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ricotzrobert_ancell, hi07:30
robert_ancellricotz, hey07:30
robert_ancellricotz, nice work on the GNOME3 PPA btw!07:30
ricotzrobert_ancell, do you have an idea what is causing totem to fail?07:30
robert_ancellricotz, no, I had a quick look but I couldn't work it out either07:31
ricotzit seems to be relate to the totem-pl-parser update, it looks like the includes coming from there are empty but the pkg-config file looks good07:31
ricotzlocally it builds fine though07:31
robert_ancellricotz, btw, I made a vinagre branch, but it needs more dependencies until it can be finished07:32
ricotzi see07:33
ricotzwhat do you think about gnome-session and gdm?07:33
robert_ancellricotz, I don't know what the side-effects will be, but I figure the PPA should run all of GNOME307:35
ricotzrobert_ancell, exactly, but these are heavily patched :/07:37
robert_ancellso, if you think you can make it work, go for it!07:38
ricotzperhaps ;)07:39
ricotzrobert_ancell, there are some packages which should go into natty like mutter, clutter-1.0, totem-pl-parser, accountsservice, perhaps you have time for them07:40
robert_ancellricotz, I just updated clutter-1.0, sure, I'll try and look at the others07:41
pittiGood mornin07:56
pittifta: ah, you didn't use -u? sorry about that07:57
pittiugh, starting the desktop session in the morning is *hard work* these days :(07:58
didrocksgood morning08:18
mvohey didrocks08:18
pittibonjour didrocks08:19
didrockshey mvo. Guten Morgen pitti08:20
mvopitti: about the openoffice.org-dev package in the archive. it seems likes its in NBS and causes a upgrade issue too, anything I can do to help to get rid of it (causes the main-all upgrade test profile to fail)08:26
mvothe auto-upgrade-tester looks remarkable less bad than it used to be, server, ubuntu,kubuntu,mythubuntu all green (well, white :)08:27
pittimvo: I think we can just kill it; there are just three reverse build deps in universe, i. e. removal won't break installability08:30
pittiand the next upload of these can just switch to libo-dev08:30
mvoI can do the transition for the three deps now if that helps08:33
pittimvo: removed08:33
mvothanks pitti, I look at ooo-build-extensions and the others now08:38
pittimvo: don't worry too much about it, though08:38
pittihey Sweetshark08:38
mvogood morning Sweetshark08:38
mvoat the next uds you have to tell us the story behind your nick08:39
ricotzSweetshark, hi :), i hope you will upload the new libreoffice to the ppa for lucid as well08:39
pittimvo: yeah, I already pinned him down for telling in exchange for buying him a beer!08:41
seb128hello desktopers08:44
pittibonjour Monsieur Bacher!08:44
seb128hey pitti, how are you?08:45
cdbsBonjour Monsieur `list-all-nicks`08:45
mvohy seb128!08:45
seb128pitti, let me remind you about the meeting reminder!08:45
pittihey cdbs08:45
seb128hey cdbs08:45
pittiseb128: oh, today I genuinely forgot (so far), merci!08:45
seb128hey mvo08:45
seb128pitti, ;-)08:45
cdbshello there pitti and seb128 :)08:45
Sweetsharkricotz: yes, I will. But there are still some deps I must figure out for the backports ...08:46
pittiseb128: look at the top at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt08:46
* pitti sheds a tear *sob*08:46
pittiseb128: do you think we should keep RB in main until next LTS at least?08:46
seb128pitti, that seems wrong08:46
desrtare there plans to have networkmanager 0.9?08:46
seb128pitti, ogra said they wanted to keep it for armel iirc since mono and armel are not best buddies08:46
ricotzSweetshark, ok, thanks08:46
seb128pitti, or I got that wrong?08:46
pittiseb128: why? the evil fairy stomped it to death08:47
pittiseb128: ah, then I guess they should seed it on armel then08:47
seb128pitti, check with ogra08:47
pittiseb128: I was pondering to add it to supported, but ubuntu-netbook [armel] is better08:47
pittiseb128: yup, thanks08:47
seb128but yeah I would keep it in main anyway until lts08:47
seb128it's not like it was costing a lot to maintain08:47
pittiseb128: right08:48
desrtrodrigo_: good morning08:59
seb128hey rodrigo_08:59
seb128hey desrt08:59
desrthi seb08:59
pittihey rodrigo_08:59
pittibonjour desrt, how are you?08:59
desrtand pitti :)08:59
* desrt is in india and still not completely cured of jetlag08:59
rodrigo_hi desrt, seb128, pitti09:00
desrtrodrigo_: i was wondering if you plan to package networkmanager 0.9 in the gnome3 ppa....09:00
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:00
rodrigo_desrt, yes, needed for g-c-c09:00
desrtrodrigo_: that makes me happy :)09:00
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rodrigo_desrt, cool :)09:01
pittihey chrisccoulson, back to normal hours? :-)09:01
desrtrodrigo_: looking forward to the awesome new applet09:01
chrisccoulsonhi pitti :)09:01
chrisccoulsonjust for today ;)09:01
rodrigo_desrt, btw, I came up with this patch: http://pastebin.com/HEtQD1iJ09:03
rodrigo_desrt, I'm going to make a package so that people can test it before I push to master09:04
desrtrodrigo_: looks quite good09:05
ricotzrodrigo_, hi09:05
desrtquite bad, actually09:06
rodrigo_hi ricotz09:06
desrtg_usleep is for micros09:06
ricotzrodrigo_, will you have time for the ppa today?09:06
rodrigo_ricotz, I hope so, why?09:06
desrtso you only sleep for 1millisecond total09:06
desrt2, sorry09:06
rodrigo_desrt, oh, right09:06
ricotzrodrigo_, the eog is missing the introspection build, perhaps it could be internally shipped like gedit does09:07
desrtalso: it's very silly but you only try 19 times :)09:07
rodrigo_ricotz, yes09:07
ricotzrodrigo_, alright, i hope you could make that09:08
ricotzdesrt, i have a nm09 package09:09
desrtricotz: fascinating.  ppa?09:09
ricotzdesrt, but it failed for i386, but seems to work here with amd6409:10
desrtthat seems odd09:10
desrtwhat happened on i386?09:10
rodrigo_ricotz, oh, cool!09:10
desrtrodrigo_: i don't suppose natty will go with 0.909:12
desrtseems a bit late for that...09:12
rodrigo_desrt, yes09:13
ricotzdesrt, it would break a lot, but perhaps the current nm packaging of 0.8.4 could be changed09:13
rodrigo_the ppa for now09:13
desrtrodrigo_: fine by me09:13
desrtall the cool kids run with the PPA anyway :)09:13
ricotzthe natty package should have a separate package for the vpn lib09:14
ricotzrobert_ancell, have you seen the new ibus package, i think it might be better if the gtk3 module is put into an extra package like libcanberra09:17
robert_ancellricotz, not sure what you mean, but I don't know anything about ibus anyway :)09:18
ricotzrobert_ancell, there was an ibus package uploaded to the gnome3 ppa which enables the gtk3 support09:19
ricotzuploaded by wzssyqa09:19
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seb128the ppa seems to start being a bit hackish it seems09:20
seb128we will need to get quite some cleaning before uploading next cycle09:20
chrisccoulsonhi seb128!09:21
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:21
seb128we should also recommend users to not run it if they want something that doesn't break their system or the upgrade to next ubuntu version09:21
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks, how are you?09:21
chrisccoulsonyeah, good thanks09:21
robert_ancellricotz, oh, right, now I see what you mean09:22
ricotzseb128, i have done some direct copying from debian, so nothing to worry ;)09:22
ricotzrobert_ancell, btw who is wzssyqa09:23
seb128ricotz, it's rather than the binary are not always distributed as they should09:23
seb128or that some component should be better let out of ppa builds, ppa are fine for applications, what is in this ppa is becoming border line09:24
robert_ancellricotz, ok, delete it from the PPA if it's going to cause problems (as it now _only_ works with GTK3 right?)09:24
seb128like it's likely it will break other desktops09:24
seb128or patches got dropped because people didn't want to port them to the new version09:24
ricotzseb128, yeah, right09:24
robert_ancellricotz, he asked to join, he maintains some debian packages.09:25
ricotzseb128, mostly the lpi patches are applied09:25
seb128we should communicate clearly that this ppa doesn't give any garanty that it will not screw your distro and that you can't complain if it does09:25
ricotzseb128, but the control-center-patches were too heavy09:25
robert_ancellWe really need to work out who can be in the team, there are people applying all the time and I have no idea who most of them are09:26
RAOF#include <xorg-edgers.h> :)09:26
ricotzrobert_ancell, i see09:26
seb128we should only accept people who contributed to something in Ubuntu before09:26
seb128if they didn't ask them to do merge requests for a bit and get those reviewed09:26
seb128to see what work they are doing09:27
ricotzseb128, ok, besides the ibus package there is nothing hackish in there yet09:29
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pittididrocks: so!09:31
* didrocks things he should run away now :)09:32
pittididrocks: do you remember the unity startup failures I (and other folks) had with the live CD?09:32
* pitti just can't resist scaring didrocks in the morning two days before b109:32
seb128pitti, you mean the if user == pitti; then exit 009:32
didrockspitti: yeah, I remember about it, unfortunately09:32
pittiseb128: exactly! but I found a clever workaround09:33
pittiI now call myself p1tti09:33
seb128you changed your name? ;-)09:33
pittididrocks: anyway, I just tested the current builds on my wife's PC (ati) and my dell mini 10, and it's all working now \o/09:33
pittididrocks: I assume what happened was that there was an unity crash earlier, and since it didn't autospawn either, you got stuck09:34
didrockspitti: excellent  \o/ I tried last week on the dell mini 10 (intel) as well and try a lot of reboot without getting it09:34
pittinow I didn't see it crashing, but even if it does, it would respawn09:34
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, afaik no patches have been dropped, except for the obsolete ones. It's true we have several disabled patches, but nothing dropped for no reason09:34
didrockspitti: yeah, that's possible09:34
didrockspitti: anyway, the test tool will change just after beta 109:34
pittididrocks: so I think it's all good now, or at least good enough for b109:34
