dpu123hi all,I need help with my Ralink card. I am installing the ralink driver against 2.6.38 kernel,but its throwing errors,'error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘wireless_handlers’.I tried googling,but coildn't find a solution,can ny1 please help me out...14:20
holsteindpu123: whats the device?15:02
dpu123holstein, smcwusbs-n315:03
holsteinthats a networking device15:04
holsteinyou should try maybe #ubuntu15:04
holsteinif thats too crazy15:04
holsteingo for #ubuntu-beginners15:04
holsteinthats not really ubuntustudio specific15:04
holsteindpu123: you're just using the -gerneric kernel right?15:05
holstein*no reason not to use the generic kernel, im just asking15:05
holsteini would probably just try ndiswrapper15:06
holsteintheres a nice GUI for it now-a-days15:06
dpu123no i'm not using the generic one,but this driver worked fine in 2.6.28 kerenel,but doesn't compile in 2.6.3815:07
holsteindpu123: what kernel are you using?15:07
holsteindpu123: open a terminal15:07
holsteinand run15:07
holsteinuname -a15:07
holsteinand paste that here15:07
dpu123holstein, my present kernel is 2.6.28, but i am compiling against 2.6.3815:08
holsteindpu123: yes, is it -generic ?15:08
holstein-lowlatency ?15:08
holsteincustom ?15:08
dpu123no ,it isn't generic15:09
holsteinrunning uname -a will tell you15:09
holsteini think you will have a better chance using the normal -generic kernel15:10
holsteinand theres no reason why not to try that right now15:10
dpu123but is it available,since this is the latest one15:10
holsteindpu123: it?15:10
dpu123i mean the kernel...15:11
holsteindpu123: open a termain15:11
holsteinand paste15:11
holsteinuname -a15:11
holsteinthen, tell me where you got that kernel15:11
holsteinTHEN, tell me why you must use that kernel15:11
holsteinand not the one that comes by default15:11
holsteinTHEN, you can tell me IF you want to try my suggestion15:11
dpu123see i have an OS,which is build from linux from scratch.I had upgraded the kernel,tats y i need this stuff to be installed there.15:12
holsteinthis is more for ubuntustudio specific support15:13
holsteinyou're welcome to hang here15:13
holsteini would try a normal ubuntu live CD15:13
holsteinnot studio15:13
holsteinand see if the device is picked up by default15:14
holsteinand you can go from there15:14
holsteini have several ralink chips15:14
dpu123well can u tell me why this error occurs, 'struct net_device’ has no member named ‘wireless_handlers'15:14
holsteinand they seem to work15:14
holsteindpu123: not really in any particular way15:14
holsteinbut i bet its the kernel you have15:15
holsteintrying an ubuntu live CD would be a good trouble-shooting steop15:15
holsteinthat would give you access to a 'normal' kernel15:15
lalecheMe pueden ayudar con las conexiones de alsa pcm sistem djplay y jackqt ctl20:27
azmle englisg please20:36
azm*english eve3n20:36
lalecheahora si que la hemos liao. i need help conecting alsa pcm djplay jackqt ctl20:51
azmlaleche, se utiliza djplay alsa o gato?20:56
azmalsa o jack*20:56
azmlaleche, si desea utilizar alsa por separado lo que tienes que hacer '. asoundrc' archivo20:57
azmnot sure if it is what you need20:58
lalechesorry one minute21:07
lalecheSend laleche /home/isma/Escritorio/alsa_connection_kit.png21:10
lalecheI need to connect to play and record from djplay21:14
lalecheque quiere decir "se utiliza djplay alsa o gato?"21:18

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