nixternalhuh, someone say my name?00:46
_groo_ok nixternal went crazy completely00:57
_groo_asking in a silent room if someone said is name00:57
_groo_i knew that would happen eventually00:57
_groo_like me, talking to myself in a silent room00:58
_groo_maybe i should cook some cats now...00:58
* _groo_ goes to cook some of his cats...00:58
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nixternalmmmm cats01:07
_groo_nixternal: chomp chomp.. want some?01:08
* _groo_ hands nixternal a crispy cat leg01:08
nixternalputting some on a taco shell as we speak :)01:08
nixternalCAT TACOS!01:08
_groo_sounds like a borderline little city between mexico and texas01:09
_groo_nixternal: nix real quick since i need to go home01:10
_groo_nixternal: im doing the tomahawk package01:11
_groo_nixternal: but dh is copying same libs twice, one to /usr/lib and other to /usr/lib6401:11
_groo_nixternal: but if i do a dpkg --contents it only shows the ones in lib6401:11
_groo_nixternal: and if i remove the package both sets of libs are moved from both lib and lib6401:11
_groo_have you ever seen this before?01:12
_groo_nixternal: actually its copying the libs to /lib and make symlinks to /lib64!... never seen this behaviour before...01:15
_groo_nixternal: even worse, they are hardlinked01:20
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micahgis there a reason why kpackagekit is in Section: libs?07:25
javaloggerbad copy'n'paste I suppose07:27
micahgjavalogger: should I file a bug in LP, Debian, or both?07:28
javaloggerme@avatar:/tmp/kpackagekit-$ grep Section *07:30
javaloggercontrol:Section: kde07:30
javaloggerthat is interesting07:30
javaloggermicahg: both, though since we propose our changes to debian when merging I suppose LP would be sufficient too07:31
micahgjavalogger: ok, will do a little later, thanks07:31
javaloggerwhat is even more interesting is that the build log also says the package has section kde Oo07:32
javaloggerme@avatar:/var/cache/apt/archives$ dpkg-deb -I kpackagekit_0.6.3.3-0ubuntu2_i386.deb  | grep Section07:34
javalogger Section: kde07:34
micahgjavalogger: maybe it's an archive override?07:34
javaloggerperhaps, Riddell will know07:34
micahghttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/natty/kpackagekit/natty/view/head:/debian/control agrees with your local copy :)07:37
micahgso it must be an archive override or some other weird thing07:37
_human_blip_I have a problem with system-config-printer-kde that started with the upgrade to 4.6.1 via the kubuntu-backports ppa but continued after upgrading to natty. Should I ask about it here or in #kubuntu?07:43
javalogger_human_blip_: #kubuntu is for support07:49
Tm_Tthen again, natty isn't supported there (:07:51
javaloggerTm_T: read again :P07:51
Tm_Tif he is now in natty, it's hard to test07:52
Tm_Tanyway, stating the problem in #kubuntu is a start (:07:53
_human_blip_javaloger: read where? not obvious or I wouldn't be asking.07:53
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kunalRiddell: hello09:09
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Riddellhello kunal 09:52
Riddellclaydoh: fancy starting us off with https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Beta1/Kubuntu ?09:54
bambeedebfx: thanks for your review I totally forgot that...10:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: what about the qml uds schedule app btw?10:36
bambeeI definitively don't understand why does dpkg-buildpackage add it in .debian.tar.gz ...10:38
apacheloggerbambee: add what?10:39
bambeeapachelogger: debian/patches/debian-changes-${version}10:40
apacheloggerto carry your diff :P10:41
apacheloggerin previous source format versions dpkg-buildpackage would create the dsc and a diff.gz, it was very common to change things inside the package without an actual patch and have the difference show up as part of the diff in diff.gz10:42
apacheloggerthis of course comes with a set of problems, most importantly however the diff.gz is not particularly accessible so the debian.tar.gz got introduced, which however would take away the possibility to easily change something10:43
