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mandelmorning all!08:03
mandelfagan: ping08:10
faganmandel: morning08:10
* fagan was making tea08:10
mandelfagan: morning, I just sent you an email with the ui design that we are going to build08:11
faganso its final now?08:11
mandelfagan: take a look at the image08:11
mandelis more of an idea than anything else08:11
faganmandel: looks cool enough. Well some of it I dont know how or if we can do it08:13
faganAnd i wouldnt love having the orange in the UI08:14
fagan(im a fan of matching the look where possible)08:14
mandelfagan: I have done some work over the weekend to get us close to there, can you do the following: branch https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/add-top-window08:14
mandelin the branch do, python setup.py install08:15
faganmandel: ill grab it and have a look08:15
mandelpython ubuntuone_windows/main.py08:15
mandelthe top window is a custom widget, so we do not have shadows, antialised corners or move and resize events, but I'm working on it08:15
* fagan is starting up his windows machine08:16
mandelthe main idea is that we have to move away from the QWizard since it is a subclass of dialog and cannot me added to a top level widget, that means that I'm moved all the diff wizard pages to be widgets and we will be using a QStackedWidget to display the pages08:17
faganmandel: but it works the same in qt designer yeah?08:18
mandelfagan: the widgets, yes08:18
mandelas in the .ui files08:18
faganmandel: I dont mind the coding bit since I still havent played around enough with the Qt stuff anyway so its all new :)08:20
faganso as long as the designer bit is the same im happy08:20
mandelfagan: well, I have done all the diff pages using the correct layut and widgets since I spoke with ralsina and we want to send a demos asap to the UX team08:21
mandelso, today we want to send a .exe file to them to take a look08:21
faganmandel: for this new work we are doing?08:21
faganor is it just the few that are on the email?08:22
mandelfagan: for all of them08:24
mandelthey need to see how everything looks put together, otherwhise we are blocking them, we cannot take that long to provide a demo08:24
faganok so we can have something rough enough I suppose by the end of the day08:25
mandelyes, I'll get to do the code as fast as I can so I'm not to blocked from finishing sso08:26
faganit just sounds like it could be a bit of work fixing the old screens to this new mockup and fixing the content for the screens since they have changed too08:26
faganso it would be tight for time08:26
mandelfagan: I'm already fixed ALL screens, I justhave to add some functionality to the top window08:27
faganoh ok08:27
faganthen thats not so bad08:27
mandelall code for the new functionality pyqt code, have you had a chance to read the book I sent you or read ralsina tutroial about PyQt?08:28
faganmandel: ive been reading it a good bit but still only a little into it08:29
fagantheres a lot to cover08:29
faganmandel: yeah that branch looks good on my computer other than the edges being black and it not being draggable but still its good08:30
mandelfagan: yes, those edges will loook better as soon as I added the shadow that does not have, I'm working on the draggable stuff atm08:32
mandelfagan: can you start reading the tutorials from ralsina, most of the design will need you to understands how to use signals and slots as well as how to set a mask to a widget08:33
mandelfagan: if you can also read about how to customize a  widget using css better :)08:33
faganmandel: well im good at css08:35
faganand ok ill go have a good read of the signals and slots chapter and get back to you08:36
faganmandel: so just connecting to signals and all that08:47
faganthats easy enough08:47
faganim just reading the slot bit so another 10 and ill be good08:48
mandelfagan: ok, after that take a look at how to write custom widgets and what does setMask do08:49
faganmandel: coo08:49
faganmandel: so it works the same as css <item_name> {...changes...} and you can do it conditionally with <item_name>[var=true/false]{...changes...}09:02
faganthats ok09:02
mandelfagan: yes, if you understand it you should try and write a small app that uses it, reading is ok, but practice is better09:05
faganmandel: ok cool ill fiddle about a bit09:06
faganmorning karni09:10
karnigood morning fagan09:10
karnifagan: How are things? It's a beautiful, sunny day here today.09:11
fagankarni: good good same here :)09:11
faganhow was your weekend?09:11
mandelfagan: superb, if you have any questions do ask me :)09:11
mandelI know is hard to have such a hard dive in a new framework09:12
faganmandel: im cool im just making a window to test out the css bits on09:12
faganI cant actually remember if pyqt is installed09:13
* fagan goes looking :P09:13
faganmandel: where is mkpyqt.py09:21
faganI cant find it09:22
fagankarni: wow I didnt know ubot4` knew how to do that09:25
karnifagan: ;)09:25
mandelfagan: what do you mean, mkpyqt?09:25
faganmandel: isnt that how you change a .ui file to .py09:26
* fagan read somewhere on the book that that was the way to do it 09:26
fagan(maybe wrong )09:26
mandelfagan: no, is not, you have yo use the uic compiler provided by pyqt, is called pyuic409:27
faganah ok09:27
faganI just figured out how to do it in qtdesigner09:28
faganoh no thats just for C++09:28
faganmandel: yeah got it now09:30
mandelfagan: if pyqt was installed in your path pyuic4 should be there, or just take a look at my setup.py09:32
mandelthat does it too programmatically09:32
JamesTaitHappy daylight savings time, everyone! :D09:34
* fagan almost slept in09:34
faganmandel: im having trouble making my app (mainly because ive never did it before with pyqt) ill put it in a branch and tell you whats going wrong09:48
mandelfagan: sure, let me know the branch when pushed09:48
faganactually it would be faster just to pastebin09:50
faganits 1 line im getting stuck on09:50
faganoh actually I think I know whats wrong09:50
fagannope didnt work ill pastebin09:54
faganmandel: I cant seem to figure how to show the main window http://paste.ubuntu.com/58638509:56
faganthe Ui_MainWindow is just a main window I just didnt have the code to do anything other than a wizard to follow09:57
faganso couldnt handle a main window09:58
mandelfagan: ok, you first have to create a main window by using the setupUi, give me a sec, I'll type what is missing09:58
mandelfagan: what type of widget is Ui_MainWindow09:59
