rcconfIdleOne on fire00:00
rcconfor automatic script00:00
murielgodoiHow to recompile a ubuntu package changing some flags?00:01
rcconfhi UcefKH00:01
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shcherbakmurielgodoi: "Ubuntu" source is online, search package name.00:02
UcefKHhi me00:03
rcconfhi you00:03
tbruff13drc, are you there00:04
murielgodoishcherbak: I already get the code using apt-get source libdca-utils... but I donno how to change and recompile it00:04
rcconfUcefKH: do you have a question?00:04
Zed`I have a question00:04
Zed`I am trying to resize a volume in gparted but if I select info it says Warning: Logical Volume Management is not yet supported yet"  - suggestion00:04
shcherbakmurielgodoi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51003&highlight=checkinstall00:04
daniel_can someone help me i have no clue whats going on the gaphics like an inche from the buttom of my laptop are going crazy there like disorted and can do anything down there00:06
murielgodoishcherbak: I already have the package source.. I just don't know where to change the flags00:06
JTallisRepost: Can someone help me out with "Unable to find Medium containing a live file system" My post is: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1061226200:07
aeon-ltddaniel_: are you trying to run a dock?00:07
daniel_aeon-ltd, no00:07
Mad_HaTTeri was thinking of writing a dock00:07
daniel_aeon-ltd, i was about to install mspot for chrome00:07
aeon-ltddaniel_: if you could get a screenshot up that would be nice, if no one here has a solution use the screenshot for a forum post00:08
daniel_aeon-ltd, i just took one were do i put it ?00:08
rcconfis there a good channel for scripting in general?00:08
Mad_HaTTerin java so its multi platform00:08
RussellAlanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/586656/  --- trying to edit my grub200:08
RussellAlansomeone help?00:08
daniel_aeon-ltd well i think i might try to restart real quick see if that does anything00:09
aeon-ltddaniel_: imagebin or any host you'd like00:09
rcconfZed`: did you unmoun the volume before you try to resize?00:09
Mad_HaTTergood question rcconf00:09
aeon-ltddaniel_: ok00:09
Zed`rcconf: booted off the gparted live iso00:09
Zed`need to run afk, anmyway00:10
Zed`I will repost later00:10
rcconfZed`: google that error mesage00:10
Zed`thanks tho00:10
IcarianHeightsi'm running ubuntu 10.10 and upgraded my compiz to but i still can't get scale to work with minimized windows... any suggestions?00:10
Zed`and my google foo failed me that's why I am begg'n for scraps here hehe00:10
Roasted__Is NTP installed + running by default in Ubuntu?:00:10
rcconfRoasted__: no, just ntpdate at boot.00:11
drcRoasted__: no00:11
shcherbakmurielgodoi: hm, good question...00:11
rcconfRoasted__: you need to install ntp.00:11
rcconfRoasted__: go system admin time & date ;)00:11
rcconfeasy to install and configure00:11
fizyplanktonsay i have a monitor arrangement like this : http://paste.pocoo.org/show/361832/ is there any way i can stop the cursor from reaching the place with the x? it is annoying as hell how it goes off the screen00:11
Roasted__rcconf, I'm having some time issues with my thin clients using LTSP and Edubuntu 10.10. Everybody is pulling a different time. It was recommended to me to install NTP and put in the time server in the config file for the thin clients.00:11
Roasted__rcconf, you would think, but like I said, running thin clients. Our setup is a bit different as a result.00:12
rcconfRoasted__: do it using gui it's easy. you just need to add the NTP address to the list and check it.00:12
rcconfit will ask you to install ntp00:13
rcconfafter that you can purge ntpdate.00:13
Roasted__rcconf, It's a bit more complicated than that, as my thin client image has no GUI.00:13
Roasted__rcconf, so I need to do it via terminal.00:13
rcconfRoasted__: i know how to do it.00:13
rcconfRoasted__: sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf00:13
rcconfRoasted__: first install it sudo apt-get install ntp00:14
* drc does so look forward to Roasted__'s daily questions :)00:14
rcconfRoasted__: sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf and add you add line in the end "server ntp-address"00:14
rcconfwithout "00:14
Roasted__good deal00:14
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Roasted__thanks bro00:14
rcconfthen you sudo service ntp restart00:14
murielgodoiWhere to change some FLAGS to build a ubuntu pachage? I already got the source.00:14
Roasted__drc, good to know I have a fan club :P00:15
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drcRoasted__: I lean things and also learn who here has no clue as to what they are talking about00:15
StepNjump...I backed up my computer with back in time but how am I supposed to restore?00:15
rcconfRoasted__: it will run ntpd daemon at boot. default config wont run it as server. option you can block 123 udp port in software fireall or router00:15
dajhornHow can I get the regular dpkg and apt-get at the rescue prompt of the alternative Natty installer?00:17
* dajhorn oops (+1), I know00:18
drc!natty | dajhorn00:18
ubottudajhorn: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:18
Mad_HaTTerinatall apt-get00:18
rcconfdajhorn: /join #natty00:18
StepNjumpAnyone here uses the app back in time?00:19
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[snake]I'm trying to convert video to avi, and ffmpeg is saying "Unknown encoder 'libmp3lame". I looked for that encoder in synaptic and it turns out that lame stands for " LAME ain't an Mp3 Encoder." so I have no clue why it's saying this.00:20
Mad_HaTTerhahaha narwhal like in the book?00:20
hasan[snake]: are u kidding us?00:21
hasanor is that a real problem to you00:21
[snake]hasan, no, i'm not kidding, sorry lol :P00:21
[snake]I'm not really into encoding n stuff so yeah00:22
Hodappanyone - an easy way to put the X server into 16-bit color?00:22
gordonjcpin Unity, how can I remove the big blurry drop-shadow around windows?00:22
HodappI guess I could write Xorg.conf by hand but I'd like to avoid that00:22
hasanso LAME is really standing for: LAME ain't an MP3 Encoder00:22
Hodapp...even though LAME really kinda is one...00:22
drc[snake]: Recursive acromyms are a long time tradition in *nix00:22
Mad_HaTTerahh so it doesnt encode the mp3 audio for the avi00:22
seeiare all the bluetooth chipsets supported in gnu/linux00:23
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[snake]Mad_HaTTer, yess00:23
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seeihow would i find out if my chipset is supported00:23
[snake]Mad_HaTTer, that's my problem00:23
teageHello, I am trying to edit my Xorg.conf file. I had to run this comand to make on, Xorg -configure. I see it made xorg.conf.new in my home directory. Not in X11. Where is it?00:23
Hodappooh, maybe I can learn something from the answer to this00:23
hasanteage: cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:24
Mad_HaTTeri useare you trying to rip something snake?00:24