apacheloggerso instead debsrc3 just makes a change applied directly in the source into a patch10:43
apacheloggerwhich is a very sane thing for the better part as those changes usually are macro changes and directly related to what the changelog will contain for that particular change, so creating the patch with teh changelog entry as description is a perfect approach for this use case10:44
* apachelogger notes that this approach is however are not very common in ubuntu but quite a bit within debian10:44
agateaudebfx: hey, I have Amarok patches I'd like to get in Natty, since I am famous for not using the right bzr branches, which bzr branch should I pick? lp:~kubuntu-members/amarok/natty seems to be packaging upcoming 2.4.1 release, is there a bzr branch for the 2.4.0 package?10:55
agateaubambee: this often happened to me if I changed patches right after getting the source package: it is because nowadays unpacking the source packages applies the patches, be sure to do "quilt pop -a" before editing patches10:57
* bambee adds this command in his "tips&tricks" notes10:59
bambeeagateau: okay thanks10:59
bambeehave a good lunch11:00
agateauRiddell: you probably know the answer to my amarok question as well ^11:06
Riddellagateau: lp:~kubuntu-members/amarok/ubuntu11:07
agateauRiddell: what worries me is that it packages, which most likely already contains one of the patches I applied. Do you think we will ship 2.4.1 with Natty?11:08
Riddelloh so it does, we're undecided on if we'll ship 2.4.1 or 2.4.0, it depends when it gets released and how stable it is11:09
Riddellfor now the plan is 2.4.0 since I don't think there's a release schedule for 2.4.111:09
Riddellso just apt-get source amarok and diff to that11:10
agateauRiddell: and mail the patches to you?11:13
Riddellyes can do11:13
agateauRiddell: great, mailing then11:22
kunalRiddell: i am working on avogadro for  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/707794 11:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 707794 in avogadro (Ubuntu Natty) "libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support" [High,In progress]11:28
Riddellkunal: do you think it's possible?11:28
agateauRiddell: patches sent11:29
kunalRiddell: wanted to know if reasonable to disable GLSL   on armel11:29
Riddellkunal: what's GLSL?11:30
kunalRiddell: it's dependent on  ligglew 11:31
kunalRiddell: if remove libglew i get the message  CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:185 (message):11:31
kunal   GLEW not found, please install it if you require GLSL11:31
Riddellkunal: if that's what's needed to get it compiled on arm then yes11:33
kunalRiddell: i have made two changes 11:33
kunal1. control file - libqt4-opengl-dev and libglew1.5-dev on [i386 amd64 powerpc]11:33
kunal2. rules file - ifeq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),armel armhf))11:34
Riddellkunal: and that fixes it?11:34
kunalRiddell: not tried on arm build, wanted to know that whether GLSL can be disabled 11:35
Riddellkunal: I would think so, if that is what's needed to get it compiled.  I don't know anything about avogadro myself though11:36
Riddellkunal: but do try it now and see if it will compile11:37
kunalRiddell: ok, i'll try 11:37
Riddellagateau: we're in beta freeze so I can't upload until Friday11:38
agateauRiddell: no problem, can you just ping me when it's in?11:38
Riddellagateau: oui11:41
* agateau wishes he could answer Riddell with a scottish version of "thanks"11:41
Riddellagateau: a bottle of whisky would do :)11:59
agateauRiddell: damn, translations aren't cheap!11:59
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jussiapachelogger: apachelogger!!!13:31
apacheloggerjussi: did something happen? :O13:33
* apachelogger blames Riddell13:33
Riddellwasnae me13:33
ScottKWow.  Koffice build on armel is not done yet ...13:54
Riddellit takes its time14:01
jussiapachelogger: I want a diaspora app for android :D14:01