didrockspitti: new, small, and shiny new little piece of software :)09:34
pittididrocks: it's just a lot of hard work on my workstation now (i. e. the docked x201), as it still keeps crashing like mad at start09:34
pittididrocks: oh, like a script to exercise it?09:35
didrockspitti: always the same crashes? (thoses you reported)09:35
pittididrocks: yes, the closure thihngy09:35
didrockspitti: it's just independant of Nux now09:35
seb128rodrigo_, well, I've seen quite some indicator patches being not applied because they need to be updated09:35
pittiabout 5 times in a row, whenever you so much as look at it, and then it suddenly settles down09:35
seb128rodrigo_, or things like applying default keyboard layout for the system in g-c-c09:35
didrockspitti: yeah, it's targeted and should be fixed with the next release (it's on the 10 bugs priority list)09:35
seb128rodrigo_, those will need to be figured before those packages land in Ubuntu09:35
pittididrocks: but I'm happy that it doesn't affect more people09:36
didrockspitti: mainly, we have a lot of signals not disconnected when objects are still alive09:36
rodrigo_seb128, yes, of course, that's why they are just disabled, not dropped09:36
pittididrocks: perhaps this is specific to multiple monitors?09:36
seb128rodrigo_, well, when I say "dropped" is "not applied to the current build"09:36
didrockspitti: not really, I have multiple monitors and it doesn't happen here09:36
pittididrocks: then it's strcmp(user, "martin") ..09:37
didrockspitti: but you have scripts at startup, isn't it?09:37
didrockspitti: of course! :-)09:37
pittididrocks: I do, but doesn't matter -- it crashes before already09:37
didrocksreminds me to add p1tti now as well09:37
didrockspitti: well, anyway, all crashes we have is basically the same symptoms: undisconnected signals, we will get through them09:37
seb128didrocks, you can't say all the crashes, the most frequent ones rather09:38
seb128didrocks, there is still quite some crashes which are non frequent ones but not due to signals ;-)09:38
didrocksseb128: don't be picky on "all" and "most of" :-)09:39
seb128didrocks, "don't be picky", you don't know me or what? ;-)09:39
seb128pitti, gwality you mean? ;-)09:40
didrocksseb128: heh! it was some kind of *jedi wave*09:40
rodrigo_seb128, right, but it's just because code was changing too fast to be keeping up the patches, now I guess it's a good time for re-enabling the patches09:41
rodrigo_ricotz, ^^09:42
seb128rodrigo_, right09:42
desrtricotz: so i had to do a dpkg diversion in order to install your packages without uninstalling empathy :)09:42
rodrigo_ricotz, if you update a package and have time, please look at re-enabling the disabled patches09:42
seb128rodrigo_, one other concern is also that some bits landing in the ppa are cross desktop things that might break kde or xubuntu09:42
desrtricotz: but i notice something fairly substantial: the new panel applet doesn't appear to be working properly09:43
seb128rodrigo_, or that the new binaries might not be clearly reviewed and might be different from what will land in debian or Ubuntu proper and break upgrades09:43
rodrigo_seb128, yes, I guess that's true09:43
chrisccoulsonpitti - whats the plan for gluezilla after beta 1? are we stuck with it?09:43
chrisccoulson(i'm not sure if there was any more discussion)09:43
pittichrisccoulson: there's currently some effort with using webkit in mono, but I wouldn't bet on it getting ready in time09:45
ricotzrodrigo_, alright, i will try to do so09:45
pittichrisccoulson: frankly, I'd be fine with just dropping the webbrowser widget from mono for now09:45
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that makes sense09:46
ricotzdesrt, yes, that is caused by the packaging changes and the vpn lib09:46
desrtricotz: i guess the old library should be uninstaled anyway09:46
desrtsince the dbus API is different now09:47
desrt(although i don't know how substantial the changes are)09:47
ricotzseb128, i see you concerns, but if these build-deps are needed for updating the gnome3 packages, in my opinion it is ok to add them09:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - i guess that things like gluezilla are going to be even more difficult to support in the future based on this announcement: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.embedding/browse_thread/thread/73f34c70ef8df30a#09:47
seb128ricotz, some of those are optional09:47
seb128we should maybe have 2 ppas09:47
seb128one with only safe changes and one with extra components for those who want to break their install09:48
ricotzseb128, actually updating g-s-d is needed and this one makes the most trouble, i think09:49
ricotzseb128, updating things like clutter is needed for bugfixes09:50
ricotzseb128, you might speaking of accountsservice which wasnt really needed09:50
ricotzseb128, i think making two ppas isnt a good idea09:51
seb128new depends are fine, I will have a review of what is the ppa, but desrt speaking about installing thing that lead to have other things uninstalled or use dpkg-divert seems wrong09:51
rodrigo_ricotz, thanks09:51
seb128ricotz, rodrigo_: let's talk about it later, I need to review the ppa before doing extra comments09:52
rodrigo_seb128, ok09:52
ricotzseb128, ok09:52
kamstrupdpm: Saw ou ping yesterday. Awesome! :-D09:53
kamstrupdpm: I just pushed a fix to the GIR-error handling that makes Unity-3.0.gir work again (even though it contains errors). Also pushed a fix for return in C for methods that return an array of something09:54
pittiah, that's better: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-11.04-beta-1.html09:57
desrtricotz: so there is the .typelib missing09:57
ricotzdesrt, the nm libs might be compatible to some point if there werent abi bumps09:58
desrtricotz: it's the dbus API that changed...09:58
ricotzdesrt, i havent checked if it is running on gnome209:58
* rodrigo_ needs to run some errands, bbiab09:59
desrtricotz: oops.  my fault for not installing the package containing the typelib =)09:59
ricotzdesrt, exactly ;)10:00
ricotzg-s cant depend on it yet :P10:00
desrtso this is nice10:02
desrtmissing quite some functionality at the moment, but very pretty10:02
ricotzdesrt, do you have an idea why the i386 build fails? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/67321184/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.network-manager_0.8.997-1~ricotz1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:02
desrtcc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-unused-but-set-variable"10:02
desrtlooks pretty simple10:02
desrti guess the i386 builders have an older gcc?10:02
ricotzdesrt, hmm, the gcc versions should be the same10:03
ricotzthe packaging was made by mbiebl and it seems to work in debian experimental10:04
chrisccoulson-Wno-unused-but-set-variable needs gcc 4.6 doesn't it?10:07
chrisccoulsonit only exists in documentation for 4.6 anyway ;)10:08
ricotzchrisccoulson, shouldnt it fail on amd64 too then?10:10
pittimvo: hm, apparently apt or python-apt recently changed wrt. the "architecture" field?10:10
chrisccoulsonwhere is the build log for amd64?10:10
pittimvo: apt.Cache()['language-pack-de'].candidate.architecture10:11
pittimvo: until recently this used to say "all", now it says "amd64"10:11
ricotzchrisccoulson, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/67268650/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.network-manager_0.8.997-1~ricotz1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:11
pittimvo: is that expected/intended? if so, what is the correct way to check if a package is arch:all?10:11
pittimvo: (this breaks jockey ATM)10:11
chrisccoulsonhmmm, weird - checking whether gcc understands -Wno-unused-but-set-variable... yes10:12
chrisccoulsonin both ;)10:12
pittimvo: I could check candidate.filename.endswith('_all.deb'), but this sounds a bit hackish?10:13
pittimvo: or would candidate.record['Architecture'] be better?10:13
pittimvo: (might be fallout from multiarch?)10:16
chrisccoulsonricotz, i would try and fix these errors first: "nm-dhcp-manager.c:250:3: error: format '%zd' expects type 'signed size_t', but argument 6 has type 'long unsigned int'"10:17
chrisccoulsonperhaps the last error is just totally bogus ;)10:17
pittimvo: using record['Architecture'] for now, this makes the tests happy again10:19
ricotzchrisccoulson, ah, something like this http://osdir.com/ml/attachments/txt4F3qluZZlN.txt10:21
mvopitti: its actually libapt that changed, but it should not have leaked for the non-multiarch case10:31
pittijasoncwarner: heh, added you to https://launchpad.net/~canonical-desktop-team after so many months :)10:31
mvopitti: I check with donkult, this should only be like this if multiarch is enabled (and even then its wrong to expose it like this)10:33
pittimvo: ok, thanks; I'll use this as a workaround in the meantime10:35
ogra_seb128, pitti, mono has a workaround now, so we can switch armel to banshee (which i did), put RB to supported if you still want to keep it10:37
ogra_i didnt know that was wanted, else i had added it when seeding banshee10:38
pittiogra_: ah, splendid; will do, thanks!10:39
ogra_the fix wasnt tested with an in-archive built mono yet, if everything goes wrong we have to revert (but i dont think so)10:39
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dpmcool, thanks kamstrup, I'll pull the latest version to generate the next updated docs10:44
kamstrupdpm: sweet!10:46
* didrocks out for 2 hours, bbl11:02
pittiseb128: we still have an explicit "supported" seeding of pidgin; as we have had empathy in lucid, I think it might be time to remove that?11:11
seb128pitti, works for me11:13
ricotzchrisccoulson, the nm0.9 error message was bogus ;)11:39
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pittihey cyphermox, good morning12:37
rodrigo_ricotz, I see you are merging from debian some of the stuff in the PPA, but wouldn't it be better to keep the changelog history?12:41
ricotzrodrigo_, in most case there wasnt an ubuntu history, because they where already syncs, or there werent differences12:45
ricotzrodrigo_, in case of g-c-c, yeah it has a huge cluttered changelog which should be collected in one merge-changelog-entry12:46
rodrigo_ricotz, ok12:48
alex3fmvo: are you around?13:05
