dajhorn How can I get the regular dpkg and apt-get at the rescue prompt of the alternative Natty installer?00:19
kklimondadajhorn: what rescue prompt is that?00:21
kklimondadajhorn: both apt and dpkg are on your disk, and are available if you get to the point where both / and /usr are mounted.00:22
dajhornkklimonda: The shell prompt that you get if the installer is canceled or fails.00:23
dajhornkklimonda: Only udpkg and the apt-install / apt-setup helpers are available at this prompt.00:24
kklimondadajhorn: if you have ar, gz and tar you can unpack any deb00:27
gordonjcpright, half an hour in and I've nearly gone blind00:27
gordonjcpis there a way to disable the drop-shadow on windows in Unity00:27
kklimondagordonjcp: probably in ccsm?00:27
kklimondadajhorn: but I'm not sure how far will it get you00:28
gordonjcpkklimonda: that doesn't appear to be in Natty00:28
dajhornkklimonda: Indeed, and I can use udpkg to install from the /pool, but manually walking the dependencies takes a long time.00:28
kklimondadajhorn: right, but it's an emergency00:28
gordonjcpmaybe I need to be running an installed version rather than off the live USB disk image00:29
kklimondayou can try installing ccsm, it's in universe afair00:29
kklimondadajhorn: also, apt doesn't have many dependencies00:30
kklimondaneither do dpkg00:30
dajhornkklimonda: It is a bunch.  I got stuck at the libc dependencies and the empty /var/lib/dpkg.00:32
dajhornkklimonda: I got a bug report that APT in the alternative environment is resolving package dependencies differently than the regular desktop environment.00:33
storrgieHow do I do multiple firefox instances with unity?00:57
Gulfstreamhow do I scale the CPU when using Unity?00:58
ali1234storrgie: instances or windows?01:00
ali1234storrgie: you have to do file -> new window in ff01:00
storrgiethen how do i switch between them?01:00
storrgiehow do I use panorama?01:00
ali1234when you click on the panel it will show all of them, then click the one you want01:01
ali1234is panorama that new thing if ff4? if so, i have no idea01:01
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gordonjcpkklimonda: I tried installing ccsm but all I managed to do was crash compiz01:26
gordonjcpkklimonda: is there anything else I can do to get rid of the drop shadows?01:26
coz_gordonjcp,  I didnt see you post here :)  but pick it up tomorrow... many are generally during the day hours01:46
gordonjcpto be honest I probably won't use unity anyway01:47
gordonjcpit's too hard to use without some means of seeing which apps have windows open01:47
gordonjcpthere's the launcher but I don't like having to mouse over each square in turn to see what it is01:48
mhall119gordonjcp: the icon in the laucher gets a small overlay when it has open windows01:49
gordonjcpmhall119: right01:49
gordonjcpbut you still have to mouse over it to get the text label to pop up01:49
mhall119oh, text label, yes01:49
gordonjcpit's a bit of a usability fail01:50
mhall119such is the way of docks it seems01:50
gordonjcpI guess I could stick post-its to the side of the screen lined up with each little square01:50
grusumgordonjcp, u get used to it - took me abt day and half - no prob now01:51
mhall119why do you want to see which apps have open windows?01:51
gordonjcpmhall119: well, I quite frequently switch between windows01:51
gordonjcpmhall119: usually I have gedit open and a couple of terminals01:51
mhall119right, same here01:51
grusumgordonjcp, alt-tab still works01:51
gordonjcpso I have to stop and work my way down each square and mouse over it to see what it is01:51
gordonjcpgrusum: true01:52
gordonjcpI can't really "see" icons, it's a dyslexia thing01:52
mhall119compiz + scale + scale filter for me01:52
gordonjcpwhat does that do?01:52
mhall119scale shows all your open windows, scaled down so you can see them all without overlap01:52
mhall119scale filter let's you type some text, and any window that doesn't have that text in it's title goes away01:53
gordonjcpgetting back to my original problem, does anyone know how to make the huge drop shadows around the selected window go away?01:53
mhall119so I press F12 (my scale trigger), type "gedit", and all I see are my gedit windows, side by side, ready for me to pick which one to switch to01:53
mhall119gordonjcp: get compizconfig-settings-manager and you can change the shadow radius in the window decorators plugin01:54
gordonjcpmhall119: I tried that, it doesn't seem to have any effect01:54
mhall119maybe they changed it in Unity01:55
* mhall119 is still on Maverick01:55
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bprIs there a way to display an image in the message area of a libnotify bubble?02:21
trismbpr: the body of the message has to be a string, so you would need to use markup, but I don't know if any notification daemons support the image tag02:26
robin0800bpr, most music players display album art in notifications02:28
bpri'm seeing in the pynotify module there's a property called attach-widget for the Notification object02:29
bprso, i'm thinking that may be the way02:29
bprrobin0800: don't most music players put the album art in the icon area, rather than the body area?02:30
robin0800bpr, yes but they are not icons are they?02:31
bprI'm actually making a system to enable rating the currently playing song (1-5 stars).  I'd like to display the number of stars that the song chas been changed to02:31
bprrobin0800: right, they're images, but they're not in the body of the notify bubble02:31
bprhrm.. let me see if it does the right thing if I just use the icon area02:32
bprs/song chas/song has/02:32
gordonjcpbpr: unicode stars...02:35
bprgordonjcp: interesting02:36
bprgordon, i think that's probably gunna be perfect02:38
MaximLevitskyany ideas:02:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 728803 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu theme switches from partially broken to gnome default on VirtualBox guest" [Low,Confirmed]02:38
MaximLevitskyI bet here many users use ubuntu in the vbox02:39
MaximLevitskyany workarounds?02:39
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bpris there a way to get the ubuntu1 client to stop spamming libnotify?04:42
robin0800bpr, you can uncheck notifications in devices in its control panel04:47
bprrobin0800: ty04:50
bprwow, that was clear as day, but somehow i couldn't see that earlier04:51
bprbtw, is there a config somewhere that allows you to blacklist (or whitelist) apps from using libnotify?04:52
