cyberangermhall119: I'm still open to setting one up, but I've not heard of intrest, and I was late to get informed, I can bring it up at the next meeting on the 7th01:22
cyberangeryou're the first person to bring it up, in I think 20 days01:22
cyberanger~23 days01:23
mhall119cyberanger: the 7th will be after UGJ01:40
cyberangermhall119: hence the problem01:55
* wrst notes that linuxman410 never hangs around for long03:22
cyberanger30 minutes of quiet wrst, and you didn't say hello03:23
cyberangerusually he gets a quick hello from you, or asks if your around03:24
wrstyes i'm a popular guy cyberanger :)03:24
brandon1can anyone help me get my webpage running??03:26
wrstbrandon1: what are you trying to do?03:31
brandon1im trying to get some php to send me email updates from a form03:31
wrstoh goodness over my head brandon1 :)03:32
brandon1haha well thanks anyway03:32
wrsthmm brandon1 non of our bigtime php guys are in here right now unless thats a talent that cyberanger has03:36
brandon1yea, im just starting to write web pages and im not sure if i have the code right..03:36
Juzzy<-- bigtime phper03:54
Juzzyemail is pretty darn simple03:55
brandon1so can u help me to fix my web page?  all i want to do is get the php code to send me an email... i know its simple but for some reason mozilla ff want to download the file03:55
Juzzyso thats not php at all03:56
Juzzywhats the file name?03:56
chibihogoshinohi vychune04:55
vychunehow ya doing04:55
chibihogoshinolooking for a new place to live04:56
chibihogoshinothe lease is up at the end of this month04:58
vychuneand cant renew?05:02
chibihogoshinoyeah but we dont want to .. its to much and not a good part of town05:03
vychuneoh ok05:13
chibihogoshinoits no longer fun05:16
chibihogoshinowhat are you up to vychune ?05:19
vychuneyu yu hakusho05:19
chibihogoshinoyou should watch tokyo magnitude 805:20
vychuneill do that05:20
vychunewhats it about"?05:23
chibihogoshinoa earth quake in tokyo05:24
vychuneoh ok will do05:27
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brandon1has bob been on today?20:30
wrstcyberanger this has been the quietest day here in a very long time22:16
wrsthey orias22:38

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