teagehasan- thank you00:24
[snake]Mad_HaTTer, no, I just have an mp4 i got off of youtube, and I need to convert it because shake doesn't recognize it.00:24
Marsha||[a]anyone can help me with OpenVZ pls ?00:25
bluum[snake]: so you pasted an ffmpeg command you found on the internet into your terminal, and it said "unknown encoder"?00:25
tbruff13Hello ubuntu wont connect to my schools internet can someone tell me why00:25
Mad_HaTTerthen snake i would recommend jhymn00:25
[snake]bluum, no silly I'm using the GUI for it: winFF00:25
rcconftbruff13: more details please00:25
murielgodoiHow to set new flags before to build an ubuntu package?00:26
meLondetails, tbruff13 .  Using wifi/lan?  Have you had the same computer connect to the internet elsewhere?00:26
bluum[snake]: so there's an incompatibility between the winFF and the ffmpeg packaging. file a bug00:26
coz_[snake],   the command for ffmpeg is     ffmpeg -i nameof.mp4  nameof.avi  or whatever you want to convert it to00:26
hasanis it possible to purge messages on server when deleting them locally in inbox?00:26
hasanproto pop300:26
hasanand fetchmail00:26
hasanclient mutt.00:26
FloodBot3hasan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
Mad_HaTTerjhymp also works with itunes and will rip the dmr out of m4a's00:26
coz_[snake],  be sure you have all of the codecs installed as well00:26
braxtonAre there any network gurus in here? I would like some iptables help.00:27
Logan_hasan: support for Mutt is in #mutt00:27
Marsha||[a]& what about OpenVZ ?00:27
Mad_HaTTeri use it cause i have archaic mp3 players (i hate ipod)00:28
RussellAlanhow can i uninstall gnome?00:28
Logan_Marsha||[a]: #openvz00:28
RussellAlanthen reinstall?00:28
[snake]coz_, the command works :P00:28
coz_Marsha||[a],  I dont know but did you take a look at this?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVZ00:28
coz_[snake],  there you go00:28
Marsha||[a]ok Logan_ thanks00:28
[snake]bluum, I don't know how to file bug reports :(00:28
[snake]bluum, google ?00:28
Marsha||[a]Logan_,  cant send to channel00:29
xbskidIs there any way to move the close/minimize/maximize buttons to the right-hand side of the windows?00:29
drc!bug | [snake]00:29
ubottu[snake]: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:29
Mad_HaTTerget windows?00:29
kZardanybody know PowerPC here?00:29
kZardI'm trying to boot from CD in a G4, but the default holding-C doesn't work, so I'm trying through OpenFirmware mode00:29
kZardI basically need to know the directory to tell the mac where to boot from00:29
coz_[snake],  however if the mp4  was made on windows with drm enabled it WILL NOT convert or play on linux as far as i know00:29
kZard(anybody know where ubuntu disks store their boot info?)00:30
Mad_HaTTeryeah coz_ if you convert it to mp3 with jhymn it will00:30
coz_Mad_HaTTer,  ah  really?  I will look into it ,, surprising :)00:30
Logan_Marsha||[a]: you must register your nick on Freenode first00:30
PolahI just installed 10.10 64-bit and cannot boot off of it. The partition with Ubuntu installed on it has the "boot" flag and is the primary hard drive, and /boot/grub exists.00:30
[snake]coz_, yes my friend threw his laptop out of the window becuse of that (he edited this huge video on windows and wanted to composite it in shake on linux, and yeah :P)00:30
[snake]broken laptop for nothing-- jk it somehow survived though.00:31
tbruff13sorry meLon and rcconf  yes i am connected to the internet now and windows users and macs can connect at school just not ubuntu00:31
coz_[snake],  well according to Mad_HaTTer   the drm enabled mp4 files can be converted but I am looking into it00:31
rcconftbruff13: using ethernet or wireless?00:31
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tbruff13rcconf, wireless00:32
rcconftbruff13: is wireless working on your ubuntu?00:32
rcconfi mean the drivers00:32
rcconfdoest it detect school wireless ?00:33
tbruff13yes im not my wireless home network now, and it detect my school wireless just won't connect even though i have the password00:33
Mad_HaTTeralso do they use a regular ssid or hidden?00:33
rcconftbruff13: does your use wep or wpa or wpa2?00:34
Mad_HaTTerand what kind of encryption00:34
tbruff13wpa 200:35
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Mad_HaTTeraes psk ?00:35
tbruff13rcconf, wpa2 i think00:35
rcconftbruff13: check the password..00:35
Mad_HaTTerand caps00:35
rcconftbruff13: and check the signal strenght00:35
[snake]Is anyone in here familiar with Apple Shake 4.0 for linux?00:35
j_ayen_greenwhy is pulseaudio usin 20% of my cpu with no audio playing?00:36
tbruff13rcconf, both checked and both are fine password right from friends internet connected laptop00:36
malinahmm J_00:37
malinasounds not good ;p00:37
Mad_HaTTertbruff13 what kind of encryption does it use?00:37
[snake]wow, I paid 5,000 dollars for a program that barely works with the main thing it works with :P I will be on google all night then.00:37
[snake]*main thing it's supposed to work with00:37
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, Wpa or Wpa2 not sure anymore but ubuntu called it personal home use weird right00:38
Mad_HaTTerha @ 5000 dollars00:38
Mad_HaTTertbuff13 thats the connection type not the encryption00:40
IcarianHeightsin which version of compiz does the scale effect work on minimized windows in gnome00:40
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tbruff13hold up i can check00:40
teageIs there a way to change driver for touchpad?, My edit xorg.conf attempt failed. I have funky mouse and tried different settings and nothing. checked my conf file and under device driver for mouse is "mouse"00:41
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, ill be back go to reboot to check00:41
b1llyi'm having trouble setting up user accounts00:41
b1llyfor ftp00:41
Mad_HaTTeryes teage install the correct driver your probally just using a default driver00:42
b1llyi guess im having trouble with permissions, but i installd vsftpd and than some sort of pam shit and i cant connect to it at all now00:42
PolahDo I want to specify the mount point /boot for my boot partition?00:43
meLonI like how if I double click some text, it is pretty smart and will select the text between quotes.  "Like right here".  Is there any way to do this without the mouse (ie keyboard shortcut)?00:43
teageMad_Hatter, Isnt Most touchpads either Snaptics or Alps?00:43
meLonEvery one I've come across so far teage00:43
[snake]I'm sad :(00:43
[snake]PLease! someone help me!!!!00:44
tonsofpcsfind a shrink?00:44
Acid190[snake]:where does it hurt?00:44
xbskidIs there any way to move the close/minimize/maximize buttons to the right-hand side of the windows?00:44
[snake]Acid190, my wallet00:44
[snake]I got apple shake, and it doesn't recognise any video file formats00:45
[snake]xbskid, yes, you can google it.00:45
teageMad_Hatter, I believe mine is Snaptics from what i have gathered online, Trying to change my driver but having no luck. The driver is allready installed i believe. Just not listed00:45
