edbianBroseph: you already did?  run this: sudo modprobe b4300:00
gsfaiill make an easier question00:00
Brosephedbian: I tried that before, should I restart networking now?00:01
BanEvadingDCC SEND start keylogger 0 0 000:01
gsfaihow can i find out which file arecord reads from?00:01
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.00:01
edbianBroseph: You could also restart networking.  sudo service networking restart00:01
pfifok-lined lol00:01
edbianBroseph: Or the whole machine.00:01
edbianBroseph: You seem to have a good handle on what you're doing!  :)00:01
Brosephtrying the reboot, I hope it magically works now00:02
Brosephbrb in 5, thanks for the help though - hope to find you around when I get back00:02
edbianBroseph: inserting the module (b43), restarting network, and restarting the entire machine should all have the same affect.00:02
edbianBroseph: see you soon00:03
Wickedhello all. how do i get evolution to download all my mail form gmail?>00:03
cobra-the-jokerHey there every one ... Is the LTS for servers only or i can use it on my laptop ?00:04
xangua Wicked go to gmail and enable pop or imap, the one that you like more00:04
edbiancobra-the-joker: You can use the LTS on anything you want.00:04
xanguacobra-the-joker: ubuntu is for desktops and servers00:04
cobra-the-jokerLTS then00:04
Xubuntunoobi want to install qpspmanager but i dont know how to build from source00:04
Wickedxangua, ive done that...evolution can connect to gmail..and it downloaded some of my mail...but not all of it...i want evolution to download everything in my "All mail" section of gmail00:05
bob__also need to make sure, when assigning a router port to also remember to use noshut command and save config to start or it will revert to startup config when you reboot it00:05
Xubuntunoobis there any .deb  for powerpc ubuntu??00:05
xanguaWicked: do you use imap¿00:05
Wickedxangua, i have been using pop00:05
Wickedbut i am looking into changing it to imap00:05
Xubuntunoobcan someone help pls00:06
Logan_!please | Xubuntunoob00:06
ubottuXubuntunoob: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:06
rcmaehlLOLWUT!? FF1 in wine being faster than FF4.  Is this ubuntu's fault?00:06
xanguaimap is better for what you want, keeps your webmail and desktop mail sync Wicked00:06
xangua!ot | rcmaehl00:06
ubotturcmaehl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:06
Wickedhmm ok00:06
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:07
Xubuntunoobi did00:07
virusuyhi all00:08
Xubuntunoobsearched google like 3 times00:08
Xubuntunooband the forums00:08
pfifoXubuntunoob, yes of course there are .deb files for Ubuntu power pc.00:09
Xubuntunoobpfifa   is there any .deb files for qpspmanager?00:09
Wickedhmm....its still not download all my mail00:10
pfifoXubuntunoob, I dont know, but if you look in the repo's and don't see it, and then look on the projects site, and still do not see any, then there is a good chance that there are not.00:10
Brosephedbian: no dice, I should mention that I've setup wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces and I've got it setup in wpa_supplicant as well, should I undo those changes?00:11
edbianBroseph: I need the output of dmesg again.00:11
Xubuntunoobpfifa wheres the projects site??00:11
edbianBroseph: and, while you're at it.  pastebin /etc/network/interfaces in their as well00:11
Belial`has anyone had any luck getting switchable graphics for nvidia working yet?00:13
Belial`using an acer with a geforce gt 420m.00:13
pfifoXubuntunoob, youll have to ask google that00:13
Logan_!google | pfifo00:13
ubottupfifo: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:13
culbResults for | pfifo on Google:00:13
Logan_culb: please turn that script off00:13
Brosephedbian: dmesg - http://pastebin.com/23CdaLMr, interfaces - http://pastebin.com/k8D9fWeZ, /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf - http://pastebin.com/ixqyQRua00:13
pfifothankyou Logan_00:14
ActionParsnipBelial`: http://ernolf.blogdns.net/tiki-view_blog_post.php?blogId=3&postId=400:15
edbianBroseph: The dmesg output is still saying that the firmware is missing.  Can you run this: sudo apt-get purge b43-fwcutter  and this sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter and pastebin everything it says?  The interfaces file will probably mess with things but I'm not worried about that so we'll leave it for now.00:15
philipp_RewriteRule style.css style.php00:15
philipp_does not work -.-00:15
Brosephedbian: network is wpa2-personal with AES encryption PSK, but I imagine it doesn't really matter if those settings are correct as long as I can't even do an iwlist scan00:15
edbianBroseph: Make sure the Ubuntu machine is online especially for the second command.00:15
Brosephedbian: 1 second00:15
gsfaiWhy is my system always configured somehow else that the usual systems, so nobody can help me?00:15
edbianBroseph: yes. that is exactly right.  iwlist scan should work00:16
Mahjongghello, at some point I have locked the php version that I have on my system. I do not need that lock anymore and I have unlocked them and upgraded to the latest. Now When I do apt-get dist-upgrade apt wants to downgrade those packages... What am I missing ehre?00:17
Brosephedbian: http://pastebin.com/tPAtP7HC00:18
edbianBroseph: What does it do after 'setting up b43-fwcutter ...'  ?00:18
Brosephthat was it, just returned be back to shell basically00:19
philipp_heeeeeeeello? someone know what i am doing wrong?00:19
philipp_RewriteRule style.css style.php00:19
Belial`ActionParsnip, i assume that works on more than just vaios?00:19
philipp_i did it in the httpd.conf00:19
philipp_RewriteRule style.css style.php00:19
edbianBroseph: I'm reading here: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#devicefirmware  what card is yours again.  (check using sudo lspci)00:19
philipp_but it does not work00:20
ActionParsnipBelial`: not sure, I don't buy dual video chip nonesense, give it a go00:20
Belial`ActionParsnip, that nonesense is pretty much the future of laptops.00:20
Belial`that's the problem with not having support for linux.00:20
philipp_come on!00:20
Logan_!please | philipp_00:21
ubottuphilipp_: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:21
ActionParsnipBelial`: if GPUs can clock up and down like regular CPUs, its a much sleeker solution00:21
Belial`ActionParsnip, they can. but onboard solutions still use less power than a dedicated gpu with power management.00:21
Brosephedbian : 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)00:21
Broseph02:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)00:21
ActionParsnipBelial`: its as smart as having 2 CPUs in the system, 1 fast and 1 slow....00:21
edbianBroseph: This is a bcm4318.00:22
Belial`ActionParsnip, that's actually a terrible analogy.00:22
edbianBroseph: Fully supported.00:22
ActionParsnipBelial`: why, they are both processing units, one is justfor graphics00:22
edbianBroseph: Let's see if you can manually place the firmware in /lib/firmware/b4300:22
Belial`ActionParsnip, so you're saying nvidia, intel, amd, and ati00:22
Belial`(which is amd)00:22
philipp_Logan_ well you guys know the answer... you just dont tell me...00:23
Belial`are wasting their time?00:23
Belial`because their dedicated solutions are just as good downclocked00:23
Brosephedbian: alright, do you have the link to the firmware on hand?00:23
edbianBroseph: I'm trying to find it00:23
ActionParsnipBelial`: no, they should make their units clock up and down just like CPUs do, saves users having to manually change their video chip manually, the system can detect the speed needed (just like cool n quiet) and use more or less power automatically00:24
j5hi, i have trouble with firefox 4 and flash-- theres lots of weird flickering and white blocks and bad mouse interactiveness, any ideas?00:24
Belial`ActionParsnip,  they do. it's called power management. something the opensource drivers don't have.00:24
Bilzhello. trying to work my mic on my acer 5738 laptop. i got it to work now but its really noisy ( i can hear my recordings... ) any ideas? trying to play around with alsakmixer but not really sure what i need to play around with in it00:24
Belial`but even with power management it still uses more juice than onboard.00:24
BrosephStep 2.On a computer with Internet access, download the required firmware files from http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/wl_apsta- and http://mirror2.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-
Brosephfrom https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:25
indrajeethow to download ubuntu tweak?00:25
ActionParsnipBelial`: then they should invest more into power management so it uses less00:25
indrajeet how to download ubuntu tweak?00:25
xanguaindrajeet: go to ubuntu tweak web and read the instructions00:25
Xubuntunoobi was wondering how to download ubuntu tweak too00:25
Belial`ActionParsnip, you have no clue what you're talking about.00:26
oasisTopherHi, I have 10.04 Desktop 64bit.  I installed apcupsd and installed it at the following page, but it still says "error contacting..""..Connection refused : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/apcupsd00:26
ActionParsnipBelial`: the switching thing is a cheap workaround00:26
ActionParsnipindrajeet: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/00:26
Belial`ActionParsnip, clock speeds aren't everything. they'd have to literally cripple the hardware to do that.00:26
edbianBroseph: Did you see the blue screen asking about firmware?00:26
ingiI have a proplem w/ pksc 11 not login in ff4!!! plz help00:26
edbianBroseph: Try installing: sudo apt-get install bcm43xx00:26
Belial`ActionParsnip, maybe you need to read up a little more.00:26
ActionParsnipBelial`: its a cheap workaround, but if companies will support it then it's fine00:27
Brosephedbian - no, no blue sreen00:27
Brosephno bcm43xx package found00:28
Belial`ActionParsnip, cpu makers are giving their cpus integrated graphics, graphic makers are making dedicated cpus and writing drivers to switch to the onboard gpus to save battery life. that's a cheap workaround opposed to crippling the dedicated hardware and nullifying the entire point of dedicated hardware?00:28
Belial`i'm sorry, dedicated gpus*00:28
ingiAn error occurred during a connection to umsoknir.audkenni.is.00:29
ingiPKCS#11 token was inserted or removed while operation was in progress.00:29
ingi(Error code: ssl_error_token_insertion_removal) can sobody help plz?00:29
ActionParsnipBelial`: what if you want something in between, do we need 3 GPUs?00:29
arunshi someoen here was helping me with my sound configuration and recommeded i install some generic drivers. but now x won't start and it throws me straight to the console login.00:29
Belial`ActionParsnip, that makes no sense...00:29
Belial`there is no in between.00:30
arunsdmesg doesnt have anything, but trying to run startx, says nvidia module not found.00:30
edbianBroseph: There is a bug in the b43-fwcutter package.  I'm reading.00:30
Belial`it works 100% perfect on windows and osx00:30
Brosephedbian: oh noes! link?00:30
ActionParsnipBelial`: and what if you need more, do we turn on and use all 3?00:30
philipp_where do i create the /.htaccess file?00:30
daanishcan someone help me remember how 'what is the best...' worked here?00:30
Belial`ActionParsnip, that's what sli is for.00:30
ActionParsnipBelial`: thats because of the support, Linux doesn't get the same love00:30
Belial`or crossfire00:30
Wickedcan anyone help me make it so that evolution downloads everything from my gmail account including my "all mail" folder on gmail?00:30
edbianBroseph: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx  go waaay down to install b43- No INternet Access00:31
Wickedi cannot figure out how00:31
daanishwhat is the best00:31
Belial`ActionParsnip, i know. it sucks. because i'd rather use linux. but unfortunately, my laptop is being wasted right now. it's a shame.00:31
xanguaWicked: use imap, already told you00:31
Wickedxangua, i now am.00:31
Belial`nvidia doesn't want to support it on linux and x.org developers don't want to make it work either.00:31
Wickedxangua, and its *still* not00:31
edbianBroseph: And, can you show me what is in /lib/firmware/b43/   ?00:31
ActionParsnipBelial`: moan to the manufacturers, they may get enoughh voices and support it00:31
Belial`ActionParsnip, moaning to them means nothing when x.org won't implement it.00:32
ThatGuyOverThereIs there any way that I can change my mouse gestures?00:32
Wickedxangua, when i hit send/receive in evolutin it pops up and says "scanning folders in <account>@gmail.com"00:32
ThatGuyOverThereTapping with two fingers on my mousepad used to middle-click and three fingers used to be right click. Now they're switched.00:32
Wickedbut it is not downloading all my messages00:32
Brosephedbia: does not exist..00:33
ActionParsnipBelial`: well if you won't make moves to improve the issue, you can't complain00:33
xanguait will take a while, depending of the amount of data you have Wicked00:33
kernalzeroI'm building an atom webserver for my home...great right... I'm new to server operating systems.  would you suggest I install ubuntu desktop then virtualize an install of ubuntu server? or just throw ubuntu server on the new server box and go?00:33
Rodolfobad experience with U10.04. Still experiencing HICS00:33
edbianBroseph: I figured.  Follow the direction for b43 - no internet access   (how annoying is this?!)00:33
Belial`ActionParsnip, there's nothing i can do. x.org won't don't it. period. neither will nvidia. there's petitions, emails, etc. it's not happening.00:34
oasisTopheranyone configure apcupsd?00:34
Belial`not any time soon.00:34
=== jasono is now known as Jasono
Brosephedbian: will do and report back :)00:34
Wickedxangua, since i setup imap(before i ate dinner..so at least 20 mins) it has not downloaded a single new message00:34
Belial`ActionParsnip, so again, you don't make sense.00:34
edbianBroseph: You can skip step 100:34
xanguaThatGuyOverThere: i use easyestrock for mousegestures00:34
Kaie`ActionParsnip, you speak garbage.00:34
ThatGuyOverTherexangua: Thanks. I'll give it a try.00:35
philipp_where the hell do i have to write my /.htaccess to enable mod_rewrite?00:35
ActionParsnipBelial`: if you sit in a corner and moan that stuff doesn't work or stuff isn't how you like it and make zero change then its pretty poor. If you get up and make changes and try and make things better then things may change, they may not00:35
Bilzhello. trying to work my mic on my acer 5738 laptop. i got it to work now but its really noisy ( i can hear my recordings... ) any ideas? trying to play around with alsakmixer but not really sure what i need to play around with in it00:36
Belial`ActionParsnip, make what changes? i think you have no clue what you're talking about. i've emailed nvidia, i've signed petitions, i've tried hacks. nothing.00:36
Belial`so what do you mean?00:36
ingi(Error code: ssl_error_token_insertion_removal) can sobody help plz?00:36
ActionParsnipBelial`: that sort of thing, yes00:36
Belial`....ok, i'm done talking to you00:36
bfbrunotem algum brasileiro ai?00:36
oasisTopherhow do you recommend I see the drivers in use for a usb device in 10.04?00:37
ActionParsnipoasisTopher: run: lsusb   use the 8 character hex ID to find guides00:37
nerdy_kidhey guys, I'm trying to disable menu icons on gtk apps in KDE and things are not cooperating.  I have "gtk-menu-images=FALSE" in my .gtkrc-2.0 file.  what am i doing wrong?00:37
visual1cemy places menu is screwed up... when i click on different items it opens different videos rather than nautilus with the appropriate folder00:37
oasisTophergoogle the hex ID?00:38
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163196100:38
ingican sombody plz help00:38
ActionParsnipoasisTopher: if you want to use google, yes00:38
phlamigoI'd like to tweak the LXDM login manager, specifically removing the digital date/clock, and the *massive* "Login:" text.00:39
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
oasisTopherOK, I found it using lsusb.  is there an option on the command line?  for instance on older versious you could cat /proc.... and it would tell you something like Driver=hid or Driver=none00:40
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: you need to reassociate opening folders with nautilus00:40
oasisTopherI mean an option of lsusb that will tell the driver commanding the device00:40
jamie4is it generally advised to use ubuntu-restricted-extras or medibuntu on 10.10? (restricted-extras says for 9.10 and 10.04)00:40
ActionParsnipoasisTopher: sudo lshw | less      will show you the driver in use by all hardware00:41
visual1cethanx ActionParsnip - i got it working00:41
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: np bro00:41
visual1cebut how did it go so wonky in the first place?00:41
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: not sure, i've seen it a lot though00:41
oasisTopheralso when I run lususb -D 017 it tells me "Cannot open 017"00:41
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: I have that link in favourites ;)00:42
induzis there any application for Ooffice like synonymous on words or lookup00:42
induz i use clt f7 on OO but there are not very word choices?00:42
ActionParsnipinduz: like a thesaurus?00:42
oasisTophersudo lshw | less showed me nothing, big empty lines00:42
oasisTopheroh wait nm00:43
acidblue /server localhost 6667 acidblue:sunking700:43
RealOpty!alsa RealOpty00:43
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:43
lashahey guys anyone knows how to mount partition at startup automatically ?00:43
ActionParsniplasha: use /etc/fstab00:44
lashain terminal ?00:44
ActionParsnip!fstab | lasha00:44
ubottulasha: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:44
pietroklash: yes edit the /etc/fstab in terminal00:44
lashaActionParsnip thanks man00:45
ActionParsniplasha: np bro00:45
oasisTopherwhy does it tell me "Cannot open 017" when I run lususb -D 017?00:45
induzlike when u type on Office Words and right click and select synonyms00:45
lashaActionParsnip says not found00:46
philipp_OMFG! can someone PLEASE tell me what i i have to write in where to redirect style.css to style.php useing mod_rewrite??????00:46
ActionParsnipoasisTopher: the device file will be like /dev/bus/usb/001/001.00:46
ActionParsniplasha: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab00:46
lashaActionParsnip ok thanks again :)00:46
induzActionParsnip, like synonyms00:46
Xubuntunoobterminal is being annoying00:47
illmortalanyone know of widgets that have clear backgrounds.. something similar to Rain meter for Windows 7?00:47
ActionParsnipinduz: let me search00:47
Xubuntunoobevery time i try to install something even if i press yes it still aborts00:47
Bilzhow do i get the model of my soundcard?00:47
ActionParsnipinduz: http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=756000:48
oasisTopherwow thanks it gave me lots of info, but not the driver. towards the end it says can't get device qualifier.00:48
ActionParsnipBilz: sudo lshw -C sound00:48
oasisTophercan't get debug descriptor00:48
oasisTophercannot read device status, Operation not permitted00:48
induzActionParsnip, when i click clt F7  it does not give me many words00:48
oasisTophershould I be able to cat proc /dev/bus/usb?00:49
ActionParsnipinduz: install openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us00:50
philipp_OMFG! can someone PLEASE tell me what i i have to write in where to redirect style.css to style.php useing mod_rewrite??????00:50
truepurpleI am trying to install fhalsh on my ubuntu 10.10 64bit install. Using install automatically isn't working, but I found a command line online that is suppose to install it. Problem is that it is asking for a "administrative password" and is not accepting the password I use to login, get  it off standbye etc00:50
Xubuntunoobsomeone help me pls00:51
Sw33NYit recommended to choice 64 / 128 / 512 chunk for RAID 5?00:51
truepurple*I mean, trying to install flash00:51
Sw33NYwiith mdadm00:51
Mahjonggphilipp_, you may like to try #apache00:51
ActionParsniptruepurple: use the same password you logged in with, there is no visual feedback00:51
truepurpleActionparsnips: There is visual feedback, and it says wrong password when I do.00:52
truepurpleI just explained that I used the same password that I log in etc with.00:53
philipp_<Mahjongg> i have no sprek permission there... why should i join there? -.-00:53
ActionParsniptruepurple: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree     will install it for you00:53
BilzActionParsnip, shows weird outputoptions snd-hda-intel model=<your_model_or-audo> position_fix=2 im trying to add this line, but i cant find the model of my card and i dont know how!!!00:53
philipp_ Cannot join #apache (Channel is invite only).00:53
Bilzsorry, wasnt meant to say your name00:54
xangua!register | philipp_00:54
ubottuphilipp_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:54
Brosephedbian: it works!00:54
Brosephwhat exactly was the issue?00:54
Mahjonggphilipp_, strange I can see you there00:54
truepurpleActionParsnips What about the administrative password problem?00:55
TecnicoDPCjoin/ #linuxjournal00:55
blue112g'night ubunteros00:55
philipp_you guys are useless... i try to find somewhere else help -.-00:56
xanguatruepurple: and are you sure  you have administrator provileges¿00:57
laanancan anyone help me get my acer aspire one to work with ubuntu netbook: specifically, wifi? It doesn't seem to recognize it. I am dualbooting with win700:57
V33Xwhy do Linux drivers need the Linux kernel source to install on Linux00:57
induzActionParsnip, -thesaurus-en-us is installed00:57
induzbut can i setup to right click?00:58
truepurplexangua: I installed it, why would it install without anyone being given administrator privileges?00:58
edbianBroseph: hurray!00:59
edbianGlad I could help00:59
truepurplexangua: If I don't have administrator priviledges, no one does.00:59
V33Xwhy do Linux drivers need the Linux kernel source to install on Linux?00:59
ActionParsnipinduz: that's all I can suggest dude sorry00:59
Brosephedbia: thanks so much, if you want the askubuntu rep: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32289/activating-wireless-drivers-in-cli01:00
ActionParsnipV33X: so you can compile the driver, it needs to know how to talk to the kernel. it will also be only compiled for that kernel01:00
Brosephedbian: otherwise I'll answer it lol01:00
xanguaV33X: because the drivers are on the kernel01:00
V33XOK, thanks :)01:00
nerdy_kidfor some reason my ambiance menus are white instead of dark gray.01:01
laananhello, sorry to repost but just wondering if someone can help me...acer...ubuntu...wifi not working...01:02
fllthylaanan: what is the model of your acer?01:02
laananaspire one01:02
oasisTopher_should I be able to cat proc/bus/usb/devices?01:03
laananI am dualbooting with win701:03
Xubuntunoobmy terminal isnt working properly01:03
oasisTopher_trying to get apcupsd to work, no luck01:03
ActionParsnipXubuntunoob: can you give some details please01:03
induzActionParsnip, Thanks for helping though01:05
ActionParsniplaanan: run: sudo lshw -C network      websearch for the wireless chip reported in the output01:05
nerdy_kidfor some reason my ambiance menus are white instead of dark gray, any one have an idea why this is so?01:09
induzhow can i use extension on OOffice... i dont see it on tool?01:12
vatzecHey :-) I'm using the newest stable version of Ubuntu and I'm using the ambiance theme (the one with the window buttons on the left by default), however what annoys me is that there is no window icon displayed in this theme. Is there any way I can fix it while still using this theme? It's very cool.01:13
vatzec"New Wave" (another bundled theme) does display icons by default01:14
NeT_DeMoNHi, is there anyone who can assist me in a chroot install of ubuntu?01:14
ThomasB2kVatzec, a program called Ubuntu Tweak allows you to add the icon back and do a lot of other cool stuff as well01:14
vatzecOh. Do you know what exactly it does to put the icon back in?01:14
vatzecI'd rather do that manually :-)01:15
jofdkohi, i'm trying to set up my printer and I get this: There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'. What/s up?01:15
pfifoNeT_DeMoN, what exactly is the trouble?01:16
fermulatorAnyone in here familiar with mdadm?   I'm getting a really slow RAID6 fresh build (new array creation) -- only 13MB/s  -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10608656#post1060865601:16
RealOptyanyone have some suggestions for HDMI audio with nvidia card?01:17
NeT_DeMoNpfifo: I just need an updated walkthrough for an idiot, I tried the article but it got me no where.01:17
anoobcan i watch a flash stream with vlc? (http://www.redetv.com.br/aovivo)01:17
induzhow can i install WirWib extension for OO it says Java impletmentaion error01:17
pfifoNeT_DeMoN, Im not sure if debootstrap is appropriate for an idiot, is there any reason your not doing a normal install?01:18
NeT_DeMoNpfifo: I don't have any cds or usb flash drives.01:18
philipp_it just does not work01:18
philipp_i followed 5 toturials how to enable mod_rewrite in perl01:19
vatzecI was hoping it's one of the things I can do in gconf-editor01:19
philipp_did what all tuts wanted01:19
ActionParsnipinduz: do you have java installed?01:21
induzi guess so01:21
pfifoNeT_DeMoN, well, i learned how to chroot install by doing the LiveCD customization guide, but before I even started I knew all the ins and outs of building a working linux system. I am not sure if there is a up to date guide, but if you understand the process and know what the commands your running actually do, a walkthrough shouldnt be needed01:21
ActionParsnipinduz: check, then in tools -> options make sure java is selected there01:21
Ig0rhi boys:) anyone to help me pls? i want to scan my local network for "mac address"01:22
joentjuhHi, can anyone help me with a wireless+hibernation issue? - When I disable wireless in NetworkManager, it's always reanabled after hibernation (I want it to keep the state from before, or disabled).01:22
ActionParsnipIg0r: nmap can do that01:23
joentjuhIg0r: sudo nmap -sP (match IP to your network)01:23
Ig0rtnx all :)01:23
paperclip11hello, is it possible to take ubuntu certified professional certification exam without having previous LPI's?01:23
pfifoNeT_DeMoN, gentoo is pretty much made to be installed via chroot, its processes are well documented and upto date whereas doing the same in ubuntu is a rare task and not many have a good reason to do it. perhaps you should look into gentoo01:23
acidbluejust installed znc bouncer, but whois still shows my ip ??01:24
meLonHow come I can refer to some of my ubuntu installations over the network as their hostname (http, ssh, etc) but sometimes I cannot?01:25
induzActionParsnip, after tool--.Option---> where?01:25
pfifoacidblue, did you install znc on your local machine?01:26
Ig0rjoentjuh: how to scan for mass ip xx.xxx.11.1 to xxx.xxx.xxx.22.25401:26
Robert__does anyone have diaspora invites ? I would like to get one but still waiting after some months..01:26
ActionParsnipinduz: the java lie..... I thought that was clear....01:27
rww!ot | Robert__01:27
ubottuRobert__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:27
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joentjuhIg0r: not sure, xx.xx.11-22.1-254?01:27
Robert__sorry, wrong window!01:27
SnooterI want to build a streamlined ubuntu to run from a pendrive. It needs to boot on various hardware and then run my perl backup script. No GUI/CUPS/etc required.  I'm building a ubuntu server onto a 32GB  pendrive now. Can anyone think of a better way?01:27
AurigaHello, startup quesiton...? I have been playing with Arch of late, & there is a whole load of .xinitrc editing, where is the comparable file in Ubuntu?01:28
pfifoSnooter, your doing it right01:28
ActionParsnipSnooter: could use minimal iso then remaster it, add what you need01:28
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gizmobayCan someone tell me how to add a password to a pdf file? I can't see how in PDFedit.01:28
acidblueyes I installed on local machine01:28
acidbluepfifo yes01:29
pfifoacidblue, then freenode is going to see you local machine connecting via its IP address01:29
ActionParsnipgizmobay: pdftk may be able to password protect01:29
shcherbakgizmobay: Use rar with password.01:30
acidbluepfifo, DOH!01:30
vatzecThomasB2k: Ubuntu Tweak is cool, but unfortunately, it doesn't allow me to add icons to window title bars in Ambiance :(01:30
vatzecOnly move the buttons.01:30
gizmobayI don't think the person I'm sending the file could handle rar01:31
acidbluepfifo, so I have to install on seperate PC ?01:31
=== root is now known as Guest33231
Ig0rjoentjuh: sorry i want to say xx.10.1 to xx.15.22401:31
pfifoacidblue, you need to rent a VPS/dedicated server with a static IP address, purchase a domain name, and ask your (dedi's) ISP to set reverse DNS lookups to match your forward DNS for thee domain name... then install znc on that server01:32
BabyGirlis there a imagebin plugin for nautilus also,i have pastebin :)01:32
pfifoor just rent a BNC from someone who already did this01:32
acidbluepfifo, thanks,  I suppose I could use a shell acount instaed/01:33
xanguaBabyGirl: there are lots of scripts on gnome-look.org01:33
truepurpleHow do you change resolution in ubuntu?01:33
gizmobayI did it with pdfescape.com01:34
xanguasys>prefs>monitor truepurple01:34
=== acidblue is now known as zz_acidblue
ActionParsnipgizmobay: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94948001:35
shcherbakIs there any shortcut to toggle "mail" applet in gnome-panel, or way to toggle panel (i am using autohide) without opening menu?01:35
gizmobaythanks ActionParsnip01:36
meLonnbtscan is showing all of my computers with samba installed.  I am able to access all but one of them through their HOSTNAME.  I am trying to figure out why this one is not able to be refered to by it's hostname.  Any suggestions?01:37
truepurplehow can I install flash on ubuntu?01:37
xanguatruepurple: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree01:38
SnootermeLon: Is it on the same network segment or routed?01:39
truepurpleDo I need a internet connection for this to work?01:39
meLonYes.  Snooter it's really simple setup.  I can ping COMPUTER1 and COMPUTER2 but COMPUTER3 will not respond.  (I can ping ANYTHING by ip, I'm taalking about hostnames).  It is unaware of a computer with the hostname COMPUTER301:40
meLonI am not sure what packages I need installed Snooter, or if I need a windows computer as a server or what :P01:40
truepurplexangua: Do I need a internet connection for this to work?01:40
myrmidette_anar/join ##windows01:40
xanguatruepurple: aaah, yes01:41
truepurpleok, disconnecting to try it then01:41
ariel_I have a small issue, after updating my drivers on ubuntu to the nvideo drivers, after the reboot looks good works fine, but my power icon at the top left is gone, any way to get this back?01:41
SnootermeLon: My thought was it was using broadcasts to resolve the names to IP addresses and a router was blocking the traffic for COMPUTER3.01:41
fermulator meLon: in order to ping windows hostnames, you need winbind.   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149648801:41
fermulatormeLon: of course, as per that link, it can slow down DNS resolution01:42
pfifoariel_, right click the panel, and add to panel, the shutdown applet01:42
Kamenui'm having problems with missing screen resolutions, can someone please help me with this dilemna?01:43
meLonfermulator, Snooter .  All computers have winbind installed01:43
fermulatormeLon: what's in /etc/nsswitch.conf though?  You need "wins" in there01:43
ariel_pfifo: that works, t/y but it's not quite the same as before.01:43
meLonfermulator, that would only need to be on the CLIENT/ping'er correct?  I haven't made any modifications to that file on any pc and I can still ping them01:44
StepNjumpHi guys, does any one know of a good proxy server I could be running off my Ubuntu desktop?01:44
fermulatormeLon: indeed, only on client.  The defaults DO NOT include "wins", so you have to add it if you want to be able ping/resolve Windows hostnames.01:44
fidyduceso i did the most recent update and now all of my stuff seems to be running laggy is there something with the most recent update?01:44
pfifoStepNjump, define 'good' squid is the fullest featured, but configuration will take you days to understand01:45
meLonWell, I can resolve some of them already fermulator.  There is a specific computer that isn't playing nicely.  I'll make that modification, though01:45
spiralsStepNjump, consider Privoxy01:45
fermulatormeLon: this is a standard home network right? (workgroup, home networking), not active directory01:45
StepNjumpOk thanks pfifo and spirals, I am trying to allow my friends to have access to some US based websites. They live in a different country and would like to listen to some good music. Is it feasible with those?01:47
=== Martinp17 is now known as |_ocke
pfifoStepNjump, squid will do that01:47
spiralsStepNjump, yeah that's a heavy duty application that Squid would be more applicable to01:47
StepNjumpoh ok great thanks guys. I appreciate it01:48
spiralsStepNjump, just make sure you secure the heck out of it or the entire world will be browsing US youtube on it.01:48
[thor]Hello there, i am using ubuntu 10.10, and i would like to create a custom launcher in my games menu. I wish to launch a file called 'brogue' which is, according to ' file brogue ' is: brogue: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped.  Now, when i create a new launcher, and point it to the brogue file, nothing happens. When i wish to r01:49
[thor]un it from a command line, i need to type ' ./brogue ' while i am in the proper folder. tl;dr::: How do i create a launcher in the Applications -> Games menu that launches ./brogue ?01:49
meLonfermulator, not 100% sure what you mean.  I just installed samba on the machines.  I can access some of them by hostname.  I cannot access one by the hostname01:49
pfifoStepNjump, if everyone involved is running linux, ssh's -D option will be quick and efficient01:49
StepNjumpspirals, yes I figured! Is it hard to secure it well for someone who is not familiar with those? Should I put up a firewall?01:49
meLonfermulator, I just have a bunch of ubuntu machines and one windows machine (that is my brother's)01:49
StepNjumpYes I was planning to run ssh01:49
fermulatormeLon: as I re-read that post I sent you, I recall now that winbind is /not/ the answer (even if it might work).  Apparently any system with samba installed, should properly handle netBIOS name resolution now01:50
spiralsStepNjump, as long as you don't allow anonymous/open connections, that's the key01:50
fermulatormeLon: capscrew has some good details in that thread01:50
StepNjumpawsome ok!01:50
spiralsStepNjump, otherwise you'll end up on those big lists of 'free proxies', and some guy will come into this channel and complain that he can't attack another server via ssh with your proxy, or something ;)01:51
induzhas anyone used WritersTools for OOffice??01:51
induzits installed but i dont know how to use it01:52
meLonfermulator, Dude, I'm sorry for not doing what you said earlier.  The problem was that wins was not listed under nsswitch.conf.  That makes *NO SENSE* because it would resolve some of them, but not ONE.  Oh well.  It works now :\01:52
StepNjumpspirals lol01:53
jwashhi, i can connect to my local network, I'[m using RDP right now, but I can't connect to any internet sites, any ideas? I'm using google's dns
PaPaYahow do i install usb-creator ??01:53
theholderPaPaYa software center01:54
eamonHow do I compile ubuntu?01:55
izinucseamon: ubuntu is made up of many packages.. you don't "compile" ubuntu01:55
pfifoWhy cant I install Ubuntu on my A:\ drive?01:55
PaPaYahow do i launch it?01:55
izinucspfifo: a floppy disk? really?01:56
Jonii3I have 3 inputs on my computer, a mic jack on the front, a mic jack on the back, and a line in jack in the back. Ubuntu is only seeing 2, a right channel and a left channel for the front mic jack.  All jacks work fine under winoze, but in jack they don't. any ideas?01:56
eamonizinucs: I want to compile it though.01:56
techhelper1pfifo: make sense ?01:56
izinucseamon: you're not getting it.. you could compile the kernel.. then every package individually if you want.. it's a lot of work and time.. why do it?01:57
eamonizinucs: to make it faster01:57
eamonubuntu is too slow for me01:57
techhelper1eamon: there really isn't a speed difference01:57
techhelper1then look up gentoo eamon01:58
fermulatormeLon: glad you got it to work :-)  I hope you don't experience "slowness" in web browsing DNS resolution, if you do, we'll have to revisit the the information in that thread01:58
eamongentoo is fast when I caompile it myself01:58
eamonbut I like ubuntu01:58
izinucseamon: won't be by much.. if you really want to do something like that then there are other distros based in compilation of *everything*01:58
rcconfHow do I change the default icon in gnome-terminal window?01:58
meLonI don't seem to be having any problems01:58
pfifoeamon, ubuntu isnt slow, its gnome, try xubuntu or something with less bling01:58
techhelper1i only see milliseconds shaved off by hand compiling01:58
meLonI use googdns fermulator :D01:58
Kamenui'm having problems with missing screen resolutions on Karmic Koala, can someone help me with this problem?01:59
izinucsmeLon: you can also try opendns or dyndns.. but opendns claims to be even faster than google01:59
izinucsKamenu: nvidia?01:59
eamonKamenu: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:59
meLonI dont trust anybody other than google izinucs01:59
techhelper1opendns is faster then google02:00
izinucsmeLon: too bad02:00
meLonesp with those types of records02:00
Kamenuusing an Intel graphics card02:00
eamonKamenu: add the res you want to that file and it'll work Kamenu02:00
techhelper1and opendns has more features then the avg site02:00
pfifotrust and google dont belong in the same sentance02:00
izinucsKamenu: xrandr handles resolution.. if the resolution you need isn't currently present you can add it.. I'll have ubottu send you a link02:00
izinucs!resolution > Kamenu02:00
ubottuKamenu, please see my private message02:00
zer0spfifo, you could say that about just any corporation02:01
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:01
rcconfhow do I add a custom icon to gnome-terminal's TITLE bar?02:01