apacheloggerwho doesnt14:02
* ScottK doesn't even know what it is.14:02
apachelogger[head -> wall]+14:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: will you help me rewrite phonon in java?14:16
apacheloggerScottK: android is a legacy operating system for mobile devices, replaced by Microsoft Windows Phone Seven in 201014:16
ScottKapachelogger: I know what Android is.14:16
apachelogger-*- ScottK doesn't even know what it is.14:17
ScottKIt's the thing that if you make a phone using it Microsoft will sue you.14:17
ScottKapachelogger:  diaspora.14:17
apacheloggerScottK: open source facebook14:17
ScottKThat was the 'it' in question.14:17
ScottKI vaguely remember that now.14:18
apacheloggerit is the luuuby14:18
bambeedebfx: I don't understand... you said that libmygpo-qt it under the terms of the LGPL2.1+ license... however both libmygpo-qt/LICENSE and debian/copyright contain the same copy...14:30
Riddellbambee: "License: LGPL-2.1" in debian/copyright should be "License: LGPL-2.1+"14:31
bambeethat all ?14:31
Riddellactually three times14:31
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ScottKRiddell: I don't understand why we need these -workspace changes? 14:45
RiddellScottK: because currently kdm and plasma-desktop get pulled onto the mobile image14:50
ScottKBecause they're in Main?14:50
ScottKRiddell: Could we do it with an explicit excludes in the mobile seed so the alternate gets picked up?14:51
Riddellbecause something pulls in kdebase-workspace and kdebase-workspace-bin into kubuntu-common, they pull in kdm and plasma-desktop14:51
Riddellblacklisting doesn't work any more14:51
ScottKExplicitly seeding nodm?14:52
ScottKSince it's Recommends: kdm (>= ${source:Version}) | nodm14:52
Riddellwe do, in the mobile seed, but kubuntu-common gets included before mobile and it brings in kdm14:52
ScottKThis will put us back ~14 hours on armel.  No testing until tomorrow.14:53
ScottKRiddell: If you're good with ^^^, I'll accept.14:53
RiddellScottK: for mobile only, desktop images should be fine14:53
Riddelland since today's mobile image boots up into kdm and plasma-desktop, it's not much of a mobile image :)14:54
ScottKWe should have i386/amd64 in a couple of hours, so maybe we can respin those anyway, just to be current.14:54
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bambeelibqzeitgeist has been uploaded to revu by the way15:06
Riddellshadeslayer: can you confirm or deny does not save cookies between sessions https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=269700, back to google doesn't work https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=269701, clicking back does not change URL bar https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26970215:11
ubottuKDE bug 269700 in general "does not save cookies between desktop sessions" [Normal,New]15:11
ubottuKDE bug 269701 in general "google webpages broken when clicking back" [Normal,New]15:11
ubottuKDE bug 269702 in general "URL bar does not change when clicking back" [Normal,New]15:11
shadeslayerhey Riddell15:12
shadeslayeri'm on a shitty connection here ... 3 second lag15:12
shadeslayerRiddell: kde bug 269701looks like a dupe, need to fish out the exact bug .. but yeah it's definitely a dupe15:14
ubottuKDE bug 269701 in general "google webpages broken when clicking back" [Normal,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26970115:15
Riddellshadeslayer: I couldn't find anything search for google and back in open bugs15:16
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shadeslayerRiddell: okay i can't seem to find anything either15:39
shadeslayerso marking as confirmed15:39
shadeslayerm4n1sh: around?15:46
m4n1shshadeslayer: pong16:25
ScottKIs libreoffice 3.3 any less crashy than OOo 3.2?16:32
ScottKtxwikinger: ^^^ - You'd know, right?16:32
droidslayerScottK: well .. It certainly is much better than OOo16:50
droidslayerStill missing proper kde integration :(16:50
ScottKI'd settle for not crashing so much.16:51
ScottKThat would be great progress.16:51
