sparcAre we able to host our own Launchpad?  or maybe that's defeating the purpose00:52
twbsparc: try #launchpad00:52
twbShort answer: yes, yes.00:52
sparcoh, thank you, i didn't know about that :)00:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #744672 in ocfs2-tools (main) "ocfs2console can not start due to deprecated unit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74467201:46
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NoqturnalXI have returned :P03:05
NoqturnalXdoes anyone know if I can put multiple IP's in a acl with squid? Example acl Group1 src,, ? Would that work?03:08
nuclearmooseNew to Ubuntu. Have ver 10.10 installed on a VPS - anyone here familiar w/ setting a server like this up to run WordPress sites?04:14
nuclearmooseHave been able to install Apache2, PHP, MySQL, wget04:15
nuclearmooseApache server is up and running as is MySQL04:15
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stanman246hi does anyone know of a tool to check if servers are up and running? I'm looking for somerthing like serverup (android app)06:23
stanman246hi does anyone know of a tool to check if servers are up and running? I'm looking for somerthing like serverup (android app)06:24
rcconfstanman246: i thought of ping06:25
stanman246looking for a tool which does a ping with intervals, so i get a notice when the server is up/down06:26
tonyyarussostanman246: Nagios?06:26
tonyyarussobah, he quit06:27
stanman246got some defect hardware here i think...06:28
red2kictonyyarusso: You missed your chance!06:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #744772 in openssh (main) "package openssh-client 1:5.3p1-3ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74477207:12
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maedoxHi guys, is someone able to help me with some network setup? I have set up eth3 and eth3:0 on the same card but it always connects outbound with the eth3 IP. How do I make it use both depending on which interface the service is listening on? I'm using JBoss 4.2.2.GA, so maybe it's not Ubuntu's fault?09:27
KB1JWQFix your routing table.09:28
KB1JWQAnd you probably don't want to be running NetworkManager either.09:28
maedoxKB1JWQ: you mean "google it"? ;)09:29
maedoxThere's no networkmanager here09:29
KB1JWQmaedox: Let me rephrase.09:30
KB1JWQAre both of the IPs bound to eth3 and eth3:0 on the same network?09:30
maedoxKB1JWQ: ok, I appreciate it.09:30
maedoxYes, they are.09:30
KB1JWQmaedox: netstat -rn says what?09:31
maedoxoh, right, I think I get it. three lines all an iface eth3. Hold on... pastebinning.09:31
KB1JWQmaedox: Yeah, your outbound traffic all dumps out eth3.09:34
maedoxKB1JWQ: what's the tool for chaning the routing table?09:35
maedoxNever used that. If I add something with that is it persistent or should it rather go in a config file somewhere?09:35
AdvoWorkHi there, i have paths set like: mirror_lenny = http://cdn.debian.net/debian  for something im using, how would i specify the path for the latest server version?09:36
KB1JWQGenerally in /etc/network/interfaces maedox09:36
maedoxKB1JWQ: Alright, thanks man, I'll see if I can make it work.09:37
KB1JWQGood luck. :-)09:38
mok0I have written a system that makes a nice notification system for disk quotas. I am looking for other ubuntu-devs that might help take it a step further for inclusion in Ubuntus server infrastructure09:40
yann2hello! is someone interested by the ubuntu-virt.org domain? I booked it 2 years ago to build a small website on virtualisation on ubuntu, but never managed to find the time/motivation - it s expiring in a month09:50
mok0yann2: sounds like a nice idea09:54
mok0yann2: I know that time/motivation thing for ideas... :-(09:54
yann2want it? :)09:55
yann2I ll probably just let it expire09:56
craigaahi all, I am hoping that someone can help me with the HP Microserver, actually to see if it would be capable of what I want it to do10:54
JanCcraigaa: just tell what you want to do and what the specs of that HP microserver are, then maybe somebody can answer...10:58
craigaabasically, I want to do Samba and internal IMAP email for 20-25 users10:58
craigaait has an AMD Athlon II Neo 1.3Ghz Processor10:58
craigaaand can take up to 8Gb ECC RAM10:59
craigaaI would also like to run linux SW RAID 111:00
craigaaon 2 x 1Tb SATA HDD11:00
craigaaI know Ubuntu runs on it (both server and desktop), but I am wondering if I may be overreaching with up to 25 users11:01
JanCit shouldn't be a problem I think, but also depends on how intensive they use it maybe11:02
JanCbasically, that hardware was high-end some years ago...  ;-)11:04
JanCwell, similar hardware11:04
