rcconfsudo service networking start00:00
sealanceon network manager it says job is already running00:01
rcconfand networking?00:01
rcconfis it running?00:01
sealancenetworking stop/waining00:01
rcconfsealance: sudo service networking restart00:02
rcconfthen type ifconfig -a to list devices00:02
sealancerestart unknown instance00:02
rcconfhm o,o00:02
rcconftry again00:02
sealancerestart: Unknown Instance:00:03
rcconfsealance: with sudo?00:03
rcconfsealance: take a look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148937300:03
sealanceyup, sudo00:04
sealanceecconf: i need a chkconfig package?00:05
sealancercconf: i need a chkconfig package? *00:05
rcconflet me read00:06
rcconfsealance: you need to sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:06
rcconfit doesnt work with sudo service.00:06
sealanceok hold on, let me type out a summary of what just happened00:07
sealancereconfiguring network interfaces...00:07
sealancethere is already a pid file00:07
rcconfnow type ifconfig -a00:07
rcconfand paste the output in pastebin.com00:07
sealanceok, pastebin.com?00:08
sealanceok, hold on, I'll need to get a pendrive to copy it00:08
rcconfoh ye:P00:09
rcconfsealance: I've never used nwsdiswrapper so i cant help you much on that :(00:09
sealanceok 1 sec00:14
sealancelet me explain what just happened00:14
sealancei have this prblem with usbs, i reboot and they worked, so i rebooted, and checked the wireless icon too00:14
sealancenow i pick up all wireless signals00:14
sealancejust connected to my wireless one00:15
sealanceand it works :P00:15
sealancercconf, availleux, you guys are great, thank you so much for your time00:15
rcconflet me read00:16
rcconfsealance: with ndiswrapper?00:16
rcconfsealance: default driver didnt work?00:17
rcconfubuntu one00:17
sealancewith availleux we fixed the ndiswrapper, and with you the network manager00:17
sealanceno, didnt work00:17
rcconfsealance: ok one advice00:17
rcconfsave all this chat or just the important stuff00:17
rcconffor future reference00:17
sealanceok no problem00:17
aveilleuxsealance: aveilleux*00:18
rcconfsealance: when you want to write a nickname write the first letter and hit TAB00:19
aveilleuxsealance: Or first few00:19
sealanceaveilleux: thanks, willdo :P00:19
sealanceok, well thank you all, i'm gunna leave00:19
rcconfbye sealance00:20
rcconfhave fun00:20
sealancebye! hah willdo! :P00:20
LukasBHi, can anybody please recommend a photo editor for ubuntu?00:25
LukasBIts mainly about resizing...00:26
rcconfcrop and resize?00:26
rcconftry Viewnior00:26
LukasByeah... things like that00:26
rcconfbut simple program right00:26
rcconf(i hate gimp for that)00:26
rcconfviewnior doesnt resize :(00:27
LukasBhmm... I had gimp on windows... I try Viewnior... oh okay >D00:27
rcconfjust cropt00:27
rcconfLukasB: did u try default image viewer in ubuntu?00:27
rcconfforget. it sucks00:28
LukasBSO it would be sudo apt-get install Viewnior?00:28
rcconffor editing*00:28
rcconfLukasB: no, you would need to add a PPA to the repositories00:28
LukasBYes I tried...00:28
LukasBOh... What is PPA?00:28
rcconfwhat about00:28
rcconfshotwell photo manager?00:28
rcconfis inapplications > graphics >00:29
LukasBYes shotwell photo viewer and shotwell photo manager... no use for that...00:29
rcconfLukasB: open up software center00:29
rcconfsearch for image editor00:29
rcconfLukasB: i found this http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/09/17/nautilus-image-converter-quickly-resize-or-rotate-images-within-nautilus/00:30
rcconfmight be insteresting00:30
rcconfgonna try myself00:30
rcconfthereis a lot of apps in software center00:32
LukasBk I am right behind you... my mashine is quite slow so give me some time... xD00:33
rcconfLukasB: in software center go to graphics section00:35
rcconfpainting and editing00:35
LukasBYes I can imagine... :) I am launching my software center and open office drawing at the same time and my computer is on its knees... :D00:36
LukasBI think I give OpenOffice a try...00:38
LukasBNo need to install anything...00:38
rcconfjust give Ubuntu a try in general00:39
LukasBTry that first, than look for alternatives if necessary00:39
rcconfif you dont need windows apps00:39
LukasBWhat do you mean, give ubuntu a try? The included software?00:39
rcconfyou can also use some in ubuntu using Wine00:39
rcconfLukasB: the operating system in general00:40
rcconfis better. software is different. but in the end it's better than windows in many aspects :)00:40
LukasBOh yes I do... thats why I am in this channel... :)00:40
LukasBBut istalling firefox 4.0 yesterday was a bit of a mission :D little bit different to windwos00:41
LukasBTo be honest, I didn't discover a big technical advantage yet... Although there a few very nice functions and it is for free. But the best is the great support!!!00:42
LukasBrcconf: Okay, thank you! I am back later, too00:45