bprat the libnotify lvl perhaps?04:52
MathuinIs two-factor authentication on the roadmap for Natty or any later version?05:11
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whereamiso, how do I go back to the traditional interface? Is there a plan for some sort of introduction? I find discoverability of this interface to be terrible.05:43
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duanedesignwhereami: when booting select classic  desktop05:44
whereamiwhen booting? or in gdm?05:44
duanedesignwhen entering your password05:45
whereamiokay, thanks. I haven't quite given up on this yet, but that's good to know. So far I'm not impressed.05:46
whereamiwhat's this thing called, so I know where to find and file bugs?05:46
duanedesignif you enter what you are looking for into the dash it should show up05:46
whereamiwhat is "the dash"?05:47
duanedesignwhen you press the 'super' key or click the ubuntu logo05:47
duanedesignin the top left05:47
whereamiis there a keyboard shortcut to the workspace switcher?05:48
whereamialso, is there a keyboard shortcut to the menu bar? I can't access menus because I use focus-follows-mouse...05:49
whereami"unity"? is that what this thing is called?05:50
whereamithanks for the help, btw.05:51
duanedesignunity is the shell that runs on Gnome05:51
whereamisorry if I'm in grumpy mode... :/05:51
duanedesignno worries05:51
duanedesignalt + tab  right/left arrow is how i switch workspaces05:52
duanedesignctrl + alt05:52
duanedesignleft/right arrow05:52
duanedesignand up/down05:52
whereamiI'll find in CCSM how to re-enable edge switching.05:53
whereamihmm, I guess edge switching just doesn't work... gonna get my bug on... a little later.06:02
bprwhereami: iirc F10 will get you into the menu06:03
bprfor a lot of pretty good info on the new interface check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity06:05
whereamibpr, yeah, I found that, thanks. unfortunately, I guess the menus don't work with all apps... eg, xchat only brings up a "File" menu with a single greyed-out "Close" entry.06:14
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gordonjcpany clues as to where the settings are hidden?08:03
whereamigordonjcp, search for "settings" is how I found them.08:11
whereamiAre there any replacements for panel apps in unity? specifically, I'm missing the system monitoring graphs.08:12
whereamialso, how the heck do you get the menus for xchat? they don't appear in the app menu area.08:13
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varunhi friends,today my system is becoming slow, so i did top in the terminal,i came to know that 99% of memory is earting by indicator applet,why that much of memory is taking,is there any way to stop that process?09:49
mfraz74Any one else seeing this bug? #74483409:57
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xAndromedado you guys know wher i could find the settings for unity?10:56
gordonjcpxAndromeda: I was looking for them too10:57
gordonjcpxAndromeda: they turned out to be in the menu when you click on the little circle thing in the top right10:58
psypher246hello all. Could someone please confirm that you have to actually click on the ubuntu logo to get the launcher to come up, mouse over does not work and moving your mouse to the left of the screen does not unhide either. Is this a bug or a feature?10:59
drommyanybody here? O.o11:20
gordonjcpquite a few people, by the looks of it11:21
drommy*criket* lol11:23
drommyhey um do you know how i can change unity so that when i launch app finder/launcher etc it dosnt take up the eintire screen?11:23
rockyso... what would cause /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives to be turned into a file (and thus breaking apt-get install) and how do i fix it? :)11:55
roffewebgl, does it work for anyone else in natty with an ati card?11:57
psypher246hello all. Could someone please confirm that you have to actually click on the ubuntu logo to get the launcher to come up, mouse over does not work and moving your mouse to the left of the screen does not unhide either. Is this a bug or a feature?12:21
penguin42psypher246: In my setup it's very odd, generally if I move over the icon it half appears - literally appears but shaded out, I have to click to get it to appear12:32
psypher246penguin42: yup exactly what i get12:33
psypher246very annoying12:33
penguin42psypher246: Do you have autohide enabled?12:33
psypher246penguin42: whatever the default is, i just installed and updated, I would say it's more like intellihide12:33
penguin42interesting, I'd assumed it was because I'd enabled autohide12:34
psypher246what is also anjnoying is this:12:34
psypher246open fullscreen ap12:34
psypher246now click logo12:35
psypher246now click workspace switcher12:35
psypher246nothing happen and one sec later the luancher huides again12:35
psypher246you have to click workspaces twice to get focus on it12:35
psypher246and not as fast a doubleclick but not too slow or launcher disappears12:36
psypher246the whole things behavoiur is just wrong and weird and cumbersome, does anyone know if this is feature or bug?12:37
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xAndromedai thought that too13:09
xAndromedabut if you move to top left corner13:09
xAndromedathe bar becomes solid13:09
xAndromedaim still trying to figure out how to resize the dammed launcher thingy though13:09
xAndromedait looks so ugly full screen13:09
xAndromedaso big and pixillated13:10
psypher246xAndromeda: not gonna happen for now i reckon13:15
psypher246I HOPE canonical relaise that nothing short of a FULYL customizable, themeable and hacable launcher is acceptable13:15
psypher246xAndromeda: i see what u mean about the launcher now, not easy to spot when u using it in a vbox window13:16
xAndromedalol :P13:18
psypher246NOW thats MUCH better13:18
xAndromedawhen you click the application drawer13:18
xAndromedaor the unity menue thing13:18
psypher246ok that i mist say answer my qorries about muyltiple screens13:18
xAndromedadoes the search ting appear full screen?13:18
psypher246cos is i have a screen to the left i don't want the launcher popping up each time i move left13:19
psypher246xAndromeda: oh u mean the search screen not the launcher bar13:19
xAndromedayeah that13:19
xAndromedafrom the pics i saw it was supposed to have a resize button13:20
xAndromedaon the lower right13:20
psypher246so when u click the ubuntu logo u get search box and shortcuts?13:20
