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Aloneahaving a slight issue with Kate. How do I force it to not turn on syntax highlighting? the syntax highlighting for LISP would be fine if it highlighted the matching parentheses, but its not. How do I get it to stop switching the syntax highlighting or how do I get it to show matching parentheses like it does on "normal" mode?00:49
James147Alonea: tools > highlighting ..00:50
AloneaJames147: I did, but it changed it back when I saved00:51
AloneaJames147: though it seems odd it doesn't show matching when on LISP mode seeing how its all parentheses.00:52
roxyI cant get my mic to work... what are some things i could install to get it to work?01:01
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Mase_wkroxy: most likely you don't need to install anything to get it to work. It's usually a configuration issue, or in somecases the driver for the soundcard isn't fully implemented01:05
quantroxy: start by checking the mixer settings01:06
Alonearoxy: for me, getting rid of pulseaudio fixed my mic, but make sure its pulseaudio is the culprit, though its easy to reinstall if its not.01:07
James147roxy: ^^ firstly though, make sure the capture devices arnt muted in lasamixer01:08
James147alsamixer ^^ (run it in a terminal)01:08
roxykk checking things and doing things let ya know in a bit :)01:09
roxyJames147:  ok in alsamixer there is no bar thing for the mic :-s01:11
James147roxy: but is it muted? (also make sure your looking at the capture devices)01:12
James147^^ f4 to switch to capture01:12
James147and f6 to change sound card if you have more then one01:12
roxyJames147: I gots it and the mic option there was on 0 there01:13
Alonearoxy: out of curiosity, is it a built in mic on a eee netbook or a regular plugin mic? if its USB, it can be finicky.01:14
roxybuilt in and my computer is a netbook01:14
Alonearoxy: 0 means its on, MM means mute01:14
roxywhat does it mean in playback option that it has no bar on it?01:15
roxylast time i got it to work was something i installed cant member(done it in terminal) but it brought up pluseaudio preferences and went to input devices and turned it on and the mic worked...01:18
James147pavucontrol ?01:20
roxyJames147: thankies that is it :)01:31
genii-aroundnaomi_: Do you have some Kubuntu related support question?01:40
naomi_I have no idea what on earth i'm doing with half of this stuff.01:40
Mase_wknaomi_: perhaps if you were able to phrase your goal in the form of a question, someone in the channel may be able to help you understand whatever your trying to do01:42
James147naomi_: any spicific question you want us to help wih?01:42
naomi_I'm new to the whole linx thing. I'm not sure how to do anything, regarding like downloading stuff. Or having to do commands and stuff in the terminal window.01:43
James147naomi_: you dont really need to worry about doing anything in a terminal ^^ though it is useful to learn and a very powerful tool01:44
kujulesi am new too, i like kpackagekit :D01:45
James147naomi_: as for downloading things, what thigs?01:45
James147kujules: yup, package managment software is one of the great features of linux :D01:45
andyflagHello guys.01:45
kujulesno need of use commands, easiest way01:46
James147kujules: ??01:46
kujulesi am talking of kpackagekit01:46
James147kujules: yeah, most command line utils have nice gui alternitives :)01:47
* James147 still finds it more effecient to use the terminal though... at elast most of the time :D01:47
kujulesyes it is. I am sorry but, i press the S-Abf + R < my pc does not react01:48
kujulesthe terminal is for professional users01:49
naomi__Yeah but for downloading things?01:49
naomi__I had to download Konversation in the terminal window. >.>01:49
kujulesS-Abf -> magic Sysrg key01:49
naomi__Or install, whatever.01:49
James147kujules: would say intermediate or greater, not neccessorly professional01:49
kujulesnaomi, i started to use kubuntu for nearly 2 weeks,  and i give up to unterstand how to install things , because i have kpackagekit01:50
James147naomi__: most programs can easaly be downloaded and install via a packagemanagment software, there is kpackagekit for the gui, or apt-get for the command line01:50
James147kujules: ^^ that is how you install things :)01:51
kujulesnot really01:51
kujulesfor example i tried to install firefox01:51
kujulesi search 2 days, no result!01:51
kujulesi came here, read what ubotto gave01:51
kujulesand i type that in terminal! wow, i have firefox :D01:52
naomi__what is kpackagekit?01:52
James147naomi__: kpackagekit is a software managment application ^^ it manages software :) basically it can download install update and remove packages (and packages can contain applications)01:52
naomi__is that like ummm synaptic package manager or something?01:53
naomi__i have that.01:53
James147naomi__: yes, though synaptic is what the gnome desktop envrioment uses...01:54
James147naomi__: so i have to ask, are you using kubuntu or ubuntu ?  :)01:54
naomi__thats what i have. >.>01:54
naomi__i have no idea lol.01:54
naomi__i searched "irc clients for linux" and it gave me this.01:54
naomi__ubuntu i think?01:54
naomi__ermm. 10.04?01:55
James147naomi__: both kubuntu and ubuntu share the same versioning ^^ :)01:55
naomi__so how does this synaptic thing work?01:55
naomi__how does answering noob's questions all day not get frustrating. :P01:55
James147naomi__: you might want to ask that in #ubuntu they will better deal with gnome related questions01:56
naomi__okie thanks.01:56
S74rk7hey everyone, just a quick question..is there a keyboard shortcut for locking + unlocking widgets? or where shoult I be looking to set/change this? under global, standard or custom keyboard shortcuts?02:00
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bobthebuilderhi all, newbie here.  I was wondering can I get skype for kubuntu? I have looked in the repositories but there are just add-ons?03:23
James147bobthebuilder: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/03:24
James147^^ not that it ever updates03:24
bobthebuilderit never updates?03:25
James147they have prity much abandoned sykepe for linux without actually say as much ^^ its been taged beta 2 for years now :p03:26
bobthebuilderlol..really? Oh my, so long as it works I guess?03:26
James147it works ^^03:27
James147jut far behind in features :(03:27
bobthebuilderyer, its a shame but still, if it can used on voip and sharing files then I'm happy at that :)03:29
bobthebuilderwell, thank you James147 I will go and see if all is well now it's installed....thanx again.03:30
_sophiai'm looking at files from my Windows partition03:37
_sophiawhat i want to do is put them on the desktop03:37
_sophianot on the little specialised desktop, on the general one03:37
_sophiahow do i do so?03:37
_sophianvm ^_^03:38
_sophiaokay, totally have a questio03:49
_sophiai want to make one of those self-contained desktops to put pdfs and a few other things in? how to do so such that it is in the actual folder on the desktop, not merely on the desktop on the first layer03:50
James147_sophia: you talking about the folder view?03:56
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_sophianow how do i place things i have on the desktop, into the folder view? ;d04:24
James147_sophia: you cant... since the things on the desktop are widgets, and the filder view wants files or folders (you can find the orignal files and place them in the folder however)04:25
_sophiai thought the things on the desktop are icons04:26