alex3fhi, is there somebody who can help me, by reviewing a patch sent to software-center? http://pad.lv/70471913:07
mvoalex3f: thanks a lot for the patch, in order to apply I need a copy of the contributors agreement. could you please check http://www.canonical.com/contributors ?13:11
alex3fmvo: ok, will do it13:11
mvothanks a lot!13:12
kiwinote(that particular patch would cause the file menu and various other things to no longer work)13:13
alex3fkiwinote: I'm gonna investigate on a solution13:14
alex3fmy bad.13:15
kiwinotealex3f: np - thanks a lot for the various patches/comments I've seen coming through this morning!13:16
alex3fI'm preparing my GSoC application for software-center packagekit backend13:16
alex3f(as an escuse :-) )13:16
kiwinotehm, was planning to do the same myself ;)13:17
kiwinotewe can sort something out though13:17
alex3fthe appstream requirements are split in two projects13:18
alex3finstaller backend and OSC integration13:18
alex3fmaybe we can work together, but on different parts13:19
kenvandinegood morning everyone13:46
seb128hey kenvandine13:46
seb128how are you?13:46
kenvandineand you?13:46
seb128I'm fine thanks13:49
bcurtiswxGood morning kenvandine13:57
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=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
kenvandinehey bcurtiswx14:01
mvoalex3f: thanks a bunch for the mail, I look at your patches now, was on the phone and everything14:23
pittihey kenvandine, good morning14:36
kenvandinegood morning pitti14:36
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Q-FUNKtkamppeter: would you have time to help me with a cups-pdf postrm issue?15:07
rodrigo_seb128, gdm/gsd race confirmed fixed with my patch, so feel free to review/merge/upload this: https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/gnome-settings-daemon/fix-649809/+merge/5534615:13
seb128rodrigo_, thanks, I will merge but not upload since we are frozen for beta still15:14
rodrigo_seb128, ah, ok15:14
pitti(note that you can upload, but unless you fix an RC bug we won't accept it and respin the images for it)15:21
seb128pitti, right, but we can as well queue in the vcs and do one upload after the freeze if something else comes in between15:30
pittiseb128: right, I agree; just saying for cases where a followup upload is unlikely15:30
pitti"fire and forget" mode15:30
seb128pitti, did we get new isos since lunch?15:31
pittiin the pipeline15:31
seb128ok, let me try the one rsycned during lunch then15:31
pittiseb128, all: new desktops 20110329.1 for testing16:09
rodrigo_didrocks, please milestone this bug for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/74036016:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 740360 in unity "[a11y] panel service crashes with a11y enabled while navigating" [Undecided,In progress]16:09
rodrigo_didrocks, fix is coming16:09
seb128pitti, thanks, will rsync that while doing a first install with the previous iso ;-)16:10
didrocksrodrigo_: done! :)16:10
rodrigo_didrocks, merci beaucoup mon ami :)16:10
rodrigo_didrocks, hmm, the (ubuntu) bug doesn't need to be milestoned?16:11
didrocksrodrigo_: no, it's only the upstream one which is taking into account by my script16:12
rodrigo_didrocks, ok16:12
mterrympt, heyo.  More indicator-datetime questions.  Would you like the error-icon-upon-focus-out behavior for the main timezone selection entry too?16:14
* mterry pokes tedg to review indicator-datetime branches16:19
tedgmterry, I literally setting up my environment for that right now :-)16:19
tedgmterry, To be fair, I was doing it last night but my computer crashed so I gave up.16:19
* tedg is not having stable love from Ubuntu right now16:20
pittitedg: unity crashes, or something else, too?16:20
tedgpitti, Kernel, hard lock.16:21
tedgpitti, It seems to be in a busy loop as when I restart my fans go on crazy :-)16:21
tedgThough, I think it may be network traffic based.  Please don't ping me on IRC ;-)16:22
pittitedg: *splatter*16:22
mptmterry, I guess so, that makes sense16:26
didrocksrodrigo_: ping me when you release the meeting lock16:27
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rodrigo_didrocks, meeting lock?16:28
didrocksrodrigo_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-2916:28
rodrigo_didrocks, hmm, I edited it 30 mins ago, I guess it failed to unlock it16:28
* rodrigo_ tries to edit again16:28
rodrigo_didrocks, try now16:29
didrocksrodrigo_: works, thanks!16:30
mptmterry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate?action=diff&rev2=31&rev1=3016:32
mterrympt, seems fine, thanks16:33
rodrigo_hmm, no meeting?16:39
seb128rodrigo_, in one hour16:41
seb128gcalendar is wrong again though16:41
seb128rodrigo_, dst was this w.e and the time is fixed on utc16:41
seb128see pitti's email about shifting from one hour16:42
seb128he mentioned it in the reminder16:42
rodrigo_I might have to miss it today then, let's see if I can postpone my other stuff16:43
seb128rodrigo_, I'm sure it's ok if you have something else to do16:45
seb128rodrigo_, we can catch up with you later if needed16:45
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
seb128mterry, bug #74215317:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 742153 in indicator-datetime "indicator-applet-complete crashed with SIGABRT in g_object_newv()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74215317:02
mterryseb128, yeah, I commented in it17:02
mterrydoesn't make sense...17:02
seb128mterry, one issue that could lead to that is that an install broke before the trigger updating the schemas mmap ran17:02
mterryseb128, ah, hm17:02
mterryseb128, in which case, probably not an indicator-datetime bug17:03
seb128no it's not, we got similar issue on other components17:03
seb128it's a local issue17:03
seb128then you can thanks desrt for making code abort on missing schemas17:03
rodrigo_mterry, are you looking at indicator bugs, right?17:04
seb128rodrigo_, several people do ;-)17:04
mterryseb128, :) gsettings aborts on everything17:04
mterryrodrigo_, but yeah, especially indicator-datetime and appmenu17:05
didrockseveryone likes desrt on that one :)17:05
rodrigo_yeah, I just wanted to ping someone about https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/745057 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/745061 which were found during a11y testing, in case they needed some help17:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 745057 in unity "[a11y] Panel volume window has some entries not accessible" [Undecided,New]17:05
rodrigo_API is moving those 2 bugs to indicator-*17:06
seb128they will be noticed and assigned if they are on the right source17:07
rodrigo_seb128, yeah, my point is that we moved them to indicator-*^but they are a11y-related, so if they need help with that, to let me know :)17:07
seb128rodrigo_, oh, ok, thanks!17:08
mvojcastro: hi, what do you think about generating  new "featured" items for natty?17:08
mvojcastro: for softtware-center17:08
jcastroI thought they were going to be automatic or something?17:08
mvoalex3f: thanks for your fixes, looks fine, I like whitespace one especily, nice and ellegant17:14
mvojcastro: not yet :/17:14
mvojcastro: needs server side support17:14
jcastroI vote for just leaving them as it is, it's a good set of apps17:14
mvojcastro: fair enough, I agree. maybe worth looking at the reviews and see what other stuff is popular, I can do that tomrrow17:16
jcastromvo: yeah sorry, I am completely off guard, I thought this was going to be fixed17:16
mvojcastro: no problem, thanks17:16
* mvo is off to get some dinner17:17
jcastromvo: what I did last time is just post on -desktop, but I think just measuring the stars with a good eye and picking a few would work17:17
ricotzrodrigo_, did you copied the binaries of gtk3-engines to the ppa?17:17
mvojcastro: looks like pingus is not that popular (or we have a bug that does not permit reviews for it ;)17:17
rodrigo_ricotz, no17:18
jcastromvo: I wonder what kind of reviews pornview will get, heh17:19
ricotzrodrigo_, hmm, who did, this packages wouldnt even build since it depends on the old gtk3 packages17:19
mvojcastro: one-handed ones17:19
* mvo is really off for dinner now17:20
ricotzcdbs, hi, did you copied gtk3-engines?17:20
rodrigo_ricotz, afaik, it was a long time ago, probably robert_ancell17:20
ricotzrodrigo_, it was copied from the old ppa, but with its binaries17:21
ricotzso this didnt fail17:21
rodrigo_right, we don't seem to even have a branch under ~gnome3-team17:22
mterryjcastro, it's a good set of apps, but already, some of them are only rated 3 stars.  Obviously we need larger sample sizes though.17:23
rodrigo_ricotz, ask robert_ancell, afaik it was him whon worked on the early versions of the theme/engines17:23
* rodrigo_ has to go, will read meeting's backlog later17:23
ricotzrodrigo_, i dont think he would missed that ;)17:23
mterrympt, oh also, I allow the user to set UTC in the main timezone dialog.  Is that verboten?17:23
didrocksjcastro: "not work as advertized" :-)17:24
mptmterry, does that work reliably?17:24
rodrigo_ricotz, no, it wasn't him who missed, it was all of use when there was the gtk3 packages renaming, I guess17:24
rodrigo_all of us17:24
mterrympt, I believe so.  What do you mean by reliably?17:24
mptmterry, as in, it's a time zone that people have used on Ubuntu before, it doesn't have any daylight saving or anything17:25
ricotzrodrigo_, yes, i know, i am just curious who copied it, to blame someone :P while it seems i am getting the emails reporting this problem17:25
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter: meeting in 5 minutes17:26
seb128pitti, ;-)17:26
mterrympt, it has a zoneinfo entry, so it will work as well as any other timezone I believe17:26
mptmterry, ok17:27
mptNew features for free, woo17:27
mterrympt, though technically no one lives in UTC, but if you were a truly global traveler, maybe you'd prefer it17:27
mterrycyphermox, you use UTC time all the time?17:28
mptmterry, does that mean you're changing it in a place that will automatically make it available in the installer too?17:28
Sweetsharkmvo: sorry, saw your question too late yesterday. yes, I think we dont need to give out any special warnings like "you want libreoffice-dev".17:28
cyphermoxmterry, I always make sure it's visible...17:28