[snake]xbskid, because I don't remember how to do it as I like mine on the left00:45
Mad_HaTTerhey b1lly ftp://username:password@ftp.ftpsite.com00:45
[snake]xbskid, it should be the first few results :)00:46
Mad_HaTTer@ p*00:46
aeon-ltdxbskid: http://uk.lifehacker.com/5500577/move-ubuntus-window-buttons-back-to-the-right00:46
[snake]Acid190, can you help me?00:46
StepNjumpDoes anyone know how to install clonezilla?00:46
Mad_HaTTer: p00:46
aeon-ltdStepNjump: you don't, its intended to be used as a livecd to clone hdds00:46
drc[snake]: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61527700:47
[snake]ok, I didn't but shake for $5,000 but I have it, and I need it to work.00:47
[snake]drc,  :)00:47
andrew[andrboot]Hi Guys, i have a Mac OSX Xserve with 2.1 firmware, i checked the wiki's, couldn't find much bout ubuntu server supporting it.. has anyone managed to install ubuntu 10.04 lts server & boot off it?00:47
StepNjumpmmm aeon-ltd I have a netbook (no optic reader) and would like to back up my system00:47
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, i never connected all the way all I know is the password is PineReb03Jonny and the encryption is WPA & WPA2 personal plus I use a flash drive to run ubuntu on school computers, but ethernet works and the wireless detects other networks so it works00:47
aeon-ltdStepNjump: usb stick available?00:47
drc[snake]: Hope it works...I just googled :)00:47
[snake]drc, :(00:47
[snake]drc, that is for installing00:48
StepNjumpaeon-ltd yes00:48
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b1llyftp://aaa:xxxx@ftp.domain.com returns unable to connect00:48
hilarieHalp, I installed unity on my ubuntu 10.10 with "sudo apt-get install unity" and it seems pretty and all, but my mouse doesn't work, how can I go back to defaults without re-installing?00:48
aeon-ltdStepNjump: and a usb ext hdd aswell?00:48
drc[snake]: So the problem is?....I forgot in all the hoopla00:48
[snake]drc, not for the problem I have... though I suppose I can try this method of installing, I did it slightly differently00:48
hilarieIt seems completely frozen when I turn it on00:48
[snake]drc, oh, i can't import videos00:48
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, helloi00:49
StepNjumpaeon-ltd yes I have an ext hdd00:49
drc[snake]: ah...right...00:49
Mad_HaTTerdid you check 20 &21 and ping the server?00:49
StepNjumpaeon-ltd but it is formated in ntfs00:49
* Hodapp <- impressed that Ubuntu installed at all on this Pentium II, 333 MHz...00:49
aeon-ltdStepNjump: use grub to reformat if you no longer need the data stored on it00:49
brandon420  /rage00:49
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, huh i just tried to connect with network manager00:50
aeon-ltdbrandon420: cd or usb?00:50
tbruff13brandon420, try unetbootin00:50
sparcHey hey.  Are people able to host their own copies of Launchpad?  Or are we force to use Canonicals...00:50
KB1JWQ!caps | brandon42000:50
ubottubrandon420: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:50
StepNjumpyep but I do! aeon-ltd00:50
[snake]actually that's exactly how I did it except I didn't use nautilus and I named my foler nreal not apple.00:50
aeon-ltdbrandon420: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:50
_GhouL_does unetbootin works with windows don think so00:50
StepNjumpaeon-ltd I just need to back up my data so I can move the data on the new computer00:50
StepNjumpjust data00:50
Mad_HaTTeryeah tbruff13 sorry was talking to bily? on that one00:51
tbruff13oh ok00:51
StepNjumpaeon-ltd I tried back in time but have no idea how to recover00:51
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, so now what00:51
aeon-ltdStepNjump: data as in your personal files, not system configs?00:51
brandon420aeon-ltd, i did that, and its not bootable.00:51
StepNjumpExactly aeon-ltd00:51
Mad_HaTTeris there a error message or just not connecting?00:52
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, windows and mac users can connect to the school internet is their anyway to make the wireless network think i am a windows computer and no there is no error it just asks for password over and over and over even though i know its right00:52
aeon-ltdStepNjump: then why not just move the files without clonezilla?, clonezilla would make an exact bootable copy of your installed system00:52
StepNjumpI know ..00:52
aeon-ltdbrandon420: for more join #windows ask about how to burn a cd00:53
alecthegeekG'Day: Does anyone know if J2EE in the cloud needs a different approach to a server? Do I just pretend the cloud is a bunch of servers and deploy as normal or is it a different approach? Are there specialist J2EE cloud providers (like Engine Yard and Rails)? Thanks00:53
StepNjumpOk thanks, I'll do this some other time when I have time aeon-ltd thanks!00:53
brandon420aeon-ltd, im on ubuntu, trying to install windows 700:53
alfahi all00:53
aeon-ltdbrandon420: sorry i thought it was the other way round00:53
brandon420haha, nope00:53
Mad_HaTTertbruff13 your password that you know is right did you check caps and numlock?00:53
NixDoucheI don't think you can install win7 second.00:53
brandon420i miss playing games, gonna dual boot.00:53
NixDoucheWindows is pretty aggressive like that.00:53
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, yes00:54
Mad_HaTTerand your keyboard type00:54
brandon420i shall reinstall both, lol.00:54
aeon-ltdbrandon420: you can, but it involves reinstalling grub to boot back into ubuntu00:54
brandon420right clicking>write to disc, doesnt make it bootable00:54
nit-witW7 can be installed after a nix00:54
miccapfff, why on Earth in this day and age, has cpu frequency scaling *not* been compiled into the kernekl00:54
brandon420aeon-ltd, its cool, i can just install it again, nothing big. all my files are on another hdd00:55
littlebearz1(micca): laziness?00:55
drcbrandon420: You can install win7 second, but its much easier to install it first (saves playing with MBR)00:55
miccaerm, laziness?00:55
miccathese days , you would think some power saving measures would be at leats a module..a nd I am thinking00:55
littlebearz1(micca): yeah, it's like me doing anything, I don't finish the whole thing00:55
saltashello all i just install ubuntu 10.10 in my laptop and i just wondering if there is a free software like adobe flash for making flash sites..does anyone know ?00:55
brandon420how do i burn a bootable dvd on ubuntu?00:55
Gulfstreamhow do I scale the CPU in Ubuntu netbook edition?00:55
nit-wityou have to know how to deal with the mbr we are talking 2-3 commands in ethier OS00:55
[snake]random: I wish my school would embrace open source and use Linux.00:55
miccaI get 'no support' if I attempt to compile myown kernel"?> if I take the generic one of ubuntu and reocmpile it, I hsould still be ifne, right? ::)00:55
brandon420saltas, use google chrome00:55
drcbrandon420: brasero00:55
littlebearz1(micca): for example, I was just writing this url shortner and it works, but no instruction is provided00:55