xAndromedabut i dont see it, its full screen al lthe time13:20
psypher246pres esc13:20
psypher246then click it again13:20
psypher246then it's a smaller window again13:20
psypher246with the resize button botom right13:21
xAndromedaesc just exits the menue13:21
psypher246yes then click again13:21
psypher246log i mean13:21
psypher246on mine its smaller again13:21
xAndromedawhat version do you have13:22
xAndromedatheres only 1 version right?13:22
psypher246yeah, fully updated natty13:22
psypher246u sure it's running 3d and not 2d?13:22
xAndromedaits a tiny thing13:23
psypher246applications and files and folders has the same thing13:23
xAndromedabut its really starting to piss me off :(13:23
psypher246click applications on launcher, it's a small window, make it large then press esc and then if i click on it again it's smaller again13:23
xAndromedaexactly! every time i click it i see massive freaking icons :(13:24
psypher246i thought u meant the window13:24
psypher246yeah the icons are massive13:24
psypher246the window has 2 sizes13:24
psypher246small and fullscreen13:24
xAndromedamine only has 1 :(13:24
psypher246but the icons stay the same13:24
xAndromedai wonder if theres i file i can edit somewhere13:25
psypher246must say the coner thing is a little annoying too13:25
psypher246cos i have screen on the left13:25
psypher246have to be precise to get that co13:25
psypher246corner or the mouse goes to the left screen13:26
xAndromedaits also annoying to switch workspaces13:26
xAndromedayou ahve to go to the corner then the button13:26
xAndromedathank god for compiz13:26
psypher246i must admirt i rarely use the workspaces even on ghnome13:27
psypher246ctr-alt left right up down is all i use13:27
psypher246i only use the workspaces whenni wanna move apps around13:27
psypher246can see that i will be using the windows key a lot in natty13:28
xAndromedai love workspaces13:28
xAndromedai went back to windows13:28
xAndromedalast week13:28
xAndromedacouldnt stand it13:29
psypher246Windows as in M$?13:29
xAndromedayeah lol13:29
psypher246@#% THAT13:29
xAndromedai sorta like the aero glass though13:29
xAndromedait looks pretty cool13:30
psypher246for all the productivity I get out of ubuntu/linux, I will NEVER go back to windows13:30
xAndromedaespecially with chrome13:30
xAndromedawhich looks like shit on linux :/13:30
psypher246yeah chrome does look cool13:30
psypher246still, i can't work in windows anyjmore, retarded IMHO13:30
psypher246in ubunut, i'm just happy13:31
xAndromedasame when i stopped playing games the only reason i kept windows was so my friend can borrow it13:31
xAndromedaand not get completly lost lol13:31
psypher246only use i have for windows is for it be my gaming console, virus and crapware free, i love it and at work i use a vm for IE and outlook13:32
xAndromedaIE @_@13:33
psypher246what can i do, my work uses a retarded activex CRm app only13:34
psypher246and that integrates with outlook13:34
psypher246else i am always in thunderbird13:34
psypher246with imap it's the only stable way to talk to exchange13:35
xAndromedaima go to bed, hopefully reinstalling natty will fix things lol13:36
xAndromedaactually screw it, ill wait untill the beta lol13:39
admiralfhey folks, i recently wanted to upgrade my kubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 because the summer term starts next week, but when i fired up the daily build in an VM it killed X.org and/or KDE while initilaising Akonadi14:57
admiralfi  didnt had a deeper look into that issue, but id like to here if this is known?14:57
charlie-tcaIs that https://launchpad.net/bugs/74494415:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 744944 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu Natty) "kdm is restarted during the upgrade to Natty . The user is disconnected from the session" [Critical,New]15:02
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: And alternately if you booted to single user and updated, it then tries to start kdm15:03
admiralfi didnt upgrade, i tried the Daily Build Desktop CD15:04
admiralfin virtualbox15:04
charlie-tcaThere are a couple of other bugs, I don't have the numbers, in work right now. there will be a new daily published in a while for Kubuntu15:05
charlie-tcaThe beta comes out thursday, so qa is testing this week, and the images will be rebuilt a few times15:06
admiralfok thanks, then i will wait till 1.4.15:08
coz_  hey guys15:23
Muschelquestion !!15:29
Gulfstream2what is the new way to scale the CPU to performance?15:29
Muscheltask manager15:30
patdk-wkvm's :)15:30
Muschelwill the ubuntu 11.04 get a new design ?15:32
popeyhave you been living under a rock!?15:32
popeyyes, it has a new desktop :)15:33
Muscheli meant the design ;)15:33
Muscheldesktop i saw15:33
Muschelbut ambiance changing15:33
popeyit will be tweaked15:33
popeybut not a brand new one, I wouldnt have thought15:34
Muschelto the desktop15:34
Muschelbut i really would happy15:35
Muschelbut if no then no15:35
Gulfstream2how do I scale the CPU to performance in Unity?15:35
MuschelGulfstream2: uname -r you can find the kerne15:35
yofel he means by GUI15:35
Gulfstream2yeah by GUI15:36
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Gulfstream2it appears to be already at performance, from what sysinfo says15:37
yofelshouldn't be, it's set to performance in ther kernel, but the system sets it to ondemand after boot15:37
Gulfstream2it is running at full 1.6Ghz, and the computer appears to be really slow right now... is there a way to load apps to RAM in 11.04?15:40
irvhas anyone experienced windows 7 suspend features stop working after installing 11.04 alpha along side?15:53
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Muschelplease can ubuntu GIVE ALL!16:19
MuschelEVERYTHIN G!16:19
Muschelto make ubuntu the best16:19
BUGabundomanage to break my PulseAudio a bit more16:49
shaneosomeone please help http://i51.tinypic.com/2nao4df.png16:50
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo16:54
BUGabundohey charlie-tca16:54
charlie-tcaYou can't break PA all the way just one time around?16:55
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:55
charlie-tcaI must be doing it wrong. Ever since I quit listening to all the ideas to make PA work, I have had no problems with it.16:56
IdleOnecharlie-tca: if it ain't broke don't fix it :)17:00
IdleOneI let PA do what it does and I have no problems either17:00
BUGabundomine was boken17:01
BUGabundonow its worse17:01
BUGabundoneed to get crisum17:01
