bts3685|vpswow. there needs to be a more elegant way for keeping tracks of laws.02:53
PennBotRumor has it eighth_law is no law shall be modified, circumvented, added, or removed to conflict with Fifth Law, bts3685|vps02:53
PennBotI don't have a clue.03:00
bts3685|vpsforgive me, upa, for i hath fed a trolling freetard, and layeth a smackdown of smite hard upon him: http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=question&id=1484324206714&qa_ref=nac&post_id=1489501416141&notif_t=question_answer_comment04:52
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JonathanDMorning PA.11:54
InHisNameGooooooo....oood Mooooorrrrrning ! JonathanD14:13
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tychoishyou called?20:51
InHisNamewow!  23 weeks and only a few seconds to respond20:51
tychoishI lurk hardcore20:51
InHisNameare you near philly area ?20:52
InHisNameworking or job searching ?20:53
InHisNamelucky you20:53
tychoishwhat do you do?20:53
tychoishalso would I know you irl?20:53
tychoishor in-cyberspace-but-not-on-irc-irl20:54
InHisNameI do: searching for job20:54
tychoishthat's not quite what I meant20:54
InHisNameDon't seem to have any spare time though20:54
tychoishspare time is an illusion20:55
InHisNameI can't even be a hard core lurker......20:55
rhpot1991jobs are over rated20:55
InHisNametoo many kids saying daddy I need you ......20:55
InHisNamebesides the searching and the kids there is the retraining classes (CCNA, CCNP, MCSA)20:56
InHisNamerhpot1991: if you are tired of yours, I'll take it off your hands.20:57
InHisNameI have two years of bills to make up for.20:57
rhpot1991InHisName: assuming you aren't in the harrisburg area?20:57
InHisNameWell..... that could create a sore commute timing.20:58
rhpot1991I get tired of jobs every 6 months, so thats not really a fair statement :)20:58
rhpot1991InHisName: lots of .net crap here and out towards lancaster20:59
InHisNameIts less than 2 hours to lancaster from my home, but for bicycling that could get excessive.21:00
rhpot1991I wouldn't touch a 2 hour commute21:00
rhpot1991actually this one can do remote, if you know c#21:01
tychoishI do the 2 hour commute thing21:01
tychoishthe trains making it liveable21:01
rhpot1991only a 2 month contract though21:01
InHisNameI did 1.5 hours on a bike years ago.21:01
JonathanD1.5 hours on bike would be more tolerable than the same time in a car.21:02
InHisNameJonathanD: yeppers to that!   That is why I chose to do that.21:02
rhpot1991InHisName: PM me an email and I'll forward info to you21:02
rhpot1991you can reach out if you'd like21:02
JonathanDMy drive is about 4-6 minutes.21:02
* tychoish glares 21:02
JonathanDI'm considering biking at least one day a week for the summer, though.21:02
rhpot1991mine used to be 90 seconds, but there place went under :(21:03
andrewJonathanD: so bike21:03
InHisNameThat's almost too close for biking exercise, JonathanD21:03
rhpot1991I used to bike there too21:03
andrewJonathanD: I've already biked to work once21:03
JonathanDInHisName: the route I would take is a little longer.21:03
rhpot1991now my bike is neglected21:03
JonathanDSince I drive on bike-death-road.21:03
andrewscrew the excersise, you are slowly saving bundles on car maintance21:03
JonathanDandrew: 4 days a week we share the car, so I wouldn't really save anything those days.21:04
JonathanDit's a whole 30 seconds out of crissi's way.21:04
andrewhave her bike as well!21:04
andrewfamily activity!21:04
andrewhow far is her drive?21:05
JonathanDit's not all that much farther.21:05
JonathanDThere is the matter of dropping the kids off though.21:05
JonathanDI'm not sure both of us doing it could work, logistically.21:05
InHisNameI have a bicycle built for 2.  I thought about joint commutes but never orchestrated it well enough.21:05
JonathanDI could get away with it myself though, if she drops the kids off.21:06
andrewget a conferencebike: http://www.conferencebike.com/bike.html?bike=6421:06
PennBotTitle: ConferenceBike - Eric Staller - Bike (at www.conferencebike.com)21:06
InHisNameI bike pooled to bike club rides.  A few years later married her too.21:06
JonathanDI would double back to the 202 bridge into norristown, then get on thetrail.21:06
JonathanDinto conshy, then cross the river again to get to work.21:06
InHisNameThat's quite a haul from Norristown to CC for a daily grind.21:09
JonathanDInHisName: I only go to conshohocken.21:09
InHisNameOh! much closer.21:09
InHisNameProbably a lot less crowded too.21:09
PennBotTitle: E 4th St to Barr Harbor Dr - Google Maps (at www.google.com)21:10
JonathanDroughly, even21:13
waltmanshould be a nice flat ride, too21:41
andrewHe's even a fairly falt ride away from where I go rock climbing21:44
* paulproteus waves at InHisName23:26

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