yofelany idea how I can use a different color scheme just for LO? LO/OOo look horrible with a dark colorscheme17:00
yofelI would esp. expect the paper color to be white in any case for a WYSISYG editor...17:01
shadeslayerm4n1sh: problem resolved, thanks tho :)17:12
m4n1shshadeslayer: anyway what was the problem?17:13
shadeslayerm4n1sh: i was wondering of qtzeitgeist stored logs in nepomuk db's17:13
m4n1shnope it doesnt17:14
m4n1shhope that was the answer  you got17:14
shadeslayeryep :)17:14
shadeslayerm4n1sh: because i'm thinking of integrating Telepathy and Nepomuk, but then someone suggested qtzeitgeist, but i need the logs in nepomuk so that i get automatic integration with dolphin and other KDE apps17:15
m4n1shshadeslayer: automatic integration with dolphin?17:15
m4n1shI think a zeitgeist-kate integration exists17:16
shadeslayerm4n1sh: tags show up in the side bar, in searches, etc etc17:16
m4n1shI am not very sure how nepomuk works17:16
m4n1shso wont comment17:16
ScottKshadeslayer: I need less integration and more Nepomuk not eating my CPU & I/O.17:16
m4n1shbut zeitgeist-plasma support is also coming 17:16
shadeslayerScottK: i talked to a nepomuk dev during conf.kde.in and they said they're trying to fix that17:17
ScottKshadeslayer: They've been saying that since years now.17:17
shadeslayerm4n1sh: any ETA?17:18
m4n1shshadeslayer: it's a GSoC proposal17:18
ScottKThursday.  Just don't ask which one.17:18
m4n1shso have to wait for it17:18
shadeslayerScottK: lol17:18
shadeslayerm4n1sh: okay, seeing how i want to do Telepathy integration with KDE this GSoC, i don't think zeitgeist fits the plan.... ;(17:19
m4n1shshadeslayer: that is your GSoC proposal17:20
m4n1shwe can get it done pretty early too17:20
m4n1shbut its good to give chance to others too17:20
m4n1shinteresting developers17:20
m4n1sherr. I mean interesting projects17:20
shadeslayerm4n1sh: please don't rush code just because i said so :P17:21
m4n1shshadeslayer: we wont.. its good to leave simple projects to new people so that they can learn about it17:21
shadeslayerone could integrate zeitgeist once it's fully compatible in the future after GSoC too17:21
shadeslayer^^ more choice to the user ... he can choose nepomuk or zeitgeist17:22
ScottKThey do different things, AFAIK.17:22
m4n1shanyway most of the zeitgeist devs are from gnome background and for them it will take time for them to get familiar with KDE17:22
m4n1shI dont have much experience with Nepomuk17:22
m4n1shbut Zeitgeist is an event store17:22
m4n1shand zeitgeist ontology is based on Nepomuk17:22
shadeslayerScottK: right, nepomuk doesn't log chats right now, but that's something i'm going to try and implement this GSoC17:22
m4n1shshadeslayer: whole chat log stored in nepomuk database?17:23
shadeslayerm4n1sh: that's what trueg wants, i'm not entirely comfy with the idea myself17:24
shadeslayerstill thinking what can be done ....17:24
m4n1shthe chat logs can become huge17:24
m4n1shas day passes17:24
m4n1shesp if you start storing irc logs17:24
shadeslayeri agree17:24
m4n1shthen no one knows where it will go17:24
shadeslayerm4n1sh: and say a user turns off nepomuk .. then what happens17:25
ScottKThen their system doesn't bog down.17:25
shadeslayertrue ... along with all chats being lost17:26
* m4n1sh needs to give KDE a try again after months17:27
m4n1shScottK: is nepomuk performance that bad? really?17:27
m4n1shor are you just saying it in a funny way?17:27
ScottKDepends on what you're using.17:28
ScottKOn my netbook, it's an absolute killer.17:28
ScottKOn my current laptop it's a real PITA.17:29
m4n1shso you turn it off?17:29
* apachelogger scratches his ear17:29
ScottKIf I had some fancy i7 bazillion core box with a TB of RAM, I'm sure it'd be fine.17:29
ScottKMost of my hardware is a few years old, but I don't actually own any hardware it's usable on.17:29
m4n1shthat's bad17:30
ScottKSame with Strigi.17:30
ScottKThis is also why Ubuntu gave up on Tracker.17:30
ScottKI've never seen any meta-search thing that didn't just kill performance.17:30
