MeanEYECan anyone tell me where I can download SVG Logo?01:02
mhall119.w 2301:47
nigelbpaultag: http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1105 ;)05:17
paultagnigelb: hehehe05:25
paultagmy computer hates me05:25
paultagbut I love it05:25
paultag<3, you shiny matte black master of all that is digital05:26
paultagit's so awesome, it's both shiny and matte05:26
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* jussi waves in akgraner's direction07:15
akgranerhi jussi07:16
jussiakgraner: problem is, Im sure she doesnt know much that I know :D07:17
jussibut she is brilliant!07:17
nigelbam I lost or is there a backstory?07:17
akgranerjussi, thank you!07:17
akgranernigelb, becca's video07:17
jussiakgraner: if she wants to do anything from Delerious? (if she knows them) that would be awesome :D07:18
akgranerbut if you have the tabs and a version she can listen to she can usually figure any song out07:18
nigelbIndeed, she is brilliant!07:18
nigelbjussi: doh, didn't know you were a Delirious fan :)07:18
* nigelb has a whole HD full of songs :)07:18
akgranerIf you know the song how do you solve a problem like maria from sound of music - she was singing how do you solve a problem like ubuntu the other day07:19
akgranerit was hilarious07:19
nigelbproably dedicated to you :p07:19
JFosigh* can't sleep07:20
vishmaybe JFo would like a cake or a cake song! ;)07:20
JFovish, :)07:20
jussiJFo: go listen to becca, she will smooth your nerves :)07:21
JFoI did earlier :)07:21
JFoshe rocks07:21
akgranernah she was reading the whole GNOME, Canonical, Banshee stuff and it was more poking fun at those who were being harsh towards ubuntu07:21
akgranerok I was reading her all the stories07:21
JFoI knew that :-P07:21
JFoI doubt she would be reading them on her own :-)07:22
akgranerand I asked her what she thought...07:22
JFodid she say, "They need Jesus"? :)07:22
nigelbJFo: :)07:31
JFobrb, going to go write a bit more and try to sleep again...07:31
nigelbGood luck :)07:33
duanedesignlol at the global notice07:35
duanedesign[Global Notice] It appears we've lost routes to at least a hub in .eu this morning.  We've duct-taped things back together  around the failure.  Our apologies to those affected.07:36
duanedesignwhat can duct tape not fix?07:36
duanedesignnigelb: how did the boot camp go?07:37
nigelbduanedesign: pretty good :)07:37
nigelbI liked the sessions from itnet7, YoBoy, and akgraner :)07:38
nigelbsvn consipracy.07:41
nigelbAll the git reference websites are down!07:41
duanedesignim stuck trying to figure out how to run BASH built in commands from Python07:42
nigelbhey ara08:02
aramorning nigelb!08:02
dholbachgood morning08:07
nigelbhello dholbach08:07
dholbachhey nigelb08:09
dpmgood morning all08:24
dholbachhey dpm08:25
dpmmorgen dholbach!08:25
nigelbhey dpm :)08:25
dpmhey nigelb08:26
dpmmorning duanedesign08:29
* nigelb sends thank you mails08:30
kim0dholbach: nigelb dpm Morning folks08:49
dholbachhola kim008:50
dholbachhey duanedesign08:50
dpmhey kim0, good morning!08:51
akgranerdpm got a second I need your assistance....can I pm you?08:55
dpmakgraner, sure08:55
nigelbhey kim0 :)09:08
nigelbhello huats :)09:27
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nigelbI'd appeciate some RT love for this http://twitter.com/#!/nigelbabu/status/5264948747842764809:33
JFonow that is odd. I could have sworn I was already following you nigelb09:38
JFoso, anyway... done and done09:38
nigelbJFo: :)09:40
nigelbJFo: still no sleep huh? :(09:40
JFowide awake09:41
JFoI've given over to doing some minor workish tasks whilst trying to find fun places to visit while we are in budapest :-)09:41
akgranerdpm, dholbach, kim0 or JFo  you all don't call them sprints anymore do you?  They are called rallies now, yes?09:42
JFoakgraner, that is correct09:42
JFoRally, like the car race09:42
akgraneror rally ok gotcha09:42
JFoat least, I assume that is the refference09:43
akgranerdang there are so many freakin changes :-)09:43
JFowow, I am a spelling failure09:43
akgranerits Rally isn't it?09:44
akgraneroh refference you meant09:44
czajkowskiakgraner: go to bed09:55
czajkowskiJFo: why are you up also09:55
akgranerha I can't :-( I have to finish this chapter09:55
czajkowskiwhat are you writing ?09:55
JFosimilar here, but I am putting off the demons in an attempt to get sleepy09:56
JFonot working so far09:56
czajkowskiI'm going to be on the Ubuntu UK podcast later on09:58
JFo(8-O   I just found slow-cooker recipes... now I'm hungry.10:10
nigelbJFo: Great, now I'm hungry too.10:11
nigelbTomorrow should be fun though.10:15
JFo^^ sarcasm10:26
JFoIt's a Trap!!10:26
nigelbJFo: Tomorrow most of India either has holiday or work early & go home early.10:28
nigelbJFo: Cricket World Cup Semi-finals :)10:28
JFoaw man!10:29
nigelbWe start at 7:30 am tomorrow and leave by 2.10:31
JFowish I could do that10:35
JFoI barely remember to eat lunch as it is10:35
JFospeaking of which... I think I shall go and make myself some soup for breakfast... and lunch :)10:37
JFothe recipes won10:37
nigelbagainst your self control?10:37
JFowell, against my stomach :-D10:37
JFoso, yes :-)10:38
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JFoman, that was good11:23
JFospicy though11:23
czajkowskiJFo: you're just not going to sleep today are you11:24
JFodoesn't look like it11:26
JFoI had hoped that the soup would warm me and make me sleepy, but I put too much cayenne pepper in it.11:26
JFotasty, but my mouth is burning :)11:27
duanedesignnice ubuntu Ham write up by Mohamad Faizul Zulkifli on planet11:35
duanedesignmy neighbor is a ham radio operator. /me thinks i will email that to him  O:-)11:36
akgranerhmmm Am I missing any Ubuntu Weeks or days in this list?  Ubuntu Open Week11:46
akgranerUbuntu App Developer Week11:46
akgranerUbuntu Developer Week11:46
akgranerUbuntu User Days11:46
akgranerUbuntu Cloud Days11:46
duanedesignmaybe nigels new global jam bootcamp, do not know if he plans on doing that annually11:48
duanedesignoh, and hello akgraner :)11:48
akgranerhey! :-)11:48
popeyUbuntu Daniel Holbach Is AWESOME Day11:48
akgraner+1 he is awesome! :-)11:49
nigelbduanedesign: not anually, every cycle :)11:55
nigelbpopey: +111:55
dholbachpopey, let's see if you still say that after you checked your mails again :)11:55
dholbachthanks a lot for the flowers my friends :)11:55
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akgranerDOH - I just added Brad Pitt to the Ubuntu Technical Board...13:54
akgranerclearly I need to find some caffeine13:55
czajkowskiif he joins the TB I'll get a lot more techincal!!! I promise!13:56
akgranerczajkowski, lol13:57
Pendulumways to get [straight] women more involved in Ubuntu...13:57
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nigelbPendulum: haha15:39
JFowow, Debconf11 is in Bosnia and Herzegovina16:48
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:01
* dholbach hugs you all17:01
dpmsee you dholbach!17:04
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paultagheyya czajkowski23:04
czajkowskihey taggy paul23:07
paultagtaggypaul :)23:08
paultagczajkowski: how goes?23:08

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