littlebearz1([snake]): same here00:56
brandon420saltas, they also have adobe flash for ubuntu.00:56
micca(sorry abt typos , have an annoying cat lying on top of my arms00:56
fisixi've resized my icons in edit > preferences under nautilus. pdf's however still display larger than other icon types. is there any way to change this too?00:56
Gulfstreambrandon420, you need to first download the image, or make the image, then burn to disc00:56
brandon420Gulfstream, lmfao00:56
brandon420just lol.00:56
miccalittlebearz1, are you on drugs?00:56
brandon420thanks for trying though.00:56
littlebearz1(micca): the support is people in this channel, or any linux distro using that kernel00:56
Gulfstreamhow do I scale the CPU in Ubuntu netbook edition?00:56
brandon420drc, i think is gonna work.00:56
brandon420Gulfstream, scale?00:56
saltasi think is not free.. and btw google crome is for desing flash sites ?00:56
littlebearz1(micca): lol, no, I can't think when I'm on it00:56
miccaexactly, which says won't be the case, if you compile you rown kernel, right? :)00:57
GulfstreamI want to set it to performance00:57
Daekdroomsaltas, Google Chrome is a browser like Firefox00:57
miccaalthough I hardly wish all my cores to be running 24/7 on 4.1 GHz00:57
b1llyam i supposed to setup an ftp url redirection somewhere00:57
brandon420oh, shit, idk00:57
micca'it' or 'them'?00:57
b1llyor once i install vsftpd it autoamtically makes the ftp.url live00:57
miccaI would certainly not restrict myself to one drug00:57
Mad_HaTTertbruff13 if thats what its doing its one of 3 things password problem, input method problem, or encryption problem00:57
miccacoffee... sex.. alcohol.. good start for one ;)00:58
joeoshawai have a rather strange problem i cannot resize firefox at all or move the window00:58
miccabut ok nvm that, there r kids here surely00:58
littlebearz1(b1lly): that depends on if u have the router or computer directly connected to the internet00:58
saltasdaekdroom i know what crome is in windows..i just aks for a free software for create flash sites ..:P00:58
b1llyi have a router00:58
littlebearz1(micca): kids in ubuntu channel? really?00:58
littlebearz1(b1lly): then usually it's just locally accessible00:58
MeanEYECan anyone tell me where I can download ubuntu logo in svg?00:58
littlebearz1(b1lly): unless you have port forwarded00:58
Mad_HaTTerahh micca cant go without those afternoon delights ;)00:58
miccaso quesiton is this, can I recompile the .35-generic ubuntu klernel and keep it in the dependencies?00:58
b1llyi cant even access it locally00:58
tbruff13sorry Mad_HaTTer ok if im doing every thing right could the school just not allow linux00:59
miccahehe Mad_HaTTer  hear hear ;)00:59
b1llyi was able to before but than i tryed to setup user accounts and permissions00:59
b1llyand now i cant even connect lol00:59
brandon420my dvd drive still says that it has a disk in it, it has been replaced with a empty one. (i tried 4 disc)00:59
littlebearz1(b1lly): lol, I think the user and permission is error in there somewhere00:59
Mad_HaTTerno tbruff13 as port 80 is universal00:59
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, ok so whats the issue01:00
b1llylittlebearz1: wont even connect to fpt.domain.com problem loading page01:00
littlebearz1(b1lly): if u get too fed up, use a windows and use filezilla server for a temporarily solution, though I don't recommend it01:00
b1llyusually it just promps for username pw01:00
[snake]apple is second in line when it comes to retarded companies -_-01:00
miccaeither I gotta recompile the kernel and still have it be updated properly with respect to dependencies, or I have to yet again, go and do something silly like  change to a rolling release distro? surely not :/ blah01:00
Gulfstreamhow do I scale the CPU to performance in Ubuntu netbook edition?01:00
micca3rd, when I start mine [snake]01:00
hilarieHow can I go back to the default ubuntu thingy, I did "sudo apt-get install unity" and now my desktop is un-usable, I have it set up to not ask for password upon startup, so I can't select session01:00
littlebearz1(b1lly): what are u using?01:00
miccaim literally gonna call it 'retard computers.com'01:00
hilarieIs there a CLI way that I can do it from the recovery console, or am I going to have to reinstall?01:01
[snake]micca, lol :)01:01
miccawith the motto: as slow as it gets!01:01
littlebearz1(micca): i think that domain is taken01:01
tbruff13hilarie, sudo apt-get remove --purge unity01:01
[snake]micca, you aren't going to be worse than microsuck01:01
brandon420my dvd drive still says that it has a disk in it, it has been replaced with a empty one. (i tried 4 disc)     ideas?01:01
miccaprolly littlebearz1 , you would know better than I01:01
[snake]are you?01:01
hilarietbruff13 ty01:01
miccano true01:01
Mad_HaTTerlike i said 1 of those 3 you ruled out one but still need to check your using the right encryption for the network and the right keboard layout for the computer your on01:01
b1llyapache2 php mysql and ffmpeg atm01:01
miccabut thats why I implied 2nd , not 1st01:01
b1llyoh and vsftpd01:01
hilariehilarie, sudo apt-get remove --purge unity double -- intended?01:02
miccabut still.. can someone tell me,.. can i recompile our ubu kernel and keep it in the dependencies01:02
littlebearz1(b1lly): so you have a problem with permission or you can't connect at all?01:02
[snake]micca, from my position it could have been 2nd or first, because you were simply moving apple to 3rd.01:02
littlebearz1(b1lly): with connection it's your vspfd configuration and with user that's just with permission error01:02
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Logan_!misspelling | [snake]01:02
ubottu[snake]: Please don't use silly misspellings to denigrate other operating systems. It makes users of that system feel attacked, and hurts Ubuntu advocacy by making the community look unreasonable.01:02
miccatrue [snake] but 'retard computers.com' barely gonna become company #1 in profits, now is it? ;)01:02
b1llyi tryd to setup a pam and it wont connect at all anymore01:02
[snake]micca, did you ever hear of gentoo.01:02
Mad_HaTTerare they using a certificate billy?01:02
rwwMad_HaTTer: may I PM you?01:03
tbruff13hilarie,  try sudo apt-get install aptitude && sudo aptitude remove --purge unity01:03
[snake]Logan_, what did I misspell?01:03
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, any ideas01:03
littlebearz1(Mad_HaTTer): I'm guessing he's using a SSL01:03
[snake]micca, ;)01:03
Logan_[snake]: "microsuck"01:03
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, im in a high school by the way01:03
hilariekk ty01:03
miccasnake, .. ye I went to arch just cos of having some power saving option after it semed so 'ooooh, naughty biy' when compiling my own kernel.. but that was the git upstream klernel.. im asking if i can recompile the ubuntu kernel yes.. or no01:03
[snake]Logan_, oh, sorry, i see.01:04