* apachelogger has a fancy i7 bazillion core box with 6 GiB of RAM and stuff is still killing it :P17:31
ScottKYet, it seems to me that the developers of such things are so wrapped up in how wonderful the results are they don't pay attention to this at all.17:31
apacheloggerthough quite frankly shitty X is more of a performance drain17:31
ScottKSometimes X drags systems down too.17:32
apacheloggerwe all know the solution to all this17:32
apacheloggeractually there are 2 options17:32
apacheloggera) redo our system with darwin as base17:32
apacheloggerb) rewrite our system in java17:32
tazzquestion! i was knights ( http://packages.debian.org/sid/knights )  to be included in kubuntu also.17:32
m4n1shmore people ask for zeitgeist-tracker integration17:33
m4n1shforgetting that someone has to manage the integration too17:33
m4n1shit's pain to maintain, and in Activity Journal 0.6.0 we removed Tracker integration17:33
m4n1shas it was buggy and crashy17:33
m4n1shI stopped using Tracker.. used it long back when it was very slow17:33
m4n1shapachelogger: a fork bomb would perform better :)17:33
apacheloggerScottK: that'd be a workaround I suppose :P17:33
tazzhow do i go about it? Do i re-package it in debian?17:33
ScottKapachelogger: rewrite in Jave so the current one seems fast?17:33
apacheloggeryou are marked by years of people who had no idea of the suprior language design of java producing software clearly17:34
ScottKNo, I'm marked by having actually attempted to use Java apps.17:34
apacheloggeralso you should read my book 'holy java'17:34
apacheloggerI describe in detail how to make the best out of it17:34
apacheloggeressentially it boils down to not use 90% of the language's capabilities17:35
ScottKtazz: We can sync it from Debian, but since we are late in the development cycle it'll need review by the release team.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for details on how to ask for a Feature Freeze exception to get it in.17:36
tazzScottK, http://packages.debian.org/sid/knights17:36
tazzchecking link17:36
seiflotfyok guys17:47
seiflotfynepomuk and zeitgeist are 2 VERY different things17:47
seiflotfyvery different17:47
seiflotfynepomuk is a metadata sotrage17:47
seiflotfyzeitgeist is something like "recently used" manager on steroids17:47
seiflotfynepomuk knows what your data is about17:47
seiflotfyzeitgeist knows how you use your data17:48
* claydoh hates wiki.kubuntu.org atm17:50
claydohRiddell: im on the release now, hopefully the wiki cooperates :(17:51
Riddellclaydoh: I think it does always save  you just have to load the page manually17:52
claydohyeah luckily I found that out but it is super slow, errors, and didn't copy the images lol17:53
claydohnot too hard tho17:53
seiflotfyScottK, did we not share a room together at UDS17:53
claydohRiddell: any new bits we need to add  since alpha3? other than 4,6,117:53
ScottKseiflotfy: We did. 17:53
ScottKseiflotfy: You were drooling over my beautiful Kubuntu Netbook installation, IIRC.17:54
shadeslayerhahaha :D17:54
seiflotfyScottK, yeah17:54
seiflotfyScottK, and guess what17:54
seiflotfyi decided to bring Zeitgeist to KDE17:54
shadeslayerScottK: aw ... we didn't get to meet :(17:54
seiflotfybecause the community rocks17:54
shadeslayerseiflotfy: ^^17:54
seiflotfyi must give you props on that guyds17:55
seiflotfyKDE ppl you tend to take matters in your own hand17:55
seiflotfyand have a better unity than other communities17:55
ScottKshadeslayer: Not that UDS.  The one in Belgium.17:55
manishseiflotfy: atleast there are no shitstorms :)17:56
shadeslayerseiflotfy: can you explain what you are planning with zeitgeist + KDE?17:57
seiflotfyshadeslayer, do u know the difference between nepomuk and zeitgeist first?17:59
RiddellvHanda had good things to say about zeitgeist when I ask him in his nepomuk talk at conf.kde.in17:59
shadeslayerseiflotfy: you just explained it, nepomuk = meta data indexer, knows what your data is about18:00
seiflotfyshadeslayer, well we can create much more intelligent "activities"18:00