faganmandel: qmainwindow10:00
mandelfagan: this should fix it http://paste.ubuntu.com/586386/10:03
faganmandel: thanks10:04
mandelfagan: you forgot several important things, the most obvious one was the lack of a QApplication which is the object that starts the event look, you always need one of those (later we will use a twisted reactor, but laterr)10:04
faganmandel: yeah I just asked since I didnt know what to do10:05
faganits cool10:05
faganill know for the next time10:05
mandelfagan: ok,  np :)10:05
mandelfagan: you look at that code, how would you show a label too?10:05
faganmandel: ui.add_label("text") ?10:07
faganor something10:07
mandelfagan: that would show it in the same window, but in a diff one?10:07
faganmandel: <window object name>.add_label("text") id say10:08
* fagan is just guessing but thinks its probably right 10:08
mandelfagan: no, I mean, with the current code, show a label in a diff window10:09
mandeldo not guess, look it up, is very easy ;)10:09
faganmandel: I dont think I understand the question10:09
faganso you mean show a new window with just a label on it?10:10
faganmorning duanedesign10:11
faganmandel: I dont really know other than creating a new qtwindow object putting a label on it and showing it10:12
faganI suppose I should look it up10:12
* duanedesign spent all weekend being frustrated by trying to add a search feature to a gtk.treestore.10:13
duanedesignQT starting to look pretty good :)10:13
mandelfagan: google for qt hello world10:13
faganah ok10:13
mandelduanedesign: you are going to love the windows ui ;)10:13
mandelduanedesign: all crazy custom qt :P10:14
faganmandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586387/ ?10:17
faganI had to adapt it from a button hello world example10:18
mandelfagan: and how would you show both windows, the one you did with qt and the label?10:20
mandelin separated windows10:21
faganmandel: well I should have used a different var name instead of app and then just .exec_() both of them10:22
mandelfagan: have you tried that idea?10:23
faganmandel: well I was actually trying the css thing in the background10:23
faganWasnt really testing the extra window with label thing10:24
mandelfagan: yes, but if you cant show the windows, the css is kind of useless, isn't it?10:24
faganmandel: yeah :)10:24
mandelfagan: we have to focus first in the basics, later we can move to the css10:24
faganmandel: ok ill go work on the basics10:24
mandelfagan: is my fault because I expected you to read the book, so we will work here on the basics to get you up to speed10:25
faganmandel: I did start reading it, just takes a while to do it10:25
mandelno worries10:26
faganmandel: Ill go work on the earlier chapters anyway and ask questions if I run into any issues10:28
fagan(actually I do understand how a lot of it works its just the bare bones of the displaying and other stuff in the code that I didnt look at yet)10:28
mandelfagan: dont orry to much, just try to learn how to do small ui that have line edits, buttons etc and that interact though signals and slots10:29
mandelI dont think anything more complicated will be done10:30
faganmandel: well the signals and slots thing is similar to most other signal connect things and the line edits and all that are easy enough too.10:30
faganthe only thing that I didnt look at was the bit you actually asked :P10:31
mandelso you read it but never tried… you should always try it, is the best way to learn10:34
faganmandel: yeah thats right10:34
faganI just kinda glossed over that bit and went ok ill just figure that out when I have to10:35
mandelfagan: didn't work, did it ;)10:38
mandelfagan: as soon as I have a free  minute I'll give you a hand10:38
faganmandel: im looking down the chapter now10:38
mandelfagan: superb! let me know if you need any help at all :)10:40
faganmandel: thanks10:40
faganmandel: oh and I figured out what you meant about how to show both windows I think. You just need to do the <object>.show() for what ever you want to show the app.exec_() bit is only done once.10:43
* fagan should have figured that one 10:43
mandelfagan: exactly :)10:43
mandelfagan: you should only have a single main loop al the time, that will take care of everything, otherwise, opening a dialog would be quite hard10:44
faganmandel: the same as gtk main loop10:45
faganim still in gtk mindset slightly10:45
mandelexactly, gtk and qt are not that different10:45
faganjust working out the terms is the hard part10:45
faganmandel: getting this when I try to run my ui now http://paste.ubuntu.com/58639610:56
mandelfagan: it should be self.ui, I maybe forgot it11:01
faganmandel: thats cool11:01
faganmandel: im going to play about with the css now since css is ok with me anyway so shouldnt take too long to figure11:08
* mandel hates rounded corners11:14
faganmandel: should I change the css in qtdesigner or in the code of the main?11:20
mandelfagan: well, they way I like to do it (so that is versioned an easy to chang) is to add it in a file that is loaded at runt time, that way you can add diff styles11:23
faganmandel: thats ok by me11:24
faganmandel: well in a way the designer's css is fine since its in the .py file of the object11:25
faganbut still a seperate file its cool anyway11:25
faganOh and im having a weird issue where when I change the colour of the widget it just changes the border11:26
faganbut id say its just because im saying color:color they dont seem to be following regular css which would change the font if you said that11:27
mandelfagan: can you take a pict?11:27
faganmandel: kk11:27
mandelfagan: is better separated for the same reason that you have a css file for a webpage separated from the html11:28
faganoh actually I think I did it wrong11:28
faganmandel: its giving me an unexpected indent thats whats wrong11:32
* fagan hates that windows puts .txt to stuff and doesnt show extentions11:46
faganmandel: im done11:46
fagancss tried and working11:46
faganand I have it working from a seperate file too11:47
* fagan pushes it to a branch 11:47
faganthat took way too long11:47
faganI was trying for like 15 minutes to find the css file I made only to figure that windows created the file style.css.txt :/11:48
mandelhehe, which editor are you using?11:50
mandelplease tell me is not notepad11:51
faganmandel: *cough* *cough*11:51
* fagan doesnt have windows set up for development yet 11:51
faganI logged into ubuntu to figure out that .txt issue11:52
faganIm a linux guy the dumb things the do with Windows confuse me11:53