craigaaJanC so you don't think the hardware would battle performance wise?11:06
JanCI see on soem sites they mention "up to 10 users" when running Windows on it11:07
JanCthey don't mention what services those 10 users are supposed to be using etc.11:08
craigaabut that is Windows so you lose about 1/2 to 1/3 of the performance off the top11:10
craigaabefore you start adding additional services11:10
JanCI think the main point is how you are going to use it11:11
JanCthey also list 1-10 users with Red Hat11:12
AdvoWorkHi there, i have paths set like: mirror_lenny = http://cdn.debian.net/debian  for something im using, how would i specify the path for the latest server version?11:25
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nick_namehow to blank screen in ubuntu server?12:57
nick_namehi again13:12
nick_nameis possible to lock screen in ubuntu server?13:12
Picinick_name: If you're using screen you can use ^x13:13
Picier, ^A x  rather.13:13
remix_tjor using vlock13:13
nick_namePici: not running screen atm13:14
JanCjust log out on all consoles?13:14
nick_nameJanC: it wont lock13:15
nick_namethe screen.13:15
JanCwhat do you mean by "lock"?13:15
hggdhDaviey: good morning13:15
nick_nameJanC: like screensaver lock.13:16
JanCif you are not logged in on any local console, then it is "locked" IMO?13:16
nick_nameJanC: i want to blank the monitor13:18
nick_namelike a blankscreensaver13:18
JanCit will blank automatically after a period of time?13:19
nick_namei think13:19
nick_namehow do i change the time of it13:19
Davieyhggdh, hello!13:19
PiciElsewhere, someone suggested: sleep 2; xset dpms force off13:19
nick_namehm gonna try13:27
nick_nameis possibleto transfer tty2 to tty1?13:28
andygraybeal_does anyone use openldap server for authentication?13:33
andygraybeal_i'm gonna try to install openldap and see if i can configure it for authenticating too13:39
pmatulisandygraybeal_: yes, many people and organizations do13:39
andygraybeal_cool, i want to follow the instructions @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer13:39
andygraybeal_it's a little scary it says the documentation isn't complete for it13:39
andygraybeal_pmatulis, oh specififcally, i meant people in this channel.  if i run into trouble, i would like to be able to get some help.13:40
pmatulisandygraybeal_: use the server guide13:41
andygraybeal_ah the server guide, thank you13:41
andygraybeal_:)  thanks13:42
phoenixsamprasdoes ubuntu comes with firewall? how to disable it?13:43
andygraybeal_i think the firewall is disabled by default.  ufw is the default firewall.13:43
nick_nameit is13:45
nick_namedisabled bydefault13:45
nick_namephoenixsampras: type sudo iptables :L13:46
nick_namephoenixsampras: type sudo iptables -L13:46
pmatulisphoenixsampras: ufw is a frontend to the netfilter/iptables firewall13:51
phoenixsamprasdoes ubuntu comes with firewall? how to disable it?14:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #744928 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74492814:01
DrD_awayphoenixsampras: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW14:13
RoAkSoAxmorning all14:30
DavieyRoAkSoAx, your keepalived, I can't upload it until the thaw.14:36
RoAkSoAxDaviey: howdy!! yeah I remembered we are in hard freeze14:38
DavieyRoAkSoAx, I thought it was universe TBH... it was only when i was going some pre-upload checks that i noticed.14:38
Davieyit's in server-ship aswell.14:38
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah it has been there forever :)14:39
sorenIndeed. >5 years.14:44
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andygraybeal_the LDAP Authentication on in the server guide, the example file for setting up the first user is John Doe.  It has his home folder being /home/john ... would i mount the NFS server to the directory server in fstab to get this to work the way I'm thinking?14:56
andygraybeal_er... i mean if i want the home folder to be on an NFS share14:56
pmatulisandygraybeal_: ldap will merely provide you with info (user's home is /home/john), you need to do the rest (have /home/john available)15:04
andygraybeal_pmatulis, good, thank yuo.   how does john exist?  how do i assign him permission to use that folder?15:07
andygraybeal_i am having a hard time wrapping my head around this.15:07
ivoksandygraybeal_: throw in pam_mkhomedir15:07
andygraybeal_ivoks, why doesn't it say that in the general server documentation?15:07
ivoksthose are two different things15:08
andygraybeal_okay :)  thakn you i wil lread about pam_mkhomedir15:08
ivoksauthentication is one, authorization is seconds and home directory is third15:08
andygraybeal_does ldap automatically get linked to pam?15:08