shadeslayerseiflotfy: zeitgeist = knows what you do with your data18:00
seiflotfywe can provide you with most used files per application or per location18:00
shadeslayerseiflotfy: ah .. so say i open koffice, and click on the open dialog, it'll populate the dialog with files i use most18:01
manishshadeslayer: zg can provide you with list of people with whom you chat the most in any order18:02
shadeslayerwhereas nepomuk will tell me who sent me that file and at what date i last edited it, etc etc18:02
shadeslayerooh 18:02
seiflotfyshadeslayer, yeah exactly18:02
seiflotfyshadeslayer, well anything that has to do with time is zeitgeist terriotory18:02
seiflotfybut stuff like tags and searching is done by nepomuk18:02
seiflotfywe cant search really18:03
manishthe or which directory you use to save the file the most18:03
seiflotfyonly over extensions18:03
shadeslayerseiflotfy: oh .. but nepomuk does timeline stuff as well :)18:03
seiflotfyshadeslayer, it overwrites attributes18:03
seiflotfywhich means it only knows when is last edited18:03
seiflotfyit does not know everytime u edited it18:03
shadeslayerseiflotfy: vHanda hates it when people say nepomuk is a search tool :P18:03
seiflotfywhich is the main requirment for "most used"18:03
seiflotfyshadeslayer, its not18:03
manishzeitgeist can stores all the time when the file was accessed or modified18:03
seiflotfyits a repository18:03
shadeslayeryet he started with a cool searching video app :P18:03
shadeslayerseiflotfy: *nod*18:03
seiflotfyshadeslayer, can u send me a link to the KDE videos 18:04
seiflotfyof the conference in indaia18:04
RiddellI don't think there were any videos taken18:04
shadeslayerseiflotfy: i don't have the conf videos, but there is a really cool vid of nepomuk18:04
shadeslayerRiddell: a few were taken IIRC18:04
shadeslayerthere was a video camera going about18:04
seiflotfyso none of the nepomuk stuff18:05
seiflotfythe nice thing is the Zeitgeist grew in the Ubuntu community18:05
shadeslayerseiflotfy: http://vhanda.in/blog/2011/03/nepomuk-audio-search/18:05
seiflotfybut its not a canonical product :)18:05
seiflotfyalthough canonical contributed lots of code18:06
seiflotfymaybe 5% of it18:06
ScottKIt would be interesting if you asked them for copyright assignment.18:06
ScottKBased on their rationale for requiring it, they should be OK with that.18:06
seiflotfywell they were nice enough to agree to change the license18:09
seiflotfysince we started lgpl 318:09
seiflotfyand we wanted to change to lgpl 2.1+ for KDE integration18:09
seiflotfybut by then canonical had contirbuted code and was in the copyrights18:10
manishseiflotfy: to be precise libzeitgeist is a canonical product18:10
seiflotfyso we asked them and they agreed18:10
seiflotfymanish, even the engine has canonical in it18:10
seiflotfyin the mimetype mapping part18:10
manishtheir copyright18:10
seiflotfythey are listed as copyright holders18:10
seiflotfywe copied part of their code into ours18:10
Riddellseiflotfy: why does KDE integration need LGPL 2.1?18:11
seiflotfywell it makes stuff easier18:11
manishI think it was needed for GNOME integration too18:11
seiflotfynot every app in KDE is ready to use an lgpl3 stuff18:11
seiflotfymanish, overall it was kinda needed18:11
seiflotfyi mean i had the discussion with trueg18:12
seiflotfyand he convinced me that lgpl3 makes no sense18:12
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Riddellbambee: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libqzeitgeist  mostly all good18:18
bambeeArrff... crap... wrong license (the same error twice)18:22
manishRiddell: bambee no watch file?18:22
* bambee looks at packaging documentation18:23
Riddellmm, watch would be good18:26
Riddellalthough I'm not convinced they work18:26
bambeeuscan downloads the new tarball automatically... then ?18:28
manishand applied it too18:28
bambeedoes uscan send an email notification or something like that ?18:29
manishno clue18:29
manishbut i used uscan with git18:29
Riddellbambee: in theory it gets listed at http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html18:29
