storrgieHow do I do multiple firefox instances with unity?00:54
storrgieit seems to only want me to have one00:54
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hyperairi think if you middle click the icon it'll launch another instnace01:04
hyperairfirefox also has a ctrl+n button you can use01:05
ionThat’s just multiple windows.01:05
ionThe last time i checked Firefox didn’t seem to support multiple instances at all. Which sucks. But neither did, say, Gnome.01:06
hyperairwell i'm assuming that's what he meant by multiple instances.01:10
ionUnity-2D doesn’t seem to do anything when i middle-click a launcher button.01:11
bcurtiswxjono, re: new icons.  I don't know if it makes a difference, but empathy's new icons are in 2.91.X and we'll see them in OO. AFAIK01:23
jonobcurtiswx, cool01:24
bcurtiswxjono, wasn't sure if the others are the same or not01:24
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MacSlowgreetings everybody08:01
oSoMoNgood morning08:05
didrocksgood morning08:18
htorquegood morning, everyone! what's currently the right way to disable the global menu in unity? still UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= <application>?08:31
didrockshtorque: hey!08:33
didrockshtorque: yeah08:33
didrocksjust unset the variable08:33
htorquedidrocks, interesting, because that doesn't work for the latex editor Kile08:34
didrockshtorque: are you sure it doesn't fork or something like that? I'm not sure KDE qt application are using this variable. Something to ask to agateau08:41
agateauhtorque: didrocks: Qt does not use this variable (surprisingly, it does not load gtk modules! :) )08:42
htorquedidrocks, seems they don't. just tested it with the editor Kate and it eouldn't work there either.08:42
agateauhtorque: didrocks: iirc the appmenu wiki page mentions the correct var08:43
agateaummm it does not08:44
* agateau fixes the wiki08:44
agateauhtorque: QT_X11_NO_NATIVE_MENUBAR=1 myapp should do the job08:45
htorqueagateau, great, that worked, thanks!08:45
agateau(htorque: and don't forget to report a bug if you find an app which is broken with appmenu)08:45
htorqueagateau, that was the next thing on my list ;)08:45
agateauhtorque: good!08:46
htorqueagateau, i forgot, which one was the right package for such bug reports?08:46
agateauhtorque: appmenu-qt (sometimes the bug is in libdbusmenu-qt, but in this case I take care of reassigning)08:47
htorqueagateau, good, thanks again08:47
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czajkowskikenvandine: I have a wee problem with Gwibber being a tad special today. upgraded work machine to natty. No tweets, tried to stop and restart stuff, and now gwibber is crashing  https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/724918/comments/415:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 724918 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "gwibber crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." [Medium,New]15:06
kenvandineczajkowski, can you get me a traceback from the gwibber-service?15:08
kenvandinekillall gwibber gwibber-service15:08
kenvandinegwibber-service -d -o15:08
czajkowskiczajkowski@Penny:~$ gwibber-service -d -o15:20
czajkowskiFound gwibber-service already running, exiting15:20
kenvandinekillall gwibber gwibber-service15:20
kenvandinethen run it15:20
kenvandineoh... maybe it isn't dieing15:20
czajkowskiaye I did the kill all15:21
kenvandinekillall -9 gwibber gwibber-service15:21
czajkowskiahh that killed it15:21
czajkowskisaying my accounts need to be reauthorised15:22
czajkowskiloads and then crashes again15:22
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 744997 not found15:23
coz_  hey guys15:23
rodrigo_njpatel, didrocks: can I get a 2nd approval for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/unity/fix-740360/+merge/55319 ?16:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 55319 in spiralsynthmodular (Ubuntu) "Request sync of latest spiralsynthmodular version from Debian, oveversion" [Undecided,Invalid]16:38
njpatelrodrigo_, +!16:40
rodrigo_njpatel, ok thanks16:40
