DammitJimdo you guys know a good place to buy for hard drives?13:59
maxolasersquadDammitJim: newegg.com14:03
DammitJimthanks maxolasersquad ... do you know what the best byte for the buck is right now on HDD capacities?14:04
maxolasersquadDammitJim: I'm not really up on who is making the best drives right now.14:05
maxolasersquadWoot!  Just finished a three week project to deploy our new billing system to QA for customer testing.14:26
maxolasersquadI had to fight a cobweb of dependencies.14:26
DammitJimisn't that normal?14:32
maxolasersquadReleases like this are rarely easy, but for this one we had modified almost every piece of our system.  I got to hunt down what all of those pieces where.14:38
maxolasersquadAnd then script it out so when we release to production it should be a nice clean release.14:40
DammitJimmaxolasersquad, sounds like fun!14:42
dantalizingok irccloud officially sucks15:30
=== dantaliz1ng is now known as dantalizing
itnet7hey there dantalizing !16:07
DammitJimman, why is it so hard to figure out how fast a hard drive is!16:20
mhall119DammitJim: heisenberg?16:21
DammitJimoh really?16:22
mhall119probably not16:22
mhall119but it sounded smart16:22
DammitJimI thought it was an ice cream16:22
mhall119okay, so maybe it didn't sound smart :(16:23
mhall119what speed are you trying to measure?16:23
dantalizingDammitJim: palimpset doesnt work for you?16:23
DammitJimI'm just trying to figure out what hard drive to buy16:23
DammitJimand there is no easy way to figure out which one is "fastest"16:23
DammitJimout of the ones I've seen... some give you seek time, some give you just rpms, some give you just cache, ya know?16:23
dantalizingtoms hardware16:24
mhall119DammitJim: well, what speed matters most to you?16:24
DammitJimwrite speed16:24
DammitJimthat's my bottleneck right now16:25
mhall119using ext4?16:25
DammitJimwhat's the command for that?16:25
DammitJimI don't remember honestly16:25
dantalizingDammitJim: check the toms hardware link16:26
DammitJimthanks dantalizing ... some of the hard drives I was looking at are in there16:26
reya276Good Afternoon Everyone17:06
crashsystemsugh, I just got into work :/17:07
dantalizingmorning reya276 17:07
dantalizingcrashsystems: you slacker17:07
reya276me too dude17:07
reya276hey dan17:07
crashsystemsha, I usually get in at 9am17:07
reya276i know I'm usually in by 8-8:30am but somehow today just felt like sleeping in, must be the rain17:08
crashsystemsbah, site is giving me 404s. Just what IU need17:09
reya276Hey I tested out this new app for Natty called the Board is pretty cool. is a widget type thing, but it actually has its good points and it can be indeed more useful than just widgets17:10
reya276oh I also bought this software called illumination from the software center and this thing is pretty damn aswesome17:11
crashsystemswhat is it?17:11
reya276I mean awesome for those of us whom don't know anything about how to program for the Linux desktop17:11
reya276is a visual programming tool, one sec I'll provide a link17:12
reya276the cool thing about it is that is allows you to create and app and deploy it to multiple environments such as Android, Web, tablets and Linux Desktop17:13
reya276I saw a demo of it on Youtube and the darn thing is pretty good for it being $40 bucks17:14
crashsystemsmhall119: whats this I hear about you working at Canonical?17:16
reya276oh yeah I forgot my favorite thing it also lets you port the app over to a Flex, Coldfusion environment17:16
reya276yeah I know for us programmers desktop/web could spell trouble but I don't think this thing can do anything too complex but I could be wrong17:18
reya276however putting that aside it is impressive17:18
crashsystemsso it converts your apps into webapps? I wonder how the security on it works17:19
reya276crashsystems, oh that i'm not sure but you could sent them an email and ask them about it18:43
reya276I'm pretty sure they will be happy to answer any questions18:43
reya276but it is a pretty cool piece of software, I started messing with it at hope. I'm actually trying to create some apps for our internal use here at the office18:44
crashsystemsthey might not be an unbiased source of info in that regard18:44
reya276well no I think they would tell you18:44
