LaneyIs there a way to get a list of package sets attached to an Ubuntu series?00:51
sparcHuh, wow.  Has it's own channel.00:53
wgrantLaney: I would have thought so, but apparently not. That's a little suboptimal.00:54
wgrantLaney: It would be easy to fix that, though.00:55
Laneywgrant: Ah, good to hear. Do you want a bug for it?01:01
wgrantLaney: That would be good. Even better if you fix it yourself, otherwise we'll probably get to it eventually.01:02
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Laneyof course. Maybe it'll give me an incentive to try some LP hacking, who knows.01:04
wgrantThis is simple enough for a first contribution, and I'll happily guide you through it.01:04
wgrantSo if you want to, feel free.01:04
Laneyalright, I'll take that encouragement and try to get back to you in the next few days. :-)01:06
* Laney → bed01:06
sparcIf we'd like to try out hosting our own Launchpad, are some of the components packaged?01:12
sparcThat we could install them with APT?01:12
sparcI see that the source is downloadable, but I thought I would check, otherwise, just in case01:13
lifelesssparc: hi; the generic things are packaged I think, but few of the actual launchpad components itself01:17
sparclifeless: aah cool ok01:17
lifelessits not designed to be installed - and dpkg/apt really aren't designed to handle such applications (lots of separate machines, rapidly evolving configuraiton etc)01:17
sparcok, then.  i guess it's best to build and run it, from the directions01:18
lifelesssparc: if you run your own, be sure to rebrand it per the license; alternatively perhaps you can host your thing on Launchpad - we do supply private hosting for folk that want that01:18
sparcand contribute back according to th edirections01:18
sparchmm private hosting might be nice01:19
sparci didn't know about that01:19
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roenbaeckI have been trying to send mail to the maria-developers mailing list, but they are not getting through to the list. I tried adding a second mail address in my account, but sending from that address does not work either.07:52
roenbaeckCan anyone help me find out what is wrong?07:54
wgrantroenbaeck: When did you send the email?07:59
wgrantDid you get any notification about it being held for moderation?07:59
wgrantYou've been allowed to send without moderation for at least 22 hours now, AFAICT.07:59
knielsenwgrant: I am a moderator for maria-developers@lists.launchpad.net, the mail did not show up as needing moderation ...08:00
wgrantOK, let me check the logs.08:00
wgrantWhen were the emails sent?08:01
knielsenwgrant: March 28 around 16:41 CET DST, roenbaeck may know the exact timestamp ...08:03
knielsenhttps://lists.launchpad.net/maria-developers/ shows that a handful of other mails to the list did get in around that time, but not the one(s) from roenbaeck08:05
wgrantI see one message discarded at Mar 28 07:21:15 because it was sent with an unregistered email address. It was added 90 minutes later.08:07
knielsenwgrant: shouldn't we have gotten a moderation request for that? I seem to remember we usually get the chance to approve mails from unregistrered senders?08:08
wgrantknielsen: I think your email address needs to be known to LP, but you get moderated if you're untrusted and not a team member.08:08
knielsenwgrant: what time zone is the time stamp "Mar 28 07:21:15" ?08:09
wgrantknielsen: That's UTC.08:09
wgrantI think.08:10
knielsenroenbaeck: ^^^ could this be your mail? you wrote in #maria you sent another mail around 14:41 UTC, didn't you?08:10
wgrantknielsen, roenbaeck: There was another email discarded at 14:50 UTC08:10
wgrantEr, 14:40 UTC08:10
wgrant@subside.com, again.08:10
wgrantBut this time it was from the email address "lars", it seems...08:11
knielsenwgrant: so the problem is that the sender mail address is not registrered with launchpad?08:11
wgrantNo domain.08:11
knielsenyes, that would be the second mail ...08:11
wgrantSending with either address will work now.08:11
wgrantThey are both accepted.08:11
wgrantBut the first email was sent before its address was added to LP, and the second had an invalid address.08:11
knielsenwgrant: ok, thanks for your help08:12
knielsenwgrant: I suppose there isn't a way (either for sender or list moderators) to see what the problem is in such cases ourselves?08:13
