michaelh1Ah, that fixes it.00:02
* michaelh1 tries 768M...00:02
rsalvetimichaelh1: hm, what x-loader and u-boot were you using before?00:04
michaelh1u-boot now claims 1 GB of memory00:04
TheUnirsalveti: are you still around?00:05
rsalvetiTheUni: hey, yes00:05
TheUnirsalveti: great00:05
TheUnirsalveti: one of our devs has done some mangling of the packages, i'd like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind00:05
rsalvetiTheUni: sure00:05
TheUnirsalveti: basically, we have lots of packages. we would much prefer to condense them down into something like xbmc and xbmc-data...00:06
TheUnibut i'm not sure what policy dictates00:06
rsalvetiTheUni: what are the packages you currently have?00:06
rsalvetiand what are they for?00:06
TheUnifor example, we have some event-clients. each client is a separate binary. for ex, a bin for a ps3 remote control.00:06
TheUniin the past, we've split these out into one package per binary. so xbmc-eventclients-ps3, xbmc-eventclients-java, etc00:07
TheUniwe would much prefer to just install all of these along with xbmc. but not if it would be denied by ubuntu policy00:07
rsalvetiTheUni: well, actually there's nothing wrong for having one major package for it, the only issue is that to use one of them you'll bring all dependencies00:08
TheUnirsalveti: well in this case, you can't use the clients without xbmc anyway. so it's kinda moot.00:09
rsalvetiI mean, for eventclients-java for example, java is probably necessary00:09
rsalvetiif java is already a dependency for xbmc, then makes no much sense00:09
TheUnioh, i see00:09
TheUniyea, understood.00:10
TheUnibut it was my understanding (please correct me if i'm wrong) that in general, the debian policy is to split packages for each functional binary.00:10
rsalvetipackage split makes more sense in the dependency level than just functionality speaking00:10
TheUniyes, in that example, it would make sense.00:10
rsalvetiin the best case yes, but if you're creating tons of packages with just small binaries, you could just create one major one00:11
rsalvetiif the dependencies are quite all the same00:11
TheUniyep, makes perfect sense. I'll have a look at the binaries and see. we'll construct packages based on that and no extras and see how things look00:12
TheUni*have a look at the deps00:12
rsalvetiTheUni: do you have any other updates regarding the gles support on xbmc?00:13
TheUnirsalveti: gles is fully supported. still just a matter of getting it packaged00:13
rsalvetiI remember topfs2 had something working, but unfortunately still didn't check00:13
rsalvetiTheUni: oh, that's nice, good to know00:13
rsalvetiTheUni: already at trunk?00:14
TheUnirsalveti: yep. it's used on the ipad port.00:14
rsalvetiawesome, natty is finally working with gles and 2.6.38, should be able to try it once I get some free time00:15
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Amaranthdang, the HDMI KVM switch I got doesn't seem to forward EDID info00:39
GrueMasterAmaranth: I have the same problem with my 5 port HDMI switch.  Have to make sure the switch is on the system I need before waking up the system.00:46
michaelh1rsalveti: the code in id.c in linux-linaro-2.6.28 is correct both re: OMAP4 die ID and how to set a MAC address.00:46
Amaranthah, right00:46
AmaranthI hope the autoswitch thing on this doesn't try to outsmart me00:52
Amaranthdang, it does00:54
Amaranthat least moving my rootfs to a usb stick worked correctly, my read speeds are now 11.9MB/s average according to palimpest instead of 1MB/s or whatever the SD card gives01:08
Amaranthhrm, E-EDID checksum failed01:47
Amarantheasily solution for that, I put other devices on the HDMI KVM so the panda can get its own direct connection02:18
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rbelemrsalveti, ping03:48
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ogra_wohoo, karmic EOL !10:42
hrwso no more support for armv6 even10:44
ogra_yeah, finally10:44
* ogra_ likes to have a clear set of supported bits 10:44
Lopiit's a sad day ;(11:01
Lopikarmic EOL11:02
LopiI have an armv6 device ;p11:02
hrwLopi: use debian then11:02