James147and icons are widgets :) at least on the desktop and panel04:26
James147if you drag a file to the desktop plasma creates an icon that points to that file ^^04:26
James147_sophia: this might be intresting: http://userbase.kde.org/Plasma04:27
_sophiaty, will look at that in a bit, playing chess right now >.>04:29
James147^^ although its abit dated now :p04:29
CartoonCatso i did a fresh install of kubuntu today. did the update, and now my standard user is a bit messed up04:44
Mase_wkCartoonCat: can you provide us with some more information so that we can help you.04:44
CartoonCatwas fine before the update. now, when i try to install from a .deb, give the password, it /looks/ like it says 'your user is not in the sudoers' but it flashes /very/ fast04:45
CartoonCatMase_wk: working on it, sorry slow typing04:45
CartoonCatat the same time, konsole is not acting right, like all my bash settings are, wrong or gone. (no tab, no colors, etc)04:46
Mase_wkCartoonCat: so if you move to a VT and type sudo bash does it work as expected ?04:47
CartoonCati will see04:47
James147s/sudo bash/sudo -i/04:48
CartoonCatMase_wk: ah that /does/ say im not in the sudoers04:48
Mase_wkok, and you were previously ?04:48
James147CartoonCat: what does "groups" say?04:48
CartoonCatMase_wk: Yes, or at least i assume so since these things were working before the upgrade04:49
CartoonCatJames147: good call, only my own group04:49
CartoonCati know that isnt right at all04:49
James147CartoonCat: you need to be in the admin group to have sudo rights04:50
Mase_wkand you're logging in as the same user as you were before ?04:50
CartoonCatMase_wk: yessir04:50
James147CartoonCat: reboot to recovery mode and add yourself to the group04:50
Mase_wkand the upgrade finished successfully ?04:50
CartoonCatI /can/ su to root still04:50
CartoonCatMase_wk: it said so, piped up said /reboot was needed ot finish/ did so, and blamo04:50
James147^^ you should never beable to su to root :p04:50
Mase_wkhmm ok interesting. not something i've ever experienced04:51
CartoonCatJames147: yea i know, one of kubs slight, failings04:51
CartoonCata quick setting of root pass and its better04:51
James147CartoonCat: its not a failing ^^ it to stop attacks agienst week root passwords04:51
James147with sudo you shouldnt need the root password04:51
CartoonCatJames147: I know, thats why I set root pass to a variant of my WPA passwords =)04:52
* James147 thinks thats even worst O-o04:52
CartoonCatreally? interesting. id liek to hear why04:53
DaskreechYou can brute a WPA with some tricks04:53
James147wpa keys are sharable ^^ and that04:53
Daskreechit might be a stretch to think that someone would translate that to your machine but it's not that far a stretch04:54
CartoonCatok, you didnt read it the way i meant it. it /is not/ a wpa key that is used, i use the wpa key algo to genrate a hex (and use the first 30 chars of it)04:54
Mase_wkCartoonCat: anything important should get it's own unique password and a long one at that04:54
Mase_wksize does matter :)04:54
James147but then i have to ask why root even needs a password when you have sudo ^^04:55
CartoonCatJames147: im old school, root always had a pw and no user had sudo rights04:56
James147CartoonCat: then remove sudo ^^ no point in having two secutiry holes04:56
CartoonCatJames147: do you really think a strong root password is a security hole?04:57
James147CartoonCat: any password is more of a hole then a disabled account ^^04:58
CartoonCatJames147: ok ill grant that. ill rephrase. do you really think that a 30 char, mixed case/let/num password is burtable whith in a reasonable time frame ?04:59
James147^^ and you remember that password with out it being writed down?05:00
Mase_wkir's basically about layering your system05:01
CartoonCatNope, but it also is not stored in one palce whole, its in 4 parts in a list of a few dozen other, same length char groups05:01
Mase_wkeach layer of security just makes it less likely that anyone motivated enough will be able to get access to your machine in the time frame that is suitable for them05:02
James147^^ seems more effort then not having a password05:02
DaskreechJames147: ha ha when you change your arguement to being too much effort I think you may be losing ground :)05:02
CartoonCatJames147: your likely right. ill look at moving past it.05:03
James147Daskreech: I mean, you have a password on your root for convience (if you get lock out of sudo?) but if you have to find 4 parts of the password to gain access again, you may as well boot to recovery mode05:03
DaskreechRemove recovery mode!!!05:04
DaskreechIn any case won't recovery mode ask for the password now that root has one?05:04
James147Daskreech: then you can always boot a live cd for such times05:04
Mase_wkyou could always have myfavouriteversetoasongthatiknowreallywell05:04
CartoonCathahah, boot what ?05:04
Mase_wkwhich would still be very difficult to brute force05:04
CartoonCatno optical, no usb boot options05:05
DaskreechMase_wk: Written in  l33t then converted to chinese :)05:05
James147CartoonCat: recovery mode ^^ should drop you to a root prompt... not sure if it asks for a password if you set one though05:05
DaskreechHow'd you get kubuntu on there?05:05
CartoonCatJames147: yea i know rec mode is there, i had not got ot killing it yet05:05
Mase_wkDaskreech: good thing ubuntu has a utf8 term by default :)05:06
CartoonCatDaskreech: bios password, its one of the other groups on the list05:06
* Mase_wk wonders what l33t is in chinese :)05:06
CartoonCatas a point, that  part list makes up pretty much all my passwords everywhere, but with any idea how to combine them, your going to be working for a while05:06
CartoonCatwth, missed the 405:07
James147CartoonCat: bios pass is only as secure as the lock on the box ^^ which most people dont have05:08
James147since all you need to do is remove the battery to reset the bios :p05:08
CartoonCatJames147: na that doesnt work on most laptops05:09
James147but unless you in a very untrusting envrioment you dont need to worry about phycial access to th comp ^^05:09
CartoonCatwell, its a laptop05:10
CartoonCat\it\ goes to the untrusting environs willingly05:10
James147CartoonCat: is the drive encrypted?05:13
CartoonCatJames147: has a password but no, ive not done full hd enc05:14
CartoonCati know, i got lazy there05:14
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DaskreechDarthFrog: Bodhi05:29
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uwewer kennt sich mit bion einstellungen aus? Guten morgen.06:21
uwewer kennt sich mit bion einstellungen aus? Guten morgen.06:27
Mase_wkuwe: please don't double post, and BIOS is not really kubuntu related06:28
_sophiaif i have an icon on my desktop, how do i figure out where the icon points?07:15
_human_blip_system-config-printer-kde crashes for me since upgrade to 4.6.1 via kubuntu backports ppa. crash still happens after upgrade to natty. details here: http://paste.kde.org/8411/07:58
_human_blip_any ideas how to track it down?07:59
Mase_wk_human_blip_: you can install the debug symbols and get the backtrace08:05
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_human_blip_Mase_wk: is there an associated dbg package? it is python. there is already a backtrace here: http://paste.kde.org/8411/08:15
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StarminnHow do I enable Desktop Effects when the options are all grayed out?08:17
susundbergLike the "Enable desktop effects"08:18