tedgCimi, When we're making something insensitive should we blend with white or the background color in the theme?  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-datetime/bevel+utc/+merge/5468416:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54684 in Nautilus "High CPU usage" [Critical,Fix released]16:49
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mterrytedg, good point, probably background16:50
tedgmterry, Yeah, I was asking Cimi as I thought he might know how other people handle it.16:55
tedgmterry, It seems like the background color is the best we have.16:55
mterrytedg, alright, I'll look into patching it16:56
Cimitedg: what's that?17:00
Cimiwhat's this cairo drawing17:00
Cimitedg: and static colors are always wrong17:02
Cimitedg: so you should pick the right one17:02
tedgCimi, This is a custom widget17:02
tedgCimi, We want it to "look insensitive" when it is.17:02
tedgCimi, The idea was to dim it slightly.17:02
Cimitedg: please don't mess with UI without asking me17:03
tedgCimi, ?17:03
Cimitedg: I will take care with the approval with Otto17:03
tedgCimi, There is no approval with Otto here.17:03
Cimitedg: I'm in charge of controlling the style guidelines17:03
Cimitedg: so, if you're doing a cusstom widget/whatever, poke me before17:04
Cimitedg: so we are sure to do it correctly and compatible with radiance/ambiance and other themes as well17:04
Cimi(High Contrast too)17:04
Cimia fill with pure white seems an issue17:05
tedgCimi, Frankly, that's impractical.  But, I'd your advice on this question.  What color do you think should be used?17:05
Cimitedg: for what?17:05
tedgCimi, To dim the map.17:05
CimiI repeat, I'd like to see the widget to tell you17:05
tedgCimi, Okay, go to datetime, pull up the settings.17:05
Cimitedg: I would say17:05
CimiLET ME SEE17:06
Cimiops :D17:06
Cimione second tedg17:06
Cimitedg: does the color of the map change?17:06
tedgCimi, No, they're PNGs17:06
Cimitedg: ok, so white sounds ok17:06
Cimitedg: we just don't care17:07
Cimitedg: I would say again bg[INSENSITIVE]17:07
tedgCimi, Won't that look odd in a dark theme?17:07
Cimitedg: or maybe bg[NORMAL]17:07
tedgYeah, I think bg[INSENSITIVE] makes the most sense.17:07
Cimitedg: either insensitive or normal17:08
Ciminormal could be good as it blends with the borders around the picture17:08
tedgCimi, Which would you prefer?17:08
Cimiops, with the frame around17:08
Cimitedg: I would say bg normal just for this reason17:09
Cimiwhat do you think?17:09
Cimiif your goal is to make the png dimmed17:09
Cimitedg: though I would desaturate it a bit or make it transparent17:10
Cimiinstead covering it17:10
Cimior a combo17:10
Cimitedg: anyway I know that poking me could slow down things, but it's better to slow down now than fixing visual bugs in the future :)17:11
Cimitedg: also, what happened to my branch proposed for indicator-messages with the updated bubbles and text?17:12
tedgCimi, It was crashing indicator messages, like I replied on the merge request.17:12
Cimitedg: let me catch it17:14
mterrytedg, branch updated to use background color17:15
tedgmterry, Great, thanks!17:15
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cimi_tedg: I've updated the patch17:40
tedgcimi_, Sweet!17:41
cimi_tedg: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/indicator-messages/update-fixes-to-right-label-and-icon-dimension/+merge/5537717:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 55377 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "Soft lockup on CPU after restore from hybernation" [Undecided,Invalid]17:41
cimi_ubot5: you're stupid17:41
tedgcimi_: What happened to all the old revisions?17:43
Cimitedg: I've created a new branch17:43
tedgcimi, Still, where are the older revisions?  Did you merge them in?17:44
tedgCimi, I'm unclear on what you fixed in the lp:~cimi/indicator-messages/fixes-to-right-label-and-icon-dimension to branch to make it stop crashing.  Can you highlight that for me?17:51
Cimitedg: it was not crashing before17:52
Cimitedg: was your own branch maybe17:52
CimiI just updated it to trunk and using gvariant17:52
Cimitedg: I've just grabbed a clean version from trunk, applied that, installed... works17:53
tedgCimi, Uhm.  It crashes in time, what did you do to test?17:53
Cimitedg: I've tested with empathy, gwibber, evolution17:53