mterrympt, no, the installer does not yet benefit from any of the indicator-datetime work17:28
cyphermoxmterry, although that was for the meeting ;)17:28
mterrycyphermox, ah17:28
Sweetsharkmvo: at least thats what I am thinking now. lots of mail in my inbox might change that of course ...17:29
pittiseb128: it might be that my door bell rings during the meeting; could you take over if that happens?17:29
seb128pitti, can do!17:29
pittiseb128: (I'll have some folks visiting my flat in the next days, as we're moving out)17:29
seb128ok, just let me know and I can pick over17:29
seb128pitti, but maybe start with your bits?17:30
seb128like workitems, bugs17:30
seb128so if you have to run that's done17:30
seb128we can do status update easily without you17:30
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter: meeting starting17:30
* kenvandine waves17:31
* Sweetshark falls into a conference chair.17:31
* pitti hands out the coffee and the snacks17:31
cyphermoxmm... food.17:31
pittifirst, a FYI17:31
pittiI cleaned up a bit yesterday, and postponed some unimportant/blocked stuff, and moved important ones to b217:32
mterrylooks like some aggressive cleanup  :)17:32
pittiso we are down to 1 WI for dpm to talk about mozilla upstream translations which isn't bound by the freeze17:32
pittimterry: well, half of the cleanup was actually a bug17:32
mptmterry, ok, eventually this should be split out into a spec for the location field in general, but for now: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate?action=diff&rev2=32&rev1=3117:32
pittiwe have moved a lot of stuff to beta-2 before, but the milestone didn't exist in Launchpad until yesterday17:32
pittiso you can now actually target stuff to beta-217:32
pittias for release critical bugs, these are on the "worrying" radar right now:17:33
pittibug 727372  -- chrisccoulson, it's getting a little late for more intrusive changes; do you think we can go ahead with our patch?17:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 727372 in firefox "FF 4 requires both .desktop and gconf entries for url handlers" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72737217:34
pittibug 663294 - chrisccoulson, micahg: is it good enough to build with gcc-4.4 on i386? (as we did in maverick)17:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 663294 in gcc-4.5 "Firefox built with gcc-4.5 is a non-starter on i386 with -pie" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66329417:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 727372 - i'm just waiting for a nod from mozilla to take that patch (i'm reluctant to take it without review)17:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 727372 in firefox "FF 4 requires both .desktop and gconf entries for url handlers" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72737217:35
pittibug 725434 - bryceh, seb128 -- seb did a summary why a package split is inordinarily hackish and complicated -- should we go with the PPA approach for natty after all?17:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 725434 in cairo "Nvidia drivers lead to extra memory usage for each process using libGL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543417:35
pittichrisccoulson: ok, so by and large "blocked"?17:35
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah. i've already taken quite a few patches i worked on, but all the ones i've taken have already had some sort of review17:36
pittichrisccoulson: ok, good to know; thanks17:36
chrisccoulsonpitti - i don't see it being a problem. the change is pretty small tbh, and i don't think there's much risk of not being able to ship it17:37
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
pittichrisccoulson: would another ping to mozilla speed it up or annoy them?17:37
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, probably ;)17:38
pittianyway, I guess we should discuss libcairo after the meeting, not that interesting for everyone17:38
chrisccoulsoni'll talk to my contact when he's online later17:38
seb128wrong reply to a "or" question ;-)17:38
seb128you need to pick a choice17:38
chrisccoulsonannoy ;)17:38
pittiotherwise we're doing ok RC bug wise17:38
chrisccoulsonthere we go :)17:38
chrisccoulsoni only saw 1 option ;)17:38
pittiyeah, just my annoying blabla17:38
pittiwhich I'll now stop by handing the mic to kenvandine :)17:39
pittipartner update?17:39
seb128"oh, pitti writing again, just tell him 'yes' so he's happy :p" ;-)17:39
kenvandineUbuntuOne has nothing really to report, they are cleaning up their work items17:39
kenvandinei assume all the desktopers already know we will drop to classic gnome for a11y this cycle17:40
pittifor some profiles, anyway?17:40
kenvandinewith hopes that people will test unity more with a11y before Oneiric17:40
pitti(the ones which need speech, I guess)17:40
kenvandineTheMuso is handling that17:41
pittiI'd be interested in how well it holds up in "mouse deficiency" profiles, though17:41
pittifrom my POV unity works with a keyboard a lot easier than GNOME17:41
pitti(in fact it rocks!)17:41
kenvandineoverlay scrollbars, the release team rejected the FFE17:41
didrockspitti: unity is fully keynav nagivable from the latest tests we made17:41
kenvandinepitti, indeed17:41
kenvandinedidrocks, yes, it rocks from the keyboard17:41
cyphermoxpitti, I already can tell you keyboard navigation breaks in indicator-datetime because the calendar widget catches focus and doesn't let go17:42
kenvandinethat is all i have17:42
kenvandinecyphermox, i hadn't noticed, is there a bug for that?17:42
pitticyphermox: that sounds smamll enough to be fixable, though; mind to report it?17:42
pitticyphermox: (and good catch!)17:43
cyphermoxkenvandine, I don't know, I found that out this morning :)17:43
didrocks(just confirmed)17:43
mterryBug 676222 I think17:43
pittiheh indeed, confirmed17:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 676222 in indicator-datetime "Broken/confusing keyboard navigation" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67622217:43
* kenvandine confirmed too17:43
cyphermoxseems to fit that yes17:43
pittinot that I could even get to this with the keyboard in the pre-indicator time :)17:43
pittikenvandine: thank you17:44
pittididrocks already posted a detailled and great report to the wiki17:44
* pitti gives everyone some time to read it17:44
pittididrocks: anything you want/need to discuss?17:44
didrocksjust hilighting some points17:44
Riddellpitti: which wiki page?17:45
pittiwhere do you currently see the biggest problems?17:45
pittiRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-2917:45
didrocksfirst, we get a crazy number of bug fixes this week17:45
pittididrocks: (isn't that "last week"? we already have 3.6.8)17:45
didrockshowever, we have some crashes still for beta1, mostly on signals not beeing disconnected17:45
didrockswe fixed most of them today17:45
didrockspitti: well, "this week" being "last release available" yeah ;)17:46
pittithis is driving me mad, I'll happily test anything if needed17:46
Riddellwhen I ran the Ubuntu Desktop live CD yesterday Unity didn't show up17:46
didrocksRiddell: did you get anything? was compiz running?17:46
pittiRiddell: oh, interesting; I tried on three machines today, and I couldn't replicate that any more (I still could with alpha-3)17:46
Riddelldidrocks: it was a virtual machine, I don't think compiz was running, I did get files on the desktop but no panels17:46
pittiof course I booted it with the intent to debug it, so it's pretty clear why it worked17:46
didrocksalso, just hilighting as well some UI changes comng: (https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/744973, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/741926, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/727901)17:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 744973 in unity "Make the BFB icon turn blue when an application goes urgent" [High,Fix committed]17:47
seb128Riddell, it's a known issue17:47
pittiRiddell: ah, so 2D fallback broken?17:47
Riddellpitti: could be17:47
seb128well rendering issue17:47
pittiseb128: is it?17:47
seb128gnome-panel is running17:47
didrocksyeah, gnome-panel running, not showing17:47
seb128i.e alt-f2 opens the run a command dialog17:47
didrocksthere is a bug I reported for alpha3 about it17:47
pittiI haven't tried beta-1 candidates in kvm, but it has worked fine until a317:47
seb128it does the same there in kvm17:47
didrocksI reopened it as it was wrongly close17:47
didrocksbug #71137817:48
pittididrocks: ok, so apart from the closure crashes, anything else which we need to track, or should help with?17:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 711378 in compiz "after compiz crashed, gnome-panel isn't mapped again" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71137817:48
seb128well it did when I tried thursday daily, I need to try again with today's iso, I've been testing on real hardware today17:48
didrockspitti: just testing testing… ;) next week, a new "unity and compiz detection tool" will be available17:48
pittiodd, a3 worked perfectly in VMs and poorly on real iron; now it's the other way round?17:48
didrocksway faster than the older one17:49
pittididrocks: ok, that sounds relieving!17:49
didrocksso, if you can ensure that the right session is still launched on your hw, that would be great :)17:49
pittiSoftware-Center -- tremolux also already posted to the wiki, anything to discuss there?17:49
pittiseb128, didrocks: ah, confirming the kvm bug17:50
tremoluxhey, not much to say really, just all bugfixing all the time now17:50
pittitremolux: ok, great; #507836, #739908, and #723911 are still on the radar?17:51
pitti== Kubuntu status -- Riddell ?17:52
Riddell * CDs in decent shape for beta17:52
Riddell * arm builds mostly complete from opengles failures, waiting on linero team to report back on avogadro17:52
Riddell * Qt security fix for Comodo fake SSL certificates in natty and backports sent to security team17:52
Riddell * KDE SC 4.6.2 due out the Tuesday after Beta 117:52
Riddell * probable FFe coming for new Phonon version after beta, we won't include the zeitgeist integration17:52
Riddell * http://goo.gl/23eui 7 milestoned bugs for beta17:52
