jjessewow this signed online02:41
jjessewhat a crappy hotel02:41
rick_h_signed online?02:41
jjessei couldn't get IRC to connect02:42
greg-grick_h_: for scheduling/queueing of tasks in a web environment, celery and rabbitmq is what you use/recommend?03:22
rick_h_greg-g: I think that works well for us. Honestly, there's a ton of ways to do it and it depends on the project/etc.08:52
rick_h_but yea, rabbitmq is good for queueing, and if you need scheduling, celery works great for talking to it, handling that part08:52
rick_h_snap-l: have I told you how much I <3 amazon lately? lol cloud drive music bitches! Awesome09:04
rick_h_yay, and the ifanbois get to suck it for now! http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/28/amazon-cloud-player-ios/09:07
rick_h_uploading to my cloud drive, woooo12:43
rick_h_damn sucky work internet, sad that my uverse is faster at home12:43
brouschwelcome to the cloud. enjoy your new wings12:46
brouschhow's the bookie logo going?12:46
rick_h_brousch: I found something I liked, but waiting to hear back from the designer about cost/tweaks12:47
rick_h_can't use it for a 'logo' use according to license currently12:47
brouschah, right12:48
rick_h_guy's in finland or something so figure it might take a few days, who knows.12:48
brouschi played with a nook color running cyanogen. very nice12:49
brouschgood size, fast12:49
rick_h_was worried about performance since it's a bit underpowered12:50
brouschhe had it overclocked to 1GHz i think12:51
rick_h_ah, gotcha12:52
brouschso faster than my droid12:52
rick_h_man, bummer I don't think I can link out of my amazon cloud drive12:54
rick_h_so not going to replace dropbox :(12:55
brouschi <3 drpbox12:56
rick_h_yea, but this is $20/yr for 20gb12:57
brouschhm, good price12:57
rick_h_I'd almost give up the sync part to just use it as a web storage12:57
rick_h_pycon caused craig and I to have to upgrade our dropbox to swap the files around12:58
rick_h_which sucked, since I had thuoght I could just upgrade since it's my shared directory12:58
brouschi think it counts towards everyone using that folder12:58
rick_h_yea, it sucks12:58
brouschyou could have just uploaded to a web share and had him download it12:58
brouschone of the best things about my $15/mo dreamhost is the unlimited disk space12:59
rick_h_yea, we thought about that, but dropbox does well with overnight uploads, he needs to send back .mp3, etc13:00
rick_h_used my tethered phone some and it dropped in/out in the basement of the convention center13:00
rick_h_I mean I don't mind dropbox/giving them money, but when I saw $20/yr I was like oooh13:01
brouschif dropbox had a 200GB plan i would be using it for all of my backup needs13:02
brouschi went over 100GB so i had to switch to carbonite and reduce my dropbox13:02
rick_h_yea, I have the local backuppc running for backups13:03
rick_h_it's more for files I want to get on my phone, sync with craig13:03
brouschyou could make a script to share things out of the cloud storage. pick a file and it copies it out of the cloud to S3 and returns the link to you13:05
rick_h_yea, I've started some of that.13:05
brouschi knew it was too obvious ;)13:05
rick_h_I've got a s3cp.py that copies the lococast files and such up to medial.lococast.net and uploads.mitechie.com for me13:05
rick_h_all our podcasts are served out of s313:06
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/267/ need to work on it some more still13:10
brouschyou go all out on these things13:13
rick_h_funny, I see stuff like this now and I think 'competition!' http://www.readwriteweb.com/hack/2011/03/gitmarks-a-bookmark-sharing-system-built-on-git.php13:13
rick_h_brousch: ??13:13
rick_h_with zsh history completion I just search for public in my history and generally pulls up:  s3cp.py --bucket=uploads.mitechie.com --public awesome3.png  or some other sample13:14
rick_h_I got a start of the script from some blog post I think13:14
rick_h_and rewrote most of it up for my needs13:14
brouschi would have about 10 lines of code in a __main__. no logs, no classes, no comments13:14
brouschno error checking13:15
rick_h_well, it was a chance for me to play with argparse I thnk13:15
rick_h_heh, well what if an error happens :P13:15
brouschcursing and throwing things13:15
rick_h_well, what it needs now is the return link support you mentioned13:15
rick_h_and some completion would be cool, need to figure out how to cache/setup your 'buckets' you work with13:16
brouschhm, nook color is only $25013:46
* brousch feels his wallet itching13:46
_stink_looks like it13:50
snap-lrick_h_: Why am I getting told about Amazin this fine morning?13:51
rick_h_because I'm jamming at work to my amazon mp3s via web ui :)13:53
brouschsnap-l: cause ur an amazin guy?13:53
rick_h_and listened to them over 3g on the way into work via my android app13:53
snap-lrick_h_: Ah, so you're using bandwidth for your own personal music delivery service.13:53
rick_h_most definitely, and to upload more of my own albums up to it13:54
snap-lYou realize that bandwidth is a precious commodity13:54
snap-lFor every song you've streamed, you've used up bandwidth that could have been used for other things13:54