manishrun usan18:29
manishdownloads and applies18:29
manishand commits18:30
manishand creates a git tag18:30
bambeewell, why not...18:31
manishbambee: I dont know how you people manage packaging18:32
bambeemanish: I am a beginner :)18:33
manishbambee: beginner as developer or packaging?18:34
bambeeas packager18:34
ScottKWhat package do I file bugs against for "System Notification Helper"?18:41
RiddellScottK: I'm not sure what you mean by that, got a screenshot?18:42
ScottKThe one I mean is the one that tries to install Flash for you on a new install.18:43
Riddellthat's kubuntu-notification-helper18:43
ScottKBug #74513318:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745133 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "Claims to have succeeded when it failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74513318:45
ScottKshadeslayer: I note that rekonq still thinks it knows better than me about if I really mean to close a window when I use ctrl-w.18:50
shadeslayerScottK: there was a discussion about this, and the lead dev chose to keep it that way18:51
shadeslayerhe says that this debate starts up every release cycle18:51
shadeslayerand he won't change it for every release18:52
ScottKHis excuse for other broken things was "FF/Chromium do it this way".  In this case I guess it doesn't matter.18:52
bambeeI have also finished phonon 4.5.0 (on revu), but take your time it can wait until tomorrow :)18:52
ScottKWas it ever different than this?18:52
shadeslayerapparently, yes18:54
ScottKctrl-w means close window.18:54
ScottKHow can not closing a window possibly be right?18:54
shadeslayerctrl+w means closing a tab18:54
manishCtrl+Q for quitting18:55
shadeslayerctrl+q means closing a window :)18:55
ScottKOK.  Tab/Window, same result.18:55
shadeslayeraltho ... if it's the one and only tab18:55
ScottKAnd you don't close it, that's not closing a tab.18:55
shadeslayerScottK: i agree, but i really can't do anything about it because the lead dev would simply revert it18:56
ScottKIt's perverse.  It's like he takes the one really broken feature of Konqueror and picks that to be the one where he wants to copy Konqueror.18:56
shadeslayerheh :P18:56
ScottKEverything else, broken or not, he wants to be like FF/Chromium.18:56
afiestasRiddell: do you still need the bug report?18:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: around?19:32
txwikingerScottK: I had far less crashes with Libreoffice19:51
ScottKtxwikinger: Glad to hear it.  I just pulled the trigger on upgrading Maverick -> Natty on my main laptop for this.19:51
txwikingerI don't use natty desktop yet.. only server19:52
macoScottK, shadeslayer: in firefox, there's an option for whether closing the last tab should close the window19:52
ScottKmaco: yes. I know.  chromium too.19:53
ScottKAn option.19:53
ScottKI should read the whole thing.19:53
ScottKRiddell: Do you want to go ahead with avogadro (then edu/plasma-addons) now or after beta 1?19:53
RiddellScottK: has kunal got back with results from avogadro?20:25
Riddellafiestas: yes the bug number/URL would be good20:25
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  It's in queue.20:25
Riddellwell 20:26
Riddellwell avogadro isn't on any CDs so that should be fine20:26
ScottKYes, but kdedu/addons are.20:26
ScottKWe can't do arm images until late tonight/tomorrow anyway.20:27
RiddellScottK: why's that?20:30
ScottKWaiting for -workspace.20:31
RiddellI don't know for sure that kdeedu and addons will even compile with this avogadro20:31
Riddellkdeedu will still need gl removed20:31
Riddellso it still needs a test compile20:32
ScottKI'm pretty sure it's just dropping build-deps, but yes, it does.20:32
Riddellit's not just dropping build-deps, it's a patch, removing the step package, and adding a build-dep20:33
Riddellusr/lib/libcompoundviewer.so.4 is the bit that avogadro makes20:34
Riddellso I can take my kdeedu which I compiled in the PPA and add that back and it should be all good20:35
