h00ker, evening.02:36
h00kIt's been oneof those days.02:42
lostsonits always one of those days02:43
lostsonok gonna grab the laptop and head downstairs i have to keep an eye on the baby02:45
h00kHow's openSuse?02:50
mikeputnami believe Ubuntu Server LTS releases will eventually be competition for RedHat03:25
mikeputnamthe number of dev's that are running ubuntu on the desktop have exploded03:26
mikeputnamand much like history has shown, if people run it on the desktop (Windows) the culture will eventually accept and embrace it on the server side03:26
mikeputnamwhether it is the best tool or not.  simply because it is familiar.03:27
lostson_time to install mimic on the lappy03:42
h00kgood luck03:49
lostson_no luck about it03:50
lostson_i know it will have had a working copy hosted and working for weeks now lol03:50
h00kthat was fun04:30
lostsonok custome kernel is built time to boot into it04:44
h00klostson: how'd it go?04:50
lostsonworks like a charm sound back in all my games and speedy04:56
lostsoni should start a ppa keep my kernels in there04:57
lostsonalways did like building my own kernels anyway not sure why must be cuz i used gentoo for years04:58
lostsonok time for some ut9905:13

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