miccaand let it be someone else than [snake]  ANSWERING ;)01:04
Mad_HaTTeryeah probally littlebear01:04
littlebearz1(Mad_HaTTer): they should make a simpler solution xd01:05
miccathere is nothing more annoying than asking something about ubuntu, and hearing hey , how about gentoo01:05
miccaok ill go to off topic since my quesiton is obviously not a n ubuntu quetion then01:05
littlebearz1(Mad_HaTTer): I recall someone write a script for ssl generation and self signing01:05
Mad_HaTTerso littlebear are you english as the name implies?01:05
[snake]Yeah so the reason I started on hating apple is because, Shake cost 400 for there computers but 5000 for linux. -_- and you can't import video with linux into shake.01:05
miccayes, of course you can selg sign yourcertificate01:05
miccasno problem01:05
littlebearz1(Mad_HaTTer): am I english?, bloody no01:05
miccaboth with openssl01:05
miccayou probably, ain't mate01:06
miccabut tI g7uess that ain't your fault, but your parents01:06
FloodBot3micca: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
hilarieMaybe you could just kill me now, How do I connect to wifi via CLI from the recovery console?01:06
littlebearz1(Mad_HaTTer): it's just like a nick I have since I couldn't register the domain name01:06
littlebearz1(hilarie): ifconfig wlan0 up01:06
[snake]hilarie, service networking start01:06
Mad_HaTTeryeah i write my own certificates what a painb that is01:07
miccahilarie, ooo from the recovery console.. tough one... especially on wifi..  but there you go, littlebearz1  seemed ot make it less bad ;p01:07
littlebearz1(hilarie): iwconfig --essid xxxxx01:07
muay-guyhas anyone succesfully installed the 64 bit flash plugin for firefox 4?01:07
tbruff13Mad_HaTTer, any other ideas01:07
[snake]hilarie, mine might not work as I am thinking of another distro entirely.01:07
littlebearz1(hilarie): or something along that lines, I usually go for man iwconfig and check the manual01:07
DrFalconhilarie, this page has answers to most wifi questions in ubuntu. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:07
miccalittlebearz1, if I recompile the current stable ubu kernel, can I keep it on the dependencies? I presume yes, but just double checking?01:08
genii-around!pinning | micca01:08
ubottumicca: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto01:08
johnweddgreetings. having issues with flash on my web browser01:08
miccathanks genii-around01:08
T_N_Thello I have an acer aspire one and just installed 10.10 netbook via wubi only problem is there is no wireless driver installed, anyone know what to do?01:09
quantjohnwedd: be more specific, please01:09
littlebearz1(micca): I have no clue about that xd01:09
searaymanto send a kill SIGTERm via terminal is it like this: kill -15 PID01:09
littlebearz1(searayman): I thought it was pkill -pid xxx01:09
DrFalconuse pkill01:09
muay-guy has anyone succesfully installed the 64 bit flash plugin for firefox 4?01:09
Mad_HaTTeryes tbruff13 find out the encryption method and make sure your using the same in ubuntu weather aes or psk psk2 and check your keyboard layout in ubuntu weather us or us-init and that it mathes the kbd on the computer your on'01:09
searaymanlittlebearz1: whats the difference01:09
littlebearz1(hilarie): and if u're too lazy to type that ubuntu docs it's linked as http://u.xxw.ca/wifi01:10
littlebearz1(searayman): pkill is better though I can't explain it01:10
hilarielittlebearz1 I am going through it now01:10
littlebearz1(searayman): I think it does a deep aka better job than kill ?01:10
miccahmm not sure if pinning is quite it though genii-around . I was more wondering if I lose that right of 'support' etc, and* lose dependencies if I recompile the current ubuntu kernel I am using to include cpu freq scaling support as an example?01:10
johnweddquant, the flash plugin either comes up as crashed or as wrong version, i have updated uninstalled, reinstalled01:10
littlebearz1(johnwedd): sudo apt-get install flash-nonfree01:11
quantjohnwedd: are you using gnash or the proprietary flash?01:11
DrFalconuse killall if you want to kill a bunch of processes at once01:11
hilarieFYI if you ever have unity installed, and type sudo apt-get remove --purge unity when you boot back into ubuntu, you will get a white screen01:11
quantjohnwedd: also what version of ubuntu01:11
littlebearz1(hilarie): ouch01:11
miccadoes that package even exist littlebearz1 ?01:11
searaymanlittlebearz1: but hypotheticly would kill -15 PID work for sending the SIGTERM signal?01:12
johnwedd10.10,  and proprietary01:12
littlebearz1(searayman): yeah, it's harder to remember01:12
miccahehe hilarie01:12
quantjohnwedd: any particular page on which it crashes or just any page?01:12
littlebearz1(searayman): cause pkill I remember as process kill01:12
johnweddquant, all01:12
aaron_chi, i'm on ubuntu 10.04 and  making regular backups with ubuntu's simple backup restore utility.  if i buy a new desktop and insatll ubuntu 10.10 is it possible to use my backup files make an exact image of my current desktop?01:12
genii-aroundmicca: We cannot of course support a custom compiled kernel if you experience problems as a result.01:12
quantjohnwedd: remove it and install again, that's what I'd do01:13
searaymanlittlebearz1: i am just checkign if i am doing somethign right i learned in class, were learnign how to kill things with different things and have to send different signals to a program and write wht happens01:13
quantjohnwedd: be sure to have browser closed while doing it01:13
DrFalconaaron_c: I would reccomend a clean install rather than an image, because hardware is going to be different.01:13
littlebearz1(searayman): neat class xd01:13
miccafair enough, but with the cpu frequency scaling pu tin there (as I really will save energy on it).. will at least I be able to re-introduce it to the dependencies so to speakl?01:13
searaymanlittlebearz1: i hte the class...01:13
littlebearz1(searayman): lol, ignore my last comment then01:14
[snake]well screw linux, I have a mac laying around somewhere... It's just sad that apple had to make me say that. :((01:14
miccanot getting support cos I need the energy saving is the same as going to a rollign releas I guess... and I like ubu ffs.. so but *dependency reliability* for me is the main issue!01:14
[snake]pardon my language, I keep on forgetting this is a support channel...01:14
littlebearz1(searayman): i would personally write a script that open a process a million times and kill it in a different times and capturing the output01:15
aaron_cDrFalcon: i see, ok.  but if my current desktop completely, and i just get a new hard drive, i shoudl be able to make an exact copy with my backup files right?01:15
aaron_c*completly crashes01:15
littlebearz1(micca): I think archlinux does a good job at kernel tweaking01:15
littlebearz1(micca): I meant their channel01:15
DrFalconaaron_c: If you are just changing your hard drive and nothing else, a disk image would work fine. But if you plan on moving your OS to a new machine, bad idea, imo.01:16