ivoksonce you have ldap authentication, then you just have to add pam_mkhomedir module and you are done15:08
andygraybeal_ah interesting thank yuo. i  will read more about it.15:09
ivokscan you login as john doe?15:09
andygraybeal_ivoks, i'm not there yet, i'm still thinking about how i'm gonna end up with a home folder.15:09
andygraybeal_but let me try, i need to configure my client now.15:09
ivoksor, subscribe for ubuntu server classroom and you'll learn all about that :)15:09
andygraybeal_awesome, i will look into it15:09
pmatulisivoks: is that a mailing list?15:10
pmatulisivoks: oh, the course15:10
ivokspmatulis: nope; http://www.ubuntu.com/support/training15:10
pmatulisivoks: you look to be a kerbeors genius15:11
pmatulisi'm reading the man page for 'kadmin' and it discusses the difference between it and kadmin.local:15:12
pmatulis"that kadmin.local runs on the master KDC if the database is db2...."15:12
ivokspmatulis: where did you get that idea? :D15:12
ivoks16:11 < pmatulis> ivoks: you look to be a kerbeors genius15:12
pmatulisivoks: he he15:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #744965 in cloud-init "Cloud-init quits on wrong style line-ends" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74496515:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #744976 in euca2ools (main) "euca-describe-snapshots lists all public snapshots" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74497615:12
andygraybeal_ivoks, and pmatulis thank you for training link!15:13
pmatulisivoks: anyway, i question the db2 reference15:13
ivoksi have to go now...15:14
ivokstake care :)15:14
pmatulisivoks: bye!15:14
zulDaviey: ping cobbler 2.1.0 is imminent so we wont need a git snapshot in universe for natty15:27
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Davieyzul, hurray!15:33
Davieyzul, Although, if we want the puppet love - that will probably be a delta we are carrying - or a post release snapshot :D15:33
Davieyzul, We'll have to see what upstream do really.15:33
zulDaviey: right...im going to look at the patches put forward on friday and probably include the delta but well see15:34
sorensmoser: It seems the current UEC images don't have any config for eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces. Is that intentional?15:35
Davieyzul, landing the patches isn't the challenege... it's if it breaks the damn thing :O15:35
zulDaviey: right that was an all encompassing statement15:36
smosersoren, http://paste.ubuntu.com/586890/15:37
smoserit appears to have /etc/network/interfaces to me15:37
Roasted__Has anybody integrated an Ubuntu server or clients into the mix of a Windows domain? I'm trying to figure out how I can auto map windows file server shares to a certain place on the Ubuntu desktop to users on the fly when they log in15:40
geekboxjockeydhcp3 - I have a firewall with 3 subnets (interfaces) that i want to enable a dhcp-relay on to a ubuntu system running dhcp315:40
geekboxjockeyfor some reason right now clients across every subnet are given IPs defined in the first subnet declaration15:40
geekboxjockeyhow do i enable the dhcp3 service to be smart about assignment through a dhcp relay that is servicing 3 interfaces and presumably different subnets15:41
sorensmoser: Spectacular.15:42
sorensmoser: Might something be overwriting that during boot or something?15:42
smoserwell i took that from a booted instance15:43
smoserso, probably not15:43
smoseri've not made any changes in that code maybe ever15:43
sorensmoser: I see that same interfaces when I'm looking at a clean image... I wonder what's going on here.15:44
sorensmoser: thanks. I must be barking up the wrong tree.15:44
patdk-wkRoasted__, isn't that what libpam-mount is for?15:45
binBASHanyone tested sheepdog yet?15:46
Roasted__patdk-lap, I have no idea. I just debuted a lab of ubuntu thin clients and its proving to be a MAJOR headache already.15:47
Roasted__patdk-lap, I just need a way for students to log in and BAM theire share is connected to /home/Bill Gates/Documents15:47
Roasted__where Documents = \\fileserver\classof2011\bill_gates15:47
patdk-wkI have used libpam-mount before, for mounting on user login, not with samba shares, but should be no different15:48
Roasted__patdk-lap, based on your experience, do you think libpam-mount would allow me to boot a computer, log in as 5 different users, and each user get THEIR own share on the server mounted?15:48
patdk-wkas long as you don't mount them all in the SAME place15:49
Roasted__but how can I set it as a wildcard15:49
Roasted__let me gather my thoughts...15:49
