wart___hi i'm on a single thread in the ubuntu forums and i'd like to find the rss to it so i can feed it into rss2email14:02
wart___but i can't find the rss link; does ubuntuforums not have rss?14:02
s-foxwart___,  The ubuntu forums does have an rss feed.14:02
wart___s-fox: then i must be blind because i can't find the link14:02
wart___i have no doubt i might be blind:-)14:03
s-foxwart___,  http://ubuntuforums.org/external.php?type=RSS 14:03
wart___s-fox: how do i refine that to just a certain forumid14:05
s-foxwart___,  http://ubuntuforums.org/external.php?type=RSS&f=33114:07
s-foxF = forum id14:07
wart___hi back again :-) ; really I want the rss of a thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1229345                                                                                                                          14:13
wart___is it as easy as external.php?type=RSS&t=1229345?14:13
dpu123hi all,I need help with my Ralink card14:15
dpu123I am installing the ralink driver against 2.6.38 kernel,but its throwing errors,'error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘wireless_handlers’14:16
dpu123I tried googling,but coildn't find a solution,can ny1 please help me out...14:17
wart___hmm t=1229345 seems too broad14:17
s-foxwart___,  I do not know offhand.  If it is just for you, you could subscribe to the thread via email.14:23
s-foxYou will be emailed when replies are posted.14:23
wart___s-fox: yeah, i'm already subscribed, but it only seems to do digest and it isn't formatted very nice14:24
wart___s-fox: for reading within mutt14:24
wart___s-fox: it looks like i can only get the forum; i could just get the forum (334) and then set up procmail to parse out everything but that thread14:24
wart___but that seems annoying :-)14:24
wart___fwiw, the source code has: http://ubuntuforums.org?type=RSS2&forumids=33414:25
wart___not sure what RSS/RSS2 f/forumids might make in terms of difference; seems to be the same data14:25
s-foxdpu123,  I am not sure,  have you asked in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners ?  Also, have you tried creating a thread on the ubuntu forums ?14:25
skullioubuntu just fucking freezes on me 17:40
skulliono keyboard no mouse nothing17:40
skulliois this how this chat works17:41
skullioi have problems with ubuntu17:41
aztekskulio: it works well in my PC17:43
aztekskullio: it may be not complete when instaling...17:44
skullioinstallation goes fine17:45
skulliobut when i use it it just suddenly and ALWAYS freezes17:45
aztekwhat kind ubuntu that you use?17:46
skullioubuntu 10.10 but i've been reading i someone said that maybe using the 10.04 could be more stable and better... it didin't work it froze almost instantly when the installation finished17:47
skullioi'm thinking now that is safe to assume this is not normal17:48
skullioso people in support IRC chat..... does anyone have encounter that problem17:52
aztekmy frind also said that ubuntu 10.04 more stabil..17:53
skulliodidin't workes17:54
aztekhave tried 10.04?17:55
skullioyes it didin't work either17:57
aztekis it work well if you use other OS in your PC?17:59
skulliowindows xp worked fine18:01
aztekskullio? wht is specification of your PC ?18:09
skulliowell i'm getting so frustrated with ubuntu i'm thinking going to xp again19:45
Bachstelzesuit yourself :)19:45
=== em is now known as emma
CharlesAIsn't there a saying that threatening to go back to Windows won't make people help you faster?19:49
* CharlesA hides19:50
skulliohaha i'm appealing to this but as a desperate measure19:57
skulliomy pc is a clone so in terms of hardware i don't know jack shit if it is my machine's problem.... isn't there a tool to check if my hardware propertias are good19:58
skulliofor ubuntu.... given some folks tell me it's my video card others a bad ram19:59
Bachstelzeskullio: language please20:00
skullioubuntu frezes20:16
skullioubuntu freezes20:16
skulliosomeone help me20:16
skulliojust freezes20:16
skulliono mouse 20:17
skulliono keyboard20:17
PiciBut your enter key works fine20:17
skullioi insatlled drivers20:17
skullioi even tried with ubunut 10.04... allegedly more satble20:17
skullioit still freezes20:17
PiciYou haven't provided any information besides that you run Ubuntu. Hardware specs are often useful.20:18
skullio4gb ram20:18
skulliointel core20:18
PiciVideo card, harddrive free space, how much swap.20:19
skullioit's a clone 20:19
skulliono partitions20:19
skullioinsn't there a tool for checking hardware properties20:20
skullioand if they are appropiate20:20
PiciI don't have a gui in front of me to check, sorry.20:21

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