rick_h_oh I know, the pron industry must be shuddering13:55
snap-lStudents in Rochester schools could have discovered a cure for some heinous disease if only wikipedia had loaded in time before their ADD kicked in13:55
snap-lThe company could have landed a major contract if only the secretary's e-mail had arrived in time, no thanks to your music streaming13:56
snap-lYou're killing the internet!13:56
rick_h_but that involves caring for others...psh who does that any more?13:56
snap-l(also, what's your cap on the phone? :) )13:56
rick_h_plus, don't you think you're giving the students a lot of credit?13:56
rick_h_heh, yea. I don't know I'll do it all the time on my phone13:56
snap-l(but it's still cool, nonetheless)13:57
rick_h_but I can download as well13:57
rick_h_yea, big thing is I can sync stuff I buy on the phone with the laptop/web now13:57
snap-lOh, sort of like U1. ;)13:57
rick_h_and don't need to take up SSD space for it13:57
rick_h_yea, except it works :P13:57
rick_h_and has the music I want13:57
snap-lI challenge you13:57
snap-lName me something that you want that isn't in U113:58
snap-l(I know a few of the hairy edges, but I'm curious. :) )13:58
rick_h_and has 5gb for free, 20gb free first year, and mobile is free vs $40 mobile package13:58
rick_h_some of my soundtrack stuff I like isn't on there, and there was something else, tool or something that was mising13:59
snap-lThe mobile package for U1 is not cool.13:59
rick_h_though that was when it first came out13:59
rick_h_I've never opened U1 except for that first album to try it out13:59
rick_h_have to say, if this comes in banshee, even less reason to do U1 ootb13:59
snap-lPlease to be buying Tool via MP3 from the Amazon store. ;)14:00
rick_h_wooo! lococast.net feedback spam14:01
rick_h_well know we know the email address has gotten out there at least14:01
snap-lHeh, one nice thing about U1 / 7Digital is that it's in the UK14:03
snap-lso while Amazon doesn't have the new Sylosis album available until 4/19, U1 does. ;)14:03
snap-lBah, pre-order14:03
snap-ln/m, it's not available either14:03
snap-lbut they'll gladly take my money.14:03
rick_h_yea, I don't think their locatin matters, the label deals are for the customer country14:04
snap-lWell, it's Nuclear Blast, which is European14:05
ColonelPanic001Nuclear Blast had In Flames14:08
ColonelPanic001That's all I had to contribute.14:09
snap-lColonelPanic001: Thank you, citizen14:09
* ColonelPanic001 salutes, turns 180 degrees, marches off14:09
snap-lWhy do I see this completely backfiring?14:12
ColonelPanic001Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was great, played it a long time, but come on. It's like, 10-15 years old14:13
ColonelPanic001it's great, but not an attention-getter14:13
ColonelPanic001"Dude, sweet, with Linux, I can play games that are almost as old as I am!"14:13
snap-lWith the BSD games package, you can play games that are older than you are. ;)14:14
jrwrencyanogen? is that 2.4 or something?14:27
brouschjrwren custom ROM14:27
brouschthe one i saw was android 2.314:27
brouschgeez this is easy - installing cyanogen on my droid14:28
brouschthere's a program right in the app store that downloads the ROM for you14:28
rick_h_yea, I'm running the 2.3 beta on my phone now14:28
rick_h_yea, rommanager14:28
brouschit doesn't even feel like hacking any more14:29
rick_h_well, you have to have root first14:29
rick_h_or rommmanger can't write the files/etc14:29
brouschif it weren't for the rooting thing, my grandmother could do it14:29
brouschjrwren: i met another non-part-time .net dev last night14:32
brouschthat makes 2 of you14:32
jrwren2 of us that you know?14:43
jrwrenJFYI: I'm often part time. :)14:43
brouschhm, the amazon cloud does sound good14:48
brouschi think i moved my music to amazon i could go back to dropbox for the rest of my files14:49
greg-gpeople keep their music in Dropbox?14:50
greg-gand not just to "loan" an album to a friend via dropbox?14:50
brouschi don't right now because it puts me over the limits14:51
snap-lMy music collection would cost me a fortune to keep in Dropbox14:51
brouschbut it's nice to set up a nw computer, stick on the gigabit lan, and have everything sync over14:52
binbrainkeep my music on ubuntu one14:54
brouschut oh, cyanogn keeps popping up its logo and then disappearing14:56
rick_h_brousch: that first boot takes forever14:56
rick_h_I mean, forever14:56
brouschok, been going for like 5 minutes14:57
rick_h_in my case I htink it ran something like 20-30min14:57
brouschgeez, they should add that to the wiki14:57
greg-ggood gosh, 20-30 minutes? I don't have the patience for that!14:58
brouschyou need your phone in 15 minute intervals?14:59
greg-gI actually rarely use my cell. Mostly because it is a dumb phone from 2005.15:02
snap-lGrrr.... iphone update never fails to get screwed up when I'm on the work VPN15:02
brouschsuck it up, handjobs15:02
snap-lnot now, dear, I'm busy.15:03
wolfgerfor a second there, I thought brousch was nixternal15:05
nixternalwatch it now15:05
brouschnixternal is my hero15:06
nixternali feel sorry for you then :p15:06
brouschhe escaped coloma. he must be awesome15:06