susundbergafaik if that's grayed out it means that your driver does not support desktop effects08:18
Starminnsusunberg: http://imagebin.org/14545708:19
StarminnI had them before on KDE but had to reinstall kubuntu-desktop.08:19
StarminnOn GNOME Compiz still works dreamily.08:20
StarminnI'm trying to like KDE, but it's just one thing after another, and it keeps pushing me back to cooperative Gnome08:22
susundbergdon't know sorry. What i might do is to check .xsession-errors for some hints what is going on wrong08:22
susundberganother thing might be google for "kde" + "desktop effects" + "technical issues" + "your display driver" if you haven't done that yet ..08:23
Tm_TStarminn: I suspect your display driver is unsupported by KWin effects08:23
StarminnTm_T: They worked before.08:23
Starminnsusundberh: Alright.08:24
Tm_TStarminn: with Kwin? what have you upgraded since?08:24
Starminnsusundberg: Display driver == graphics driver?08:24
StarminnTm_T: I installed kubuntu-desktop, and enabled Desktop effects. Then KDE decided to go postal on itself and nearly uninstalled everything KDE-based. (Been using it for 2 days) Now this time, Effects won't work.08:25
StarminnEverything is the same as it was last time around.08:25
Tm_Thmm, sounds strange08:28
StarminnTm_T: I agree. Everytime I try Kubuntu this stuff happens. I want to like it but it's hard when nothing wants ot work.08:29
StarminnBy the way, I assume http://imagebin.org/145458 it's ATI Radeon as my graphics driver?08:30
StarminnYeah, that's it. (Sorry, used to Terminal, not-so-much GUIs for this stuff)08:31
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StarminnGot it, guys. I'll post a link.08:35
StarminnTm_T susundberg: http://matthieu.yiptong.ca/2010/09/28/enable-desktop-effects-in-kubuntu-10-10-using-radeon-driver/ (Thank you for the beautiful search query suggestion, by the way, susund.)08:36
StarminnJust screw the GUI and manually configure it. *shrug* Works for me.08:36
StarminnThanks, both of you.08:36
Tm_TStarminn: good you found the solution08:37
Tm_TStarminn: I use opensource driver so all works just fine08:37
StarminnTm_T: 6-year-old computer, shipped with Windows XP, never really knew much about Linux at the time, and I've only been running Linux for  about 2 months now. It's a very customizable box, though, so I'll probably gradually add on and I intend to make it as open as possible.08:38
Tm_TStarminn: you are apparently using opensource drivers too, weird that it didn't accept them rightaway08:39
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StarminnTm_T: Ah. Goody, then. And yes, I'm not quite sure. *shrug*08:40
StarminnTm_T: Any ideas on why it says it couldn't enable Blur or Explosion when clearly Explosion is working (not sure what blur does, btu it had the same message last time too)08:41
Tm_TStarminn: something is gone a mess in your system08:43
Tm_TStarminn: or so it sounds, hmmm, possibly worth checking if all what kubuntu-desktop should bring is actually installed08:52
StarminnTm_T: I've isntalled from the kubuntu-desktop package twice in the last two days. Certainly the meta package is correct.08:53
StarminnTm_T: I did save a list the first time, though, of everything it bring's supposed ot bring in case I have to uninstall it.08:53
StarminnTm_T: It's so long, though... If you wanted to read through it sure but it's very lengthy.08:53
Tm_TStarminn: sorry, have no time to check08:54
StarminnTm_T: Oh, no, I wasn't expecting you to check lol08:54
StarminnTm_T: Is there anything that could give me transparent titlebars?08:55
Tm_TStarminn: fake, yes, ummm...09:03
Tm_TStarminn: cannot remember the name of the windeco that provided fake transparency, was it "Crystal" ?09:05
Tm_TStarminn: yup, Crystal09:07
StarminnYeah, that's it09:07
Starminn"Cyrstal is the default decorator since 6.6"?09:08
StarminnOh, nevermind, I see now.09:09
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spirov92Hi, I'm having some graphic glitches in plasma: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/1117/plasmabug.png They told me in #kde that it's probably a video driver bug. Can someone help?09:17
spirov92I'm using the radeon driver btw09:19
Tm_Tspirov92: hi, how much mem your graphics card has?09:26
spirov92about 500 mb, I think09:26
Tm_Tso it's not that09:26
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tweeterweb_hey im trying to install nvidia driver i got this error message" ERROR: Unable to find the system utility `ld`; please make sure you have the package 'binutils'                   installed.  If you do have binutils installed, then please check that `ld` is in your PATH.11:17
redjhawkhave you tried turning it off and on again? @tweeterweb_ (ok,just joking)11:19
redjhawkhave u installed the package?11:19
tweeterweb_cant install it just show the error mesage11:20
Peace-not :D11:20
Peace-tweeterweb_: ok lets see which package oyu have to install11:20
tweeterweb_redhawk: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.44.run11:21
redjhawkis the propietary drivers, i guess11:22
Peace-yes they are11:22
asranielwhy don't you use the package provided by kubuntu?11:22
asranielrun jockey11:22
asranielit will help you to install the driver11:22
asranieljockes is installed by default11:23
asranieljockey-kde actually11:23
Peace-tweeterweb_: look at this http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/29/plasma_howto-throw-ball_.gif11:25
Peace-tweeterweb_: i have not nvidia11:25
Peace-but you can activate that using the same11:25
Peace-mm it doesnt look well11:27
Peace-anywya the program is jockey-kde11:27
redjhawkasraniel: and how aboit if he just installs binutils-dev and run that script again? will it work?11:28
redjhawki use ubuntu @ work and debian @ home, so i have no clue of this new (and useful) tools :)11:31
tweeterweb_redjhawl: im done apt-get install binutils then install nvidia driver,i got this   ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing.  For further details,11:32
tweeterweb_         please see the section INSTALLING THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver11:33
tweeterweb_         download page at www.nvidia.com.11:33
Peace-tweeterweb_: use jockey.kde11:33
Peace-tweeterweb_: which is your language?11:34
Peace-so ..11:34
Peace-so why you ddind't use jockey-kde?11:35
tweeterweb_peace-:im done using jockey-kde it says theres no proprietary driver installed11:35
Peace-screenshot please11:35
Peace-of jockey-kde11:36
redjhawktweeterweb_: if you want to run that script ,then, i guess, you should run that script from a real console. control+alt+F1, then user & passworkd. Then sudo invoke-rc.d kdm and finally, run that script....11:37
asranielredjhawk: sure, but he will run into trouble everytime the kernel updates11:37
Peace-+1 asraniel11:38
redjhawk+1 :P11:38
Peace-caffe time11:39
Peace-bye bye and good day from italy11:39
tweeterweb_peace-: additional drivers no proprietary drivers are in use on this system11:39
noaXess_kubuntuhey :)11:43
noaXess_kubuntuhave a problem since upgrade to 10.10.. microphone won't work..11:43
noaXess_kubuntuif i boot from a ubuntu live-cd 10.10, microphone work..11:43
noaXess_kubuntui have a 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller11:44
noaXess_kubuntuaplay -l: Intel [HDA Intel], Gerät 0: VT1708S Analog [VT1708S Analog]11:45
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tweeterweb_how to exit x server?12:01
susundbergthough it will start again -- you can shutdown it by logging in on terminal (ctrl + alt + f1) and running 'sudo service kdm stop'12:04