aeon-ltdtechhelper1: some isps are faster though, esp. in differ countries but in the US this is almost 99% true02:01
rcconfneed to know02:01
pfifozer0s, I trust Verisign02:01
izinucsrcconf: is there one there already that you want to replace?02:01
rcconfizinucs: no title bar shows the default02:02
izinucsrcconf: but there is an icon there for the program that you want to use a custom icon for right?02:02
eamonKamenu: that should say <<  sudo /etc/init.d/xdm restart >>  don't know what's wrong with ubottu02:02
Jonii3I have 3 inputs on my computer but only 1 is showing up under linux. all three work fine under windoze.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what i'm doing wrong?02:02
rcconfyes izinucs of course02:02
rcconfizinucs: but custom02:02
eamonJonii3: what are the inputs....02:02
m1ndvirusWhat's a good SVN client?02:03
rcconfizinucs: a .png icon02:03
techhelper1?dm stands for gem, kdm, xdm eamon02:03
pfifoJonii3, Do all 3 show up in alsa?02:03
theholderi just use bash svn02:03
Kamenuthankyou eamon02:03
izinucsrcconf: ok.. point at the icon and right mouse click.... choose properties.. then click the icon in the new box and point the reference to whatever you want to use.02:03
Jonii3all 1/8 inch , one mic on front, one mic on the back, and one "line in" on the back02:03
Jonii3pfifo, how do I check?02:03
m1ndvirustheholder: I like nautilus integration.02:03
dsnydersrcconf, you could search for icons on your system.  Rename current icon to icon.old and copy your desired icon in place.02:03
rcconfizinucs: that's for the shortcut.. i want to change title bar icon02:04
Jonii3if i go to sound preferences/hardware it only shows one device02:04
pfifoJonii3, run 'amixer' on the command line and check/pastebin its output02:04
rcconfdsnyders: hm but I just want it for a Profile in terminal02:04
eamonyou can't pastebin alsamixer.....02:04
izinucsrcconf: ah.. now I get it.. sorry I don't know02:04
rcconfizinucs: :)02:04
pfifoeamon, 'amixer' not 'alsamixer'02:04
eamonJonii3: run alsamixer02:04
dsnydersrcconf, Although I don't really understand what you're after.  None of my windows have icons in the title bar.  What theme are you using.02:05
rcconfit's alsamixer in terminal02:05
izinucs*going from my desktop w/ 2 23" screen to a laptop is almost painfull02:05
rcconfdsnyders: default.. Ambiance02:05
pfifoamixer is a simpler non interactive version of alsamixer02:05
rcconfill take a printscreen to show you.02:05
Jonii3amixer output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586305/02:05
pikusco za asy02:05
eamonJonii3: open alsamixer and you can do it with a gui02:06
Jonii3eamon: I did... but i'm confused02:06
izinucsJonii3: what are you trying to do.. use the front mic? rear line in?02:06
Jonii3I would like to be able to use all 3 at once with ardour/jack02:06
eamonJonii3: press the right arrow key to see if your line in is switched on02:07
izinucsJonii3: ah.. this is a *jack* question.. sorry don't know02:07
Jonii3izinucs: but the input isn't showing up in ubuntu period02:07
Jonii3izinucs: it will be a jack question once ubuntu lets me use the input02:08
izinucsJonii3: jack replaces pulseaudio if I remember correctly.. if it doesn't then pavucontrol might give you more options02:08
m1ndvirusWhat's a good SVN client?02:08
eamonJonii3: does it appear in alsamixer if you press the right arrow key to see all the inputs02:08
smwm1ndvirus, I like ksvn02:08
izinucsJonii3: I tried jack once and was totally confused on how to set it up..02:08
pfifoJonii3, the kernel module seems to have it setup so you can only use the front or the rear at anyone time.02:09
m1ndvirussmw: Anything for GTK/GNOME?02:09
Jonii3in alsamixer i have Master, Speaker, PCM, empty space (shows up as Line Jack mode in upper left) and Mic jack mode with no volume02:09
induzhello guys download Writerstool for lookup function on OOffice...just insatleed it02:09
induzits a bit tricky to install as not much manuals02:09
Jonii3pfifo:  are you serious? well back to windows then i suppose02:09
smwm1ndvirus, no idea. I normally use the cli to tell you the truth02:09
induzbye for bnow02:09
induzhope it helps02:09
eamonJonii3: yeah try turning on your line in and mic02:10
Jonii3eamon:  how would i go about doing that?02:10
eamonpress the m key to unmute and the up key to increase volume. it's just like windows02:11
smwm1ndvirus, I found this on google: http://www.doknowevil.net/2009/04/28/nautilussvn-finally-an-svn-gui-for-linux-that-doesnt-totally-suck/02:11
rcconfis there a way to customize the icon of gnome terminal?02:11
Jonii3eamon: i pressed m and up and down swaps between line in and mic in02:11
Jonii3the mic jack mode does the same thing02:11
Jonii3i was on playback hang on02:12
rcconfI want to customize that icon http://i55.tinypic.com/2qv3y49.png02:12
izinucsJonii3: typically even on windows if you have front mic and rear mic plugged in you can only use one.. and with both plugged in it's the front02:13
eamonJonii3: type << man alsamixer >> in terminal02:13
Jonii3eamon: I know have input source and input source 1 and i can swap between Front mic, mic, and line in02:13
spiralsm1ndvirus, yeah NautilusSVN is the equivalent to TortoiseSVN02:13
pfiforcconf, custom launcher and your own icon should get you what you want02:13
spiralsm1ndvirus, or RabbitVCS as they're calling it now02:13
Jonii3izinucs: I know, I was hoping to get away from that limitation -.-02:14
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
dsnydersrcconf, I only see maximize, minimize, close, and the window menu button.  No icons.02:14
rcconfpfifo: i already have the custom icon in shortcut/launcher..02:14
[thor]Hello there, i am using ubuntu 10.10, and i would like to create a custom launcher in my games menu. I wish to launch a file called 'brogue' which is, according to ' file brogue ' --> brogue: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped.  Now, when i create a new launcher, and point it to the brogue file, nothing happens. When i wish to r02:15
[thor]un it from a command line, i need to type ' ./brogue ' while i am in the proper folder. tl;dr::: How do i create a launcher in the Applications -> Games menu that launches ./brogue from the folder ~/Demos/brogue1.3/ ?02:15
rcconfpfifo: i want to change the icon in the window bar02:15
izinucsJonii3: that might be a motherboard limitation.. if the sound is on the motherboard.. now if you had a separate pci audio card that allowed that then.... :)02:15
Jonii3izinucs: so in other words I need more money.... ugh02:15
spirals[thor] Select "Application in terminal" in the Launcher Properties > Type menu.02:16
[thor]spirals doesn't work either02:16
spirals[thor], then put the full path to brogue in the Command field02:16
izinucsJonii3: I just tossed 5 older audio cards.. check craigslist, ebay etc.. you're bound to come up with something for a couple of bucks.. if you're in the US that is....02:17
JasonnAnyone know of a phproxy alternative?02:17
rcconfJasonn: again? :P02:17
pfiforcconf, ohh, im not sure if thats possible. if no one here can answer the try asking in #gnome irc.gnome.org02:17
rcconfpfifo: k ill try02:17
Jasonnrcconf: Nah, last time i wanted to know how to use Squid :)02:17
spirals[thor], if the app is fragile enough to require being in its directory when launched, you need to make a launcher script that handles that (cd ~/Demos/brogue1.3/ && ./brogue) and use the Launcher to run that script02:18
Jasonnrcconf: I have tried glype, cgiproxy, and another one (forgot the name) But is there a program that could work for this02:18
rcconfJasonn: I dont know how to help you on that sorry02:18
Jasonnrcconf: Thanks anyways :)02:18
brightsparkThe wireless button on my computer isn't working, and the panel menu to activate it is greyed out.  How can I fix this?02:19
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest62383
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:21
eamonbrightspark: was it working before?02:21
eamon!wireless | brightspark02:21
ubottubrightspark: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:21
bob__ummmmm .... the revolving door is very drafty ... lol02:21
brightsparkeamon: Yes, and it fails intermittently.  Restarting can often fix the problem, but not always.02:21
eamonbob__: LOL02:22
ThatGuyOverThereI need help editing rc.local. I want the commands synclient tapbutton2=2 and synclient tapbutton3=3 to run at startup. How do I do this?02:22
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:22
eamonbrightspark: you may want to google your wireless card model number and see if there are any kown problems with the ubuntu drivers02:22
[thor]spirals: thanks for the idea.. it's working fine now :D02:23
brightsparkeamon: Thanks. Is there a command to print the model number?02:23
[thor]i don't get why i couldn't run it directly though..02:23
eamonlspci | grep eth02:23
eamoncould do it idno02:23
ThatGuyOverThereAnybody? Need help editing /etc/rc.local02:24
eamonlshw | grep wireless02:24
pfifoThatGuyOverThere, its a bash shell script02:24
prime!pera_ Stacy Schiff - Cleopatra, A Life (mobi).rar02:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:24
ThatGuyOverTherepfifo: Okay?02:24
eamonThatGuyOverThere: open it in nano, vi, emacs or your favourite text editor02:24
ThatGuyOverThereeamon: I know that. I mean I tried adding commands in there and it didn't work.02:25
pfifoThatGuyOverThere, chmod 0755, it needs to be executable02:25
eamonThatGuyOverThere: it might help if you told us what you are trying to do.02:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:25
banisterfiendubuntu seems to have problems figuring out how much battery i have left in my netbook battery --- it often says the battery is flat when it is fully charged! and hibernates the netbook. This is very annoying. Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?02:25
ThatGuyOverThereeamon: I'm trying to get the commands synclient tapbutton2=2 and synclient tapbutton3=3 to run at startup.02:26
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:26
bmkI have a question regarding grub, I have two hard drives installed, one I had previously installed KUBUNTU on, and then today I installed the new hard drive and installed ubuntu 10.10 on it.  I want to reformat the other hard drive to just use as storage space, but I am not sure if the grub menu is on that hard drive, or on the new hard drive and I dont want to reformat the old hard drive and screw something up02:26
eamonbmk: grub is in your MBR02:27
dsnydersbmk, first things first.  Do you have a livecd02:27
pfifobmk, disconnect the old drive and see what happens02:27
bmkI have the livecd, yes.  I think I should try that though, disconnecting the old drive and see what happens... that makes sense02:27
Goliathhey does ubuntu/kubuntu 10.10 livedvd contain grub1 (i want to use grub-install command)?02:28
eamonno just reformat it. It's in the master boot record which wont be formatted02:28
eamonbmk: no if you disconnect you won't be able to access the MBR02:28
eamonjust reformat it02:28
dsnydersbmk, you may need to check in your bios as to which drive the machine boots from.02:28
PolarinaAre there any logs on connection attempts made to me by the Remote Desktop tool?02:28
bmkI will still have the hard drive connected with Ubuntu 10.10 installed, just not the old hard drive with kubuntu on it02:29
ThatGuyOverThereeamon: So what do I need to do to etc/rc.local?02:29
eamonjust reformat it dude, grub is on the MBR and that won't be formatted02:29
OpinieeCould someone please help learn how to update/upgrade his/her Clamav virus engine? It's apparently outdated, but there doesn't seem to be documentation for updating it.02:29
pfifoThatGuyOverThere, add the commands you want to be executed to the script, ensure the script is executable, and reboot02:30
Goliath hey does ubuntu/kubuntu 10.10 livedvd contain grub1 (i want to use grub-install command)?02:30
eamonThatGuyOverThere: make sure you're adding them to the right place in the file02:30
pfifoGoliath, no02:30
ThatGuyOverThereeamon: I don't know where the right place is.02:30
ThatGuyOverThereeamon: Right now all that's in there is a bunch of commented-out lines with an explanation of rc.local in them and a line that says "exit 0"02:31
hiexpoOk here ismy situation i have edited the bash.rc file   > and it is doing what i want it to do coloring files etc   >   but what i want to do is well some file types like .pdf are not colored when useing lscommand so i want to edit it so that .pdf files are colored   does someone know how i know that it has to do wit ls_colors but can'tfind it to  edit it02:31
eamonhiexpo: #bash would know02:32
muHey, I'm getting lots of errors when using aptitude. I imagine some configuration file is out of whack or something, but I rarely use Ubuntu to know what that might be. Any help? http://pastie.org/172454202:32
ThatGuyOverTherepfifo: I already tried adding the commands and the script is executable. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.02:32
hiexpoeamon, been there done that and they don't02:32
pfifomu, possibly try running 'sudo apt-get update'02:32
spirals[thor], great!02:32
mupfifo: That was the command I used to spawn those errors02:33
spirals[thor], did you end up having to do the launcher script?02:33
spiralsor just the full path in launcher02:33
pfifoThatGuyOverThere, if these commands dont return right awaym youll need to add a '&' at the end to make them go into the background, and 'exit 0' makes the script end, so if the commands are after that, their not getting run.02:34
rwwmu: You're getting those errors because Intrepid/8.10 reached end of life status in April 2010 and thus its repositories have been removed from the mirror system. See the message ubottu's about to give you.02:34
rww!eol | mu02:34
ubottumu: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:34
coz_end of like,,, i still have the ubuntu 3.05 disk here :)02:35
muHmm... This is a VPS I'm using, so I'm not sure if it's feasible to upgrade it or whatever02:35
coz_rather 4.0502:35
coz_let me try that again ,, end of life,,, i still have the 4.05  here :)02:35
rwwmu: I've done distribution upgrades on a remote VPS, but it might be a good idea to check with your provider for their recommendation.02:35
muYeah, I'm doing that now. Thanks.02:35
rwwcoz_: perhaps you mean 4.10 or 5.04?02:36
coz_rww,  ah yes  I do indeed...02:36
OpinieeDoes anyone know how to update Clamav's virus engine?02:37
rcconfOpiniee: you need to add the PPA02:37
rcconfto the repositories02:37
coz_Opiniee,   well generally  a sugo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should do it as I recall but let me check I have it installed02:37
FransWillemHi, I just installed MythBuntu on a system with a Radeon 9800 Pro, and now just after the splash screen the screen goes and stays black. SSH works, but I can't seem to get it to show anything. During the installation I was given the choice between open source and AMD drivers where I picked the AMd drivers.02:37
FransWillemWould anyone be able to help me troubleshoot this from the command line ?02:37
rcconfOpiniee: wait ..02:38
smwFransWillem, is mythbuntu still under development?02:38
Opinieercconf: ok02:38
edbianFransWillem: heck yes.  Are you booted into the system right now?02:38
coz_Opiniee,   also under  Advanced in the gui of clamav  there is a tick box to update definitions on start up02:38
Opinieecoz_: thanks02:38
FransWillemedbian: Yes, and I am able to log in through SSH02:38
FransWillemsmw: It had a download link for 10.10, so I suppose it is02:38
rcconfOpiniee: open a terminal and type this to add PPA: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa02:38
Opinieecoz_: but it doesn't update the virus engine, does it?02:39
edbianFransWillem: What happens does it say if you type this: sudo lsmod | grep fglrx    ?02:39
Opinieerrconf: ok02:39
coz_Opiniee,  yes it should02:39
mspongeI installed Ubuntu on a Lenovo laptop that dual boots windows and has a system recovery partition. I need to access to system recovery partition but i'm not sure how to do it with grub (F11 no longer works at boot up). I can root the drive, but can't find the kernel for boot to work. Can someone help?02:39
coz_Opiniee,  do you have clamtk I think it is installed,,,the front end?02:39
FransWillemedbian: Nothing. fglrx wasn't even installed at first, but dmesg seems to indicate it's loading a 'radeon' driver instead :/02:39
rcconfOpiniee: that PPA is to update the antivirus not the GUI... if you wantto update GUI go to clamatk website download and upgrade manually using the .deb file02:39
pfifomsponge, you need to use chainloader, probbally02:40
edbianFransWillem: radeon is the opensource driver.  fglrx is the "AMD" proprietary driver.  Can you pastebin dmesg for me?02:40
Opinieecoz_: yes, I have clamtk, and it should get definitions when started. The virus engine seems to be outdated still02:40
coz_Opiniee,  o0 mm let me check here again hold on02:40
Opinieerrconf: no, I do want the virus engine, so I believe you are on the right track02:40
coz_Opiniee,  what is the version ofthe antivirus engine there?02:41
truepurpleHow do I open a command prompt?02:41
Opinieecoz_: 0.96.502:41
coz_truepurple,   alt +F202:41
iostreamtruepurple: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal02:41
edbiantruepurple: Application -> Accesories -> terminal02:41
MarchHairCan someone point me in the right direction? Thunderbird on maverick is crashing with Bus Error every time I click the menu.  Tried all the usual suspects.02:41
iostreamedbian: ninja'd02:41
coz_Opiniee,  same here let me check the site hold on02:41
Opinieerrconf: did what you asked me02:41
edbianiostream: I know!  :(02:41
gerrin can anyone help me out with the panel reset code02:41
FransWillemedbian: dmesg is this: http://pastebin.com/qxbQ0Ea9 (note: the last part is because I tried to manually modprobe fglrx)02:41
Logan_!reset panels | gerrin02:42
Logan_!resetpanels | gerrin02:42
ubottugerrin: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:42
truepurplealt f2 did not work02:42
Logan_gerrin: you're welcome02:42
edbianFransWillem: what happens if you type this: sudo gdm02:42
mspongepfifo: If I run root (...), then chainloader +1, then boot, I get bootmgr missing and need to restart02:42
Opinieecoz_: when you go to help -> check for updates and then check for updates, what does it say about the virus engine?02:42
Opinieecoz_: that's on clamtk02:42
FransWillemedbian: ** (gdm-binary:8881): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.DisplayManager02:43
rcconfOpiniee:did you add the PPA? now just update the repositories and upgrade02:43
Opinieerrconf: I added the PPA02:43
Opinieerrconf: right02:43
coz_Opiniee,  for the gui  n/a02:43
Opinieecoz_: but nothing else?02:43
rcconfUpdates: current :)02:43
coz_Opiniee,  no just the gui02:43
FransWillemedbian: Probably because I'm using SSH, the monitor on the system itself doesn't do anything. Not even after ctrl+alt+f1 :/02:43
rcconfcoz_: go to their website and download the latest .deb!02:43
coz_rcconf,  looking now02:43
rcconfreally easy02:43
rcconfI lol'd. I thought Opiniee wanted help for clamav:)02:44
rcconfcoz_: make sure you have the official PPA for clamav in repositories02:44
rcconffor clamav02:45
edbianFransWillem: Ah yes.  I forgot about the ssh issue.  Hang on02:45
pfifomsponge, I have no idea then, those proprietary systems are so proprietary. You can try asking in #grub. but honestly, I would pirate a windows CD and install the way I expect things to work.02:45
Opinieercconf: but clamtk does show the clamav's virus engine, does it not? that's what it uses?02:45
rcconfOpiniee: clamtk is just the GUI for clamav :)02:45
mspongepfifo: bleh, ok thanks02:45
rcconf!ask | hongmi02:45
ubottuhongmi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:45
edbianFransWillem: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log   ?02:45
b1llyi just setup an apache web server, what do i have to look into to setup an ftp for the directories02:45
pfifob1lly, an ftp daemon02:46
Opinieerrconf: then if it says that the virus engine is outdated that must mean that clamav's virus engine is outdated, doesn't it? I'm sorry, I may have lost the logic of the conversation, if it seems like I'm repeating myself02:46
b1llyjust google "ftp daemon ubuntu" ?02:46
FransWillemedbian: Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/DARSsGJL02:46
rcconfOpiniee: yes Opiniee ... coz_ needs to add the clamav PPA to the repositories..02:46
pfifob1lly, that should work, maybe try 'ubuntu vsftpd' or 'ubuntu cuteftpd'02:47
coz_Opiniee,  doing that now hold guys02:47
rcconfcoz_: open a terminal and type this to add PPA: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa02:47
truepurpleHow can I install flash on ubuntu02:47
rcconfcoz_: the sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade02:47
rcconfand youre done02:47
b1llypfifo i downloaded vsftpd and installed, i just dont know if i configured it at all lol02:47
edbianFransWillem: sudo apt-get install radeon02:48
Opinieecoz_: first go to advanced, then preferences, and then startup preferences. Is "Check for AV Engine updates" checked?02:48
truepurpleI was given a command to use before, but it didn't work02:48
edbianFransWillem: tell me what it says.  Already newest version, installing, blah blah02:48
Opinieecoz_: I think it should then show you, whether the virus engine is up-to-date or not02:48
pfifob1lly, vsftpd has many config options, not as much as apache, seems like you just need to read the man vsftpd.conf page02:48
coz_Opiniee,  yes it is ticked ,, let me try t his ppa hold on02:48
FransWillemedbian: E: Unable to locate package radeon02:48
Opinieecoz_: ok02:48
edbianFransWillem: dmesg says it loads the radeon module.  the xorg log shows it failing to load fglrx02:48
rcconfthe PPA will solve the problem.02:48
edbianFransWillem: oh, hang on02:49
ActionParsnipOpiniee: or just run:  sudo freshclam02:49
FransWillemedbian: xserver-xorg-video-radeon ?02:49
edbianFransWillem: yeah that!02:49
OpinieeActionParsnip: that fetches the virus definitions, not the virus engine, right?02:49
edbianFransWillem: how did you know the name of it?  I'm googling it right now02:49
FransWillemedbian: apt-cache search radeon02:49
ActionParsnipOpiniee: it does both02:49
FransWillemedbian: Already latest version, though02:49
edbianFransWillem: smooth operator02:49
edbianFransWillem: sudo apt-get purge fglrx  (or whatever xserver-xorg-nonsense it might be)02:50
OpinieeActionParsnip: it gives an error message02:50
ActionParsnipOpiniee: what's the error?02:50
coz_Opiniee,  what I can tell you about clamav, from my experience from the past..dont run it on a windows  partition/disk,, unless you are sure of what it wants to remove,, it can render windows unbootable :)02:51
OpinieeActionParsnip: ERROR: Can't open /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log in append mode (check permissions!).02:51
OpinieeERROR: Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log).02:51
Opinieecoz_: I'll keep that in mind ;-)02:51
ActionParsnipOpiniee: what is the output of: ls -l /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log02:51
Opinieecoz_: actually that could have cost me a windows installation already in the past, lol02:51
edbianFransWillem: This seems to be taking a long time..02:51
coz_Opiniee,  ah ok02:52
coz_ah oh error with that ppa...dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system02:52
OpinieeActionParsnip: ls -l /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log02:52
OpinieeActionParsnip, sorry wait02:52
FransWillemedbian: Removed, but sudo stop gdm; sudo start gdm didn't do anything useful. Now doing a full shutdown -r now. Funny thing is that the screen just turned on for the shutdown animation :/02:52
=== michael is now known as Guest15518
coz_ah oh error with that ppa...dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system02:52
edbianFransWillem: You can't run GDM over ssh.02:53
OpinieeActionParsnip: -rw-r----- 1 clamav adm 14525 2011-03-28 04:51 /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log02:53
FransWillemedbian: sudo start should just start the system service, right ?02:53
coz_mm  be back in a bit ,, need to fix this02:53
edbianFransWillem: I'm not sure if it works over ssh.02:53
rcconfcoz_: lol02:53
ActionParsnipOpiniee: same here,weird02:53
pfifoedbian, yeah it will02:53
FransWillemedbian: either way, full restart didn't work either, still the same problem, screen turns off after the splash/boot animation :/02:53
edbianFransWillem: restarting is your best bet anyway.  video card drivers are no easily removed / replaced without a reboot02:53
edbianpfifo: Really?  cool02:53
edbianFransWillem: Can I see the /var/log/Xorg.0.log again?02:54
OpinieeActionParsnip: I did neglect to mention that clamscan is runnning.. Could that be the cause?02:54
ActionParsnipFransWillem: run nautilus and it may work, or you can simply execute the app you want to run02:54
edbianFransWillem: and dmesg while you're at it02:54
ActionParsnipOpiniee: aaaaah sounds likely02:54
edbianActionParsnip: The monitor is blank on boot up.  He's ssh'd in to do work.02:54
pfifoedbian, it will restart the service, of course unless you can see the monitor, theres no wayy to tell what its showing over ssh (unless you use cli todo a screencap or something)02:54
OpinieeActionParsnip: I'll try again after it's finished..02:54
Goliathhey i have ubuntu 10.10 livecd, can i use it for the grub-install command so i can install grub1 to my system?02:54
FransWillemedbian: dmesg http://pastebin.com/igsiHHv602:54
edbianpfifo: ah-ha02:55
ActionParsnipedbian: surely the nomodeset option is good to use if its a black screen at boot02:55
FransWillemedbian: Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/znXs9G4t02:55
snoopyHello All02:55
OpinieeThanks for helping ActionParsnip, coz_ and rrconf!02:55
FransWillemActionParsnip: just gets me "Error: no display specified"02:56
ruffleSDoes anyone here use OpenDNS ? I need help with it02:56
ActionParsnipOpiniee: np man02:56
edbianFransWillem: same exact error in Xorg.0.log.  Try settings nomodeset kernel option02:56
snoopynot any more02:56
FransWillemedbian: Yup, just lost me there. How ?02:56
OpinieeThanks for helping rcconf! Said that already, but misspelled your name.. ;-)02:57
snoopyWhat is wrong with OpenDNS ?02:57
pfifosnoopy, there not too keen on hellos02:57
edbianFransWillem: You see a grub menu when you boot?02:57
snoopypfifo:  why not?02:57
FransWillemNope, I think it's set to not wait and just boot02:57
pfifo!hello | snoopy02:57
=== adante_ is now known as adante
edbianFransWillem: press shift fanatically while it boots after post but before Ubuntu stuff.  You should get to the grub menu02:58
ruffleSsnoopy, i have a question about it.. do i have to register in order to be able to use its dns servers?02:58
pfifocould of swore there was a bot command... anyway cause its considered spam if everyone just starts helloing to the world02:58
Goliathhow can i install grub1 from terminal?02:58
Brosephso I installed ubuntu-desktop on a server, what's the best way to remove it without a trace? I did sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop but it seems like there's a lot of stuff leftover still ..given that about 60 kb were freed02:58
=== a is now known as Guest60569
MarchHairMy Thunderbird generating a bus error on every run. (Ubuntu 10.10) suggestions? (sorry for repost---been a few minutes)02:58
FransWillemedbian: Where should I add the nomodeset bit ? after the initrd line ?02:58
ActionParsnipGoliath: i believe the package is called grub-legacy02:59
FransWillemedbian: Or after the linux /boot/.... quit splash line ?02:59
edbianFransWillem:  on the 'linux'02:59
edbianFransWillem: on the 'linux' line at the end02:59
GoliathActionParsnip does grub-install command is included in the livecd?02:59
edbianFransWillem: yes that line, also remove quiet and splash.  Maybe we'll see some errors during boot time02:59
ActionParsnipBroseph: sudo apt-get --purge remove xorg; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove02:59
pfifoGoliath, yes02:59
Goliathk thanks02:59
edbianFransWillem: i must complement you that you are a pleasure to work with.02:59
ActionParsnipGoliath: I'll say yes, but I am not sure02:59
FransWillemedbian: Thanks, same to you ;)03:00
GoliathActionParsnip and it installs grub1 if i have it or grub2 if i have that? or always grub1?03:00
quiescensi don't think its so much "don't say hello" as, don't neccesarily expect a reply and to just ask your question if that's what you're here for03:00
FransWillemedbian: Was too late to remove the quiet/splash bit, but it does respond to ctrl+alt+f1 now, lemme try starting gdm from the command line03:00
edbianFransWillem: excellent.  Seems like we just fixed it03:00
ActionParsnipGoliath: not done it personally bt I'd do it in a live cd environment03:01
FransWillemedbian: Well, not really, ctrl+alt+f7 (which used to give the GUI) only shows a blinking _ :(03:01
truepurpleWith smuxi, it asks for a "hostname", what is it looking for?03:01
BrosephActionParsnip: Thanks, looks like I freed another 13 mb. Is that all or would there be additional packages to take out?03:01
ActionParsnipGoliath: i'd remove grub2,boot to livecd then install grub03:01
r3mHi, I have a cdrom disk in my cdrom and mounted. I tried to sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=game.iso but it doenst found /dev/cdrom.. where is it03:01
r3mits a cdrom drive only03:01
FransWillemedbian: and sudo gdm just spits out that it reached a maximum number of X errors03:01
edbianFransWillem: So the machine boots to what if you don't press ctrl + alt + F1  ?03:02
FransWillemedbian: Just boots to the blinking _03:02
ActionParsnipBroseph: if you uninstall libgnome*    it should rip the rest out03:02
FransWillemedbian: But at least the screen stays on this time :/03:02
Seven_Six_Twor3m, you might not have that link. try     ls -l /dev | grep sr03:02
edbianFransWillem: but you can switch to tty1.  What do you get from lsmod | grep radeon03:02
ActionParsnipr3m: try /dev/sr003:02
edbianFransWillem: that is, sudo lsmod | grep radeon03:02
BrosephActionParnsip: 61 packages being lopped off, nice :)03:03
meLonI have to mount points /mnt/drivea/ & /mnt/driveb/.  They both contain similar content.  Is there any way that I can create a link of some sort that will combine the two.  Kind of like a raid, but much more simplified.  I do *not* need the link to be writeable, just readable.03:03
r3mit works thanks Secluded1 and ActionParsnip03:03
=== shanff is now known as kaos77
FransWillemedbian: sudo lsmod | grep radeon => http://pastebin.com/3hc59Sj303:03
ActionParsnipBroseph: then run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove   and it should kill the rest03:03
pbearwhen I run the screen command, then use ps aux to find it, why is there a screen and a SCREEN as the username of the process's owner? why are there two and what's the difference?03:03
truepurpleWith smuxi, it asks for a "hostname", what is it looking for?03:03
r3mthanks Seven_Six_Two and ActionParsnip03:04
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox03:04
Seven_Six_Twor3m, no03:04
ActionParsnipr3m: np bro03:04
edbianFransWillem: great, the radeon driver is running then.  What about sudo lsmod | grep fglrx  (just to be sure).  No need to pastebin.  Just tell me if it displays something or not.03:04
Seven_Six_Twor3m, sorry. np03:04
haveacigarohey guys03:04
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, what's smuxi03:04
FransWillemedbian: Nothing, which is probably good :03:04
BrosephActionParsnip: Awesome, thanks!03:04
edbianFransWillem: That's very good.03:04
truepurplea IRC client03:04
edbianFransWillem: What if you sudo gdm on tty1 again?03:05
haveacigaroi know this isnt an ubuntu question, but im guessing you are more knowlegeable than the the people in #apple03:05
FransWillemedbian: Failed to acquire org.gnome.DisplayManager; Could not acquire name; bailing out03:05
truepurpleSeven_Six_Two: smuxi is a IRC client for ubuntu/linux03:05
ActionParsniphaveacigaro: this is ubuntu support only03:05
edbianFransWillem: Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log again?03:06
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, when does it ask for that? when you try to connect?  try   irc.freenode.net03:06
FransWillemedbian: If I try sudo stop gdm first, it tells me it reached a maximum of X display failures03:06
meLonLancelot, by 'unofficial' do you mean that the repo is owned by neither Ubuntu NOR Mozilla?03:06
FransWillemedbian: Xorg.0.log indicates it's trying to load fglrx again03:06
FransWillemedbian: Gimme a min to pastebin it03:06
edbianFransWillem: ok.  That's vague so not very helpful :/   The details are welcome though!03:06
edbianFransWillem: strange03:06
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, or  irc.freenode.net/800103:06
edbianjoin #radeon with me03:06
LancelotmeLon, I'm not actually sure to be honest. I didn't write that. I think by unofficial it meant not owned by canonical03:06
haveacigaro:( well, i cant mount a partition, which cannot be fixed in first aid. I was wondering if this sounds like a MBR type issue (i realise that it boots using efi)03:07
truepurpleSeven_Six_Two: That is a separate catagory under network03:07
meLonCool.  I thought it was an official Mozilla repo.  If not, I need to remove it.  lol03:07
haveacigaroif you could just point me in the right direction...03:07
edbianFransWillem: btw, I think that the 'radeon' references in dmesg are referring to the card name not the module03:07
LancelotmeLon, I said it didn't belong to canonical03:07
FroztGreetings to all03:07
LancelotmeLon, I'm sure it is a mozilla repo, look at the URL03:07
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, it might be asking for your hostname then. If you don't use them, just put a fake hostname03:07
ActionParsnipmeLon: there is the daily ppa, the stable ppa will more than likely be the oneincorporated into the official repo03:07
meLonThat's what I was trying to clarify Lancelot.  Sorry03:07
FransWillemedbian: Xorg.0.log at http://pastebin.com/3wfs5UCs if you still need it03:07
edbianFransWillem: reading03:08
Sean93I just installed ubuntu in a virtual machine. I then used bastille. now i get permission denied when i try to login as the only user account. how do i login as root a the console if i never set a root password?03:08
FransWillemedbian: dmesg | grep radeon has become a lot less btw :/03:08
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, or put whatever you  have for your machine listed in      /etc/hosts03:08
* rcconf loves Ubuntu03:08
rwwLancelot, meLon: That PPA is maintained by Ubuntu's Mozilla packaging team, which is not part of Canonical or Mozilla. PPAs in general are not officially supported.03:08
truepurpleSeven_Six_Two: What are host names?03:08
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, sorry, that's    /etc/hostname03:08
meLonty rww03:08
edbianFransWillem: I see.  join #radeon03:08
rcconfrww: it's a PPA from a trusted source enough said03:08
rwwrcconf: I personally would trust them, yes.03:09
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, they are like domain names. you can name all of the machines on your network so that you don't have to remember the ip addresses03:09
FroztSo, a simple question. I'd like to dual boot along side Win7 on my laptop. I'm not sure which version to get, the desktop or the netbook. Any suggestions?03:09
rwwFrozt: either is fine. They're just different user interfaces; they have the same underlying system.03:10
rcconfFrozt: laptop ofc03:10
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Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, I run a webserver (mydomainname.com) and my desktop's hostname is mydesktop.mydomainname.com, my laptop is  mylaptop.mydomainname.com03:10
rcconfof course03:10
treyofc = of course, frozt03:10
rwwFrozt: if you don't have a particular preference either way, I'd go with Desktop.03:10
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, you can name the machines by putting an entry for each other machine in /etc/hosts03:11
Froztthe reason I ask is because I thought I read something about the netbook having touch response, but my laptop doesn't support touch03:11
Sean93how do i login as root at the console if i didnt set a root password?03:11
treytruepurple, you should probably read a basic intro to TCP/IP, DNS, and/or Linux book if you are asking that03:11
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, just make sure you use the names that each machine has for itself in /etc/hostname03:11
rwwFrozt: Netbook edition works fine with normal input devices (keyboard, mouse, trackpad, whatever)03:11
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, :)  what trey said!03:11
rwwSean93: you don't. Use sudo instead.03:11
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:11
ActionParsnipSean93: just run:  sudo -i03:12
Lancelotrww, can you help me get ff4 running in karmic?03:12
Logan_!ff4 | Lancelot03:12
Sean93rww i can't login on the user account03:12
ubottuLancelot: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox03:12
ActionParsnipSean93: when you are done, type:   exit03:12
LancelotLogan_, I've seen that. I'm having issues03:12
rwwLancelot: probably not. The only thing I know about it is that there's a PPA for it; I don't use it myself.03:12
rww!password | Sean9303:12
ubottuSean93: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords03:12
Sean93rww, i havnt forgot my password, bastille seems to have locked me out, i get permission denied03:13
rwwSean93: although if you mucked things up to the point that it won't let you log in with a valid password, booting into rescue mode (hold down shift at boot and select the relevant option) and getting to a root console from there is probably your best bet.03:13
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, I recommend buying "Linux Administrators Handbook"(It's a pink cover), and/or "Linux in a Nutshell"03:13
Froztthanks rww and rcconf03:14
ovyhi, where from can i download a live cd with a working ubuntu 11.04?03:15
rcconfFrozt: np03:15
rcconfovy: from ubuntu.com i think03:15
ActionParsnipovy: ask in #ubuntu+103:15
waufHi, can someone point me out to a guide where I can learn how to put Ubuntu, windows 7 and windowsXP  on a flash drive to use as an installer?03:15
rwwovy: please don't crosspost to multiple channels. #ubuntu+1 is the right place for that question, wait patiently there.03:15
ovyActionParsnip, i asked there but noone anwered03:15
