* nlsthzn waves07:21
* sakhi waves at nlsthzn 07:48
nlsthznhi sakhi :)07:48
inetprogood morning08:00
* nlsthzn waves at inetpro08:06
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nlsthznsup superfly (I see -za slowly stirs)08:11
inetpronlsthzn: what's up doc?08:19
nlsthzninetpro: sorry was afk, not to much, lazy day, and there?08:52
queerymaaz, coffee on15:10
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:10
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!15:14
queerymaaz, thank you15:15
Maazqueery: Sure15:15
Symmetriamaaz, whiskey please15:26
MaazSymmetria: Huh?15:26
Symmetriamaaz irish coffee?15:26
MaazSymmetria: Huh?15:26
Symmetriamaaz, any form of intoxicating substance?15:26
MaazSymmetria: Sorry...15:26
Symmetriagah, useless I tell you15:26
Symmetriaabsolutely useless :P15:26
marcogMaaz: $arg please is <reply>$who: Go get it yourself!15:27
Maazmarcog: Got it15:27
SymmetriaMaaz, hot intimate encounters with yourself15:28
MaazSymmetria: Huh?15:28
SymmetriaMaaz, hot intimate encounters with yourself please?15:28
MaazSymmetria: Go get it yourself!15:28
Symmetria:P wow, it told me to rape it :P15:28
Morganvdoh when oh when will software be maid by cell companies for linux20:13
superflyMorganvd: when you spell "made" correctly? :-P20:14
Morganvdthey like old maids20:14
Morganvdi finaly got my Cell C usb to work20:14
Morganvdwhat a mission20:14
superflywhy? I just plugged a friend's in and it worked instantly20:15
Kerberothere are a lot of people strugling too20:15
Morganvdit keeps asking me for my pin and then disconeects20:15
Morganvdi downloaded 20:15
Morganvduse it and it ran first go20:15
Morganvdthen used it to compile it into usb_modeswitch 20:16
Morganvdand now i can use network manager20:16
Kerberois there any tutorial you followed?20:16
Morganvdnope i got the info on a forum where the guy said try this try that if it does not work try saki3g20:17
Morganvdsaki3g is a script20:17
Morganvdit seemed to pick up the setting from the usb20:17
Morganvdbut its a gui scripts20:17
Morganvdi just ran it20:18
Morganvdit connected 20:18
Morganvdused option more options20:18
Morganvdand there is a compile into usb_modeswitch 20:18
Morganvdhad to install libusb-dev20:19
Morganvdto get it to work with network maanger20:19
Kerberowill copy the instructions20:19
Morganvdif you want i can try write a short tutorial for you20:20
superflyput your sim card into a phone and turn off the pin20:20
Kerberowill just give your instructions through to a friend strugling with it20:20
Morganvddid that and it did not work20:20
* superfly doesn't understand why people have issues20:20
Kerberodifferent modems20:20
Morganvdthere seems to be a issue with E1752 and usb-modeswitch20:20
Kerbero"so dit hang mar af van watter modem jy kry"20:20
superflyI have a Vodacom Huawei E272, and my friend had the E1752 I think (the standard Cell C one)20:21
superflyboth work out of the box on Kubuntu 10.10, without usb modeswitch20:21
Morganvdsuperfly: i have tried it on 3 diffrent ubuntu machines20:22
Morganvdand they all have the same issue20:22
Kerberowe also had the same issue as Morganvd20:23
superflylatops or desktops?20:23
superflyi know that on some desktops the front USB ports don't have enough power20:23
Morganvdhp 8730w20:24
superflyworked perfectly in my friend's laptop too20:24
Morganvdnetbook dell 101820:24
Morganvdyou can also run the script each time20:25
Morganvdbut i like using netowrk manager20:25
Morganvdthere was 2 diffrent usb modems20:25
Morganvdthe new standard cellc one is e175220:25
Morganvdit used to be another model20:25
Morganvdthis one has only been standard a few months20:26
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