IdleOneok please join #ubuntu to make sure the ban is removed00:00
IdleOneas for offtopic you will need to wait for ikonia or another channel op00:00
Mad_HaTTerim on ubuntu00:01
IdleOneok. have a good day.00:02
Mad_HaTTeryeah i think off topic was kind of for being banned from ubuntu so they followed suite00:02
Mad_HaTTeryou too00:02
macono, there's no preemptive banning in core channels00:02
macoor at least not supposed to be00:02
Mad_HaTTeryeah but it still happens00:03
Mad_HaTTernot too worried about it though'00:03
macoif you complained loudly in -ot about the #u ban....that could do it as a way to make the complaining there stop00:03
maco(thats usually how i see those sorts of things happen)00:03
Mad_HaTTeryeah knowing me i may have00:04
Mad_HaTTeri know thats how i got perm bannjed from the secfo server was by complaining i was banned in ubuntu00:05
Mad_HaTTerok bye thanks for the help00:06
* rww PMs Mad_HaTTer about removing his #ubuntu-offtopic ban01:07
* genii-around makes more coffee01:08
rww(no reply thusfar, even though they're active in #ubuntu. oh well.)01:10
rww(they eventually replied. ban removed there too)01:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:50
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ikonia06:55 -!- Mad_HaTTer is now known as MadHaTTer_22208:07
ikonia06:58 < MadHaTTer_222> ohsix is that a ubuntu question?08:07
ikonia06:58 < ohsix> MadHaTTer_222: trolling is offtopic on freenode08:07
ikoniagreat start letting mad_hatter back in08:07
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Picitoo slow today13:11
LjLoh no13:33
cdbsOMG That's a HUGE unban from Pici13:34
PiciI haven't been as diligent in cleaning up my old bans lately.13:34
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ikoniabacta as delightful as ever with his pm's15:56
ikonia10:48 -!- iamaTroll is now known as Bacta15:56
ikonia10:48 <Bacta> Fuck off cunt15:56
ikonia11:11 <Bacta> Jew15:56
ikonia11:35 -!- Bacta [~Ricky@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]15:56
ikonialove how the racist slurs just don't get delt with15:56
elkywas that in one of our channels?15:57
* popey notes the use of "pm"15:57
elkyoh, pm15:57
* elky notes the time.15:57
ikoniajust randomly pm's me when he signs in15:58
mneptokdoes anyone give any credibility to people that think "Jew" is a derogatory term?15:58
ikoniamneptok: no, not at all15:58
ikoniahe had no credability before that15:58
macoive heard "jewish" used as a slur15:58
macohmm, and "jew" too, now i think about it15:58
elkycontext is important.15:58
Picimneptok: none15:59
ikoniahe believes I'm a jew hence using the nick "jewkonia" on multiple occasions15:59
elkyikonia, if you can demonstrate him doing this during NZ work hours, let me know16:00
ikoniaI'm sadly away from my desk when he choses to do this16:00
PiciI don't think he cares to be honest, it like people using 'gay' pejoratively.16:00
ikoniachoses even16:00
ikoniaof course he doesn't care16:00
elkyikonia, timestamps are what tz then?16:01
ikoniamine, UK, GB16:01
elkyand that's AM?16:01
ikoniaand on the 27th16:01
ikonia06:23 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with iamaTroll16:01
ikonia06:23 <iamaTroll> cunt16:01
ikoniayes, it's am16:01
popeyI can't help but wonder what the forums admins would do if a staffer was getting this abuse in pm on the forums.16:04
ikoniahe's been away for a while, so it's not a big deal,16:05
ikoniato be honest, I don't care personally as I ignore it, however the council where asking for examples of what Bacta was up to16:05
elkydo you have any examples from, say, 8pm to 5am your time?16:05
ikoniathat's all he's sent me so that's all I've got16:05
ikoniajrib: dejan has been a problem before and spoken to a few times, he knows the drill16:07
PiciThe Moon is Waning Crescent (21% of Full)16:14
macopopey: permaban, i'd think, but unlike irc there's this nice big database full of every PM sent with the To's and the From's in-tact that the admins (not mods) could query16:14
elkymaco, aside from the fact that we only control channels, not the ircd.16:23
LjLyou could always request the nice big database that server admins keep17:14
LjLwhoops, i was not supposed to mention that? ;(17:14
genii-aroundThat pastebin url is classic17:27
PiciI was just going to say something about it.17:27
knomewhat url17:27
Picisparch seems to be doing nothing other than telling people to call Linux GNU/Linux.19:54
PiciI warned him once, but we'll see.19:56
genii-aroundJJ_ seems to have an obsession with windows viruses :)19:58
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »20:14
erUSUL!blacklist =~ s/my_blacklist/my_blacklist.conf/ --preview20:16
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, erUSUL said: !blacklist =~ s/my_blacklist/my_blacklist.conf/ --preview20:16
erUSULbrainfart... kubot in #ubuntu-es supports it... and i know m4v works on both bots ...20:17
erUSULi am not even sure that ubottu has =~ ??20:17
PiciIt does.20:17
Pici.conf is reccomended over empty extensions now, right?20:18
erUSULanyway; you should add .conf or modprobe will complain about the file20:18
Pici!blacklist =~ s/my_blacklist/my_blacklist.conf/20:19
erUSULyes; modprobe will warn everytime you run it ...20:19
ubottuI'll remember that Pici20:19
LjLwhy are we recommending four-character extensions20:19
LjLeveryone knows proper extensions must be three-characters20:19
LjLLjL <- three characters20:20
Pici<- four20:20
LjLyou are so non-standard :(20:20
PiciIIRC, back in the day, (System 7) Mac used 4 character extensions, I wonder if it still does.20:21
* genii-around randomly sips 20:21
LjLMac had extensions? O.o i think maybe you're confusing them with... uh, what did it call them. but they weren't extensions, more like magic numbers that the filesystem knew about...20:22
LjLin other words, extensions.20:22
PiciOh, probably.  The things that you could get at from ResEdit20:22
LjLAmigaOS had proper extension. a "library" was a ".library" file. way it should be.20:22
LjLyes, those20:22
Jordan_ULjL: Macs had resource forks, and those were loads of fun.21:08
LjLyeah i know about the resource/data fork thing, seemed interesting but also a bit of a chore when doing things over the internet21:09
LjLnot that i ever used a mac, just impression21:09
Jordan_U"Well I copied the file and it went over successfully but when I try to open it now the data is gone" ... "What do you mean it's actually two files?".21:09
LjLthat sort of thing :P21:10
ubottuasimm called the ops in #kubuntu ()21:43
genii-aroundfalse alarm21:43

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