Riddell * bug 744944 broken upgrade is worrying17:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 744944 in kdebase-workspace "kdm is restarted during the upgrade to Natty . The user is disconnected from the session" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74494417:52
Riddell * bug 712061 kubuntu mobile should be fixed shortly17:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 712061 in kubuntu-mobile-default-settings "kubuntu mobile images fail to load" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71206117:52
Riddellwhen I say shortly, I mean after a 14 hour ARM compile17:53
seiflotfyRiddell, why not17:53
pittiRiddell: 744944 -> is that a bug in the upstart script?17:53
pittiRiddell: erm, in postinst I mean17:53
Riddellseiflotfy: I think it's a feature too far for post-beta, but we will include qzeitgeist in the archive and have phonon+zeitgeist in a PPA17:53
Riddellpitti: I don't know yet17:54
seiflotfyah nice17:54
seiflotfyRiddell, that is nice17:54
pittiRiddell: it might get an automatic "restart" thing from dh_installinit perhaps?17:54
seiflotfywe are looking into a KDE GSoC for Zeitgeist17:54
seiflotfya nice plasma widget17:54
pittior perhaps it crashes and tries to respawn17:54
Riddellpitti: things to investigate for sure17:55
pittiok, thanks17:55
pittiX.org -> eastern edition17:55
pittianother general reminder, peer reviews for your colleagues are due this week17:56
pitti(self/manager review was due last Fri)17:56
pittiotherwise, nothing else from me17:56
pittiany other business?17:56
Sweetsharkpitti: my plans for this week: minor fixes for the 3.3.2 release, integrating dbusmenu upstream for 3.4, some cleanup of the LO debian/rules file (debian upstream, not use in doing that alone -- ill just propose some patches to _rene_ and will see what he will accept. if he does not accept, I will scrap that. doing for us only are causing more trouble on the merge that we might win)17:57
pittiSweetshark: "dbusmenu" -> is that lo-menubar?17:58
Sweetsharkpitti: yes17:58
pittiSweetshark: agreed, less delta > less noise17:58
pittihyphenation, dicts, etc. should all be sorted out now, AFAICS17:59
seb128speaking about libdbusmenu, firefox display warnings when starting now17:59
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt looks exemplary for this time of the release :)17:59
seb128chrisccoulson, ^17:59
seb128pitti, great ;-)17:59
chrisccoulsonseb128 - it's just 1 warning isn't it?17:59
seb128chrisccoulson, right17:59
pittiit also seems that KDE is much happier on armel these days: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html18:00
pittinvidia/fglrx uninstallability is intended (wrong ABI), aside from that i386/amd64 is perfect18:00
pittilet's keep it that way!18:00
chrisccoulson(firefox-bin:6565): LIBDBUSMENU-GTK-CRITICAL **: dbusmenu_menuitem_property_set_shortcut: assertion `gtk_accelerator_valid(key, modifier)' failed18:00
chrisccoulsonjust that one?18:00
pittiso, thanks everyone, let's adjourn the meeting18:00
seb128thanks pitti18:00
chrisccoulsoni fixed a whole load of those messages a few weeks back. i'll have to try and figure out which menu item is still broken ;)18:01
Sweetsharkpitti: should I investigate that uninstallable openoffice.org-base transitional btw?18:01
seb128kenvandine, btw do you know if there is a u1 bug about the indicator entry not being "configuring u1..." by default?18:01
seb128kenvandine, like the other entries do18:01
kenvandineseb128, humm18:01
seb128nessita, ^18:01
seb128nessita, hey ;-)18:01
kenvandinenot that i heard of18:01
nessitahello all!18:01
* nessita reads backlog18:01
kenvandineseb128, good catch though...18:02
tremoluxpitti: p.s. those s-c bugs you mentioned are definitely on the radar  :)18:02
seb128kenvandine, I'm testing beta1 isos and it's noticable when you open the indicator18:02
nessitaseb128: I'm not sure what you're asking, could you please re-ask? :-)18:02
seb128it's like18:02
pittitremolux: thanks18:02
seb128configuring ...18:02
seb128configuring ...18:02
seb128configuring ...18:02
kenvandinenessita, on a fresh install18:03
* cyphermox -> lunch18:03
seb128pitti, \o/ jockey-gtk starts on the updated iso18:03
pittiseb128: yeah, the python-apt bug was fixed, barry rocks18:03
kenvandineeach entry in the messaging indicator says "Configure Instant messenger accounts"18:03
kenvandinestuff like that18:03
kenvandineuntil you have ran empathy-accounts and added an account18:04
nessitakenvandine: ah, I see. Is there an api to do that?18:04
seb128nessita, what kenvandine says, other entries are "Configuring ..." until used for the first time18:04
nessitaseb128: shot answer, no, there is not bug and we were not aware that that was needed18:04
seb128well not "needed", just "would be nice"18:04
seb128what component should I open a bug on?18:04
seb128nessita, ^18:05
nessitaseb128: it depends on what's needed, may be the control panel or u1client. Do we have to use an API for this?18:05
seb128not sure what the "api" for that is18:05
seb128kenvandine, ^ do you know?18:05
seb128you probably did it for gwibber ;-)18:05
kenvandineyeah... i can't recall18:05
kenvandinei think it happens automatically18:05
kenvandinethe registry18:06
kenvandineso there must be a mismatch somewhere18:06
nessitakenvandine: maybe we need to setup... something, somewhere to indicate when the U1 account is setup?18:07
kenvandinenessita, i know why18:07
kenvandineshould be /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk18:07
kenvandineat least i think18:07
kenvandinetedg, can you confirm?18:07
seb128kenvandine, let me try that18:07
kenvandineseb128, thx18:07
nessitakenvandine: but... I was trying to remain generic since we're pushing to have the -kde client18:08
nessitabut if it needs change, we chage it18:08
tedgkenvandine, Honestly, that's a distro issue :-)  They should just be unique as far as I'm concerned.18:08
kenvandinenessita, yeah... but it will need to change anyway18:08
kenvandineto point to the non-gtk desktop18:08
kenvandinetedg, does it match based on the indicator filename and the name of the desktop file?18:08
seb128kenvandine, renaming doesn't work18:09
tedgkenvandine, No, it just reads the files.  It doesn't care what they're called.18:09
* kenvandine was wrong then18:09
kenvandinetedg, so why would it not display the "Configure Ubuntu One" entry then?18:09
tedgkenvandine, let me look.18:09
pittibbl, CD testing/dinner18:10
micahgpitti: when you get back, are you suggesting building only i386 with gcc-4.4?  I think armel has the same issues.  Is there a reason not to use the same compiler for all archs?18:11
tedgkenvandine, Because it's running.  And when it's running it gets the menus from the running process not the desktop file.18:13
kenvandinetedg, oh...18:13
kenvandinenessita, does syncdaemon autostart no matter what?18:14
kenvandinei thought that was only if it is configured18:14
kenvandineExec=/bin/sh -c '[ -d "$HOME/Ubuntu One" ] && ubuntuone-launch'18:14
nessitakenvandine: no, there is an script ubuntuone-launch that will start syncdaemon if the user has u1 credentials or there is an Ubuntu One folder18:14
nessitakenvandine: exactly18:15
kenvandinemaybe ubuntuone-launch should not start syncdaemon if there aren't credentials18:16
nessitakenvandine: that is indeed checked in ubuntuone-launch18:16
seb128kenvandine, it doesn't18:16
nessitaor at least should be the case18:16
seb128I've no process running matching ubuntuone or sync18:16
kenvandineso that blows tedg's theory out :)18:16
kenvandineseb128, and you don't have the triangle next to UbuntuOne right?18:17
kenvandinenessita, any chance it connects to the messaging menu before it checks for the credientials?18:17
tedgkenvandine, If it drops off, we should catch that.18:17
kenvandinemaybe it connects then exits18:18
tedgseb128, Try changing "OnlyShowIn" to "TargetEnvironment"18:18
nessitakenvandine: what do you mean by "connects the messaging menu"?18:18
kenvandinecreates and indicator18:18
kenvandinetedg, you think you introduced a bug?18:18
nessitakenvandine: we should confirm with thisfred, but as far as I know, no indicator code will be exceuted until syncdaemon is running18:18
nessitathisfred: ping18:19
thisfredreading backlog18:19
nessitathisfred: I want to be sure about the following: all the messaging code is not executed at all if syncdaemon is not started, right?18:19
thisfrednessita: correct18:19
kenvandinethisfred, for example when ubuntuone-launch runs18:19
kenvandineand detects there is no credientials18:20
kenvandineit exits18:20
thisfredlet me triple check18:20
kenvandinewithout creating the indicator18:20
kenvandinethat shouldn't be a problem either18:20
kenvandinejust trying to rule out stuff18:20
seb128tedg, no difference with "TargetEnvironment"18:20
seb128I don't think we ported the other ones anyway18:20
tedgseb128, Yeah, I was just making sure.18:21
kenvandineseb128, cat ~/.cache/indicators/messages/seen-db.keyfile18:21
kenvandineis ubuntuone-control-panel in there?18:21
seb128kenvandine, no indicators dir yet18:21
seb128it's a fresh install, nothing created it18:21
seb128find . -name *indicator* -> empty18:22
seb128in the user dir18:22
tedgseb128, killall indicator-messages-service ; /usr/lib/indicator-messages/indicator-messages-service | tee bunch-o-text18:23
dobeyare you guys talking about the double entries in the messaging menu?18:23
kenvandinedobey, no18:24
nessitadobey: nopes18:24
kenvandinei think thisfred fixed that in trunk18:24
dobeysort of18:24
kenvandinedobey, oh?18:24
thisfredsort of?18:24
dobeywell, there is a brief period immediately after i log in on my new laptop where i've been seeing 2 menu entries; but then they collapse into one. i presume it is while syncdaemon is doing local rescan or something18:25
thisfreddobey: with current trunk still?18:25
thisfredI landed a fix this morning18:25
nessitadobey: right, is fixed all the way with trunk18:26
dobeywell i haven't booted my laptop in a couple days. didn't know another fix landed this morning18:26
thisfredthe problem still existed while sd wasn't running'18:26
dobeyso i will see18:26
dobeyupgrading now18:26
seb128kenvandine, tedg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/586960/18:28
thisfrednessita: the status listener (and hence the indicator) gets started in main.py L134. I can't immediately tell if that's before the credentials are checked18:28