roenbaeckSorry, was afk08:13
knielsenbut it's good to know how the unregistered email stuff work, we can look out for that in the future08:14
roenbaeckMails were sent as 8.21 and 15.4008:14
roenbaeckThe 08.21 from lars.ronnback@anchormodeling.com08:15
roenbaeckThe 15.40 from lars@subside.com08:15
knielsenroenbaeck: wgrant found the problem it seems, one needs to be extra careful that the sender address in the mail is a valid email address, and registrered with launchpad (spam protection I suppose)08:15
wgrantknielsen: I don't think so :/ I believe we silently drop messages from unregistered addresses to avoid spamming innocent addresses used in spam08:15
roenbaeckYes, strange that one of the addresses looked just like "lars" though, right?08:16
knielsenyes, strange indeed08:16
wgrantroenbaeck: It looks like it, yes.08:16
roenbaeckUsing any of those two addresses now should work then? I could give it a try.08:17
wgrantYep, both are good now.08:17
roenbaeckOk, I just sent it from the subside.com mail08:19
knielsenrockstar: ok, will check in a few min that it got through08:20
wgrantroenbaeck: Just rejected again, same issue with "lars"08:25
wgrantroenbaeck: I can't see the email itself, but all the other similar errors have full email addresses, and yours just has "lars".08:26
wgrantroenbaeck: Could you email me at william.grant@canonical.com so I can see what the headers look like?08:27
roenbaeckAbsolutely, one minute08:29
roenbaeckOk, sent it now.08:30
wgrantHuh, it looks fine.08:31
roenbaeckHow is my name displayed? Just "Lars Rönnbäck"?08:32
roenbaeckOr as "Lars Rönnbäck [Subside]"?08:33
wgrant"Lars Rönnbäck [Subside]"08:33
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roenbaeckAnd the brackets shouldn't be a problem?08:33
* knielsen wonders if it's the 8-bit characters ä / ö that are the problem, maybe some MIME encoding confuses the Launchpad mail system?08:35
wgrantroenbaeck: They shouldn't be, but they might be. Is the other address another identity in the same client, without ' [Subside]'?08:35
roenbaeckI can remove the brackets and try again08:35
wgrantThanks, that would probably be a useful test.08:35
wgrantOtherwise I'll get our mailman set up locally and see what happens if I run your email through it.08:36
wgrantThere we are.08:37
wgrantThat worked :/08:37
wgrantYou just removed the square brackets?08:37
wgrantAnd the Subside08:37
roenbaeckYes I removed the "[Subside]" part08:38
roenbaeckThat was the only change08:38
knielsenwgrant: thanks a lot for your speedy help, much appreciated08:38
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wgrantroenbaeck: Thanks for checking that. I'll file a bug so we can work out what's up.08:42
roenbaeckNo problem :)08:42
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popeyIs the process for getting a private PPA (for an ISV) documented anywhere?10:24
popeyoh, found https://launchpad.net/+tour/join-launchpad#commercial10:25
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diwicHi, I'm having problems with my recipe: https://code.launchpad.net/~diwic/+recipe/alsa-hda-dkms - it often, but not always, fail with "bzr: out of memory"12:11
diwicSure, the source branch is huge (although I just need one tiny part of it, I see no way around that), but I thought the stacked-branch feature should help here?12:13
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ftabzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://xmlrpc.launchpad.net/bazaar/: Unable to handle http code 503: Service Unavailable14:15
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joeyAnyone help me with  OOPS-1914N88816:22
joeyUrsinha: ^^16:26
Ursinhahi joey16:28
* Ursinha looks16:28
Ursinhajoey, you just hit it?16:29
Ursinhait's not on devpad yet16:29
Ursinhajoey, do you have a paste or something? :)16:30
joeyUrsinha: yeah I keep getting oopses with no traceback trying to go to https://launchpad.net/toolchain-arm-embedded16:30
Ursinhajoey, oopses with no traceback?16:31
Ursinhait gives me a 40416:31
joeyYeah normally with my privs when I get an oops I get a full traceback and for a 404 I get no oops msg16:31
joeyso possibly now 404s have oops numbers displayed16:32
Ursinhathey are PageNotFound oopses, I believe16:32
Ursinhajoey, NotFound: Object: <canonical.launchpad.webapp.publisher.RootObject object at 0x3867510>, name: u'toolchain-arm-embedded'16:34