Logan_"wait patiently there."03:15
ActionParsnipovy: natty is offtopic here03:15
rcconfovy: try ##linux03:15
JuNiOxhello guys, I tried installing php5-ffmpeg but the ffmpeg.so file is created under "/usr/lib/php5/20090626/" while the others extension are under "/usr/lib/php5/20060613" so it doesnt work.  How can I have it created accordingly?03:16
truepurpleSeven_Six_Two: What IRC client for ubuntu would you recommend?03:16
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:16
Seven_Six_Twotruepurple, purists will scream irssi, but I use xchat03:17
ActionParsniptruepurple: pidgin here03:17
truepurpleDo all three use that red highlighting when people say your name?03:17
treySince you're in gui, definitely woul dsuggest xchat truepurple03:18
rwwtruepurple: xchat does. irssi highlights the nickname part of the message in yellow by default (though I have it set to highlight with a red background personally), pidgin does something that I forget.03:18
treyI don't know fo a client that doesn't notify you in some way when your name is mentioned03:19
truepurpleirssi does this whether your name is there or not?03:19
treyor have a PM03:19
truepurplesmuxi doesn't seem to03:19
rcconfirssi is CLI xchat GUI. make ur choice03:19
PsyForcetrey: empathy doesn't :(03:19
treyhaha, nice. Learn something new every day :P03:20
truepurpleWhat is CLI?03:20
treycommand lijne interface03:20
rcconftruepurple: terminal stuff ;)03:21
treyseriously... pick up Linux for Dummies, it will answer your questions better, and more passive than we could03:21
PsyForcequick(?) question: how secure would an ubuntu machine be if stolen?03:21
PsyForceI'm guessing pretty secure, but just curious as my laptop was just stolen03:22
tucemiuxPsyForce, is your home directory encrypted?03:22
treySorry to say, not very psyforce, if someone had half a brain03:22
rwwPsyForce: Just like any other OS, if you don't use encryption, then an attacker with physical access can read the whole hard disk.03:22
truepurpleNoone knows anything about smuxi?03:22
pfifoPsyForce, they can access all files as root now03:22
tucemiuxPsyForce,  youre screwed but I doubt the thief would take the time to recover any from your laptop03:22
PsyForceyeah, especially since I'm in China...I think just finding that it doesn't have windows on it will be daunting03:23
treyThis is true, generally laptop thieves aren't the brightest.03:23
Seven_Six_TwoPsyForce, did you encrypt partitions when you installed?03:23
PsyForcethough maybe I should encrypt my home directory on the new machine...?03:24
treylol, yes psyforce03:24
PsyForceno, just standard install03:24
PsyForcedoes encryption have any effect on performance?03:24
MarchHairHey folks, I really need some help debugging a Thunderbird crash (bus error).03:24
pfifoI steal laptops and Im very linux savy03:24
rwwPsyForce: yes, it increases CPU usage03:24
Guest80327I cannot extend my desktop to a second monitor. I was using 10.4, then upgraded to 10.10, but the problem didn't go away. I'm on a ibm thinkpad t42 laptop and my graphics card :VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] ...what do I do? I can mirror the image just fine, but when i uncheck that option, the image on the minotor implies that the graphics card crashed, then i have to do ctr-alt-back03:24
Guest80327space. im a newbie.03:24
tucemiuxPsyForce, nowadays I typically encrypt my home directory and have another data that will hold files that dont have sensitive data like passwords or my hilton videos03:24
tucemiuxPsyForce, i meant to say i have another **partition*** that holds files...03:25
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PsyForcehmm, so what are options if I've already done a standard install on the new machine?03:26
Opinieerww: does it increase CPU usage very dramatically?03:26
PsyForcecan I still encrypt? would that help?03:26
treyPsyforce, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome03:26
tucemiuxPsyForce, you can still encrypt but the easiest thing would be to just reinstall unless you have a lot of data on it03:26
OpinieeHow difficult is it to recover a encrypted file system? If you have backups that is03:27
rwwOpiniee: depends on how much reading and writing you're doing. Probably not for normal users.03:27
kriumehow can i change my username in ubuntu 10.10???03:27
Opinieerww: it's possible to get rid of the encryption, if it does, isn't it?03:27
rwwOpiniee: probably, but I've never done it03:27
Opinieerww: ok03:27
kriumehow can i change my username in ubuntu 10.10???03:28
snake_is there a matrix screensaver that doesn't do fancy flips and turns (and zooms and pans, and other sorts of random nonsense)03:28
PsyForcetrey: btw, just noticed empathy does have notifications if my name is typed cap-sensitively03:28
Guest80327is there any way i can extend my desktop to a second monitor on 10.10?03:29
=== CivilPerson is now known as Logan_
treyPsyForce, self own03:30
OpinieeGuest80327: it is, if you have a port for an extra monitor as I have two monitors right now, but someone else will surely come up with better instructions that I would03:30
snake_Guest80327, System > prenferences > monitor should be what you're looking for.03:30
PsyForcehehe, I guess no one has bothered to get the caps right before03:30
kriumehow can i change my username in ubuntu 10.10???03:30
Seven_Six_TwoHow long should I let a pot roast sit for after cooking? I use 10.1003:30
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Sean93why would i not be able to login as a user after using bastille?03:31
MarchHairHey folks, I really need some help debugging a Thunderbird crash (bus error).03:31
treykriume, please use the ubuntu documentation. God put it there for a reason.03:31
Froztspeaking of the documentation, and I hate to come back with more questions, but I'd rather be safe than sorry03:32
Guest80327MSG <snake> <yeah, the only problem is though, when i use that interface, my gwindow crashes :/ don't know how to get around the problem>03:32
Seven_Six_Twokriume, kriume create a new user with a new home, and move your files. make sure you don't change the owners inadvertently03:32
b1llyhow do i search for a folder or file03:32
b1llyin ubuntu cmd line03:32
FroztI noticed there was a specific install for hp machines. Seeing as my laptop is made by hp, again, I worry that a standard install might mess something up03:33
Guest80327MSG <Guest80327> <bla>03:34
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, i use slocate.  you first do sudo updatedb   then use locate     update makes a database for fast searches. (it doesn't look over your whole disk every time)03:34
rwwGuest80327: perhaps you're looking for /msg03:34
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, I don't know if it's installed by default.03:34
treyFrozt, anytime something breaks it's a learning experience. You can always try a standard install and see what happens03:35
Frozttrey, I've been learning alot in regards to the android system lately, however, my ventures with nix has always been pleasant. But I've always done my homework and asked around before leaping03:36
b1llyim trying to copy directorys, sudo cp /home/billy/Aptana\ Studio\ 3\ Workspace/westechsolutions/web/gelberg/ /var/www/homeskoold03:36
b1llyis that wrong?03:36
JuNiOx I tried installing php5-ffmpeg but the ffmpeg.so file is created under "/usr/lib/php5/20090626/" while the others extension are under "/usr/lib/php5/20060613" so it doesnt work.  How can I have it created accordingly?03:36
b1llyim trying to move the gelberg folder into the homeskoold folder03:36
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox03:36
b1llyJuNiOx: whats the diff between isntalling ffmpeg and php5-ffmpeg03:36
treyFrozt the good thing about a fresh install is, you can always just wipe it.  IMO you learn a lot more by doing, but that's just my preference03:37
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, if there are subdirectories off web/gelberg  you'll need the switch for recursive.   man cp03:37
JuNiOxphp5-ffmpeg will create the ffmpeg.so so that php can comunicate with ffmpeg03:37
b1llyJuNiOx: i installed just ffmpeg and it can communicate03:38
Sean93what option in Bastille could cause permission denied when trying to log in as the only user on the machine03:38
odst0016does anyone know off the top of their head exactly how big the gnome 3 shell for ubuntu 10.10 is03:38
JuNiOxb1lly: interesting, so when "configuring" it you set any particular parameter to have the module created either?03:38
Seven_Six_TwoSean93, http://www.justlinux.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9947803:39
b1llySeven_Six_Two: I need recursive03:40
PsyForcethanks all!03:40
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, if the source directory doesn't have children.03:40
b1llyit does03:40
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, sorry, I meant you do need the switch for recursive if your source has children03:41
b1llyim confused03:42
b1llydo i do sudo cp -r fromdir todir ?03:42
arielsanflosomeone help me I need a c-language channel in Spanish03:43
OpinieeHow would one encrypt an already installed ubuntu system? Can that be done with the install CD without destroying the already existing operating system?03:43
leapy0yocan any of you guess why I can mount an network drive even though it is not listed in the remote host's samba?03:44
treyWasn't that question just asked like 10 minutes ago?03:44
Aginorleapy0yo, it's not advertised but still accessible03:44
PseudoremoraHi, I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.10; for some reason, when I boot my computer, I always have to run /etc/init.d/networking restart to get my eth0 connection working, it doesn't work automatically... any ideas?03:44
arielsanflosomeone help me I need a c-language channel in Spanish03:45
tensorpudding!ot | arielsanflo03:45
ubottuarielsanflo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:45
leapy0yoaginor, what?03:45
Aginorleapy0yo, that's my guess03:45
b1llyim having trouble03:46
BlazixSo I have /home mounted as a separate partition, but now I can't create any more because I have exceeded the limit. What would I need to do to unmount the "/home" partition, and use the current partition for my /home directories?03:46
Aginor!ask | b1lly03:46
ubottub1lly: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:46
b1llysry got sidetracked03:46
ayeceeBlazix: what does it mean, exceeded the limit?03:46
=== windkids is now known as windGone
ayeceehave you run out of space on the /home /partition?03:47
Aginorleapy0yo, there's a difference between a share being browsable/advertised and accessible03:47
Sean93Seven_Six_Two, thanks, that got it working03:47
pfifoBlazix, comment the approprate line in /etc/fstab and reboot03:47
b1llyi have a webdir in /var/www/homeskoold          and it loads index.php properly... now when i downloaded my files from my old ftp server, and cp them to the homeskoold folder03:47
b1llyim having trouble viewing them on the web03:47
BlazixI can only have 5 partitions.03:47
ayeceeb1lly: what happens when you try?03:47
Seven_Six_TwoSean93, no problem03:47
b1llyblank page03:47
b1llyand when i use my gui to look ath the files int he dir03:47
b1llythey all have like "x" on the top right of the icons03:47
Aginorb1lly, have you looked at the access and error logs of the webserver?03:47
Seven_Six_TwoBlazix, not if you make extended partitions. you can only have 4 primary03:47
b1llyi havnt but i think thats what the trouble is03:48
Seven_Six_Twoand selecting extended uses up a primary, I think03:48
leapy0yoaginor, in the gui config window it does not list the drive and the smbd.conf file does not list the drive... for i deleted and disabled that... but i can still mount it, why? is it because it is shared through windows enabling it?03:48
BlazixYes, and I did a mistake of creating everything primary. :/03:48
b1llyAginor: how do i fix the access03:48
b1llybetter yet, how do i view those logs03:49
leapy0yoaginor, i am going to try enabling it through windows of another drive03:49
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, sudo chown -R newusername.newusername /home/newusername03:49
Blazixpfifo, on /etc/fstab. Do I comment out UUID=b25ca6b2-eddf-446a-81fc-cbec534e25d6 /home           ext4    ?03:49
Aginorb1lly, if it is the file permissions, right click on the files and select permissions. You want the owner, group and everyone to be able to read the files03:49
pfifoBlazix, that looks correct03:50
Aginorb1lly, the logs are likely to be in /var/log/apache203:50
Seven_Six_TwoAginor, I think a new user was created, and all files copied as root03:50
Aginorb1lly, assuming you do use apache203:50
AginorSeven_Six_Two, that would make sense03:50
pfifoBlazix, make sure to cp -a /etc/skel to /home/blazix on the root partition03:50
b1llyyou want me to look at the acces.log or the error.log03:50
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, sorry, I'm confused...Aginor03:50
BlazixGotcha. Thanks03:51
Aginorb1lly, the error log will show you the errors, look at that and see what errors you have gotten03:51
BlazixI will give that a try.03:51
AginorSeven_Six_Two, that the files are not world readable and owned by root03:51
PseudoremoraHi, I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.10; for some reason, when I boot my computer, I always have to run /etc/init.d/networking restart to get my eth0 connection working, it doesn't work automatically... any ideas?03:51
b1llyalso Aginor: it says when i right click the folder and goto permissions that i am not the owern so i cannot change these permissions03:51
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, Aginor these are files for www?03:52
b1llygroup is set to access files and so is others03:52
b1llyhow do i set permissions to read and write for them03:53
AginorSeven_Six_Two, presumably, bot for apache to interpret them they don't need to be owned by www, do they?03:53
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, cd /var/www && sudo chown -R www-data.www-data ./*03:53
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Seven_Six_TwoAginor, www-data is the owner for apache203:53
b1llySeven_Six_Two: i am not folloiwng03:54
AginorSeven_Six_Two, yes, but apache doesn't need to own the files to read them, just have read access03:54
BabyGirldoes anyone know where the screensavers are stored on ubuntu.10.403:54
b1llySeven_Six_Two: i just want to change the permissions for my var/www/homeskoold/gelberg folder to read write permissions03:54
wjlafranceHello! I'm trying to VNC into an ubuntu server. Which apt-get packages should I isntall?03:54
b1llyfor all the recursive inc03:54
tonsofpcswjlafrance: depends what you're expecting.03:54
b1llyor readonly03:55
Seven_Six_TwoAginor, it depends on what the files are, if you just want world readable, sudo chmod 77403:55
HeIsRisenCan somebody explain to me why cairo dock open gl opens on boot for one login on my 10.10 box, but not on the other?03:56
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, well it depends on who the owner is. your server is in group, or you want world readable. 774 will do world readable03:56
b1llyya so do03:56
b1llysudo chmod -R dir 74403:56
wjlafrancetonsofpcs: a gnome desktop, similar to ubuntu-client03:56
=== msponge_ is now known as msponge
tonsofpcs.... are you expecting to connect to the local session or have your own?03:56
Seven_Six_Twoif you're in the www dir:    sudo chmod -R w+r ./dir-to-change03:56
AginorSeven_Six_Two, I know that, but b1lly don't, let's try to help him to change the owner and permissions of the files in to something appropriate.03:56
Seven_Six_TwoAginor, I agree...03:57
Seven_Six_TwoAginor, I'd like to eat dinner though, so hands free for a few...03:57
b1llybilly@billy-ubuntu:/var/www$ sudo chmod -R w+r ./homeskoold/gelberg/03:57
b1llychmod: invalid mode: `w+r'03:57
ayeceeb1lly: probably o+r03:58
leapy0yois there a way to see what drives are shared on my host, that others can network mount?03:58
b1llyhow do i delete a folder and all files iwthin03:59
Seven_Six_Twoayecee, thanks03:59
ayeceeleapy0yo: using what protocol?03:59
b1llycuz it somehow just lost like 8 files03:59
rcconfb1lly: rm -rf folder03:59
pfifoIf I use my time machine to obtain a copy of ubuntu 12.04 can I get support for it here or do i have to goto #ubuntu+303:59
rcconfb1lly: dont do that if you are newbie03:59
rcconfuse Nautilus03:59
ayeceepfifo: the latter03:59
b1llyrcconf:  dont do what03:59
TeligardHi all04:00
rcconf <b1lly> how do i delete a folder and all files iwthin04:00
rcconfthats what the command does.04:00
leapy0yoayecee , samba04:00
Teligardany ideas why the following entry in my fstab isn't working:04:00
Teligard' //mybook2/Public/XBMC_layout /mnt/mediaserver1 cifs rw,user=relder,credentials=/etc/samba/.credentials,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777  0 004:00
b1llyfor some reaosn when i04:01
ayeceeleapy0yo: I think you could do something like smbclient -L localhost, but i'm not entirely sure.04:01
TeligardI've tried both smbfs and cifs04:01
b1llysudo chmod -R 774 ./homeskoold/gelberg half the files dissapear04:01
ayeceeTeligard: what happens when you try?04:01
rcconfb1lly: ?04:01
b1llylike right now04:02
TeligardI get the following i the dmsg: [16353.273928] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -2204:02
JuppI somehow managed to damage my partition table on a secondary drive I use for storage. The second drive is /dev/sdb and it used to be only one partion sdb1. the drive started to fail and after "fixing it", automount fails. I can only mount the drive by "mount /dev/sdb" instead of "mount /dev/sdb1". I don't know how I manage to do that but help fixing it is appreciated.04:02
b1llyall my files and folders in var/www/homeskoold/gelberg have no permissions04:02
b1llyand im trying to make them readable04:02
TeligardAnd the shell returns: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //mybook2/Public/XBMC_layout,04:02
Teligard       missing codepage or helper program, or other error04:02
Teligard       (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might04:02
Teligard       need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program)04:02
Teligard       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try04:02
FloodBot1Teligard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
Teligard       dmesg | tail  or so04:02
ayeceeJupp: what did you do that broke it?04:03
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=== filthy is now known as fllthy
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
ayeceeJupp: that is, what did you do while "fixing" it?04:03
Juppayecee, don't know I mainly ran testdisk about a million times and I think I used it to create a parition04:03
ayeceeJupp: is there any data on the drive that you want to keep?04:04
TeligardSorry about the preceived flooding04:04
Juppayecee, yes. lots of it. I would transfer it to another drive and reformat, but it's too much data04:05
b1llymh /var/www/homeskoold/gelberg folder has no read or write permissions set, how do i set them...becuz of this i am not able to access it via the web04:05
JuppI would like to keep as much as possible04:05
ayeceeJupp: then continue to mount it as /dev/sdb. The available fixes would require a backup.04:05
ayeceeb1lly: anyone what?04:06
pfifoJupp, gparted has a utility to fix you partition table, it will examine your disk and make a guess at how it was setup before. You should be able to recover using it.04:06
b1llythe file permissions of my var/www/homeskoold/gelberg folder04:07
ayeceeb1lly: what about them?04:07
b1llyare not set, so i cant access the files in that folder via my web url04:07
b1llyim trying to set them to "read"04:07
ayeceechmod o=r /var/www/homeskoold/geldberg04:07
BabyGirlwhen they talk about splash screen in gmonelook.org is that the boot screen ?04:07
izinucsb1lly: do a "ls -la" and paste one of the resulting lines04:07
ayeceeerr.. o+r04:07
spiralsBabyGirl, generally that refers to the screen before the login screen04:08
b1llyayecee if i wanted to make them all o+r for the files and folders in it04:08
b1llydo i need to do sudo chmod -R o+r /var/www/homeskoold/gelberg04:08
TeligardOk, let me try this from a different angle04:08
ayeceeb1lly: could you put a whole sentence in a line? that way we don't have to wait for you to finish the sentence.04:08
izinucsb1lly: most likely the files are not owned by www-data or your isp is blocking port 8004:08
Teligardhow to I automount a network share  using (I presume its the only, or best option) fstab04:09
b1llyizinucs: my files are owned by root?04:09
b1llyis this bad04:09
izinucsb1lly: yep.. not what you want.. sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/*04:09
ayeceeb1lly: it depends on the permissions. show the permissions on one of the files with ls -la, as suggested.04:10
b1llyizinucs: whats the reason for this04:10
pfifoTeligard, exactly the way your doing it already04:10
izinucsb1lly: www-data is the standard owner of apache's files in /var/www ..04:10
b1llyayecee: http://pastebin.com/2bwLJfKy04:11
izinucsb1lly: you as "manipulator" of the files should be in the www-data group04:11
b1llyim very new to linux so04:11
b1llyim trying to follow but im a little lost04:11
ayeceeb1lly: the gelberg folder is readable. which file are you trying to access?04:12
b1llyits readable now, after i did the chmod that you told me04:12
b1llyit works good now04:12
b1llybut how come i have to chown04:13
b1llylike izinucs is saying04:13
izinucsb1lly: protected files all have a specific owner.. your stuff is owned by you.. system files are owned by root.. web served files are owned by www-data.. after that you also deal with permissions on those files.. read only, read+write, read_write+execute for three levels.. owner, group and everyone.04:13
izinucsb1lly: chown=change owner04:13
leapy0yoI don't understand why samba is sharing a hard drive that is not in /etc/samba/smb.conf ... anyone think of a reason?04:13
ayeceeb1lly: because you copied the files as root04:14
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b1llyizinucs: when i setup ftp accounts, do i just set folder ownership to the same as the ftp username04:14
ayeceeleapy0yo: magic leprechauns have staged a daring assault on your computer while you're sleeping.04:14
mister_mwhat is the difference between ubuntu and xubuntu04:14
wjlafranceCan I install the full chain of ubuntu-desktop software on top of ubuntu-server, but disable GDM from starting on boot?04:15
pfifoleapy0yo, can you pastebin you config and what directory is it sharing04:15
izinucsb1lly: ftp setup is a little more tricky.. depend on if you want each user confined to their own /home folder or make it universal.. I'm not good at setting up ftp.04:15
ayeceemister_m: ubuntu provides the gnome UI by default, while xubuntu shows the xfce UI by default.04:15
mister_mayecee: ok, cool thank you04:15
bastidrazorwjlafrance: yes.04:15
gerardo_spanish ?04:15
ayeceegerardo_: no04:15
wjlafrancebastidrazor: how?04:16
b1llyizinucs: now that i set the ownership to www-data04:16
wjlafrancegerardo_: #ubuntu-es I think04:16
b1llyis this just a security measure?04:16
ayeceeb1lly: something like that, yes.04:16
izinucsb1lly: yes and no.. yes because security for apache is handled by apache if the files are owned by the apache user group.. www-data..04:17
bastidrazorwjlafrance: install ubuntu-desktop then edit the file /etc/default/grub .. change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"  then sudo update-grub.04:17
izinucsb1lly: no because if the files in /var/www are not owned by www-data then apache has no rights to present the files to "the world"..04:18
wjlafranceb1lly: a 774 bitmask (i think you mentioned earlier) gives world noread nowrite execute, so you can't see/read the files but you can execute them. I personally use 775, so you can read/execute but no write04:18
gerardo_bye ...04:18
cylobare there debian packages available for firefox 4?04:18
b1llyizinucs: when i did www-data:www-data         , is that like a username:password? or is that admin:group04:18
bastidrazor!ff4 | cylob04:18
ubottucylob: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox04:18
pfifocylob, mozilla should have them available04:18
wjlafrancebastidrazor: thanks :)04:18
bastidrazorwjlafrance: you're welcome04:18
rwwcylob: if you mean Ubuntu, see ubottu's factoid. Ask #debian if you mean Debian ;P04:18
izinucsb1lly: that's a user:group04:19
cylobi mean ubuntu04:19
mrdebso debian is already outdated?04:19
mrdebno firefox 404:19
wjlafranceb1lly: username:username sets the owner and group of a file. For example when I host my friend's website on my box, I set the ownership to luke:www-data04:19
rwwmrdeb: You say outdated, Debian users say stable.04:20
rwwmrdeb: Ubuntu is the same way but with a shorter release cycle so one doesn't notice as much.04:20
pfifooutdated isnt a lightswitch, its a dimmer04:20
cylobcan i install gnome 3 shell on my ubuntu 10.10 install?04:21
cylobi wanna try it out04:21
pfifocylob, yeah04:22
rwwcylob: there's a gnome-shell package on maverick, but it's rather out of date. you'd probably be better off playing with a LiveCD of a distro that actually uses GNOME 3.04:22
b1llywjlafrance: so why do www-data:www-data04:22
cylobwhich distro uses gnome 3 by default?04:22
b1llyshouldnt i put billy:www-data04:22
truepurplehow do I add flash to ububtu 10.10 64 bit?04:22
rwwcylob: the upcoming Fedora release will; GNOME 3's website has http://www.gnome3.org/tryit.html also04:23
cylobcool thanks04:23
kerriedoes anyone know how to get jmp running on Ubuntu 10.10?04:23
cylobim a bit concerned, btw, about ubuntu's decision to drop gnome 304:23
cylobnot that ive used it yet04:23
BabyGirlspirals:) can i put my ubuntu 9.4 and get the splash from that distro,,i love it better thatn 10.4 it looks more profeccional for me at work04:23
wjlafranceb1lly: ideally only the webserver and the superuser can touch the web data. If you're the only one who's going to touch the web data, such as on a home server, I can't think of a reason not to do that. It's a security risk though, but I don't think it matters on a home server04:24
edbiancylob: Might now sound like it but I think an alternative to X (wayland) sounds great.  Stir up some friendly competition and make everything better for everybody04:24
izinucsb1lly: you could do that too.. as long as the second name is www-data04:24
cylobedbian: so the next ubuntu will use wayland?04:24
b1llywjlafrance: why is it a security risk04:24
edbiancylob: It will be an option down the road I believe.  I'm not sure about the next version or not04:25
rwwWayland has nothing to do with Ubuntu's decisions about GNOME 3, and Wayland won't be used in Ubuntu for a long time yet.04:25
edbiancylob: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wayland04:25
kerriedoes anyone know how to get jmp running on Ubuntu 10.10? This is desperate, as I have an assignment due in two days and can't walk to uni because I've injured my foot. The uni service desk refuses to help04:25
cylobif i dont like unity i guess ill swithc to fedora04:25
rwwbut, this is all more on-topic for #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic than here, since #ubuntu is for already-released Ubuntu versions :\04:25
edbianrww: Thanks04:25
wjlafranceb1lly: because, if i remember correctly www-data doesn't have a password so it can't be bruteforced. You have a password, you can be bruteforced. The question is, who will try to bruteforce you?04:26
pfifocylob, I plan to move to fedora as well04:26
cylobpeople talk crap about gnome 3 but i have faith cause its gnome04:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:27
cylobmy bad rww04:27
kerriedoes anyone know how to get jmp running on Ubuntu 10.10? This is desperate, as I have an assignment due in two days and can't walk to uni because I've injured my foot. The uni service desk refuses to help04:29
hellupline_hello ubuntu users, I am having trouble with TOTEM, yesterday it was perfect, but today, its playing videos too fast,04:29
tonsofpcsyour uni even knows what Ubuntu is? wow.04:29
kerrietonsofpcs: hardly04:30
tonsofpcsi also have n o clue what jmp is so can't really help04:30
izinucshellupline_: there are other choices that work better .. try vlc04:31
wjlafrancetonsofpcs: my college uses ubuntu for all the programming classes04:31
pfifokerrie, desperate right? Nothing a couple hundred dollars cant fix... http://www.ubuntu.com/business/services/overview04:32
edbianwjlafrance: That is amazing04:32
DarkenvyI cant seem to share any SMB folders except one. whats different between these folders?04:32
ayeceekerrie: what happens when you try?04:33
DarkenvyOSX tells me "cannot find" blah blah04:33
hellupline_izinucs, well.... i like totem,04:33
kerrieayecee: it says "License invalid" when04:33
spiralsBabyGirl, you might be able to find it on gnome-look.04:33
kerrieayecee: I use the linux license off the uni website04:33
ayeceekerrie: has jmp worked for you in the past on your machine, or is this the first time you've tried?04:34
BabyGirlspirals:) im looking,i dont see it04:34
kerrieayecee: It has worked on windows, but doesn't work through wine or virtualbox04:34
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Peddyhow can I install ubuntu on a new machine so that the entire disk is encrypted?04:36
DarkenvyI am unable to change permissions of a mounted drive folder even as root04:36
ayeceekerrie: do you get the same error in both wine and virtualbox?04:37
pfifoPeddy, select that option during install04:37
Darkenvywhen in ubuntu properties, anything I change instantly snaps back to the old04:37
Peddypfifo, are you certain that whole-disk encryption is an option at install?04:37
Us3r_UnfriendlyPeddy: it should be in the install04:37
pfifoPeddy, yes04:37
b1llywat dir are the web server logs again?04:37
truepurpleHow do I install flash on ubuntu?04:38
kerrieayecee: no, they don't work in wine and virtualbox for different reasons. I am trying to get the native linux jmp working04:38
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: 32 or 64?04:38
pfifoPeddy, well it encrypts the partitons that ubuntu uses, your windows wont be encrypted of course04:38
Peddyokay, thanks pfifo. That's for the regular desktop install CD too, right, not just alternative install cd?04:38
Peddypfifo, I don't have windows on here (;04:38
ayeceekerrie: when running the native version you get the "license invalid" message? Is there any further text to the error?04:38
pfifoPeddy, then is ubuntu is using the 'full disk' then it will be full disk encryptoion ;)04:39
spiralsBabyGirl, search in Software Center for "plymouth-theme", you will see some other choices like "solar" "glow" "spinfinity" maybe one of them is more to your liking04:39
karexHelp me, firefox' font rendering goes bad, but it was nice like another application..04:39
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly  64bit 10.1004:39
kerrieayecee: It is the native linux version that I get the "license invalid" err. There is no further info04:39
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: if your using a 32 bit then it should be in the repos.  I know jordan from This Week in Linux just did a youtube video about adobe's new flash for linux 32 if your interested04:39
Peddypfifo, OK, thanks again. My reason for asking is that, in past installs, it only encrypted the home directory. But this is good news04:39
spiralsBabyGirl, if you want to go all out customizing that kind of thing try this control panel app "GDM2 Setup" http://maketecheasier.com/gdm2-setup-reclaim-control-of-your-login-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/2004:39
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: i run 64 and it was a bit tricky04:39
ayeceekerrie: i'm sorry, short of contacting the publishers of jmp, i have no suggestions.04:40
DarkenvyThe permissions of [my drive] could not be determined :|04:40
kerrieayecee: thanks for your help04:40
cylobi read that the performance difference between 32 and 64 bit is negligible, but that 64 bit will end up using alot more hard drive space04:40
cylobam i way off on that?04:40
pfifoPeddy, thats on the user setup screen, the full disk encryption is in the partitioning section of the install04:40
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: It is 64 bit, I was told to run a particular command, I ran it, it seemed to install, but it didn't work04:40
edbiancylob: I do not think it takes up any more harddrive space.  64 bit allows you to use more than 3.2 Gb of ram.  (there is a technicality)04:41
ayeceecylob: it will use more, but it will also be negligible with current disk sizes.04:41
BabyGirlspirals:) thank u so much for ur help,GOD bless u for helping the needed people04:41
cylobso if you have under 3.2gb ram, there wouldnt be a reason to use 64 bit?04:41
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: I also found a file online specific to my OS, But I had trouble with that too04:41
edbiancylob: Not really.  Besides that it's the future04:42
cylobcool thanks for the info04:42
spiralsBabyGirl, you're welcome, also bookmark http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html if you are running official ATI or Nvidia 3d drivers you are probably affected by a graphical glitch at the start of bootup. separate from the splash screen stuff. but relevant to professional appearance.04:43
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: download the 32 adobe flash from their site in a .deb then if you had downloaded to your ~/Downloads folder, then open a terminal and type:    dpkg --force-architecture --install ~/Downloads/"package name"04:43
leapy0yoi do ls -l , and I do not see anything that suggests nor says that a directory is a symbolic link04:43
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: you might have to run the command as a admin using "sudo"04:43
BabyGirlspirals:) thanks04:44
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spiralsBabyGirl, but if you're not running the official ('restricted') drivers then you don't need that script because it's not glitched. good luck.04:44
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: let me know when your finish04:44
DartarisHey, can someone help we with an installation issue?04:44
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: there is a second part04:44
leapy0yoin one of my directories it has "~"  , but it is a subdirectory of ~, so i don't understand how it got there nor how to remove it04:44
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: How about this - http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/square/ this is made for 64bit ubuntu04:45
leapy0yooh i get it now... it is ./04:45
paraparacan I just ask a question, or is there a polite way to wait in line? :-)04:45
ayeceeDartaris: only if you describe it04:45
edbianparapara: Just ask the question.  No line :)04:45
truepurplejust ask parapara04:45
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Darkenvyam I able to chmod 744/chmod 777 a NTFS?04:45
ayeceeparapara: you are encouraged to ask your question and wait for a response.04:45
paraparathanks guys04:45
DartarisI installed Ubuntu via Wibi and restarted but all I got were coloured blocks.04:45
BabyGirlspirals:) im not running any graphics,,i dont have graphic card,,is a Acer Apire 5315  :)04:45
edbianparapara: Don't thank us yet! :D04:45
DartarisAnyone know why that might be?04:45
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DarkenvyI am UNABLE to samba share this folder because my permissions are wrong on this NTFS drive04:46
ayeceeparapara: bearing in mind that if no one knows, no one might answer :)04:46
paraparaI'm having kind of weird issue -> when I try to open synaptic, it asks for a password, and when I enter my password it says the password is invalid04:46
paraparahowever, I can open synaptic from the terminal with sudo synaptic04:46
spiralsBabyGirl, k that last one doesn't affect you then. you should be good with the theme packages and the login customizer app04:46
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Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: I haven't used it...I didn't hear good stuff about that package.  Anyone else think http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/square/ is good?04:46
Peddyparapara, could you try "gksu synaptic" in terminal?04:46
folornim looking for someone who's done a install of quake4  linux- the question is why do i get a texture error and it semi locks up- when i try to ./ aka run the program04:46
=== Guest60569 is now known as truepurple
edbianparapara: What about this: gksudo synaptic04:46
b1llyhow do i view the folder access thru cmd line04:47
ayeceefolorn: could you provide the specific error as well?04:47
b1llyoh wiat nm04:47
b1llywait i forget04:47
Us3r_Unfriendlyparapara: what happens when you do what folorn said to do?04:47
BabyGirlspirals:)  thanks04:47
paraparagksu gives me the same incorrect password error; gksudo synaptic works04:47
folornyep it says texture error when i try to load it04:47
Peddyparapara, I disconnected there - say again please?04:47
paraparagksu gives me the same incorrect password error; gksudo synaptic works04:47
ayeceefolorn: is that the full error? It says "texture error", and nothing else when you load quake4?04:48
paraparaalso, no idea if this is related - I don't remember my linux command line - but su doesn't work04:48
paraparawhile sudo des04:48
edbianAren't they all the same app ?04:48
folornlemme try again but i might have to reboot again04:48
b1llydoes this mean we have full access to this dir drwxr-xr-x 4 www-data www-data 4096 2011-03-27 23:45 users04:48
paraparaI get su: Authentication Failure04:48
pfifosu != sudo04:48
spiralsparapara: sudo su -04:48
Peddyparapara, an easy solution would be this: right-click on "system", press edit, navigate to System>Administration, click on synaptic, properties, and then change gksu to gksudo04:48
paraparaspirals: that works04:48
Us3r_UnfriendlyPeddy: might be some glitch...have you tried changing your passwd?04:49
PeddyUs3r_Unfriendly, wrong person04:49
Us3r_Unfriendlyparapara: might be some glitch...have you tried changing your passwd?04:49
Peddyparapara, to clarify, right-click on menu bar>edit menus04:49
Peddyno problem (;04:49
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: You didn't hear good things about it, you mean you heard bad things about it?04:49
paraparashouldn't su be working though?04:49
pfifosu will never work in ubuntu04:50