IdleOneSo should I do an upgrade to natty?17:02
yofelhm, does unity work with nvidia by now?17:02
PiciIdleOne: you haven't already17:03
charlie-tcaI am testing the upgrades now17:03
charlie-tcaUbuntu seems to work fine, xubuntu is in process of upgrading good so far17:03
charlie-tcaOf course, that is still 2 hours to go on Xubuntu17:03
IdleOnePici: I did a clean install of 10.10 about 2-3 months ago (feels like longer) and since then I haven't felt like dealing with brokenness17:03
BluesKajI deleted PA as soon as I upgraded... it leaves out too many options and another distortion layer of digital processing isn't needed17:03
bjsnideryofel, sure does. quite well17:04
IdleOneah, heck with it. I am going to jump in the pool.17:04
yofelhm, then I'll try it again later, all my attempts this month ended with compiz crashes17:04
yofelthat apport couldn't retrace -.-17:04
BluesKajkde4.6 is working quite well so far on natty , I'm kinda pleased :)17:05
yofel+1 for KDE17:06
yofelexcept nepomuk and strigi still don't quite work right, take far too much resources after login :S17:06
BluesKajyofel, just disable it in startup services , unless you rely on it.17:07
yofelI have it disabled but gave it a try again a week ago. No, not something I want to have on all the time...17:08
charlie-tcaPA lets me have sound on both my hardware installation and my VirtualBox installs17:10
gordonjcpcan anyone tell me how to get rid of the drop shadow on windows in Natty?17:10
BluesKajI personally don't feel the need for indexing/search services , wish i could just remove it , but it tries to remove the whole desktop. afaik17:11
gordonjcpbasically the drop shadow and pulseaudio are the two main things remaining that stop me being able to use Ubuntu17:11
penguin42gordonjcp: Use compizconfig settings manager17:12
gordonjcpthe lack of a taskbar is merely annoying17:12
gordonjcppenguin42: it doesn't work17:12
penguin42gordonjcp: In the 'window decorations' tab there is a  'shadow radius'17:12
gordonjcppenguin42: yeah, it has no effect on the shadow17:12
krosonhi people, do you think that ubuntu 11.04 beta is good for daily usage?17:13
penguin42gordonjcp: Hmph, how about the 'shadow windows -> any' setting at the bottom?17:13
gordonjcppenguin42: I can't see that anywhere17:14
penguin42it's on the window decorations tab for me, at the bottom17:14
gordonjcpah, yeah, right there; what should I set it to?17:15
gordonjcp"none" seems to have no effect17:15
penguin42gordonjcp: That would have been my guess17:15
gordonjcpshould ccsm changes take effect immediately?17:15
gordonjcpokay, I've been at this for ten minutes now, I have to give up17:16
kroson[17:13] <kroson> hi people, do you think that ubuntu 11.04 beta is good for daily usage? -> anyone?17:16
penguin42gordonjcp: They seem to here; and certainly reducing the shadow radius works17:16
gordonjcppenguin42: it's having no effect here17:16
gordonjcppenguin42: sorry, I have to reboot back into normal Linux, this has given me a blinding headache17:16
gordonjcpkroson: absolutely not, as far as I'm concerned17:17
krosongordonjcp: are there many things to fix until final?17:17
krosonim thinking about trying linux again, but dont know if unity is a good alternative :S17:17
krosonnever tested it xD17:18
penguin42kroson: You don't have to use unity in Natty, you can still use the old mode17:18
penguin42kroson: So give it a go, if you don't like it you can use 'classic' mode17:18
gordonjcpI really wanted to like Unity, but it's just horrible17:18
krosonpenguin42: is it default?17:18
penguin42kroson: Yes it is, but on the login box you can just pick classic from a menu at the bottom17:18
krosongordonjcp: which one do you think is better? unity or gnome-shell?17:18
krosonpenguin42: will it be gnome 3 or 2.32?17:19
gordonjcpkroson: neither, they're both unusable17:19
penguin42gordonjcp: It's a million times better than it was a month or two back, another million would be good17:19
penguin42kroson: 2.3217:19
* penguin42 would like to give Gnome 3 a go17:19
gordonjcppenguin42: if I could just get rid of the little squares down the side and get a proper taskbar it would be okay17:19
krosonpenguin42: i like that canonical tries to differentiate its distro from all others17:19
krosonby creating a new DE17:19
penguin42gordonjcp: So drop back to classic then17:19
krosongordonjcp: i think you maybe have to get used to it17:21
gordonjcpkroson: I can't17:21
krosonyes its different, it looks like an App store or something lol17:21
* penguin42 has switched to KDE4 on ----> that machine, it's getting there17:21
gordonjcpkroson: it's too reliant on hiding text behind little squares17:21
krosonpenguin42: KDE4 seems to be the DE that always has a bug to fix17:21
gordonjcpso instead of actually seeing what your app is called, you've got to mouse over the row of little squares every time17:21
krosoni think its slowness may be considered a bug xD17:22
penguin42kroson: And there is a DE that doesn't have that description?17:22
krosonpenguin42: you know what i mean, gnome tends to be more stable17:22
penguin42kroson: I think KDE4 might have actually got there17:22
gordonjcpkroson: also, Natty has FF4 so forget using it for web development17:22
gordonjcpand get used to seeing adverts again17:23
krosonpenguin42: how is KDE4 on kubuntu 11.04?17:25
penguin42kroson: It's pretty sweet for me17:26
penguin42kroson: There are some things I prefer about gnome (in particular it's handling of multiple desktops)17:27
penguin42and I can trigger a really nasty Radeon driver screwup; but hey I'm using the open driver and I don't think it's KDEs fault17:29
gordonjcpwell, "Classic" mode gets rid of the drop shadows etc17:29
gordonjcpI could probably get used to not knowing what apps are called without hovering over the squares17:29
gordonjcpwhy on earth is the "taskbar" down the side anyway?17:30
penguin42you still seeing that in classic?17:30
gordonjcpand how do you get it back if something has pushed it off to the left?17:30
gordonjcpno, it's not in classic17:30
gordonjcpI'm determined to give unity a chance, *if* I can get rid of the drop shadows17:30
penguin42gordonjcp: You can get the bar back by clicking on the ubuntu icon a t top left17:31
gordonjcppenguin42: when I tried that it brought up a big black box with squares in it17:31
penguin42gordonjcp: the squares should be icons for all the available apps17:31
gordonjcpI don't know17:31
gordonjcpI can't tell what they are, they're just squares17:31