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spirov92I'm seeing a weird rendering bug in plasma: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/1117/plasmabug.png anyone know how to fix this?13:14
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inj3ct0rno body there?14:45
=== Guest49290 is now known as admiralf
Tm_Tinj3ct0r: plenty of us here14:47
Peace-Tm_T: hi14:50
BluesKajhey Tm_T , Peace-...how's things today ?14:51
Peace-BluesKaj: fine here14:51
Peace-BluesKaj: 20 deggree14:51
admiralfhey folks, i recently wanted to upgrade my kubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 because the summer term starts next week, but when i fired up the daily build in an VM it killed X.org and/or KDE while initilaising Akonadi14:53
admiralfi  didnt had a deeper look into that issue, but id like to here if this is known?14:53
BluesKajPeace-, how's things = how are you and how is your day going14:53
Peace-BluesKaj: well :D because today it's 20 degree out there14:54
BluesKajadmiralf, best to ask in #ubntu_114:54
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BluesKajubuntu+1 ...I need my glasses fixed14:55
BluesKajsry admiralf14:56
BluesKajok Peace-, it's 4C here and the snow finally melting ...very cool spring so far15:01
Peace-BluesKaj: :) in italy we get flowers now, well maybe 4 week ago15:01
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BluesKajPeace-, nice :)15:02
Peace-spring it's the most beautifull season here for me15:03
Peace-in agoust too much hot  , you would die , xD my uncle you know he is canadian and hahhahaha when he came here was agoust :P 35 -39 °15:04
stephdgPeace-: where are you from?15:05
bobthebuilderhi peeps, I somehow managed to move the system tray, it is now to the left and refuses to go back to the right!15:05
Peace-stephdg: italy15:05
stephdgPeace-: :-)15:05
Peace-stephdg: you ?15:06
stephdgPeace-: from US, but living in India15:06
Peace-stephdg: nice !15:06
stephdgPeace-: yep :)15:06
Peace-stephdg: temperature?15:06
Peace-well we are a "little" offtopic :D15:07
stephdgPeace-: right now 30 C15:07
stephdgand summer is not even here yet Peace- :(15:08
BluesKajbobthebuilder, click the cashew in the right corner , then use those little arrows on the left and right to move the panel15:08
bobthebuilderall the panel moves including the K, folders etc...15:09
bobthebuilderI would prefer to leave those as-is and just move from the i-mail-clipboard etc15:10
BluesKajmaybe you lost the taskbar , bobthebuilder , add another15:11
BluesKajerr taskmanager I guess15:12
BluesKajseems like they keep changing the names15:13
* genii-around sips and thinks about the kicker15:14
bobthebuilderdamn, it's gone to the top now :(15:14
bobthebuildercan I reset my desktop ?15:15
* BluesKaj wonders if there's a plasma panel tutorial somewhere15:25
Peace-BluesKaj: to do what?15:25
bobthebuilderI've lost the system tray altogether now :(  as you can guess I've just switch from windoze to kubuntu :)15:27
bobthebuilderthnx again james15:29
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uahello eveybody15:40
uacan not update, my system,  home is full but i can not clean any files? can you helpme?15:43
James147ua: what do you mean you cannot clean files?15:47
uaJames147>thanks for answer, i mean i don't know how to clean unused files in my home partition,  take look this is result of my df -h   http://paste.ubuntu.com/586895/15:50
ua<James147>as you see home is full15:51
ua<James147>can you help me?15:52
James147ua: umm... delete them? ... you can use du -sh <dir> to see which files and folders are using the most space in <dir>15:53
James147^^ i would start with /home (ie:  du -sh /home/USERNAME )15:54
James147ua: you can try running kleansweep to clear some stuff up... though it wont clear that much space, its most likly data files that are causing the problem15:56
uaJames147>with witch command?15:57
James147ua: kleansweep is a gui program ^^15:57
uaJames147>what do you mean by " its most likly data files that are causing the problem15:58
uashould i install kleansweep?15:58
meganerdua: things like movies, music and the like15:59
uado  you mean that data files are = something like movies, music..?16:00
James147ua: i doupt it will make much difference, it will only clear chaches and histories and such, which will barly take up any space16:00
James147ua: yes16:00
James147ua: as i said, use "du -sh <dir>" to see what folders are taking up the most space16:01
uano i don't have movies or music in my desktop16:01
James147or filelight... the gui version of du16:01
James147ua: well something is... and the only way your going to find out is by searching16:02
meganerdfilelight is what I use16:02
naomi_some of my windows won't close by pressing the x. on java chats, digichats, i can't close the windows. is there a command or something to fix that?16:02
James147du or filelight will be very usful for finding out what folders are using the space16:02
James147naomi_: what programs?16:03
meganerdI also use an alias that maps to "du -Pacmx --max-depth=1 . |sort -g"16:03
uaJames147>...searching...  but how and where?16:03
meganerdnaomi_: xkill16:03
naomi_umm it's a digichat. to do with java. like when pm conversations pop up, i can't close them.16:04
meganerdua: install filelight, use it to scan your home folder16:04
ua<James147>you said it's possible with kleansweep, can you tell me how?16:04
naomi_can't exit the window by pressing X.16:04
uameganerd>thanks for answer, just filelight and using by gui, do i?16:05
James147ua: no, i said it will clean up some files ^^ it wont touch your data files, while will be using most of the space16:05
James147ua: just use filelight and see while files are using the space16:05
meganerdua: yes16:05
* James147 grumbles at java16:05
James147naomi_: which version of java are you useing (open or sun)?16:06
uathis is answer for ao-get install filelight= E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:06
naomi_umm. i have no idea to be honest. how do i check?16:07
uasorry "apt-get install filelight"16:07
TheBuntudoes ubuntu have anything called liveusb creatore or something in that line....or is that just a fedora package.......makes the usb stick look just like it was the iso on cd...just the same...not generict like unetbootin16:07
meganerdua: sudo apt-get install filelight16:08
James147!liveusb | TheBuntu16:10
ubottuTheBuntu: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:10
James147^^ something that does that?16:10
naomi_OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.9.7) (6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1~10.04.1)16:11
naomi_OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 19.0-b09, mixed mode)16:11
naomi_is my java.16:11
James147naomi_: try using suns version of java16:11
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.16:11
ua<meganerd>i did that, unfortunly i've had same anwswer16:11
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »16:12
James147ua: do you have another package manager open/running?16:12
BluesKajhmmm , kded4 using 100% cpu on both cores after installing a weather widget that froze my desktop , had to suspend kded4 in the system monitor ..is this a known issue , I see some references in google linux but no answers to whaty the cause might be .16:12
TheBuntuguess i over looked the startup disk creator16:13
uaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:14