PeddyI think gksudo is actually a symlink to gksu, so I have no idea04:50
folornhere's the full error04:50
rwwparapara: no, because su asks for the root password, and the root account is disabled by default04:50
TeligardpfifoL sudo passwd04:50
paraparagot it04:50
Peddyparapara, try "su username"04:50
rwwPeddy: it is, but depending on which you use and what's set in gksu-properties, it'll function like su or like sudo.04:50
spiralsPeddy: "su - username" is better so that you get their environment04:51
paraparaPeddy: what should that do?04:51
pfifoTeligard, enabling the root account is bot unsupported and not recommended04:51
paraparaPeddy: it just brought me back to the same shell prompt04:51
spiralsparapara, what are you actually trying to do?04:51
Peddyparapara, that was just to show you the proper use of "su"04:51
Darkenvyoh man I have messed some shit up before on the root account ><04:51
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: that's what i have heard.  glitchiness, not very nice to work with.  but again, that's what i have heard...i don't actually have experience with that package.  I just installed the 32 bit version then I used emacs to write a file in my /etc/ directory to make it smooth04:51
DarkenvyI didnt do that agai haha04:52
paraparaPeddy: oh I got you04:52
paraparaspirals: just to open synaptic04:52
spiralsparapara, gksudo synaptic04:52
paraparaspirals: one sec; I tried the fix04:52
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: And that worked?04:52
Peddyparapara, for a quick and dirty fix,  you could try the "editing menus" thing I said earlier04:52
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: no problems :P04:52
paraparaPeddy: I just did it, and it works!04:52
paraparaPeddy: thank you04:52
paraparaI've been messing around with KDE and Gnome and desktop settings and all that04:53
paraparaso I suspect I caused the problem somehow04:53
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: Please link me to it so I can be sure to have the right one04:53
Peddyparapara, that's great. You're welcome! Remember, it's only a temporary fix, and similar problems may happen with other programs04:53
paraparaPeddy: got you04:53
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: I am in love with Linux distros.  Some more than others.  But I feel every company gear their software to windows.  I sometimes feel Linux would be king if it were more complete.04:53
spiralsparapara: it's often helpful to create a new user when testing a new desktop environment04:54
paraparaspirals: yeah, I know that now04:54
paraparaspirals: you should have seen the extent to which I broke everything lol04:54
folornacceye here's the link with the input with the error04:54
folornanyone know how to kill a process that wont close after a error?04:54
spiralsparapara: sounds like the time i decided to try every desktop I could find, all on the same user04:54
Teligardsudo kill <pid>04:55
ayeceefolorn: the error is "texture compression unavailable", apparently.04:55
Teligardprocess id04:55
paraparaspirals: on Gnome I actually got rid of all the panels and was using a mac-like dock04:55
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: So the link with the flash download you are recommending if you would please.04:55
paraparaspirals: but then I got rid of the dock by mistake04:55
TeligardI usually do ps aux | grep <app>04:55
ayeceefolorn: what kind of video card do you have? Is this in a virtual machine?04:55
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/04:55
folornokay pid = the current process ?04:55
paraparathanks again Peddy and spirals for your help04:55
paraparabye guys!04:55
spiralsparapara: a good dock like Docky won't give that problem04:56
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: I downloaded the .deb which all of them on there are 32 bit04:56
Teligardthe process Id associated with task you want to kill04:56
Peddyfolorn, have you tried the "force quit" tool on the panel?04:56
Teligardie. ps aux | grep xbmc04:56
Teligardwill return the processes with xbmc in the name.04:56
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Teligardthen you type sudo kill 1234504:57
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: You don't recommend the latter "apt" one, or you just don't know?04:57
Teligardassuming 12345 is the process ID associated04:57
leapy0yois there a way to move files even whereas it says cannot remove destination... when the destination is the same.. i try -f to overwrite but it does not work for whole directories, i think04:57
Teligardmv -r directory04:58
Teligard-r = recursive04:58
lucid_jIs there any open source city building game for linux like caesar of pharaoh?04:58
pfifowhy not just killall xbmc04:58
lucid_j0ad is nice but still in alpha..04:58
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: I know the way I have it works, that's all I'm saying.  If someone else has a easier way of doing it, please share.  My was is downloading the 32 bit, forcing the install with dpkg, and then creating a file in /etc/ to make it run smoother04:58
ayeceelucid_j: no, but I think there's one similar to simcity.04:58
Us3r_Unfriendly*my way04:58
TeligardI'm alway concerned that something else will get killed as well04:59
lucid_jayecee: which one?04:59
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: But there are multiple 32bits to choose from04:59
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: I downloaded the .deb04:59
folorni tried everything peddy04:59
ayeceelucid_j: micropolis, maybe?05:00
folornwhen i go to run the program it locks up, not sure on the video card it should work fine. how you see the name of the vid card ?05:00
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: No experience or knowledge of the APT one? Why did you choose deb?05:00
ayeceefolorn: glxinfo, maybe05:00
leapy0yois there a way to move files even whereas it says cannot remove destination... when the destination is the same.. i try -f to overwrite but it does not work for whole directories, i think05:00
Peddyfolorn, to see your video card, try "lspci | grep -i vga"05:00
folorni need this quake4 process killed but dont know the exact syntax05:01
ayeceefolorn: which process?05:02
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: if it was a apt, then it's a repo which you add to your software center...that's way when there's a update with flash, ubuntu will download it automatically through software update.  which in this case might be bad, seeing that you had to "ghetto rig" it to work.  The update might screw that up.  but I would say just do what your comfortable with.  apt is a way of doing it, so is the square, and my way05:02
folornits stuck at the panel05:02
ayeceefolorn: so you don't have a terminal available?05:03
eamondoes anyone know how to set the aspect ratio in mplayer?05:03
pfifoa swarm of hornets recently made a nest in my old server, everytime i turn it on they come out and attack me, will reinstalling ubuntu fix this issue?05:03
spiralsfolorn, do 'pgrep quake' in a terminal; that might give you the process id05:03
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: What is repo?05:03
folorni do got the terminal just dont know how to excute the command05:03
ayeceepfifo: nope. gonna have to kill it with fire.05:03
jiltdileamn: are you taking about scale length05:03
spiralsfolorn, grep is text search, pgrep searches the text of the process list05:03
folornk 1sec the vid card deal is here>>> dustin@ubuntu:~$ lspci |grep -i vga05:03
folorn00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)05:03
folornpgrep done nothing apparently05:04
eamonjiltdil: say I wanted to force playback in 16:9 or 4:3 how would I do that?05:04
ayeceefolorn: what pgrep command are you using?05:05
folorni typed pgrep quake4 to list the process's05:05
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: it's basically a server that has apps that has been looked at to made sure it's virus free and such (repository)  you add a ppa to your software center to access the downloads.  Good also for 3rd party downloads.  sudo add-apt-repository "ppa name"  is another good way of doing it05:05
spiralsfolorn 'pgrep quake' not quake405:05
b1llyhow do i make a directory, so that when I use my "mkdir" or I upload a file via PHP script, it allows it to happen05:05
ayeceefolorn: and there were none?05:06
b1llycuz right now its neglecting file uploads05:06
ayeceefolorn: you may have to use "ps aux" to find out what he process is called.05:06
spiralsfolorn, just my hunch, often version numbers don't make it into process names05:06
b1llyis there something i have to setup via my apache server config to allow file uploads05:06
folorncan i just right click delete from the control panel or will i loose it all ?05:06
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: So you think the apt is probably going to work at first, but maybe get busted if updated?05:06
ayeceefolorn: you can do that, and you will not lose it all, but it might not terminate the quake process.05:06
spiralsfolorn: 'pgrep quake', failing that 'ps aux' and use eyes to spot the name as ayecee said05:07
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: yes IF you have to ghetto rig it to work05:07
spiralsthe pid will be on the left side of the line with the name05:07
jiltdileamon: try this if it works sudo  mplayer -vo svga -ao sdl scale=0:0 ~/Desktop/a.avi    set your scale05:07
pfifob1lly, create the uploads directory and then chown it to www-data05:07
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: us 64bit users didn't get as much love as the 32bit guys did05:07
jiltdileamon: i am not confirm that it works fine but try perhabs it works05:08
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: But don't I need updates? Old flash programs start becoming incompatible with newer games and such, do you not have that problem?05:08
ayecee64bit is perverse, is why05:08
folornnow i lost my control panel wtf05:08
jiltdiljiltdil: if you have any video on desktop i give the path05:08
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: It is just a matter of time though, 8GB is not too much off standard, once 8GB becomes necessary for a copy of windows, you will see 64bit everywhere05:09
folornso any suggestions ?05:09
folornon how to get my control panel back?05:09
spiralsfolorn: 'pgrep quake', failing that 'ps aux' and use eyes to spot the name as ayecee said05:09
folornk 1min05:09
ayeceefolorn: reboot05:09
folornkk brb05:09
b1llypfifo: the uploads dir is already www-data05:09
jiltdileamon:sudo  mplayer -vo svga -ao sdl scale=0:0  /path/to/file05:09
b1llybut it wont let me upload05:10
xiaoshenhow to use dual connection ( lan and 3g modem ) in linux?05:10
spiralsayecee: ok I'm not touching this one :305:10
ayeceeb1lly: what happens when you try?05:10
eamonjiltdil: ok i'll tryi it05:10
ayeceespirals: me neither! :D05:10
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: 64bit is popular with the server guys.  but everyone I know that uses linux usually uses a 32, just because it's easier I guess05:10
xiaoshenin windows i only have to do route -p add mask (route for lan)05:10
b1llyayecee: it makes the folder (the ownership is set to www-data), but it doesnt upload the file05:10
abhinav-hid3, I am trying to install xchat-gnome but apt is saying that the package cannot be authenticated05:10
b1llymy error log doesnt say anything05:10
spiralsUs3r_Unfriendly, we use 32bit because we installed when Adobe didn't support flash on 6405:10
eamonjiltdil: no video05:11
spiralsAnd now we're stuck :305:11
=== ruan_ is now known as ruan
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: Well I got 64bit because I got 8gb ram, and I am not going to have over half my ram capacity wasted05:11
pfifob1lly, then you may need to chmod 0755 the directory, but that should be the default05:11
jiltdilUs3r_Unifriendly:how 32bit is easier compared to 64 bit?05:11
ayeceeb1lly: what are you using to upload?05:11
abhinav- I am trying to install xchat-gnome but apt is saying that the package cannot be authenticated05:11
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: same here...damn new computers with all this hardware.  gosh05:11
ayeceeb1lly: what is the cgi that is receiving the upload?05:12
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: So back to my previous question about the updates05:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: how are you trying to install it with?05:12
b1llypfifo: the chmod is 077705:12
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly,  sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome05:12
b1llyayecee: cgi?05:12
jiltdilabhinav:just try sudo apt-get install xchat05:12
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: like i said, do what you comfortable with05:12
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: But don't I need updates? Old flash programs start becoming incompatible with newer games and such, do you not have that problem?05:12
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: i don't, no05:12
ayeceeb1lly: yes, cgi. How is your website receiving an upload without a cgi?05:12
pfifob1lly, did you write this script yourself?05:12
leapy0yodudes, I try to move a directories but MV coughs and says that the destination directory already exists, how can i go about fixing that?05:13
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: What do you use flash for?05:13
b1llyi'm using a html form with a php script to handle the file upload05:13
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, ah ok, it was asking for confirmation in the end. But from software center it was outrightly refusing to install05:13
jiltdileamon: use this in F1-F6 mode05:13
FerrelAnyone know of issues with ssh connectivity in 10.04 server? it seems to freeze my connection through an admittedly "flakey" openVPN connection, but all other servers(CentOS) work fine except the 10.04's05:14
b1llyis there something i have to configure in apache to allow that?05:14
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: so "sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome" doesn't work?  personally i recommend wee-chat or irrsi.  awesome in my opinion05:14
ayeceeb1lly: so the php script is the cgi then?05:14
b1llyidk what cgi is but I suppose05:14
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, yes it worked now. It was asking to confirm whether I trust the source or not. I didnt know about wee-chat and irrsi. Will try them out :)05:14
ayeceethe php script receives the file. does the php script have any logging?05:15
=== chris_ is now known as Guest73520
pfifob1lly, yes, but you might already have it configured properly, did you write the script in question yourself? more then likely you have the path wrong05:15
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: i've never used xchat.  I'm very old school with emacs, vi, irssi, ect.05:15
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: well now vim lol05:15
b1llypfifo: i did write the script myself, it worked on my old web host05:15
ayeceepfifo: b1lly doesn't seem like the kind of guy to write a php script.05:15
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, lol :)05:15
folornthe control panel is still missing now ?05:15
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: What do you use flash for?05:16
pfifob1lly, what kind of return value do you get from move_uploaded_files?05:16
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: i would say yes trust the source.  seeing that your downloading the package from ubuntu's repos...unless you added 3rd party ppa's05:16
b1llylet me see, sec.05:16
folornso any ideas ayecee?05:16
b1llypfifo its got to be returning false whatever it is05:16
b1llybecause i have it within an if statement05:17
b1llybut ill check to see if it returns any value, sec05:17
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, I did that. But I guess this option of confirming the source should be given from the software centre as well05:17
VE2EBP>> I'm trying to copy stuff from my home directory on a USB ext HDD using nautilus... It won't copy some of the files telling me that I don't have read access... why is that?05:17
ruani've got an old hdd that grub is detecting windows on, what files should i remove so that it doesnt detect windows?05:17
ayeceefolorn: ideas on what?05:17
ruanwhile keeping the drive functional\05:18
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: is ubuntu software center asking you or synaptic, or are you using a shell and using sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome??05:18
folornso what the errors about and maybe how to fix it so it runs properly?, and how the heck i get my bottom panel back05:18
pfifob1lly, if its returning false, then chances are you need to adjust MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE and MAX_POST_SIZE in php.ini, do a phpinfo() to see what these limits are set as05:18
ayeceefolorn: which errors?05:18
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: What do you use flash for?05:19
folornwell the ones i posted up in that vpates link- oh well can u help me get my bottom panel back?05:19
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, First I tried installing directly from the Software Center, it refused to install because of unauthenticated source. Then I switched to the shell and did "sudo apt-get install..." which worked05:19
b1llyphp ini is in the apache2 foldeR?05:19
ayeceefolorn: I don't know what you're talking about.05:19
ayeceefolorn: however, i've had a couple of drinks since you first started, so you may just have to explain it again.05:20
ruanis boot.ini safe to remove? will ntfs still be functional after removal?05:20
jiltdilabhinav:type gksudo software-center  in Alt+f2 you will install your softwares from s/w center05:20
Us3r_Unfriendlyabhinav-: weird.  it'll usually ask me if a second time if i want to install with me answering the question with either a y or a n.  never had it ask me if i trust the source.  you running 10.10?05:20
ayeceeruan: providing the boot.ini reflected only default options, yes.05:21
folornwell i guess ill have to restart the computer again for the error its a texture compression error it happens when i got to run quake405:21
folornand can u help me get the bottom panel back for my screen05:21
pfifob1lly, run phpinfo() it will tell you where the php.ini file is located05:21
b1llypfifo: says 2m05:21
b1llyupload_max_filesize 2M05:21
b1llymy file is 3.1mb05:21
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: What do you use flash for?05:21
pfifob1lly, try uploading a small file then05:21
abhinav-Us3r_Unfriendly, yes 10.10 (upgraded from 10.04). Its strange but I noticed this behaviour in recent days only, maybe some update for the software-centre has triggered this05:21
ayeceefolorn: I don't understand. Let's see if this is correct - you ran quake4, received an error about texture compression, rebooted, then your bottom pannel was gone?05:22
sancasmmm when ubuntu start firts run the console and later them five six seconds charge the gdm this is normal? or need to do something?05:22
b1llypfifo: cant i just change my php.ini to allow bigger file05:22
ayeceesancas: could you repeat that in english?05:22
mrdebayecee: lol05:22
sancas:( my english bad :(05:22
pfifob1lly, of course you can, but if you ccan upload a small file right now then your issue is resolved.05:22
Us3r_Unfriendlyfolorn: http://www.watchingthenet.com/restore-panels-in-ubuntu-back-to-their-default-settings.html05:22
Sleakeranyone able to help me out with some sound problems? I royally messed up my sound :(05:23
b1llypfifo: right, I don't have a smaller one tho, has to be a certain format05:23
b1lly2M refers to 2 MB?05:23
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: i use flash for flash based websites, videos, and what ever else is flash05:23
ayeceesancas: google translate may be able to help05:23
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: the main one being youtube05:23
satyaif i type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, it says failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/......05:23
ayeceesatya: what happens when you do "sudo apt-get update"?05:24
folornoi god this sucks05:24
pfifob1lly,  set it to like 512M and dont forget the max_post_size as well, you will need to restart apache for settings to take effect, and then still double check what phpinfo() says05:24
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: Not games?05:24
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: i'm not a gamer at all05:25
satyaayecee: if i do update everything is fine05:25
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: but flash games would work too05:25
ayeceesatya: what happens if you do an update, then the install?05:25
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: Is it easy to change over to the other program?05:25
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Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: don't understand what your talking about05:25
Sleakernobody in here familiar with setting up sound devices?05:25
=== Diceman__ is now known as Dice-Man
ayeceesatya: is there more to the error message? tbh i have not seen an error message with ...... in it05:26
mrdebsomewhat familiar05:26
satyaayecee: if i do update, some index files failed to download05:26
Sleakermmm mrdeb, I had sound. played around with installing a different driver and broke all my sound altogether. sound like something you can help with?05:26
shueyhi guys05:27
satyaayecee: if i do update, some index files failed to download, they have been ignored or old ones used instead05:27
pfifoSleaker, its not that, no one wants to mess with sound cause its always a mess... if you troubleshoot yourself and ask a specific question your much more likely to get help05:27
shueyfirst time on xchat05:27
Sleakerpfifo, well I've been through every single help section I can find on the internet.05:27
shueywas expecting to see a list of users, but don't :D05:27
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: deb verses apt, when I pick one, is it easy to change over to the other if I decide the one I picked isn't working good enough?05:27
SleakerI have a DX58SO, intel-hda I don't imagine it would be that hard to get working, I just am pretty knew.05:27
b1llyis there a way to delete all files within /var/www/homeskoold/05:28
b1llyrm: cannot remove05:28
Sleakerrm -r05:28
Sleakerwill delete all files recursively including adirectory05:28
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: you should only install one...not both seeing that they will conflick with each other.  you could install one but if it doesn't work for you, first uninstall the first one and then install the second one.  Just like on a windows machine, you wouldn't use 2 antiviruses at the same time05:29
edwinkcwb1lly, did you ask a question about ffmpeg?05:29
b1llyyes, but i got it to work05:29
edwinkcwb1lly, may I know how?05:29
Us3r_Unfriendlyb1lly: sudo rm -fr /var/www/homeskoold/05:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyb1lly: sudo rm -fr /var/www/homeskoold/*05:30
b1llywhat was the question05:30
Sleakeralso /var/www/ requires su/sudo access05:30
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: Uninstalling one and installing the other is pretty easy?05:30
Sleakerbut yah05:30
ouyeshi I have a question, I am in file browser,and try to find a directory named oph...., I type o, then there is a file named o..., then how I can list all directory with name o?05:30
Sleakersound sucks :(05:30
aaron_chi, i'm trying to locate a file by its filename, and i'm finding that "locate filename" does not return all existing matches.  does anyone know why?05:30
Us3r_Unfriendlyb1lly: use the * at the end meaning all files...and if there's hidden file try it with .*05:31
b1llyif i mkdir within a dir, will it automatically inherit its parent folders permissions?05:31
elricsfateWould anyone know how to print on a normal sheet of paper in a notecard sized layout???05:31
shueyanyone ever setup an ssh server?05:31
edwinkcwb1lly, you got the segmentation fault when using ffmepg05:31
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Us3r_Unfriendlyb1lly: it should unless you chmod it to not05:31
KB1JWQshuey: What's your real question?05:31
folornokay spirals you still around?05:31
shueyI have it all setup, but I'm just wanting to make sure I have it secured05:31
shueyI modified my main config fine, but I am not sure about the keys05:32
shueysome of what I've read seems to say that you should copy your keys to your home dir (as if a copy NEEDS to be there)05:32
b1llyedwinkcw: the solution was to -ar 4410005:32
ruanhow do i unmount a drive that is busy?05:32
edwinkcwb1lly, thanks05:32
shueyand some of what I read says you should generate keys, even though openssh generated them when it was first setup05:32
ouyeswhen you are in windows, you type o two times , you will go to a file named o....05:32
shueyam I supposed to generate a second set of keys?05:33
ruanthe device is busy though im not running anyting off it :/05:33
djsacrosanctI love ubuntu so much better than fedora.05:33
pfifoubuntu loves you back, but it likes it rough05:33
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: Uninstalling one and installing the other is pretty easy?05:33
ruanaaah i forgot the scripty05:34
edwinkcwdjscrosanct: in what sense?05:34
djsacrosanctfeels better05:34
edwinkcwdjsacrosanct: just curious why you love Ubuntu more05:34
edwinkcwdjsacrosanct: haha..the theme?05:34
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: i've been on unix for a while now so i'm pretty much all cli.  using the command line to do it is easy for me but not for a beginner05:35
b1llyguys, i appreciate all the help05:35
b1llygunna hed to sleep tho05:35
b1llyill catch you guys later05:35
pfifoshuey, is there anything specific your seeing that is throwing up a red flag?05:35
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: These are no harder then any other program to cleanly remove, even jerry rigged like you said it would be?05:35
shueypfifo: I haven't tried connecting to it yet from another box outside my network, and I'm still going to need to....05:36
cfeddewhich movie editor is recommended these days?05:36
shueyoh... I think I might have just answered my own question, kinda :D... Here's a small preface:05:36
shueyI currently HAVE an ssh/proxy server (opensuse)05:37
edwinkcwhow to fix copy and paste function in terminal. I install Ubuntu 10.10 remix on my netbook but I can't use ctrl shift C to copy content. Any advice?05:37
shueyand I use it from work so I can bypass their web filter05:37
shueybut a guy I used to hang out with set it all up for me05:37
shueyhe's not around anymore and I wanted to replace it with an ubuntu box that I'm setting up myself from scratch05:37
Us3r_UnfriendlyI like ubuntu but I wish for the love of god mark would work out more of the kinks of older releases than making new ones every 6 months.  Like:   sudo find ~/Videos/ -iname "*.avi" -exec cp -v "{}" /mnt/ ";"          takes forever than on windows...and believe me, I hate windows.  like simple things make me upset,  flash on 64, cp to external drives take a long time on a usb 2.0, and stuff like that.  we need to fix the old problem05:38
shueyI've always wanted to learn Linux but it was always hell every time I tried.  So I am forcing myself to learn it now by getting rid of my Windows pc05:38
shueyall I have now is this ubuntu box05:38
truepurple Us3r_Unfriendly: These are jerry rigged flash programs are no harder then any other program to cleanly remove?05:38
satyaayecee: if i do update, some index files failed to download, they have been ignored or old ones used instead05:38
shueyI've been completely obsessed for the last four days tinkering around on it :D05:38
shueybut now I'm getting to the meat and potatoes of it05:38
cyloboh wow i see ubuntu switched back from banshee to rhythmbox. smart move cause banshee got a lil slow05:39
jiltdilhow to compile Apache modules?05:39
djsacrosanctAnyone happen to know of a Christian server?05:39
shueyI want this box to be setup similarly to the way the previous one was: I want to use dual auth (a key file AND a password)05:39
shueyso I guess I will HAVE to generate another set of keys or at least one key that I set a password on.  But the keys part is very cryptic to me05:40
shueyrsa, dsa, pub, not pub, etc05:40
jiltdilHow to compile Apache Modules?05:40
Us3r_Unfriendlytruepurple: depends if dpkg will remove it or you'll have to physically get in there and rm it.  /var/log/ has alot of information in that directory of what you have installed and where the files go in the directory :P  fun fact05:40
pfifoshuey, your not really asking any specific questions, in general your ssh is not secure, nor is mine, nor is googles... everything can be hacked.05:41
VE2EBP>> I'm trying to copy stuff from my home directory on a USB ext HDD using nautilus... It won't copy some of the files telling me that I don't have read access... why is that?05:43
shueypfifo: Sorry... let me try more... I have ssh installed and running.  I also have my config file completed.05:43
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: exactly my argument05:43
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: open a shell05:43
shueyThe two things I'm wondering are: 1. What, if anything, do I need to do with the first set of keys that were auto created by installing openssh?05:43
VE2EBPa shell? What is that?05:44
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: terminal05:44
arron_"ctrl + alt + t"05:44
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: kshell05:44
VE2EBPoh ok and do a su -05:44
bruskiI am trying to reactivate an old software RAID array.  I have all 5 discks plugged in, and can feel them vibrating, but when i run fdisk -l I only see two of the discks.  Is this a problem with the physical setup?05:44
pfifoshuey, ssh only uses 1 set of keys, you just generated a set of your own which wasnt really needed05:44
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
shuey2. How do I create another key or set of keys that I can password protect, so that when I ssh to this network from outside, I will be prompted for both a keyfile and a password?05:44
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: no, no su05:44
VE2EBPdo I have to use the cp command?05:44
shueypfifo: I never generated another set.  All I have is the set that was auto created when the server was installed05:44
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: what's the directory of the files your trying to copy??  second paste you "sudo mount -l"  in a pastebin05:45
ouyeschecking for libssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries, but I installed that package05:45
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: yes you'll use cp but later05:45
pfifoshuey, openssl dosent work like that, it uses the keypairs to encrypt the socket, and then you give your system password for a normal login05:45
shueyopenssl?  I said "openssh"05:46
shueyAnd if it doesn't work like that, or there's not an option to do it, then how did I have it working on the previous box?05:46
pfifoshuey, either way, all you need is one set of keys and so long as you dont give anyone your private key your all set05:46
Us3r_Unfriendlyssh ftw05:46
VE2EBPthere's no way to just use nautilus in any way? Us3r_Unfriendly05:46
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: i private messaged you, i'll talk to you there05:47
pfifoshuey, openssl is the part of sshd that handles opening an encrypted connection to another computer05:47
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: well you could try "gksudo nautilus" too05:47
ruan<3 ntfsundelete05:47
Us3r_UnfriendlyVE2EBP: the easy way05:48
mrdebhow do you enable flash acceleration? it's using 80% of a dual core cpu05:48
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: You got my private messages?05:48
shueyok, I guess I'll do more research and keep tinkering with it05:48
shueyI have a second, new thing I'm trying to figure out as well.  I have no idea why, but everytime I login to my Ubuntu box, a gedit window opens with nothing in it05:48
shueyI checked my startup apps and there is nothing in there that looks like it would be tied to what's happening05:49
shueyso I'm not sure what's causing it05:49
pfifoshuey, you probbally had gedit open and logged out choosing to save the session, try closing everything and logout05:49
shueyI have... this still happens after closing all my apps and rebooting05:50
shueyand oddly enough, an empty gedit window is the ONLY thing that runs automatically after I've logged in05:50
shueyno other apps do05:50
shueyof course my tray indicators and stuff do, but I'm saying that gedit is the only windowed app that runs05:51
pfifoim not sure then, im not the gui type05:51
sacarlsonhow do you setup to apt-get source application  when the package I want is in ppa?  I have the ppa pokerth bin package for version 8.3 but when I installed apt-get source pokerth I get the 7.1 version, how do I get the new ppa version here?05:51
JuNiOxguys, is there a repository where I can find php 5.3.6?05:51
ubottuPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/php5.html05:51
shueythx anyway05:52
JuNiOxjust found php 5.3.2, but this one has a lot of bugs05:52
SkrappJawhow do I view the time stamps in Xchat.?05:52
sacarlsonJuNiOx: maybe ppa05:53
theperfecttacoanyone know if the maverick version of cinelerra can be installed in natty?05:53
JuNiOxsacarlson: good tip, let me look for05:53
NixDoucheThere we go.05:54
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: Would you please tell me how to install that flash like you said05:55
ViewSaunathe irc ops steal info05:55
ViewSaunathe irc ops steal info05:55
FloodBot1ViewSauna: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:55
ViewSaunatake care05:55
Xray1000quick question?05:55
NixDoucheThose using smuxi, how can I change the colour scheme?05:56
pfiforww, looks like your making friends05:56
truepurpleOnly long questions here Xray, just kidding, please don't ask permission to ask a question, but go ahead and ask it05:56
rwwpfifo: thanks for the highlight :)05:56
Xray1000Trying to install latest ubuntu on a comapc.  Made iso disk, i get the the red ubuntu screen, select language and then monitor goes to sleep.  CD rom continues to spin for another 30 seconds05:56
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Xray1000i've burned a couple of disks trying05:57
Xray1000same computer took an install of CentOS05:57
navatwohmm typically I do not have problems, but for some reason my fresh kubuntu install on my netbook wont connect to my router. It states its connected but cannot locate any pages. I manually added it to the dchp table using the computers mac address (the router doesn't see it though)05:57
haoyihuanjoin #ubuntu-cn05:57
truepurpleXray1000: Got a USB drive? You could use that without worrying about coaster making if you fail05:58
Xray1000yeah, i've got a 4 gig usb drive05:58
Xray1000big enough?05:58
Xray1000 :)05:58
truepurpleAnd the install PC can boot from usb flash drive?05:58
Xray1000that i will have to check...05:58
truepurplebig enough05:59
sacarlsonI think I found the missing part in my /etc/apt/sources.list with the needed line: deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/pkg-games/ppa/ubuntu lucid main05:59
Xray1000should be a boot option in the bois, i would imagine05:59
navatwoXray1000: you'll probably have to modify bios05:59
navatwoninja'd :(05:59
truepurpleyes, but you may not see the option if the USB flash drive is not connected05:59
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:59
Xray1000i'll connect the drive first.  Hopefully this will work!  Thanks :)06:00
truepurpleXray1000: And it is possible you may need to flash the bios, no I don't mean get naked in front of it06:00
Xray1000awe...there went my nights fun :)06:00
theperfecttacoanyone know if the maverick version of cinelerra video editor can be installed in natty?06:00
Xray1000thanks all06:00
_redpanther_SkrappJaw: settings>preferences>textbox06:01
truepurpleUs3r_Unfriendly: Where did you go? I thought you were going to tell me how to install flash06:01
navatwotruepurple: `sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree`06:01
truepurplenavatwo: No good06:02
Guest98589anyone know how to register a new nick?06:02
navatwotruepurple: download it manually and put it in your browsers library/plugins folder06:02
truepurpleNavatwo: I tried that, It installed... something, but I didn't have flash06:02
Guest98589sorry for the new ass question but it's been a while06:02
BabyGirlcan i use mplayer as mi default movie player,,avery time i click it opens banshee06:02
pfifoGuest98589, type /msg nickserv help06:03
truepurpleNavatwo How do you navigate directories within ubuntu desktop?06:03
coreyfroHey all.  DHCLIENT or DHCPCD question.  For the life of me, I can not get either of these clients to request option 252 from my DHCP server.  How do I get either of these tools to honor this value from my DHCP server?06:03
navatwotruepurple: I'm not sure I understand your question06:04
SkrappJaw_redpanther_: got it. thanks.06:04
navatwoAt the top, places -> root06:04
sheena1Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all the help last night from ActionParsnip and a coupel other users. This group is always good for some help!06:04
navatwo(im on kubuntu right now, so i'm not sure the exact placement of icons)06:04
syrinx_ :)06:04
truepurplenavatwo: How do I go the base directory of a drive, or to a particular folder, or make a particular folder?06:04
syrinx_sheena1: don't be a stranger06:05
navatwohmm typically I do not have problems, but for some reason my fresh kubuntu install on my netbook wont connect to my router. It states its connected but cannot locate any pages. I manually added it to the dchp table using the computers mac address (the router doesn't see it though)06:05
Guest98589use /nick <Kensho>06:05
navatwotruepurple: you use the program called nautilus06:05
navatwothere is a `places` designation at the top panel, move your mouse there and click06:05
histonavatwo: is it connecting via wifi?06:05
navatwothen you will see the different folders06:05
sheena1thanks syrinx_. I'm so thrilled. I'm a relatively new user, and after the help I got last night didn't work, I just reinstalled the OS (my /home is a separate partition). 15 minutes to useable, 30 minutes to almost-exactly-how-it-was.. though apparently they don't make DarkRoom theme anymore!06:05
