dmcgloneFinally a few moments of quiet and peace :-)01:22
canthus13paultag: How the fuck does internet go out for *3* weeks?01:51
canthus13(Other than not paying the bill...)01:51
paultagcanthus13: well we paid01:52
paultagcanthus13: but he went to Germany, and had to cancel the plan. They cut off the net that day (Time-W)01:52
paultagcanthus13: they then had to come and get the stuff before anything else (us getting it transfered)01:53
paultagcanthus13: which took a week01:53
paultagcanthus13: then they let us create an account with them, and set up a time to come01:53
paultagcanthus13: they then decided our order was stupid and sent an *EMAIL* (to kids without internet) saying that they were not comming01:53
paultagcanthus13: they then re-set the time for a week after, 3 week of no internet01:53
* canthus13 doesn't get crap like that.01:54
paultagit's so shitty01:54
canthus13Why troll your customers like that? It makes them go to other ISPs.01:54
canthus13That's how we get AT&T customers by the droves.01:55
canthus13Internet is easy to get up and running.. I can see telephone taking that long thanks to FCC regulations causing month-long snags, but internet doesn't have any regulatory issues to worry about.01:56
Cheri703google sketchup is super annoying02:07
Unit193Cheri703: That's great! (very bad lag? ;) )02:17
Unit193(had to read-up :/ )02:17
Unit193SSH can be funny like he said02:17
Unit193I have one that has it installed just fine, but it randomly can't connect02:18
canthus13Unit193: Is sshd running on the machine you can't connect to when it's not working? (Or can you even check?)03:24
Unit193canthus13: Yeah, I can connect from one computer, but not another for a bit03:24
canthus13Huh. Weird.03:25
canthus13I wonder if it could be a NIC driver issue....03:25
Unit193Yeah, big pain too03:25
canthus13sshd should have no problem handling several simultaneous connections.  Most of my machines have 2 or 3 incoming connections to them. (At minimum, I have htop on one screen and bash on another for each machine)03:26
Unit193It does work with two (after a little time)03:26
Unit193I just don't get it...03:26
* canthus13 has never seen that happen.03:26
canthus13see if there's anything in the auth logs.03:28
* Unit193 uses a keyfile03:29
canthus13or debug... or dmesg...03:30
Unit193auth has (a long) |grep ssh03:36
* Unit193 is an idiot...03:38
Unit193Forgot to say you also can't ping or anything else to that computer when it does this03:38
Unit193Sorry about that canthus1303:42
Unit193Hello SkrappJaw!04:18
Cheri703hola SkrappJaw04:18
SkrappJawwhats up?04:30
Cheri703nm, watching stargate sg1, on season 1 episode 2 :)04:31
Unit193Looking up some Asgard ships to name computers...04:32
canthus13Unit193: Got a spare NIC you can try?04:32
SkrappJaw Cheri793: Did you get my e-mail04:33
Cheri703also playing pandemic 204:33
Cheri703yeah, is that wood st cafe?04:33
Unit193canthus13: Not wireless (I have a USB Lan card...)04:33
SkrappJawIt's just called Wood St now though04:33
Cheri703ah, k04:33
Unit193canthus13: I think that's all I got...04:33
Cheri703as of this moment, barring unforeseen circumstances, I think we are going to try to make it04:34
canthus13Unit193: ah. Wireless... Could be a wireless driver issue. I've had networking freezes with both my broadcom 4312 and my atheros chipsets.04:34
SkrappJawI'll also be playing by myself ( probably acoustic ) on the next Thursday. But I do believe you should come hear the full band. :)04:35
canthus13Unit193: What distro are you using on the machine?04:35
Unit193canthus13: This is the same computer that randomly looses USB (wasn't it?) but this is another issue04:35
Unit193canthus13: Lubuntu04:35
canthus13k.  Maverick?04:35
Cheri703that's cool04:35
Unit193canthus13: Yeah04:35
canthus13And the randomly losing USB could be a symptom of a larger problem.04:35
canthus13chipset problems in particular.04:36
Unit193I'll have to remember if other devices work when the wireless is killed...04:36
SkrappJawThey are advertising my solo gig as "Skrapp Jaw". I'm pretty stoked04:40
canthus13Unit193: My wireless freeze issues started with maverick...04:42
* BiosElement yawns04:57
BiosElementHeh, just working on poking paypal buttons, I swear I hate them. >.<05:28
BiosElementIf anyone would like to support my f/oss game engine project, donations for server costs would be super helpful. http://cubecreate.com/donate </advert>05:34
Unit193The project seems to be going mostly well (pre-alpha and all)05:45
* Unit193 is still planning on trying it when it does come out05:48
BiosElementAwesome Unit193. Yeah, it's going mostly well, assuming we make it over the hurdle of a first release. Most projects die before then, so we'll see.05:50
* SkrappJaw is lurking05:52
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thafreakMorning Ohio16:02
thafreakOk which one of you anti-oracle jokers went and hacked mysql.com with the sql injection attack?16:03
Derath-SrvrYou mean that wasn't you?18:00
paultagI lol'd so hard18:01
Derath-SrvrPaul, got a new toy :)18:04
paultagDerath-Srvr: woo!!18:06
paultagDerath-Srvr: what did you get?18:06
Derath-SrvrFinally picked up an Evo! WOOHOO! Now I just need to figure out how to emulate the alt-key so I can use irssi lol18:06
Derath-SrvrI found an IME that can do Controls easy enough, but I can't figure out how to use Alts so I can switch between chats in Irssi18:07
Derath-SrvrAlso using ConnectBot for the terminal connection home...18:07
paultagwooo :)18:18
Unit193Cheri703: What type of CPU were you looking for again?22:57
Cheri703socket 775, above 2.8ghz if possible22:57
Unit193Cheri703: http://ark.intel.com/search.aspx?t=SPECCode&q=SL94R (Date on CPU: 05) and http://ark.intel.com/search.aspx?q=SL8CP (Date: 04)23:14
Cheri703how much for the 3.0?23:16
Unit193I dunno... (would like to know for sure that it works, doesn't look the best)23:16
Cheri703ok, we could try it23:17
Unit193Ah! it's just thermal paste badly plastered to it!23:18
Cheri703ah, k23:18
Cheri703alcohol wipes!23:18
Unit193Too bad it won't work in mine ;)23:19
Cheri703heh, yeah23:19
Unit193Next U-H I'll bring it (if I remember)23:30
Cheri703kk, awesome :)23:30
Unit193I just found: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27548 So now I have a P1, P2, P3, P4 (7), Pentium D (2), Celeron, Athlon 64 and random PPCs too (I think I may have some CPUs that are in dead laptops)23:59

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