penguin42gordonjcp: I think what they're trying to do is to make it work for touchscreens and tablets17:32
gordonjcphm, I don't have a touchscreen or a tablet17:32
penguin42gordonjcp: Hmm shouldn't just be squares; that's a bug17:32
penguin42gordonjcp: Neither do I17:32
gordonjcppenguin42: they're probably *not* squares17:32
gordonjcpbut I can't actually see what they are17:32
gordonjcpit's a kind of visual dyslexia thing17:32
gordonjcpI have no idea what icons are17:32
charlie-tcahovering over the squares/icons should give a name17:33
gordonjcpit does, but that's a pain in the arse17:33
gordonjcpespecially when they take up so much room17:33
penguin42gordonjcp: Ah right, hmm then this interface really is going to suck for you17:33
charlie-tca+1 on pain17:33
charlie-tcapretty much useless for those that can not use the hardware keyboard, too17:34
penguin42charlie-tca: Why do you say that?17:35
charlie-tcabecause to type in the dash search, requires a hardware keyboard. It disappears when trying to use Onboard17:35
charlie-tcaI haven't investigated further to see what else requires hardware keys only17:36
charlie-tcathose who can not use the mouse are in trouble too17:37
e01hello, can i ask for a help17:37
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.17:37
gordonjcp!ask | e0117:37
ubottue01: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:37
e01i was installed from repository gnome-shell, after while i was purging the ppa, but i still can`t get back the native gnome from the ubuntu natty17:37
e01the ppa for the gnome3 i was get from the ppa:gnome3-team/gnome317:38
e01any idea how to fix it without preinstall?17:38
penguin42e01: Have you used ppa-purge?17:38
e01penguin42, yes, sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome317:40
penguin42e01: Hmm, then try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?17:40
e01penguin42, i was try it, but it just install libreoffice that i was removed before17:41
penguin42e01: and what happens if you try and login to a gnome session?17:41
e01ehm.., i am getting a ugly gtk with many errors with cancel and send report17:42
e01themes not apply, i think i am with gtk3 for default17:42
penguin42e01: I think I would try clearing out all my .gtk/.gnome dot files17:43
e01penguin42, will try17:47
krosonpenguin42: so ubuntu 11.04 won't have gnome 3.0?17:55
penguin42kroson: That's my understanding17:56
Muschelubuntu  11.04 have gnom318:02
Muschelnot the gnome shell unity18:02
BUGabundoanyone know off a app or fuse to access amazon cloud drive?18:04
DaekdroomMuschel, it uses GNOME 2.3218:08
Muschelyes but18:08
Muscheli believe it gnome 3 is out18:08
Muschelit will be there then18:08
Muschelonly with the unity shell18:09
DaekdroomNope. 11.04 will use 2.32 regardless.18:09
DaekdroomA transition to GNOME 3 needs so many changes in too little time they're delaying it to 11.1018:09
DaekdroomIs anyone else having problems with gcalctool crashing?18:28
yofelDaekdroom: crashed here when I switched it to advanced view18:30
DaekdroomMust be why I can't start it18:30
nperryHummm I wonder where ubuntu mono font is18:41
nperry!info ubuntu-font18:41
ubottuPackage ubuntu-font does not exist in natty18:41
=== enli1 is now known as enli
yofelDaekdroom: bug 744798 was the crash I got18:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 744798 in gcalctool (Ubuntu) "gcalctool crashed with SIGSEGV in unit_convert_from()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74479818:45
ChrisBuchholzNow that we got "love handles" in Natty, will there be a way to set up multitouch gestures on your own? I have Super+W set fire the scale plugin in Compiz, but i would love to have a way to set three-fingers-pull-up to it also. I should be possible, since the multitouch things are already implemented. Is it possible, or will it be in the near future?18:55
IdleOneHow do I add indicator-weather to the panel?18:58
ChrisBuchholzIdleOne: i believe its bugged18:59
ChrisBuchholzyou can google it, theres ways described to get it working19:00
=== doodoo is now known as mobster
mobsterati 11.3 driver released few hours back. will it support natty?19:04
gnomefreaki am here right?19:15
Picignomefreak: no, you're there.19:15
* yofel looks through gnomefreaks ghost19:15
gnomefreakthanks. network is extreamly slow, takes >3minutes to open google.com19:16
charlie-tcagnomefreak: doesn't appear so19:16
=== test_ is now known as trijntje
gnomefreakafter updates i guess i will work on it again19:16
gnomefreakif they start19:17
* yofel gives unity another go19:18
gnomefreakis there a command to find out the speed of the network is at19:19
gnomefreakit should be at least 200mbps but i can say it is no where in the area of that today19:20
gnomefreakfrom what update is giving me its ~600kbps19:21
gnomefreak78% [36 Sources 654 kB/865 kB 75%]19:21
gnomefreakin nm it is telling me its at 100mbps19:22
yofeland compiz still crashes...19:22
trijntjemaybe the server is busy, cant you run an online speedtest?19:22
gnomefreakwell that is one thing its not doing here19:22
gnomefreaktrijntje: not sure how19:23
yofelunity-2d is somewhat nice, but I'm not sure if I could get used to it19:23
yofelgnomefreak: what's the ping time?19:23
gnomefreak16 packets transmitted, 14 received, 12% packet loss, time 21116ms19:24
IdleOneshould of just stuck with 10.10 :/19:24
gnomefreakthat is pinging google.com19:24
trijntjegnomefreak, http://speedtest.net/19:24
yofel21seconds o.O? that's ~40ms here19:25
gnomefreaki guess it would have to open the page to test it19:25
alex_mayorgacan somebody help me with bug 727365?19:26
gnomefreakill let you know when it loads. but nothing not even a letter has loaded yet19:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72736519:26
trijntjeof you wireless it might be that all your neighbours are on the same radio channel, you could check your modem19:26
gnomefreaknot wireless19:26
gnomefreaki have reset everything and still no change19:27
gnomefreakstill not even a letter or nothing19:27
charlie-tcagnomefreak: my isp uses http://speedtest.net to tell me my connection is "fast"19:27
gnomefreaki guess if it loads i can test it, but it isnt looking good on loading19:28
gnomefreakalex_mayorga: my java isnt crashing19:28
charlie-tcaI download consistently at 156KBS, but they say it is 1.2mbps19:28
yofelalex_mayorga: mine neither (using minefield)19:30
alex_mayorgayofel: do you use HOB?19:30
yofelwth's that?19:30
