* BugeyeD and the wife are both registered for self 2011. 14:07
BugeyeDlooking forward to the puppet thingy14:07
BugeyeDand i don't mean punch and judy14:08
mhall119no NC global jam?19:28
akgranermhall119, we'd like to have one...20:05
akgranerhowever, I can't organize one here this time - I'll be at the txlf20:06
akgranerthere is going to be an install fest though in Asheville20:21
akgranerholstein, aren't you all doing that this coming weekend?20:22
Tracy_PFirst Sat in April20:22
akgraneryep that would be this coming saturday :-)20:22
akgranerholstein, do you need any LTS CD's I'll be back in Asheville on Wednesday20:23
akgranerand I've got 10.10 ones as well20:23
=== jack_ is now known as jack_^
mhall119you guys should put that on loco-directory20:49
akgranermhall119, nods20:50
holsteinakgraner: i'll take all the LTS's you got :)21:24
holsteinyeah, the install fest is happening saturday21:25
mhall119holstein: put it in the loco-directory!23:46
mhall119holstein: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/add/?global_event_id=56723:47

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