joeyok thanks Ursinha ... that's a normal 404 then16:34
joeyI guess the oops msg confused me16:34
Ursinhajoey, do you have a printscreen?16:35
UrsinhaI see regular traceback for page not found here16:35
joeyhmm now it's a different page16:35
joeynow it's the normal 40416:36
airoinehi. I try to upload a download file on my projet, but it's never works...16:37
airoinethis file size is more than 120Mo16:38
Ursinhajoey, hmm odd16:38
airoinedo you think that the problem?16:39
jmlairoine: maybe16:40
jmlairoine: try uploading a smaller file?16:40
airoinejml: I can not send a fake file16:44
airoineusers will not understand16:45
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SITZplease help me with how to download source code from launchpad ?17:48
SITZlike I eant to download source code for WUBI which is hosted on it .... how can do it ?17:48
SITZanyone here ?17:57
james_wSITZ, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/wubi/trunk tells you how17:58
SITZbut I want to download them ... will it be possible from here ?17:58
PengLaunchpad doesn't provide tarballs, but you can use bzr to get a copy of the branch, or download individual files through the "view branch content" link.18:00
Pengs/tarballs/tarballs for branches.18:00
SITZPeng: any way to download all of the folders content at once ?18:03
PengSITZ: bzr branch...18:04
SITZPeng: ok.. will look for it18:16
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jo-erlendI've started using Bazaar for my source code. I've never really used a VCS before, so it's a new experience. Seems nice. I understand Launchpad supports Bazaar, but how does it work when I push a commit onto LP? Does that make my private commits available, or will each push to LP get its own commit?18:30
maxbjo-erlend: Hi. "Push" is a means for uploading existing commits from one place to another. The contents, message, etc. of a commit are defined when it is committed - push just sends a copy elsewhere. So, "make my private commits available"18:36
maxbThis, technically, is a question about Bazaar in general, not just when used with Launchpad. Such questions are welcome on #launchpad, but are more on-topic on #bzr, and may be worth asking there instead, to benefit from an audience more focussed on the nature of the question.18:37
jo-erlendmaxb: great! I tried #Bazaar, but it seemed pretty lifeless :)18:38
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siretartcan someone please help me with this recipe: https://code.launchpad.net/~motumedia/+recipe/libav-daily20:33
siretartit is building lp:libav, which was previously a 'personal' branch of mine: lp:~siretart/libav/master20:33
siretartnow I've moved that to lp:~motumedia/libav/master so that it belongs to the team20:34
siretarthowever, the buildlog still mentions this:20:34
siretartbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~siretart/libav/master/".20:34
siretarthow to fix this? do I have to transfer the branch back to me?20:34
bambeeI cannot upload to ppa.launchpad.net via dput... (Connection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused)20:41
bambeethe ftp server is down ?20:42
lifelesslooks like20:43
lifelessbambee: you can try sftp with dput these days20:44
lifelessshould be better20:44
lifelessits working20:44
yofeldoes that show the transfer progress by now? it didn't last time I tried it20:44
lifelessno idea sorry20:45
bambeelifeless: ok thanks20:46
lifelessftp issue is being worked on20:47
debfxhow can I report spam comments on the bug tracker? here on irc? :)20:56
lifelessfile a ticket on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad20:57
debfxok, thanks20:58
james_whi siretart. That's pretty funky. Would you file a bug?21:15
siretartjames_w: filed as bug #74523021:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 745230 in Launchpad itself "recipe fails when branch gets new owner" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74523021:23
james_wI can't think where that info would be cached, but I'm likely missing something21:26
wgrantjames_w, siretart: Probably a stacked branch.22:52
james_wwgrant, ah yeah22:52
maxbsiretart: You can fix the stacking location yourself via suitable bzrlib calls22:55
maxbsiretart: or, this script: http://j.maxb.eu/~maxb/bzr-set-stacked-url22:55

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