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thethomaseffectmorning all10:41
thethomaseffectmorning czajkowski11:10
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infoturtleEvening guys, I'm applying for a course in UL to do with programming and on the applaction from it allows me to supply information that may help me get the course and references to confirm this info, anychance I could use someone from Ubuntu Ireland to show my interest in Open Source and stuff?19:51
czajkowskiinfoturtle: not sure how that would go down19:52
czajkowskiI'd sggest creating a wiki page19:52
czajkowskiand and documenting your work on there19:52
infoturtlethey would stll want to confirm that I've am involved in Ubuntu Ireland tho, rather than just say meeting and things I attend19:58
czajkowskiwell looking for comments of your involvement then might be an idea20:00
czajkowskilike you were going for a membership20:00
infoturtlemembership in Ubuntu Ireland? don't quite follow what you mean20:04
czajkowskiinfoturtle: no Ubuntu membership20:05
faganinfoturtle: you get some cool things like and @ubuntu.com email and other cool stuff20:07
infoturtleczajkowski fagan, nice idea, wouldn't think I've done enough to get membership, it wants me to list involvment and all I've done is attend meetings and set up the UGJ. Plus my launchpad profile is only ever used to log me into ubuntu-ie.org20:10
czajkowskiinfoturtle: nab me another day and I'll talk to you more about it20:10
* czajkowski is on the EMEA membership board 20:10
faganinfoturtle: well you dont really need to have done stuff on launchpad just you need to list what you did for the loco and other stuff20:11
czajkowskiso can help you with our wiki20:11
infoturtlecool guys thanks, so it's a job for another day. gotta dash to the shop before it's dark20:12
faganI was lucky that most of what I did was on launchpad but its not the only thing they look at20:12
faganinfoturtle: good luck20:12
faganbe sure to mail the loco list and get people to come to your meeting20:12
infoturtlefagan, meeting??20:14
faganinfoturtle: there is a meeting it doesnt take too long20:14
faganyou just tell them a little bit about yourself20:14
infoturtleoh, i see, sorry20:14
faganand what you do for the loco20:14
infoturtlecool will do20:14
* infoturtle away!!20:15
faganevening airurando20:43
faganairurando: how are the family?20:44
airurandogreat thanks.20:44
faganthats good20:44
airurandohow is the work going fagan?20:44
faganairurando: very good20:44
airurandogood stuff20:45
faganthe team are very nice20:45

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