miccaye I tried it, due to thie very issue a month ago.. but then lol i tjust gets worse and worse and worse and in the end.. I kind of realise.. look, I want ubus stability and all.. and *all* I want is to be bl e to set my frequencies dfown when idling lol01:16
aaron_cDrFalcon: gotcha.  and buy disk image, that's what ubuntu's built-in "Simple Backup Restore" utility does, right?01:16
_GhouL_greetings everybody. do you know an open source alternative to Proteus isis (proteus is a software for electronics to create,simulate and generate pcbs on windows)?01:17
miccawhich is when I felt ubu is like MS in being, and arch just promising too much reliability on their system  (as their AUR or testing section, wasn't as developed as I expected)01:17
littlebearz1(aaron_c): if u want exact, and have the same hardware, use dd -if xxx -of xxx01:17
DrFalconaaron_c: I've never used that utility, so I don't know.01:17
miccabest backup utility ever01:17
aaron_cDrFalcon: ok.  thanks for your help!01:17
=== derp is now known as Austin_Powers
KindariHey guys, asking in both #synergy and #ubuntu. I want to allow Synergy to continue running from a host machine accross all users using that machine, even Guest. Any ideas?01:17
littlebearz1(micca): arch isn't reliable when you start to mess around with the core xd01:17
aaron_co oki'll look into dd01:17
miccaye, but even on a rollign release, see what i mean01:18
DrFalconaaron_c: As someone else said, use DD to make a disk image, otherwise just copy files. I suggest rsync for file-level backups, because it won't do the whole thing over on backups subsequent to the first one.01:18
miccahow , in this day an dage can it beso hard to get some scalin gsigh01:18
miccaI mean, moving to gentoo JUST for that is a bit harsh :)01:18
littlebearz1(aaron_c): btw, if u do rsync don't forgot the -r , so all subdirectories and files are copied as well01:18
aaron_cis there a way to make a list of pakcages i have insatlled on my 10.04 desktop, so i can reinstall all the same ones on 10.10 on my new desktop?01:18
[snake]micca, i think there is a project for compiling a custom ubuntu kernel actually01:18
miccaye, I had to recompoile their kernel too, then recompile the catalyst drivers, which in trun made KDE leak on ATI and just BLAH :p01:19
littlebearz1(aaron_c): I lost like LOADS of file just because forgot -r command in rsync01:19
Mad_HaTTerlsapt > blah.txt or something like that?01:19
[snake]micca, my friend was doing that once.01:19
micca[snake], there is.. and tbh , arch was not what I thought, ubu I ve liked now for yrs and Im about to actually start a company (i wsn't kidding, only the name ;p) so gonna run I think ubu servers or debian plus ubu workstations but I need this scaling crap01:19
adelle25566a few days ago i wanted to install an app on a semi-public pc01:19
DrFalconaaron_c: "dpkg --list" lists all installed packages.01:19
adelle25566however i got some kinda of message that there are no installed assets of something01:19
adelle25566does it resemble anything to you?01:20
miccaye snake I coompiled it not so long ago, but wasn't sure about dependencies.. for me I have to be able to re-inject that kernel into my apt-get/dpkg rather.. and if does that5, Im happy01:20
[snake]micca, what will your company name be?01:20
=== Austin_Powers is now known as derp
aaron_cDrFalcon: ah ok.  is there a way to import a text file int apt-get install?01:20
aaron_cso that i can take the log of dpkg --list and install verything with one command?01:21
miccaI am registering as a sole proprietor/trader under m name, the 'branches' are 3 different ones, so will have differen tnames.. here in HOlland for now.. nevermind.. in case I end up a total failure with what I will be doing ;)01:21
miccaI'll le tyou know though if it goes well.. it starts in August01:21
DrFalconaaron_c: this thread explains the process: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/%5Baptitude%5D-how-to-get-a-list-of-all-installed-packages-458119/01:21
DrFalconaaron_c: There is no one-step process, but it's not that involved.01:22
l1nuxmanhow come even though I have ownership root root on a file and -rwx-r-x-r-x permissions a user called 'nick' can overwrite the file using vim?01:22
aaron_cDrFalcon: cool, thanks!01:22
miccal!nuxman, using wim?01:22
miccafrom inside windows environnment?01:22
Tempus_Fugitok i know dumb question but been awhile since I hae needed this but how do i find the ip of my router?01:23
Poisonfirbeipconfig (the look for the gatway)01:23
DrFalconTempus_Fugit: "wget -O - -q icanhazip.com" at console01:24
adelle25566can any jew here answer my question?01:24
miccawim can format windows partition types.. so if your file is owned by root on a ntfs/fat volume and you use wim to apply to a drive say, you are effectively just blanking that disk, not to mention 'root' will still be on a windows ppartition able to be audited to a new owner by a win admin or is this some other wim?>01:24
Tempus_FugitPoisonfirbe: needs an argument01:24
miccasorry wim can't but the wimgapi.dll can i meant01:24
miccawhen applying a wim file01:24
miccaadelle25566,  some jew? u might be 14 u f** little cjimp of a child but go to your parents and tell them to give u a smack and teach u hwo to be smart01:25
Tempus_Fugitok ifconfig worked01:26
miccait is appalling the amount of kids today which make so many parents look as the tards they are01:26
adelle25566micca: wrong. i am 2401:26
Poisonfirbeoh yea, thats correct....i gave the windows command....fml01:27
miccaand u go crying 'jew' in a support channel? my god.. what are you .. form michigan?01:27
kitty0230is this a technical, or discussion room01:27
kitty0230or, combo thereof01:27
miccadefinitely an american and very sad indeed01:27
rwwmicca, adelle25566: Stop it.01:27
* joshmc seconds kitty023001:27
gordonjcpmicca: don't feed the troll01:27
adelle25566micca: also, i wonder what kind of man you are, if you are pissed off because some called you a jew. why do you take this as insult?01:27
DrFalconDon't feed the trolls please.01:27
miccano true gordonjcp01:27
rwwkitty0230: Theoretically, it's a technical support channel.01:27
=== ninline is now known as coldfire
HodappWhat did I just walk into?01:28
zhangfei helllo01:28
miccanah, I really don't care much, except I just feel sorry for your stupidity01:28
adelle25566antisemitism is still so popular '_'01:28
rwwzhangfei: hi01:28
maxohow can I install the latest unity on ubuntu 10.10? I can't find a ppa01:28
rww!guidelines | micca, adelle2556601:28
ubottumicca, adelle25566: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:28
miccaI nmight as well call you a neanderthal then? x01:28
zhangfeiwhere are you form?01:28
kitty0230ny, and sc01:28
miccaneanderthal calls earth: sub ethnical group : hebrews!01:28
adelle25566POLAND, the land of the brave01:28
mickster04!ot adelle2556601:28
rwwmicca, adelle25566: I'm not interested in your racial beliefs. I recommend you go read our channel guidelines, because further violations of them will result in your removal from this channel.01:29
