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ibeardsleeAtamira: the Full Circle Magazine #47 has a Part 1 of Ebook software on Linux20:20
ajmitchodd, www.nz.kernel.org no longer resolves :)21:47
* ajmitch had that in /etc/apt/sources.list on a debian install21:47
Aginorit looks like it was eaten by a grue21:52
karoraajmitch: perhaps Catalyst's sysadmins failed to notice it becoming out of date or something, and it got removed.22:14
karoraibeardslee: ?22:14
LukasBGood morning guys22:15
ibeardsleeummm .. I did see an email about a kernel mirror .. but I figured it was us just being told that we'd got out of sync22:16
ibeardsleeleft it to the sysadmins to deal with22:16
ibeardsleeshould it exist, was it catalyst's realm?22:17
ajmitchit used to point to catalyst as the local kernel mirror (which carried other stuff)22:18
ajmitchI can't remember if I manually added it to sources.list in this case, or if it was picked up somehow22:18
* snail is beginning to hate specialist hardware22:20
ibeardsleesomething about rsync getting stuck22:20
ibeardsleeit is being looked into22:21
ajmitchgreat, thanks22:22
karoraajmitch: Although for sources.list using debian.catalyst.net.nz would probably be a better name...22:25
ajmitchkarora: most likely, I think this would be the only install I know of using www.nz.kernel.org22:26
Atamiramorning all22:31
Atamiraibeardslee, i saw, i downloaded it already. havent had a chance to read it yet22:31
chiltssnail: as in (for example) ebook readers rather than general purpose things, or you talking about something else?22:32
snailchilts: today I'm dealing with the other end of the book spectrum, digitisation. we have http://support.microtek.com/scanmaker_9800XL_specifications.html which appears to be an expensive disposable wrapper around an limited-life lamp and http://diy.atiz.com/ which is mainly a holder for your choice of DSLRs, but DSLRs aren't designed to be driven in matched pairs and so configuring them is like herding cats and the business model seems revolve around spe22:36
snailneedless to say we hired a consultant to configure them once four years ago and relied on in-house IT (i.e. me) to do everything since.22:37
snailthe bookdrive is also covered by a gentleman's agreement, if anyone is interested in that kinds of thing...22:39
chiltshmm, sounds like a lot of pain22:45
chiltsand it wouldn't surprise me if those companies/products are out of support now anyway22:46
chiltswell, apart from the Gentleman's agreement22:46
snailthe gentleman's agreement is indeed an excellent thing, although we're all hoping that the DIA's acquisition of the national library and archivesnz isn't going to stymie things.22:50
snailchilts: if you're interested in eReader hardware, the place to start is http://openinkpot.org/wiki/Hardware23:35
chiltsam not really, I would prefer to re-use existing hardware I have :)23:36
* chilts looks at the link anyway23:36
chiltsam always curious though23:36

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