mandeltake a look at komodo edit,notepad++ or even jedit11:53
faganmandel: doesnt komodo cost some money?11:54
faganOh and I could use gedit on windows too11:54
faganmandel: lp:~shanepatrickfagan/+junk/testing_css_ui_qt11:55
faganI turned the button blue11:55
mandelfagan: komodo edit is free11:55
faganOr I mean the button text blue11:55
faganto turn the button blue I just had to turn the background of the object blue11:56
faganI wonder how much of css works like there are some really cool things I could do with transitions and stuff11:56
mandelfagan: one sec, I'll look asap11:57
faganmandel: take your time11:57
faganMan I love unity in 11.0411:58
* fagan just sat back and appreciated all the work and how easy stuff is11:59
faganmandel: oh forgot to add the files :P12:07
karnifagan: cool that it's working for you. it's not working for everyone, though :< (/me is one of them)12:08
fagankarni: look at my branch12:08
karnifagan: the windows installer?12:08
fagankarni: im trying out css in qt12:08
faganits not the entire windows installer12:08
karnifagan: my Win7 is broken, and I'm quite busy applying a app-wide library to the android project12:09
karni*u1f android project12:09
karnifagan: next time :)12:09
fagankarni: it works on ubuntu too )12:09
faganits just a test12:09
* fagan trys something daring 12:11
fagankarni: oh you meant unity I thought you were using qt12:13
faganI got mixed up :D12:13
karnifagan: the fancy eye-candy unity thing doesn't work for me12:13
karnifagan: what's worse, the theme falls back to some generic theme after ~10 seconds. So natty is not karni-ready hehehe12:14
fagankarni: ah im shallow I love it12:14
karniI like it. I might love it once it works for me.12:14
faganah ok12:14
faganI have 2 gpus and it works on both perfect12:15
* fagan <3 css12:18
mandelralsina: ping?12:25
faganmandel: is the branch ok?12:25
faganits nothing special but does work12:26
mandelfagan: branching right now12:26
faganorange button with blue text and yellow text on the box12:26
mandelfagan: cool, looks good, have you though what would you do if you wanted to read the style from a resource rather than a file?12:27
mandelfagan: reading about Resource files and QResource should be a good start12:28
mandelthe same idea is sued for images etc..12:28
faganmandel: ah didnt know about that so did it the only way I knew how12:28
* fagan looks into QResource and fixes it 12:29
mandelfagan: well, the point was for me to tell you know, adding more than one things at one time is more complicated, step by step12:30
faganmandel: cool12:31
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* mandel walking dog12:37
faganhi adorilson_13:39
thisfredalecu, nessita: this looks interesting: http://texttest.carmen.se/index.php?page=capturemock13:39
nessitahi thisfred!13:40
adorilson_fagan, which port is used by ubuntu one?13:40
nessitathisfred: hey, can you do a review for me (please)? is pretty simple https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/connect-after-computer-adding/+merge/5492913:40
faganrye: ^13:40
ryeadorilson, the api slaves are listening on 443 port, but that's not HTTPS13:41
ryeadorilson, well, that's SSL but not HTTP there13:41
thisfrednessita: hi! sure thing13:41
nessitathisfred: and also, question: is there anything we can do about bug #70732113:43
ubot4`nessita: Bug 707321 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/707321 is private13:43
nessitait has zillions of dupes13:43
adorilson_rye: then, if I get access HTTPS on browser, I'll connect on ubuntu one?13:43
thisfrednessita: yeah I'll put that on my list for today13:44
ryeadorilson_, i am not sure i understood the question13:44
mandelralsina: ping13:44
adorilson_rye, I asked my sysadmin, and he says the 443 is open. I have other problem13:51
adorilson_my connection sucks13:51
mandelnessita: I forgot I hate a doctors appointment, I'll have to miss the standup (will be back n 15 min)13:55
mandelsorry for that13:55
* mandel -> doctors appointment he forgot13:56
nessitamandel: ok, please share your standup when you're back13:56
nessitamandel: good luck!13:56
mandelwill do, thx!13:56
* fagan makes up a load of stuff for his standup since mandel isnt around :P13:57
fagan(programmed a submarine, flew a jet and saved a country from an attack of killer bees)13:58
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faganwe having standup now?14:03
dobey52 min i guess14:08
* fagan is all over the place today 14:08
fagandamn time changes14:08
dobey.ar time is weird :)14:09
fagandobey: yeah but theeir weather is awesome14:09
faganI forget that not every14:09
fagan*everyone is on the same time14:09
faganWell then looks like ill have a longer break today and will stay on an extra hour since I finished what mandel wanted me to do before lunch14:11
ralsinahello everyone!14:12
faganralsina: he wanted to say he was going to the doctors14:12
ralsinafagan: oh, ok14:12
faganso he will miss standup14:12
ralsinafagan: want to spend some time learning Qt tricks today?14:12
faganralsina: did for most of the day14:13
ralsinafagan: hahaha ok14:13
* ralsina starts reading backlog then14:13
faganI learned how to make css themes and stuff14:13
faganafter I blocked myself up on something basic because I didnt read it right :)14:13
faganbut ill be a lot better tomorrow :)14:14
* fagan blames getting an hour less sleep 14:16
thisfrednessita: I'm looking at that bug, but I'm completely baffled by the code. It looks like we try to create a new database when desktopcouch loses connection to the local database. I can't imagine when that would ever be a good idea.14:19
nessitathisfred: can you bzr blame and ask the coder?14:20
thisfrednessita: is cardinalfang off today? I don't see anything in the calendar14:20
nessitathisfred: not that I know of14:20
thisfredI'll ask14:20
claritaping mandel ralsina14:20
nessitabeuno: would you know if CardinalFang is working today?14:20
faganclarita: mandel isnt around14:21
faganbut I suppose you can ask me since im pretty clued in14:21
claritafagan: ok thanks - question about where T&Cs should sit in the Installer journey as they are curiously absent14:21
faganclarita: well it should be one of the first screens id say14:22
* nessita reboots after upgrade14:22
faganso in our mockups it should be after the start screen14:23
faganSo the flow would be click the install button-> T&C -> install14:23
mandelclarita, fagan: I'm back :)14:23