nixternali am kind of scared now. http://www.flourishconf.com/2011/ubuntuglobaljam - i would like to see 100 people, but jeesh, that would be to many at the same time15:07
nixternalhaha, coloma ftw. actually i escaped watervliet, but it is the same difference :)15:07
nixternalborn in benton harbor, then lived in hartford, then lived in watervliet, then moved to chicago in 1979 :)15:08
nixternalinteresting going from a population of a couple of thousand to a few million15:08
brouschyou must be 50 years old15:08
nixternal37 dick15:08
nixternalactually 36, few more months then i will be 3715:08
snap-lFeel the love.15:08
Milyardo22 /strut15:09
brouschbah, that means you were like 5 years old when you escaped. obviously your parents are awesome15:09
nixternalit is weird, since both of my dad's parents have passed on, he don't like going to michigan anymore. before we always figured he would retire back there. he sold the family property and everything on the lake a few years ago15:11
brouschnixternal: you have 5 confirmed attendees. that does not seem scary http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/772/detail/15:11
nixternalthe rest of us here in chicago love going to michigan15:11
Milyardois vim-scripts worth installing? or should I manage scripts myself? I'm mostly just after taglist15:11
nixternalbrousch: they just announced the stuff on flourish, and people never register, they always just show up15:11
brouschyou should set out 5 chairs and make the rest of them stand15:12
nixternalfuck, rosie o'donnell is moving to harpo studios.15:12
nixternaldouble fuck, goose island sold out to anheuser-busch15:13
brouschcome back to west MI. we have all the good beers here15:15
snap-lnixternal: Rosie O'Donnell still has a show?15:15
snap-lMilyardo: Not sure what all is included in vimscripts15:16
brouscharcadia, founders, new holland, bells15:16
snap-lI'd personally install them all one at a time to make sure there's nothing freaky going on15:16
MilyardoWell I'm looking at the file list from here:15:18
snap-lAre you willing to sort through all of that crap?15:18
snap-lI swear, Windows has had as many reboots as my iPhone for this upgrade.15:20
snap-las soon as the iPhone disconnects, Windows doesn't see it again, even if I unplug it and re-plug it in again15:20
snap-lEither Apple screwed the pooch with the drivers for the iPhone, or Windows is an even bigger pile of shit than I realized.15:21
jrwrengreg-g: how did the interview go a while back? was with wikipedia IIRC?15:23
jrwrenbrousch: you have teh better MI beers, shorts and arcadia, but I have OG 1 mi from my house :p15:24
jrwrensnap-l: XP or 7?15:25
greg-gjrwren: it went well enough that they invited me to an in-person on April 6th! :)15:25
jrwrengreg-g: excellent! congrats. where is the in-person?15:25
jrwrenyou can't relocated though, can you? didn't you just buy a house?15:25
greg-gand no, didn't end up buying, things weren't aligning correctly to make it make sense15:26
Milyardohrmm installing vim-scripts installed vim-addon-manager as well with all the scripts disabled in vam by defualt15:27
Milyardoso I guess its not so bad so far15:27
snap-ljrwren: Assume until told otherwise that the world is still on XP. ;)15:27
snap-lgreg-g: Congratulations on the IP interview!15:28
jrwrenthe world is in 715:29
jrwrenthe corporate world is on xp15:29
snap-lWhat other world is there that actually uses Windows besides corporate?15:29
snap-lAnd I for one welcome our new Blackberry ascendant. ;)15:30
greg-gapparently something like 89% of the computing market, snap-l :)15:30
snap-lgreg-g: You keep out of this.15:30
snap-lWith all of your "facts" and "figures"15:31
brouschi got to use win7 on our new 3d cad station. it's really hard going back to xp now15:31
snap-lThey may be using Windows, but they're really thinking of Macintosh15:31
snap-l"Oh Aero, you'll never be Aqua"15:32
snap-lor cocoa, or one of the hundred other codenames in the Mac stack15:32
brouschug cyanogen is still booting 45mins later15:33
snap-lAnd now we have our answer on why the Java-based OS never took off. ;)15:34
Blazeixbrousch: ooh, that's scary. Is it still booting?15:57
brouschstill popping in and out and spinning15:57
=== lotia-away is now known as lotia
lotiaquite OT anyone know if google groups also treats periods as whitespace e.g. messages sent to my.group are delivered to mygroup?16:05
brouschhm, so i pulled the battery and turned it back on, it is right back to spinning cyanogen thing16:07
greg-gI would *assume* it is the same behavior as gmail, but I don't know for sure, lotia16:07
lotiagreg-g: thanks16:08
greg-gbrousch: eek16:08
jrwrencocoa and aqua are two very different things. anyone who knows mac knows that.16:17
* greg-g doesn't know macs16:18
jrwrengreg-g: aqua is the UI that OSX introduced, so if it doesn't look like Mac OS 9, then its probably AQUA. Cocoa is an objective C api.16:19
jrwrenCocoa is an api, like rails :)16:19
* greg-g barely knows about rails16:19
greg-gother than only hipsters with black rimmed glasses use it16:19
jrwrenand they use rails on their hipster matching macs.16:19
Blazeixcocoa is sort of analogous to gobject, i think.16:21