Roasted__If I log in as steve_jobs, I want \\server\students\classof2011\steve_jobs to mount to /home/steve_jobs/Documents15:49
Roasted__but if he logs out and bill gates logs in, I want the SAME thing, but bill_gates instead of steve_jobs15:50
patdk-wkI fail to see the issue15:50
Roasted__This needs to be based on user login. NOT rebooting and mounting at startup.15:50
Roasted__so you think it'll fly?15:50
patdk-wklike I said, libpam-mount, NOT fstab15:50
Roasted__I just never heard of libpam-mount. ever. so I wanted to make sure :P15:50
patdk-wkdid you even bother to read what libpam-mount is?15:50
zulDaviey: damn it looks rh specific again15:50
Roasted__I'm googling for it now.15:50
Roasted__patdk-lap, is libpam-mount just a package or an actual gui app?15:52
sorensmoser: Argh, yeah, totally barking up the wrong tree.15:52
Davieyzul, i saw the .ks patch15:52
patdk-wkpackage, that would be why it starts with lib :)15:52
patdk-wkapt-cache show libpam-mount15:52
zulDaviey: bah!15:53
ScottKNice: Welcome to Ubuntu Natty (development branch) (GNU/Linux 2.6.38-7-generic i686)15:54
geekboxjockeydo i need to create one VLAN per subnet i wish to assign IP addresses via DHCP to?15:55
Roasted__patdk-lap, sorry I'm drawing a bit of a blank. how do I get started with setting it up? Is this based on .profile?15:57
patdk-wkit's based on pam :)15:57
Roasted__man I need a drink...15:57
Roasted__patdk-lap, is there a guide anywhere that you know of about setting this up?15:58
geekboxjockeydo i need a vlan to serve multiple subnets from one interface with DHCP on unbuntu?15:59
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Roasted__patdk-lap, no examples I take it?16:05
patdk-wkthere are examples all over those pages16:05
patdk-wkif you mean, cut and paste for your specific issue, doubt it16:06
andygraybeal_what is the course on openldap (directory authentication?)16:08
Roasted__patdk-lap, yeah, I'm just a little panicked to get it running and sick as ever, so my focus level at the moment is not good.16:08
Roasted__patdk-lap, this sound right? <volume user="user" fstype="smbfs" server="krueger" path="public" mountpoint="/home/user/krueger" />16:09
patdk-wkremove the user= part16:10
zulwhee...bug triaging storm coming soon to a mailbox to you16:10
patdk-wkthat means only user named user, will mount it16:10
Roasted__I thought smbfs was old and not used anymore?16:10
Roasted__cifs is the old one or the replacement?16:11
patdk-wkwouldn't you want mountpoint="~/krueger"16:13
Roasted__What is krueger in this instance? Is this the name of the file server or the user?16:13
* patdk-wk notes the, server="krueger"16:13
Roasted__so that's just the comp name of it16:14
Roasted__the mountpoint concerns me16:14
Roasted__I need the "user" to be whoever the user is that's logged in16:14
Roasted__Can I wildcard it?16:14
patdk-wkyou could16:14
patdk-wkbut why not just use ~16:14
Roasted__good thought16:15
Roasted__the ~ would apply to whatever user in at the time?16:15
Roasted__I'm also curious what path=public means16:22
zulwho is running the meeting today?16:23
patdk-wkthe share name16:23
* patdk-wk votes ubottu runs it :)16:23
Roasted__well the share name is going to change I would think, since each user = share16:23
Roasted__thats a wildcard?16:24
Roasted__here's the part that confuses me16:24
Roasted__I work for a school, so we have 4 folders. //storage/students/classof2011 and 12 and 13 and 1416:25
Roasted__and within each is the individual student shares16:25
Roasted__so I want a way to mount //storage/students/classof2011/steve_jobs to steve_jobs, since hes a senior, and //storage/students/classof2014/bill_gates to bill gates since he's a freshman16:25
Roasted__but... automagically.16:25
Roasted__Can libpam differentiate between the 4 folders?16:25
Roasted__the classof folders?16:26
patdk-wkhow could it? it only knows the user and password of the person attempting to login16:26
Roasted__could I at least mount //storage/students so when they open their home folder they see Class of 2011, Class of 2012, Class of 2013, and Class of 2014 there?16:27
patdk-wkI dunno, but I guess you could attempt to mount it 4 times, once for each different path, and the one that works will stick?16:27
raphinkpam has modules that can check for the existence of files16:28
raphinksuch as pam_listfile.so16:28
Roasted__where is that file located?16:28
raphinknot sure if that would help16:28
raphinkpam can do a lot of things if you find the right module16:28
raphinkor if you code it ;-)16:28
Roasted__I've never set up pam before, so I'm kind of new to this.16:29
Roasted__I'm just *really* stuck and trying to find a quick solution.16:29