James147ua: do you have another package manager open/running?16:15
uai don't know why16:15
uai don't know why it guives me thais message16:16
shane4ubuntuback up question:  I have used rsync to backup monthly my /home files, I'm really thinking about using rdiff-backup now instead.  can I just rdiff-backup into the directory I was using for rsync?16:16
tsimpsonshane4ubuntu: I don't see why not16:17
shane4ubuntuI think rdiff-backup uses rsync to a certain degree, but then goes beyond that with extra backup options.16:18
shane4ubuntuI just don't want to have to fix my backup directory afterwards.16:18
uaoki am rebooting machine to see if, iam having same message..; i'll let you know,16:19
shane4ubuntuI guess I could make a small test case scenario and give that a try on a small scale to be on the safe side.16:19
tsimpsonrsync doesn't leave anything rsync specific in the dirs, so it'd be like just copping /home to the backup dir, and starting with rdiff-backup from scratch16:19
tsimpsonbut without having to do the actual copy of course16:19
shane4ubunturight, but rdiff-backup copies everything over too, and then somehow time stamps stuff and changes made too.16:19
shane4ubuntuso I figure it will be a little faster the first time around, in that rdiff won't have to copy everything, as rsync has alread done that.16:20
tsimpsonI guess test it and see, but I would think it'd be fine as long as you don't use rsync once you start with rdiff16:21
shane4ubuntuwow, rdiff didn't like that, failed with fatal error!16:21
tsimpsonI guess it really just wants to use diffs then16:22
shane4ubuntuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/586918/   that is the error I had, I first ran rsync on a small directory to test, then rdiff and it didn't like it16:23
shane4ubuntuI can force it, but I will try that with the test first.16:23
uathre's problem, i can not install anything16:24
uaJames147>are you there?16:26
James147ua: same error?16:26
uaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.16:27
shane4ubuntuahh, that is what I wanted to know, rdiff when run with force deletes any files that are not currently in the directory, that is dangerous for my backup since I have deleted things on my desktop I don't have room for knowing I have a backup copy16:27
James147ua: ^^ try what it said16:27
shane4ubuntuit is essentially the same as running rsync --delete source dest16:27
uai am testing16:28
naomi_kay i need to uninstall open java and install sun java? and someone told me to do this16:30
naomi_ sudo apt-get remove OpenJDK-6-jre && sudo bash -c "deb http://archive.canonical.com lucid partner >> /etc/apt/sources.list" && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre16:30
naomi_but it doesnt work16:30
FloodBotK2naomi_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:30
uaJames147>it seems installed but i can not see the program when i am searching for16:31
James147naomi_: ^^ package names are lower case, and installing the sun version will remove the open version so you dont really need to remove it first16:31
naomi_yeah i tried it again in lower case, didn't work.16:32
naomi_i changed the JDK16:32
bloodsmithDoes anyone know how to use a .cbr file? Better question: does anyone know of a good program that will open .cbr files?16:32
James147naomi_: what error>16:32
James147ua: which program are you triyng to install?16:33
naomi_E: Couldn't find package Openjdk-6-jre16:33
James147naomi_: ^^ thats a upper case O ... but just ignroe that step... installing the sun version wil remove the open version anyway16:34
bloodsmithnvm, found something on google... here's hoping it actually effing works this time...16:34
naomi_umm. a load of things popped up. the last thing was16:36
naomi_bash: deb: command not found16:36
naomi_and then i tried java -version and it still says open16:36
James147ua: what happens if you try to run it in a terminal?16:40
naomi_i was told to16:42
naomi_uncomment "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner" in /etc/apt/sources.list, then run apt-get update16:42
naomi_what does that mean. >_>16:42
naomi_i don't even know what etc/apt/sources is16:42
maco/etc/apt/sources.list is a text file16:43
macoit lists servers on the internet from which you can install software and updates16:43
macothere is a line like the one you quoted that starts with a #16:43
macothe # makes it a comment so that the software doesn't read it, but if you remove the #, it becomes active16:43
macoso you just need to edit that file and backspace out the # on that line.  you can do that with "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list"16:44
macoafter that, you'd reload the list of what's available on the active servers with "sudo apt-get update" and then you can use it16:44
maconaomi_: ^16:44
uathe installation  seems working, and at the end i closed the message for licence ,  now i am searching for program , it doesnt exist!!!16:45
macoua: message for license?16:46
uagui update works at the same time, i think that's why i could not install anything...it said 10 update..but i could not install it16:46
macoua: did the command line thing show you a red & blue thing with the license? if so, you probably needed to scroll down and hit enter or spacebar on the [OK] or [Accept] or whatever it is to finish the install. by just hitting hte X you once again interrupted the installation16:48
uanow i am trying to install it again, and it guives the same error as before16:48
meganerdua: filelight does not need a licence16:48
shane4ubuntuok, weird stuff going on with my desktop, I NEVER get an I/O error with rsync backup, and got that error, so I rebooted, computer did some weird thing, where it hung on boot?  I left and came back to a black screen???  rebooted, and it booted normally,  Any ideas?16:48
meganerdshane4ubuntu: out of disk space?16:49
shane4ubuntumeganerd: no, I deleted a bunch of my files yesterday16:49
shane4ubuntuI have about 30GB free now.16:49
shane4ubuntu2.6G free on / and 42G free on /home  separate partitions16:49
uasorry, i don't know what is it then, i've had blue page, i scrolled down till the en and i then i've closed terminal16:50
ualike licence16:50
macoua: do the dpkg --configure -a thing agian, and this time let the install actually finish16:50
meganerdshane4ubuntu: I/O errors are usually bad when you are trying to write to disk.  Maybe try booting from a rescue disk and run fsck16:50
shane4ubuntumeganerd: right, that is what I thought, could it be my hdd is failing?16:50
BluesKajI noticed lately the sources.list isn't auto- edited to reflect changes when done so from the cli or a package manager16:50
macoua: the blue thing is for any sort of configuration question. you have to answer it for th einstall to finish. the blue will be gone when the install is done16:51
meganerdshane4ubuntu: possibly16:51
shane4ubuntuand which hdd?  backup or bootup disk?16:51
uadpkg: status database area is locked by another process16:51
meganerdshane4ubuntu: if you feel adventurous you could get to know the smartctl utility16:51
macoua: do you stil have the gui updater open?16:51
macoBluesKaj: do they edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* maybe? i know thats how add-apt-repository works16:51
shane4ubuntumeganerd: mine has that, I have a gigabyte mobo and I remember seeing that somewhere16:52
shane4ubuntumeganerd: though I know nothing about it.16:52
uaguiKpackageKit is running automaticly, cause there are 10 update, that's why i  am having this message i think16:52