ogra_use debian for evverything thats not v711:03
ppisatiogra_: do we have the datasheet for omap4&c?11:05
ogra_ppisati, i dont think we have the full one, what bits do you need, ndec should be able to get you access11:07
ogra_btw, ndec did you meet ppisati already ? he is our new arm kernel guy11:07
loolLopi: Note that karmic was only support for 18 months on ARM anyway  :-)11:09
lilstevieI'm glad that I updated from a v6 device to the hummingbird11:09
ppisatiogra_: well, from time to time i would find it handy to have a reference with regs, bits, etcetc11:48
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sebjanppisati: public TI omap4 specs are available here: http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/wtbu/wtbudocumentcenter.tsp?templateId=6123&navigationId=12037 - see in section "Technical Documents"12:28
sebjanppisati: the TRM probably contains most of the info you are looking for12:28
ppisatisebjan: cool, thanks12:37
ndecogra_: hi. no haven't met ppisati13:40
ndecppisati: hi!13:40
ppisatindec: hi! :)13:50
ndecppisati: nice to meet you ;-)13:53
ndecppisati: have you discussed with sebjan, he is the kernel guy on our end14:03
ppisatindec: nope, just got in touch with him14:07
ppisatindec: so, you and sebjan are from... Linaro? TI?14:08
ndecppisati: TI, both.14:08
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GrueMasterogra_: It looks like the images are being rebuilt.  Can you make sure headless is added to the rebuild mix?16:27
ogra_asked cjwatson16:29
ogra_but i think he works down the crontab entries anyway16:29
GrueMasterogra_: Does/will the headless image autodetect between serial console and kvm?16:44
GrueMasterSerial only?  Ok.16:44
ogra_i was wondering if we should add a boot-no-serial.scr by default that you can copy over boot.scr16:44
ogra_to make switching back and forth easy16:44
* ogra_ finds the need for mkimage pretty annoyong16:45
ogra_(or so ... cant type today)16:45
GrueMasterNot a bad idea.  Would need to add a default environment to uboot so the user can just run it.16:45
ogra_rsalveti, thanks for confirming the cpuinfo stuff16:49
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rsalvetiogra_: np16:56
GrueMasterogra_: What was the environment setting used before launching minicom?  TERM=vt100?16:59
ogra_GrueMaster, i would really recommend screen16:59
ogra_screen /dev/ttyUSB0 11520016:59
GrueMasterI know, just adding a warning to the wiki for minicom purists.17:00
ogra_to exit it ctrl+a+k17:00
ogra_vt100 or vt102 or posix will work17:00
GrueMasterI'm using byobu and finding it works rather well.17:00
ogra_ah, never used byobu17:00
GrueMasterIt is a window manager for screen.  Quite handy.17:02
ogra_i know what it is, i just never used it17:02
ogra_as i dont use tabbed terminal windows17:02
ogra_but i know they exist ;)17:02
GrueMasterCheck http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/ARM/Headless and see what you think.17:05
ogra_GrueMaster, thats not what i meant :)17:10
GrueMasterWhat did I miss?17:10
ogra_after zcat'ing your SD card, plug it out and in again and copy boot-no-serial.scr over the boot.scr file17:10
ogra_thats rather what i meant17:11
ogra_(but we dont have that file atm, thats post beta stuff)17:11
GrueMasterThat only works if you have a linux host system.  My method will work regardless of host os.17:12
ogra_its vfat ;)17:12
GrueMaster(granted, Ubuntu Linux is preferred).17:12
ogra_will work on every system17:12
ogra_the idea behind having that file was exactly that you dont have to type any commands like mkimage or even something at the u-boot prompt17:15
ogra_i.e. that if you want a minimal system with framebuffer you dont need to have serial at all17:15
ogra_GrueMaster, but anyway, we dont have that file yet, remove these lines17:17
ogra_and can we put healessInstall in the right namespace please17:18
GrueMasterSo, why were the images rebuilt?17:18
ogra_oem-config changes17:18
GrueMaster??? re:  <ogra_> and can we put healessInstall in the right namespace please17:19
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall is the page we use for the netbook images ... we will have OMAPNattyInstall for natty (linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP)17:19