johnny77LukasB: If you are still here, try www.picnik.com It is an online picture editor.00:49
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LukasBjohnny77: Thank you!01:20
johnny77LukasB: No Problem. I use it for all my photo editing, but all I ever need is just the basics.01:22
_spacer_hey ho01:26
_spacer_ubuntu server for internet share.  is this a good idea?01:27
_spacer_i have really really crappy internet. 4 laptops, one pc for server, one for desktop, and two (maybe three) xboxes01:29
holstein_spacer_: anything with SSH will be nice and secure01:29
_spacer_and reliable?01:30
holsteinseems like you are talking about locally01:30
holsteini mean, theres not really a server thats going to make your internet more reliable01:31
holsteinubuntu is just awsome, not magical01:31
_spacer_well i realize that.  but i mean in terms of the server sharing reliably.01:32
holsteinits linux01:32
holsteinit'll share whatever you want01:32
holsteinhowever you want it01:32
holstein_spacer_: have you checked out something like dropbox?01:33
_spacer_i need to be able to get controll of the internet coming and going out of my household.01:33
holstein_spacer_: maybe a router?01:33
_spacer_for example i would like to be able to shut down specific ips01:33
holsteinsome kind of gateway01:33
holsteini like ddwrt01:33
_spacer_and possibly controll the bandwidth aswell.  one of my sons likes to download 12 youtube vids at the same time01:34
_spacer_well my other son wants to play xbox01:34
holsteinyeah, i would look at a gateway01:35
holsteinyou can do that with ubuntu though i suppose01:35
_spacer_from time to time i am required to send largefile via email for work01:35
holstein_spacer_: ubuntuserver = ubuntu01:35
holsteinyou can install the normal ubuntu desktop01:35
holsteinand run whatever from the server install you want01:36
holstein_spacer_: something like dropbox would just be running in the background01:36
holsteinand sync as needed01:36
holsteintil its sync'd01:36
_spacer_i would like to run abox headless out of of my closet01:36
holsteinmine is in the crawl-space :)01:37
_spacer_ok here then. is this possible...01:37
holsteinits linux01:37
holsteinand open-source01:37
holsteinits all possible01:38
holsteindo you want to set it up, is the question01:38
_spacer_i have my crappy rural internet run through my closet box. i have two network cards installed in that box01:38
holsteinwhats running on there?01:38
_spacer_out from there into my router wrt120 linksys01:38
holsteinwell, thats 2 points for network adminstration like you are looking for01:39
holsteinwith linux on the box as a firewall/gateway01:39
_spacer_right now 10.10, but i think i am gonna burn it down and start fresh...i think i screwed somehting up there01:39
holsteinOR ddwrt on the router01:39
holsteinddwrt is easier in my opinion01:39
holsteinand you already have the hardware01:40
holsteinso why not?, right01:40
_spacer_will the ddwrt work on my router?01:41
holsteinhmmm, acutally, i dont think it is supported01:42
holsteina supported one is like 15 bucks though01:42
holsteinat the charity shop01:42
_spacer_i didn't think so01:44
holsteinmost are01:45
holsteini have the 15001:45
_spacer_so how about running thru the server01:45
holsteinand a bunch of wrt54g's01:45
holstein_spacer_: sure01:45
holsteinyou'll want some kind of router/gateway01:45
_spacer_yeah i have crap luck with routers01:45
holsteinand you can use the router you have like a switch01:46
_spacer_unhappy child, brb  again01:46
_spacer_is it difficult to configure ubuntu to share internet?01:51
holstein_spacer_: i would say do-able01:52
holsteinive only done it with the GUI01:53
holsteinbut, i know its possible01:53
_spacer_ok how difficult would it be to configure the server from a seperate box running the GUI?01:53
holsteini wouldnt let the GUI be a concern01:54
holsteinif it is01:54
holsteinjust install the normal ubuntu01:54
holsteinand VNC into it01:54
holsteinyou can run that headless01:54
holsteinand SSH into it too like you would a server01:54
holstein*a typical server01:54
_spacer_i tried that to no avail  (vnc headless)01:54
holsteinthats one of those things that 'just works'01:55
holsteinthe server is integrated into the desktop01:55
holsteinso, you just turn it on01:55
_spacer_what version did you set that up on?01:55
holsteinversion of ubuntu?01:55
holstein8.04 - now01:56
_spacer_yeah, i think there is some difficulty setting that up on 10.10 for some reason.01:56
holsteinworked for me01:56
holstein_spacer_: try different clients01:56
holsteinalso, try 10.0401:57
holsteinits the LTS release01:57
holsteinthats what is, and will be on my server01:57
holsteinand production machines01:57
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_spacer_10.4 is better than 10.10?01:57
holsteinits just the LTS (long term support)01:57