meganerdshane4ubuntu: it is usually installed by default.  As long as your BIOS has it enabled there are some extended tests you can run16:52
shane4ubuntumeganerd: oooh, you mean a linux app?  the smartctl utitily?16:53
BluesKajmaco, yeah, but why the change , I recall the changes used work in just the soures.list...seems like duplication to me16:53
meganerdshane4ubuntu: smartctl is one of those CLI that looks daunting at first, but has decent documentation.  It is not a requirement that you use it, but can be handy16:53
macoBluesKaj: i dont remember add-at-repository ever doing it outside that dir. its easy to just rm the file with the ppa's name16:53
meganerdshane4ubuntu: yup16:53
macoua: close it?16:54
uathis is strange16:54
shane4ubuntumeganerd: installing now, there is a gui one too. :)  I don't mind cli though.16:54
uai did16:54
meganerdshane4ubuntu: I did not know about the GUI front end, learn something new every day16:54
shane4ubuntuI did a quick search and it popped up, I think I'll start with gui16:55
meganerdua: while you are waiting, open up a new terminal, then paste in everything between the quotes "du -Pacmx . --max-depth=1 |sort -g"\16:55
uamaco>the big problem i had is to clean partition home16:55
uai don't know how16:56
uai mean clean unused files in /home16:56
uameganerd>sorry i didn't understand16:57
uayou mean i've just to type in terminal "du -Pacmx . --max-depth=1 |sort -g"\" do you?16:57
meganerdua: everything between the " marks16:58
meganerdua: du -Pacmx . --max-depth=1 |sort -g16:58
shane4ubuntumeganerd: wow, gsmartcontrol is quite nice, seems as though all is A-Ok.16:58
ua do i do with root?16:59
uameganerd>this is the result= http://paste.ubuntu.com/586936/17:01
uai 've to go, i come back17:02
meganerdua: so this list displays the usage of each folder in Megabytes, then sorts that list so that the largest folders on the bottom17:02
meganerdua: your .Virtualbox folder is the culprit17:02
ua<meganerd>what do you mean?17:03
meganerd12 gigs of space are used by your ~/.Virtualbox folder17:03
shane4ubuntuua type the first few letters of mega and hit tab, it should complete his nick17:03
meganerdua: that is where all your space went on your home partition17:03
uado you mean that Virtualbox is the big foulder?17:04
meganerdua: yes17:04
uais 11416Bytes= 11,41Go?17:04
meganerdua: the command I had you run uses megabytes17:05
uaor 11416 is MB?17:05
uaso how can i do to delete it?17:06
meganerdua: I forced du to use megabytes to make it easier to sort17:06
meganerdua: well, you could do a rm .-fr ~/.Virtualbox17:06
uayes i see so hwo can i enter in to delete some files ?17:06
James147^^ that will delete your vms17:07
meganerdua: but that would delete the folder and all of the VMs inside of it17:07
uaoh no17:07
meganerdua: you could cd into that folder and run that command again to see which VMs are using your space17:07
uajust want to see and delete all what i want17:07
meganerdua: you should really consider using a bigger and faster drive for this anyway17:07
uathank you very mutch17:07
uathank you for helping17:08
uai've to go , i am at work17:08
meganerdua: np17:08
uasee you17:08
shane4ubuntumeganerd: I take that back, 1 disk with pre-failure warnings!17:10
meganerdshane4ubuntu: yikes, time to backup and get a new drive17:10
shane4ubuntumeganerd: I have 3 drives in my box, and a backup usb drive. problem is all of them are old. :)17:11
shane4ubuntutime to relocate data in case of failure.17:11
shane4ubuntumeganerd: what does this mean:  5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   099   099   036    Pre-fail  Always       -       58        it is pink in the gui while everything else is white, I have several pre-fail things, but only this one is pink.17:19
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.17:20
shane4ubuntumeganerd: here is a better veiw of it:  http://imagebin.org/14552617:22
naomi_i installed sun version of java but when i do "version -java" in terminal it tells me i have open java. and someone told me to go to synaptic and uninstall "icedtea" plugin?17:26
naomi_http://imagebin.org/145527 is what it looks like.17:26
naomi_no idea what to do.17:26
James147naomi_: log out and back in17:26
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naomi_nope still says open java. i was told to go search "icedtea" and uninstall that.. but i have no idea how to.17:29
naomi_OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.9.7) (6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1~10.04.1)17:30
naomi_is the output.17:30
James147naomi_: run "sudo update-alternatives --config java"17:30
meganerdcashane4ubuntu: I did some googling, seems that there are some mixed opinions about how serious this error is17:30
shane4ubuntumeganerdca: hmm, I don't really know anything about it, but all my drives report pre-failure, I don't think it is a real deal until it is pink17:31
shane4ubuntubut I don't know either.17:31
naomi_k it says there's 2 choices for the alternative java. 63 is the number for the sun java, i type that in yes?17:31
=== sayakb_ is now known as sayakb
James147choise the sun java one17:32
naomi_k thanks.17:32
naomi_Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_24-b07)17:33
naomi_is the output now, is that right?17:33
meganerdcashane4ubuntu: consider running the tests from the test tab17:33
shane4ubuntumeganerdca: yeah, I did the test, and nothing turned up, it said all was good. odd, I guess no real threat for the time being,17:34
shane4ubuntumeganerdca: on the other hand seems as though when I run rsync with dryrun and delete I keep getting IO error17:34
meganerdcashane4ubuntu: when you get some time, run the extended test17:34
shane4ubuntumeganerdca: yeah, that will have to be later, to really check out the disk.17:34
James147naomi_: now check your program see if it behaves its self17:35
meganerdcashane4ubuntu: good luck.17:38
shane4ubuntumeganerdca: thanks for the info!17:38
zdubdubhello, is there any way to emulate a "right-click"?  My trackpad on my laptop only detects a single mouse button, unfortunately17:40
naomi_james it still won't close the window or the pm window. my friend said it's something with the coding on java.. but i have no idea.17:41
naomi_is there anything you can think of to fix it?17:41
genii-aroundzdubdub: Try shift-f1017:42
zdubdubthank you very much!17:42
zdubdubgenii-around, cheers17:42
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James147naomi_: I would agree with your friend... a poorly written java app (and not the only one :p)17:47
naomi_so there's no way to fix it?17:47
meganerdcanaomi_: does it work properly on another computer or OS?17:50
naomi_yeah it works fine on any other os besides windows. my friend just said it's poor coding.. and windows made up for a lot of faults.17:50
naomi_or something.17:50
naomi_i mean besides linux^^^17:50
naomi_well its not working for me on linux. i dunno if it--- maybe one of you could try it? see if it works for you?17:51
naomi_if you wouldn't mind.17:51
James147which program?17:51
James147(link would be helpful) ^^17:52
Shogoothey people. can anyone help mee find the name of the program that executes the "additional driver"?  sotha ti can call the program fromcommand line17:53
Shogoothey people. can anyone help mee find the name of the program that executes the "additional driver"?  so that i can call the program from command line?17:54
RiddellShogoot: jockey-kde ?17:58
Shogootim hitting the icon but it wontexecute18:00
