scott-workabogani: good morning/afternoon13:38
scott-workwill you have an update for 2.6.39 in your git repo anytime soon?  do you need to wait for UKT to finish their work (which I presume they are doing)?13:39
aboganiscott-work: Hi Scott. No I don't need to wait UKT. I wait that 39 stabilize a little.13:54
aboganiIn any case I'll put the -39 base lowlatency kernel in a different PPA.13:55
aboganiscott-work: ^13:55
scott-workabogani: roger that13:58
* scott-work laughs because that response is from my old WWII-air-combat-game days13:58
scott-workhopefully we are in a better position to have a -lowlatency kernel in the repositores and update -controls to take advantage of this14:08
falktxhey guys14:17
falktxI've been working on my own -controls replacement this weekend14:17
falktxlet me upload some screens...14:18
falktxok, here we go14:26
falktxtell me what you think14:28
scott-workfalktx: that looks amazing15:02
scott-workwhat use is the tools tab, can you click on those sections to start one of the applications?15:02
aboganiReally impressive15:03
falktxscott-work: the tools have some description of the apps, for those that don't know them15:03
scott-workwell, yes!  i really like the dark theme with the green check mark and white text, it really gives high contrast15:03
scott-workbut i really like dark themes in most cases when done well15:03
falktxscott-work: also there is a tools menu, provided in systray, so it can be useful15:03
falktxscott-work: thanks, the screenshots show the next KXStudio theme ;)15:04
scott-workfalktx: i think ailo_ might have been inspired from this to suggest a systray icon for -controls as well15:04
scott-workbut i could be wrong15:04
scott-workwe might be able to use some of your code but you do include some things that we cannot or do not, like VST and WINE15:05
scott-workso i'm not sure about including cadence wholesale with ubuntu studio from the iso15:06
falktxscott-work: some options can be easily hidden15:07
falktxscott-work: I already do this, the WineASIO field is hidden if Wine is not installed15:07
falktxif you want to give it a test run:16:02
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1569266 not found16:02
falktx^ install all those debs in there, and run 'cadence'16:03
falktxor just add 'ppa:kxstudio-team/kxstudio' ppa16:04
scott-workfalktx: i will try to test cadence this week, seriously :)16:22
falktxscott-work: thanks16:23
scott-worki've been meaning to and think that i'll find time to do so, but i seriously realize that if i just don't *make* time it probably never will, and i *do* want to :P16:24
scott-workso i'll make push some other things around and find time this week16:24
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ailo_scott-work, I was more inspired by the volume control indicator on Ubuntu. It holds Banshee and controls for it at the moment. Also, the mail/message-indicator-icon holds apps like pidgin and xchat(optional). 20:01
ailo_My idea was to do something similar for -controls.20:02
ailo_I would like the user to be able to choose what would end up there. Maybe even choose between different system config apps.20:02

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