holsteinusually considered more stable01:58
_spacer_i see01:58
holsteinor boring, depending on how you look at it ;)01:58
holsteinyou can do it all with 10.10 though01:58
holsteinif you really like it01:58
_spacer_stable is def.more exciting to me, as it allows me to do otherbthings01:58
holsteinbut, right now, you might as well do 11.0401:58
holsteinthats pretty stable, and almost final01:59
_spacer_i have the image for 10.10, and i may have mentioned my internet is pretty lame01:59
holsteindont worry too much then02:00
_spacer_any how, can you point me at a doc or something for this project? i'm so newb i'm not really sure what to look for?02:00
holstein^ seems relavant02:02
holsteinthats the easy GUI way that i have tried02:02
_spacer_ok thanks...gonna have a read.02:04
_spacer_hey is firestarter still relevant?02:04
_spacer_cool thx02:06
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T_N_THello I have an Acer Aspire One AOD250-1151 and just installed 10.10 and the wireless card is not working "device not ready(firmware missing)" what do I need to do/can I download the drivers somewhere/how do I install them?02:50
T_N_TI have looked for help on the forums, but can't find my specific problem, there is a message in boot that tells me where to download but can't see it goes too fast02:56
aveilleuxT_N_T: Have you tried doing dmesg |tail ?02:58
T_N_Tin terminal?02:58
T_N_T"skipping edid probe due to cached edid" + ext4-fs (loop0): re-mounted. Opts: errors:remount-ro,commit=003:01
T_N_Taveilleux , what does all that mean?03:05
aveilleuxT_N_T: I'll admit, I'm not good with filesystem problems03:07
T_N_Tthats a filesystem problem? how does that affect why the wireless card won't work?03:08
aveilleuxT_N_T: That error is filesystem-related. You said you're having wireless card problems?03:09
T_N_Taod 250-1151 "device not ready, firmware missing"03:10
T_N_Tit gave me some message where to download the driver at boot, but it goes too quick to see it03:11
aveilleuxT_N_T: You can always do dmesg |more if you feel like scrolling through all the logs03:12
T_N_Tok\ thx03:12
T_N_Ton my other notebook no issues, but this one has been frustrating, I do love Ubuntu though03:13
T_N_Tvery clean OS03:13
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T_N_Tthere are a huge amount of messages to look through03:17
T_N_Tjust found the message I need03:18
T_N_Taveilleux thanks for your help03:23
aveilleuxT_N_T: No problem03:26
DrHurt2011_So if I don't have ubuntu or wubi in my add/remove programs list, and no ubuntu or wubi directory in my C drive, and there are unknown partitions in my Computer Management, then I've done something horribly wrong if I want to uninstall ubuntu, no??03:46
LukasBWhy have you done something wrong? Seems like its all removed...03:52
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rcconfI have an issue: I added Ubuntu Dev Audio PPA and upgraded the audio packages. Then I purged the PPA... And now I have obsolete packages. How can I rollback to the previous version of pulseaudio etc?04:25
arbiusgetting login screen on liveCD. is ther a default login/password?  i tried ubuntu and blank.04:26
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rcconfarbius: try ubuntu ubuntu04:27
rcconfor blank blank04:27
arbiusok , will try04:27
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rcconfdowngrade packages synaptic?05:04
rcconfE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.05:05
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rcconfhelp with pulseaudio pls06:12
aztekwhat wrong with your audio?06:13
rcconfI added PPA dev06:14
rcconfupgraded.. now i want to downgrade it06:14
rcconfremoved the ppa, updated the repositories06:14
rcconfand now i cant install pulseaudio06:15
rcconf  Depends: libpulse0 (=1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu21.1) but 1:0.9.22-0ubuntu1 is to be installed06:15
rcconfand if i remove libpulse0 it will remove many audio applications06:15
rcconfhow do i solve this?06:15
aztekoh, this case new to me...06:18
rcconfnow he parts..06:20
rcconfppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa06:24
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* aztek maleset12:23
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sealancequick question, is it possible to install software from the ubuntu software center without inserting the live cd?17:36
DarkwingDucksealance: as long as you have an internet connection and ubuntu is installed17:38
sealanceDarkwingDuck: yup, I have both of those, but it still asks for the cd, any way to tell it not to?17:39
tsimpsonyou probably want to remove the CD from the software sources17:39
sealancetsimpson: how?17:39
camelinahatsealance: Click on "edit" and "software sources"17:39
AJH1012EYB6ARD *R6B3E0S *3EASE HE3*!17:44
camelinahatTry "FN" and Numlock (or function or something similar)17:45