claritafagan: yup - except one scenario is when you admin installs on machine so users will not see these screens - they will just see log in / sign up14:23
faganoh your back cool14:23
mandelsorry I had to go to the doctor :)14:23
faganclarita: good point14:24
claritamandel fagan: great...so to continue...the admin scenario means T&Cs should be at sign up14:24
claritaand those signing in have already agreed to T&Cs previously?14:24
mandelclarita: the T&C are always at signup, which is part of sso, if has been coded like that atm14:24
faganclarita: but if they (for some reason) dont accept the T&C whats going to happen?14:25
claritamandel: ok so they don't need install-specific T&Cs, just service-specific14:25
faganUbuntu one is already installed14:25
claritafagan: it looks like I need to design that journey :-)14:25
ralsinaclarita: pong14:25
mandelthe app will be installed, but the service wont work, since you wont have credentials14:25
faganWell we could ask them if they want to remove it if they dont accept it14:26
claritaralsina: pls see current convo :-)14:26
* ralsina is reading14:26
mandelfagan: no, that is wrong, if user a does not accped it does not mean that user b did not accept them14:26
mandelremoving it from the machine would piss off the user that accepted them14:26
faganmandel: ah ok14:26
ralsinaif not accepted, just don't work and say "you have not accepted the T&C"14:27
ralsinasave a flag somewhere14:27
claritamandel fagan: I think if they don't accept we can say 'fair enough, you can always come back later' - or something more appropriate14:27
mandelralsina: you wont have the credentials anyway, it will ask you to sign in14:27
beunonessita, canonicaladmin doesn't show Chad off today, so maybe it's just DST kicking in?14:28
mandelralsina: so the flag is the credentials in the creds vault :)14:28
nessitabeuno: may be, I just wanted check with you14:28
faganthat sounds ok14:28
ralsinaso that's it then, not a problem ;-)14:28
mandelclarita: the idea is, ubuntu one tried to get the credentials, you do not have them, it will ask you for them, if you are  user you will need to accent the T&C if not, back to square 014:28
claritamandel ralsina fagan: ok so I tie the T&Cs to the user signing up14:28
faganso mandel thats already in sso?14:28
mandelclarita: yes14:29
claritamandel: ok - all clear thanks14:29
mandelfagan: yes, it is in sso, like in linux, which is the one that asks you to accept them according to the app14:29
faganmandel: I meant already in your branch of the sso installer stuff14:29
* fagan didnt phrase that right at all 14:30
mandelfagan: from the installer, no, but it is in the ubuntu_sso code, so it is an import in the installer14:30
faganmandel: so now that I have the css and the signal stuff down what will I be doing after lunch?14:31
faganoh yeah havent done the resources thing yet14:33
faganshould probably look that up before I move on14:33
nessitamandel: you're back already?14:36
nessitamandel: how did it go?14:36
mandelnessita: fine thx :)14:37
mandelI'm back to normal, wanna hear my stand up14:37
faganmandel: you didnt miss standup14:38
nessitamandel: stand up is in 22 minutes14:38
nessitamandel: and yes, I want you rad your standup then :-)14:39
mandeluh, cool :)14:39
faganmandel: can you tell me how to do the resources thing14:43
faganit isnt clicking in my brain how to do it but I know what it is14:44
mandelfagan:sure, lets start with the basics, have you created a resource file in QtDesigner?14:44
faganmandel: nope not yet I was doing it manually :)14:45
mandelmanually? take a look at QtDesigner for that :)14:45
faganmandel: yeah I did the xml14:45
mandelfagan: then use the resource compiler from pyqt so that it generates a resource file that you can import from your module, do you know the tool?14:46
faganok qtdesigner has it now so my xml was valid anyway14:46
faganoh ok thats cool14:46
faganso its more or less the same as the pyqt then14:47
faganthats ok14:47
ralsinaanyway, the XML for a resource file is silly simple, but yes, use designer14:47
mandelfagan: one thing is the xml file, a diff one is the .py generated by pyqt, which is not related to QtDesigner14:48
mandelfagan: here it is http://www.opendocs.net/pyqt/pyqt4.html#pyrcc414:49
ralsinafagan: basically, using pyrcc4 you convert the .qrc into a py file. You have to name it an specific way because the compiled .ui files will try to import them by name, like icons.qrc => rc_icons.py14:50
ralsinafagan"Then, you can use resource names pretty much everywhere you would use a file name in PyQt's API14:51
alecuhello #ubuntuone!14:52
faganhey alecu14:52
ralsinafagan: for example, you can create a QPixmap("filename.png") or QPixmap(":/icons/filename.png") (first is a file, second a resource)14:52
* ralsina is talking from memory so there may be typos14:52
faganralsina: yeah I saw that in the book how to use them which is cool14:52
faganJust didnt know how to get to that point :)14:53
ralsinafagan: what book are you using?14:54
faganralsina: the one mandel gave me14:54
faganits the pyqt one14:54
mandelralsina: this is the one http://www.qtrac.eu/pyqtbook.html14:56
ralsinathat's a very good one14:58
* fagan is still using wordpad :P14:58
ralsinafagan: get notepad++15:00
ralsinafagan: when's your end of day today?15:00
faganralsina: I have komodo now15:00
ralsinafagan: ok, komodo is good15:00
faganralsina: I think 4:30 now15:00
fagansince I took a long break15:00
ralsinafagan: then I said "stop using wordpad" ;-)15:00
ralsinafagan: and now is what time?15:00
faganralsina: its 3 now15:01
faganso another hour and a half I think15:01
faganish unless something important comes up15:01
ralsinafagan: ok, so not today, but tomorrow I will start early, at around 10AM your time, and I would like to give you a bit of Qt training15:01
ralsinafagan: just some best practices where Qt lets you do things two ways, so you know which one is better15:02
* ralsina goes away two days and everyone gets lazy! ;)15:02
alecuunity keeps crashing on me :-(15:03
dobeybeing lazy is a natural human trait15:03
* fagan still doesnt know how many people are in this team 15:03
dobeyi wouldn't be king if i didn't make everyone else do everything for me :)15:03
ralsinadobey: It's good to be the king!15:03
dobeyfagan: we are none, and we are all15:03
ralsinaok, fagan please!15:04
fagan* Learned pyqt better: - CSS custom looks (for this new fancy installer looks) - Some of the basics that I didnt know yet15:04
dobeyralsina: you already said me. i guess you said it for me that time. my ploy *is* working! :)15:04