Cimitedg: where does it crash for you?17:53
Cimido you have a reproduciable case? a bt?17:53
tedgCimi, After about an hour or two of use.17:53
tedgCimi, Nope.17:54
Cimitedg: ok, let's keep it opened17:54
tedgCimi, I think that I commented to that extent on the merge request.17:54
Cimino iirc tedg17:54
Cimitedg: you didn't say anything about any issue in the previous merge request18:14
Cimitedg: just a general "messaging menu gets corrupted every so often"18:14
Cimitedg: I'm not experiencing any of this, could you please try my branch again in a clean installation?18:15
Cimitedg: here was working fine, and is working fine18:15
Cimitedg: I can't reproduce your issues at all, and the code seems quite ok18:15
tedgCimi, Okay, so why don't your run that version for a couple of days and get back to me.  It's going to be on the order of hours.  I'd also recommend running liferea, as it hits the menu pretty hard.18:20
Cimitedg: ok I am running it18:20
Cimitedg: what kind of corruption did you have?18:26
tedgCimi, The menu lost all it's entries.  And other menus would as well.18:26
tedgCimi, Probably a stray pointer of some such.18:26
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Cimicould be, i bet the font dimensioin tedg18:27
CimiAndreaAzzarone: would you mind fixing a bug for ayatana-scrollbars? :)18:27
AndreaAzzaronecimi, telle me! :)18:28
CimiAndreaAzzarone: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/+bug/73699218:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736992 in ayatana-scrollbar "Rendering error on multiple monitors" [Medium,Triaged]18:29
CimiAndreaAzzarone: should be trivial to fix, we need to deal with dimensions18:29
Cimilike translating absolute coordinates (whole screen) into relative dimensions18:30
Cimi(per monitor)18:30
AndreaAzzaroneCimi, there is already a branch... lp:~bilalakhtar/ayatana-scrollbar/fix-73699218:31
CimiAndreaAzzarone: broken18:31
CimiAndreaAzzarone: that branch does nothing18:32
AndreaAzzaroneCimi, ok i will look to that!18:32
Cimigord: ^^18:32
CimiAndreaAzzarone: grande!18:33
AndreaAzzaroneCimi, :)18:33
AndreaAzzaroneCimi, There is an expiry date? Because i don't know if i can fix today! :(18:36
CimiAndreaAzzarone: when you want, better before thursday18:36
CimiAndreaAzzarone: otherwise next thursday18:37
AndreaAzzaroneCimi, thursday should be ok!18:37
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ftasmspillaz, yt?19:47
Islingtonhow can I bother about mech in ubuntu store?20:13
nhainesGrr, I can't pull the Unity panel down to restore a maximized window today.  :(21:39
coz_hey all22:48
hvthe shortcut key for the unity launcher behaves strange: <Super> is mapped to show-launcher, but even when I press <Super>Tab, the launcher shows up. It is as if the keys pressed very shortly after <Super> are being ignored.23:14
nhaineshv: Super-Tab no longer works for me as a window flippy deal.23:16
hvnhaines: maybe it is set to Alt-Tab for you?23:17
nhaineshv: that's just the standard window switcher for me.23:18
hvnhaines: I have to hold <Super>, pause a moment, and then pres Tab for it act properly.23:18
nhaineshv: in Ubuntu 10.10 (for example), it displays all windows and lets you "flip" through them with an animation.  So I presumed that maybe you were looking for that.23:19
nhaineshv: If you've remapped Alt-Tab to Super-Tab, then that's another issue.  :)23:19
hvnhaines: there are a bunch of switcher plugins for compiz, that one is called shift I guess.23:20
hvnhaines: even if I did that it should still work23:20
nhaineshv: I was just thinking that a default install of natty does not have anything mapped to Super-Tab.23:20
nhainesSo if you've customized it, then yes it should work as you intend.23:21
hvnhaines: you can enable the shift plugin in gconf-editor if you want.23:21
hvnhaines: my the problem is with the [apparently] screwed up logic used for showing the launcher: When another shortcut key matches the launcher should not still show up. currently, the shortcut key you pressed (e.g. Super+W, if you pressed them fast enough) is acted upon and ADDITIONALLY the launcher show up!23:25
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