raphinksorry i'm just getting in the conversation, what are you trying to achieve exactly?16:29
Roasted__I work for a school district, and I just debuted a lab of LTSP Ubuntu thin clients.16:29
Roasted__The students are getting confused, heavily, by the fact their "Documents" folder doesn't have their stuff.16:29
Roasted__And this is because there are links on the desktop that smb:// to the class of folders16:30
Roasted__class of 2011, 12, 13, 1416:30
Roasted__and they work out of there16:30
Roasted__so I'd like to put links to those shares within their documents folder.16:30
Roasted__without the need for authentication16:30
raphinkhow do you currently mount these folders?16:30
Roasted__so that way steve jobs, who's a freshman, can log in and bam - he has his stuff in his Documents home folder16:30
Roasted__I just have links on the desktop16:30
Roasted__they double click, type in their password, and it uathenticates16:30
Roasted__then they browse to their folder.16:30
Roasted__The confusing part is the fact that they see their home directory and think that's where their files are, when it's not.16:31
Roasted__So I'm trying to help them out by automating... everything... a little bit.16:31
raphinkhmmm alright16:31
raphinklet me try to get this straight16:31
raphinkyou mount the smb mountpoint in each homedir16:31
raphinkbut it contains all classes folders16:31
Roasted__currently it doesnt mount anywhere16:32
raphinkso each users has class2011, class2012, etc.16:32
Roasted__it just kind of mounts when they log in16:32
Roasted__I'd LIKE it to go to their home folder16:32
kirklandany preseed wizards around?16:32
Roasted__what would be AWESOME is to get their share to mount to /home/*USER*/Documents16:32
raphinkkirkland, not a wizard, but ask anyway :-)16:32
Roasted__but I doubt I can pinpoint it that much16:32
kirklandraphink: it's not me, it's aliguori16:32
raphinklet him ask then :-)16:33
kirklandhmm, seems he's in #ubuntu-cloud, not here16:33
patdk-wkroasted, why not? that should be easy16:33
patdk-wkthe only issue is the class20xx part :)16:33
Roasted__patdk-lap, you think it'd be easy?16:34
Roasted__because I think it looks hard. :/16:34
andygraybeal_i'm reading the 10.04 server guide under LDAP Authentication, under ACL, it says: Authentication requires access to the password field, that should be not accessible by default.   Does this mean that I need to modify my configuration?  Just underneath that sentence it gives me an example of ldapsearch; not modify, so I'm confused.16:35
raphinkI'd go about mounting the dir when they log in16:35
patdk-wk <volume fstype="smbfs" server="fs-students" path="classof20xx/$(USER)" mountpoint="~/Documents" />16:35
raphinkusing a login script16:35
patdk-wklogin script would do the same thing16:35
raphinkthe problem is the xx ;-)16:35
patdk-wkbut you could check if the userpath exists for each one first16:35
patdk-wkbut that *still* wouldn't help if user exists in multible ones16:35
Roasted__patdk-lap, my server name is storage, and the full path is //storage/students/classofxx/student_accounts16:36
patdk-wkand you Loose the password then to auth with16:36
Roasted__with that said...16:36
Roasted__wouldn't it be...16:36
Roasted__<volume fstype="smbfs" server="storage" path="students/classof20xx/$(USER)" mountpoint="~/Documents" />16:36
patdk-wkI wonder if: <volume fstype="smbfs" server="storage" path="students" mountpoint="~/Documents" />16:37
patdk-wkwould be *good enough*16:37
Roasted__and if I just wanted to mount all 4 of the class folders in Documents, wouldn't I just use path="students"16:37
raphinkRoasted__, how about making links on your filer?16:37
Roasted__My ubuntu server is on the domain. Would PAM look at those credentials and authenticate these users to these locations?16:37
raphinkso that //storage/students/all/$USER points to //storage/students/classofxx/$USER for each $USER16:38
raphinkthat would solve your issue16:38
patdk-wkif it's a samba server16:38
patdk-wkdunno if that would work in win200816:38
Roasted__It's a windows server16:38
Roasted__don't think it would?16:39
Roasted__where would I put this <volume...> entry to test it?16:40
patdk-wkin the pam-mount.conf file16:41
Roasted__no file found. where's it supposed to be located?16:42
patdk-wkhave you even installed libpam-mount yet?16:42
Roasted__just searched filesystem for it16:42
Abhijithi guys16:42
Abhijitis httpd and apache are two different softwares?16:43
Abhijitor if those two are same then is it that in old apache the path for httpd.conf was different and now in new apache2 its different?16:43
kpettitwhat is the keyboard shortcut to get to the terminal window.  I used to do "cntrl + alt + f1" but that' doesn't work with the newer version of ubuntu16:43