fagan* got some payroll stuff sorted15:04
fagan* help mandel with the screens if he needs it15:04
fagan* nope15:04
fagannessita go15:04
nessitaDONE: completed self-evaluation, booked tickets for London sprint, coded fix for bug #715873, started on bug #70443415:04
nessitaTODO: finish #704434, keep tackling bugs, do some university paperwork (I'll be starting late next Wed)15:04
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes, though syncdaemon is giving some headhaches again :-)15:04
nessitaNEXT: ralsina15:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 715873 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Auto connect after initial setup (affects: 1) (heat: 80)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71587315:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 704434 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Stop the backend service when UI is done (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70443415:04
ralsinadobey: yes, sir, that me was actually a you ;-)15:04
ralsinaDONE: reviews, talked with possible contractor (only one now!), misc stuff, administrivia, PyCamp, had idea that will revolutionize the Internet15:04
ralsinaTODO: send mail to invite testing, several calls, evaluations15:04
ralsinaBLOCKED: no15:04
mandelDONE: POC of the proposed UI for the windows installer. Got a very similar UI which shows some errors in the design.15:05
mandelTODO: talk with fagan, ralsina and clarita to see if we want to move towards that dir. Get back to SSO. Lunch15:05
mandelBLOCKED: no15:05
mandelalecu: go go go15:05
alecuDONE: 4 days of PyCamp at La Falda, Córdoba.15:05
alecuTODO: work on bug #73968815:05
alecuBLOCKED: no15:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739688 in ubuntuone-client "Broken node Exceptions raised after metadata is deleted from a move. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73968815:05
ralsinathisfred: standup!15:06
dobeyλ DONE: self/mgr evals15:06
dobeyλ TODO: peer evals, UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release15:06
dobeyλ BLCK: None.15:06
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 354)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332715:06
nessitadobey: what UIFE are you handling?15:07
mandelI think is UEFA, not UIFE15:08
nessitaalecu: one thing, syncdaemon is failing with15:09
nessitaKeyError: ('0e0a3c0d-ddb8-4926-ad71-c33fd6079e6a', '7b61cef3-5851-4b4d-974a-6e1178203a67')15:09
nessita2011-03-27 22:50:18,320 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.sync - ERROR - Node delta for 0e0a3c0d-ddb8-4926-ad71-c33fd6079e6a:c9162478-f551-426e-b212-f950fb0c045a can't be applied.15:09
dobeynessita: the one i file as soon as i get the code finished. for codec install in libubuntuone15:09
nessitaalecu: facundobatista mentioned is a bug you introduced?15:09
nessitadobey: ah, ok. Thanks15:09
thisfredralsina: oops me15:09
thisfred* DONE peer review for Stuart L., Rodney and Naty.15:09
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/connect-after-computer-adding/+merge/5492915:09
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~vds/ubuntuone-servers/compact_and_clean_view/+merge/5487415:09
thisfred* INPROGRESS desktopcouch-service 'file_exists' crashes http://pad.lv/72911770732115:09
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]15:09
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331715:09
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911715:09
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue15:09
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications15:10
alecunessita, yes. And I though I had a bug for that, but it looks like I don't.15:10
nessitaalecu: can you please prioritize that?15:10
* fagan suggests that we should spell Naty with two ts for this cycle 15:10
nessitaalecu: thanks!15:12
alecunessita, do you get that in the exception logs or in the testruns?15:12
nessitaalecu: un my working syncdaemon15:12
claritamandel ralsina fagan: 2 more questions - 1. apart from T&Cs do we need a license agreement? and 2. can I assume that language selection would be something we put in 'future requirements'? :-)15:14
ralsinaWe should have a license agreement15:14
faganclarita: better safe than sorry15:15
ralsinaat least it's standard practice in all GPL app installers I have seen on windows15:15
mandelWell T&C is a license agreemnt, right?15:15
ralsinamandel: no, unless it includes a copy of the GPL :-)15:15
fagan2. we could add it now but only have English till it gets translated15:16
mandelthe license can be in the pacakge, but does not have to appear on the installer, does it?15:16
* mandel looks at stallman with an old HD on his head15:16
claritaralsina: so license should be agreed at initial installation (eg this could be the admin agreeing....not the individual users)15:16
mandelclarita: yes, the GPL license is just related to the software15:18
dobeyGPL is weird15:18
claritamandel great15:18
ralsinamandel: actually, you have to provide a way to see the license. There is language about it, look for yoyodyne in the GPL2 :-)15:18
faganisnt there a pretty long T&C for u1 itself?15:18
dobeyT&C has to be agreed to by every user15:18
faganapart from the gpl bit isnt there service T&C too?15:19
ralsinaSo, different cases. GPL only on the installer.15:19
dobeyGPL only has to be agreed to when you redistribute the software (doesn't actually require agreement to install/use software)15:19
ralsinafagan: yes.15:19
claritaralsina: goddit15:19
mandelI agree with dobey, GPL does not have to be agreed by the user…15:19
ralsinadobey: it's the usual behaviour of windows apps, to inform the user of the license when they install, so they can decline.15:19
mandelwell, we add it, if we can remove it, is just jumping a widget over :)15:20
dobeyralsina: yes, because most windows apps you have to accept the EULA before using it.15:20
dobeyralsina: but that's not how the GPL works :)15:20
ralsinadobey: exactly. When in Rome, and all that.15:20
* karni hates limited inheritance in Java15:20
* mandel is happy that is when in rom do what… if it had been when in greece we would be have a diff conversation15:21
dobeyah the Romans. so successful they destroyed themselves :)15:21
ralsinaand as mandel said, it's removed with one press of the "del" key :)15:21
ralsinadobey: they took over 800 years to do it. Should we be so lucky ;-)15:21
dobeymandel: lol15:21
dobeyralsina: well, we have faster computers so we can do it a whole lot faster :)15:22
