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coz_  hey guys15:23
coz_Islington,  hey guy :)15:25
delacanyone know how ubuntu changes kde aplications to look like gtk apps. That is, what is the mechanism and where are the config files?15:56
coz_delac,  mm no i dont16:03
coz_delac,  did you ask in #kde ?16:03
delaccoz_: have not been there yet. maybe I should try that, althoug this is more of a gnome issue.16:04
coz_delac,  mm not sure how open they are there to speak about it but cant hurt to ask where the config files are16:05
Islingtondelac: what are you trying to do?16:09
coz_Islington,     <delac> anyone know how ubuntu changes kde aplications to look like gtk apps. That is, what is the mechanism and where are the16:10
coz_config files16:10
Islingtonin /home/<user>16:11
coz_huh!   that makes sense :)16:11
Islingtondelac: ^16:11
delacIslington: I'm going to take a look of that. Thank you!16:12
Islingtondelac: what are you trying to configure?16:13
Islingtonthere are easier ways than editing the file directly16:13
delacIslington: trying to change color of one particular widget in Dolphin. It is being colored by gtk and I cant change it from ksettingsmanager. On the other hand changing it from gnome will result in changing much more than that.16:15
Islingtonwell I am assuming you are using the qtcurve theme for the widgets?16:16
Islingtonno not qtcurve16:17
Islingtontry changing to clearlooks of some such16:17
coz_mm on gnome if I i nstall  system-settings I can change the colours  of kde apps to match gtk2,,, I wonder if gnome-appearance-properies installed on kde would essentially do the same ?16:19
delacIslington: actually it doesnt seem to matter what theme I select in the kde settings. All kde applications inherit the theme from gnome anyway. (using ubuntu 10.10). Only things like icons, cursor and some of the colors can be changed with kde settings.16:20
Islingtondelac: do you see something like this? http://i.imgur.com/zNNQr.jpg16:24
delacyes. I refer to those as kde settings :)16:25
delacalthough if you mean the theme, then no. My windows are completely gnome-themed.16:26
Islingtonbut you see the widget option delac16:35
Islingtonworst case scenario delac look up the gtkrc being linked to in .gtkrc-2.0-kde4, go in there are change stuff16:36
delacIslington: actually .gtkrc probably wont help me, as I'm not trying to change gtk application to look like kde app, but rather trying to prevent kde app from inheriting a certain setting from gnome16:40
Islingtondelac: but its inheriting its themeing from the gtk+ gtkrc file, not your regular theme file no?16:41
delacIslington: indeed it is inheriting it from my regular theme16:42
Islingtonnot from the gtk+ gtkrc file?16:43
delacthere is no gtkrc file at all in my system16:43
coz_no gtkrc?  wow  I wonder, then , how they are doing this?16:44
delacso am I :)16:44
coz_delac,  :)  yeah that was a bit obvious and "duh" on my part16:44
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coz_hey all22:48

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