Abhijitkpettit, ctrl alt t16:44
kpettitAbhijit, ah cool, didn't know that one.  But what I ment is the terminal outside of the GUI.  The console16:44
patdk-wkRoasted__, /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml16:44
kpettitSometimes my GUI locks up and I need to get to the console to kill things.  But the command I used to use doesn't work anymore16:45
Roasted__patdk-lap, got it. Do I just tag this at the end?16:45
patdk-wkno, it's xml16:46
Abhijit<Abhijit> is httpd and apache are two different softwares?16:46
Abhijit<Abhijit> or if those two are same then is it that in old apache the path for httpd.conf was different and now in new apache2 its different?16:46
* patdk-wk wonders what the env looks like when a user logs in16:46
Roasted__where doe sthis entry need to go then? under volume definitions?16:46
kpettitAbhijit, I know in Centos it's httpd and in Ubuntu it's apache.  THey are the same app just different config setup16:47
Abhijitkpettit, oh i see. in college we have old version of red hat. and now here i have ubuntu. so the same paths are not working16:48
kpettitI've got a centos and ubuntu machine.  Apache works the same way, they just name the directories different and chop up the config files and directories in different ways.16:48
kpettitApache is kind of a beast.  People try to tame it differently16:48
Roasted__patdk-lap, I take it I AM to edit this file, right?16:50
raphinkAbhijit, apache is an httpd16:58
raphinkthere are others16:58
Abhijitraphink, yeah16:58
raphinkhttpd means http server, and apache is one http server16:58
raphinklighttpd or nginx are other examples of httpd16:58
raphinkusually, when httpd.conf refers to apache's configuration though16:59
raphinkand in Debian and Ubuntu, this configuration is located in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf16:59
Abhijitraphink, yeah17:02
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Roasted__raphink, can you give me a hand with this pam thing still?17:15
Roasted__There's just some areas I'm unclear on.17:15
raphinkwhich areas?17:16
Roasted__Well I have the <volume... etc> section written out the way I think I need it17:16
Roasted__<volume fstype="smbfs" server="storage01" path="students" mountpoint="/home/%(USER)/Documents" />17:16
raphinkthe path doesn't take in consideration your class issue though17:17
Roasted__that's fine, if I can at least get the 4 Class folders in Home/DomainUserLoggedInAtTheTime/Documents I'd be good17:18
Roasted__I think17:18
Roasted__I mean it's worth a shot17:18
Roasted__if studenst go to documents and see Class of folders, they'll know where to go17:18
Roasted__Do I just add that in the pam_mount.conf.xml file?17:18
raphinkI'm not familiar with pam_mount, but I think this is what you need to put17:19
raphinkfrom patdk-wk's comments17:19
Roasted__this is what you need to put... as in you think what I have is right?17:21
raphinkI think so, yes17:21
raphinkdid you try it?17:21
Roasted__hold on a second17:22
Roasted__am I to paste that line I pasted into the conf.xml file?17:22
Roasted__and ifs o, where?17:22
Roasted__I don't want to just be guessing and mess something up.17:22
raphinkpatdk-wk gave you the location of the file earlier, didn't he?17:22
Roasted__but WHERE in the file17:22
Roasted__screw it, I'll just try it17:23
Roasted__testing on my laptop so I dont fry my production lab I just set up :P17:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #745073 in apache2 (main) "package apache2.2-common 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.4 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso instalado el script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74507317:26
Roasted_yeah that uh17:27
Roasted_did nothing17:27
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Roasted_anybody familiar with configuring pam?17:45
raphinkRoasted_, did you check with the documentation?17:46
Roasted_raphink, of course.17:46
Roasted_It's all I've been reading for the last hour.17:46
Roasted_And while it goes into grave detail about it, it's missing some key simple steps with setting it up.17:46
Roasted_Which is extremely frustrating...17:46
Roasted_raphink, what was your idea about it?17:48
Roasted_about getting the login thing to work17:48
Roasted_I'm desperate for anything. I just need it to fly..17:48
raphinkwell as far as classxx goes, my idea was to use a symlink on the filer, but it's a windows machine17:48
Roasted_ignore classxx17:49
raphinkand then I didn't know about pam_mount so I'd have made a login script to mount the samba share17:49