navatwohisto: it says its connected06:06
histonavatwo: is it wifi?06:06
navatwothe router assigns it the ip06:06
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histonavatwo: i've seen that with some of the broadcom cards if you don't have the firmware06:06
truepurplenavatwo: Then what?06:06
pfifocoreyfro, I dont think that will ever be supported in linux06:06
navatwotruepurple: what browser?06:06
navatwohisto: it was working with meego prior to this install.06:06
navatwoI thought it might be the wireless type, but I switched that too06:07
histonavatwo: go to system > admin > hardware drivers06:07
navatwotruepurple: navigate to /usr/lib/mozilla06:07
truepurplenavatwo: How?06:08
navatwotruepurple: On the left hand side you should see a "/" folder, or "root"06:08
coreyfropfifo: why wouldn't it be?06:08
coreyfropfifo: I want to understand why06:09
truepurpleleft hand side of what?06:09
navatwothe nautilus window06:09
navatwohisto: I'm running under KDE, what did you want to run?06:09
truepurplenavatwo: I don't see any "nautilus"06:09
navatwoits the file browser.06:10
truepurplenavatwo: Ok, but where is it?06:10
pfifocoreyfro, most applications dont even respect the http-proxy enviroment variable, so getting them to use dhcpcd 252 would be even harder. I suspect that this stems from microsoft doing things so differently from linux.06:10
navatwotruepurple: Pardon? I do not understand.. do you have a file browser open?06:11
truepurplenavatwo: I don't know, I don't think so06:11
histonavatwo: the restricted drivers manager06:11
navatwohisto: ah. I can't connect to the internet though, to download them06:12
coreyfropfifo: crap.06:12
histonavatwo: lspci and see what chipset you have on the card?06:12
pfifocoreyfro, what your trying todo is more approprate for a NAT server's iptables config06:12
coreyfropfifo: OK, I'll look into it06:13
KenshoREGISTER <testingpassword>06:13
Kensholittle help here06:14
pfifocoreyfro, or on a larger scale, net booting diskless nodes with proxy info set in the filesystem server06:14
navatwohisto: the additional drivers app wont open06:14
truepurplenavatwo: So how do I open a file browser?06:14
histonavatwo: then do lspci06:14
histotruepurple: alt+F2 type in nautilus06:15
navatwohisto: atheros AR928506:15
histonavatwo: hrm.. believe that card should work out of the box06:15
coreyfropfifo: I'm just trying to force people to go through proxy because I am 14,000 feet away from my DSL station06:15
truepurplehisto How do I make that a shortcut?06:16
navatwohisto: same!06:16
coreyfroso iptables is a prefered method for transperent proxy?06:16
histotruepurple: it already is places > home or something06:16
navatwoduring installation, I chose `detect` rather than `all`06:16
pfifocoreyfro, that dosent really make any sense06:16
histonavatwo: ahh you need linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic06:16
truepurplehisto how about as a shortcut on desktop?06:16
histonavatwo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Atheros/AR928506:16
histotruepurple: right click on desktop and create launcher06:17
navatwoYou don't seem to be running Ubuntu <- histo06:17
coreyfroWell, using a firewall is a prefered method of making proxy transperent to a user.06:18
truepurplehisto then what?06:18
histotruepurple: add nautilus as the commandd06:18
pfifocoreyfro, you shouldnt be forcing anyone to go through a proxy outside of your home network, thats impossible. On your internal network, all users will automatically go through your NAT box.06:18
pfifocoreyfro, and your NAT can be configured to use a proxy06:19
truepurplehisto That it? Is there a way to pick it somewhere? I don't see apps, places etc as something to navigate through there06:19
dualcorehow can you launch chrome via the terminal to a certain url06:19
histotruepurple: what are you running gnome?06:20
truepurpleAFAIK anyway06:20
landingonwatercant install enlightenment. is there a way ?06:20
histotruepurple: well then up at the top you have applications places system  right?06:20
navatwodualcore: chromium -u "URL"06:20
navatwoI think at least..06:20
abstraktlandingonwater, define "can't"06:20
histotruepurple: well if you want to open nautilus normally you would click places > then a pick an item.06:20
[thor]dualcore: might be "google-chrome http://example.com/index.html"06:21
landingonwaterabstrakt: im on ubuntu 10.10. tried sudo apt-get install enlightenment. wont work.06:21
histotruepurple: if you want to create a launcher. Right click on desktop. Pick a title for the launcher then int he command type in nautilus. Choose and icon and hit okay06:21
dualcorecommand not found06:21
[thor]dualcore: mine, or navatwo's?06:21
dualcore[thor]: yours06:21
landingonwaterabstrakt: am i missing a repository ?06:21
dualcore[thor]: whoops i mean navatwo06:22
abstraktlandingonwater, how bout open up synaptic or aptitude and find out what the *actual* package name is06:22
truepurplehisto How would I get that quick launch to have it start out at a particular folder?06:22
histotruepurple: idk try nautilus /path/to/folder    as the command06:22
truepurplehisto: But navigating nautilus, I don't see any folder paths06:23
histotruepurple: what?06:24
landingonwaterabstrakt: in synaptic now06:24
orly_owlWhat program will make the ipod database?06:24
landingonwaterabstrakt: no result for enlightenment.06:25
histotruepurple: when you click on each folder you are enterring the path example /home/truepurple/Downloads   etc...06:25
histotruepurple: try hitting ctrl+l in nautilus06:25
jiltdili have some images on a directory how to see it via termianl?06:25
abstraktlandingonwater, actually there's lots of results06:26
truepurplehisto How do I make it so that is always up?06:26
abstraktlandingonwater, maybe you need to http://gog.is/enlightenment/window/manager06:26
histotruepurple: don't know, I don't have nautilus installed to see the settings for it.  Or you can poke around in gconf-editor06:27
aktorcan anyone recommend a good desktop search tool, something that can index .pdf files inside .rar archives ?06:27
pfifojiltdil, the terminal isnt made for graphics06:27
histoaktor: what about google desktop?  Not sure if it will go inside of rar's though06:27
truepurplehisto: I probably couldn't poke around in there, too novice06:27
histotruepurple: sure you can, once it's oopen look in apps > nautilus06:27
aktorhisto: busy checking it out but it does not seem to go into archives06:27
dBugSlayerHi, How do I install libstdcxx python module? I'm trying to import libstdcxx through gdb's python runtime, on Maverick but I seem to be missing such module.06:28
orly_owlWhat program will make the ipod database?06:28
landingonwaterabstrakt: aah.. darn.. sometimes they made It easy :D always surprises me. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97199&highlight=E17+cvs06:28
histodBugSlayer: did you try searching for it in the repos?06:28
ubottuAutomount is the modern way to mount directories over a network. It is much easier to manage and  more economic in bandwidth than static mounts via fstab. For more info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs06:29
truepurplehisto: I don't see a "apps"06:29
dBugSlayerhisto: I googled around but couldn't find it.06:29
spiralsI need a utility that can read "dbpf" format binary archives like from the Sims, SimCity, etc. All of the .net and Java tools I've found to do it don't run (on Wine or current Java, respectively). Any suggestions?06:29
landingonwaterabstrakt: I used enlightenment on Debian sarge many years ago. and I just remeber It was pretty much up hill :D06:29
SleakerI've got a crontab configuration question.  I'm using root, to run something every hour, but I was wondering how to get it to run the command in a visible window and not hidden for any user that's logged in.06:29
dBugSlayerhisto: I have libstdc++ 6 installed, but the module is missing06:29
landingonwaterabstrakt: thanks ;)06:30
histotruepurple: I don't know look around in gconf06:30
pfifospirals, hexdump will read it ;)06:30
truepurplehisto: I don't know how to get to this gconf, but lets skip that, how do I install flash now?06:30
SleakerDO I change it from default behavior in Gnome-schedule; to X-Application?06:30
histotruepurple: in gconf-editor apps > nautilus > preferences > check the box always_use_location_entry06:30
dBugSlayerhisto: I'm not sure where to look, aside from googling around06:30
landingonwaterabstrakt: and its named e17 in synaptic :S sorry for taking your time06:31
histotruepurple: hit alt+F2 and type in gconf-editor06:31
histodBugSlayer: sudo aptitude search -d libstdc++06:31
spiralspfifo: so will bvi/bmore, but there's an offset, etc and I can't just get the data I need out (xml in the binary)06:31
truepurplehisto If I check always use location entry, can I undo it latter?06:31
histodBugSlayer: or just sudo apt-cache search libstdc++06:32
histotruepurple: yes06:32
pfifospirals, .net is made to be run in mono, did you try that?06:32
SleakerAnyone familiar with the crontab question?06:32
histotruepurple: you would just uncheck it later06:32
spiralspfifo, DBPF is a somewhat known archive format so I'm just hoping to find a tool that will run on linux06:32
truepurplehisto: I mean can I have it set to always, and temporarily get the other display?06:32
histotruepurple: yeah if you het ctrl+l again it should get rid of it.06:32
dBugSlayerhisto: I looked at the packages in Synaptic. Will that return a different list?06:32
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histo!flash > truepurple06:32
ubottutruepurple, please see my private message06:32
histodBugSlayer: nope should be the same06:33
dBugSlayerhisto: I did search with apt-cache.06:33
spiralspfifo, i've tried installing the actual .net versions that the apps depend on, through wine (1.1 and 2, different apps) - even fixed bugs in the current 10.10 winetricks to get .net to install - still the apps don't work, they are crapware ;)06:33
dBugSlayerhisto: and checked the synaptic package manager.06:33
root_my live cd of backtrack 4 wont finnish installin06:33
spiralspfifo, SimPE and SporeEdit respectively were the .net apps06:33
dBugSlayerhisto: but I can't understand why the modules are missing since libstdc++ 6 is installed, according to the pkg mgr06:33
histodBugSlayer: there are tons of packages related to libstdc++ then06:33
root_my live cd of backtrack 4 wont finnish installin06:34
root_my live cd of backtrack 4 wont finnish installin06:34
histo!ot | root_____06:34
ubotturoot_____: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:34
histodBugSlayer: what are you trying to install or get working that it depends on libstdc++?06:34
pfifospirals, I dont know of any such app for linux, have youu thought about making your own?06:34
truepurplehisto the problem is though, I will likely forget how to undo this, I would normally record such things in a text file or something, but I don't know how to make them06:34
dBugSlayerI'm trying to use gdb's pretty printers06:34
dBugSlayerhisto: and for that, I need the libstdcxx module in /usr/share/gdb/python/, which doesn' t exist.06:35
spiralspfifo, i lack the hex editor chops to make that practical06:36
histotruepurple: just make a note06:36
dBugSlayerhisto: and since I have libstdc++6 installed, now I'm trying to figure out what package I may be missing in order for that to get installed06:36
histotruepurple: open a terminal06:36
histotruepurple: applications > accesories > terminal06:36
histotruepurple: and gedit notes.txt06:36
firefly2442I put in a new Nvidia card in my computer and now xorg doesn't want to load, when I run the nvidia graphics settings GUI, it says that I'm not using the Nvidia X driver and to run nvidia-xconfig, but after running this, it doesn't help06:36
histothen add your notes there. Or you can hit alt+F2 and type in gedit notes.txt06:36
truepurpleEh, but if I forget the name of the file, id like to have a graphical list of them to see and quickly click06:37
Sleakerhow do I change a crontab command to display the terminal it's running the command in rather than running hidden?06:37
firefly2442I've also tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, but that doesn't help06:37
histodBugSlayer: maybe it needs a different version of libstdc++ ?  or a older version of python?  Hard to tell.06:37
histotruepurple: well there is tomboy notes06:37
jiltdilpfifo:gnome-open image.jpg work also mirage /path/to/image works but mirage gives some hash error can you please see and help me06:38
truepurpleA program to install?06:38
histotruepurple: believe it maybe installed by default can't remember06:38
histotruepurple: try running tomboy06:38
justin__Hello friends, new linux user here, trying to get apache up and running and i seem to have hit a snag. Anyone have some knowledge in the area?06:39
nathicmy computer crashes afer kde splash screen.. well at least theres a message "no signal" on my screen.  I tried pressing "shift"  to get the grub menu and edited the part  quite screen  to nomodset now i can choose from the recovery menu .. but somehow everything I do ends up with just the same thing...06:39
tmbgattempting http://tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/ on a dell, but it has no PWM controller. just a high/low settings I guess.06:39
histo!ask | justin__06:39
ubottujustin__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:39
tmbgis there a way I can manually set it to low speed?06:39
pfifojiltdil, those are gui programs, your just invoking them from a terminal, if thats what your doing try 'eog /path/to/file.jpg'06:39
Fran_DrescherI want 1280x960 to show up in MONITOR SETTINGS rather than 1280x1024 which isn't 4:3.. it's the wrong aspect ratio. What do? I'm super duper n00b06:40
nathicmight there be a problem with my video card?06:40
Sleakerjustin_; mhmmm for me it was as simple as installing the proper packagers via the Synaptic Package Manager06:40
justin__histo, my apologies, I'm not even sure what I was thinking. Straight to the point though, it doesn't start up right away and when I try to start it via terminal it says "/usr/sbin/apachectl: 148: /usr/sbin/apache2: not found"06:40
justin__I thought it'd be a common problem, but my googling gave m little useful information.06:40
jiltdilpfifo:ok but is there a way to open it in terminal06:41
Sleakerjustin_ did you install via Package manager?06:41
nathicis it possible to backup files from root shell?06:42
justin__Sleaker, I installed via apt get.06:42
Sleakeron ubuntu?06:42
justin__Yessir. Ubunut 10.10.06:42
Sleakerkk well I installed all the stuff via Synaptic Package Manager and it setup properly.06:42
justin__Sleaker, what should I search for to find it there?06:42
pfifojiltdil, no, a terminal cannot ever display graphical data, its only made for character display.06:43
justin__That "2" makes all the difference. XD06:43
Sleakerif it doesn't also check these you'll want them: apache2.2-bin, apache2.2-common06:44
Sleakeralso you'll most likely want php06:44
justin__I only want it for its server capabilities, no php for me this time around.06:44
Sleakernot going to be running php on your webserver?06:44
justin__Sleaker, it's just a a little personal thing I'll be using to share files.06:45
Sleakerunless you wont be having php on your webserver.. which seems odd.06:45
OrangePeelHow do I use 7zip on Ubuntu06:45
Sleakerif you're using it for a fileserver don't use apache httpd06:46
Sleakeruse ftp06:46
NixDoucheHow can I get webcam to work for MSN on ubuntu?06:46
NixDoucheDo any of the replacement programs support it?06:46
justin__Sleaker, thanks for the suggestion, what would you suggest I download?06:46
Sleakerthere's a myriad of ftp servers.06:46
SleakerI haven't installed one yet as I don't serve files.06:47
justin__I'll look one up. Thanks for the suggestion. Easier to setup, I'd hope?06:47
Sleaker"ftpd" looks like the standard though06:47
Sleakermuch easier06:47
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GuestI want 1280x960 to show up in MONITOR SETTINGS rather than 1280x1024 which isn't 4:3.. it's the wrong aspect ratio. What do? I'm super duper n00b06:47
justin__I remember setting up apache awhile back and it went pretty painlessly, this time it's just being...unruly.06:47
OrangePeelHow do I use 7zip on Ubuntu06:47
Sleakerjustin_ prob cause you used apt-get instead of package manager ;p06:48
justin__I used apt-get last time. :)06:48
pfifoOrangePeel, install 7z and then read its man page for usage instructions06:48
dBugSlayerhisto: can you check if you have this file? /usr/share/gdb/python/libstdcxx/v6/printers.py06:48
histodBugSlayer: nope don't have gdb even.06:51
pfifohas anyone seen a red swingline stapler laying around? it disappeared off the top of my desk a few days ago...06:52
dBugSlayerhisto: thanks06:52
ljsoftnethi people06:53
justin__Sleaker, it appears that ftpd will work without problem (after I configure my router).06:53
histodBugSlayer: np sorry I couldnt' help more06:53
Sleakerjustin_ mhmm, I noticed the ftpd notes say to use one of the other 'better' tools06:53
Sleakerit's recommended to use vsftpd, proftpd, or pure-ftpd instead of the standard ftpd.06:54
Sleakerftpd standard doesn't use ssl, so passwords are sent via plaintext06:54
Sleakeranyone that uses tcpdump on the ftp packets will be able to get the passwords.06:55
Sleakerso it's seen as unsecure.06:55
Sleakerbetter to use a server that supports ssl.06:55
Sleakerftpd-ssl is the standard one with it, or the other ones that are recommended should also.06:55
truepurpleAnyone here have any special instructions for installing flash on ubuntu 10.10 64 bit?06:56
loulinkj7hi has anyone had the issue that removing the  "-i" flag from the halt command in the  halt.sh or reboot.sh scripts doesn't allow their ubuntu machine to be wol'ed?06:56
grindcrushertruepurple, open synaptic and check "flashplugin-installer", that works for me06:57
Sleakertruepurple, Ubuntu Software Center -> Canonical Partners -> flash06:57
NixDoucheSeems none of the MSN clients support webcam with the new MSN version.06:58
Sleakeror just search flash in provided by ubuntu for the Mozilla plugin06:58
loulinkj7wol stands for wake on lan06:58
truepurplegrindcrusher How do I open this synpatic?06:58
justin__sleaker, I'll look into it. pure-ftpd seeps more popular nayway.06:58
zee313Is there C language compiler present with GUI?06:59
Sleakertruepurple, System -> ADministration -> Synaptic Package Manager06:59
pfifoSleaker, that is irelevant as most  ftp clients dont support ssl either... justin__ if your making an anonymous ftp then ftpd is fine, it you are going to have logins then vsftpd,pureftpd,cuteftpd will atleast allow your users the option of having a secure connection06:59
grindcrushersystem->administration->synaptic package manager06:59
grindcrusherbah too slow06:59
truepurpleI can't open synpatics, it wants a root password thingy and I havent set up that yet, I don't know how07:00
justin__pfifo, thank you for your input. I will probably go with pureftp, but only because it seems more common.07:00
grindcrusheruse your password07:00
spiralspfifo, http://bit.ly/f2Qm5m for an idea of what i'm trying to do... i think a horrible bash wrapper on hexdump might do it... I dunno07:00
grindcrushertruepurple, when it opens search for 'flash' and scroll down07:01
spiralspfifo, also http://bit.ly/icd1Qh07:01
pfifospirals, i'm a c programmer and I always hack my games. writing my own scripts todo it is the fun part.07:01
dBugSlayerhisto: It's ok. At least you tried. :) I'll keep looking07:02
dBugSlayerhisto: thanks though!07:02
histodBugSlayer: np07:02
ljsoftnetpfifo do you hack online games?07:02
pfifoljsoftnet, no im not a cheater07:02
truepurplegrindcrusher it rejects the password I use to login, like before07:02
ljsoftnetpfifo ah ok07:02
grindcrushertruepurple, you have other issues then07:03
spiralspfifo, yeah I was going top speed until i ran into this binary format. seems like no one cares to do it on linux because there are so many windows tools, and the games are windows native. square peg round hole.07:03
DaPenguinsorry, just got here, what are you trying to do? disassemble something?07:04
truepurplegrindcrusher I am told I need to go in and establish a password for the root or adminstration or whatever, but I don't know how to do that07:04
Danielcg25Are there any +'s to overclocking RAM?07:04
DaPenguinDanielcg25, faster read/write07:05
pfifoDanielcg25, shorter ram life which means you get to upgrade sooner07:05
spiralsDaPenguin, I'm trying to read "DBPF" format binary archives as used by EA for Sims/SimCity/Spore. All the tools are horrible piles of .NET and Java and won't run on modern java or Wine .net07:05
DaPenguinthat too lol07:05
dBugSlayerhisto: is there another ubuntu channel where people may be more familiar with gdb on ubuntu?07:05
GuestI want 1280x960 to show up in MONITOR SETTINGS rather than 1280x1024 which isn't 4:3.. it's the wrong aspect ratio. What do? I'm super duper n00b07:05
spiralsDaPenguin, the format of DBPF is known so I could in theory write the tool myself, but was hoping someone else had done it already ;)07:06
grindcrushertruepurple, do you log in with a password at all?07:06
histodBugSlayer: maybe one of the dev channels07:06
zee313C language compiler for execution of C language codes???07:06
DaPenguinspirals, well, you could try loading them up in a hex editor, or seeing if they will disassemble like an executable (doubtful)07:06
histodBugSlayer: or #gdb  would be a start07:06
DaPenguin!gcc | zee31307:06
ubottuzee313: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:06
pfifodBugSlayer, im good with gdb, but your python part is throwing me off. If i understand this your trying to install a python module via an approved ubuntu method... why not just install it manually?07:07
truepurplegrindcrusher: Yes07:07
=== deface is now known as Guest10671
spiralsDaPenguin, yeah I've been able to follow along with the format docs using "hexdump" (thanks pfifo), but it's pretty grueling. my ultimate object is to be able to parse thousands of archives07:07
DaPenguinspirals, well, if you know the format you could in theory script it07:08
grindcrushertruepurple, then that password should work, if not, I don't know where to direct you, maybe someone else does07:08
spiralsDaPenguin, that's what I just told pfifo yeah. Big ugly bash script to the rescue. :)07:08
DaPenguinspirals, lol07:08
dBugSlayerhisto: I already went on #gdb, got some pointers, but hit a dead end as well.07:08
pfifospirals, anything less than an fopen(3) will not satisfy me07:09
dBugSlayerpfifo: I'm trying to use gdb's pretty printer.07:09
rypervencheI used to use the locale zh_TW (Traditional Chinese), but have switched to English. However the Chinese characters now use a very ugly font. How can I change the default font that is used for the Chinese characters while I'm using the English locale?07:09
pfifodBugSlayer, well as for another channel, you can try #python or #gdb07:09
mcl0vincan someone please explain to me why i can't ping outside my LAN http://inetpro.org/pastebin/1089807:10
dBugSlayerpfifo: What I understand so far is that I'm missing /usr/share/gdb/python/libstdcxx/v6/printers.py07:10
spiralspfifo, i have the platter out and my electron microscope is heating up. this binary stored XML *will* be parsed!07:10
dBugSlayerpfifo: do you happen to have this file?07:10
tmbgattempting http://tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/ on a dell, but it has no PWM controller. just a high/low settings I guess.  Is there a way I can manually set it to the low speed?07:11
pfifodBugSlayer, google should have it, ive had alot of luck finding missing py files for blender07:11
dBugSlayerpfifo: I've been googling for a while now. I guess I'll keep looking.07:12
dBugSlayerpfifo: could you try something real quick for me?07:12
pfifodBugSlayer, ok07:12
dBugSlayerpfifo: execute this on gdb: python import gdb.libstdcxx07:13
dBugSlayerpfifo: and see if whether you get an ImportError07:13
pfifodBugSlayer, ImportError: No module named libstdcxx07:14
dBugSlayerpfifo: are you running Ubuntu 10.10?07:15
pfifodBugSlayer, yeah 10.10 and I have tons of developer stuff setup07:15
truepurpleCan someone help me install flash please?07:16
Logan_!flash | truepurple07:16
ubottutruepurple: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:16
dBugSlayerpfifo: for whatever reason this module is not installed. I just cloned gdb's repo with the hopes I'll find something in there that will help me figure this out07:17
grindcrushertruepurple, you need to solve that password issue first07:17
mcl0vincan someone please explain to me why i can't ping outside my LAN http://inetpro.org/pastebin/1089807:17
=== Honoo is now known as CodenameStrike
dBugSlayerpfifo: and you also have libstdc++ 6 installed, correct?07:18
truepurplegrindcrusher: I need to establish a password for that administrator side or something, but you don't seem to know anything about that. Anyway other methods don't require that07:18
Uphillarniemorning all07:18
Uphillarniequick question07:19
Peddypfifo, just thought I'd let you know that the Ubuntu desktop CD does not actually support full encryption - only the alternate install CD does.07:19
pfifodBugSlayer, lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 19 2010-11-13 11:58 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 -> libstdc++.so.6.0.1407:19
Uphillarnieis there a way to have users on the same computer have person specific menus?07:19
pfifoPeddy, I could have sworn Ive seen it.07:19
pfifoPeddy, sorry07:19
truepurpleCan anyone help me with installing flash?07:20
Peddypfifo, no problem - just for your future reference. I just booted into it myself to confirm, it's nowhere, and further googling confirmed this. Downloading alternate install CD now07:20
dBugSlayerpfifo: what about /usr/share/gdb/python/libstdcxx/v6/printers.py?07:20
Peddypfifo, regardless, it should definitely be included as an option, as shown here: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/22860/07:21
pfifodBugSlayer, no, i dont like python so i only have minimal python related stuff07:21
dBugSlayerpfifo: k07:21
pfifoPeddy, not a bad idea07:22
hsn_!czech irc07:23
GuestI want 1280x960 to show up in MONITOR SETTINGS rather than 1280x1024 which isn't 4:3.. it's the wrong aspect ratio. What do I do?07:23
rypervencheI used to use the locale zh_TW (Traditional Chinese), but have switched to English. However the Chinese characters now use a very ugly font. How can I change the default font that is used for the Chinese characters while I'm using the English locale?07:24
Logan_!cz | hsn_07:24
ubottuhsn_: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.07:24
pfiforypervenche, the default font for what?07:25
rypervenchepfifo: When I see Chinese characters now, it uses a different font. How can I change the font of the Chinese characters? I can't do it in the font/appearance menu because changing the default font to a Chinese one will affect my English font as well.07:26
Froztquick question, network bridge howto?07:26
jiltdilhow to create my own QR code?07:27
Logan_jiltdil: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/07:27
histoFrozt: what areyou trying to share internet?07:27
Froztwireless to wired07:27
histo!ics > Frozt07:27
ubottuFrozt, please see my private message07:27
pfiforypervenche, well you cant have 2 different fonts in use, you will have to find a font that displays both the way you like07:27
Logan_jiltdil: you're welcome07:28
histojiltdil: http://createqrcode.appspot.com/07:28
rypervenchepfifo: But I can. I know it's possible. I need to change the default Chinese font to the one of my choosing. But I'm not sure how it's done.07:28
jiltdillogan:histo:but i want to crete it via command07:28
Froztum, ubottu I don't see any private messages07:28
Logan_!info qrencode | jiltdil07:29
ubottujiltdil: qrencode (source: qrencode): QR Code encoder into PNG image. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1-1 (maverick), package size 18 kB, installed size 84 kB07:29
pfiforypervenche,  if you can, i have no idea how, ive never seen an option like that07:30
Logan_jiltdil: you're welcome07:30
bruce_Can anyone here give me a hint as to how to add an appl to the launch bar on the left side, using the latest NetBook dist on an AspireOne.07:31
bruce_I am not new to Ubuntu, but after looking all over for the process, still do not find it.07:32
bruce_I am new to netbook.07:32
histobruce_: what a apple logo?07:33
Ciocchi can someone tell me if cheese is included on the 10.04 lts live cd?07:33
bruce_a picture of a fruit wqith a bite taken out of it ?07:33
Poisonfibrethird edition ?07:33
Logan_histo: I think he meant application07:33
histobruce_: What replace the ubuntu logo?07:34
bruce_Ubu logo in the top left corner...07:34
Logan_Ciocc: I believe so, but if not, you can always install it via sudo apt-get install cheese07:34
bruce_left click on it brings up a menu of basic categories fo appls07:35
bruce_right click on the Ubu logo does nothing..07:35
CioccLogan_: bit difficult to do that on a cd07:35
Logan_Ciocc: lol, I meant once you install it07:35
histobruce_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuickTips#Tip # 2 Change Ubuntu Logo to Another image on Panel07:35
CioccLogan_: I want to use the disc for tech support and the guy I'm helping has a web cam issue07:36
Logan_Ciocc: ok - you'd have to ask someone else whether it is included on that live CD07:36
Logan_I believe it is, but I am not positive07:36
dualcoredoes anyone know if mac os x can read an etc4 partition?07:36
CioccLogan_: 10.10 would do but as I wont be using it alot I would prefer the lts07:37
pfifoCiocc, you are allowed to use apt-get on the livecd to install stuff, it will use a ramdisk to store the files, and on reboot youll have to reinstall it the next time you reboot07:37
Jordan_UCiocc: Cheese is included in the LiveCD, *and* you can install packages with apt-get in the LiveCD environment. They are installed in RAM.07:37
Logan_dualcore: please join ##mac for Mac support07:37
CioccJordan_U: awesome news thankyou07:37
Jordan_UCiocc: You're welcome.07:37
CioccI never realised you could apt-get install stuff when running in live mode that is awesome07:37
inslan4 i'm using ubuntu 10.10, i keep having problems with my mouse, i can move the cursor but can't click on anything?07:37
bruce_left click on the Ubu logo, brought up category appl view, searched for rosegarden, right click on RG icon does nada, left click starts appl...  not draggable to bar.07:37
inslan4i've tried 2 different mouse and the same thing happens07:38
pfifoinslan4, all i can really hint at is to makesure mouse keys is off in the mouse settings applet07:39
inslan4i reboot and the mouse works again but after a while i can't click on anything again07:39
bruce_possible to REMOVE appl from launcher by right click then 'remove', but no selection to ADD appl to launcher.07:39
Logan_bruce_: are you talking about applications or the Apple logo?07:39
bruce_I do not see any Apple Logo...    There is the Ubuntu Logo in the top left...  I am not on a Mac...   Using an AspireOne (Acer) (PC) with Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook dist.07:41
bruce_Logan: Sorry if I am not understaning your question..07:41
Logan_bruce_: sorry, but histo was implying that you wanted to add an Apple logo to your panel07:42
pfifobruce_, I think i know what your looking for, you want to add an application to the applications menu right?07:42
bruce_standing..  sri..  not used to this small kybd yet.07:42
dBugSlayerpfifo, histo: I figured it out. Thanks for your help!07:42
inslan4pfifo, i cant find 'mouse keys' in mouse preferences07:42
bruce_pfifo: I want to add an application to the 'launcher' bar (normally on the TOP in a regular U buntu desktop.07:42
abstraktbruce_, so right click07:43
histobruce_: drag the application icon from the menu there07:43
bruce_but on the Netbook, it is on the left side of screen.07:43
pfifoinslan4, sorry, its in keyboard settings07:43
romantic_rectumhi guys07:43
abstraktbruce_, right click = solution to all your problems07:44
abstraktbruce_, get adventurous, explore a little bit07:44
bruce_I'll try that again..  did not work that way before..  Just to make sure I'm not spacing..  <trying again>  brb07:44
mrdebis ubuntu safe to use overall, give how much canonical is modifying it07:44
histobruce_: are you running netbook version of ubuntu?07:44
kriumei cant download supertuxcart from ubuntu softwarecenter it says Requires installation of insecure packages...........................what should i do???07:44
abstraktmrdeb, o.007:44
abstraktmrdeb, what wouldn't be safe?07:44
abstraktmrdeb, if you want "safe" go back to debian stable07:44
inslan4pfifo, oh ok i found mouse keys and the only box in there is unchecked so i guess its something else07:45
mrdebbecause they are automating it and making user mods hard07:45
pfifomrdeb, it follows all the rules of any distro07:45
mrdeboh doe sit07:45
abstraktmrdeb, or purchase RHEL or something... i've been using Ubuntu 10.10 for a while now, fine for me, except for that one time that a software update corrupted my HD ;P07:45
Technikfreakhello toegether is there an existing "easily" syncrhonsiatioon software os wide i mean between windows and linux that i have a folder that is everytime up to date07:45
mrdebabstrakt: how did it corrupt it. i think 10.10 performs well07:45
abstraktmrdeb, how? I wish i knew07:46
mrdebhow can you trust it now07:46
kriumei cant download supertuxcart from ubuntu softwarecenter it says Requires installation of insecure packages, and i press ok and the download is not starting.. help plz07:46
abstraktmrdeb, all I know is that I had essentially unrecoverable errors - luckily I was able to save it with fsck, but I got a bout a bazillion inode errors etc I had to fix07:46
Jordan_Uabstrakt: What were the symptoms? I find it hard to believe that a software update would actually cause loss of all data on the hard drive.07:46
bruce_histo: yes..07:47
bruce_netbook version 10.1007:47
abstraktJordan_U, symptoms? well grub disappeared, so I had to boot using a CD/USB, and then when I did that I couldn't mount the partition, so I had to fsck it and I got about a bazillion inode related errors07:47
abstraktJordan_U, then I had to manually reinstall grub in the MBR (read: not even windows would boot, cuz I had no grub)07:48
abstraktJordan_U, and yeah then I was able to boot my 10.10 partition, and my old 10.04 partition, but my 10.10 install was royally screwed, the gnome theme was gone, default ugly theme07:48
bruce_Just tried every kind of drag I can think of with every key combo..  will not drag to launchpad.07:48
abstraktall kinds of other weird random problems07:48
mrdebreally abstrakt07:48
abstraktJordan_U, I found it quite hard to believe, yet it happened07:48
abstraktmrdeb, yup, really07:48
abstraktmrdeb, again, if you want 'safe' just stay on debian stable and never run software update07:49
mrdebcant do that07:49
abstraktoh and never install any packages07:49
abstraktmrdeb, ok then it's impossible to have anywhere near assurance of "safety"07:49
Jordan_Uabstrakt: Did you check the drive's SMART status for hardware problems? What happened when you tried to boot before re-installing grub but after the fsck?07:49
mrdebwell, at least you can put your critical data on a separate partition07:49
abstraktagain, maybe if you pay for RHEL you will have someone to sue07:49
MACscr|lappyok, so i have 3 sata drives in my desktop. The first one has ubuntu on it, the second is for storage and the third is for windows 7. Ubuntu has been handling the whole dual boot thing using grub. Now when i try to reinstall windows on the third drive (even after formatting), it wont let me reinstall it. Says it cant access the partition (though it lets me delete and/or format it. any recommendations?07:50
abstraktJordan_U, the fsck didn't fix grub07:50
mrdebwere you running 32bit version07:50
abstraktmrdeb, nope, 6407:50
Jordan_Uabstrakt: What happened when you tried to boot though?07:50
mrdebso maybe taht's why07:50
abstraktJordan_U, blank black screen, blinking "underline" style cursor07:50
abstraktthat's it07:50
abstraktmrdeb, yeah but that's still BS07:50
Jordan_Umrdeb: 64 bit vs 32 bit shouldn't make a difference.07:51
mrdebit shouldnt, but it might07:51
mrdebi ran 64bit 10.10 and now im also running 32bit for camparison reasons07:51
mrdebnotice some interesting things07:51
abstraktyeah 64 used to throw giant gobs of poop, and not too long ago either07:51
abstraktbetter now, still a little poopy - or sometimes very poopy as I found out about 1.5 months ago07:52
Jordan_Uabstrakt: Did you check the SMART status of the drive? I'm almost certain that the Software update and the corruption are unrelated.07:52
pfifoMACscr|lappy, iver always found the windows complains if you install to anything besides the first partition of the first drive in your system, unless there is already a windows installed on the first partition of the first drive on your system... try to fix the issure by unplugging the first and second drive in your computer then installing07:52
bruce_guess I am destined to do three of four actions just to get one of my very often used applicaitons started, when it SHOULD be as easy as dragging it to the launchbar.  Current tasks show up GREAT in the bar with the little carot next to them, but not able to ADD any links to applications to the quicklaunch  :(07:52
mrdebthe thing is that 64 bit is faster07:52
mrdeband everything works now, even flash07:53
mrdebbut it's still a patchwork of stuff07:53
Logan_mrdeb: well, of course it will, because it is utilizing all of your RAM07:53
mrdebthat's nto why07:53
Logan_unless you have fewer than 4 GB of RAM07:53
mrdebubuntu never exceeds 512mb under normal circumstances07:53
mrdebit's bec the cpu operates faster07:53
eZtaRDoes anyone know if you can set perform commands in xchat? :)07:54
* pfifo facepalm's07:54
bruce_pfifo: agreed...07:54
* bruce_ agrees07:54
romantic_rectumim very unhappy with ubuntu07:55
eZtaRHow come romantic_rectum?07:55
canadacowwhy's that?07:56
jiltdilto see what is behind my QR code that is created by me using command how to do that?07:56
romantic_rectumno support games i want games07:56
Logan_!games | romantic_rectum07:56
ubotturomantic_rectum: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/07:56
canadacowwhat games did you have in mind?07:57