kenvandine(process:4374): Indicator-Messages-DEBUG: Looking at blacklist: /home/natty/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist18:29
kenvandineoh... your user name is natty :)18:29
seb128kenvandine, it's a beta1 test install ;)18:29
nessitathisfred: no problem, main is not executed if ubunutone-launch did not find credentials18:29
* kenvandine read that as nessita's name... :)18:30
tedgseb128, It seems you don't have any Evolution quicklist items either, no?18:30
nessitakenvandine: I'm Naty :-) (but close!)18:30
seb128tedg, no, it's a fresh beta install18:30
chrisccoulsonthe "add to launcher" option in software-centre is pretty nice!18:30
seb128tedg, those are just added when you run it18:30
kenvandinenessita, right.. i didn't catch the two t's18:30
seb128tedg, I've not run any of those yet18:30
seb128kenvandine, I will name the next user naty so I can use it to report those u1 bugs ;)18:31
tedgseb128, Hmm, sounds like that could be the bug... try putting ubuntuone into your seen-db and restarting.18:31
seb128tedg, I've no seen-db18:31
seb128tedg, should I create one?18:31
tedgseb128, Use VI ;-)18:31
tedgseb128, Yes18:31
kenvandinetedg, huh?  why would adding a seen-db help?18:32
kenvandineshouldn't that do the opposite?18:32
kenvandineand it is getting it right for all the others18:32
kenvandinejust not u118:32
tedgkenvandine, I'm guessing the bug is that all shortcut items are hidden unless the app is seen.18:32
seb128tedg, you should test yourself, just echo /usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop > gedit18:32
tedgkenvandine, Which is correct for Evo but not U118:33
seb128in /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications18:33
seb128or whatever18:33
tedgseb128, Does GEdit have shortcut items?18:33
kenvandinetedg, oh you think it is because it has shortcut items?18:33
seb128tedg, no, does it need those to be listed correctly?18:34
kenvandinegwibber doesn't18:34
kenvandineempathy doesn't18:34
tedgWait.  So what is the bug?18:34
tedgI thought the bug was that the shortcut items aren't being shown, no?18:34
seb128tedg, the entry says "UbuntuOne"18:34
kenvandineit isn't showing "Configure UbuntuOne"18:34
kenvandinewhen it has never been run before18:34
* nessita is lost but she keeps reading18:34
seb128tedg, not "Configure UbuntuOne..."18:34
seb128or "Set Up UbuntuOne..."18:34
tedgAnd "Configure UbuntuOne..." is a shortcut item, no?18:34
dobeyoh sigh18:35
kenvandineright, it should be Setup UbuntOne18:35
kenvandinetedg, in a first run case18:35
seb128tedg, no, it's the label that should be displayed until the software is first started18:35
kenvandinefresh install18:35
kenvandineempathy has never been run, it doesn't say "Chat" it says "Setup blah... "18:35
kenvandinefor example18:35
tedgWhy would Ubuntu One do that?18:35
tedgYes, that's only for those three applications.18:35
nessitakenvandine, seb128, tedg: please replace all "UbuntuOne" by "Ubuntu One"18:35
seb128tedg, like "Gwibber" is "Set Up Gwibber..." and turn to "Gwibber once seen"18:35
dobeykenvandine: but that's hardcoded right?18:35
kenvandineoh... that is hard coded somewhere?18:35
kenvandinei that is what the seen-db was for!18:36
seb128tedg, that was the' question we started with, why u1 doesn't behave like the others18:36
kenvandines/i that/i thought/18:36
seb128tedg, seems the reply is "because the other are special cased"18:36
tedgOh, it does behave like the others.  Just Gwibber, Evolution and Empathy are special ;-)18:36
kenvandineso what is seen-db?18:36
seb128tedg, why should u1 be "Set Up u1"?18:36
tedgkenvandine, Mostly for managing that special case, but I put the other stuff in there for debugging :-)18:36
tedgseb128, Because no one has asked for that :-)18:37
seb128tedg, since it's not configured18:37
kenvandinetedg, so maybe U1 needs to be hard coded too :)18:37
seb128tedg, why isn't the default to be "Set Up ..." until seen?18:37
seb128why do we special case some?18:37
seb128is there any case where we don't want to behave this way?18:37
kenvandinetedg loves maintaining one-off hardcoded things18:37
* kenvandine ducks18:37
dobeywhat's annoying is that i can't immediately log in to IM, until empathy is started by some means other than changing the status in the me menu18:37
* kenvandine has heard him gripe about that many times18:38
tedgseb128, All applications don't require setup.  For something like a LP viewer or Ask Ubuntu we don't know what it really wants.  It seems like the Set Up is unique in that reqard.18:38
kenvandinedobey, indeed... that is harder than it should be to handle properly18:38
seb128tedg, ok, so I should open a bug to add u1 to this list? does it make sense to you?18:38
tedgdobey, That's basically because we've been maintaining Pidgin compatibility -- we'll ditch that in O :-)18:38
kenvandinetedg, so maybe that should be handled with a shortcut group18:38
tedgseb128, kenvandine, Sure, either way.18:38
kenvandinewhich only gets displayed if it isn't in the seen-db18:38
seb128tedg, thanks18:39
seb128let's add it to the list for natty18:39
seb128we can figure a better way to flag that next cycle18:39
dobeytedg: well there's a lot of stuff in empathy that makes me want to not use it, for other reasons. but eh :)18:39
seb128nessita, unping, it's not an issue on your side ;)18:39
seb128nessita, sorry for the noise, thanks for reading us ;)18:39
dobeyseb128: it's all dx's fault with their hardcoded things :)18:40
seb128dobey, you should do a rotation to dx next cycle ;)18:40
kenvandinenow that we figured that out... /me grabs some lunch18:40
alex3fkiwinote: still around?18:41
dobeyseb128: no way :)18:41
seb128kenvandine, enjoy18:41
mterrytremolux, got a software-center crash when clicking on "more info" for some apps but all the console says is "software-center: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.18:42
mterrysoftware-center: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0."18:42
nessitaseb128: you're welcome! you know I'm at your service :-)18:43
kiwinotealex3f: yep18:43
kiwinotemterry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/743020 , but have no idea what's causing it18:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 743020 in software-center "software-center: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0." [High,Incomplete]18:44
mterrykiwinote, yeah, that's what I see18:44
tremoluxmterry, kiwinote: yeah, we were discussing that one yesterday; I saw this happen occasionally a few weeks ago, but then it went away..seems to have returned tho  :-/18:51
tremoluxstinkish, as my kids would say18:51
tremoluxmterry, kiwinote: I have not seen it again myself however, since those weeks ago18:53
seb128kenvandine, ted, nessita: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/74514018:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 745140 in indicator-messages "should list ubuntuone in default_db" [Undecided,New]18:54
kiwinotetremolux: the basic trigger for this seems to be list > details, then back to list, then a different details18:56
kiwinotetremolux: it *seems* to have something to do with either the animation of the pathbar/screenshot, or the loading of the reviews18:57
tremoluxkiwinote: def sounds reasonable18:59
chrisccoulsonoh, bug 729187 is a nice and easy fix :)18:59
kiwinotetremolux: presumably unrelated, have you noticed all the output in the terminal recently?18:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 729187 in libdbusmenu "xchat - separators are shown as 'Label Empty'" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72918718:59
tremoluxkiwinote: do you mean the couple of "G_IS_OBJECT (object)" warnings?  there are a couple of new Zeitgeist ones I notice19:03
kiwinotetremolux: yeah, those object warnings19:03
tremoluxkiwinote: yep, haven't dug into them at all..I suppose they may not be innocuous19:05
tremoluxkiwinote: trying to think of about when they started appearing..19:06
tremoluxkiwinote: was it the lobby redesign?19:06
kiwinotetremolux: I tried branching some really old commits and they all got those warnings19:06
kiwinotetremolux: so presumably something external has changed19:07
tremoluxkiwinote: ah, cool, that's interesting19:07
tremoluxkiwinote: yeah19:07
kiwinotetremolux: but tbh I've got no idea whether it's something we should be worrying about or not ;)19:07
tremoluxkiwinote: heh, feel the same way  :)19:08
pittihmm, seems I missed micahg by some minutes19:11
chrisccoulsonpitti - you wanted to talk about firefox and gcc-4.4?19:11
pitti20:05:55micahg[19:11:34] pitti: when you get back, are you suggesting building only i386 with gcc-4.4?  I think armel has the same issues.  Is there a reason not to use the same compiler for all archs?19:12
chrisccoulsoni'd rather fix the problem tbh ;)19:12
pittichrisccoulson: I just thought it'd be less intrusive, but I don't midn much building with 4.4 everywhere19:12
chrisccoulsonwell, the issue is we haven't ever built 4.0 on gcc-4.419:13
pittichrisccoulson: well, yes, but that might be harder, unless you are a gcc guru? :-)19:13
chrisccoulsonit's a bit risky to switch compilers now isn't it?19:13
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
chrisccoulsonpitti - also, i386 is the only arch with this issue19:14
chrisccoulson(the issue looked like it was specific to the way that i386 handles TLS)19:14
pittichrisccoulson: well, amd64 has a much better memory protection by design :)19:14
chrisccoulsoni'll take another look at this tomorrow, and maybe try it with an even newer gcc, just to make sure it's not already fixed ;)19:15
pittichrisccoulson: with gcc-snapshot?19:16
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i can try with that19:16
chrisccoulsoni could do that after dinner19:16
pittichrisccoulson: do you have reason to believe that gcc 4.4 won't work with ffox 4.0?19:17
chrisccoulsonnot really, but we never tested it before19:17
Q-FUNKmicahg is back19:21
micahgpitti: I have packages in my PPA for firefox 4 with gcc-4.419:26
pittimicahg: wb19:27
pittimicahg: just discussed that quickly with chrisccoulson19:27
pittimicahg: I mainly suggested "on i386 only" because it seems less intrusive, but I dno't mind much building it with 4.4 everywhere19:27