Roasted_if I can get all 4 classes to show up within Documents, I'd be fine17:49
Roasted_how would the login script authenticate17:49
raphinkbut then it would ask for the password, so pam_mount is nicer17:49
Roasted_stab me17:49
Roasted_this is so frustrating17:49
Roasted_it already asks me 3 times for a password17:49
Roasted_it's obnoxious17:49
Roasted_so obnoxious I wouldn't be surprised if they'd pull this ubuntu lab out, which I DO NOT want17:50
Roasted_so I need to make this work17:50
raphinkyou mean pam_mount asks for a password?17:50
Roasted_my current setup does17:50
Roasted_many times17:50
Roasted_it's ridiculous17:50
Roasted_pam_mount I don't even have working because I have no flipping idea how to set it up. All of the configs I see tell me what entries to use, but I have no idea how to structure them in the config file.17:50
Roasted_There's no examples that say, if you're trying to do this, then set it up like this, etc.17:50
raphinkRoasted_, you read this right http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/man5/pam_mount.conf.5.html ?17:54
raphinkRoasted_, did you try with /students instead of students ?17:56
patdk-wkmight help some: http://www.redhat.com/archives/k12osn/2006-October/msg00262.html17:57
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Roasted_I did not use /students17:59
Roasted_raphink, yeah thats the one link I was reading18:00
Roasted_one of the many18:00
Roasted_patdk-lap, not really sure that link offers much help. It sounds like somebody asking hte same question I am with no answer.18:02
raphinkthe guy did say the dev was helpful18:03
Roasted_I'm just not reading anything here that I can use18:05
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RoyKhi all. I ssh into this server, and starting something like xterm works fine, but when I try to start firefox, I get 'X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.' - any idea what might be wrong?18:50
thesheff17RoyK: are you using ssh -X username@host?18:52
RoyKas I said, xterm works18:53
RoyKforwarding x11 is set in the config18:53
RoyKsimple X stuff works well18:53
thesheff17RoyK: weird...I just ran it from a 10.04 desktop to a 10.04 server no problems. There is a frame buffer that should be on the server apt-get install xvfb18:56
RoyKno need for X on the server - I just want to start X apps from it18:57
thesheff17RoyK: all I do is ssh -X username@host then firefox works fine.18:58
RoyKxeyes/xterm/etc works18:59
RoyKnot firefox18:59
RoyKserver is 10.04.2 LTS AMD6418:59
genii-aroundSome Mac clients need -Y instead of -X in the ssh connect line19:00
RoyKgenii-around: tried that as well, no change, also, when it works for xterm, it should work for firefox, no?19:01
genii-aroundRoyK: You would think so, yes. Maybe no Xauthority file?19:05
thesheff17RoyK: X11Forwarding yes You have this in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file?19:06
RoyKgenii-around: yes, it's there19:06
RoyKthesheff17: seriously - I told you x11 forwarding works19:06
thesheff17RoyK: not sure why term would work and not firefox but I have no issue.19:06
RoyKxeyes/xterm uses x11 tunneling19:06
genii-aroundRoyK: Is there a local copy of it running already? ( firefox )19:09
genii-aroundRoyK: Perhaps try calling firefox with the swith of --no-remote19:13
RoyKno change19:13
genii-aroundHm. It's a puzzler.19:13
RoyKthat is - with --no-remote, it only gave me 'X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.' once19:13
RoyKwithout it, the error message came twice19:14
DrDetroitWhen I download and install dhcp3-server, does it by default turn itself on?19:21
RoyKDrDetroit: you need to configure it first19:23
RoyKDrDetroit: see /etc/dhcpd.conf (iirc)19:23
DrDetroitthanks, just tying to think of all the things i need to do for making a replacement for my main box19:24
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mathiazkirkland: hey!19:39
kirklandmathiaz: yo19:39
mathiazkirkland: how is the update-motd system working again?19:40
kirklandmathiaz: it's compiled into pam_motd19:40
mathiazkirkland: I'd like to add specific information to the motd on our ec2 instances19:40
kirklandmathiaz: sure ...19:40
kirklandmathiaz: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/en/man5/update-motd.5.html19:41
mathiazkirkland: so that we can figure out in which environment we are (dev, staging or prod)19:41
mathiazkirkland: great - thanks for the pointer19:41
kirklandmathiaz: basically, you need to drop an executable in /etc/update-motd.d19:41
kirklandmathiaz: name it NN-word19:41
kirklandmathiaz: where NN is a number19:41
kirklandmathiaz: it'll be executed by run-parts19:41