greg-gthis sort of crap annoys me: http://blogs.forbes.com/davidewalt/2011/03/14/craig-venters-genetic-typo/16:22
snap-ljrwren: I thought they did away with Aqua, since it's been a while since I'd heard anything about it16:26
snap-lbut you're right, it's still in play16:26
snap-lCocoa has interface elements that are rendered with Aqua themeing16:26
brouschok, going to try a manual reflash. at least it feels like hacking now16:30
brouschmight as well try CM7 gingerbread while i'm going crazy16:31
BlazeixI've been running the CM7 nightlies, they're awesome. Highly recommended16:31
lotiagreg-g: compared to much of what else is out there. rails is pretty nice.16:34
* lotia is by no means a hipsted as greg-g can verify.16:34
* lotia does however use a mac16:35
rick_h_rails? crap what did I miss?16:38
lotiarick_h_: perhaps my inability to detect humour on IRC16:39
snap-lrick_h_: We've all decided to ditch this Python thing and just use Ruby16:39
snap-land with it, Ruby on Rails16:39
snap-lRails just sounds better than Django or Pyramid16:39
snap-lor (shudder) Pylons. ;)16:39
* rick_h_ looks for a new channel16:40
rick_h_man, ok jcastro won't troll your twitter post, but :P16:40
jcastrorick_h_: how come?16:41
rick_h_because it's web streaming, not $40, and must faster since the files are there vs waiting for U1 sync16:41
jcastro$40 bucks?16:42
rick_h_for the mobile plan?16:42
rick_h_that's what the U1 page was saying today16:42
jcastro4 bucks16:42
rick_h_per month, or 40 for the year16:42
rick_h_amazon == 5gb no cost, or $20 for 20gb16:42
brouschok, that was weird16:43
jcastroright but it goes up if you add more music16:43
jcastro(ours does too)16:43
jcastrobut I don't think as much16:43
rick_h_it only goes up for storage, $1/gb16:43
snap-ljcastro: Yours goes up after 2GB16:43
brouschi tried to go back to rooted android 2.2 and it seemed to succeed. then when i rebooted it installed CM7 with no effort on my part. i'm now running CM716:43
rick_h_up to 1tb $100016:43
rick_h_brousch: congrats16:43
jcastrobut yeah it's cheaper16:44
jcastrothey can afford to be. :-/16:44
snap-ljcastro: No doubt. I'm sure this is a loss-leader.16:44
jcastrooh, other than we let you stream whatever you want16:44
rick_h_which is why I'm not commenting16:44
jcastronot just what you bought16:44
snap-ljcastro: Really?16:44
rick_h_jcastro: I've uploaded 5 albums so far16:44
jcastrorick_h_: that you didn't buy from amazon?16:44
rick_h_oh, you mean pandora style?16:44
rick_h_jcastro: yea16:45
rick_h_you can upload any files, movies, or even documents16:45
rick_h_and play/view files on your mobile app16:45
snap-ljcastro: I think canonical needs to make that more clear16:45
jcastroI think the whole feature needs more coverage16:45
jcastropeople think amazon is first, I've been doing it for 6 months!16:45
rick_h_right, definitely16:45
rick_h_but amazon is doing it cheaper and more visible16:46
snap-lAlso, I call bullshit on "No cloud storage limit for song purchases"16:46
snap-lif you buy more than 2GB of songs, you can't store anything else. :)16:46
rick_h_oh, on u1?16:46
jcastroI think above that purchases don't count against your cap16:46
snap-lWell, they still count. :)16:47
rick_h_right, but you can't add files since you bought 2gb of stuff16:47
rick_h_from your personal space16:47
jcastroof course16:47
snap-lI have 211M of files on U116:47
snap-lI have 2.2G of purchased music16:47
snap-lfor U116:47
rick_h_big thing with amazon's is that no public access to those files. So I can't share a doc/image with snap-l using it16:47
jcastrowhat do you mean?16:48
snap-ljcastro: was hat ? directed at rick_h_ or me?16:48
jcastroat rick16:48
jcastropublic access?16:48
snap-lAmazon doesn't do dropbox / u116:49
snap-lso no shared storage16:49
jcastrooh right16:49
jcastroso it's either one or the other16:49
jcastrooddly, amazon doesn't have an iphone app either16:49
jcastroyou'd think that'd be a top priority16:49
rick_h_jcastro: I mean if I upload a doc to cloud storage I can't send snap-l a link to it16:49
snap-ljcastro: I think Amazon is hedging their bets16:49
rick_h_jcastro: heh, I was ecstatic when I saw that16:49
snap-lApple is considered a competitor16:50
rick_h_the thing is they can't get it on the platform, if you pay a fee for additional storage it's a "subscription"16:50
jcastroright, but you'd think they'd want to snag people to try it at least16:50
snap-land Apple is likely not going to approve a music store like this16:50
rick_h_and you can't have alternative music stores on ios16:50
rick_h_so really, they don't have a huge part of the revenue generating model for ios users16:50
jcastroyeah but surely they can have a player?16:50
rick_h_but if you pay $20 a year for 20gb of access16:51
jcastrowell, I suppose it's like trying to sell common sense to scientologists at that point16:51
rick_h_and then have to offer that in your app16:51
jcastrolet them just go on and be crazy16:51
rick_h_and then give 30% to apple?16:51
brouschcrap, forgot google apps. trying again16:51
snap-lHey, I have to say, I'm now using more of my U1 storage.16:52
snap-lsince I paid $30 for it16:52