micahgpitti: well, it's at least half (i386/armel), so I figure to insure identical experiences we should stick with one compiler19:28
pittiRiddell: ah, kdm restart is pam19:47
pittiRestarting services possibly affected by the upgrade:19:47
pitti  kdm: stopping...starting...done.19:47
tremolux alex3f: hello!  are you the Alex that has made some software-center fixes?19:49
alex3ftremolux: yes, give me 15 minutes please19:49
tremoluxalex3f: sure  :)19:50
chrisccoulsonpopey, i think i have a fix for bug 744580 \o/19:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 744580 in firefox "Firefox doesn't auto scroll when selecting content downwards" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74458019:52
chrisccoulsonthat one is seriously annoying19:52
alex3ftremolux: I'm back20:08
alex3fsorry for letting you wait, long phone conf20:08
tremoluxalex3f: hey!  thanks for your patches  :)20:08
tremoluxalex3f: oh, np at all20:08
alex3fyou're welcome20:08
alex3fI needed an impulse20:09
tremoluxalex3f: so I am looking at your viewswitcher fix, I like it, it's a cool approach20:09
alex3fyes, but as noted... doesn't show up nice20:09
tremoluxalex3f: what was your impulse?20:10
alex3fa horizontal rule20:10
tremoluxalex3f: ah20:10
tremoluxalex3f: right, it's the line that's going to be the stickler  :(20:10
alex3fin recent gtk fix20:11
alex3fthe line can be themed20:11
alex3fbut that's gtk320:11
alex3fmaybe natty+120:11
tremoluxalex3f: ah ok cool, I wanted to ask what you meant about theming20:12
duanedesignkklimonda: hello20:13
alex3ftremolux: do you have another proposal for the white space problem?20:13
alex3fI tried disabling the separator row (not marking it as a space)20:13
tremoluxalex3f: I don't, nope20:13
alex3fbut it doesn't work20:13
alex3fanother fix20:13
alex3fwill be to put the viewswitcher in a vbox20:13
alex3fnorth side - current20:13
alex3fsouth side - progress indicator20:14
tremoluxalex3f: yeah yeah, nice20:14
alex3fbut that means two treeviews...20:14
alex3fneeds investigation, I can do that20:14
tremoluxalex3f: yep20:14
tremoluxalex3f: I fear that would be too big a change at this point in the cycle20:14
alex3fif we can accept the horiz rule20:15
alex3fone problem is20:15
alex3fthat it doesn't cover all the whitespace20:15
alex3f(in the left, expanders space is not covered by the rule)20:15
tremoluxalex3f: yeah, two things with the visible line .. 1. I expect that the line would not be considered acceptable by mpt (the designer)20:17
tremoluxalex3f: and 2. we'd need a UI freeze exception at this point20:17
alex3fI see...20:17
kklimondaduanedesign: hey, what's up? :)20:18
tremoluxalex3f: do you have a feel for how much of an impact this bug has on folks who use the a11y features?20:18
duanedesignkklimonda: can i PM you?20:18
kklimondaduanedesign: sure20:18
alex3ftremolux: I don't know... for me is just a visual glitch20:18
tremoluxalex3f: it's only really noticeable when navigating the view with the keyboard, right?  or do you mean you don't like the blank space separator?20:20
alex3fkeyboard navigation20:20
alex3fthe space is cool, I also like the line20:20
mterrytedg, ooh, one more: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-datetime/727089/+merge/5540920:20
tedgI'm going to let LP catch up for a moment.20:21
tremoluxalex3f: hmm, maybe the thing to do would be to add the separator only when we are showing the In Progress node20:22
alex3fthought about that20:22
alex3fcan be easily done20:22
alex3fbut i don't know how consistent that will look to the user20:22
tremoluxalex3f: I'm thinking that might be more acceptable for mpt too20:22
tremoluxalex3f: yeah, might be a little strange also20:23
tremoluxheh, yeah, sorry about that autocomplete nonsense!!20:23
alex3ftremolux: so we wait for mpt input?20:25
tremoluxalex3f: ok, I'll check with mpt about this one tomorrow when he's on to see what he says, howzat?20:25
alex3fthank you for giving me feedback20:26
tremoluxalex3f: your welcome, thanks a lot for your work!20:26
alex3fah, and forget about the impulse thing. I'm not gonna disappear :)20:27
alex3fI want to right that reaches people20:27
tremoluxalex3f: great to hear!  welcome then  :D  great to have you20:27
alex3fhave a script-kiddie reputation on omgubuntu20:27
alex3fbut want more...20:28
alex3fconquer the world!20:28
alex3fs/right/write code/20:28
tremoluxalex3f: alright!  sounds good to me  :)20:29
tremoluxalex3f: it's a fun project to work on, really great people20:29
alex3fyes, kiwinote told me20:29
tremoluxyeah, kiwinote rocks  :)20:30
* kiwinote hugs tremolux20:30
* tremolux hugs kiwinote20:30
mterrytedg, hah!  I think you cleared the merge queue!20:32
* mterry hands tedg a beer20:32
tedgmterry, Heh, yeah.  Letting LP update to ensure it's true, think I'm still in a state of disbelief :-)20:33
tedgmterry, Thanks for all the patches!20:33
mterrytedg, np, mostly my code anyway  :)20:33
* mterry is working on another patch as we speak, so enjoy it while it lasts20:34
ftaare those errors really harmless? (liferea:20958): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_method_invocation_return_dbus_error: assertion `error_name != NULL && g_dbus_is_name (error_name)' failed20:43
ftakind of flooding my xsession logs20:44
ftasame for (indicator-weather:24083): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-CRITICAL **: dbusmenu_menuitem_build_variant: assertion `DBUSMENU_IS_MENUITEM(mi)' failed20:45
fta2GB of logs in a few minutes20:45
dobeyfta: -CRITICAL doesn't sound harmless to me :)20:46
alex3funrelated indicator question: how is the guide text supposed to work for the label, using python bindings?20:46
ftadobey, that's why i'm asking, because liferea seems ok20:47
alex3fmy problem is: whatever I set the guide text, the size of the label displayed in the topbar does not change20:47
ftaoh, i see someone already filed a bug about this: bug 73624020:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 736240 in libindicate "GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_method_invocation_return_dbus_error: assertion `error_name != NULL && g_dbus_is_name (error_name)' failed " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73624020:48
ftanot moving though :(20:48
chrisccoulsonfta - i can take a look at that20:55
ftachrisccoulson, \o/20:56
pittiso I enable "usb tethering" on my android phone, and 2 seconds later nm is connected !?21:03
pittiman, this is way too easy21:03
pitti"usb0" interface, how nice21:03
broderpitti: yeah, i was super impressed with that. neither mac nor windows are as good as nm at handling it21:05
pitticyphermox: ^ 'ts magic!21:05
cyphermoxpitti, yes, it's awesome :)21:06
* cyphermox now contemplates dropping 3g modem support, usb-modeswitch et al. altogether ;)21:06
pittinaah, I still need that for my Huawei stick :)21:06
pittibut this is still pretty brittle :/21:07
pittimy wife uses the usb 3g stick this week, and she often has to boot two times before it works21:07
cyphermoxwhich huawei model, just curious?21:07
pitticyphermox: hmmmmm21:07
pitticyphermox: can't say really; Vodafone WebSessions stick, I never really cared much about the model21:07
pitticyphermox: when it asks for the pin, it gives you about 15 "y"s with two dots on top of it :)21:08
cyphermoxI don't like the PIN stuff at all, it's broken in so many ways21:08
pittiyeah, I can't seem to teach it to just remember the damn thing21:09
pittiI tried, and added the pin to the connectino profile21:09
pittibut that still asked me for the pin and instead broke the 3G provider password21:09
pittiit seems to mix up the provider and sim card pins/passwords21:09
cyphermoxpitti, well, there are some (like me) who think you shouldn't be able to... just like you can't remember the pin on your phone... you just disable it -- otherwise it beats the purpose of having a PIN, but I understand the idea21:09
cyphermoxI think that part should be fairly fixed21:10
pitticyphermox: on this card there is no purpose of having a pin21:10
pitticyphermox: it's an anonymous card, and you pay a chunk of time21:10
pittii. e. 1 h up to 7 days21:10
cyphermoxpitti, like the GoSim?21:10
pitticyphermox: I don't know gosim, but I guess the model exists in other countries21:11
pitticyphermox: it's pretty neat, I mostly have it to bridge internet outages21:11
cyphermoxgosim is a "woldwide" one21:11
pittiso paying by the hour/day/week is exactly what I need21:11
pitti(as I need it perhaps twice a year)21:11
pitticyphermox: I guess there's no linuxy way to edit/disable the pin?21:12
pitticyphermox: I think in karmic or so I tried to put it into my phone, disabled the pin there, and put it back into the usb stick, but NM didn't quite like that back then21:12
pittiso I reverted that21:13
cyphermoxdisabling on the card, yes there is a hack you can do -- some AT commands to disable the pin21:13
pittiah, right, terminal FTW21:13
pittimigth be worth another try in natty21:13
pittibut it's no big deal really21:13
cyphermoxscreen is awesome for speaking to ttys like that21:13
pittioh, I never tried that with ttySes21:13
* pitti always uses minicom for these21:13
cyphermoxI used to as well, but screen correctly line wraps, which is good for speaking with cisco boxes21:14
pitticyphermox: I'm currently looking at bug 9413021:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 94130 in apport "HTTPS over proxy fails" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9413021:15
pitticyphermox: do you know how to test this easily? i. e. setting up squid on a box and somehow disallow programs to talk to IPs (except the proxy), but do allow squid to talk to the outside world?21:15
pitticyphermox: if I iptable-disable anything but my local IP, squid won't be able to get out either21:16
pittialthough, hmm21:16
cyphermoxpitti, guess so... if you just used SSH it would be a socks proxy instead21:16
pittiI could install squid locally, and then start a VM and tell that with iptables to only connect to my host21:17
cyphermoxpitti, I can help you testing this, we have this kind of setup here21:17
pitticyphermox: socks proxy?21:17
* pitti RTFM21:17
cyphermoxno, https proxy21:17
cyphermoxpitti, socks proxy is the nifty ssh -D9999 ... trick21:18
pitticyphermox: wow, that sounds handy; never played with socks proxies before21:19