kirklandmathiaz: see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/en/man8/run-parts.8.html for ordering19:42
mathiazkirkland: cool I'll look at it19:42
EtienneGI just noticed how big the server team got.  I skip *one* UDS, and you guys basically double the team?  I am positively shocked!19:49
EtienneGo/ mathiaz19:49
mathiazEtienneG: o/19:50
kirklandmathiaz: sure thing;  let me know if you have *any* trouble with it20:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #745195 in tomcat6 (main) "Tomcat6 updates depend on tomcat-user.xml" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74519520:26
jfb_h20what's a quick way to tell how a mounted disk is formatted?21:14
_rubencan a not-formatted disk even *be* mounted?21:15
jfb_h20no, I want to know if it is ntfs, ext2/3/4 or fat32...21:15
_rubenmount will tell ya21:16
jfb_h20ah, perfect. thanks.21:16
* _ruben needs to learn to read .. reading 'if' instead of 'how' ...21:16
_rubenbraincells trying to be smart i guess21:17
Disconnecthow do i pass info to partman for mkfs.ext4? (need a -lot- of inodes.)21:23
Disconnectpreseeding partman that is21:23
zulhallyn: lxc support in openstack has landed in trunk as of 15 minutes ago, fyi21:33
hallynzul: awesome21:34
zulhallyn: thanks for the help!21:34
hallynzul: my pleasure, thanks for doing it :)21:35
zulhallyn: my pleasure21:35
hallynnow i'm really enjoying using my new lxc-clone and lxc-lvm-clone21:35
hallyni need to kick those to upstream nad see if they can integrate them21:35
azizLIGHTSif i want to rehost youtube videos on my own httpd, what should i do?22:18
SpamapSazizLIGHTS: do you have the right to re-distribute said videos?22:20
SpamapSazizLIGHTS: then you would just host the .flv file on your httpd22:21
azizLIGHTSi dont want to download the flv from my httpd , i want to see it streaming in a aplayer on my httpd22:22
adam_ghallyn: lxc-clone/lvm-clone? does that clone via lvm CoW snapshot?22:22
azizLIGHTSso how can i do that22:22
hallynadam_g: right22:23
azizLIGHTSSpamapS: so how can i do that22:23
SpamapSazizLIGHTS: put them in the DocumentRoot of the webserver22:23
SpamapSazizLIGHTS: I think by default that is /var/www22:23
azizLIGHTSSpamapS: yes, but that makes my browser download the flv. i want to see it in a player with pause/play, buffer22:24
azizLIGHTSskip seek22:24
azizLIGHTSwhat is that thing called that does that22:25
raphink_then you need to develop a web page that embeds the videos22:25
azizLIGHTSsomebody already made it i bet for free, what is it called>? im not sure of name so i cannot google it22:25
raphink_or instead of using the flv, try using mpeg or even webm, and embeds them using HTML522:25
raphink_that depends on your users, too22:25
azizLIGHTSthats nice for chrome i think22:26
azizLIGHTSi am the user btw22:26
raphink_since there's still quite a few people using old browsers that don't support HTML5 + webm22:26
raphink_if you're the only user, then you can choose whatever technology fits  you ;-)22:26
raphink_so go for the easiest one, which is probably HTML5+webm22:26
azizLIGHTSok i like ur idea but i also want to try those flash players theyare nice22:27
azizLIGHTSyou know any i can use on my server22:27
raphink_I've never done anything with a flash video player22:28
raphink_you can search for one that is free, but I can't recommend you one22:28
azizLIGHTSi dont know what to call this technology, on server side22:28
azizLIGHTSflv player for server lol... what is it called22:28
adam_ghallyn: oh. awesome to hear, similar functionality was on my libvirt/virt-manager wishlist for a long time22:28
raphink_search for free flash video player22:28
azizLIGHTSyea... i get vlc22:28
raphink_like http://flowplayer.org/22:28
azizLIGHTSwhen i do that22:28
raphink_then you don't use the same google as I do ;-)22:29
JanCVLC *can* be used as a streaming server if you want  ☺22:29
azizLIGHTSin cli?22:29
raphink_indeed it can JanC22:29
hallynadam_g: I'll put it in my ppa tonight or tomorrow, and fwd the patches to the list to see if we can get it upstream.22:29
raphink_and it's even good at it :-)22:29
azizLIGHTShmmm ok guys thanks for info22:33
azizLIGHTSill experiment with html5 chrome, webm, vlc, flowplayer22:33
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MetaJakecan anyone recommend the size to make a virtual drive for experimenting with ubuntu server, including lamp, python and some python web frameworks possibly?23:30
* Patrickdk just always does 8gigs, cause that is the vmware default23:33
thesheff17MetaJake: I usually use 20GB...but depends on db size...web content etc.23:34
MetaJakeok thanks for the recommendations, all23:35

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