snap-lit's pretty nice having that available16:52
jcastroI stopped syncing my music16:52
jcastroI just set the cache to be huge on the phone16:52
jcastroand then use the player16:52
jcastrowhich not surprisingly is better than the stock android player16:52
snap-lI don't use the mobile stuff16:52
snap-lsince I have a Sansa, and rip all of my shit to FLAC16:53
jcastrooh man it's like the only reason I use U1, heh16:53
snap-lI hear they have this thing called a "store". ;)16:53
jcastroyeah I use it16:54
rick_h__stink_: ok, new mission: http://blog.mozilla.com/blog/2011/03/29/mozilla-launches-firefox-4-for-android-allowing-users-to-take-the-power-and-customization-of-firefox-everywhere-2/16:54
jcastroI am just saying, without the music and the mobile I wouldn't really need U116:54
jcastroie. my primary use case is the mobile streaming16:54
snap-ljcastro: I use it to store files between machines16:54
snap-lbut the music store is pretty much my primary use.16:54
jcastroI have dropbox for that, and I'm not ready to move too U1 until windows and LAN syncing is done and solid16:55
jcastrothough, I noticed they finally fixed the speed on U116:55
snap-ljcastro: hear hear16:55
jcastroI bought the 2 new rush singles16:55
jcastrowell, "new"16:55
jcastroand I missed the dl entirely16:56
jcastroit was just there16:56
snap-lnew as in later than Caravan / BU2B?16:56
snap-lI wish Amazon's store synced with Ubuntu One16:56
* snap-l looks16:56
jcastroit will16:57
jcastroI really don't like the 7digital store16:57
rick_h_snap-l: why not just drop the files into U1 directory when you download?16:57
snap-ljcastro: I think you're mistaken16:58
jcastroIt's like they didn't bother to make it better16:58
snap-lrick_h_: I want them in the "purchased" folder16:58
jcastrosnap-l: yeah, in banshee16:58
jcastrowhen you buy a song16:58
rick_h_ah, ic16:58
snap-lso they don't get synced to the Eee16:58
snap-lotherwise it'll blow up the little 4GB16:58
jcastrooh I see16:58
jcastrowell, you set your EEe to not sync the purchased folder right?16:59
snap-land I think I can just copy things into that folder16:59
snap-ltrying it with a sample album now16:59
jcastroI think it's supposed to put it in the same U1 folder the 7d store puts it in17:00
snap-lmaybe it will, but currently it just stuffs it into the regular library17:00
snap-land I have a special "purchased" directory that I move it into17:00
snap-lwhich gets backed up17:01
snap-lbecause Amazon's biggest problem is that they won't let you download more than once from your digital locker17:01
rick_h_yea, I bet that was part of the deal. You could always only download once frmo their mp3 store17:01
jcastrohmmm, do you mean .ubuntu-one/Purchased Music (or whatever it is), or do you seperate them out?17:02
brouschoh, i see what i did. i renamed the cyanogenmod file to update.zip instead of renaming the rooted android2. i guess i'm lucky that worked17:02
snap-ljcastro: Currently it's separate17:02
snap-l(once it finally syncs. ;)17:09
snap-lThere we go17:18
snap-land this is reason #1 why I'm sticking with Ubuntu One17:19
snap-l5 downloads, so if something screws up, I can get it back.17:20
snap-lvs. one download, and if something screws up, tough titties.17:20
wolfger*cough* clamz *cough*17:20
snap-lwolfger: STFU17:20
wolfgerHey, it's not my fault you WANT a bad experience with Amazon17:21
snap-lwolfger: That's assuming you keep every .amz file handy.17:21
snap-lPlease to be telling me where to do to get the .amz file for this album17:21
snap-lI'll wait.17:21
wolfgerwell, clamz keeps them handy. That's the point17:21
snap-lah, and when Amazon closes the loophole, then what?17:22
wolfgerUse clamz for your Amazon downloads, and if something goes wrong you can try again17:22
wolfgerNot sure how they can close it.17:22
wolfgerYou download the .amz file17:22
wolfgerwhen you download it via normal means, it goes into a temp directory and is deleted17:23
snap-lwolfger: They put in additional tracking to see if you've already downloaded the file?17:23
snap-lsince that's the whole damn point of using the stupid downloader?17:23
wolfgerIf they could track whether or not you downloaded it, they could also track whether or not the download was successful :-p17:24
snap-lwolfger: My point exactly.17:25
wolfger...and here I just thought you were sticking with Ubuntu One because you didn't like Prince :-)17:25
snap-land if it was successfully downloaded, then you're fucked.17:25
wolfgerI miss your point17:25
wolfgerThey don't track.17:25
wolfgerSo if you save your amz file (which they do track), you are perfectly safe.17:26
snap-lThen try to download one of your albums again, please.17:26
wolfgerwhen you use clamz, all your .amz are belong to us17:26
wolfgers/belong to us/safe/17:26
wolfgerNow it is dumb that the standard download client trashes your .amz files...17:27
snap-lRight, but say someday Amazon makes clamz impossible to use17:27
snap-lthen what?17:27
snap-lI hate relying on third parties for something that should come standard17:28
wolfgerThen we switch to a service that doesn't suck17:28
snap-lwolfger: one step ahead of you, bro. ;)17:28
wolfgerwhat if someday Ubuntu One does the same?17:28
