Cheri703heh, quite a collection!00:01
Unit193Cheri703: Busy?00:42
Cheri703wht's up?00:42
* canthus13 has an 8088 somewhere...01:11
canthus13And a 486.01:12
Unit193Hello dmcglone!01:25
Unit193canthus13: or The person that knows all: What are the chances of using the P3 in the Celeron compy? (same socket, diff FSB :( )01:27
dmcgloneHi Unit19301:29
dmcgloneanyone familiar with karaoke players for linux besides pykaraoke?01:29
Unit193dmcglone: apt-cache gave me performous and xmms2-plugin-karaoke01:33
dmcgloneI tried xmms2 it's smaller than a mouse01:33
dmcglonecouldn't even read the fonts01:33
dmcgloneI've got 120,000 karaoke songs and pykaraoke keeps choking when I try to scan the directory01:34
dmcglonebut I put pykaraoke on my brother's XP box and it scanned all the songs just fine. go figure!01:35
Unit193Would performous do it?01:35
dmcglonehaven't heard of it01:36
Unit193Nor have I :D01:37
dmcgloneah I took a look at that, it's for gaming01:37
dmcglonepykaraoke works great, it allows you to assign the the name of the person who's singing the song in a playlist. but dang it just keeps choking when trying to scan the directories :-(01:39
Unit193dmcglone: You have 0.7.3?01:39
dmcglone0.7.3 was supposed to remedy some sort of problem similiar to this01:40
Unit193Does it give any errors? (I have never used this)01:41
dmcgloneno, it just freezes indefinately01:41
dmcglonethe scan never finishes to the directory is never added to the database for searching01:42
dmcgloneI've been adding 1 directory at a time and it's working a little01:43
Cheri703maybe you just need less karaoke...01:44
Unit193This about sum it up? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pykaraoke/+bug/67009901:45
dmcgloneLOL Cheri70301:46
dmcgloneI need more, I want to start doing karaoke on the weekends01:46
dmcglonefor a little extra money01:46
Unit193I think you may have more karaoke then I have any songs...01:46
dmcgloneI got them from a Karaoke DJ01:49
dmcglonethat bug report says it didn't happen with the 0.7.2 release, maybe I should try that release01:49
dmcgloneI downloaded the program in zip format and see if that makes a difference instead of using synaptic02:06
dmcgloneI think my persistence is about to pay off :-)02:16
dmcglonethis is taking forever! I'm afraid it's gonna poop out on me02:29
dmcgloneas I suspected it pooped at the last minute02:57
dmcgloneso much for that03:03
canthus13Unit193: It would really depend on the motherboard and processor.  Some can tolerate different bus speeds, some can't.05:09
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thafreakMorning Ohio15:38
thafreakhey, who's the cinci lead...and does anyone remember that guy from PBS in cinci?15:38
thafreakpaultag: didn't you have that PBS guy's contact info?15:38
djoethafreak: nlawson15:46
djoeat least, that's what it looks like after some quick-and-dirty grepping of the logs15:46
thafreakcool, I'll go search the mailing lists for his email address then...I remember a few emails coming through from him...15:47
paultagthafreak: yeah, need it?16:23
thafreakpaultag: sure, thanks16:53
thafreakpaultag: so just pickles for synnamon eh?17:01
paultagthafreak: yeah, it's a bit lame -- but it's a controlled size, and it's only accessed by a single process at once :)17:01
thafreaknot lame...17:02
thafreakwhy not a shelf though...?17:02
paultagthafreak: well there's a simple reason that I'd not used that17:04
paultagthafreak: I've never heard of it17:04
thafreakI kinda figured you'd use something that just ships with python...just wasn't sure if you went the sqlite route or not17:04
paultagthafreak: well, I'm trying to keep deps down as far as I can17:04
thafreakas of 2.5 or 2.6 (i forget) sqlite is built in17:05
paultagthafreak: I have support for bleeding edge 2.6 and 3.x17:05
paultagthafreak: well then I'll have to fix that :)17:05
thafreakbut honestly, a shelf will be fine...just not when it comes to searching :)17:05
paultagthafreak: well lucky we don't have to search :)17:05
paultagand O(n) search on 2000 entries (huge number of packages) is nada17:06
paultagI'd eat that17:06
thafreakso do you only keep track of packages already installed? no apt style sources to keep updating?17:06
paultagthafreak: not yet17:06
paultagthafreak: that might be added on top -- remember, this is more like dpkg then apt17:07
thafreakmight I suggest something called whoosh...(or maybe it was woosh)17:07
paultagoh interesting17:07
thafreakwell, look at whoosh when the time comes, pure python full text search17:07
paultaglooks cool17:07
thafreaknot as fast as like xapian, but no external deps17:07
thafreakand for something like a package manager, I don't think the speed difference will matter17:09
thafreaknow, indexing wikipedia...maybe xapian would be a better choice...or lucene (cept I hate java apps)17:09
thafreakso, are the packages that get installed a special like package.syn, or do you just use plain tarballs ala slackware17:10
odapaultag, http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8198/1293247163284.png21:23
paultagoda: old as all hell21:24
paultagoda: that was made by a vmware hacker, he put it on his door21:24
paultagoda: that was 2008, mid-year-ish21:24
odapaultag, old for you, new for me21:24
odapaultag, oh and are you a bi-winner?21:25
paultagoda: I'm a mono-winner21:25
odapaultag, well then is your brain from another terrestrial realm?21:25
paultagoda: if one could consider italy another terrestrial realm, then yes21:26
paultagwhich I guess it is21:26
odapaultag is from italy?21:26
odafunny, I thought you came from a land down under.21:27
paultagoda: you've not noticed that I can hardly speak english, yes?21:27
odaYou know..where women glow and men plunder?21:27
odapaultag, obvious troll is obvious21:27
paultagoda: how've you been , jabroi?21:28
paultagjabroni *21:28
odaMan, you can't even speak italian either21:29
paultagnur Deutsch21:29
odapaultag, well, just been bi-winning21:29
odalol actually getting ready to move soon21:30
paultagno shit21:30
odathis time it's worth it21:31
paultagback with your dad?21:31
odaflorida sucks but atleast I won't live with my dad's parents21:31
odapaultag, http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/4271/1293710988905.jpg21:46
djoeI took a tape deck like that apart when I was a kid21:48
djoenever got it back together21:48
odadjoe, I took an HP laptop apart one time. It makes a nice doorstop now21:50
thafreakI took a door stop apart one time...now it makes a decent laptop...22:54
odaWhat's the officer, problem?22:57
odaMaverick Meerkat no like eee 100523:02

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