bruce_I thought it was going to be really cool to have Ubuntu on a netbook (my first netbook), and it has been interesting, but this procedure of going all though the menu system EVERY time I want to start up a fav application is getting VERY tiring, and it is extremely time consuming...07:57
pfifogames support an operating system, not the otherway around07:57
romantic_rectumany games i love 3D07:57
eZtaRbruce_, I'm assuming you're using netbook remix? I got tired of that aswell and just reverted back to original :P07:58
mrdebso afman , you are overall happy07:58
KB1JWQromantic_rectum: Stop trolling freenode, please.07:58
mrdebyes. netbook remix is limiting07:58
Logan_KB1JWQ: heh, I could tell from the username07:58
bruce_eZ: iirc I chose the original netbook dist..  was a little hesitant to try a "remix"..  :)07:59
jjpAbout general sentiment on netbook remix: agreed; only add+ is on tiny screen (my 7'' asus eeepc)07:59
Logan_bruce_: netbook distro = netbook remix07:59
Logan_remix just means it's not desktop Ubuntu07:59
mrdebthere's no reason for the remix07:59
Logan_bruce_: well, now it's called Ubuntu Netbook Edition08:00
bruce_OK...  Thought I saw two dist, side by side, a base and the remix on the same mirror..  could be wrong on that..08:00
bruce_OK..  NBE...   That sounds right..08:00
bruce_just seems to me that ther SHOULD be a way to ADD applications to the launcher, since there is a way to REMOVE them  :)08:01
inslan4how do i find out what format a disk is in?08:01
leapy0yohow can i mv files and directories and override the "destination already exists" ?08:02
jiltdilif i have a QR code how do i see itd contents that is added to it?08:02
pfifoleapy0yo, by first deleting the destination08:02
=== Guest is now known as Ropuppetlauncher
eZtaRbruce_, you can, just open the app you want to pin and right-click it :)08:03
leapy0yopifio, i rather there be an alternative08:03
RopuppetlauncherI want 1280x960 to show up in MONITOR SETTINGS rather than 1280x1024 which isn't 4:3.. it's the wrong aspect ratio. What do I do?08:03
Picileapy0yo: use the -f switch08:03
Pici!zh | wxy08:03
ubottuwxy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk08:03
pfifoleapy0yo, i usually use 'cp -a' and then once finished delete the originals if i dont want them on the filesystem08:04
Logan_!info libdecodeqr-examples | jiltdil08:04
ubottujiltdil: libdecodeqr-examples (source: libdecodeqr): Sample program in C/C++ library for decoding QR code. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-4 (maverick), package size 137 kB, installed size 312 kB08:04
Logan_jiltdil: see this as well: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9645734&postcount=808:04
bruce_eZtaR:   OK...   bring up my main applicatons menu ?   Go to the MEDIA submenu, right click on the rosegarden icon ???08:04
jiltdillogan:thanx alot08:06
Logan_jiltdil: you're welcome08:06
bruce_eZtaR: may I pm you ?08:06
Logan_!pm | bruce_08:07
ubottubruce_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:07
bruce_getting lost in all this chan traffic08:07
jiltdilLogan: can i use Qr code to on  my personal documents as like copyright  :)08:07
Logan_jiltdil: I don't understand your question08:07
inslan4how do i find out what format a disk is in on ubuntu?08:07
bruce_alright...  will stay in chan08:07
jiltdilLogan: i mean to say that can i use QR code to on my pdf or any .odt ?08:08
kingsleyIs anyone going to package the newly GPL'ed "j" programming language?08:09
pfifoinslan4, not sure how to probe it, but if you run fsck on itt you should get a good idea08:09
clausAnyone know how to redirect cosole output to a second console?  You use the '>' operator, but what is the filename of my "new" console that I create?08:09
=== claus is now known as SenoraRaton
inslan4thanks pfifo08:09
=== almoxarife1 is now known as almoxarife
jiltdilLogan: as books have bar code can i use my own Qr code to my made documents08:09
kingsleyI like to think of "j" as Ken Iverson's swan song, after he won the Turing Award for APL.08:10
pfifoSenoraRaton, you might be able to 'tee' and redirect to /dev/ttyX08:10
eZtaRbruce_, Sorry man, can't give you a more accurate description than that, it's been a while since i changed from netbook remix08:11
SenoraRatonYou can send tty to the console, capture the input apparently.08:13
bruce_eZtaR:   Just did this procedure...      left click on 'application menu button' (triangle square with sissors) in launcher, that brought up top level applications menu.  selected 'Media' submenu, that brought up the menu containing the 'rosegarden' icon (among others), right click on rosegarden icon - no result, try to drag rg icon, as soon as mouse leaves icon - icon returns to normal status, no drag occurs...08:14
Poisonfibrei got an error while trying to install a game on Ubuntu (got the game off the ubuntu games list)08:14
Poisonfibrecame up with this error Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.08:14
PoisonfibreSelect a different character encoding from the menu and try again.08:14
eZtaRWhat kind of file is it Poisonfibre?08:14
Poisonfibre .sh08:14
eZtaRbruce_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122947508:15
bruce_eZtaR: actually, it was not a "click" with mouse button on rosegarden icon.  tried a drag withg both right and left mouse button..08:15
eZtaRHmm you should be able to do a ./<appname>08:15
Poisonfibreits marked as a shell script08:16
* bruce_ is following your URL link...08:16
eZtaRtry a 'chmod 777 <file>.sh Poisonfibre08:16
eZtaRHerro :)08:19
supeI'm running 9.04 and whenever I run Update manager (GUI) it tries to run stuff from a CD, which I don't have. How do I fix this?08:19
inslan4ok i learned how to find out what format a drive is in. my next question is, if i wanted to recover data from formatted disk, do i need to find out what format it was in before?08:19
pfifo!eol |supe08:20
ubottusupe: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:20
supeLynx isn't supported?08:20
supeLucid Lynx?08:21
supeMedia change: please insert the disc labelled  'Ubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Release i386 (20101007)'08:21
jjpsupe: what's ur apt sources lists like ?08:22
Jordan_Usupe: 9.04 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported release.08:22
Jordan_U!eol | supe08:22
ubottusupe: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:22
supeSorry, I meant 10.04, Lucid Lynx08:22
jjpsupe: is ur issue you want to get rid of recurrent CD access for update ?08:23
Jordan_Usupe: System > Administration > Software Sources. Uncheck the CD entry.08:23
austiniumhi, how do i put the "Search for Files" menu into Places???08:23
austiniumthe Places menu from Applications,Places,Sysyem08:23
Poisonfibrechmod 777 worked....thanks Eztar08:25
iqbalkhanexcuse me all08:26
iqbalkhani have download08:26
supeThanks Jor08:26
supeThanks Jordan_U08:26
eZtaRnp Poisonfibre, the only thing that cmd did is mark the file as being executable, it's a nice command to have in mind ;)08:26
iqbalkhanfirefox 4 .tar.bz208:26
Jordan_Usupe: You're welcome.08:26
iqbalkhani have extraxt08:26
Jordan_U!fx4 | iqbalkhan08:27
ubottuiqbalkhan: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox08:27
iqbalkhanhow to install ?08:27
supeHow do I upgrade to the latest non LTS distro (non beta)?08:27
Jordan_U!upgrade | supe08:27
ubottusupe: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:27
truepurplehen I try to add tomeboy notes to my panel, it gives me the following error- The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:TomboyApplet".08:28
blackest_knightiqbalkhan:  use the ppa you will be happier08:28
iqbalkhanok i'll try ubottu08:28
pfifoaww  poor bot is being overworked today...08:28
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!08:28
Chipper351Has anyone every tired to Update a Ubuntu Live on a USB Drive? After I Update I have nothing but issues with my Ubuntu08:28
Jordan_UChipper351: You can't upgrade a LiveUSB install. If you have enough room I would just do a normal install to the flash drive instead.08:29
Chipper351I dont want to do that because I want to be able to take my USB from computer to computer and the USB to be able to reconize the drives and everything else on that box08:29
blackest_knightI'm trying to use lvm and move files from my internally ssd to a bigger sdcard but the card is mounted late so i'm having a bit of bother /home is successfully moved but i'd like to move more08:30
pfifoChipper351, a regular install will still do that08:30
Anubishi ! how can i generate 100+ users accounts on linux ?08:31
Chipper351If i take my USB to two different computer it will still detect any new hard drives and hardware that is in the different computers?08:31
pfifoAnubis, a shell script should suffice08:31
Xintruderis back-track based on ubuntu?08:31
pfifoChipper351, thers not much diffenrence between the live system and the normal install, they both detect hardware the same way08:32
blackest_knightChipper351: yes a drive is portable i've taken hard drives from one system and put it in another without issues08:32
truepurpleWhen I try to add tomeboy notes to my panel, it gives me the following error- The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:TomboyApplet". Can someone help me?08:32
Chipper351what is the difference then?08:32
pfifoChipper351, the live system includes the casper package which makes your system run on a rramdisk and changes arent persistant08:33
crumI'm going to ask an off topic question. please spare me from a ban!08:33
crumI just want to get some people's opinions08:33
crumIs this sentence understandable? http://pastebin.com/rprYJjxf08:33
Chipper351I created my USB with persistant space that still wont help?08:34
jichunjianthe waht08:35
jichunjiannobody is here08:35
Jordan_UChipper351: persistance doesn't allow upgrading of the kernel, among other things.08:35
Jordan_Ujichunjian: Why what?08:36
blackest_knightcrum it depends on the pargraph :)08:36
=== sonne_ is now known as Sonne
jichunjiani don't know my first play this08:36
Jordan_U!ot | crum08:36
ubottucrum: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:36
pfifocrum, SELECT courses.name, courses.whatever FROM courses WHERE professer="Dr. Linker" AND date < "123456789" AND date > "12345678"08:36
knightstalkerHello,Two questions,do we have same thing as Task manager on win on Ubuntu too?08:37
Chipper351Ok well what would be an easy way to install Ubuntu onto my USB drive and About how much space should I allocate?08:37
crumpfifo haha that was awesome08:37
Jordan_Uknightstalker: System > Administration > System Monitor08:37
jichunjianoh this is ubuntu chat?08:38
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps08:39
Jordan_Ujichunjian: Yes. Specifically Ubuntu technical support.08:39
Eryn_1983_FLi got a  question i am trying to  get my wifi  back up after i kill it..08:39
Eryn_1983_FLfor wifi packet collection..08:39
Eryn_1983_FLi just cant seem to get it function correctly08:39
dh__where are u?08:40
dh__i'm from china.08:40
Eryn_1983_FLi think i am  working wpa_supplicant witth the  right  switches..  not certain if its the issue.08:40
dh__welcome jichunjian08:40
jichunjianhey everybody08:40
eZtaRHello :)08:40
* leftist yawns08:41
Jordan_U!cn | dh__08:41
ubottudh__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk08:41
Chipper351What would be an easy way to install Ubuntu onto my USB drive and About how much space should I allocate?08:41
=== jichunjian is now known as Jiresus
pfifoEryn_1983_FL, ive had similiar problems when putting my card into promiscuous mode and then trying to go back, im pretty sure you have to reboot, I remember reading about it using airocrack08:41
leftistanyone here i can have a private chat regarding a question i have about jumpbox?08:42
=== Jiresus is now known as Jichunjian
Eryn_1983_FL you have to?08:42
Eryn_1983_FLthat so  freaking sucks08:42
knightstalkerJordan_U,aha,and how can I call it from keyboard,Ctrl + alt + del for example :p08:42
FloodBot1Eryn_1983_FL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:42
eZtaRChipper351 i usually put 10-15 gb, but that might be a bit much, but the default install menu should do the trick :)08:42
whittyThese notifications are stupid. I like notifications but I always like to be able to CLOSE THEM. They're just annoying.. if I put my mouse oevr them they just fade out until i move it back away.. i have to wait for it to close. This is extremely annoying, how do i change this?08:42
pfifoChipper351, its the same as installing to a hard drive, and the recommended minium harddrive size is 2gb if using the standard desktop install CD08:43
Chipper351Thanks everyone for your help, I will trying installing just Ubuntu as normal and hopfully it will work as I want it to .. thanks a ton!08:43
Jordan_UChipper351: You're welcome.08:43
pfifoEryn_1983_FL, you might want to try unloading the kernel module and reloading, but dont blame me if you crash08:44
crumpfifo just incase you want to know, I'm learning legal writing, which is similar to the technical writing in computer science, especially psuedo code, in that it needs to be unambiguous and concise.08:45
Xintruderwhat would be the laptop to buy, that would be completly compatable with ubuntu?08:45
crumXintruder get a mac08:46
crumseriously, it's superior to everything out there.08:46
pfifonot eeepc thats for sure, should come with a coupon for a bottle of aspirin08:46
Sleakerok I'm trying to use crontab to run a .sh at reboot.  It seems to run it (it shows up in System Monitor) but I need it to open an actual terminal window when it runs.08:46
Sleakeranyway to change this?08:46
crumpfifo seriously thanks for the help. I will not be off topic and will install ubuntu when I get a chance :-D08:46
SleakerI'm guessing i may not be able to use cron, I probably need something to run at login08:47
Xintrudercrum I have one, u recommend dual boot?08:47
pfifoSleaker, thats not really a good idea08:47
Sleakerpfifo, how come?08:48
Jordan_UXintruder: crum: Macs in general use a lot of hardware with poor linux support.08:48
pfifoSleaker, why do you have to have a terminal windo open?08:48
crumJordan_U dang.. I didn't know that :/08:48
Sleakerpfifo the app I'm running requires administration from the terminal it uses.08:48
pfifoSleaker, crontab isnt designed to be an interactive thing08:48
Sleakerahh ok08:48
Sleakerso is there a better way to run something like that at login?08:49
XintruderJordan_U: why on earth did het tell me get a mac then, cru?08:49
pfifoadd it to your startup applications08:49
Jordan_UXintruder: You can buy a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed from places like http://www.system76.com or http://dell.com/ubuntu08:49
knightstalkerNo one knows how to call System monitor from keyboard?08:49
Sleakerknightstalker, I just learned terminal :-/08:49
Sleakerbut.. I've been using linux for a whole 2 days.08:50
knightstalkerSleaker,I am using it for about 6 months08:50
AJenboHi, where should i save my shell script so that i can call with with out a path?08:50
eZtaRknightstalker, you can setup a  custom keyboard shortcut in System > Preferences08:51
knightstalkerbut I did everything dirty from terminal,now that some people need ubuntu for some reasons,they ask me to tell them how to do it using GUI08:51
pfifoknightstalker, you can add a new keyboard shortcut in the system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts08:51
Sleakerpfifo, will cron always run commands hidden08:52
knightstalkerThanks eZtaR and pfifo ;)08:52
pfifoSleaker, it emails all program output to root08:53
eZtaRnp knightstalker :)08:53
MACscrok, so i run ubuntu as my primary OS, but have windows 7 on another disk. Im currently using grub to pick between the two. Anyway, i had to reinstall windows on the that separate disk and for some reason it wouldnt let me install unless disconnected the rest of my drives. Well now that i have it installed again and the drives reconnected, i cant seem to boot into windows. The partition its picking is correct though, as it should indeed 08:53
Sleakerpfifo, can that be supressed?08:53
MACscrwhen i pick the windows option, it says it cant find the partition08:53
Chipper351I have formatted my USB drive with 10GB of Space for Ubunut, when I go to install I choose Install from within Windows and the Ubunut Installer Comes up. It then tells me that the Drive on has 9GB free and asks for the Installation Size ... What is it asking for with the Installation size?08:54
ohsixMACscr: try running sudo update-grub in ubuntu, in a terminal08:54
Jordan_UMACscr: Did you run "sudo update-grub" after re-installing windows?08:54
pfifoSleaker, you can have the program specifically write to another file, but stdout and stderr are going to root's mailbox08:54
Sleakerpfifo, ahh ok. I'm sure I can googlefu how to change output08:55
MACscrthanks, just tried that. Will see how it works. Also, how can i get ubuntu to only retain the last 2 kernels? right now there are like 5 options08:55
jussiHow does one see which groups a user belongs to?08:55
jussi(from the cli)08:55
pfifoyou might be able to run gnome-terminal in crontab, and have gnome-terminal execute the actual script, but you might get some problems finding the X display08:56
pfifojussi, root can run 'groups <user>'08:56
TamagoIs there a way to install ubuntu 10.10 from a 9.10 live cd?08:56
jussipfifo: excellent, thank you08:56
AJenbois there a user folder where i can put bin files?08:56
sagaciTamago, ahh, no08:56
ohsixjussi: id user08:57
pfifoTamago, in short, no08:57
* Tamago goes in search of the minimal installer08:57
Jordan_UTamago: Not a straightforward one. What is your exact situation?08:57
AJenboor du i have to put them in /usr/bin ?08:57
Tamagojordan: .... isn't it obvious? I have a 9.10 live cd and I want to install 10.10.08:57
pfifoAJenbo, you can put them in /home/user/bin and add that directory to your $PATH08:58
Jordan_UTamago: But given how difficult it would be to install 10.10 with just a 9.10 liveCD (easiest way being to install then upgrade, using a lot of bandwidth) it's usefull to know if you have other options or if you're stuck 200 miles from the nearest black CD or flash drive :)08:58
ohsix.local/bin for great justice08:59
pfifoTamago, a ubuntu 10.10 liveccd is a bit better for installing 10.1008:59
Tamagojordan: I'm going to download as minimal an install disc as I can find (I think mythtv or xmbc pointed to one that's 15mb)08:59
Jordan_U!minimal | Tamago09:00
ubottuTamago: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:00
Jordan_UTamago: You're welcome.09:00
zambawhat does it mean when i have two vga adapters on my system?09:01
zamba# lspci | grep VGA09:01
zamba00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)09:01
zamba01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)09:01
zambathis is a lenovo T41009:01
FloodBot1zamba: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:01
zambai'm trying to get the nvidia driver working here09:02
pfifoit means you have 2 vga adapters on your system. whats the problem?09:02
ohsixzamba: vga switcheroo :]09:02
zambaohsix: what does that mean?09:03
bruce_eZtaR:  I have read the forum URL you provided.  Not exactly what I am trying to accomplish, but have registered in the forum and posted my question there...09:03
ohsixzamba: it means you can pick either, suiting extra battery life or whatnot09:03
meghzamba: most probably u r system is using hybrid graphic  tech called nvidia optimus09:03
zambamegh: and how does that work in linux?09:04
lahwran%H:%M:%S %Z on %B %d %Y09:04
ohsixit's called 2 video cards lul09:04
Chipper351I'm trying to Install Ubuntu on a USB drive that I have Partition as 10GB but the Installer is reading it as 9GB any ideas?09:04
ohsixzamba: a bit ugly at the moment i gather, but workable http://www.x.org/wiki/VgaArbiter09:04
* bruce_ is going to d/l my nightly Andromeda fix from YT, then off to bed... Thanks all, for the input here..09:05
aaron_chi, how can i get ubuntu to install firefox3.6.16 instead of firefox4?09:05
meghsupport for that in linux is sketchy at the moment09:05
aaron_ci'm specficially doing sudo apt-get install firefox3.6 yet it's STILL installing forefox409:05
zambaohsix: so i have to build the module myself?09:05
zambaohsix: can09:06
zambaohsix: can't i just use one of the graphic adapters?09:06
ohsixzamba: no idea if thats current, it's just background information09:06
zambaohsix: and just decide to use that?09:06
zambaohsix: and forget about the other?09:06
ohsixzamba: something has to pick which to use, as they'll try and decode the same addresses09:07
pfifoChipper351, the filesystem caould be using a bit of data itself09:07
tim___any developers here ? i have a suggestion09:08
ikoniatim___: log it on launchpad.net as a enchancment or feature request09:08
pfifotim___, use launchpad, irc logs get forgotten09:08
inslan4i dont know whats wrong i cant open any files any more.  even if i right click theres no option to open the file09:08
ohsixzamba: personally i think  forums are worse than useless, but it might have current leads; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1531828 i know the switcheroo stuff is in there, but nothing beyond that09:09
inslan4then after a while i cant even type on irc09:10
inslan4i keep having to reboot09:10
pfifoinslan4, perform a filesystem check09:10
ohsixzamba: the going parlance is "vga switcheroo", too09:11
tim___where can i find the feature request submission on launchpad09:11
YankDownUnderJust for a giggle and a grin, tim___ , what feature do you want?09:12
inslan4pfifo,  i guess that will have to wait to because now i cant move the cursor from xchat09:12
ikoniatim___: you log it against the package you want to log the request against, or you can put it on brainstorm.ubuntu.com if it's a general suggestion09:12
ikoniaYankDownUnder: this is a support channel,09:12
pfifoinslan4, you cant do that to a running system anyway, you have to reboot to recovery mode or use a live cd09:12
YankDownUnderikonia, Yes, I know this very well...09:12
inslan4oh ok09:13
ikoniaYankDownUnder: great so you know feature requests don't belong here09:13
YankDownUnderikonia, I wasn't the one making the "feature request" - however, I was just curious as to what the feature was...09:13
inslan4thanks pfifo09:14
ikoniaYankDownUnder: ok, then talk to him in pm09:14
pfifoinslan4, sure thing09:14
ikoniaplayer: /quit09:15
pfifo10/10 best troll ever09:16
ikoniaor he was just trying to quit09:16
zxiestHey guys...09:16
zxiestHow can I chmod for all future files in a given folder? Would a -R do it?09:17
pfifozxiest, you cant, you can only set the default system wide09:17
KB1JWQzxiest: You don't.  You might set up a cron job that does it, but there's no inherent functionality.09:17
=== Pestilence is now known as Guest4392
Kimmencan't you set per folder umask?09:18
zxiestThanks guys =)09:18
whereamiI have a Radeon HD 5870, but the radeon driver seems to not want to enable GPU acceleration. Where do I start?09:18
pfifoKimmen, in certain circumstances like an ftpd, but not without a helper progam for general stuff09:18
pfifowhereami, how are you testing this?09:20
whereamipfifo, for one, compiz won't start. Also looked in xorg logs09:20
pfifowhat do the xorg logs say?09:21
whittyThese notifications are stupid. I like notifications but I always like to be able to CLOSE THEM. They're just annoying.. if I put my mouse oevr them they just fade out until i move it back away.. i have to wait for it to close. This is extremely annoying, how do i change this?09:22
whittyi'll use a different notifications daemon..09:22
ohsixwell that was easy09:23
ohsixleaves one to wonder if the last statement was your intention, rather than assistance09:23
saurabhModel: ATA ST9320423AS (scsi)09:23
saurabhDisk /dev/sda: 320GB09:23
saurabhSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B09:23
saurabhPartition Table: msdos09:23
saurabhNumber  Start   End     Size    Type      File system     Flags09:23
saurabh 1      2096kB  266GB   266GB   extended                  boot, lba09:23
FloodBot1saurabh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:23
whereamipfifo, http://pastebin.com/Z0vpheGe09:23
whereamipfifo, for what it's worth, I was using fglrx, but I just uninstalled it.09:24
pfifowhereami, what are your framerates for glgears?09:25
pfifoyou using dvorak? nice09:26
ohsixpfifo: you might have someone run glxinfo first, specifically the direct rendering line; or possibly the vendor, to see if it's in software or not09:26
zambaohsix: i'm reading http://asusm51ta-with-linux.blogspot.com/09:26
zambaohsix: and according to this it should work out of the box in ubuntu 10.1009:27
zambawhich it doesn't09:27
zambai don't have the vgaswitcheroo module09:27
ohsixzamba: do you have the vgaswitcheroo file in debugfs?09:27
whereamipfifo, I doubt the diagnostic utility of glxgears, but about 980 fps09:27
leapy0yohow can i put a process to sleep?09:27
ohsixread the scripts09:27
zambaohsix: nope09:27
ohsixleapy0yo: temporarily? kill -STOP, restart it with -CONT09:28
whereamipfifo, ohsix: glxinfo shows it's using the software rasterizer.09:29
zambaohsix: what then?09:29
pfifowhereami, yeah it is, it says that in your xorg log, do you have an Xorg.conf?09:30
leapy0yodo you know how to use ps to show what processes that are stopped for a while via kill -STOP?09:30
whereamipfifo, I removed the one that catalyst created (before rebooting)09:30
pfifowhereami, ok, do you see the proper module loaded in lsmod?09:31
whereamiI see "radeon" in there, yeah09:32
whereamiand drm09:33
leapy0yoi do kill -STOP , but I do not know what process is that status via ps09:33
zambaohsix: i believe i have to add a kernel option09:33
zambaohsix: modeset or something09:33
zambaohsix: where do i put that?09:33
offsensehow to specifiy the port numbers in ssh remote connection09:34
zambaoffsense: ssh -p <port>09:34
pfifowhereami, I think you should write your own Xorg.conf09:34
offsensezamba: thnx m809:34
Pinponhi ! I didn't find doc about the meaning of /etc/rc1.d /etc/rc.d and how to add scripts inside these directories ?09:36
llutzPinpon: those are sysvinit-runlevels, update-rc.d to manage the links. it shouldn't be used with ubuntu anymore, since it uses upstart (scripts in /etc/init)09:38
=== frank_ is now known as frank9999
Pinponllutz: so i just use updace-rc.d in order to make sym link to the scripts?09:40
Seven_Six_Twois anyone here good at ipv4? I've set up an ap with a usb wifi. need help with routing09:40
djxcqtionhey people09:40
djxcqtionwats up09:40
djxcqtionJust got Ubuntu and man has it impressed09:41
pfifopinPoint, the documentation http://www.netbsd.org/docs/guide/en/chap-rc.html09:41
llutz!runlevel | Pinpon09:41
ubottuPinpon: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.09:41
eZtaRSeven_Six_Two, what do you need help with? :)09:41
llutzPinpon: basically yes09:41
Seven_Six_Twohere are my files:      http://pastebin.com/7TYnfN4R   here''s my ifconfig:   http://pastebin.com/69Ch0uXn   netstat -nr for desktop and laptop:   http://pastebin.com/7Zdm83V609:41
djxcqtionquestion : WUBI  vs Full Installaiton? Does it effect performance?09:41
whereamipfifo, doesn't seem to have helped...09:41
djxcqtionShould I wait till 11.04 to go for full installation09:42
Seven_Six_Twousing airbase with no security for the ap. no errors so far, but I can't browse, and a ping to google shows 2 sent, 2 rec'd, +9 duplicates09:42
llutzPinpon: you also can use sysv-rc-conf09:42
pfifowhereami, can I see your xorg.conf09:43
whereamipfifo, so, one of the "(WW)" lines in the xorg log says "Color tiling is not yet supported on R600/R700"   Is color tiling required for drm/mesa acceleration to work?09:43
eZtaRSeven_Six_Two, I'm afraid this is above my level of expertise, sorry :P09:43
whereamipfifo, sure... http://pastebin.com/erYShPrL09:43
pfifowhereami, clear out your xorg log and restart x, lets see what it reports now09:45
whereamipfifo, I did, I rebooted, actually.09:45
Seven_Six_TwoeZtaR, no problem. Mine too, apparently. I think the trouble is with my routing tables.  at0 is a device created by airmon-ng. airmon-ng puts wlan0 in to monitor mode09:45
pfifowhereami, paste your new xorg log09:45
eddiedlajflasdyo how come when I boot to disk after a short display of a colored window with what looks like a keyboard and an =  and then a person at the bottom in white, then it switches to a flashing cursor for a while then my monitor turns off and nothing else happends?09:45
Seven_Six_Twothen the dhcp server responds to at0 on a subnet of my own network09:45
whereamipfifo, and the log looks the same, except for not mentioning the other drivers anymore.09:46
earthling_djxcqtion, I have a laptop for my non-ubuntu programs, I'd buy a new hard drive and do a full install of 10.0409:46
earthling_or 10.1009:46
earthling_for desktop09:46
whereamipfifo, http://pastebin.com/gX8TLAvj09:46
djxcqtionIts for a desktop earthling_09:46
djxcqtionDesktop old09:47
djxcqtionp4 2.8 Ghz 2GB RAM...XP on it09:47
djxcqtionslow on XP09:47
djxcqtionso i changed to UBuntu09:47
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eddiedlajflasdanyone know why when I boot to disk it doesn't boot right?  It attempts boot looks like its loading then bang monitor turns off and nothing else09:48
earthling_djxcqtion, should be ok for 10.10 or 10.0409:48
djxcqtionmainly use it to browse, muci09:48
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djxcqtiondoes WUBI installation effect performance for a dektop with my stats?09:49
djxcqtionor should I go for it09:49
djxcqtionIve read mostly that the WUBI installation just effects performance slighly09:49
djxcqtionbut they dont explain wher?09:49
eddiedlajflasdanyone know why when the disk is booting Ubuntu from cd why it would show a cursor for a while then turn my monitor off and then nothingg?09:50
offsense1how to copy file in ssh connection from remote host to local desktop09:50
llutzoffsense1: scp file user@host:/path/to/copy/to09:51
offsense1llutz: great gracias09:51
pfifowhereami, your loading the xorg provided radeon driver, have you used the priopetary drivers applet to install ATI's driver?09:51
whereamipfifo, uh, yeah, I just uninstalled it.09:52
pfifowhereami, you need ATI's driver to get acceleration09:52
earthling_djxcqtion, you can also check http://ubuntuforums.org/09:52
jussi!language | eddiedlajflasd09:53
ubottueddiedlajflasd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:53
offsense1llutz:  is it exected once we connected to the remote host?09:53
djxcqtionwill do  :)09:53
whereamipfifo, alright, thanks for the help. maybe there's a newer version of the radeon driver I could try out.09:54
llutzoffsense1: ? you have to use that command manually09:54
eddiedlajflasd!language | jussi09:54
ubottujussi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:54
llutzoffsense1: scp  user@remotehost:/file  /path/to/copy/to        you can use it without being connected to the remote-site at all from local machine09:55
Pinponllutz: rcS.d is equivalent to rc0.d rc1.d etc?09:56
PinponIf i run a script in rcS every runlevel will use it?09:56
llutzPinpon: theres a README in that dir09:56
pfifoPinpon, no, rcS is runlevel S, or single user ode09:57
PinponSo If I want a script in every runlevel I have to symlink it into each rc.d pfifo ?09:58
pfifoPinpon, yeah09:58
llutz!runlevel | Pinpon  read this09:58
ubottuPinpon  read this: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.09:58
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.509:58
pfifoPinpon, thats very true, but im answering your exact question09:59
llutz!upstart | Pinpon09:59
ubottuPinpon: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:59
sorush20hi, will firefox four become available in version 10.10?10:00
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox10:00
sorush20With out having to do manual intervention?10:00
ikoniasorush20: doubtful as an official package10:00
zee313i want to learn C language. What program will be best suited for writing and executing the C language codes.10:00
PinponSo llutz it's recommended to use Upstart ?10:00
pfifoyoull have to ask #ubuntu+110:00
llutzPinpon: yes10:00
Seven_Six_Twozee313, emacs10:01
ikoniazee313: ask the guys in ##c++ for suggestions/approaches10:01
pfifoPinpon, I highly recommend using upstart10:01
PinponThen thx pfifo and llutz I'm gonna try to use it :-)10:02
=== arun_ is now known as aruns
=== Carla is now known as Guest52185
ubquesti have some kind of keyboard mapping issue. i am running ubuntu 10.10 x64 with Remote Desktop Viewer -> ubuntu 10.10 x64 machine. that works fine. On that target machine is virtualbox which i have installed ubuntu 10.04.2 server x86 VM. whenever i type (in the VM window through remote desktop only), i get bad text (e.g. 's' comes out as [Ps). any ideas10:11
pfifoubquest, what happens if you use virtualbox directly on the second machine?10:12
ubquestit works correctly. so it appears to be some interaction between remote desktop viewer and virtualbox10:13
jakob__i did "eth0 down" by mistake on my ubuntu server, will a reboot bring it up again?10:15
VE2EBPHi guys, I need to go to bed and need to find an app that would wake me up in a few hours, something simple... any suggestions?10:16
hateballjakob__: assuming you have auto eth0 in your interfaces config10:16
hateballjakob__: otherwise you can just issue eth0 up :)10:16
jakob__I dont have physical access to the server :/10:17
jakob__But yeah i have auto eth010:17
jakob__I think..10:17
nowimprovedAnyone else have an issue with firefox4 and flash settings and going to settings and it freezing?10:17
=== bmwboy_ is now known as bmwboy
nowimprovedany fix, link, please, would be greatly appreciated :(10:17
=== arun_ is now known as aruns
nowimprovedI can't even go to flash settings because it's just empty white space.10:17
pfifoVE2EBP, `sleep 7200 && aplay /dev/urandom` turn your volume up loud10:18
VE2EBPpfifo thanks I found someething: apt-get install alarm-clock10:18
varun i am facing issue with termianls, the max,min,close buttons are disappearing,the terminal is placed at downside of the top panel,i am using alpha 3,help please10:19
arunsis mike galbraith's auto scheduler patch in the kernel of 11.04 alpha 3 ?10:19
llutzvarun: #ubuntu+110:19
varunllutz, no one replying there10:20
llutzvarun: #ubuntu+1 is the place to ask, natty is offtopic here10:20
perlmonkey1morning guys and girls10:24
perlmonkey1does anyone in he UK have the right time?10:24
daniel__good day, noble sir.10:24
Pinponllutz: upstart is great !10:24
daniel__What do you mean by "right time" ?10:25
perlmonkey1the current time of day10:25
UreshiiTorais someone here familiar with openswan/xl2tpd?10:25
perlmonkey1the clocks changed last night and I'm confused10:25
daniel__it should be 10:25 in Britain now, if I'm not mistaken10:25
perlmonkey1damn, thanks dan10:26
afterthoughtperlmonkey1: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/10:26
zee313how can I convert webpages into PDF10:26
perlmonkey1i must of slept late10:26
jiltdillibdecodeqr-simpletest /path/to/QR code doesnot shows what is attached as text while making QR code?10:26
perlmonkey1I'm here to ask about a USB device... a storage stick... can these be used "as is" in Ubuntu or do you need to format/create a fs on them?10:26
perlmonkey1i want to store files on it, backup archives10:27
=== ogra_ac is now known as ogra_
Kimmenperlmonkey1: they can be used as is10:27
nathicubuntu hang on check battery state .. and  I guess it's got to to with the nvidia card what should I do?10:27
daniel__That's actually a good question - all of my USB sticks have worked out of the box, but my Western Digital external HDD does not work.10:27
Kimmencould be that NTFS drives demand a bit of know-how10:28
perlmonkey1I think I deleted something on mine it worked initially but now it doesn't10:28
KimmenFAT and FAT32 are mounted automagically10:28
perlmonkey1these USB sticks are very handy though for storing important backup data10:28
daniel__ah, could be that the WD - Drive is NTFS, then. :O10:28
perlmonkey1if I'd used mine I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in now10:28
zxiestWhat's supposed to be in /usr/local ?10:29
jiltdili made QR code using qrencode and when i used   libdecodeqr-simpletest /path/to/QR code doesnot shows what is attached as text /10:30
perlmonkey1zxiest seems to be largely empty10:30
zxiestperlmonkey1 is it like one's desktop?10:31
perlmonkey1zxiest I'm not sure.. I remember installing a custom version of Perl there once10:31
perlmonkey1I bought a little camera with 8gb micro SDhd card, i hope it works in Ubuntu10:33
zxiestperlmonkey1 I c... thanks :-)10:33
Laurenceb_can anyone suggest an eps editor?10:33
nathicis it possible to backup files from root shell?10:34
perlmonkey1why wouldn't it be10:34
sanketWhat is a good place to discuss filesystems related issues ?10:35
nathicsorry wrong question ... wanted to ask  what i have to to when my ubuntu hangs on checking battery state10:35
nathici think its related with my nvidia graphic card10:35
perlmonkey1sanket maybe #linux10:35
=== bonjoyee1 is now known as bonjoyee
daniel__nathic - what leads you to that assumption ?10:36
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
nathicdaniel__  a lot of google research about common issues when system hangs on checking battery state10:36
sanketperlmonkey1: thanks.10:37
perlmonkey1nathic work like a detective, or like sherlock holmes, eliminate the possible and whatever remains, is the cause.. check error logs first, then try removing battery and working off mains?10:37
nathicI think that xorg doesn't know which bus to use10:37
supeI'm getting errors saying I don't have /home/supe/.jhbuildrc. Can someone give me there .jhbuildrc file so I can run "jhbuild build gtksourceview"?10:37
perlmonkey1damn i dont feel good10:38
nathicper1monkey1 do you know where the xorg log file is10:38
perlmonkey1yes it's in /var/log10:39
perlmonkey1supe: i don't seem to have that file10:40
ohsixsupe: read the documentation, nobody can really give you one, though theres a template10:40
MoopzHey. My friend is doing an installation of 10.04 on top of a Windows 7. After taking a long time booting etc it asks him for a username and password. No matter what we type in, it doesn't do anything.10:40
bonjoyeeMoopz: have you installed already or just booting a live cd?10:41
MoopzJust booting a live CD10:41
bonjoyeeMoopz: try username : ubuntu and blank password...10:41
