nigelbmhall119: \o/03:40
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YoBoYgood morning06:23
akgranergood morning06:23
YoBoYhi akgraner :)06:24
akgranerI'm trying to decide if I like this blue envelope/notifier or not...06:26
YoBoYnatty ?06:27
akgranerI was sorta attached to the green...but the blue is growing on me 06:29
dholbachgood morning08:07
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AlanBellso how do I get to be team contact on the loco directory page? http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk13:08
czajkowskiAlanBell: the current one should edit it on LP and pull it in from there13:09
JanCteam contact is not listed on LP13:09
popeywhere does it come from then?13:10
JanCthe loco-directory13:10
mhall119you have to enter contact in LD manually13:11
JanCpeople who are administrator in the LP-team can edit it IIRC13:12
mhall119there isn't anotheryup13:12
popeyAlanBell: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk13:12
AlanBellcool, thanks13:17
YoBoYare you doing some events for the gnome3 release ? I'm doing one in Paris, but don't know if i have to promote it on LD...13:38
YoBoYhi cjohnston 13:38
czajkowskiYoBoY: what do you mean "have to" ?13:42
YoBoYczajkowski: register the event on the LD, it's not ubuntu related13:45
czajkowskiwell 13:45
czajkowskiare the loco running it ?13:45
czajkowskiPeople don't need to run Ubuntu events  only to appear on the LD, if the loco is organising an event, why not add it to the LD 13:45
czajkowskiwe did for the Rugby meet up13:46
czajkowskiwhich is not rugby but we used the LD to advertise and get people to sign up 13:46
YoBoYsort of, it's most a common project with every communities here (gnome, fedora, mandriva, ubuntu, lugs...) but i'm organizing it ^^", so it's orginised by ubuntu-fr13:47
czajkowskiup to you I guess13:49
czajkowskiif you;'d add it to yor monthly report or say your reapproval application then yes I'd say add it to the LD 13:49
YoBoYok, thanks :)13:49
YoBoYho monthly reports... need to do that this week also...13:50
jasonjangHowdy all~13:55
jasonjangOn behalf of ubuntu KOREAn team, i speak "thanks for your improve & approval"13:55
jasonjangespecially, czajkowski, paultag, popey  and 13:56
czajkowskijasonjang: well done 13:56
jasonjangand Not in this places, other members of LoCo Council.13:56
czajkowskiI look forward to reading your monthly report :D 13:57
jasonjangOK, i (& We) will try13:57
czajkowskigreat 14:08
czajkowskijasonjang: and if we mail you in future, reply :D 14:09
jasonjangWhy not, I'll try to ..Tomorrow. ok?14:10
jasonjangczajkowski; Why not, I'll try to ..Tomorrow. ok?14:10
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dakercongrat mhall119 !!18:40
mhall119daker: thanks?18:51
dakeryour new job18:51
mhall119oh, thanks18:52
mhall119daker: that's also the reason I haven't been able to do much with LD lately18:52
mhall119they keep me busy18:52
dakerhhh who's your boss ? and what's your job ?18:54
Ronniemhall119, daker: im currently working on a IRC webchat as a replacement for freenode. Our loco does need it for another project, which needed some more low-level access to IRC than the freenode webapp. a few basics have been written. would you like to test:  (only test basic login and sending messages). currently you only can send messages to one channel. Feedback on the login page is also welcome19:00
dakerRonnie, can't login :s19:04
Ronniedaker: forget to notice: you need Chromium or a browser that supports flash19:05
dakerthe reCAPTCHA is really difficult to read19:05
dakeri have it19:05
Ronniedaker, any errors?19:06
dakerRonnie, is it ok http://is.gd/iPo4E5 ?19:06
Ronnietry another username, daker is in use i guess (that message is not returned). the recpatcha looks good19:07
Ronniedaker: i can see your messages in #PyTest19:09
dakerRonnie, where is the source ?19:11
Ronniemoment ill update it19:11
dakerwill test it19:12
Ronniedaker: nice19:13
Ronniei hope to do some more updates next week19:14
Ronniedaker: you need to change settings.py MEDIA_URL and JFL/templates/chat2.html => WEBSOCKET_URL both contain hardcoded urls19:15
Ronnieand for the other parts, see INSTALL19:16
Ronnieoh, i see that the comments in INSTALL are dutch19:16
Ronniedaker: updated 19:20
RonnieINSTALL file19:20
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BigWhaleThere's an error on this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/Events19:36
BigWhale"Ubuntu Global Jam events in the LoCo Directory" this links to some previous GlobalJam event19:37
cjohnstonBigWhale: update the link :-)19:49
BigWhaleI can't19:50
BigWhaleoh wait19:50
BigWhaleI wasn't logged in.19:50
* BigWhale makes a mental note: "if you see the pretty new style ubuntu wiki, you're not logged in"19:52
serfusBigWhale, you can change the wiki style in your preferences 20:00
BigWhalezomg! You've shown me the light. Thanks. :)20:02
mhall119the number of UGJ events is still climbing20:06
mhall119cjohnston: ping20:56
trinikronoi did my event yesterday :D21:22
YoBoYgreat trinikrono :) and how many people show up ?21:30
trinikronoYoBoY: i meant i made the event yesterday for global jam21:31
trinikronoi am going to do a bug jam and see who i can recruit21:31
YoBoYhaa ok :D21:32
trinikronoi am guessing you would have a translation jam YoBoY?21:32
YoBoYyes :)21:33
trinikronoi want to find out something21:34
trinikronoif i am doing a bug jam21:34
trinikronowhat should i work on21:34
trinikronofor the global jam21:35
YoBoYyou already know how to triage bugs ?21:35
trinikronoYoBoY: a little again i am in bug control21:49
YoBoYha ok :p the most difficult part is to explain this activity to the others ;)21:51
cjohnstonmhall119: pong22:12
dotacan we as a loco provide support for users of a derivative such as linux mint?22:37
cjohnstonIf you like22:38
mhall119dota: sure, LoCo's are just the local community, they can do pretty much whatever they think is good for the community23:25
cjohnstonpong ^23:25

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