ogra_sorry, took a min to collect the existing links17:20
GrueMasterWhy?  The procedure has not changed between Maverick & Natty.17:20
ogra_errata have and it might change in O17:20
GrueMasterAnd I would assume the Headless image install won't change over time.17:20
ogra_in any case you should (like all the download pages) just link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP17:20
ogra_and link the headless install from there17:21
ogra_while i think you could drop the release name you need to have the subarch name in the namespace17:21
ogra_we will likely produce mx51 images for the community that will work different (due to HW differences)17:22
ogra_and if we get dove back we will have another way of using it17:22
GrueMasterI honestly didn't know https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP existed.  I was going off of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall as that was all you gave me in the past.17:23
ogra_OMAP is linked from each and every dowbnload page we have17:23
GrueMasterWill make changes.17:23
ogra_thanks :)17:23
ogra_we should possibly discuss the concept at UDS over a beer or so if you feel like17:23
ogra_in the past the install methid changed with every release we had ArchReleasenameBoard for all past images17:24
ogra_i agree that if the install procedure doesnt change we should probably change that17:24
ogra_with preinstalled everything got easier ;)17:25
GrueMasterWill https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPNattyHeadlessInstall work?  Maybe we should use more subdirectories in the tree, like <ARCH>/<Release>/<Image>17:28
GrueMasterOr  <ARCH>/<Platform>/<Release>/<Image>17:28
ogra_that would work, though after your comment above i wonder if we actually should have the release name in it17:28
ogra_OMAPHeadlessInstall seems sufficient17:29
GrueMasterSo  <ARCH>/<Platform>/<Image>17:29
ogra_where is persia if you need him :P17:29
GrueMasterI would prefer to have some subdirectory structure for readability.17:29
ogra_he surely has pros and cons for exactly that ;)17:29
ogra_somewhere to copy/paste them17:29
GrueMasterI.e. Arm/Omap/HeadlessInstall17:30
GrueMasterWe can fix this later before release.17:30
ogra_well, do as you like but keep them consistent17:30
GrueMasterOk.  I'll add a task to confer with the grand master and come up with a standard.  :P17:31
GrueMasterogra_: Ok, made some changes to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAP for headless.  Also minor reformatting overall.  Check it over and give me some feedback.17:56
ogra_looks ok for now17:57
ogra_"No keybourd"17:57
* ogra_ perfers keybelts to bourds :P17:58
ogra_GrueMaster, "that can be configured and controlled via serial console", probably "have to be..." since we dont offer any other way yet ?18:00
GrueMasterI think I would rather leave it and add the feature post beta.  It will only take 5-10 minutes to add the feature, less time than rewording the instructions, then reverting back.18:02
ogra_no objections18:02
ogra_well, looks ok to me18:02
GrueMasterAnd even if the system is currently configured only via serial, it will still support keybord, mouse, and monitor post-install.18:03
ogra_and you still can edit boot.scr, its just more effort18:03
ogra_GrueMaster, can you please default to the zcat method on the headless page (so we have consistency and dont waste gigs of space on users disks)18:20
GrueMasterNo.  I have had too many issues with that method, as it doesn't allow for buffered writes on SD compatible boundaries.18:21
ogra_and we should also add the screen line to use (and how to get out of screen again afterwards) oem-config in minicom looks really shitty18:21
ogra_sorry, but i dont get what issues you have still18:21
GrueMasterI would prefer to have a more stable method.18:21
ogra_and nobody has proven that there are actual issues18:21
GrueMasterI have had these issues on all but two of my SD cards.18:22
ogra_i have exactly met one person here that in the end admitted that he wasnt sure it was the issue18:22