wolfgerYou're playing a senseless "what if" game17:28
jcastrosnap-l: actually, you get unlimited basically, the DL from the store into your cloud counts as 1 of the 5.17:28
wolfgerThey haven't done it. You're railing against the wind.17:28
snap-lwe do what we normally do; whine and dogpile on Canonical until they relent.17:28
jcastroand after it's in there you're good to go17:28
snap-ljcastro: I'm familair with it. :)17:29
jcastrook whew17:29
jcastrojust making sure you didn't think you only got 5 ever17:29
jcastrothat would only be 5 computers or 5 reinstalls17:29
snap-land I've used several downloads already for the gigabytes of Baby Einstein shit that I have in there17:29
snap-l(because they had the best 100 cheap, and my neice likes one track)17:29
snap-ljcastro: It's not even that17:30
snap-lit's 5 transfers to cloud storag17:30
snap-lonce it's on the cloud storage, it's as many computers as you wish17:30
jcastrogreg-g: how should I approach this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32555/ubuntu-updated-and-now-the-option-to-boot-into-windows-xp-is-missing17:32
snap-ljcastro: "You're welcome"17:32
jcastroI'm keen on a) All the content remaining CC so we can remix it, and b) Not turning it into a content farm looking screenshot suckfest17:33
jcastrosnap-l: SOON. RUSH.17:33
snap-ljcastro: Oh, you mean the (c) notice?17:34
snap-lMan, what a tool17:34
snap-lask them to re-upload the screenshot without the copyright attribution17:34
snap-land if not, then delete the question, since someone isn't playing nice.17:34
jcastrowhy would someone do that in the first place17:35
jcastrois taking a screenshot a ton of work or something?17:35
jcastro(that's rhetorical)17:35
rick_h_this is going to be fun, so my boss wanted me to watch this talk from pycon: http://pycon.tv/#/video/3817:36
snap-lI think someone is looking to be combative17:36
rick_h_because the guys says "migations @#$%'em"17:36
Blazeixinteresting, almost all of his previous posts have excessive amounts of screenshots17:36
rick_h_so I watch the talk, and the guys goes through feature branches, pair programming, weekly iterations, ticket like it's war, s3 and ec2 to no end"17:36
snap-ljcastro: That's the only reason I can come up with for why someone would put (c) notices17:36
Blazeixbut this is the first one I see with a (c) notice17:36
jcastrogood screenshots are encouraged17:37
rick_h_so he got his shot in and now I get to take my list back lol17:37
rick_h_jcastro: what's it hurt? You can reuse it/turn it into a wiki page or something?17:37
jrwrenare you gonna feather your hair back for the rush show?17:37
rick_h_is there a notice on sign up that all your material becomes part of the borg and we own it?17:37
jcastrorick_h_: everything is licensed CC-BY-SA17:38
rick_h_ah, k17:38
snap-ljrwren: You realize Rush is still current17:39
snap-lAnd have consistently kept current17:39
snap-lDon't make me come over there and make you watch Beyond the Lighted Stage, ala Clockwork Orange-style.17:40
snap-lBecause it WILL happen, mofo17:40
jcastroI've watched it like 4 times this past week17:42
jrwreni realize they continue to put out albums.17:44
snap-ltread lightly, friend17:44
jrwreni cannot torture me with this.17:44
jrwrenare you gonna feather your hair back for the rush show?17:44
snap-lNo, but I know what's going to be playing at the Global Jam.;)17:45
jrwrenBrittney spears?17:46
jrwrenmy house, my music. ;p17:46
jrwrenj/k of course.17:46
jcastrojay wren17:46
jcastroI miss you sometimes17:46
snap-ltake better aim. :)17:47
jrwrenjcastro: are you coming to the jam?17:47
jcastrodude I never miss a chance to hang17:47
snap-lYou mean there isn't some FOSS Summit that Canonical is sending you to out in the Australian Outback?17:48
snap-ljcastro: ^^17:48
jrwrennot that day.17:49
jcastrough forgot to register, I planned on coming17:51
* jcastro registers17:51
jcastroI <3 hanging at SRT17:51
jcastroI can never get enough of openiduser32717:52
jcastrohe's just crazy funny!17:52
wolfgerRush still puts out albums? I thought they were reduced to doing HNIC themes... ;-)17:54
greg-gsnap-l: on our jam event RSVP page on loco.ubuntu.com17:55
snap-lNice. ;)17:56
wolfgerfurthermore, I never even think of music when I hear the name Rush anymore. I think of MMA and George "Rush" St. Pierre...17:58
wolfgerI guess they are both from Canada...17:59
snap-lwolfger: I consider that your personal flaw17:59
jcastroLet's kill wolfger17:59
wolfgernot my fault Rush doesn't do anything anymore :-)17:59
wolfgerjcastro: troll season isn't open yet :-p18:00
wolfgerI wouldn't mind going to the Rush concert. It would be fun.18:01
wolfgerIs Nickelback opening for them?18:01
jcastrooh wow18:01
jcastronow you go too far.18:01
snap-lJust posted the event for the Natty Release party.18:02
jcastroSIGNED UP18:02
wolfgerjcastro: I just figured, you know, they're both Canadian metal bands....18:05
wolfgermakes sense for them to tour together18:05
* wolfger flees for his life18:05
snap-lSo, is the google calendar for the Ubuntu Loco essentially dead?18:07
snap-lI like the meeting notice stuff for the calendar.18:13
snap-lThat's really slick18:13
