hajourPendulum, are you around?00:34
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charlie-tcaNew images are ready for testing Natty Narwhal Beta1 ! All help testing is appreciated.17:06
hajourcharlie-tca,  Natty Narwhal Beta1 to use on a notebook?20:14
hajourif it can be used on a notebook i maybe can help testing it20:15
charlie-tcahajour: you have enough with thaqt notebook, maybe that would not be a good idea for you.20:16
charlie-tcaLet's not make you have more problems yet20:16
hajouro ok thought i could help20:16
charlie-tcaI want to say YES, but I am afraid of the problems it could make you have20:17
hajourok .i not have money yet to buy a pc but if i have one i want to help with testing to if i may20:18
hajourbtw have send a mail for sponsoring for to go to uds charlie-tca 20:18
charlie-tcaexcellent! 20:18
hajour6 hours work on 5 odt s .but still needed to change very much 20:19
charlie-tcaYou may help, but let's not make problems if you need the computer to work.20:19
hajourAlanBell, and Pendulum  agraner have helped and 2 more but i not remember all names20:20
hajourhelping by pastebin20:20
charlie-tcaThat's grreat!20:20
charlie-tcaI hope you get there, too.20:21
hajouri am busy reading all logs from speechcontrol btw.to see wich devs have wich skills students interest for to make a tabel from it20:21
hajouralso all mails from speechcontrol :S20:22
hajourlittle nerves about the UDS20:22
hajouri never been to something like that20:23
charlie-tcaMy first time was six months ago.20:23
charlie-tcaIt is very exciting to get there20:23
hajouri not really now what to expect20:23
charlie-tcaI did not know either.20:24
charlie-tcasometimes it was fun, sometimes it was boring.20:24
charlie-tcaMostly, it was exciting and energizing.20:24
hajoursec need to get my kid to bed brb20:25
hajourok back again20:41
hajourcharlie-tca, ^20:55
charlie-tcafiling a bug20:55
hajoura ok20:57
hajouri go to bed in about a half hour charlie-tca  i only had 2 hours sleep in morning.i worked whole night on the sponsoring odt20:58
charlie-tcaBetter get some rest then.20:59
charlie-tcaThe days are long enough already.20:59
hajouryes i go in about a few minutes charlie-tca 21:02
charlie-tcaMy new keyboard arrived. 21:03
charlie-tcaIt is a used, keyboard and trackball all-in-one21:03
hajourused don't matter thought.important is it works charlie-tca 21:05
charlie-tcaI agree21:05
charlie-tcathat's why I needed this particular one21:06
hajournice you have it now charlie-tca  21:06
charlie-tcaIt is supposed to be good for people with constant pain in the fingers and hands21:06
hajouris it bigger keys or smaller?21:06
charlie-tcaKeys are about same as normal, but work different21:07
hajourmy fingers go last days often n lock in weird positions21:07
hajourit hurts to set them back again21:08
charlie-tcaThat is very painful, too.21:08
hajourso thats why i asked how that keyboard works21:09
charlie-tcaI don't yet, I have to get it connected.21:09
charlie-tcaThe trackballs are very nice for that, though21:10
charlie-tcaI wore mine out.21:10
hajourwell if you have tried it out will you let me know then charlie-tca ?21:11
charlie-tcaWell, sorry about that. New keyboard is now connected. 21:41
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