Shogootgonnatry the command line18:00
ua<meganerd>hello are you there?18:01
amichairwoweee.... my X process is using 632M RES... is there a new big memory leak floating around in maverick?18:07
uawhat's is the commande tu purge all ./.VirtualBox,? thank you18:09
ashmew2Hi , im having some bars appearing on the KDE Menu18:09
ashmew2could someone have a look ?18:09
amichairua: "rm -rf ~/.VirtualBox", but make sure your type it correctly so u don't erase other stuff...18:09
ashmew2Im having issues with bars appearing on the KDE Menu18:11
ua<amichair>thank you , what do you , i don't erase another stuff?18:13
ashmew2ua: because rm-rf is a dangerous command18:13
amichairua: if you type the wrong folder, or add spaces (as in "/ something" instead of "/something"), you basically erase your whole filesystem...18:15
ua<ashmew2>ok thank you, but why i could not do it with "sudo apt-get remove --purge virtualbox" yes it didn't work18:15
amichairua: that I don't know. maybe it leaves your user data (vm) behind, and only uninstalls the application.18:15
genii-aroundashmew2: What drivername does: sudo lshw -C video| grep config   report?18:16
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=== Guest63318 is now known as seawolf
ashmew2ua : what error were u getting when trying to purge ?18:17
ashmew2genii-around: ur using the video parameter , so im pretty sure it would list your video driver18:18
ashmew2genii-around: if i understand you correctly18:18
amichairua: or maybe you installed virtualbox-ose or some other package name other than plain virtualbox?18:18
genii-aroundashmew2:  Yes. eg: what video driver is being used to render the funny bars on your menu?18:19
ua<amichair>ok thank's , i need to move all iso file so can you tell me if i can move ./file.vdi into another partition, is it possible,?withoute increase home partition,  cause i had not lot of space inside18:19
ashmew2configuration: driver=i915 latency=018:19
ashmew2genii-around: sorry i misunderstood , im on the default intel driver18:19
ashmew2gnome is working wonderfully...I just saw these bars yesterday for the first time at the startup splash18:19
ua<amichair>yes i installed virtualbox-ose18:19
ashmew2those went away but now , the KDE menu ones are still having funny bars18:20
ashmew2genii-around : http://img269.imageshack.us/f/snapshot1bn.png/18:20
amichairua: you can probably move the disk image and then point the vm to it or create a new vm that boots from it... you'll have to play around with virtualbox for that18:20
ashmew2i915 driver is in use18:20
ua<amichair>ok, but when i create a new VM that's from it....it will installl ./.VBox in home partition by default  is it right?18:24
ua<amichair>cause if it is  i'll have same problem18:25
ua<amichair>are you agree with me?18:27
amichairua: when you create a vm, I think you can browse for existing disks rather than create a new one18:28
uaamichair>did you have test of that?18:30
amichairua: nope. It's just what I think I remember. As I said, you'll have to play around with virtualbox to try.18:31
uaamichair>ok , but do you think that it will work in win partitions? i mean ntfs or fat?18:33
amichairua: I don't see why that should make a difference18:34
uaamichair>ok , but do you think that it will work with ubuntu from win partitions? i mean ntfs or fat?18:34
amichairas long as the host OS can read the filesystem, it should work (ubuntu and windows can both work with ntfs)18:35
uacause i wonder ubuntu or kubuntu will works beter from from linux partitions as ext3, ext4...than ntfs or fat, do you?18:37
amichairI don't know the stats on that18:38
amichairbut it also depends on what you're going to be doing in the vm. the disk access overhead difference might be insignificant in any case.18:38
uaamichair> i need to make litle  network with Vbox ,18:40
amichairua: I say, just try it, and it'll be ok :-)18:40
uai tested that in debian it didn't work, maybe  there's another copy in ./home? don't know18:41
uaamichair>i'll try a new one18:41
amichairtested what? what exactly didn't work?18:41
uaamichair>but i think there is copy in ./home and systeme  said that's full18:43
uaamichair>anyway, i'll test as you told, thank you very mutch18:44
amichairua: good luck!18:45
uacan you remeber me the comand to delete VBOX please?18:45
uayes this one "rm -rf ~/.VirtualBox18:46
uaok i found it18:47
uathank yoy18:47
uawhat mean fr?18:47
amichairua: r is recursive, f is force (i.e. don't ask confirmation for each file). run "man rm" for details...18:49
uathank you very mutch, good continuation18:49
uaamichair>thank you again master18:50
amichairnah, I'm a noob myself18:50
amichaironly discovered swappiness yesterday :-)18:50
uahave good evening18:51
amichairyou too!18:51
naomi_Why can't I do a euro sign or ctrl alt my vowels to put an accent on them? .-.18:53
genii-aroundnaomi_:  In System Settings..Input Devices...Keyboard..Advanced tab  Check off  "Configure Keyboard options"   And then select a key or key combination to be the "Compose" key. Then when you want accents or umlauts etc you use the compose key and a combination of two characters to make the accents. There is a table of what keys produce what special characters here: http://www.astro.ufl.edu/it/docs/intl-keyboard.html19:29
katsrcdoes anyone know why Kubuntu moved from aptitude to apt-get?19:29
naomi_genii i dont even know how to get to system settings. >.>19:32
James147katsrc: they didnt move from one to the other, ubuntu has always favoured apt-get ^^ they just removed aptitude from the installation disk to save on space with the argument that there is no need for two packagemanagment software19:32
James147^^ you can install it with "sudo apt-get install aptitude" :)19:32
katsrcJames147: i was under the impression to use aptitude to avoid "meta package issue"19:33
James147naomi_: alt+f2: type "System settings" press enter :) or menu > system settings19:33
katsrcthat was the recommended route on Ubuntu wikis also19:33
James147what issue?19:33
katsrcJames147: that seems like a plausible reason to remove it19:34
James147katsrc: ^^ debian has gone to faviour aptitude ...19:34
katsrcJames147: dependency19:34
katsrcJames147: thanks for the info.19:35
naomi_Error stating file '/home/naomi/System settings': No such file or directory19:35
naomi_genii. ^19:35
naomi_im a complete noob at this stuff.19:36
James147naomi_: did you type it without the quotes?19:36
naomi_of course.19:36
genii-aroundnaomi_: just:  systemsettings          like that, all one word lowercase without spaces19:37
naomi_still says no file found. :|19:38
* James147 wonders why "system settings" dident work ^^ always has for him19:38
naomi_Error stating file '/home/naomi/systemsettings': No such file or directory19:38
naomi_and i dont know how to get to it from the menu.19:39
* genii-around ponders the odd error message19:39
oborozukiyolinux is cool19:39
genii-aroundnaomi_: I use the "classic" menu, from there it's in Settings..System Settings19:40
naomi_what is the classic menu?!19:40
naomi_oh im not even on kubuntu.19:40
genii-aroundnaomi_: If you right-click on the K you can choose classic or new style19:40
naomi_lol. :|19:40
oborozukiyohow could i know which type of flashplayer installer is required for kubuntu19:40
James147oborozukiyo: normally best to install it from the repos ^^ installing "kubuntu-restricted-extras" should install flash19:41
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oborozukiyowow cool19:42
oborozukiyoim not used to  this19:42