gnomefreakstill nothing loaded. i have to go cook && eat i guess i will save the site and test it tomorrow. alex_mayorga chomium,minefield,firefox4 none of them showing java crashing. icedtea6-plugin: Installed: 6b21.1~20110320-0ubuntu119:31
gnomefreakworks fine here.19:31
gnomefreakok im out. see you tommorow i hope19:32
gnomefreakbut kind of what to know what HOB is19:32
gnomefreakstill nothing on that page19:32
alex_mayorgayofel: this thing https://www.hobsoft.com/products/secure_remote_access/JWT_Juniper_SA.jsp the firm I consult for uses it for remote desktop and it triggers bug 72736519:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72736519:35
shaneoim having trouble updating anyone else ??19:36
yofelshaneo: define 'trouble' (no, I'm fine here)19:38
shaneoE:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'19:38
yofelalex_mayorga: and how do I start that applet?19:38
yofelshaneo: try to refresh the package cache again19:38
shaneoi have been all day19:39
alex_mayorgayofel: http://www.hob.de/webapps/jwt33/www/jwt.htm19:39
alex_mayorgayofel: but I believe I need to get out first19:39
yofelalex_mayorga: runs fine for me19:40
alex_mayorgalooks like at work they have a version that's a bit more dated, might be that19:41
alex_mayorgayofel: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64211719:41
ubottuMozilla bug 642117 in Plug-ins "xcb_io.c "poll_for_event: Assertion `(((long) (event_sequence) - (long) (dpy->request)) <= 0)' failed" with IcedTea [@ libc-2.13.so@0x33xxx ]" [Critical,Unconfirmed]19:41
yofelshaneo: what happens if you delete the file?19:43
shaneoidk where is it ??19:44
yofelalex_mayorga: no idea, maybe talk to the others in -mozillateam19:44
yofelshaneo: it says so in the error: /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en19:44
shaneolol sorry19:44
alex_mayorgayofel: would try19:44
shaneowhat is the command u remove a single file in terminal19:46
yofelshaneo: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en19:47
shaneoeverything is running fine now thanks19:48
shaneoi didnt even think of removing the file19:48
shaneowow still a lot of fails but not getting the error i was receiving before19:49
shaneoE: Encountered a section with no Package: header19:50
shaneoE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en%5fUS19:50
shaneoE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.19:50
yofelsudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*19:50
yofelthat will remove all of the package list files19:50
shaneoalso the partials ??19:50
yofelhm, no, they're in a subfolder19:51
shaneoshould i remove them though19:51
yofelif you get errors yes, otherwise I would only delete the others first19:52
shaneoyofel: thank you19:52
shaneowow 66 updates yesterday and 111 today gotta love beta's lol19:59
smallfoot-alpha 1, alpha 2, alpha 3 sucked, but now that im using alpha 3 (almost beta1) then its great20:29
smallfoot-10.04 is pretty nice if you use GNOME (unity sucks)20:30
smallfoot-11.04 i mean20:30
smallfoot-things work pretty well20:30
smallfoot-some small bugs here and there, but seem to works pretty ok20:30
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: it's kind of cool, but I can't seem to turn off the drop-shadows on the active window20:32
Gulfstreamis there a Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase in Natty?20:32
gordonjcpsmallfoot-: which entirely stops me using it20:32
eliasis there a way to get the 10.10 <for purchase> items in the 11.04 software center?20:32
Daekdroomelias, they'll be available once 11.04 is released20:36
eliaswas just wondering if i could change some config setting to try them now20:37
skyjumperanyone with a thinkpad experiencing touchpad lag / inability to adjust anything in gpointing-device-settings?20:44
penguin42anyone else having problems running 'perf' - libbfd-2.21.0-system seems to have a naming problem20:46
yofelpenguin42: got the exact command I should test?20:48
penguin42yofel: Try just perf by itself20:49
yofelgave me the usage instructions20:49
penguin42yofel: What kernel version exactly are you running?20:49
penguin42yofel: Ah, thanks - I had an old linux-tools package20:51
eliasDaekdroom: managed to install my purchases by manually adding them to the apt sources :)20:58
* BUGabundo is this close on giving up on Ubuntu :(21:15
GulfstreamBUGabundo: why?21:15
BUGabundoaudio broken .... again21:15
DaekdroomDon't worry. Pulseaudio went on broken for like 2 whole releases in here. Unfortunately I had no knowledge of Launchpad...21:16
DaekdroomI mean, it will - eventually - fix itself :P21:17
gordonjcppulseaudio is pretty unpleasant21:17
smallfoot-GNOME 2.32 supports color management and ICC profiles, but ubuntu does not install the packages by default21:19
smallfoot-yeah, sometimes my Spotify stops playing music21:19
smallfoot-what happend to xulrunner in natty?21:25
smallfoot-why isnt openoffice.org-core marked as "supported" ?21:29
smallfoot-oh its just a transiational package that can be removed21:30
DarthFrogHi folks.  I'm trying to install VMWare Workstation on Natty.  But the building of the kernel modules fails and, as I'm not a programmer, I don't know how to get around it.  The output is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/587030/   Is this easy to get around?  Should I file a bug report?21:33
trismDarthFrog: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/304307 this thread gives the impression that the vmware team has resolved the issue, but have to wait until the next version comes out21:40
DarthFrogtrism: Thank you very much.21:40
gordonjcpthis is a slightly more technical crowd so I'll ask here although it's a more generic Ubuntu question21:41
gordonjcpArch Linux has AUR, the Arch User Repository, for user-contributed packages - what's the Ubuntu equivalent, if any?21:42
arandgordonjcp: PPAs21:42
gordonjcparand: ty21:43
gordonjcpwill investigate21:43
arandgordonjcp: But I'm guessing that more packages make it into universe that into the "core" of AL...21:44
gordonjcparand: this is for a fairly "niche" package anyway, I don't expect it to have a lot of users21:44
gordonjcpare PPAs release-specific?21:45
gordonjcpthat is, do I need one for 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and so on?21:45
arandmany times they can be installed regardless, if there are specific dependencies, not.21:46
gordonjcpand what's the best way of testing in all the various releases?21:46
gordonjcpjust install a machine with half a dozen different versions of Ubuntu?21:47