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58646715:24
faganAm I doing it right?15:24
faganIts not working :/15:24
mandelfagan: have you ran it?15:24
mandelfagan: there you are passing a file, the method requires a string with the style, you have to open it15:25
faganah ok15:25
mandelQResource('file path').data15:25
faganmandel: thanks15:25
claritaralsina mandel: please could you email me the license wording so we can work on layout15:25
mandelfagan: data is a method, so add the ()15:25
mandelclarita: from GPL?15:25
ralsinaclarita: oh, you are going to love knowing that it's  about 2000 lines of text ;)15:25
claritaralsina: marvellous, I sense a scroll bar coming on...15:27
thisfredor a veeeery small font size15:28
faganmandel: Hmmmm im getting QResource not defined, do I need to import it? I tried to do an import but it doesnt find it15:28
claritaor we could just include a dozen lines then *hope* no one tries to read the rest...15:28
faganWell you could always do an autoscroller15:29
mandelfagan: from PyQt4.QtCore import QResource15:29
faganclarita: and most people dont read them anyway15:29
thisfredralsina:  clarita: well there is a short version that points to the whole license:15:30
faganmandel: tried it, must have spelled it wrong or something15:30
claritathisfred: where would I find this?15:30
mandelfagan: are you importing from QtCore and not from QtGui, right?15:30
faganmandel: ah thats whats wrong15:31
faganok now thats working15:32
claritathisfred: thanks!15:32
faganthisfred: dont we still have to ship with the licence15:33
faganeven if we dont show them all of it15:33
thisfredfagan: yeah, but we don't have to show it all15:33
ralsinaship: yes15:33
thisfredfagan: just have it in the zipfile15:33
faganthats cool15:33
thisfredor msi or whatever15:33
faganJust hide it under a rock somewhere15:34
faganmandel: what next?15:34
* fagan still has another hour to do some more stuff15:34
ralsinathisfred: here's what the GpL says about showing it: http://pastebin.com/bVctfvb315:34
ralsinaclarita: So, we could go that way, a small blurb that links to the license and so on15:35
thisfredralsina: yeah, it sort of assumes a console :)15:35
ralsinathisfred: well, it was written in 1989 ;-)15:35
mandelfagan: ok, so you know how to create a styled app with css from a resource, why dont you write a small form, similar to the sso one that does some validation, if the field is not correct, set the color to red15:36
mandelexample, wring re-typed email15:36
mandeland add a button that performs the validation15:36
faganmandel: cool15:36
faganI can colour the border red if they get it wrong15:36
mandelyes, that sound like a nice idea15:37
claritaralsina thisfred: ok will maybe look at both short license version with link and longer version - I think the ideal is not to take users out of the process if at all possible15:37
thisfredI agree15:37
ralsinaclarita: we can show the long version in the same window15:38
dobeystill talking about licenses?15:38
claritaralsina - ok15:38
fagandobey: yep15:38
claritadobey: yes - love the license chat15:38
fagandont we all15:38
ralsinadobey: well, at least it's not about what license to use15:38
claritaralsina: small mercies15:39
faganralsina: well what license isnt a talk its a religious debate15:39
* mandel hides15:40
* fagan grabs the pitchfork15:40
ralsinaEclipse Community License!15:40
ralsinaOk, stop! ;)15:40
mandelyou had to do it ;)15:42
* ralsina shouldn't ask probably15:43
* fagan really wonders if qt actually has what he is trying to use15:47
ralsinafagan: what is it?15:48
faganralsina: Im trying to use a css dashed red border for a text box if they get the email wrong15:48
faganit looks nice in html but I can only try if qt actually has it15:49
ralsinafagan: why a dashed red border?15:49
faganbecause it looks nice15:49
ralsinaBut ok, anyway. Start designer.15:49
ralsinaCreate a text box. Edit it's stylesheet property and try things out.15:49
faganOh I suppose it will give out if I put in something like that and its not implemented15:50
ralsinaFor details about how you can customize widgets read http://doc.trolltech.com/4.7/stylesheet-customizing.html15:50
dobeybut it's not very accessible :)15:50
ralsinadobey: indeed it's not accessible, but let's consider it part of the overall solution and an educational experience.15:51
faganOk it didnt give out15:54
faganIt should have it in there if its implementing css more or less fully15:54
ralsinafagan: what are you putting in the CSS?15:54
faganralsina: the style15:55
ralsinawhat is the style? ;-)15:55
* ralsina wnts a piece of CSS15:55
faganralsina: the style of the little app im writing for mandel15:55
fagan(its part of my pyqt education )15:55
ralsinafagan: give me the border property you are trying to apply15:55
* fagan pastebins 15:55
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58648615:56
faganI think im probably the main user of paste.ubuntu.com :)15:57
ralsinafagan: border: 5px dashed red;15:59
faganralsina: cool will do15:59
ralsinafagan: the default border is probably 0px16:02
faganralsina: its good to set it anyway since then you can tweak it to make it better looking16:02
ralsinafagan: indeed what I provided you is not good looking. But the goal of the exercise is to do the behaviour first. Pretty we can do later.16:03
faganralsina: yeah its pretty wide :)16:04
* fagan already changed it to 2px16:04
ralsinafagan: we don't want it to go unnoticed and suspect we are not doing it right ;-)16:04
dobeybbiab, lunch time16:11
mandelditto here, I'm going to grab something to eat (I forgot I had to eat :P)16:12
* fagan just realised what consitutes a valid email address 16:18
faganits 1 char + @ but doesnt exactly have to be followed by a domain16:19
faganit can be an ip too16:19
faganSo it makes the syntax of mandel's thingy a little bit easier16:21
mandelfagan: sorry, I'm back, you were syaing?16:23
faganmandel: its cool16:23
faganI was just saying that it was a little bit easier than I thought because of the way emails work16:23
mandeloh, yes, well we dont want to check exactly that it is a perfectl email, is just an example :)16:26
claritaralsina: apols if this is a hilarious question - but what are the chances of us rewording that license agreement?16:26
faganmandel: well im being cool aboout it16:26
ralsinaclarita: the text of the GPL? None.16:26
ralsinaclarita: of the short blurb that tells you you can read the license? Change at will, I think.16:27