supeI need help resolving gtksourceview dependencies so I can compile and install it. I need it for Gobby, which I'm also trying to compile. Here are my gtksourceview compile errors: http://pastebin.com/UzmX73pJ. I've spent the last hour trying to resolve them... help please?10:41
perlmonkey1I never had a live cd ask me for a login before, is that unusual?10:41
Moopzbonjoyee, alright will try once he's done restarting.10:41
Menewaneed ubuntu from usb10:42
Moopzperlmonkey1, I haven't either and he's using my liveCD so I find it wierd.10:42
th0rsupe: none of that is an ubuntu issue10:42
jiltdili made QR code using qrencode and when i used   libdecodeqr-simpletest /path/to/QR code doesnot shows what is attached as text10:42
supeth0r: How about if I were compiling gedit? - Because that doesn't compile (with gtksourceview as a dependency)10:43
bonjoyeeMoopz: it should not prompt for it in the first place...but if it does try that..10:43
ikoniaMoopz: ubuntu/ubuntu10:43
nowimprovedhow the heck10:43
th0rsupe: compiling software is probably best supported in #c or #programming10:43
nowimproveddo you start up ubuntu in gnome mode10:43
nowimprovedif you're using fluxbox10:43
FloodBot2nowimproved: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:43
supedarn, kk10:43
* perlmonkey1 opens his perl editor and begins the task of replacing 4 months of updates lost due to hdd failure10:43
ikoniasupe: the guys who make the code are always good to talk to10:43
ikoniaperlmonkey1: any chance of keeping the offtopic comments out of the channel please.10:44
perlmonkey1sorry ikonia i will go to #perl10:44
Moopzbonjoyee, he's still starting up so will try once he's done.10:44
Moopzikonia, Will try that if bonjoyee's doesn't work, thanks.10:44
supeikonia: Would you recommend jhbuild10:44
ikoniaMoopz: it really shouldn't ask though as been said, but there are certain bugs that have caused it to ask in the past10:44
Pinponllutz: ?10:44
ikoniasupe: no10:45
pocchahello, i need to do some excel - vba programming. is there a way to do it on ubuntu?10:46
ikoniapoccha: not really10:46
pocchaikonia too bad. thanks.10:47
bonjoyeepoccha: may be on a windows virtual machine running on ubuntu!10:47
pocchabonjoyee wine ?10:48
pocchaor whatever it is called?10:48
vividpoccha, virtualbox is probably better10:48
bonjoyeepoccha: no.....a dedicated virtual machine..using vmware or virtualbox...10:49
pocchaok ill look into this! thanks a lot!10:49
=== aknm is now known as monk
Chipper351Can someone explain a what the Swap partition is to me breifly?10:50
ikoniaChipper351: ram on disk10:50
pfifoChipper351, virtual memory, probbally shouldnt use it if your still doing that USB install10:50
bonjoyeeChipper351: heard about pagefile in windows?10:50
kay_hi,everyone, I am new here.10:51
Chipper351Why shouldnt I use a Swap Partion with a USB install10:51
vividyou should have a swap partition about 2x the size of your physical ram10:51
Chipper351I found a tutorial that told me to Partition the USB with "/, /home, and swap"10:51
pfifoChipper351, well you can, but I wouldn't want swap on a USB stick myself10:52
almoxarifeI have 4gig of ram, so why do I need a 8gig swap?10:52
kay_how to get the user input in a shell command10:52
|Long|have anyone here using cryptsetup script?10:52
th0ralmoxarife: with that much ram you don't really need a swap file10:52
hateballalmoxarife: if you use suspend10:52
bonjoyeeChipper351: because..usb drives have a finite no of write cycles....so it could damage the usb drive...10:52
vividalmoxarife, everyone has a lot of ram now days, thats just the general rule10:52
kay_can you tell me how to use "read" in shell10:52
Chipper351so how should I format my USB drive then?10:53
almoxarifeok, didn't want to miss out of something, thnks10:53
bonjoyeealmoxarife: with that much RAM, you only need swap if you want to hibernate the computer...10:53
pfifoChipper351, i honestly wound just make 1 big partition, anything more is kinda pointless on a USB stick10:53
pfifoChipper351, the only other method i wound consider is 2 equal partitions one fat32 and one ext210:54
Chipper351so no /home partition?10:55
almoxarifebonjoyee: true, and I can't hibernate without a swap, that I don't have. :) although I wonder if having a 2gig swap on flash would be of any benefit ?10:55
kay_I am modifying the gedit software, and i want to run the compiled programme  with a delay at the end, so I want to get the function of "press any key to continue.." who can help me to solve this problem?10:55
pfifoChipper351, theres little reason todo that10:55
kay_I am modifying the gedit software, and i want to run the compiled programme  with a delay at the end, so I want to get the function of "press any key to continue.." who can help me to solve this problem? thanks10:55
ikoniakay_: you need to talk to the gedit devlopers or general programming support,10:56
alamihello, what are the option that i can do when my system is weird, after Grub10:56
ikoniakay_: try ##programming ##c++10:56
PinponAnyone familiar with upstart ?10:56
PSiLO23Hi there, i install Kubuntu, is it possible to install the gnome desktop next to kde ?10:56
ikoniakay_: or the gedit developers10:56
Chipper351so when I format i should just format an ext4 '/' for my linux partition correct?10:56
ikoniaPSiLO23: yes10:56
ikoniaPinpon: yes10:56
bonjoyeealmoxarife: swap on flash is not recommended...its slow and can damage it...10:56
almoxarifePSiLO23: yeap,10:56
kay_yes, I am tryting to programming a c++ source file10:56
almoxarifebonjoyee: swap on flash is slower than on a mech disk?10:57
Pinponikonia: If I do "initctl emit myevent" with a file test.conf in /etc/init/ containing http://paste.ubuntu.com/586397/ <= I don't see the echo !10:57
bonjoyeealmoxarife: also to hibernate you need a swao atleast the size of your RAM...10:57
bonjoyeealmoxarife: its a usb thumb drive ..right?10:58
ikoniaPinpon: you've not started a shell to run the echo10:58
Chipper351When I format my USB drive I only need one partition for Linux correct? a ext4 file system with mount point '/' is that correct?10:58
ikoniaChipper351: sounds good10:58
almoxarifebonjoyee: no, but same sort of thing, a mini-sd10:58
=== knightstalker is now known as Guest26454
Chipper351thank you all very much10:59
bonjoyeealmoxarife: id say it should be slower than the sata2 drives...not entirely sure though...10:59
Pinponikonia: I have tested with exec echo "Test", doesn't work too :(10:59
cylexWhat channel can I join for ubuntu specific programming?11:00
ikoniaPinpon: you've still not started a shell as I understand it11:00
ikoniacylex: such as ?11:00
cylexlike php, c11:00
ikoniacylex: that's not ubuntu specific11:00
ikoniacylex: they are generic langauges that can be supported in ##php and ##c11:00
cylexthere's not one for ubuntu users?11:00
Pinponikonia: I don't see :s11:01
ikoniacylex: why would there be, the distro doesn't matter11:01
kay_BINAME=`echo $FNAME |awk -F . '{print $1}'`11:01
kay_gnome-terminal -e $DIR/$BINAME11:01
FloodBot2kay_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:01
kay_read -n 1 -p "Press any key to continue..."11:01
tsimpsoncylex: it would make no sense, there is nothing Ubuntu specific in those languages11:01
kay_to solve this problem?11:01
tsimpsonor any11:01
ikoniaPinpon: sorry, if you do "echo test" there is no shell to actually launch "echo" in, unless upstart launches a shell for you11:01
PinponWith "exec echo "test"" ? Because I did http://upstart.ubuntu.com/getting-started.html <= on the bottom of this page ikonia11:02
PinponAnd it does not work !11:02
uczenhi all11:02
FloodBot2uczen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:02
cylexok, what language do ppl program for Xwindows?11:03
ikoniaPinpon: try the fully path to echo11:03
sliei'm having trouble playing a dvd, but it recognises my dvd and everything?11:03
uczendo you speak polish >??11:03
cylexslie: google dvd playback11:03
alamidual boot , i get libssl and libcrypto and phython unattended upgrades, and than it will be weird11:03
PinponNot good ikonia  :(11:04
ikoniaPinpon: odd, are you sure the event is getting triggered ?11:04
kay_hi all11:04
uczenhello ? do you speak polish ?11:04
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:04
uczenok dzieki ;)11:04
kay_can someone help me to solve this problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/586408/11:04
cylexslie: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Maverick#DVD_Playback_Capability11:04
PinponYep it works with a "touch" ikonia11:04
PinponBut I can't echo :/11:05
PinponMaybe the exec throws the echo anywhere, dunno exactly11:05
alamiikonia: can you help me to understand this Problem plz11:05
ikoniaPinpon: ok, so the good news is the actual job is working, it's just the output11:05
ikoniaalami: what problem ?11:05
cylexwhat does sh +x filename.sh does?11:05
th0rkay_: won't 'pause' do the same thing as line 7? I think it is pause...or maybe wait?11:05
ikoniacylex: makes it executable11:06
alamimy ubuntu get weird after Grub, and i get only some thing about unattended upgrades11:06
ikoniaPinpon: as the default output is /dev/null, it looks like your "output" line is not being picked up11:06
ikoniaalami: no idea, plus "something about" isn't really helpful11:06
alamiikonia: i have run sudo apt-get upgrade, after that i can start my ubuntu11:07
cylexikonia: is there different channel for ubuntu server,  or its this one as well?11:07
=== phrozen__ is now known as 77CAAD2DB
PinponYep maybe ikonia  thx11:07
ikoniacylex: #ubuntu-server is the channel11:07
cylexthanks :>11:07
antonyis there a channel for networking?11:07
sliethank you!@11:07
ikoniaPinpon: why though is a different matter, as your job looks simple and clean11:07
ikoniaantony: ##networking ?11:08
Pumpkin-cylex: "sh +x" runs a script with "sh", and prints each command to STDERR before running it. Useful for debugging shell scripts.11:08
cylexok, thanks :>11:08
kay_http://paste.ubuntu.com/586408/ who can help me to solve this problem?11:10
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox11:11
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest42376
cylexkay: have u tried changing, #!/bin/bash to #!/bin/sh11:11
uczenwtf ?11:12
uczenco tam11:12
uczenfrom ?11:13
cylexIs LDAP like an active directory?11:13
cylexwhere users can login using windows, and use linux as server11:14
cylexlike joining the domain11:14
Poisonfibreisnt LDAP Simular to DNS11:17
Poisonfibreignore what i said11:18
alamiif i upgrade from 10.04TLS to 10.10, can that solve a packages Problem on my 10.04?11:18
cylexI wanna make a login for windows with linux11:18
cylexis it possible11:18
alamicylex: yes it's possible11:19
cylexwhat do I use11:19
alamiyou have to set ip a LDAP server and samba, like freeLDAP11:19
maxagaz2squipid2: hey man11:19
user1_how do i access samba shares from command line11:20
bonjoyeeuser1_: installe smbfs and then use the mount -t smbfs command....11:20
user1_bonjoyee : can't i do it like cd smb://host/files ?11:21
bonjoyeeuser1_: have you tried?11:21
user1_bonjoyee : i did. but no success11:21
cylexuser1_: smbclient \\\\sambaserver\\myshare11:22
cylexto mount it: mount -t smbfs // /mnt/smbfs_lb11:23
user1_cylex: thanks that did work11:23
jussiHi all, Im looking for a more featureful screenshot program - something which matches ksnapshot (particularly with delay and window under cursor features911:24
jiltdilHow to decode QR code via terminal?11:24
milliganI have sshd running on a machine, but sshing it doesn't give me a prompt. Not even from localhost. There are no apparent messages. What could the problem be ?11:24
ikoniajiltdil: QR ?11:24
user1_cylex: also can i run a system/shell command from smb prompt?11:24
uczen` 1MKE11:25
uczenI AM LEMKE11:25
jiltdilikonia: any idea i made QR code using qrencode and when i used   libdecodeqr-simpletest /path/to/QR code doesnot shows what is attached as text11:26
bonjoyeemilligan: sure sshd is running? do sudo netstat -ltunp , see if it lists sshd..11:26
ikoniajiltdil: no idea, I don't even know what QR code is11:26
llutzmilligan: ssh -vvv host         to check for errors. whats your login-shell on the remote machine (getent passwd <user>)11:27
jiltdilikonia: like bar code11:27
llutz!info zbar-tools11:27
ubottuzbar-tools (source: zbar): bar code scanner and decoder (utilities). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10+doc-3build1 (maverick), package size 35 kB, installed size 108 kB11:27
llutzjiltdil: ^^11:27
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
jiltdilllutz:what is this11:28
llutzjiltdil: ...  zbar-tools (source: zbar): bar code scanner and decoder (utilities). . should work on qr too11:28
squigif there is a op in here i just got spammed by wenni when i entered the room11:28
squigso i was wondering what I needed to do to enable source download, i just tried apt-get source somepackage and found that source was not recognised (im on lucid 10.04)11:29
ooxihi how do i find out which ubuntu version is installed?11:30
jiltdilllutz: i used libdecoder but it doesnot works foe me11:30
bonjoyeesquig: add deb-src lines to the sources.list file...11:30
squigooxi, cat /etc/devian_version11:30
squigbonjoyee, thank you11:30
bonjoyeeooxi: lsb_realease -a11:30
Boothk_iwconfig hates me. Grrr.11:31
ooxibonjoyee, thanks that worked11:31
ooxisquig, hm that told me sqeeze/sid11:31
Boothk_it'll add all the essids I give it -except- the one that I need11:31
squigooxi, tats the debian version underneath i guess11:32
ooxiah ok11:32
kay_can anyone help me?11:33
ejvooxi: could always look at your apt sources.list :p11:34
austiniumhi, iam installed Ubuntu 10.04.2 from minimalCD11:34
afterthoughtsorry, my crystal ball is in the shop11:34
jiltdilllutz: i have downloaded zbar-tools but where can ifind the option to use it11:34
austiniumi am trying to copy wallpapers from an existing installation onto this one11:34
austiniumso i copied the /usr/share/backgrounds folder into the new installation11:34
ooxiejv, m( thats correct. especially since i wanted to add a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/file and wasn't sure about the version to use :D11:34
=== Boothk_ is now known as Boothk
austiniumthe new installation(from minimalCD) didn't have a /usr/share/backgrounds folder11:35
austiniumbut the backgrounds i added are not showing11:35
ejvooxi: ;)11:35
jiltdilllutz: how to use zbar-tools and after installing it i didn't find where is this application11:36
bonjoyeeaustinium: can you see the wallpapers under /usr/share/backgrounds using nautilus (file manager)?11:38
llutzjiltdil: read "man zbarimg"11:38
austiniumhi bonjoyee, it didnt have that folder11:38
austiniumso i copied it there from another installation11:39
austiniumdoesnt show11:39
bonjoyeeaustinium: yeah...but after you copied..can you see them in the file manager?11:39
Spyroxis advertising allowed on this server? Wenni just insta-IMed me with a link :|11:39
llutzSpyrox: ask in #freenode11:39
austiniumbonjoyee:can see them fine11:39
ejvSpyrox: no, just ignore or if it becomes a real problem contact #freenode operators11:40
austiniumthey show up11:40
DJonesSpyrox: Its been reported, just ignore it11:40
SpyroxAlright, time for my question11:40
SpyroxI'm having issues getting my wireless to pick up DHCP using iwconfig and dhclient. Can anyone help?11:40
bonjoyeeaustinium: so they don't show up in appearance settings?11:40
squighmmm i still cant seem to get apt-get to reconize the source command11:42
squigin lucid11:42
SpyroxNo takers on iwconfig and dhclient?11:42
austiniumbonjoyee:no, i managed to get cosmos on there(the trick was to select "All Files" instead of "Images" on the file selection dialog), but the images are not scaling11:42
bonjoyeesquig: try this http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/11:42
austiniumbonjoyee: they don't fill the desktop11:42
searchinghow to configure a LAN with 2 pc`s one webserver and another administrator11:42
austiniumbonjoyee: ok fixed that too11:43
cylexwhats a good easy firewall to use?11:43
austiniumbonjoyee: changed style to "Stretch"11:43
llutz!details | Spyrox11:44
ubottuSpyrox: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:44
bonjoyeeaustinium: cheers:)11:44
austiniumbonjoyee: thanks :) have a good day11:44
bonjoyeeaustinium: thanks...you too!!11:45
alkaliv2cylex: probably gufw or firestarter11:45
airdemhello i had a problem installing ubuntu 10.10 - everythiong went fine but the installer was unable to install the bootloader. i tryed to manually install grub2 via ubuntu live cd but now booting my pc i just get into a "grub>" bash. no menü11:46
cylexalkaliv2: ok i'll look that up11:46
bibic682Hello, How cab I easily change my color depth in 10.10 to 16 bit from 24 ?11:46
* spyrox is back, after being killed by screensaver >_>11:49
cylexIs Firestarter gui firewall?11:50
roy_mHi, I am keen to know whether the Realtek RTL81xx driver in linux supports jumboframes. Is this the correct place to ask? If so can someone with with a Realtek RTL81xx network card issue a "sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000". Caution: be prepared for a 4 sec internet dropout while linux rediscovers the your real MTU.11:50
ikoniacylex: it's a gui for iptables11:50
alkaliv2Yes, firestarter is the gui to IPTables11:50
ikoniaspyrox: don't need /away /back messages please11:50
Newbeehey guys11:51
spyroxikonia: Ok, sorry. Can you help btw?11:51
ikoniaspyrox: with what ?11:51
spyroxI'm having issues getting my wireless to pick up DHCP using iwconfig and dhclient11:51
Newbeehow can I find out which of my certificates is used by network-manager to set up my wireless?11:51
ikoniaspyrox: just use gnome network manager to configre your wirless, it should be easy then11:52
NewbeeI told him to use system certificates and it works, but I want to know which of them is used.11:52
spyroxCan't. It's for a .sh script to be run for rebuilding netbooks11:52
bibic682anyone up on changing color depth in 10.10. When I try to edit Xorg there is nothing there. I was able to edit that in 9.1011:52
ikoniaspyrox: so what's the actual problem, test it in phases, first script making the wirless connection, then script getting the ip address via dhcp, then put in error checking11:53
zee313Is there any compiler for Java? I want to learn that language . But don't know which compiler will be used here in UBUNTU11:53
ikoniazee313: javac11:54
alkaliv2bibic682: are you attempting to edit the xorg.conf or the new X11 setup under /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/11:55
spyroxikonia: I can use iwconfig to set information and also put info in /etc/network/interfaces. However, iwconfig doesn't show the essid when i set it to the wireless I want to use - but it will if i put in anything else11:55
ikoniaspyrox: then it's doubtful it's connecting11:56
bibic682alkaliv2: I just need the right file to edit I guess to change the color depth to 1611:56
alkaliv2check this path for me and help me finish it according to your setup by tabbing over /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-  ?11:57
alkaliv2if you have a nvidia card it will be 20-nvidia.conf for example11:58
patrykrhow to setup routes on server?11:59
patrykrI have 2 interfacer11:59
patrykrI have 2 interfaces*11:59
patrykri have dhcp configured11:59
B9may i have some help sorting out my Ubuntu 10.10 pls? atm I cannot even open a gui folder into my hard disk... is there a stable application that I can install which will give me gui access to my hard disk? or does someone recommend another fix? how do i delete and remove the broken component? I don't want to do a new install because I have a number of customizations that have taken me weeks to do...11:59
patrykrcan anyone help me?12:00
ikoniaB9: what happened to break it12:00
ooxipatrykr how about http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-add-permanent-static-routes-in-ubuntu.html ?12:01
loki__hey i think i borked something... my archive manager keeps defaulting as my file system browser and i can't browse anything through the drop down menu's... works fine with shortcuts though12:02
loki__didn't know if anyone new an easy fix for a nub12:02
=== denny- is now known as denny
patrykrhow to setup routing? someone can help me?12:05
ikoniasetup routing ?12:05
ikoniathat's quite generic, tell us what you want to achieve12:06
loki__something that can kick microsoft in the nuts... i'll call it a boot to face routing system... okay guess that doesn't help12:07
verywisemani need program for  recover deleted files pls12:07
Dr_Willisverywiseman:  on what filesystem?12:07
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:07
verywisemanDr_Willis, ext4 ,12:08
patrykrI have interfaces and dhcp confgured, I can ping from client to both interfaces (eth0 and eth1) but i cant ping google and etc12:09
loki__but, if anyone is able i could use some help reseting nautilius to default.. somehow it seems to still work with links.. but not when trying to browse through the Places tab...12:09
cylexpatrykr: wireless or wired?12:10
Dr_Willisloki__:  i saw a url on that topic.. let me look12:10
loki__thank you Willis12:10
patrykrI can ping from server to client computer12:10
patrykrbut from client its ok12:11
ohsixloki__: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/nautilus, but it probably wont fix that12:11
cylexloki:; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87860612:11
loki__perfect thank you :)12:11
patrykrall wired12:12
Dr_Willisits amazing the # of times a week i see the 'gnome places are opening via some other app...' issue.12:12
fairuzhi, How to find a string in files in a directory?12:12
cylexpatrykr: let it use auto eth012:12
ohsixfairuz: grep key *12:12
Dr_Willisfairuz:  grep can search for a pattern in files.12:12
llutzfairuz: grep -r string /path/*12:12
fairuzok thanks12:13
loki__@Dr_Willis oh so it doesn't break as often in KDE? i should've tried that too12:13
cylexpatrykr: modify it in the gui interface and not the /etc/network/interface12:13
offsense1anyone know to install fortinet in ubuntu?12:13
twsunrexi don't know12:14
patrykri dont have gui12:14
twsunrexyes ido12:14
cylexpatrykr: you using ubuntu or ubuntu-server?12:14
* cylex smaks his forehead12:15
spyridonhow can install drivers for Ati x800 in ubuntu 10.10?12:15
cylexpatrykr: try #debian12:15
cylexthis channel is ubuntu specific12:16
loki__yup that did it!12:16
loki__thanks again12:16
loki__have a good night12:16
Dannydhi guys12:16
Dannydcan someone please tell me how I can launch an updating movable digital clock on the desktop12:17
Da|Mummyhow do i change my wifi encryption to WPA TKIP?12:18
Dr_WillisDannyd:  some sort of desktop 'widgit/gadget' theres various ways to do it..12:18
Dr_WillisDannyd: gdesklets, opera widgits, xclock,12:18
Dr_Willisgoogle widgits..  it depends on your speciric needs.12:18
Dr_Willisor was it google gadgets? i forget...12:19
DannydDr_Willis: there is xclock, but its kind of wierd for digital and it does not refresh12:19
Dr_Willis!info xclock12:19
ubottuPackage xclock does not exist in maverick12:19
Dannydim using 10.0412:19
cylexwhen is the next ubuntu comming out?12:19
Dr_Williswhy does it have to be moveable? if it dosent matter that much. You could use Conky.12:19
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:20
Dr_Williscylex:  the version # of ubuntu IS the 'date' of release.. next release is 11.04 -: 2011, 4th month.12:20
cylexkewl, thanx :)12:20
ZieLonKahi there12:20
ZieLonKais here anybody familiar with installing network cards? ;)12:21
offsense1anyone knows to install fortinet ssl client in ubuntu pls12:22
DannydDr_Willis: my screen is kind of big and I need to do something in very short durations of time..so I want it to be close to my notepad12:22
spyridonhow can install drivers for Ati x800 in ubuntu 10.10?12:22
jattthe ati drivers suck12:22
spyridonand what can i do it?12:23
alkaliv2I don't think that was an answer...12:23
tarvidhow do I enable and disable unity12:23
jattuse the radeon driver12:23
Dr_WillisDannyd:  theres the wmclock and otejhr windowmaker 'panel type applets' that are in the repos that can do all sorts of neat tricks also. or gkrellm system monitor.12:23
jattthe open source one, the proprietary is of no value12:24
spyridoni dont have 3d wirh radeon at x80012:24
ohsixtarvid: pick the different sessions at the bottom of the login screen12:24
jattyou sure?12:24
spyridonyes jatt12:24
spyridonat the other pc with x1400 i have12:25
DannydDr_Willis: does dockable mean it can be removed and moved around?12:25
alkaliv2spyridon: did you check this already? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI12:25
Dannydim going to try wmclockmon12:25
ohsixDannyd: try cairo-clock12:26
ohsixsoftware center has a search function too12:26
Dannydohsix: thanks, i forgot about that12:27
spyridonalkaliv2 i tryit12:28
spyridonbut cant install binary drivers ihave broblem with kernel version12:28
alkaliv2a couple of lines up cylex has a link to the radeon driver12:29
aibhow can I configure how GDM runs the X server, or, more importantly, which Xserver it runs?12:30
B9I am unsure if anybody answered my query, i need help with a gui to search my hard disk, the one installed on my netbook 10.10 is playing up, i would appreciate some help, i prefer NOT to do a new install of OS12:31
ikonia B9 I have already asked you, whatp happened/did you do to break it12:31
alkaliv2B9: do you need a search tool or the one you are using is acting up?12:31
DannydI think i was asking the wrong question...how can i get a notification every 2 minutes on my desktop?12:32
B9ikonia: i was helping someone set up a google account here and then i couldn't find any answers in the history, please forgive me... the i have in 10.10 has become corrupted12:32
cylexaib: disable, autologin and you can select which xserver you want to run12:32
Dannydsorry ohsix:  and Dr_Willis:12:32
ikoniaB9: what did you do, what happned to make it fail12:33
B9ikonia: it has become associated with images ONLY12:33
ikoniaB9: no, what happened, what did you do to cause this problem12:33
DannydDr_Willis: are you still there?12:34
alkaliv2Dannyd: Did you look at the hampster applet for gnome?12:34
DmindzI have a question about drivers to my dark knight ati 1 gb radeon 4870 card, last time i installed ubuntu, like 8.10 or something it refused higher resolutions and set the graphics quality lower than it should. Then I read something about certain commercial drivers not available to linux for certain cards. Thus I wonder, is this still the case?12:34
B9ikonia: i cannot answer that with full knowledge, to my knowledge i personally have done nothing to make the change... i have systematically had many aspects of the 10.10 gui of the os drop away... i no longer have the panel on the right... i am unsure what its technical name is12:34
aibcylex: Do you mean desktop/display manager as in GNOME vs KDE? I mean ~/xorg/bin/Xorg vs /usr/bin/Xorg12:35
DmindzIt may sound stupid, but this is the only reason I´m not currently using ubuntu12:35
ThinkT510!ati | Dmindz12:35
ubottuDmindz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:35
Dannydalkaliv2: is it not in the repositories?12:35
Dmindzubottu: thank you!12:35
Dr_WillisDannyd:  hmm?12:35
Dannydalkaliv2:  ok just found it12:36
tarvidafter natty updates, I have no menus and panels12:36
B9ikonia: the panel on the left, please forgive me, the one with all the shortcuts to applications12:36
Logan_!thanks | Dmindz12:36
ubottuDmindz: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:36
ThinkT510!natty | tarvid12:36
ubottutarvid: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:36
alkaliv2Dannyd: Awesome.  I know it allows for notifications.  I hope it does what you need it to.12:36
cylexAIB: YES12:36
Dmindzubottu: the first polite bot I ever met, you´re the ideal for all bots`!12:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:36
UcefKHany one know how i can install an app not in /usr/bin/ but in an other partition12:37
cylexaib: upon login it lets you select which option you want to use, like kde, gnome12:37
alkaliv2UcefKH: You could build it from source12:37
DmindzBut that link actually didn´t work12:37
B9alkaliv2: i need a search tool, the one I have is acting up, do you recommend one?12:37
aibcylex: I need to change the _X_server_, not the desktop manager12:37
alkaliv2B9: I can strongly recommend beagle search tool12:38
UcefKHi cant cause i have a bundle file its VMware workstation12:38
Logan_!desktopsearch > B912:38
ubottuB9, please see my private message12:38
B9alkaliv2: lQQks now, thanx, brb12:38
moihello room12:38
moican some1 help me i;m nu to linux12:38
Logan_!ask | moi12:39
cylexaib: you mean you want to install window maker or something?12:39
ubottumoi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:39
moii don't know jack12:39
Da|Mummyjust ask12:39
UcefKHnon moi12:39
ThinkT510!manual | moi12:39
ubottumoi: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:39
aibcylex: No, I mean I've compiled Xorg for myself and want to run "~/xorg/bin/X -config myconfig" as opposed to "/usr/bin/X :0 -nolisten tcp"12:40
moithank roon12:40
alkaliv2Don't worry, the bot has you covered12:40
UcefKHqui parle fr ici12:40
Logan_!fr | UcefKH12:40
ubottuUcefKH: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:40
UcefKHok thx12:40
Logan_UcefKH: you're welcome12:41
SupeR_NovAVLC media player 1.1.8 The Luggage (revision exported)12:41
SupeR_NovASegmentation fault12:41
UcefKHur r Logan from Splinter cell chaos theory12:41
Logan_!ot | UcefKH12:42
ubottuUcefKH: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:42
alkaliv2B9: This link is for you if you're interested http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159919012:42
Logan_SupeR_NovA: have you asked in #videolan?12:42
LantiziaHey is there any way to test if sudo was used to run a script (i.e. I want to warn them NOT to use sudo but to use real root)12:42
Dr_Willis!info vlc12:42
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-1ubuntu1.4 (maverick), package size 2001 kB, installed size 4512 kB12:42
SupeR_NovALogan_,  ok12:42
Dr_WillisSupeR_NovA:  where did that version of vlc come from? 1.1.4 is the latest in the repos.12:43
alkaliv2B9: They have stopped working on beagle so "pinot" and "tracker" are two viable options.12:43
Star_Lightcan i ask something about irc?12:43
B9alkaliv2: sudo apt-get install beagle didn't work, Synaptic returned Catfish for a Beagle search are they one and the same?12:43
Logan_Star_Light: those questions are for #freenode12:44
ThinkT510Lantizia: it is advisable to use sudo to accomplish root tasks, why do you want them to use root?12:44
alkaliv2B9: They are similar programs yes12:44
Dr_WillisLantizia:  check the Enviroment variables  I think  if ran as the  user. theres 2 that will be differnt. then if it was ran by sudo.12:44
LantiziaDr_Willis, the environment variables just tell me root is running it - which is techncially true... but via sudo12:44
Logan_!root | Lantizia12:44
ubottuLantizia: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:44
B9alkaliv2: i like the name of Beagle :-( are Pinot and Tracker forks of Beagle?12:45
Dr_WillisLantizia:  if your script wont work properly when used  via sudo.. i would think your script needs fixed.12:45
alkaliv2Lmao ubottu12:45
Dr_WillisLantizia:  theres other variables I recall   check output of the 'set' command.12:45
LantiziaLogan_, trigger happy are we?12:45
alkaliv2I know he's a bot but that was funny12:45
alkaliv2B9: Beagle was the best search in existence for awhile but unfortunately there are no longer working on it.  But catfish is an alternative that you can use12:46
alkaliv2sorry, that was very opinionated12:46
catphishis it possible to manually add an apt signing key by uploading a file12:46
UcefKHuse CMD in Shell unix to search things12:46
UcefKHfind *.*12:46
B9alkaliv2: i appreciate your opinion grounded in personal experience12:47
LantiziaDr_Willis, if part of the scripts job is to delete the very user your logged in as (the non-root user) then what do you expect?  it's gotta run as real root!12:47
Star_Lightwhy /dns cmd isnt working in others servers?12:47
Star_Lightanybody knows?12:47
ikoniaStar_Light: what command12:47
Star_Light-> /dns <host>12:47
Dr_WillisLantizia:  your user is deleting himself? thats rather.. weird.12:47
ikoniaStar_Light: that's not a command12:47
LantiziaDr_Willis, not weird if your not logged in as that user12:48
Star_Lightikonia if run this command here gives me your ip12:48
ikoniaStar_Light: oh, you mean in irc, ask in #freenode12:48
alkaliv2you may like this.  I can alway appreciate a good screenshot http://screenshots.debian.net/package/catfish12:48
ThinkT510Lantizia: why would you want to delete the user you're logged in as?12:48
Dr_WillisLantizia:  you just said you were logged in as  that user..  but all i can suggest is to check the output of the 'set' command. I seem to recall a variable for the user running somthing, then some other one that was differnt if a command was ran via sudo.12:49
ThinkT510Lantizia: sorry, misread your post12:49
LantiziaThinkT510, Dr_Willis, I don't! grrrr! My script deletes whatever user 1000 is and remakes it differently... so the script has to be ran as _real_ non-sudo root to do that or you might be running it from the user in question12:49
B9alkaliv2: i have installed Catfish and have searched, very happy, fanX; while i am at it, do you recommend an application to rip CDs i have been using a plugin on Banshee but it is problematic as it doesn't always pull info from Musicbrainz...12:50
LantiziaDr_Willis, ok how do I check the output of sed when running it via sudo?  (sudo set, and sudo bash set... both don't work)12:50
Dr_WillisLantizia:  some info about finding if ran as sudo/root at -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5428912:51
edwinkcwhow to setup a network printer with cups via https protocol?12:51
LantiziaDr_Willis, that just checks if your root! ggrrrr12:52
moii need a trainer to train  me o r be my mentor12:52
ThinkT510moi: you applying for gsoc?12:53
alkaliv2B9: I personally use sound-juicer (its the audio cd extractor in the sound & video category)12:53
moiwhat is gsoc12:53
LantiziaI'll rephrase... When running a script using sudo it obviously runs as root... but is there anyway I can make the realise sudo was used to gain root?12:53
ThinkT510moi: google summer of code12:54
Lantizia^make the script12:54
B9alkaliv2: are you happy with its functionality & design? or do you have no basis for comparison and you use it because it is tried n true?12:54
moino i've been running away from programming all my life but i see i need to be able to program to use shells so i need help to learn12:55
Dr_WillisLantizia:  there seems to be a "SUDO_USER" variable12:55
Dr_Willis> SUDO_USER='willis'12:55
alkaliv2No I've used a couple other programs such as K3B but it's light, made for gnome specifically, and it hasn't had a problem pulling in my CDDB database names.  I've never used Banshee though to be fair12:55
ikoniamoi: many good guides out ther12:56
ThinkT510!terminal | moi12:56
ubottumoi: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:56
brontosaurusrexmoi: what would you like to 'program'?12:56
jpdsmoi: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/index.html12:56
aibLantizia: sudo, as opposed to what? su? su bash? sudo csh? -- why do you want to know if sudo was used?12:56
alkaliv2B9: No I've used a couple other programs such as K3B but it's light, made for gnome specifically,12:57
alkaliv2and it hasn't had a problem pulling in my CDDB database names.  I've never used Banshee though to be fair.12:57
moii want to be able to function as a system admin on unix servers i currently do hardware support12:57
moion windos12:57
Dr_Willismoi:  you dont really need to be able to program to use 'shells' - but it can help to know a little programiing.12:58
=== Jim is now known as Guest68732
Dr_Willismoi:  you lean as you go along and discover tools you need to do the tasks you want to do.12:58
=== Guest68732 is now known as Ji
bonjoyeeLantizia: on pretty simple way is to scan the users .bash_history file and locate your script..but it is subject to easy manipulation...12:59
B9alkaliv2: thanx so much for your help, i will install Sound Juicer & give it a go... i like Banshee and I scrobble to Last FM, i may be able to get Sound Juicer to scrobble with Last FM as well... i am really happy with Banshee only the ripping component is disappointing...12:59
moiso doc where do i start12:59
Sonnebonjoyee, that wouldn't work, .bash_history is written on logout12:59
Dr_Willismoi:  ive no idea what it is you want to learn.. but if you are going to be using BASH.. thers 1000's of bash guides out there to begin with.12:59
alkaliv2B9: I'm glad I could help.  Did you get your panel back by the way? With the icons?12:59
eoin_how do you log out of a (malfunctioning) X session from a terminal?13:00
Sonnesudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart13:01
eoin_ie no log out button/menu item13:01
B9alkaliv2: no, i have not got the panel back with the icons...13:01
Dr_Williseoin_:  if you can get to the console. you could do a 'sudo service gdm restart' and force X to restart.13:01
eoin_thanks Sonne13:01
Lantiziaaib, as in they're properly logged in as root... none of that stuff13:01
bonjoyeeeoin_: ctrl+alt+f113:01
Lantiziabonjoyee, hardly call that simple13:01
terrymoi: This might be a place to start:  http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Bourne_Shell_Scripting/Running_Commands13:01
bonjoyeeLantizia: why?13:01
Dr_WillisLantizia:  if a user uses sudo. then the sudo env has a variable such as -> SUDO_USER='willis',  i dobnt think a direct root login has that variable set.13:02
moithanks doc i got bash for biggners13:02
Lantiziabonjoyee, it's insane lol - what if they have HISTFILE unset?!13:02
moii will use that for now13:02
Lantiziabonjoyee, for a start history isn't saved until they log out13:02
brontosaurusrexwhat is a good logic to add another disk to a server? i moved pretty much everything data intensive to /home/specificuser, but say/home/specificuser/sites is still taking mucho space, would it be good to just reroute that path to a new drive or... ?13:02
alkaliv2B9: Give this a try keystrokes Alt+F2 and in the box that opens up type gnome-panel13:02
LantiziaDr_Willis, ah cool - will have a check13:02
bonjoyeeLantizia: can /var/log/auth.log help?13:03
Dr_WillisLantizia:  man sudo -> mentions other variables that are set also13:03
IledenHi! How can I tell whether my (x)ubuntu is using ndiswrapper or not?13:04
guampabrontosaurusrex: maybe #ubuntu-server could suit more, but anyway it more or les boils down to just add a bigger disk for /home or move/link the big area to where you have free space13:04
