sakhiis it me or gmail is having disconnects?09:00
linuxboyI keep having issues09:12
linuxboyhad them for about 3 weeks now09:12
Symmetriahttp://iris.tenet.ac.za/test/jhb.php 12:29
Symmetria<3 !12:29
SymmetriaI made it work12:29
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tr4xhey hey13:37
Kilosafternoon all16:23
nlsthznhi uncle Kilos16:28
Kiloshiya nlsthzn howzit16:28
nlsthznAll cool16:28
nlsthznand there?16:29
Kilosfine ty just made another booboo16:37
Kiloswas clean installing to 20g drive and didnt read nicely and loat all backups and data that was on my external16:38
Kilosand cant member how i gfixed it a year ago16:38
KilosMaaz, kilos.blog16:39
MaazKilos: kilos.blog is http://mileyssignificantblog.blogspot.com/16:39
Kiloscant member if i said exactly how16:39
Kiloswill go see16:39
nlsthznthat sucks... I wiped my 300GB back-up drive a few weeks ago when doing a clean install... still had it plugged in and I didn't pay attention when the partitions where created... ooops16:41
Kilosyip thats what i did16:43
Kilosbut once before i managed to recover everything using the tools testdisk photorec foremost and scalpel16:43
Kilosnow i doing something wrong16:44
Kilosand i didnt explain in the blog how to do it step for step16:44
Kiloswhatta fool i be at times16:44
Kilosi thought i was gonna install on the 20g and didnt look lekker and parted the 40g external16:45
Kilosanyway i will kep trying. but data very low so will most likely be offline till the 1st then get new bundle and come say hi again16:47
Kiloshehe try making 50m data last 3 weeks16:48
Kilosnlsthzn, tell the guys i say hi and will be back on the first please16:49
nlsthznKilos: not there that often but I will do when I am online.... cheers and good luck16:53
Kilosthanks. if you want to try recover you lost data look at 16:55
nlsthznKilos: to late... luckily I had all the data on my desktop... thing was it just started the partitioning when I ripped the USB cable out in a panic... :p all well now16:57
nuvolariseems like the interwebs is broken tonight19:09
nuvolarior is it just me?19:09
nuvolari*hint hint* vodacom19:09
superflynuvolari: just you19:31

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