arandvirtual machines, chroot magic, mayhaps.21:47
arandBut, what is the applications and wht is your system and what is your final goal?21:48
BUGabundoits flash that is breaking Pulse Audio21:49
BUGabundotime to upgrade PA to trunk21:49
BUGabundoand alsa too21:49
kklimondaBUGabundo: sounds like fun :)21:52
BUGabundoNO IT DOESN'T21:52
BUGabundoit doesn't *sound* like anything21:52
BUGabundocause its NOT working21:52
mhall119I hear ya21:53
kklimondaBUGabundo: I hear ya ;)21:53
* BUGabundo adds extra peeps to /ignore21:53
BUGabundoI have xedgers version21:54
* BUGabundo hides21:54
gordonjcpI really dislike pulseaudio21:57
penguin42it's worked for me for the last 3 or 4 releases21:58
gordonjcparand: https://github.com/gordonjcp/lysdr/wiki21:58
gordonjcparand: system is a P4-3GHz that doesn't really do virtualisation, and the idea is that it should be a simple matter to install lysdr, hook up your SDR board, and expect it to work21:59
BUGabundohumm no ppa for audio https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa21:59
genii-aroundBUGabundo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio maybe22:02
arandgordonjcp: Ah, right, you want your stuff in ubuntu (I though you were looking for an ubuntu version of something). Right, you can simply upload several versions to the PPA which will be built using the avaiable dependencies in the deifferent versions of ubuntu, if you are lucky that will be enough to make it run on all target releases.22:02
BUGabundoyou forget that I try to be an end user22:02
BUGabundono compiling from source22:02
arandgordonjcp: For long-term though, best way to get something into ubuntu, is getting it into debian.22:03
gordonjcparand: yeah22:04
gordonjcparand: the deps aren't critical22:04
gordonjcparand: Debian doesn't appear to ship with a new enough version of jack though22:04
arandgordonjcp: Not even sid?22:06
gordonjcparand: didn't try sid, I couldn't get it to work22:06
arandgordonjcp: http://packages.qa.debian.org/j/jack-tools.html22:07
gordonjcparand: most of my users are either using Ubuntu or Arch22:07
penguin42gordonjcp: ppa's are pretty easy, although you woul dhave to keep it updated through releases; what is it that the standard stuff in ubuntu doesn't do?22:09
arandgordonjcp: Ehm, jack is exactly the same version in ubuntu as in debian stable...22:09
gordonjcppenguin42: did you look at the link I posted?22:09
gordonjcparand: oh, okay, hmm22:10
gordonjcppenguin42: this simply does not exist in Ubuntu22:10
penguin42the lysdr wiki?22:10
gordonjcpit's not packaged for Ubuntu22:10
* penguin42 reads22:10
penguin42gordonjcp: Does it actually need jackd or will pulse's jack compatibility work?22:11
gordonjcppenguin42: it's also unlikely to have the mass appeal to get into the mainstream package repository22:12
gordonjcppenguin42: no idea22:12
penguin42gordonjcp: There is plenty of obscure stuff in 'universe' - lots of ham radio stuff and sdr stuff22:12
gordonjcppenguin42: if you can use pulse to route audio between applications, and if it serves up a known amount of samples every time, I don't see why not22:12
penguin42gordonjcp: So I don't know enough about audio routing; I know there is a pulseaudio-module-jack  'jackd modules for PulseAudio sound server'22:13
penguin42hmm no, that s the other way around22:14
penguin42that package lets pa connect to jackd22:14
gordonjcppenguin42: yeah, I'm currently downloading 10.04 because most of my users seem to be on that22:14
gordonjcpbut it's already 22:15 and I've got an early start tomorrow22:14
gordonjcpand my eyes are still sore from trying Unity earlier22:15
penguin42gordonjcp: Basing on jack rather than pa is what's making it hard22:15
gordonjcppenguin42: well, PA doesn't do what I want22:15
DarthFrogtrism:  There was enough info in that URL you gave me that I was able to get VMWare Workstation running.  Thanks again.22:15
trismDarthFrog: excellent22:15
penguin42gordonjcp: and you're saying it needs really recent jack as well?22:16
gordonjcpwell, 0.118 ideally22:16
gordonjcpit can be made to work with 0.116 but that's unbelievably old22:17
penguin42gordonjcp: You can file a bug asking for it to be updated, but it'll take at least a revision to happen22:19
gordonjcppenguin42: the jack in Ubuntu is new enough22:19
gordonjcpapparently the one in Debian stable is now new enough too22:19
arandgordonjcp: Installing libjack-jackd2-dev solves the dependency on debian stable it seems...22:20
gordonjcpI just can't stand pulseaudio...22:20
arandgordonjcp: Like I said, jack in ubuntu and debian stable is the exact same version.22:21
gordonjcparand: yup22:24
arandgordonjcp: Well, it compiles and runs here on debian stable at least, not sure if it is working with all componets though, I need to read what it's actually supposed to do =)22:28
gordonjcparand: read through the wiki page22:29
gordonjcparand: although that does rather assume you know what a software-defined radio is22:29
gordonjcparand: you know shortwave radio, right?  Well, this does it with a very simple bit of hardware, a soundcard, and a fastish PC22:29
penguin42gordonjcp: does it do a pair of phases, one into each stereo channel?22:30
gordonjcppenguin42: yes22:31
gordonjcppenguin42: generate a local oscillator at four times the centre frequency of the bit you want to listen to, divide by four with a Johnson counter, and you've got two clocks 90 degrees apart22:31
gordonjcpbang that through a mixer with your incoming RF and you've got complex samples22:31
penguin42don't you need aliasing filters and stuff?22:32
gordonjcpyou apply a bandpass filter to the aerial to take out seriously out-of-band stuff, and then your captured signal is anti-aliasing filtered by the sound card22:33
gordonjcpso if you ride a bike22:33
gordonjcpplot the height of the tyre valve above the wheel spindle against time22:33
arandgordonjcp: Well, it works fine if I do the mplayer test example, I have no clue about radio stuff...22:34
gordonjcpor, distance travelled really22:34
gordonjcpyou get a sine wave22:34
=== glutton is now known as nopf
gordonjcparand: nice22:34
gordonjcpokay so we have a complex sample, that is where the sample comprises a real and an imaginary value22:34
gordonjcpthe sample is the end of a vector that rotates, so a complex sine wave is like the tyre valve seen from the spindle of your bike wheel22:35
gordonjcpspin the wheel faster for a higher frequency22:35
genii-aroundgordonjcp: If you plot the tire valve , you don't get a sine wave but something that looks more like the top of two sine waves22:35