brontosaurusrexguampa: well, its just about bigger disk, not really server specific question13:04
Dr_WillisLantizia:  so it seems teh SUDO_UID and UID and other variables would differ if ran as sudo.   one would not exist if ran as root.13:04
LantiziaDr_Willis, cool thanks13:05
terryIleden: NOt sure but it may show up as process. Try  ps aux |grep ndiswrapper13:05
brontosaurusrexbasically the question would be: move and reroute entire user to a new drive or just certain folders that belong to that user, is there any big difference?13:05
alkaliv2Ileden: Are you using it for your wireless card, flash, or something else?13:05
Iledenalkaliv2: wireless13:06
jarnos Can you upgrade via update manager even if there are PPA repositories in use?13:06
guampabrontosaurusrex: there isn't practical differences in the big majority of cases, you can link the dirs or submount them with mount --bind13:07
alkaliv2What does your networking icon in the panel say?  Is your wireless card a choice?13:07
Iledenalkaliv2: terry: no results (except the command itself)13:07
=== guitar431_ is now known as guitar431
terryIleden: It may be a module. Try: lsmod |grep ndis13:08
Iledenterry: "ndiswrapper           184207  0"13:08
B9alkaliv2:  it didn't fire the panel, will it now be present if and when i restart? or did i do it wrong, i didn't run in terminal i ran the file?13:09
terryIleden: Well, there you go.13:09
terryIleden: Is the wireless card working ok?13:09
Iledenalkaliv2: "a choice"? yes, wireless networks are listed in the connection manager13:09
Iledenterry: nope. that's the problem.13:09
alkaliv2Ileden: I suppose it is working13:09
Iledenterry: I was hoping using ndiswrapper would fix the probloem.13:09
terryIleden: iwconfig    #what does that tell you?13:09
Iledenalkaliv2: no. I have major problems connecting to my home network. works fine on dualboot windows.13:10
brontosaurusrexand another q: actually i have two drives left to put into this server, is there a built in valuable way to raid1 them (the mirror)?13:10
alkaliv2B9: Try Alt+F2 and type pkill gnome-panel13:10
brontosaurusrexthis server is karmic13:10
alkaliv2Ileden: What is the wireless cards information?13:10
Iledenterry: iwconfig tells nothing unusual. doesn't reference ndiswrapper in any way.13:11
alkaliv2And does it show in the ubuntu restricted drivers section?13:11
terryIleden: iwconfig | pastebinit13:11
terryIleden: And send us resulting URL13:11
Iledenalkaliv2: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2427 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)13:11
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:11
terryIleden: Atheros should not need ndiswrapper.13:11
Iledenterry: yeah. but it works perfect on windows, not on linux.13:12
terryIleden: Is this a laptop?13:12
alkaliv2Ileden: "uname -r" in a terminal for me13:13
B9alkaliv2: i am really happy with ALT F2 thanx, killed it.... then tried your first command but still no cigar... i will leave it for now, i am not really sure i want the panel back at the moment... i will work without it for a few days, i like not having the clutter, thanx for the new skills...13:13
valorbHi my VPS host uses a weird build of Ubuntu where you _can_ login as root. What should I do to disable this? Add my username as a sudoer and remove the root password?13:14
valorbOr disable the root account?13:14
terryIleden: What is make and moddle of your laptop?13:14
bob__539ubottu: I have a IDE raid card and BIOS knows it (left over from windows) and ubuntu (10.10) recognises it (CD-rom)13:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:14
Dr_Willisvalorb:  safest would be to add your user to the sudoers list. And leave the root login alone. You dont want to accidently break the thing.13:15
Dr_Willisvalorb:  then get into the sudo habbit.13:15
alkaliv2B9: Definitely, I am glad to help.  If there is anything else let us know.13:15
terryIleden: Is your system updated and current?13:15
terry*model  not moddel13:16
moihanks teery13:17
valorbDr_Willis: at the moment I do su - instead of sudo13:17
valorbisnt this basically the same? :P13:17
terrymoi: NP13:17
Iledensoory brb, baby calls.13:17
Dr_Willistheres more to sudo then just geting root access..  valorb13:17
alkaliv2That's an outrageous statement13:17
riptlyHi, I'm trying to record both my Microphone and sounds from software (say from youtube.com via Firefox), but I can't get it to record both at the same time. Does anyone know how I could accomplish this?13:17
Dr_Willisvalorb:  su - i think is simile to sudo -i,13:17
bonjoyeeriptly: ardour + jackctl could help...13:19
riptlybonjoyee: Thanks, I'll google it :)13:19
terryvalorb: su -   is not working for you.  Right?13:19
obiwahnis there a way to start windows boerderless in gnome13:20
obiwahnlike firefox13:20
alkaliv2uninstall the windows manager?13:20
Dr_Willisobiwahn:  compiz has some settings that might let you select that on a per window basis.. but ive not looked into that in ages.13:20
obiwahnusually i use e17 and now installed ubuntu/gnome on my girlfriendss netbook13:21
terryIleden: lsmod |grep ath13:21
obiwahnand the decoration is really quite annoying:)13:22
obiwahnDr_Willis: how do i find out what kind of wm i am running?13:22
alkaliv2if it's ubuntu it's metacity13:22
alkaliv2gnome and metacity13:22
Dr_Willisobiwahn:  compiz is the default window manager  used when using the fancy 3d effects13:22
alkaliv2oh, wrong again13:22
alkaliv20 for 213:22
Dr_Willismetacity - the non fancy 3d stuff.13:22
B9alkaliv2: VERY happy with Sound Juicer, perfect13:22
phoenixsamprasHALP!! samba aint working? anyone have the default smb.conf?13:22
obiwahnno fancy cubes:)13:23
alkaliv2B9: It does what you want it to?13:23
Dr_Willisobiwahn:  if using metacity - then i dont think you can do it.13:23
phoenixsamprasUbuntu aint fancy, OSx is13:23
obiwahnthe do it in the netbook edition13:23
obiwahnwahh i hate loking at gconf13:23
alkaliv2we'll pass it along at the next staff meeting13:24
obiwahnprobably i have to change the settings13:24
obiwahnstart the app13:24
Fuchsobiwahn: you can remove the window boarders, either with maximus for maximized windows, or with devilspie for a given set of windows13:24
mechanarchydoes anyone have any idea why Ubuntu would decide to suddenly make my root file system read-only?13:24
obiwahnand restore settings:(13:24
Fuchsobiwahn: or just use a metacity theme with no boards, to affect all windows.13:24
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valorbim following this ^13:24
valorbdoes this install mysql php5 etc?13:24
Dr_WillisHitting F11 in Firefox = maxamizes with no borders..13:24
alkaliv2mechanarchy: what does your /etc/fstab say about the root partition?13:24
B9alkaliv2: yep, there was one track i wanted to rip on a disc that wouldn't in Banshee for some reason, but it has in Sound Juicer, i changed preferences to FLAC from OGG and i also like how you can customize filename, very pleased with that functionality.13:24
terryobiwahn: ubuntu = gnome kubuntu = kde  xubuntu = xfce13:24
obiwahnhey that maximus is nice13:24
valorbthe "wordpress" package install this?13:24
mechanarchyUUID=635e105b-74c8-4a81-b516-6a31d73524fc       /                       ext4    errors=remount-ro       0       113:25
mechanarchyalkaliv2: it's from the ubuntu install, also says # / was on /dev/sdc1 during installation13:25
alkaliv2B9: I'm with you, I rip all of my music as high quality ogg files. And sound-juicer does it right everytime and in the format I like. And I13:26
alkaliv2am picky :)13:26
alkaliv2mechanarchy: is this your first boot and it's read only?13:26
mechanarchyalkaliv2: No, I've been running for over a week. I restarted it and the "read only" issue disappeared, as did the immense log full of read fails of various sectors in /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc113:27
terrymechanarchy: That is normal.13:27
terrymechanarchy: That is normal.  (The fstab entry)13:27
mechanarchyterry: Thanks for the clarification, I was wondering :P13:27
terrymechanarchy: Sounds like a hardware issue.13:28
mechanarchythe drive in question, /dev/sdc, is an SSD; and while the SMART information for SSDs is notoriously unreliable, Disk Utility is reporting 416 reallocated sectors and somewhere abouts 17 million for "read error rate"13:28
obiwahnFuchs: devilspie is awesome:) thanks13:29
mechanarchyterry: I am thinking replacement under warranty. Does this sound like a suitable plan of action?13:29
terrymechanarchy: Oh, I dono.  I'm not really a HD expert but would get a (manufacturer suggested) diagnostic tool to run on it.13:30
terrymechanarchy: And backup your data13:30
mechanarchyterry: Will do for backup; tried looking for diagnostic tools before but not really much luck. seems like my computer is nothing but bad luck13:31
bibic682hello, can someone give me easy instructions on changing color depth in 10.10. The xorg file is blank13:32
dschuettI just did a re-install of one of my ubuntu 10.04 machines. Now i can't ssh into it. I get the error  WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! It gives me the fingerprint and the file, but the file is encrypted, so i can't delete it13:33
Kimmendschuett: you have to remove the line that belongs to the remote host in trusted keys13:33
arunserUSUL, hey thanks for your help with my sound mic configuration, it works now !13:35
dschuettKimmen: I know this, but /root/.ssh/known_hosts is encrypted, so i can't remove the host if i can't find it in the encryption13:36
Kimmendschuett: just remove the correct line in ~/.ssh/known_hosts13:37
alkaliv2bibic682: the file at /etc/X11/xorg.conf is blank?  Does ubuntu start up?13:37
Kimmenalways worked for me13:37
terrybibic682: See what   xrandr   says.13:37
dschuettKimmen: how do i know what is the "correct" line?13:38
ZieLonKahi again... ive got a problem with compiling a 3com-driver... can anybody help me?13:38
bibic682alkaliv2: Yes it starts up I'm in 10.10 now. The old way of adding a line in the xorg config file doesn't work there isn't one13:39
Kimmendschuett: when you try to connect via ssh it will tell you which line number13:39
bibic682what is xrandr13:39
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1213:40
Dr_Willisbbigras:  a set of commands and method for manipulating the screen res's and other settings in a dymamic fashion13:40
ZieLonKacan nobody help me?13:40
bibic682is there a file I can edit to change the color depth?13:41
Dr_Willisdschuett:  encrypted? it has one line for each host. You could edit the file and remove the host line. or remove the whole file.13:41
Dr_Willisbibic682:  normally its set to 32bit by default i think. Ive not needed to alter color depth in years.13:42
alkaliv2bibic682: Do you have a nvidia card?13:42
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  why are you compiling a driver for that?13:42
ZieLonKabecause someone told me, i need to get my nic working.13:43
bibic682Dr_Willis: It was set to 24 from install and I need 16 because I have an older ati PCI 9250 that runs slow video at 24, but ok at 16 and I can't see much difference13:43
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  Most wired nic drivers are allready incluided.. and i would think most 3com drivers are allready there also.13:44
bibic682I always run 16 bit even in windows, I get better video performance13:44
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  this is a wired card? or wireless?13:44
ZieLonKaDr_Willis: this is a wired card.13:44
ljsoftnethi people13:44
bibic682alkaliv2: this is an ATI card13:45
ZieLonKaDr_Willis: i also thought, that linux got the drivers, lspci shows me the device, but ifconfig does not show eth1 and when i try to 'ifconfig eth1 up' the interface, I get a 'no such device'13:46
dombnexenhi...how i can install one theme for login?13:46
terrybibic682: lspci |grep -i vga13:46
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  you may need to determine the exact chipset.13:46
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  ive rarely found a Wired NIC that dident work from the beginning.13:46
terrybibic682: xrandr13:47
Dr_Willisdombnexen:  you mean change the GDM login screen settings?13:47
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  keep it in the channel. I may have to l eave at any time.13:47
JuJuBeeAll of a sudden this morning I can't use sites that use flash. Working fine over weekend. I have libFlashPlayer.so in my mozillia dir and my chrome dir (/opt/google/chrome/)  Any help?13:47
terrybibic682: xrandr > vga-info ; xrandr >> vga-info ; pastebinit vga-info ; rm vga-info13:48
terrybibic682: and send resulting rul13:48
ZieLonKaDr_Willis: yeah, so how do i do this? im real new to linux13:48
dombnexenyeah dr_willis13:49
terrybibic682: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log   #And send resulting URL13:50
Dr_WillisZieLonKa:  pastebin the lspci output for the channel to see for starters.13:50
Dr_Willisdombnexen:  its a hassle to 'theme' gdm2. you can change the wallpaper easially enough. or tweak a few other settings.. and there are a FEW themes out for it. but its not as easy to tweak as the old gdm.13:51
terryZieLonKa: Are you sure it's not already working?  ifconfig | pastebinit13:52
alkaliv2ifconfig | pastebinit13:52
alkaliv2can you pass that command at an irc line?13:53
bibic682terry: http://pastebin.com/ypcvL2fy13:53
terryZieLonKa: lspci > nic-info ; ifconfig >> nic-info ; pastebinit nic-info ; rm nic-info13:53
ZieLonKa1zielonka@Server520:~$ lspci13:54
ZieLonKa100:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ/P/PL Memory Controller Hub (rev 02)13:54
ZieLonKa100:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ/P/PL PCI Express Root Port (rev 02)13:54
ZieLonKa100:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)13:54
ZieLonKa100:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)13:54
FloodBot2ZieLonKa1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:54
ZieLonKa100:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family PCI Express Port 1 (rev 01)13:54
ZieLonKa100:1c.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family PCI Express Port 2 (rev 01)13:54
Dr_Willistheres a reason we have been using the term 'pastebin' and 'pastebinit' :) over and over and over.....13:55
ZieLonKa1yes, sry, first time here13:55
Dr_WillisZieLonKa1:  so you do have a differnt network connection on that pc?13:55
Dr_WillisYou  are connected to the internet with it right now somehow?13:56
terrybibic682: Which card is it?   lspci | pastebinit13:56
ZieLonKa1Dr_Willis: yes, its connected with the internet13:56
ZieLonKa1Dr_Willis: and yes, the card i want to install is the 2nd network card in this pc13:56
diofeherhow can i capture error output of a script using crontab?13:56
Dr_WillisZieLonKa1:  you do have some sort of wire plugged into that card right?13:57
transhello everyone13:57
terryZieLonKa: Are you sure it's not already working?  ifconfig | pastebinit13:57
alkaliv2bibic682: look at line 17  Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"13:58
alkaliv2bibic682: Your config file is in that directory.  And according to this your color depth is 2413:58
transI have installed emerald window manager few days ago, but now it has created a problem, sometimes window manger wont load, I have to reload window manager from compiz fusion icon manually, how to resolve this issue13:58
terrybibic682: xrandr | pastebinit13:59
terryand send URL13:59
ZieLonKa1Dr_Willis: yes, the 2nd NIC is connected to my local switch13:59
Dr_Willistrans:  emerald is basically a dead project.  the fusion icon tool is supposed to have a feature to relaunch it if it crashes..13:59
wart___hi i'm on a single thread in the ubuntu forums and i'd like to find the rss to it so i can feed it into rss2email14:00
Dr_Willistrans:  emerals is a window 'decorator' not a window manager.14:00
wart___but i can't find the rss link; does ubuntuforums not have rss?14:00
bibic682alkaliv2: I want to edit a file to change 24 to 1614:00
Dr_Williswart___:  i thinktheres a forums channel/14:01
terrybibic682: Why do you want to change to 16?14:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.14:01
alkaliv2terry: Am I wrong?  Isn't the file that bibic682 wants to edit in that directory?  Most likely14:01
diofeherhow can i put this command in a crontab? /usr/local/bin/python2.6 /home/protektor/webapps/ptk_app/ptk_env/ptk/manage_local.py tcpserver14:01
oobieanyone know what the best linux version for the acer aspire 4738 would be14:01
obiwahnoobie: there is no such thing as best linux14:02
Dr_Willisoobie:  totally depends on your needs.14:02
obiwahnlinux is the kernel annway and that will be almost the same everywhere14:02
terryalkaliv2: I don't think he's using xorg.conf14:03
obiwahnoobie: but if you are new to linux ubuntu is a good choice14:03
dziadumy problem is following, first I have error like that14:04
bibic682terry: I have a slower machine with a pci ati9250 in 10.10 and video playback is sometimes slow with 24 , at 16 its smooth14:04
dziadulibc6 : Depends: libc-bin (= 2.13-0ubuntu7) but 2.13-0ubuntu9 is installed14:04
dziaduso i tried to be tricky and edited file /var/lib/dpkg/status and changed libc-bin version from 9 to 714:05
dziadubut then I have next message:14:05
dziaduE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held pckages.14:05
terrybibic682: Is this an on-board chip?14:05
dziadu#: Ub=nable to correct depedencies.14:05
dziadusome suggestions what to do?14:05
bibic682terry: no, pci14:05
Dr_Willisbibic682:  thjeres also some xrandr gui tools that should let you change res/depth on the fly.14:06
ikoniadziadu: very very bad idea14:06
dziaduikonia: wlee, I can revert changes but what then?14:06
ikoniadziadu: what are you trying to actually do14:06
dziadui cant install/upgrade anything because of broken depedency14:06
bibic682Dr_Willis: where can I get that14:06
dziaduikonia: I try to make system working14:06
terrybibic682: Have you looked at  xrandr  ?14:06
ikoniadziadu: what is the problem with it14:06
bibic682What is xrandr14:07
Dr_Willisbibic682:  they are in the repositorues. search for 'xrandr' theres several i recall14:07
ikoniabibic682: a tool for changing your display properties14:07
Dr_Willisbibic682:  xrandr is what changes screen res/settings14:07
alkaliv2bibic682: try this sudo apt-get install arandr14:07
bibic682will try that14:07
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1214:07
Iledenterry: system is updated. laptop. Asus EeePC 1001PX.14:07
Dr_Willistheres even command line tools for xrandr14:07
terrybibic682: gnome-randr-applet - Simple gnome-panel front end to the xrandr extension14:07
trans Dr_Willis: is there a way I make things back to normal, its kind of bugging me since few days, sorry for asking again, I lost network connection for a few moment here14:07
Dr_Willis!find xrandr14:07
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg, lxrandr14:07
dziaduikonia: i use natty and after one upgrade system broked, had some problems with glibc14:07
Dr_Willistrans:  i dont even rember the origianl problem now.14:08
ikoniadziadu: natty is not stable and changing all the time, you can't expect it to work14:08
ThinkT510!natty | dziadu14:08
ubottudziadu: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:08
terrybibic682: arandr - Simple visual front end for XRandR 1.214:08
Dr_Willisdziadu:  natty support in #ubuntu+1 and exepected to break :)14:08
ikoniadziadu: natty is discussed in #ubuntu+1 channel14:08
terryIleden: uname -r14:08
dziaduso I was installing other versions of glibc (by hand, jus unpacked deb file, and copied content of archive to system)14:08
MechanisMhi. I want to mount old wubi ubuntu disk to real ubuntu installation. how to do it?14:08
Dr_Willistesting out Naty here right now.14:08
ikoniadziadu: you can't mix and match libc version14:08
terryIleden: uname -r  #And paste here. (It's only one line)14:08
MechanisMI'm in Natty too14:08
MechanisMso lot's errors14:08
Iledenterry: 2.6.35-28-generic14:08
transDr_Willis: regarding emerald window decorator, how to restore things back to original14:08
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  the wubi 'disk file' is mountable via the mount command with the loop option.14:09
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Dr_Willistrans:   You mean stop using emerald?14:09
dziaduikonia: ok, I will tro on other channel, thx14:09
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
ikoniadziadu: it won't change anything, it will still be broke14:09
MechanisMDr_Willis: I tried but it's not mounted14:09
terryIleden: lsmod |grep ath14:09
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  you  have to mount the file by hand. to access its contents14:09
Jonta_I want to make an Ubu-stick to carry around my OS, some files etc. I want to change some things (install and uninstall packages I need/don't need). Is this the place to go: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download ?14:09
dziaduikonia: well, then I just want to fix broken deps14:09
BluesKajheh, pastebinit outputs that /etc/apt/sources.list is an empty document ... what gives ?14:09
Iledenterry: how can I be sure my linux is using ndiswrapper, not the linux "ath9k" drivers?14:10
helpmepleaseThe primary partition where os resides has filled to 100 %, I have no idea how, I need to identify which file/directory is eating the space. I know there is a graphical app, could anyone please tell the name of it?14:10
Dr_WillisJonta_:  you can make a 'full14:10
Dr_WillisJonta_:  you can make a 'full/normal' install to a flash drive. and it will be the same as if it was on a hard drive.14:10
dziadudziadu: to do something that I can install other packages - now everythinkg stops because of wrong libc-bin version14:10
ruanhelpmeplease: disk usage analyser14:10
Iledenterry: lsmod returns nothing with ath in it14:10
MechanisMDr_Willis: mount /media/Murka Maxtor/ubuntu/disks/root.disk /home/mechanism/wubi -o loop14:10
Jonta_Dr_Willis: I know. But what about customization? From USB afterwards?14:10
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  watch out for spaces in the path.14:10
helpmepleaseI mean a graphical app which shows a tree view and space occupied by files/directories14:10
terryIleden: What did you load into ndiswrapper?14:10
Jonta_helpmeplease: KDirstat?14:11
helpmepleaseyou tell the ppackage name., so i can apt-get14:11
Dr_WillisJonta_:  if you do a normal install.. its the same as any other install.  add/rmove what you want.14:11
MechanisMDr_Willis: but this disk have spaces in name lol14:11
Jonta_Dr_Willis: Thanks.14:11
alkaliv2bibic682: I just installed arandr and it doesn't give the option to change color depth.  Sorry about that.14:11
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  quote the path.14:11
MechanisMgood idea14:11
terryIleden: iwconfig | pastebinit14:11
Iledenterry: the ath win xp drivers, iirc14:11
ruanhelpmeplease: disk usage analyser comes with ubuntu14:11
ruanhelpmeplease: i'll get package name tho14:11
ruanhelpmeplease: baobab14:12
ruan!info baobab14:12
ubottubaobab (source: gnome-utils): GNOME disk usage analyzer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.31.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 303 kB, installed size 3500 kB14:12
terryIleden: iwconfig | pastebinit  #And send resulting URL?14:12
MechanisMDr_Willis: segmentation error14:12
Iledenterry: iwconfig pastebin.ubuntu.com/58644714:13
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  thats interesting if mount is seg faulting...14:13
MechanisMmount '/media/Murka Maxtor/ubuntu/disks/root.disk' /home/mechanism/wubi -o loop14:13
helpmepleaseruan: Jonta_ thanks I will try them now, I am freeing some space to install them14:13
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  be sure the dir exists.. and you may need to be doing it with 'sudo'14:13
ruanhelpmeplease: you don't have 3 mb? :o14:13
Jonta_helpmeplease: Sure thing. Good luck.14:13
terryIleden: Do  you see wlan0 listed in the network manager?14:13
MechanisMI'm under root and it's exists14:13
helpmepleaseruan: No, its completely filled 100 %14:14
ruanhelpmeplease: wow14:14
Dr_Willishelpmeplease:  even if filled.. theres supposed tobe 5% reserved for root ussage.14:14
Iledenterry: yes. and I can connect to pretty much any other network than my home. and to even to my home, it works about 50% of times.14:14
Dr_Willishelpmeplease:  you could clean out your apt cache  if space is that tight14:14
ruan5% for ext14:14
Iledenterry: same with either ath9k and ndiswrapper (assuming I'm now running it)14:14
Iledenterry: and with dualboot win7, it connects always. also any other computer connects to my home wlan just fine.14:15
MechanisMDr_Willis: I'm as root: root@MechanisM:/home/mechanism# mount '/media/Murka Maxtor/ubuntu/disks/root.disk' /home/mechanism/wubi -o loop and dir wubi is exists14:15
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  forum theread on the topic -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103787414:15
albert748so many people here...14:15
terryIleden: lsmod |grep ath  returned nothing, so I would assume the atheros driver is not in use....14:15
ThinkT510!zh | freectn14:16
ubottufreectn: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:16
ruanhelpmeplease: could be a log that went on for hours without stopping, but even that is rare14:16
Dr_Willisalbert748:  actually its a slow day.14:16
albert748freectn, I'm here14:16
terryIleden: Oh so you can connect to other wireless APs but not your home?14:16
helpmepleaseruan: could be coz this is a server. but trying to figure out the apt cache purge command, Dr willis told14:16
albert748freectn, you should not type chinese here...actually14:16
NomadicusHello . . . I am trying to reset my KDE color settings.  Yesterday I changed OS from Debian Stable to Ubuntu 10.10; I migrated the home directory from the previous install; there have been some errors but mostly everything went smoothly.  The biggest problem is resetting the KDE color scheme . . .14:16
Nomadicus. . . deleting the .kde and .qt configuration directories did not reset the colorscheme, there is something else holding it that I can't find;14:16
Nomadicus any ideas?14:16
Iledenterry: the problem is limited to AND 1) this computer, 2) linux, 3) home network. All of those have no problems with any other configuration I've tried.14:16
albert748Dr_Willis, slow? what does it mean?14:17
terryIleden: lsmod |grep ath  returned nothing, so I would assume ndiswrapper is in use14:17
Dr_Willisalbert748:  ive seen 3000+ people in here. If you want to see a full and hectic channel.. come in here on the day of release of 11.04 I bet it will be crashing freenode :)14:17
hzrootgreetings, I have some trouble with nvidia gt550M driver. When i change from generic driver to nvidia it it startx doesnt work14:17
hzrootis there any information about this? ubunut 10.1014:17
sinisterstufhi, can someone please tell me how to setup an ident daemon? I've tried installing the ident2 and pident packages but I don't think it works14:18
alkaliv2hzroot: Did you reboot after installing nvidia driver?14:18
Iledenterry: ok. well, then that doesn't solve the problem either. it's not a problem with the ath9k then.14:18
albert748Hi, guys, I'm come to here to ask some questions, I'm a developer. Does any one use StarDict? how's your feeling?14:18
hzrootalkaliv2:  but doesnt start14:18
terryIleden: What is the essid of your home AP?14:19
helpmepleaseCleaned a bit of apt/cache, but still could not free anything. It says: E: Unable to synchronize mmap - msync (28: No space left on device) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.14:19
Iledenterry: btw, the wlan connection fails after authentication.14:19
Dr_Willissinisterstuf:  could be you need to edit their config files. and resatrt the service. Ive not seen a need for an identd service in years..14:19
Iledenterry: "Sudenkorento", why?14:19
albert748Dr_Willis, yeah, 11.04 coming soon, I'll here that day if I have time. to see bing bong~~~lol14:19
helpmepleaseanything i try to delete seems to immediately be gobbled up to 100% by something14:19
alkaliv2hzroot: Did you use the restricted driver tool in ubuntu to install it?14:19
terryIleden: SO you do see it in the network-manager?  (THere is in fact a wlan0 entry showing in the network manager?) Yes... No...14:20
sinisterstufthanks Dr_Willis…14:20
drizthi. I wrote daemon on the python. I want to launch it with init.d script. How should to do it? If I use standard start-stop-daemon it wrong specifies status of daemon. have a look at http://fpaste.org/gUJe/14:20
MechanisMhow to install ubuntu-tweak to natty?14:20
icerootMechanisM: #ubuntu+114:20
hzrootalkaliv2: yes. and that is the problem. when i install that driver and reboot. screen doesnt come.14:20
PiciMechanisM : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Natty/11.04 support/discussion.14:20
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  go to the ubuntu-tweak homepage. download its deb. is the normal way14:20
albert748MechanisM, you can download from it's website14:20
Iledenterry: yup, it's visigle. and even it connect just fine about 50% of times. though it phases in and out - restart won't help, but after a few hours it might work again, then again not14:21
albert748MechanisM, google it please14:21
Picialbert748: Please don't use that as an answer here.14:21
alkaliv2hzroot: you're using 10.10 I assume?14:21
hzrootyes i wrote14:21
terryIleden: sudo apt-get install wicd14:21
albert748Pici, why?14:21
Iledenterry: agh, my daughter woke up yet again, gottago :(14:21
Iledenterry: thanks anyway14:22
albert748MechanisM, http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ , the author is my friend~lol14:23
helpmepleaseDr_Willis: ruan14:23
MechanisMalbert748: tell him that it's not installable in natty14:24
albert748MechanisM, natty?14:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:24
MechanisMit's asks python lover than 2.7 but in natty defauls is python 2.714:24
ThinkT510!11.04 | albert74814:24
ubottualbert748: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:24
helpmepleaseDr_Willis: ruan I tried to clean about 500 mb of cache og opera and still i dont see any free space through "df -h". I fear if i restart the debian would boot again. I am using debian by the way but resorted to this channel due to urgency14:24
alkaliv2hzroot: I'm looking into it14:24
albert748ThinkT510, ubottu, and all.... sorry14:25
MechanisMalbert748: natty it's ubuntu 11.0414:25
albert748MechanisM, sorry....I'll tell him right now. I've used gentoo for a long time....14:25
albert748MechanisM, hi's not on gtalk. maybe I should call him14:26
albert748MechanisM, please wait14:26
Dr_Willishelpmeplease:  could be a run away log or somthing sucking down space. You may want to reboot and use a live cd to clean out the HD a bit. and reboot and monitor whats going on.14:27
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  theres a natty only version of Ubuntu-tweak :)14:27
bonjoyeehelpmeplease: how did you clean the cache?14:27
MechanisMDr_Willis: where?14:28
helpmepleasebonjoyee: went to /var/cache/apt and dir "rm -r *"14:28
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  at the homepage. i just grabbed it..   the blog listed the url i think14:28
LachineGood morning!   I need help formatting an external disk drive to nilfs2 format. I tried  mkfs.nilfs2 /dev/sdb1 without any success14:28
MechanisM0.5.10 ?14:28
erUSULLachine: what error do you get?14:28
albert748MechanisM, hi, what's the wrong message you got?14:28
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  ubuntu-tweak_0.5.11-1~natty1_all.deb14:29
alkaliv2hzroot: How new is your laptop?  And did it work on another version of ubuntu?14:29
pumeusthow do i run safe mode?14:29
bonjoyeehelpmeplease: the correct way is "apt-get clean" as root...nonetheless..you said you cleaned the opera cache as well? how?14:29
terryhelpmeplease: du -sk * | sort -n  <will list by file sizes, largest last>14:29
albert748MechanisM, Did your use twitter? maybe you can follow him from twitter, He always there.14:29
MechanisMalbert748: ubuntu-tweak asked me unsupported dependency: python (< 2.7)14:30
terryhelpmeplease: ls -lS |grep ^d   <will show directories sorted by size>14:30
Lachineerror: cannot open device  /dev/sdb114:30
helpmepleasebonjoyee: through opera preferencees14:30
MechanisMalbert748: but I have python 2.7 and 2.6 too14:30
MechanisMin natty14:30
acepsHi, does anyone know about replacing the gas lift on an office chair?14:30
albert748MechanisM, so you can't install it?14:31
hzrootalkaliv2: pretty new :) 1 day old14:31
hzrootalkaliv2: this is first install on that machine14:31
bonjoyeehelpmeplease: then i don't think theres anything wrong...you could try what others are suggesting..or use the disk usage analyser (baobab)...14:31
alkaliv2hzroot: lol I'm seeing as much.  You might have to install these drivers from a binary source like the nvidia website14:31
BluesKajaceps, doubt you'll find an answer here ... this is an ubuntu support chat14:31
terryhelpmeplease: ls -lSr |grep ^d   <will show largest directories last>14:32
NomadicusI am having trouble getting any cd/dvd burning software to recognize when I insert a blank disk, neither K3B or Braserso are capable of recording because they keep asking for blank disks, Nautilus seems to be able to acknowledge when blank media is inserted though.  What are proper procedures for trouble shooting this configuration?14:32
hzrootalkaliv2: do they avaible on nvidia site?14:32
MechanisMalbert748: version from blog post: 0.9.11 is good now.14:33
terryNomadicus: First, make sure the DVD blank you are inserting is supported by the hardware.14:33
alkaliv2hzroot: I'm looking, you'll have to check too.  I'm not sure what they are under.14:33
ljsoftnetNomadicus is it external burner or internal?14:33
MechanisM0.5.11 typo14:33
terryNomadicus: I guess I should have said CD (rather than DVD).14:34
helpmepleaseterry: thanks., omg the tmp directory seems to be using lots of disk space, do i just reboot, since i think i cannot remove anything from there.14:34
albert748MechanisM, you mean that the latest version fixed?14:34
terryhelpmeplease: That might help, yes.14:35
pumeustcan someone tell me how to run safe mode?14:35
MechanisMalbert748: software center is buggin. so I installed it with dpkg -i14:35
Dr_Willispumeust:  when you boot up. the grub menu should have a recovery option. that what you are looking for?14:35
MechanisMalbert748: yep in blog I found latest version for natty. but it was not noticed in home page.14:35
LachineAnyone familiar with nilfs2 format?14:36
albert748MechanisM, lol, you should add ppa source to your source list, that's the point14:36
sysRPLhas anyone here gotten 1080p video playback to work on ubuntu using hardware accellerated vdpau?14:36
terrypumeust: You should see it in the list when grub first comes up.14:36
erUSULLachine: did you used sudo with mkfs.nilfs ??14:36
alkaliv2hzroot: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg14:36
alkaliv2hzroot: try that command for now14:36
LachineNo......I'll try!14:37
pumeustDr_Willis, when i reboot it just takes me to the login14:37
terrypumeust: Use the down arrow to navigate to it and just hit enter to boot.14:37
sysRPLi followed some steps to setup vdpau accelleration on 10.10, but when i play a 1080p mkv on vlc, it's too damn slow ... is there a way to check if vdpau through my hardware is actually being used?14:37
Dr_Willispumeust:  so what are you truying to do exactly?14:37
albert748MechanisM, to ensure that stability, ubuntu will not use the latest version, ppa should your best friend14:37
MechanisMalbert748: ubuntu-tweak not working properly in natty =(14:37
NoobxCan ubunutu be used to create DHCPv6 and DNSv6 ?14:37
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  its working fine here.. but im in #ubuntu+1 talking about it,.14:37
terrypumeust: If you just need to turn off the X server, you can do it on the fly.  service gdm stop14:38
PiciMechanisM: Please use #ubuntu+1 for all Natty support and discussion, it is off-topic for #ubuntu until it is released.14:38
MechanisMDr_Willis: tried to unlock some options but not see any popups with enter password to unlock.14:38
albert748MechanisM, install from ppa still got error?14:39
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
albert748hi, guys, anyone use Stardict?14:39
albert748cjk people here?14:39
hzrootalkaliv2: doesnt that dont help :(14:39
Lachine......it worked!........was too simple.....didn' t think of that.......newbie error.....thx erUSUL14:40
MechanisMalbert748: where I can get it's ppa?14:40
erUSULLachine: no problem14:40
pumeustDr_Willis,  my problem is i can only open files shortly after booting. after a while i cant open anything, so i was told to run safe mode and try fsck14:40
MantelisHello, I trying to configure my Integrated Video Card, but when I open /etc/X11 there is no xorg.conf, is this is normal and what should I do? Paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586454/14:40
alkaliv2hzroot: I can't even find a binary of your driver.  You may need to wait for a driver update for your card.14:40
hzrootok i wll thnx for help.14:41
terryalbert748: stardict is in the repos14:41
Dr_Willispumeust:  you could use a live cd. and fsck the filesystems.14:41
albert748MechanisM, ppa:tualatrix/ppa14:41
alkaliv2hzroot: I apologize that I don't have an answer for it.  You just bought a computer that was TOO amazing :)14:42
Dr_WillisMechanisM:  fist thing ubuntu-tweak did here was ask to enable its PPA. :)14:42
terrypumeust: As Dr_Willis suggests, you need to do it from the live CD. (Not a good idea at all to run fsck on a filesystem you are running on.)14:42
albert748MechanisM, you can type command: add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa14:42
MechanisMyep I know thnxx14:43
pumeustDr_Willis, oh yeah i forgot about live cd the person said to run safe mode or live cd14:43
albert748MechanisM, from terminal, and sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, all things done14:43
NoobxCan ISC dhcp 4.2.1 run on ubuntu?14:43
hzrootalkaliv2: thnx anyway : )14:43
erUSUL!info dhcpd14:43
ubottuPackage dhcpd does not exist in maverick14:43
erUSUL!find dhcp14:43
ubottuFound: dhcp3-client, dhcp3-common, dhcp3-dev, dhcp3-server, udhcpc, autodns-dhcp, dhcp-client, dhcp-helper, dhcp-probe, dhcp3-relay (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dhcp&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all14:43
pumeustterry wow thanks