wolfgersnap-l: if it's dead, nobody told me. I still use it18:13
wolfgerand occasionally add items to it18:13
snap-lI'm wondering if we should start using the Ubuntu team calendar on the loco site instead.18:14
greg-gwolfger: I still use it, too, is UGJ on it? if not, that's my fault18:15
greg-gif there is a better solution, we should do that, as well18:15
snap-lIt is on there18:15
* greg-g is open to suggestions18:15
snap-lMaybe we could discuss next IRC meeting?18:15
greg-gbut, right now /me is going to make some tea18:15
snap-lWhich is on the 3rd. ;)18:15
wolfgerGoogle calendar is the superior solution for syncing with Android phones. :-)18:16
snap-lThat it is. :)18:16
wolfgercrap, now I have to attend the IRC meeting18:16
wolfgerwhose idea was it to have these monthly meetings, anyway?18:16
wolfgeroh, wait, i think that was me18:17
snap-lI helped. ;)18:17
snap-lso if you want to blame someone, feel free to blame me18:17
wolfgerok, I blame snap-l18:18
wolfgerwho has become way too good at not letting me bait him on IRC18:18
snap-lpractice. ;)18:18
wolfgerI thought for sure, Rush/Nickelback would've sent you over the edge. Instead now I have to worry about jcastro killing me.18:19
wolfgerRush, opening for Nickelback on the No Seatbelt tour....18:20
snap-lI look forward to whatever Jorge will do with you. ;)18:20
* snap-l whistles.18:20
snap-lGod I hate flash sites.18:22
snap-lhttp://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/03/29/1625225/MySpace-Loses-Ten-Million-Users-In-One-Month <- BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA18:23
* snap-l breathes18:23
jrwrenLOL @ is nickelback opening for hthem.18:39
jrwrenwolfger: brilliant!18:39
brouschthrow in Tool and it would be the worst    concert    ever18:40
jrwrensnap-l: i hate flash sites so much that i uninstalled flash!18:40
jrwrenyou odn't liketool?18:40
jrwrenhow can you not like tool?18:40
brouschall of their music is annoying18:41
wolfgerhow can you not like Nickelback?18:45
wolfgerOr Rush?18:46
wolfgerOf the 3, Tool is my least favorite, but I still like them.18:46
brouschthe truth is i couldn't name a single rush song off the top of my head18:46
wolfgerTom Sawyer?!?!!?!!!18:46
brouschhuck finn?18:47
wolfgerbrousch is officially a lost cause18:47
MilyardoYou can't have the worst concert ever without Creed18:48
wolfgerCreed? Sounds familiar. What have they done?18:49
wolfgerworst concert ever: Tom Jones and Justin Bieber18:49
brouschi like tom jones18:49
wolfgeryou people really have no grasp on what "bad" is18:49
jrwrensnap-l: ever listen to The Strand ?18:50
wolfgerI like Tom Jones here and there, but no way would I sit through a concert of him18:50
jrwrenTim Jones is fun.18:50
jrwrenNickelback is something I owuldn't want to listen to.18:50
wolfgerNickelback is awesome, and underappreciated in this channel.18:51
jrwrenwhat is good about it?18:51
wolfgerThey stuff that doesn't get played on the radio is better than their top-40 stuff18:51
wolfgerI just like their sound18:51
wolfgerI listen to their CD's and usually skip the top-40 tracks. Except "Rock Star". That's just awesome18:54
_stink_i thought Nickelback was just around to get made fun of18:54
_stink_i had no idea18:54
snap-lfuckin' hell.18:55
wolfgerNo, I genuinely like them18:55
snap-lthe .ics files from loco.ubuntu.com aren't time-zone adjusted.18:55
wolfgeralthough mainly I just mention them to get a rise out of the haters18:55
snap-linternet calendar18:55
brouschsnap-l: i submitted a bug about that last time we scheduled something18:55
_stink_but, then, at one point i thought INXS was just around to get made fun of.  and for some reason, when i hear their radio hits now, i kind of like them.18:56
snap-lWell, it's not been fixed.18:56
wolfgerDon't mess with the INXS18:56
wolfgerConversely, I used to love Duran Duran, but now they're mostly just to make fun of. :-)18:56
jrwrenyeah, INXS rocks.18:57
jrwrenwtf, Duran Duran is awesome... just not Rio... please not Rio.18:57
jrwrenFrankie Goes To Hollywood... more awesome.18:57
waldo323gaa now part of rio is in my head18:58
wolfgerFGTH was *always* just to make fun of18:59
snap-lDon't do it19:00
wolfgerI mean, if you're going to like FGTH, you might as well confess to liking Right Said Fred, too19:02
snap-lI'm too sexy for Right Said Fred19:02
wolfgerbut do you spin right round?19:03
_stink_this is starting to sound like Laugh In.19:04
jrwrenFGTH totally different than RSF19:11
jrwrenspin right round was dead or alive.19:11
jrwrenDead or Alive is a group who I've never heard another song.19:11
jrwrenbut at least FGTH had "two tribes" that is still a super fun song.19:12
wolfger_stink_: you want a laugh? Try this on for size... http://money.cnn.com/2011/03/29/technology/windows_phone_7_forecast/index.htm?source=cnn_bin&hpt=Sbin19:15
wolfgerHmm. I thought Right Round was RSF...19:16
binbrainAndroid adoption will slow to almost nothing in 4 years to account for the growth in WP719:17
wolfgerAndroid adoption will slow, because everybody will be using it :-p19:17
jrwrenandroid adoption will slow because people will realize its shit and go back to iphone.19:18