mickster04!ot | adelle2556601:29
ubottuadelle25566: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:29
T_N_Tcan anyone tell me if there is a known issue with the acer aspire one and ubuntu referring to the wireless card, I had ubuntu 10.10 netbook version installed and was getting a "device not ready, firmware missing" error?01:29
miccathat it often is adelle2556601:29
adelle25566!ot | mickster04 xD01:29
ubottumickster04 xD: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:29
miccathe poles helped little holand at least with liberating her01:29
adelle25566mickster04: one time is enough01:29
miccaamazed you would even know enough geography to know countries01:29
rwwmicca: come back in 15 minutes.01:29
phoenixsampraswhy my hibernation aint working?01:30
Poisonfirbecause its not winter01:30
phoenixsamprasi want a refund01:30
Acid190hit delete then01:30
gordonjcpI know this isn't #ubuntu+1 but that channel is utterly dead just now01:31
gordonjcpis there a way to disable the drop shadows in Unity in Natty?01:31
adelle25566rww: thanks for fighting antisemitism01:31
rwwgordonjcp: moving conversations that should be there over here won't improve that.01:31
rwwadelle25566: give it a rest01:31
maxohow can I install unity on ubuntu 10.10?01:31
phoenixsampraswas Mel Gibson around here again?01:31
Logan_!natty | gordonjcp01:31
ubottugordonjcp: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:31
hilariemaxo don't do it01:31
hilariemaxo just don't do it01:31
maxohilarie, I want to try it out01:32
gordonjcpLogan_: yes, I'm well aware of that, thanks01:32
coldfireI'm loving ubuntu....I don't know why I'm here since every single thing on my laptop worked right out of the box...just thought I'd hang out I guess01:32
hilariemy ubuntu I am sitting in recovery on my ubuntu install01:32
adelle25566btw i use win7. i just dont see the point in using linux01:32
hilariebecause unity is soooooo shitty01:32
joshmcmaxo, hilarie had an issue with it earlier. If you want to try it, go ahead but good luck!01:32
adelle25566i just want my pc to work01:32
Logan_!language | hilarie01:32
ubottuhilarie: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:32
HodappWhat is wrong with Unity?01:32
HodappI ask that having never used it.01:32
rwwadelle25566: then you should try ##windows instead of here.01:32
gordonjcpHodapp: I find it pretty hard to use01:32
hilarieIt exploded my laptop01:32
maxojoshmc, hilarie , the problem is the unity package provided with 10.10 is an old package. I want to try the latest version01:32
maxobut I can't find a package anywhere01:32
gordonjcpHodapp: there's no taskbar along the bottom, just a bar of little squares down the left01:32
DrFalconWith all due respect to the Ubuntu devs, Unity isn't ready for primetime yet, imho.01:33
adelle25566rww: as i said above, i had a problem with semi-public machine with linux (which is obvious)01:33
gordonjcpso you can't tell what applications have windows open01:33
joshmcmaxo: could you update via ppa? I tried it once and I think that's how I tried it.01:33
rwwmaxo: There is no backport of the current Unity development version to Ubuntu 10.10. The relevant people decided that making one would take too long and take too much time from actually developing Unity.01:33
gordonjcpHodapp: the thing that's giving me problems right now is the drop-shadows around all the windows01:33
maxojoshmc, hmmm, yes I couldn't find a ppa01:33
gordonjcpHodapp: they make it totally unusable01:33
maxognome 3 looks really bad though01:33
maxounity looks a lot better01:34
maxoin gnome 3, they've even removed the maximise and minimize window buttons01:34
gordonjcpso if anyone cares to help me get rid of the eyestrain-inducing drop shadows, it would be much appreciated01:34
Acid190adelle25566:you have a problem with linux?01:34
coldfireadelle25566: I too run windows...in a virtualbox environment....it's wonderful.  Everytime it gets screwed I can just start it again.  Foolproof windows...I can't think why anyone would do it any other way.01:34
truepurpleI am having trouble with adding tomboy notes to panel, it is giving me a error, can anyone help me?01:35
HodappI also run Windows in VirtualBox, but there are plenty of things that I think I'd rather run natively.01:35
markrmillerI was not happy with Unity at first - now that I have given it a chance I like it more and more - more OSX like than Windows like always wins me over01:35
markrmillerits a better flow01:35
trismgordonjcp: compizconfig settings manager, window decorations plugin, configure the shadows01:35
gordonjcptrism: that just crashes compiz01:36
trismgordonjcp: then you have other issues01:36
truepurpleEmulation of OS is only useful if your trying to run something old01:36
gordonjcpmarkrmiller: I find OSX totally unusable01:36
DrFalconDoes Unity require compositing to be on in order to run?01:36
coldfireHodapp:I had to come up with something, this laptop wont support XP and my programmer for my race car has to use XP.  VB to the rescue.  I have linux stability to boot!01:36
phoenixsamprasOSx if fancier than Ubuntu, but yeh it sucks01:36
gordonjcpI really hate the "menu bar at the top of the screen" thing01:37
joshmcmaxo: having used gnome3 I find it about %4-%10 more effective than unity, but that is just my opinion ;) also, I googled unity and ppa and it came up with the ubuntu netbook edition stuff. That might help!01:37
gordonjcpit was a good idea in single-tasking versions of Mac OS, like System 601:37
HodappI find OS X plenty usable and streamlined for me, although for some things I really prefer Linux.01:37
maxoDrFalcon, I think there's a '2d' version01:37
trismgordonjcp: sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu; restart your session01:37
coz_gordonjcp,  also, you can go into gconf  /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options01:37
markrmillerI thought the same until i started using it for a while01:37
truepurpleI am having trouble with adding tomboy notes to panel, it is giving me a error, can anyone help me?01:37
hilarieso... as root, I booted into gnome (I think) by typing in startx as root in recovery console, and I now have wifi, how would I go about makinng gnome3 my default GUI thingy?01:37
adelle25566Acid190: a few days ago i wanted to install an app on a semi-public pc.  however i got some kinda of message that there are no installed assets of something. does it resemble you something?01:37
gordonjcpcoz_: I don't have that01:37
maxojoshmc: I found a ppa but it was empty, I'll have another look01:37
joshmcmaxo: (that is, I found the ppa for 'unity' as une)01:37
phoenixsamprasdoes gnome3 comes with ubuntu?01:37
adelle25566coldfire: my 7 doesn't get screwed01:37
Tempus_Fugitok heres another ?......if I set up a router on windows and try to access it in linux it should still work right...I need to get to the admin page to fix some things01:37
coz_gordonjcp,  ah ok ,, kde?01:38