gordonjcpgenii-around: how do you get that?22:36
gordonjcpgenii-around: for half a revolution of the wheel, the valve is below the centre...22:37
gordonjcparand: incidentally if you grabbed sdr1.flac, there's a bonus prize for spotting the Windows error "choonk" sound22:39
arandgordonjcp: Heh, that's take ages of looking :)22:40
gordonjcparand: aha22:40
gordonjcpdoes it?22:40
gordonjcphow else might you do it?22:40
Jaymacquick question on dash - is it possible to resize the font?22:41
Jaymacwhen i click the ubuntu logo and get the main dash window, the font and icons are huge22:41
Jaymacthe Files & Folders and Applications windows are fine22:42
gordonjcp"system problem detected, do you want to report the problem?"22:43
gordonjcpno, of course I don't!22:43
Jaymacand if FF isn't my default browser, can I change the Browse the Web program to something else?22:43
gordonjcpwhat the hell *is* the problem?22:43
Jaymacmy default web browser isn't FF22:43
gordonjcpdon't just tell me there's a problem, tell me what it is, what the hell do you think this is?  Mac System 6?22:43
gordonjcpstupid design decisions ftl22:44
Jaymacthat doesn't sound like a design problem, more a useability problem22:44
MTeckI just installed the comand line system of natty with the daily image onto a mac mini using the amd64+mac.iso image. It went through the install just great but then when it's booting up it gets through bios, loads up grub, then shortly after grub is done and it starts loading linux, the screen stops displaying anything and the light on the monitor blinks like there's no signal being sent to it.22:45
gordonjcpand usablility is a function of design...22:45
MTeckAny thoughts what might be wrong here?22:45
penguin42MTeck: What hardware?22:45
MTeckpenguin42: mac mini22:46
MTeckpenguin42: so far, that's all i know about this thing22:46
Jaymacgordonjcp, i don't know what your issue is but it sounds more like the error message text needs improved rather than anything being redesigned22:46
penguin42MTeck: Have you tried the rescue mode?22:46
penguin42MTeck: On the grub menu?22:47
MTeckpenguin42: hmm..... nope22:48
MTeckpenguin42: works perfect there22:48
penguin42what works perfect there?22:48
coz_hey all22:48
MTeckpenguin42: must be the vt.handoff=7 in the menu that's breaking it.......22:50
MTeckthanks :D22:51
MTeckpenguin42: heh... also also seem to have misplaced my password :S22:52
penguin42nothing that can't easily be fixed22:52
MTeckI don't wanna reinstall though..... and ecrypt on my home dir22:52
* MTeck (now) lazy.....22:52
gordonjcpargh, why does Ubuntu come as a .iso?22:53
MTeckgordonjcp: because iso is de facto; personally I think it should also come as a .dd22:53
gordonjcpMTeck: yes22:53
penguin42unetbootin makes nice thumb boots from the isos22:54
gordonjcpMTeck: what's .iso even for these days?22:54
gordonjcppenguin42: doesn't work for me at all22:54
MTeckI have plenty of times where I need an iso22:54
meganerdcaThe iso It does not work on my new sandy bridge PC as a burnt disk, seems to work fine after unetbootin makes a USB thumb drive22:55
MTeckSo where is this vt.handoff being tacked on?22:55
meganerdcamost of the time having the ISO kicking around has been a good thing22:55
penguin42meganerdca: What controller is the DVD drive plugged into?22:56
* MTeck hates new grub22:56
gordonjcpI've used floppy drives more recently than CDs22:56
meganerdcapenguin42: the normal one, nothing is plugged into the new 6 Gbit sata22:56
meganerdcaI also tried a USB DVD drive and a PATA DVD22:57
meganerdcaChecked the md5s of the iso and probably burned 20 disks.  Its been real fun22:57
meganerdcaSeems to work fine on the machine this will eventually replace (an old AMD 4400+ dual core)22:58
gordonjcpDVD is obsolete22:58
meganerdcasure, this system won't have one once installed22:58
gordonjcpwhy do we even bother to support this legacy cruft?22:58
meganerdcaMy older Core i7 does not have an optical drive either22:58
MTeckpenguin42: looks like at some point I have a bug to report....22:58
meganerdcagordonjcp: becuase it is still widely used22:58
penguin42MTeck: Yeh it should boot and display video22:59
meganerdcagordonjcp: it also seems to be how operating systems are still installed/reinstalled22:59
MTeckcrap... my company has a firewall that is going to prevent me from easily downloading packages...23:00
MTeckdownloading anything....23:00
meganerdcathats why I have a myfi (well a Wind branded equivalent23:01
MTeckIt needs 1) authentication and 2) for unapproved websites downloads need to be downloaded to a separate server and scanned before clients can grab it (and are provided an internal link for the downloaded file)23:01
JockeTFAnyone else having problems playing Flac with gstreamer in Natty?23:02
Jaymacin totem? banshee?23:02
JockeTFI'm getting a bit of stutter and crackling.23:02
JockeTFgst-launch as well.23:03
Jaymacflac working fine in banshee23:03
gordonjcpmeganerdca: it's not how they're installed, they're installed off USB drives these days23:04
gordonjcpmeganerdca: I don't think I've owned a machine with an optical drive for nearly ten years23:04
meganerdcaMy two main desktops do not have optical drives, so you are sort of preaching to the choir23:05
gordonjcpman, I can't get 10.04 onto anything bootable at all23:05
JockeTFHmm, seems to happen only when using PulseAudio for output.23:06
matcoutoIs anybody here testing Ubuntu 11.04!? I'm having some wireless problem, the connection is not stable. Any idea of what could it be?23:06
JockeTFWith ALSA only it doesn't crackle. :S23:06
meganerdcaI am trying to test it, my problem is that it is not installing due to bleeding edge hardware23:06
meganerdcamatcouto: check /var/log/daemon.log23:07
meganerdcamatcouto: that is where network-manager puts it's messages23:07
meganerdcamatcouto: it might also help to know what wireless device and driver you are using23:07
matcoutomeganerdca: there's no daemon.log file23:09
meganerdcamatcouto: /var/log/daemon.log23:13
arandgordonjcp: I couldn't help but poke, using dh7, this rules file seems to work ok: http://paste.debian.net/112367/ It's likely all kinds of bad practice, but it works...23:53
gordonjcparand: cool, thanks for that23:54
gordonjcpit's a good place to start; I was going to start looking at how packaging works in debianish distros23:54
* gordonjcp -> bed23:55

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