AJH101well guessed sir! thank you VERY much :-)17:45
camelinahatHeh, no problem I've seen it a few times. Glad to help :)17:46
sealancecamelinahat: thanks, it worked17:55
camelinahatsealance: No problem, glad to help :)17:56
kristian-aalborghi all18:00
kristian-aalborgI'm going to set up a box to only play music, with ncmpcpp and no X18:01
kristian-aalborgthe end user is a Win user and not really that much into computing... how do I make it easy for him to move music over to the box?18:02
kristian-aalborgshould I ensure there's an ntfs partition?18:02
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: FTP18:02
kristian-aalborghi aveilleux18:03
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Or, a Samba share18:03
kristian-aalborgthis is likely to be on a network, yes18:03
kristian-aalborgwith ftp I guess he could do it in a browser?18:03
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: No, FTP uses an FTP client18:03
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Most browsers (Firefox or Opera are the ones I know of) can only pull down18:04
kristian-aalborgah yes18:04
kristian-aalborgso emelFM or something like that18:06
kristian-aalborghmm... emelFM is *nix only, it seems... what's the most user-friendly GPL file manager for Win?18:07
kristian-aalborgand by "user friendly", I don't mean "simple vi-like key bindings", like some people do ;)18:08
camelinahatfile manager in windows supports ftp18:08
kristian-aalborgthe built-in one?18:08
camelinahatYep. Windows Explorer support FTP both anonymous and with authentication.18:09
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Windows Explorer works, as camelinahat mentioned,18:10
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: I personally use Filezilla18:10
kristian-aalborgI'm proud to say I haven't really used it for 5 years ;)18:10
kristian-aalborgI was thinking about filezilla too... so that I could reproduce whatever problems the EU might have18:11
camelinahatJust in the address bar (or the "breadcrumbs" for vista/Win 7) delete whatever is in there for say Documents. enter in ftp://user:pass@localnet.host (or leave off the user:pass and they can then go file and log in)18:11
kristian-aalborgthis removes the need for a common FS, right?18:11
camelinahatCorrect. No need to setup and configure samba as well.18:12
camelinahatEducating the user on how to access the ftp with windows explorer is about all that's required. But then you'd still have to do that even with a network drive18:13
kristian-aalborgI still think this is the proper way18:15
kristian-aalborgthe other thing I could think of was a script to mount and copy an usb pen, but that could easily go awry18:16
kristian-aalborgI'll probably put MC on the box, though, to sort things18:16
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kevin50047419529does anyone have any experience setting up ecommerce on their site?19:15
kevin50047419529i want to see if i can sell some of my writing19:16
kevin50047419529for like a nickel19:17
pleia2kevin50047419529: you're much better off using something like paypal or google checkout, running your own ecommerce software is risky19:23
pleia2if your database gets compromised and it has credit card numbers in it, you'll owe at least $10000 per credit card leaked in fine, plus civil damages19:24
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pleia2(yes, these are scare numbers and always get talked down in court settlements, but most people don't want to get as far as a courtroom when their little ecommerce site gets hacked :))19:29
kevin4942941hmmm, yeah, i'd have to learn postgre sql anyway.  i hear mysql isn't very secure19:32
kevin4942941i'll check out these payloadz or e-junkie sites19:32
kevin4942941thanks pleia219:32
pleia2sure :) good luck19:32
Gamegoofs2Does Ubuntu not have javac?19:42
yofelGamegoofs2: it does if you install openjdk-6-jdk or sun-java6-jdk19:45
Gamegoofs2yofel: Doesn't it already have openjdk?19:46
yofelthe runtime environment yes, but not the development kit by default19:47
yofelhm, then again, not sure about the jre either19:47
Gamegoofs2Oh ok19:47
yofeljust install it from synaptic19:47
Gamegoofs2Ok thanks.19:49
juzzy_i recently installed ubuntu, and encrypted my drive but how can i find my encryption key via the shell again?22:43
bioterroryou can, that's the point of the key22:44
bioterroryou cant22:44
bioterroryou know the key, no one else knows, your files are safe22:44
juzzy_so if someone take out my harddrive, plugs it in their own pc, they cant access the files when mounted?22:46
bioterrornot without knowing the key22:47
juzzy_cheers mate22:47
MrChrisDruifThat's the whole point of encryption right?:)22:48
kosaidpo|i've installed network-manger-gnome  but i dont see it in the menu n cant either launch it via the cmmd line23:47

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