookie" on its own book mark sticking out the top17:13
_stink_brousch: i have a symbian s60 phone.  i do not know an easy way to share my pictures...17:13
_stink_i was thinking that17:14
_stink_at least having the most prominent bookmark have a B at the top17:14
rick_h_hmmm, yea and at 16x16 it would just be the book with the marks17:14
rick_h_no text17:14
brouschthe 16x16 would have a little triangle and some squares. if it matched the color scheme of the original it might mesh well17:15
snap-lhttp://ubuntuone.com/p/jru/ again (once it loads)17:16
brouschi probably won't fire up inkscape until tomorrow. big grwebdev meeting tonight so it's crazy day17:16
snap-lu1 is taking it's sweet time to upload the latest change17:16
rick_h_brousch: no problem at all, thanks for thinking about it a bit17:16
brouschthe B is farting fire!17:16
_stink_hot sauce!17:16
snap-lNice.. u1conflict.17:17
brouschyou could form that B from a bookmark hanging the length in back and two big books in front17:17
rick_h_hmm, maybe take the idea straight up17:20
Blazeixrick_h_: wafuqua@gmail.com, btw17:21
Blazeixalso, I have icons I've been using for the chrome extension17:22
snap-lIf you go up, then you run out of space17:22
Blazeixjust googled "bookie" and found that most oldtime bookies apparently wore green visors.17:22
Blazeixso i've been using http://frabjous.ath.cx/files/upload/bookie.png and http://frabjous.ath.cx/files/upload/bookie_bookmarked.png17:23
Blazeixsince I was worried Blogger had the mindshare on B-related icons.17:23
_stink_heh, that's a neat play17:24
rick_h_Blazeix: yea, I thought about that, but I don't want to go with the gambler image17:24
rick_h_I figure it'll be hard enough to get the bookie into bookmarks play without going the other way17:25
Blazeixyeah, true. Though if you go with a 1920s style bookie you don't get into the 'dirty gambler' stereotype17:26
Blazeixsomething like this guy: http://www.best-of-web.com/_images_300/Vintage_Banker_or_Bookie_100604-006385-339042.jpg17:26
snap-lBecause that's the first thing I think of when I think of bookies (accountants)17:26
snap-l(not really)17:26
rick_h_ah, yea when I did a search to see if the name was taken in the software space I ran into a ton of gambling stuff17:27
rick_h_wasn't thinking old school acct's17:27
snap-lI think we should call it John Smith17:28
snap-lThat's the name that Doctor Who uses whenever he tells someone his name17:28
brouschok, two concepts before i get out of here17:28
snap-land it'll be great for Google Searches. :)17:28
brousch1. space out ribbons more http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/IMG_20110328_122430.jpg17:29
brousch2. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/IMG_20110328_122416.jpg17:30
brouschsmall version loses text on ribon, but retains the shape and colors17:30
snap-lI'm not a fan of angled icons like that17:37
snap-ldoesn't scale,I'm afraid17:37
snap-lBut I do like the multi-bookmarks out of a book idea17:37
rick_h_I've updated the 3rd view in the google doc and thinking about that17:37
rick_h_actual work came down the pipe so have to go do taht for a bit17:38
rick_h_thanks for the ideas everyone, crap. Thought I knew what I wanted and then I don't gah!17:38
=== ninkendo is now known as ninkendo_
jrwrensnap-l: lol @ book a week -> book a month.18:26
jrwrenwere they to be tech books?18:26
jrwrenor fiction?18:26
jrwrenzomg ninkendo_ !!!18:26
jrwrenninkendo_: I had dinner with Justin Burdine last Thursday. he is well.18:26
snap-ljrwren: Both18:30
jrwrenis patrick still in here?18:51
rick_h_jcastro: http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/11/03/28/1716239/Intel-Replaces-Consumer-SSD-Line-Nixes-SLC-SSD?from=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+slashdot%2FeqWf+%28Slashdot%3A+Slashdot%29&utm_content=Google+Reader18:59
rick_h_crap, sorry18:59
jcastroit doesn't bench too well unfortunately18:59
jcastrofirst the 510 and now this. :-/18:59
jcastroit's like they stopped caring18:59
* jcastro is waiting for the vertex 3 this month18:59
rick_h_guess it's time to drop the intel18:59
jcastrothis drive makes sense as a middle of the road drive19:00
jcastroit's the 510 that makes no sense whatsoever19:00
snap-l#Eventually it'll sort itself out19:01
snap-lThere's only enough room at the bleeding edge before folks stop caring, and start going consumer19:01
snap-lThis is interesting19:20
snap-lOrdered a Legacy recording from Amazon19:21
snap-land they essentially burned me a CD-R of it19:21
snap-lI'll have to bring it in to the next event. Pretty wild.19:21
rick_h_http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-illustration-14111879-book-icon.php?st=20f57f9 I like a lot19:21
rick_h_really? interesting19:21
snap-lrick_h_: I really like that19:21
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, first I've seen this19:22
snap-l(the burned CD-R). Almost like what Magnatune sent out back when19:22
rick_h_snap-l: yea, emailed the author to see what it could cost to get some custom color and the B onto the cover19:23
brouschgeez, nice19:28
brouschi'm always amazed at what real graphics artists come up with compared to me19:28
rick_h_hmmm, so what license would I need to get I wonder19:33
rick_h_boo, can't use in any logo?19:34
brouschit doesn't look that hard to make19:34
rick_h_yea, I'll see what the author says first19:35
rick_h_since it's his thing, I'd feel better if I paid him for it and such19:35
rick_h_but worst case yea, I guess I'll go another route19:36
snap-lBah, I keep forgetting to mention to tjagoda re: RIM's two CEOs21:48
* snap-l is listening to Wendy Carlos' Beauty and the Beast21:50
snap-land I have to say, it's pretty damn challenging21:50
brouschare you going to cry?21:52
snap-lNo, I'm not21:52
snap-lHave you heard it?21:52
jrwrenso those two CEO's, i guess they got rim jobs21:54
snap-lbah dump chish21:54
snap-lThey also have three COOs21:55
brouschooooh http://developers.slashdot.org/story/11/03/28/1634259/Java-Creator-James-Gosling-Hired-At-Google21:55
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, Google wants the creator of each of the languages they use on the payroll21:56
snap-l(credit to Twitter for that one)21:56
snap-lJeez, too many Chiefs in the kitchen21:57
brouschgeez you're right. guido is there too21:58
jrwrenStrastrup isn't.21:58
snap-ljrwren: Nobody would hire Stroustrup21:58
jrwrenlol. TRUTH21:58
snap-lYou know, that quote of him hoping that computers would be as easy to use as his telephone? C++ is sure as fuck not the way to get from point A to point B.22:00
snap-lMind you, we've moved the goalposts since then, but still. ;)22:00
jrwrenactually... smart phones are exactly what he said.22:10
snap-lmetaphorically, yes22:24
snap-lthey're not the same thing as a desktop computer (yet)22:24
snap-lthough the lines are definitely becoming blurrier each day22:24
jrwrenthey are more of a personal ocmputer htan a desktop computer is a personal computer.22:26
snap-lUm, now you're redefining the personal computer. :)22:29
snap-lRemember that even the lowly Altair was a "personal computer"22:29
jrwrenno i'm not.22:32
jrwrenand that is exactly my point.22:32
jrwrenits subjective, right?22:32
jrwrenits more personal for some people, because some people use it more.22:32

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