binbrainI still haven't realized my phones shit, I guess I'm behind19:18
jrwrenyou might be right.19:19
jrwrenmy iphone does so many things a droid can't, but the droid users I know don't know that my iphone does those things.19:19
jrwrenignorance is bliss.19:19
binbrainI haven't seen any droids that can wallet rape you like the iphone can, could change though ;)19:20
brouschwhat does iphone do that android doesn't?19:20
binbrainin case anybody hasn't seen this19:22
jrwrenprint, stream from itunes, play to TV with airplay.19:22
jrwrendroid can't.19:22
jrwrenlol... i love that video.19:23
binbrainits 3G and has the wifi's19:23
jrwrenit prints money19:24
jrwrenit grants wishes19:24
jrwrenLOL, love it.19:24
brouschprint from android: http://www.pcworld.com/article/217541/google_offers_print_from_android_iphone.html19:24
jrwrenoh cool!19:25
brouschstream from ampache (fuck itunes): http://amdroid.ampache.org/?page_id=219:25
jrwrenbrousch: UGH... that pcworld site has the shittyiest fonts.19:25
brouschi don't know what play to tv is19:25
BlazeixI stream from mpd to my droid all the time.19:25
jrwrenserif in the title but sanserif in the body19:25
jrwrenzomg MPD!19:26
Blazeix*world.com has the crappiest fonts19:26
jrwrenbrousch: you realize that print from android is totally differnt, right?19:27
wolfgerThere are settings on my phone to play to TV, but I haven't touched them. Why would I want to do that?19:27
jrwrengoogle cloud print service? wtf?19:27
jrwrenwolfger: that is what most people say "why would I want to do that?"19:27
Blazeixdidn't expect to hear "Why would I want to do that" from a linuxy irc channel. It usually goes the other way.19:30
wolfgerExactly. Great feature you have there that nobody wants. :-)19:30
Blazeix"Sweet, I'm running gentoo on my toaster!"19:30
wolfgerNow that I could see wanting to do!19:30
BlazeixPeople want to stuff like that because it's cool. Same with streaming phone->TV19:31
wolfgerNot same at all19:31
wolfgerPeople want to install Gentoo on a dead badger because it's difficult to do. It's an accomplishment.19:31
wolfgerIs streaming your iPhone to the TV difficult? Do you feel a sense of personal accomplishment?19:32
wolfgerIf yes, it's not a feature.19:32
wolfgerIf no, it's not particularly desirable.19:32
BlazeixIt opens up more cross-device communication, which is good.19:33
wolfgerNow if I can *hack* my Android to do that, *that's* an accomplishment, and I would think it was cool.19:33
wolfgerI would never do it outside of showing people that I could.19:33
BlazeixI could see a few cases where it could be useful. i've pulled up youtube videos on my phone before to show other people.19:34
_stink_angry birds demo19:34
jrwrenvideo to TV from phone is nice because i can show my mom or grandma video of hte kiddo on a big screen instead of a tiny phone.19:44
jrwreni guess my use case was a little to practical and real world for a linux group.19:45
rick_h_binbrain: you use hadoop/etc at all? anyone?19:47
snap-ljrwren: You assume Linux users can figure out how to procreate. ;)19:49
snap-l"I need to script this so I can replicate it over multiple systems"19:50
Milyardos/mom or grandma video of the kiddo/3D Holographic porn/19:51
Milyardotheres your linux user case19:51
snap-l"I can't kiss a girl because she might have Mono"19:53
binbrainrick_h_:  no, and since Hadoop is written in Java, there is no chance I would ever get a chance to work with it at my current job20:04
snap-lbinbrain: That's a bit narrow-minded20:09
snap-lthough I can't argue it too hard20:10
binbrainwon't disagree with you snap-l20:11
MilyardoAnyone have any recommendations for a Java ORM for a simple XMLRPC service I'm about to write20:13
MilyardoHibernate seems like it more than what I'm looking for20:14
brouschwelcome to java20:15
Milyardosame with Eclipse Links, but the eclipse solution has IDE integration which is kinda cool I guess, haven't tried to see how well integrated it is yet20:15
brouschwhere every little thing you want to do has a giant bloated framework that is the "correct" way to do it20:16
rick_h_ damn, finally here...must resist urge...http://www.bgr.com/2011/03/29/verizon-announces-samsung-lte-mobile-hotspot-novatel-lte-modem20:17
brouschjrwren: you forgot facetime in your list of iphone superiorities21:20
brouschand thomas friends apps21:22
krondorthis could be fun; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=98774021:24
MilyardoXoombuntu distro in 3...2...1...21:35
MilyardoI can already imagine people confusing Xoombuntu with Xubuntu21:36
snap-lI confuse Xubuntu with pie21:42
jrwrenmmm... pie!21:54
jrwreni wish i had more time so I could make pie.21:54
snap-li wish I had more pie so I could pie while I pie22:03
snap-lJesus H Tapdancing Christ, can't anyone leave well enough alone on the Penguicon lists?22:44
snap-lThe marriage ceremony is over. Nothing is left except the smouldering remains22:44
snap-lit has been killed22:44
snap-lyet someone still persists on posting about it22:44
* waldo323 nods see you at the board meeing snap-l 22:49
* waldo323 leaving... going to be late :(22:49
snap-lHave fun, and see you there22:51

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