claritaralsina - that's what I meant - great16:27
claritaralsina - it is just a little bit SHOUTY16:27
mandelclarita: you clearly have not met the guy responsable :)16:28
claritaralsina: we don't want to put off the sensitive people16:28
claritamandel: I meant SHOUTY in a nice way :-)16:28
faganclarita: the FSF are pretty shouty16:28
faganthey wrote it16:28
mandelclarita: he take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sJUDx7iEJw16:29
mandelclarita: that is the nicest he is :)16:29
mandela little craze :P16:29
ralsinathe guy who wrote it is not a nice person, in some ways.16:29
mandelI love the cat that is killed in the background in that movie hahaha16:30
faganah his heart is in the right place but he is a big nerd so he just gets his point across in a bad way16:30
faganhe is just a bit nearsighted16:30
claritamandel: I'm speechless16:31
faganmandel: do you want me to test any merges on windows before I leave for the day?16:31
mandelfagan: no need, we will get to those tom :)16:32
faganI dont mind at all :)16:32
* fagan makes some dinner 16:32
faganmandel: I didnt get it all done but there is just a little bit of code left to finish but just about there16:33
faganI can push it to a branch but I havent tested it yet16:33
faganand havent compiled the .ui or the .qrc16:33
ralsinafagan: he called me evil once, so I can call him a terrible singer16:34
faganralsina: evil wow thats harsh16:34
mandelfagan: we will take a look at it early in the morning16:34
fagandid you kick a puppy?16:34
ralsinafagan: I disagreed with him about licensing16:35
faganralsina: so you did kick a puppy16:35
ralsinafagan: I was part of KDE at the beginning. You are probably too young to remember ;-)16:35
ralsinawe were all eeeeeeevil16:35
faganralsina: well I was 8 when GTK started16:35
ralsinaI still am!16:35
faganthe first web browser was made 2 years before I was born16:36
* fagan feels like he is 12 16:36
joshuahooverthisfred: ping16:36
thisfredjoshuahoover: pong16:37
ralsinafagan: I may be the oldest guy in the company, so I feel like I am 90.16:37
joshuahooverthisfred: hi! do you know if bug #702176 and related bugs are in or not?16:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702176 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Syncdaemon needs to open the control-panel to volumes when a folder shared to the user exceeds the owning user's quota (affects: 1) (heat: 55)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70217616:37
faganralsina: yeah im not helping with my talk of being 8 when GTK was started I dont think16:37
Doughynessita: You there? Remember me? I talked to you last week. UbuntuOne is STILL NOT DONE syncing my files16:38
thisfredjoshuahoover: nope the quota bugs are not, we started too late on them, and they were more complicated than I'd hoped16:38
ralsinafagan: it's ok, you 12 year olds are allowed those things.16:38
Doughy5th Day and UbuntuOne still not done syncing files16:38
faganralsina: hehe16:38
joshuahooverthisfred: ok, thanks for the update...i'll go ahead and update the bugs so they don't show against natty :)16:38
thisfredjoshuahoover: I still want to see what we can do to get them in, but for now, the old notification is still in there. So the functionality exist, it's just not very well integrated with unity16:39
nessitaDoughy: I remember you. We are having server issues since yesterday. Did you receive a reply to your support request?16:39
thisfredI'm guessing getting that fixed past UI freeze is in the 'fat chance' realm16:39
nessitaDoughy: ok, let me ping someone for you16:39
DoughyServer issues since yesterday16:40
Doughythat means after 4 days it's still not done16:40
nessitaDoughy: joshuahoover will contact you, he will handle your support request16:42
mandelralsina, clarita: skype to decide about windows style in 21 mins, ok?16:56
ralsinamandel: got weekly tech leads call16:56
ralsinamandel: in 4' so my next slot is... in 64 minutes, give or take a minute16:56
mandelclarita: ^16:57
mandelshould be a quick one16:57
claritamandel ralsina: ok16:58
clarita62 mins and counting....16:58
mandelthat means at manuels 7 pm…. ok16:58
karniI'm gonna get some food, till later!17:06
nessitaralsina: ping17:25
ralsinanessita: pong17:26
nessitaralsina: do we have hotel/instructions for next week sprint?17:27
ralsinanessita: looks like Marianna is about to tell us17:27
ralsinanessita: she asked me about the disappearing wiki page17:27
nessitaralsina: sorry, I didn't email her17:28
ralsinaShe just sent a mail about there being a hotel for the London Windows Sprint, so hopefully one should appear soon about the Buenos Aires one.17:28
ralsinanessita: no problem, I told her17:28
nessitaralsina: thanks!17:28
nessitaok, lunch time!17:41
* nessita starvs17:41
ralsinaclarita mandel: finished the calls a bit earlier, so I am ready for skype when you are17:43
claritaralsina - ready17:43
ralsinamandel fagan: ping?17:43
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
mandelralsina: ready :)17:49
mandelclarita, ralsina: skype?17:49
claritamandel yup ready17:49
ralsinaready here too, who calls?17:51
ralsinamandel: are you setting the window to translucent?18:00
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
mandelralsina: just set the parent widget to translucent and no luck :(18:10
ralsinamandel: what's the branch? I will take a stab at it later18:11
mandelralsina: I can very well have done something very stupid, take a look: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/add_antialized-corners18:12
nessitaChipaca: can you please confirm if ubuntuone-hackers is listed in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-control-panel/+subscribe for you?18:35
nessitaChipaca: we're still not getting the bug notification for the control panel package tracker18:35
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
dobeynessita: i have several e-mails in a bug folder for the cp package18:44
dobeynessita: hackers is subscribed18:45
nessitadobey: I've modified some package-only bugs and I'm getting no notifs18:45
nessitadobey: you sure those emails are not project-bug as well?18:45
dobeynessita: yes i'm sure, my filter puts them in separate places. these are under my Ubuntu bugs folder tree18:46
nessitadobey: can you give me a bug # as example, please?18:46
dobeynessita: it might just be that launchpad is slow with e-mails right now18:46
dobeyX-launchpad-bug: distribution=ubuntu; sourcepackage=ubuntuone-control-panel; component=main; status=New; importance=Undecided; assignee=None;18:46