kkszysiuAny idea why qt apps could use qtcurve in KDE?20:05
Islingtonkkszysiu: the style is set to qtcurce?20:08
kkszysiuIslington: yeap20:09
Islingtonso that is why they are using qtcurve20:09
katsrcdid they stop selling KDE merchandise at the Ubuntu shop?20:12
katjaHi there, I'm new to (k)ubuntu (coming from openSUSE) and I've some questions ...20:23
katjaWhenever I change my screen resolution it's resetet on the next boot, this is very unpleasent since it's something 2xxxX1538 (way to high for my 19" monitor)20:24
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:25
macosee the bit on there about making it permanent in kdm20:25
dell_hey guys20:25
dell_need help with the bluetooth20:26
katjamay I ask why is this? In openSUSE I changed it once and then it would stick, both use KDE ...20:26
dell_the adapter is not found in 10.10 kubuntu my system is dell studio 153620:26
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dell_hey guys http://pastie.org/173232320:34
dell_i did lsusb and this is the result20:34
dell_i have a finger print , usb tv box and a built in bluetooth20:35
dell_all of them r shown in the 'lsusb' but none of them work !20:35
genii-arounddell_: Looks like a known bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/54872020:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 548720 in bluez (Ubuntu) "BCM2046 Bluetooth not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:38
dell_but my bluetooth worked fine with ubuntu 10.1020:39
dell_i just switched to kubuntu20:39
dell_and now it aint20:39
TheBuntuweired ?.... My SD cards for the digital camera....2 cards....1 will work under windows and linux....and the other only on the windows pc....any ideas why20:39
shane4ubuntucan't umount my usb disk??20:40
shane4ubuntuI have closed about every window I had open to remove any chance of something that was accessing it, and still it will not unmount?20:40
shane4ubuntuumount: /media/81b13ef5-b8d8-41ce-8db7-b7b8c9182e54: device is busy.   <-  busy what is it doing????20:41
James147shane4ubuntu: any terminals currently inside it?20:41
shane4ubuntuno, I closed all of them, done that a time or two before. :)20:42
genii-arounddell_: On another site, a user says if in Windows the device was turned off, then the computer boots to linux, linux cannot turn the adapter back on.20:42
dell_leme try check it then20:43
shane4ubuntuso how can I tell what is accessing the disk?  or what is using it?20:43
dell_and how about the finger print reader and usb tv box20:43
dell_u think it will work ?20:43
Niko33433Vsem privet, u menya problema s x64 kubuntu20:44
Picishane4ubuntu: lsof | grep /dev/devicename  or lsof | grep /media/mountpoint20:45
genii-arounddell_: I found for fingerprint readers most work OK20:45
dell_so wat does it mean when the lsusb displays my devices20:46
dell_the kernel recognizes them ?20:46
dell_and that i just get a software for them ?20:46
shane4ubuntuPici: thanks!  I tried fuser -m /dev/sdc1 and got 16607c ??20:46
shane4ubuntulsof doesn't show anything with the grep devicename, let me try again20:47
genii-arounddell_: lsusb just shows what the system can see is physically on there. Whether drivers exist is another matter.20:47
shane4ubuntuPici: krusader was apparently hung up somewhere and was the culprit, thanks!20:48
shane4ubuntuoops, is there a timer thing so I can set it for 30 min or something and an alarm sounds?20:58
PhilRod_shane4ubuntu: kteatime perhaps21:01
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jsteinhi wie wird im Kubuntu die Konsolenschrift auf den alten Standard (grosse Zeichen) umgestellt?21:05
genii-around!de | jstein21:06
ubottujstein: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.21:06
brambleclawhey i've been having java trouble. i have downloaded the JRE from kpackagekit but i can't run java programs like Runescape.com and other Jagex games. how do i fix the problem?21:10
brambleclawneed help with Java21:12
genii-aroundbrambleclaw:  in browser, does  about:plugins          show java browser plugin?21:14
brambleclawlet me check21:14
shane4ubuntuPhilRod_: kteatime,  that is nice,21:16
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dell_is there a way to install the packages offered by fedora on kubuntu - e.g electronic lab or security lab ?21:30
DarthFrogHi folks.  I'm trying to install VMWare Workstation on Natty.  But the building of the kernel modules fails and, as I'm not a programmer, I don't know how to get around it.  The output is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/587030/   Is this easy to get around?  Should I file a bug report?21:32
DarthFrogOops, I thought I was on the #ubuntu+1 channel. My bad. :-)21:33
brambleclawok i was just on and was asking for help with java trouble and someone said to look in "about:plugins" i think. how do i do that?21:38
genii-aroundbrambleclaw: In the URL window of your browser to put the URL of   about:plugins21:39
genii-aroundIt will say then what web browser plugins you have installed21:39
jsteinhi, how can i reconfigure the tty font on kubuntu? Its quite small now and i want the plain oldstyle font. (25x80 char?)21:39
brambleclawURL window?21:39
brambleclawhow do i get to the URL window?21:40
jsteinasimm: hi you are on air ;-)21:42
asimmhello; Who are you21:42
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger21:43
* apachelogger blinks21:43
genii-aroundasimm: Please don't do that :)21:43
brambleclawputting in     about:plugins   doesn't do anything21:45
brambleclawgenii-around: it didn't do anything21:48
genii-aroundbrambleclaw: Ideally something like this http://imagebin.org/14557321:52
brambleclawentering    about:plugins    does nothing21:53
brambleclawwhich download should i get from kpackagekit for java?21:55
genii-aroundbrambleclaw: icedtea6-plugin21:57
brambleclawthat should fix my problems. thanks21:58
genii-aroundbrambleclaw: You may also want to install kubuntu-restricted-extras package, this will give you the Flash plugin and some other assorted stuff22:00
brambleclawcool thanks :)22:01
naomi_genii. http://imagebin.org/145577 < does this mean i've blacklisted it?22:06
genii-aroundnaomi_: It means in the list of drivers not to load, yes22:08
naomi_okie thanks.22:08
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ScuniziI'm trying to add a catagory to a kmymoney transaction but after adding it won't highlight the "Accept" button to save the edit.. Any hints/tips?22:46
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frank__anyone tried to use spotlite instead of the recently deceased FTD?23:14
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shane4ubuntudigikam question, I tried to export to gallery2, doesn't work all google comes up with is like 5 year old info.23:30
shane4ubuntuany ideas?23:30
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shane4ubuntuno news on digikam and gallery2?  I was just trying it to see if it worked, thought it would be very handy23:44
Mase_wkshane4ubuntu: probably better to speak to someone in the digikam project23:48
shane4ubuntuMase_wk: where do I find them?  I tried in #kde so far to no avail, no response.23:49
Mase_wki imagine they have details on the project website.23:49
shane4ubuntuthere is a digikam room!  :)  I'll check there, thanks.23:49
shane4ubuntuMase_wk: lol, I checked the Help -> about Digikam in digikam, and it gives me the irc room in there too!  I was only guessing when I tried their room.23:51
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