ogra_please make dd optional18:22
ogra_feel free to blame me if someone comes around who actually has issues with it18:24
ogra_i really dont want to add 10min of uncompressing and 2G of wasted diskspace to the process18:24
GrueMasterI'll experiment with a zcat|dd pipe.  I would rather have the best experience overall.18:26
ogra_thats what just struck me as well18:27
ogra_why not just pipe them together18:27
GrueMasterMight even recommend a simple tool to flash the sd card with.18:27
ogra_if i get to it before release i'll add a pipe to usb-imagewriter18:27
* ogra_ has that long on his list but with low prio18:27
GrueMasterI don't like that utility much personally.18:28
ogra_you also know how to use dd :)18:28
ogra_gunzip ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel+<omap image>.img.gz| sudo dd bs=4M of=/dev/<device name>18:29
ogra_that line might work18:29
GrueMasterActually, I have a script I use now.  Saves having to type all the dd crap.18:29
ogra_oh, another typo ...18:29
ogra_11.04, not 10.10 in the image name ;)18:30
ogra_GrueMaster, actually the above command looks better than the zcat variant, i have supported plenty of people that messed up the single quotes from the sh -c18:32
GrueMasterThere.  Fixed the wiki.18:33
ogra_the note ablow should be bigger and bold18:34
GrueMasterPicky picky.18:34
ogra_and there should be a note somewhere that you should really really write to the raw device and not a partition18:34
ogra_thats the most common failure i have seen yet18:34
ogra_ah, we have it in MaverickInstall18:35
GrueMasterSee how this looks.  I added bold to the note to make it stand out without getting larger, and added the raw device info.18:39
ogra_yeah, better18:40
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GrueMasterogra_: Ok, reformatted the minicom section and added screen18:53
rbelemrsalveti, ping18:53
ogra_GrueMaster, looks cool !18:55
* GrueMaster twiddles thumbs while waiting for new image builds to post.19:21
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micahgwhat do I need to test an armel image on an imx51?20:44
ScottKFirst you'd need us to have such an image.20:45
micahgScottK: I signed up to test xubuntu on arm20:47
ScottKAFAIK no mx.51 images exist at the moment.  ogra_ and I are going to work on it next week.20:48
micahgoh, hmm20:48
ScottKYou'd need to have some mx.51/53 device.20:48
micahgScottK: ok, so I guess I'm off the hook for that testing20:50
micahgat least until beta 220:50
ScottKHopefully we get it sorted before the.20:50
ScottKmicahg: What device do you have for testing?20:50
micahgScottK:  I have an efika mx20:53
ScottKmicahg: smarttop or smartbook?20:53
* ScottK has smarttop.20:53
micahgScottK: I have both actually20:54
ScottKAh.  Cool.20:54
micahgbut I have no idea how to test an ISO on either20:54
ScottKThe reports I've heard is that the linaro kernel we have works OK with smarttop, not so much with smartbook, but maybe you can test.20:54
ScottKAll work for next week.20:55
micahgyeah, I'll have to find my restore SD card before I start trying that20:55
* stgraber finally received his pandaboard !21:49
stgraberI now have more ARM boards and devices than x86 (2x beagle + 1x panda + 1x smarttop + 1x n900)21:49
GrueMasterIs that all?  :P21:50
* GrueMaster has lots of dev systems, but no toys (i.e. smarttop/smartbook, n900, etc).21:52
stgraberI like toys, especially useful toys like the n900 :)21:52
GrueMasterClosest I have to a toy is my Droid 2 global, but I don't want to hack it.21:52
rbelemGrueMaster, ping22:34
GrueMasterrbelem: pong22:46
rbelemGrueMaster, i need your help :-)23:00
GrueMasterok.  What can I do for you?23:00
rbelemGrueMaster, do you have some free time to test kubuntu-mobile omap4 images?23:00
GrueMasterRelease testing?  Sure, after I do the normal images.23:01
GrueMasterShouldn't be too difficult to get them tested.  I have the hardware.23:01
rbelemGrueMaster, yup23:03
rbelemGrueMaster, thank you very much :-)23:03
GrueMasterNot a problem. (personally I am a closet fan of KDE)  :P23:03
* rbelem hugs GrueMaster 23:04
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