bambeeppa.launchpad.net is down ? (ftp server) I cannot upload via dput o_O (Connection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused)20:35
Riddellbambee: cehck in #launchpad, their /topic should say20:35
ScottKRiddell: OK.  I'll accept avogadro and see how it goes from there.20:35
RiddellScottK: what's the version number?  I can upload kdeedu with a build-dep on it20:36
ScottKRiddell: avogadro 1.0.1-3.2ubuntu120:36
bambeeRiddell: the topic is normal, it says nothing about that20:38
* bambee checks again20:38
Riddellbambee: start moaning on the channel then :)20:39
afiestasRiddell: http://bugs.muiline.com/view.php?id=58420:54
afiestasalso, the last release is from: 2009/10/21 19:0920:54
afiestasand if you take a look at the resolved list: http://bugs.muiline.com/my_view_page.php20:55
afiestasthere are quite a lot patches that fix segfaults20:55
afiestas4 segfaults fixes + security fix20:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: no21:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: nvm .. i've already sent the stuff ... thanks anyways 21:00
shadeslayerdon't we have a meeting21:00
shadeslayeroh postponed21:01
Riddellthanks afiestas 21:05
bambeeafiestas: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/obex-data-server :)21:06
ScottKRiddell: No rush on kdeedu, avogadro failed on armel.21:17
RiddellScottK: tsk21:27
ScottKI find out after it failed it hadn't actually been tested on armel.21:27
Riddellumm, wasn't that the whole point?21:38
ScottKI kind of thought so, but I guess I don't think like a Linaro dev.21:41
ScottKRiddell: I think though, that with our 4 Efika boxen set up for ice creaming we can probably do native test builds a lot faster than some of them.21:41
apacheloggerwhich reminds me that I need to setup some box :/21:42
RiddellScottK: I never did work out how to get icecream working from within a hardy chroot21:44
ScottKIt was supposed to be automagic.21:44
ScottKIf it's not, we need to have apachelogger sprinkle some pixie dust on it.21:45
ScottKapachelogger: Yes, the .200 box.21:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: i need a javaburger21:45
apacheloggershadeslayer: no javaburger for you21:45
shadeslayerwhai? :(21:45
apacheloggerunless you sned me a mail to setup .20021:45
shadeslayera what?21:46
shadeslayeri have no idea what you are talking about21:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: you don't need to, just send me a mail :P21:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: now can i have a JavaBurger?21:48
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, kubotu is not here21:48
* apachelogger boostraps javaburgers using ruby21:48
=== frederik is now known as fregl
apacheloggershadeslayer: nice mailz21:53
shadeslayerthe one i sent your right?21:53
apacheloggerall of them21:54
apacheloggeremit yawn(PrincessYawn);21:55
ScottKOK, let's see if this baby boots into Natty ...22:02
ScottKSeems to be fine.22:10
ScottKSo I see we've fiddled all the fonts again.22:24
RiddellScottK: which baby booted into natty?23:35
ScottKRiddell: My main laptop.23:36
Riddellwhat do you think is different about the fonts?23:38
ScottKThey look different.  It's hard to say.23:38
ScottKThe clock in the panel looks fatter.23:39
ScottKThe regular test in quassel seems smaller.23:39
ScottK(and no thank you very much for disabling my IRC notification - I had to redo that bit)23:39
ScottKRiddell: The KDM theme was updated on upgrade, but not the wallpaper.23:40
ScottKBug?  Feature?23:40
RiddellScottK: "but not the wallpaper" being KDM wallpaper or plasma desktop wallpaper?23:41
ScottKRiddell: plasma desktop23:42
RiddellScottK: please set bug 712612 to confirmed then23:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 712612 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "No background after kubuntu upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71261223:42
RiddellI need to work out the kconf_update script for that23:43
Riddells/I/someone/ :)23:43

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