maxolasersquadAnyone here use Gnash instead of Flash?18:44
reya276I don't think they have nothing to gain by deceiving you (the consumer)18:45
reya276they have also said on their youtube presentations that they want people to test it and try to find any issues which they should fix, such as security issues etc...18:46
crashsystemsmost companies prefer to say their product is secure. look at adobe for example.18:46
crashsystemsif they are encouraging people to find security problems, thats definately a good sign18:46
reya276well those are two different things entirely, your talking about a company which caters to a Dumb down community(no offense to anyone in here) which uses Windows/MAC by default security for them is always the last thing they think about because if not they would be Linux users right18:48
reya276compared to this company which created their software primarily for Linux Development, the other stuff got added on afterwards as people started asking them for it18:49
reya276So I think in this case security was one of the top things on their list since they are catering to the linux community which takes that very very seriously18:50
mhall119crashsystems: hiya18:50
mhall119I started there a couple weeks ago18:50
maxolasersquadDang, Gnashed failed on my pretty quickly.  Youtube videos all say "An error occured, please try again later."18:52
crashsystemsmhall119: congrats! What are you doing at canonical?18:53
mhall119web development18:53
mhall119mostly django, though probably some PHP soon18:53
crashsystemsthats what I suspected. sounds like fun18:54
mhall119so far it is18:55
mhall119it's like working on loco-directory, only with pay18:55
mhall119and deadlines18:55
mhall119and quality control requirements18:56
mhall119but on the plus side, I'm getting pretty good at writing unit tests18:56
reya276mhall119, you working at Canonical, where? meaning what part of the US?18:57
reya276damn dude Congrats!18:58
dantalizinghavent you heard reya276 ? canonical hates freedom18:59
dantalizingthat was sarcasm btw18:59
DammitJimany of you looking for a PHP developer?19:12
maxolasersquadGnash 0.8.9 seems to work well.19:14
reya276sweet dude, just make sure you get me Mark S. autograph19:18
maxolasersquadreya276: I've got a few pictures of me and Mark.  No sig though.19:19
maxolasersquadAnd one with Jono.19:20
maxolasersquadYou should come out to UDS this October.19:20
reya276LOL, nah Jono is wack19:20
crashsystemsI'll just nip over to the -ca channel and tell him you said that :D19:21
maxolasersquadreya276: Yeah, he's a pretty crazy guy.19:29
DammitJimyou guys always have jobs for people... any PHP jobs?20:46
reya276DammitJim, you looking for work?20:53
DammitJimreya276, no but a good friend of mine20:54
DammitJimand he does PHP and something else.. and I've heard you guys talk about that sometimes20:54
reya276he lives around your area?20:54
reya276I can ask some of my recruiters to see if they have any PHP openings20:55
DammitJimthat would be awesome20:55
reya276sure dude no problem20:55
DammitJimwhat recruiter?20:56
mhall119reya276: I'm still here in Lakeland20:57
mhall119working from home20:57
reya276oh that rocks dude20:57
mhall119DammitJim: in Tampa I know of some20:58
reya276so you can just work in your PJ's sweet dude20:58
mhall119DammitJim: also a Java position in Orlando20:58
DammitJimI don't know if he could do tampa, but it's worth the shot20:58
mhall119reya276: I've only done that once ;)20:58
DammitJimI can't work from home LOL20:59
mhall119DammitJim: have him call Apex, Tech Systems, Insight Global, and Princeton Information20:59
DammitJimI guess he has LAMP experience20:59
DammitJimno Java20:59
mhall119there's usually PHP openings in Orlando20:59
DammitJimif he knew java, I would be hammering him all the time20:59
DammitJimmhall119, what's your source?21:00
mhall119DammitJim: I don't have a specific person21:01
DammitJimoh ok21:01
mhall119have him lookup those 4 recruiters I posted 21:01
DammitJimoh, those are recruiters?21:01
DammitJimok, thanks21:01
mhall119no problem21:01
mhall119there's more than that in Orlando, those are just the only ones who's names I can remember21:02

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