nessitadobey: I've done modifications last Friday18:47
dobeySubject: [Bug 743602] Re: ubun...18:47
dobeyand that e-mail is from today at 08:00:30Z18:47
nessitadobey: I don't have that email18:47
nessitadobey: and my filter grabs everything starting with [Bug to make sure I read everything18:48
dobeynessita: dunno. i am getting them18:50
dobeynessita: and lp says that hackers is subscribed18:50
dobeybut so is ubuntu-bugs, so maybe i'm getting them through that instead18:51
dobeyyay, package installs18:58
dobeynow to fix all the little nuances in the UI18:58
ralsinacongrats dobey!19:05
nessitaralsina: can I have a review, please? https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/stop-backend/+merge/5519319:09
ralsinanessita: sure thing!19:09
thisfrednessita: need a second review on that?19:17
nessitathisfred: yes please!19:17
thisfredon it19:17
nessitathanks, you rock19:17
nessita"sos una masa"19:17
thisfredde nada :)19:17
ralsinanessita +119:36
thisfredme too19:38
dobeywhee, nearly there19:53
ralsinamandel: are you gone?20:11
ralsinaOk, anyway you may get the backlog. The shadow is not supported, there is a trick: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/faq/answer/how_can_i_draw_shadows_behind_windows20:12
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
* nessita -> syncdaemon tests that requires pidgin to be closed20:31
jonodobey, any progress on the contact syncing or banshee recognising your music bugs?20:33
jonos/contact sycing/evo not seeing your contacts20:33
dobeyjono: i don't know anything about the contact sync issue, but i saw that rodrigo_ made new couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb releases and uploads at the end of last week20:34
dobeyjono: for banshee, you mean the issue with it not seeing musinc you'd previously purchased in rbox for example?20:35
ralsinaI'm EODing early today because tomorrow I start early to work with fagan and mandel. Have a nice evening people!20:36
dobeyugh, aptdaemon error codes are strings :-/20:37
jonodobey, yep, that issue with Banshee20:43
dobeyjono: haven't got to it yet. probably will in a couple days, or while in buenos aires next week for sprint20:44
jonothanks dobey20:45
dobeythankfully almost got this big branch done though :)20:46
karnigood eeeeeeevning!20:59
thisfredthis is weird: bug #717507 seems to suggest an import error in the control panel gui21:20
ubot4`thisfred: Bug 717507 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/717507 is private21:20
thisfredoh, nm already fixed, this is a duplicate someone just reported21:21
thisfredah, not really21:22
thisfredjust marked fix released21:22
thisfredthat's not really helpful21:22
thisfredand the traceback is similar but not the same21:23
dobeymeh, policykit :(21:33
sergeyloguys, is u1 client from natty ok?21:35
dobeythisfred: that was a real bug i think, and i think it is fixed now, but yeah, marking things fix released from lack of response seems wrong. incompletes get auto-expired anyway21:35
thisfreddobey, the new report I saw was against ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk 0.9.4-0ubuntu121:36
dobeyno back to trying to figure out how to use polkit, since the docs have broken links21:36
thisfredis that old?21:36
dobeythisfred: no, that's current. hmm21:36
thisfredit's a different import that errors21:36
dobeydefinitely not a dup21:37
thisfreddeduped it21:38
dobeyi wonder21:38
sergeylocan't connect for 3 days or more. AUTH_FAILED.21:39
dobeyoh wtf21:39
dobeythisfred: ugh, looks like sso package is broken21:39
sergeyloafter update to natty21:40
thisfreddobey: should I move the bug there?21:40
dobeyi just did21:40
dobeysergeylo: did you somehow end up revoking your auth on the web site for that machine?21:48
sergeyloonce it added a computer about in 10 strings21:49
sergeyloafter deleting them, it doesn't connect at all21:50
sergeylo* 10 strings in the machines list21:50
dobeysergeylo: open System -> Preferences -> Passwords & Encryption Keys, and remvoe the "UbuntuOne" token from there, then try to connect again21:53
sergeyloXubuntu has no password keyring21:54
sergeylohas it?21:54
sergeylocan't find21:54
dobeywell i don't know what UI app is installed on xubuntu, but it uses gnome-keyring still afaik21:54
sergeylosame UI21:55
dobeyi mean which UI to manage the keyring21:55
dobeyi guess it doesn't use seahorse21:55
dobeyperhaps ask in #xubuntu21:56
dobeyok, aptdaemon hates me or something. i give up for now. will finish it in the am22:25
dobeylater all22:26
thisfredkenvandine: It looks like there are 2 ubuntuone entries in the messaging menu when our application is not running (1 with icon, 1 without), but only one when it is. Do you have any idea what could cause this?22:27
sergeylooh yes, gnome keyring. Deleted keys, looks like working22:29
sergeylothanks a lot22:29
sergeyloholy... it works... worth of sleepless night22:33
nhainesHmm, my Windows machine has been syncing with Ubuntu One for five days now.  So I'm gonna say.... not gonna make it.  ;)22:52
nhainesIs there anything I can do to collect info about what the Ubuntu One service is up to, that might be useful in a bug report?  Alternatively, any ETA on the new Windows beta client?22:55
fagannhaines: well me and mandel are the windows client and it will be a lot better for the next release22:59
fagannhaines: I dont have a clue when the target is for it but I think its some time in the month after 11.04's release23:00
faganthe first beta was a bit of a proof of concept the next one is a more or less full port of the u1 interface from natty so you can look forward to that23:01
fagan(in Qt)23:02
nhainesAh!  I thought it was going to be a more finished product.23:02
nhainesfagan: in that case, how can I help test the beta client?  :)23:02
fagannhaines: its not any where near ready23:03
faganwe are working on the installer at the moment23:03
faganthe rest is over the next month or so23:04
nhainesfagan: well, it was worth a try!  :)23:04
nhainesU1 for Windows is going to clear a huge hurdle for new users who want to try Ubuntu.  So I'm looking forward to it and I know you'll do a great job!23:05
fagannhaines: well watch the ubuntu one blog for more info anyway23:05
fagannhaines: im an intern im not going to do a good job :P23:06
nhainesfagan: as long as you make up for it in volume!  ;)23:06
fagannhaines: hehe yeah23:06
faganI bring some energy :)23:06
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