cyphermoxi don't think it's any help for apport, but it's useful for firefox and graphical apps usually21:20
pitticyphermox: so I guess local squid and iptables in VM should work?21:21
cyphermoxeven iptables is probably not necessary21:22
cyphermoxI'd usually look at what happens with tcpdump to make sure things go through the right interfaces, it's pretty evident if it does since it will not go trhough port 443, but through whatever your proxy uses21:23
pittior that21:23
pittijust thought it'd be easier than grepping long straces21:24
cyphermoxtrue... then it's easy to see it doesn't work21:25
cyphermoxpitti, cr3 spoke to me before about an issue with urllib or whatever speaking https through a proxy21:25
pitticyphermox: right, that's what I'm looking at21:26
pittiit was fixed in later python2.6 and 2.721:26
pittibut they said it'd still not work without a little help in apport itself21:26
pitticyphermox: I recently fixed jockey to fully work with proxies (but that does a lot more), so I want to test this now and see what's missing21:26
cr3pitti: hi there, I'll just lurk around in case the https proxy fix to apport might apply to checkbox too. one of the few advantages of working near cyphermox :)21:27
brycehpitti, would it be too late to update fglrx for beta1 at this point in the release?21:27
cyphermoxcr3, compared to the numerous disadvantages? :)21:27
pittibryceh: no, as it's not on any of the images21:28
cr3cyphermox: don't get me started on those, I'd get k/b from this channel for flooding :)21:28
pittibryceh: however21:28
brycehpitti, what about updating jockey's blacklists?21:28
pittibryceh: jockey handler has fglrx disabled ATM, as the amd64 package doesn't have a proper ABI dependency21:28
pittibryceh: I was already talking to tseliot, and it seems this problem also happens in his PPA21:29
brycehpitti, ok21:29
pittibryceh: I'm afraid it's a little late to get a fixed jockey into the b1 images, but of course people can upgrade after install (or use the checkbox to download upgrades during install)21:29
pittibryceh: no problem with updating fglrx itself, of course; I'd just be happy if amd64 could get a proper abi dependency, then I can drop the jockey blacklist once and for all21:30
pittibryceh: (already happened for nvidia)21:30
* bryceh nods21:30
pittibryceh: then people could e. g. add a PPA in a situation where the ubutun driver is incompatible, and it'd magically work21:30
brycehpitti, is that something tseliot is going to take care of or do you need my help to get it taken care of?21:30
pittibryceh: tseliot said he'd look at it, although it was a bit unclear why it happens; his local build in a natty chroot does have the abi dep on amd6421:31
pitticyphermox: ok, got my little proxy virtual network set up, with iptables; that was rather easy actually (once I dug out my ancient iptables fu)21:32
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pitticr3: hm, urllib.open() itself should actually handle this transparently, doesn't it for you?21:35
pitticr3: I suppose apport fails becuase I construct my own opener, as I want progress reports during upload21:36
pitti    opener = urllib2.build_opener(HTTPSProgressHandler, multipartpost_handler.MultipartPostHandler)21:36
pittistuff like that21:36
cr3pitti: I don't use urllib2, I use httplib.HTTP*21:38
pittithat'd be too high level for progress reporting, I think21:38
cr3pitti: it's been a while since I looked into httplib but I believe connection.request can take an iterator or pseudo-file object as argument, which can be wrapped into showing a progressbar21:40
cr3pitti: I doubt it would be worthwhile to rip out the way use use urllib2 in favour of httplib though21:40
pitticr3: so does that work with https proxies transparently?21:42
* didrocks waves goodnight21:45
cr3pitti: I have a transport module that handles proxies, both http and https, transparently. the api is something like: transport = HTTPTransport(url); transport.exchange(body=None, headers={}, timeout=0)21:46
cr3pitti: if you'd like to have a quick look, the module is checkbox.lib.transport and it has all the junk to handle http and https which is not trivial sadly21:47
pitticr3: cool, thanks for the pointer21:47
cr3pitti: if I recall, I have the exchange method wrapped in my user interface module in a thread to display progress in gtk for example21:48
* cyphermox -> eod21:49
pittiargh, this was just local pebcak; apport works fine21:54
seb128pitti, that's what happens when you are on the computer after the end of your work day ;-)21:56
pittiI changed the proxy, but didn't close/reopen bash to re-read the $http_proxy vars21:57
pittibryceh: tseliot just mailed me, bounced it to you as well FUI21:59
pittiFYI, even21:59
seb128pitti, is that about nvidia and cairo?22:00
seb128(just curious)22:00
pittino, about fglrx not having a proper video abi dependency on amd6422:00
seb128let me know if you get news on nvidia and cairo ;-)22:01
brycehpitti, yep thanks22:02
* TheMuso kicks unity-window-decorator... Damn focus issues... :S22:02
kklimondaTheMuso: do you have a moment? I've had pulseaudio quitting on me for some time and I don't know how to track it.22:14
kklimondaI was wondering if maybe you are aware of some issues with it in natty22:15
kklimondait doesn't crash, but when I launched it from terminal I got "Killed" message printed.22:16
kklimondaI've tried running it with --log-level=debug but I didn't find anything weird in logs, and it doesn't seem to happen since I've launched it in the gdb22:17
TheMusokklimonda: No issues I am aware of. Have you tried logging out, dropping to a terminal, killing pulseaudio, removing all pulse related files, and starting fresh?22:17
TheMusoI have been running natty for weeks, and have not had a single pulse crash.22:17
kklimondaTheMuso: it has been happening for weeks, very irregularly, I can't even pinpoint it to anything22:17
TheMusokklimonda: Are you using indicator-sound much? I wonder if that is killing it somehow...22:17
kklimondaI'll try removing files from ~/.pulse/22:17
TheMusoMake sure you do it when pulse is not running.22:18
kklimondaTheMuso: not that much, but I do use it every day.22:18
kklimondaalso, indicator-sound doesn't notice when i restart PA, but that's probably a different bug :)22:18
kklimondaok, I've removed all files and started fresh - lets see if it helps.22:21
pittigood night everyone!22:44
seb128'night pitti22:45
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seb128robert_ancell, slacker!22:59
seb128heh, I mean "hey" ;-)22:59
robert_ancellseb128, :P22:59
seb128robert_ancell, how are you?22:59
robert_ancellseb128, one meeting not good enough for you?22:59
seb128do you guys have a meeting when jasoncwarner is not there?23:00
seb128you seem not very well organized ;-)23:00
brycehdid you come just to mock? ;-)23:00
RAOFThere's not so many of us.  Organisation looks a lot like headless chickening with so few people :)23:01
brycehshall we start then?23:04
TheMusoAnd there is the small matter of iso testing to deal with.23:04
brycehregarding X the main news is fglrx has (finally) arrived and will be uploaded shortly23:04
TheMusoCool. I personally don't see the point, since my cards work fine with open drivers.23:05
brycehhowever too late to update jockey for beta1 so users will have to do one system update before they can easily install it23:05
brycehTheMuso, it warms the cockles of my heart to hear that :-)23:05
brycehwe narrowed down some of the intel gpu lockup bugs...  on amd64 we discovered ia32-libs has an old copy of mesa (that has some bugged intel bits) so that explains at least some portion of them23:06
RAOFSadly the open drivers don't support enough to make windows games in wine work well, but apart from that…23:06
TheMusoRAOF: Right23:06
TheMusobryceh: Ia32libs was refreshed recently and uploaded.23:06
brycehwe're still seeing some vesafb-related bugs so that's not completely fixed, although the recent plumbing changes seem to have helped some23:07
brycehthere is an arrandale-specific bug but we're still getting our arms around it23:08
RAOFAnd there's an infrequent, probably pageflipping related compiz freeze on intel, that we're likewise investigating.23:10
brycehupstream thinks that the config tool needs to disable compiz when setting screen sizes bigger than what compiz can handle texture-wise.  but I'm not sure that's the right diagnosis.23:10
brycehin non-bug news, I started prototyping a simple GUI for turning on/off kernel drm debug messages (tick-a-checkbox simple)23:11
brycehother than that, lotta bug triage23:11
brycehRAOF, over to you for anything else?23:12
RAOFI don't have anything much to add; other than the infrequent intel compiz freeze (bug #740126).  It would be interesting if other people who hit that could also attach their gpu_dump.23:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 740126 in compiz "compiz hangs randomly several times per day" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74012623:14
TheMusoRight, I am not using intel on my thinkpad enough to hit that atm. :)23:15
RAOFI *am* using intel enough on my thinkpad; I'm just not hitting it :)23:15
brycehsounds like we're done with X stuff.  TheMuso over to you.23:16
TheMuso7748Nothing to add really, other than classic GNOME is likely going to be the default DE for some a11y profiles.23:17
TheMusoUnity accessibility is coming along, and it will mostly be done by release, but I am concerned with overall stability.23:18
TheMusoSo it will be there for users to play with if they want, but I think GNOME will provide a more comfortable experience for now.23:18
TheMusoThats all from me.23:19
brycehrobert_ancell, over to you, then!23:22
robert_ancellbryceh, ah, usual stuff, package updates, bug fixes, some more GNOME3 packages23:22
robert_ancellthat's it for me, anyone else?23:24
brycehguess not, ok, AOB?23:25
brycehokie dokie, sounds like we're done.  :-) EOM23:27
RAOFThanks for chairing :)23:27
brycehRAOF, oh hey btw wanted to ask if you noticed any worthwhile looking fedora patches we should investigate more?23:28
RAOFThere didn't seem to be anything we should take.23:29
brycehRAOF, ok great, thanks for checking23:29

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