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* cyberanger wonders how this channel keeps dying04:15
chris4585it was once a thriving chan05:11
chris4585after it was dead that was05:12
cyberangerchris4585: this sort of thing has happened, but not quite like this05:14
cyberangerthis isn't that one day, spring break or summer vacation05:14
cyberangerit's just, well odd05:15
chris4585well yeah, I guess we have plenty of people in here that could talk but just aren't05:15
chris4585cyberanger, I was referring to when I first came in here... there were maybe 3 people on the nicklist..05:15
chris45854 rather but still05:15
cyberangerI remember, about the same time I joined05:16
cyberangerthe slump between two different leaderships05:16
cyberangerback in 0805:16
cyberangerchris4585: that was the worst this channel has had I think, back then05:17
cyberangerhow's it going vychune05:17
vychunegood watch detective conan05:18
* cyberanger is unaware of that show05:19
vychuneits japanese05:36
vychuneits very good05:39
vychune600 episodes05:39
* cyberanger is watching Next 3 Days05:42
* vychune doesnt know what that is05:43
cyberangerit's a Movie05:44
vychuneoh ok05:44
vychuneohh yeah05:45
vychuneis iit ny good?05:47
cyberangerYes, but somewhat unbelieveable05:51
cyberangerperhaps moreso for me than most (I know alot of where the movie is set)05:51
cyberangermost thriller movies are somewhat unbelieveable too06:10
cyberangerso it works06:10
XpistosMonring all14:04
wrsthey Xpistos what up?14:04
Xpistosdo any of you guys use google apps?20:33
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cyberangerwrst: you around?22:47
wrsthey cyberanger22:50
cyberangerwrst: today I'm in a GUI for a change, working with GIS software22:51
cyberangerand it22:51
wrstoh my goodness are you ill? :)22:51
cyberangerand it's a pain22:51
wrstha ha :)22:52
cyberangerno, GIS kinda requires a Gui, trying to overlay NOAA RIDGE data22:52
cyberangerRadar data, that is22:52
cyberangerlater I'll tie a GPS into it22:52
cyberangerthis is something I've not done before (well, to this scale at least)22:53
cyberangerdo you know of GIS?22:53
wrstvaguely cyberanger geographic info system?22:56
cyberangerso I'm making my hacker friendly version of Google Earth pretty much22:56
cyberangeror so goes this effort22:59
wrsthmm cool :)23:01
cyberangerNASA made satellite imagery easy23:03
cyberangerNOAA made a lot of weather data easier, but not as simple as NASA via MapServer23:04
cyberangeranything to justify the advil intake I suppose ;-)23:04
wrstha ha cyberanger23:10
wrsthey brandon1 how are you doing?23:11
brandon1im good23:12
brandon1how bout you?23:12
wrstdoing good23:13
brandon1thats cool... so are u any good at programming >>wrst23:13
wrstbrandon1: i know nothing about progamming :) cyberanger does23:16
cyberangerwrst: more sysadmin really, I know scripting, and I know how to give really good impressions aperrently23:17
wrstha ha :)23:17
wrstwell cyberanger compared to me....23:18
cyberangerGo away or I will replace you with a very small shell script23:19
cyberangerthat shirt would go so well here23:21
mhall119is tennessee doing a global jam this weekend?23:47
wrsthey mhall11923:57
wrstcyberanger:  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^23:57
cyberangerwe never really knew about it23:58
cyberangerThey sent out emails to the locos the day after this months meeting23:58
cyberangerI forwarded it off on the list, got nothing back23:58
cyberangerso I presume no23:58

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