coldfireadelle25566:don't use it much, eh?01:38
hilarie(Don't know if its gnome3 I want, I want w/e the default ubuntu 10.10 ships with01:38
gordonjcpcoz_: /apps/compiz-1/plugins/decor/screen0/options is as close as it gets01:38
gordonjcpcoz_: and it seems to have no effect01:38
coz_gordonjcp,  which version of compiz ?01:38
gordonjcpno idea, it's the first time I've tried compiz01:38
HodappI reckon one of these days I shall have to install modern Ubuntu on modern hardware.01:38
DrFalconTempus_Fugit: your router shouldn't care what OS you are using. Just go to or For 99% of routers, this will work.01:38
gordonjcpcoz_: whatever is in natty01:38
maxojoshmc, I think I came across that earlier, is it - https://launchpad.net/~canonical-dx-team/+archive/une ? it seems to just be a few packages from last year but no unity package01:39
coz_gordonjcp,  oh natty01:39
HodappToday I did modern Ubuntu on dumpster hardware because my roommate needed something she could use.01:39
adelle25566coldfire: what? windows? i just want this to work01:39
gordonjcpcoz_: apparently01:39
Tempus_FugitDrFalcon: ok ty01:39
joshmcmaxo: might be the case... in which case I'll neglect to try and help much more as I am being less than helpful =S01:39
coz_gordonjcp,  ah that may be different let me check my natty  machine hold on01:39
phoenixsampraswhat gnome version is using ubuntu10.10?01:39
adelle25566adelle25566: i am not playing like Woz or Jobs or Bill01:39
joshmcmaxo: yep, having looked I feel rather silly.01:39
coldfireadelle25566:exactly....that's why I ubuntu01:39
maxojoshmc, that's ok, I even added it at first :-)01:39
gordonjcpI dual-boot between Ubuntu and Arch01:40
adelle25566Acid190: so?01:40
maxomaybe i'll just run natty in virtualbox to have a look. but I guess it won't support compiz, so maybe not much point01:40
gordonjcpI should probably look at this windows stuff one day01:40
rwwmaxo: indeed, Natty Unity and Virtualbox aren't friends.01:41
coz_gordonjcp,  yes on natty that is the correct  gconf settings,, I havent tested this on natty yest but the window decoration plugin is going to be far better to deal with shadows,,or rather easier on natty01:41
rwwmaxo: I use LiveUSB sticks instead.01:41
DrFalcongordonjcp: Win7 is actually quite nice, as far as windows versions go.01:41
gordonjcpcoz_: do I need to restart my session or something?01:41
coz_gordonjcp,  no you souldnt have to  but  with natty ,, at the stage it is in right now.. trying that cant hurt01:42
coz_gordonjcp,  also on natty / compiz the windows7 snap is available01:42
ubuntu__When I'm installing and selecting partitions manually, I select /dev/sda1 to install the bootloader on but when I reboot it doesn't load GRUB01:42
gordonjcpcoz_: I don't know what that is01:42
blahsphemerin udev rule writing, if the match condition isn't specified and only the actions are specified, then would the actions occur every time udev rules are checked?01:42
blahsphemerin udev rule writing, if the match condition isn't specified and only the actions are specified, then would the actions occur every time udev rules are checked?01:42
DrFalconYou want to install grub to sda, not sda1. (I think. double check this)01:43
coz_gordonjcp,  when you move a window to the left edge of the monitor it maxes vertically on that side,, conversely on the rith and at the top  it maxes full screen01:43
craighow can I tell if my usb ports are high spped (usb2?) ?01:43
adelle25566btw, i ate an omelette today01:43
coz_gordonjcp,  on the bottom it maxes  horizontally01:43
adelle25566with tomatos01:43
adelle25566and cheese :D01:43
ubuntu__Falcon: So I'll have /dev/sda1 mounted at /, /dev/sda2 as swap01:43
ubuntu__then install bootloader on /dev/sda?01:43
phoenixsamprasadelle25566: fancy that01:43
adelle25566 phoenixsampras: thanks01:43
coz_adelle25566,  unfortunately it is not breakfast time here  but you may get more responses in #ubuntu-offtopic :)01:44
phoenixsamprasadelle25566: single?01:44
adelle25566but i overfried it :(01:44
adelle25566phoenixsampras: yes01:44
gordonjcpcoz_: nope, still got a huge blur around my window01:44
DrFalconubuntu__ : Grub needs to be in the boot sector of the primary drive, iirc.01:44
coz_gordonjcp,  doing what?01:44
adelle25566coz_: ok01:44
gordonjcpcoz_: the big blurry drop-shadow01:44
blahsphemeridoru, you kicked me from the server cuz I repasted my question in #linux and here?01:44
coz_gordonjcp,  a eeww   mmm01:44
maxoubuntu__, it needs to go on the mbr (master boot record), which then passes things on to each partition, sda1, sda2 ...01:44
KB1JWQblahsphemer: /amsg is a poor idea. :-)01:44
phixasomeone talking about breakfast?01:45
gordonjcpcoz_: I'm going to have to pack it in now; it's given me a blinding headache01:45
coz_gordonjcp,  let me check ccsm  better still... got to #ubuntu+1  channel   ,, that is the official support channel for pre release ubuntu01:45
DrFalconWhat maxo said. So point grub installer at sda (with no number)01:45
XuMuKubuntu__, yes, just install it at /dev/sda01:45
gordonjcpcoz_: I'm in #ubuntu+1 but it's dead01:45
ubuntu__XuMuK, maxo, DrFalcon: Thanks01:45
Logan_gordonjcp: we do not support 11.04 in here, I'm sorry01:45
coz_gordonjcp,  understood...  yeah sometimes it is..ok pick up tomorrow then :)01:45
blahsphemerKB1JWQ, I don't get it. Anyways am I allowed to ask my question or not?01:45
adelle25566phoenixsampras: what you are today?01:45
gordonjcpLogan_: okay, yes, thanks, you've said that01:45
blahsphemerKB1JWQ, I mean in 2 channels01:45
craig"usb 1-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 5" is what I see in messages when I tail it while plugging in the camera.  Is the 1-2 meaning that the posrt is usb2?01:45
gordonjcpLogan_: perhaps you'd like to contribute over in #ubuntu+1 then?01:45
KB1JWQblahsphemer: And in this one repeatedly.01:45
KB1JWQWithout going too far into how idoru works, that's a poor idea, blahsphemer. :-)01:46
blahsphemerKB1JWQ, That was an accident. My apologies01:46
phoenixsamprasadelle25566: trying to setup a opennms server....01:46
truepurpleWith firefox under linux, I can't arrange the tabs, is there a way to fix this or a browser recommended more then firefox for ubuntu?01:46
blahsphemerAnyway, this is my question: in udev rule writing, if the match condition isn't specified and only the actions are specified, then would the actions occur every time udev rules are checked?01:46
maxotruepurple, yes you can, just drag them01:47
DrFalcontruepurple: try chrome. I greatly prefer it to firefox.01:47
phoenixsamprasyeh, chrome works fine, although Google will know all your secrets01:47
Hodappphoenixsampras: there's always chromium.01:48
maxofirefox 4 is awesome01:48
Hodappfirefox 4 has been very unstable and slow for me on OS X; dunno why.01:48
b1llyis there a way to unstill vsftp and pam at the same time01:48
DrFalcon"sudo apt-get install chromium-browser" FTW, imo.01:48
b1llyi wanna clear all the shit out that i installed and start over01:48
HodappI quit using Opera because so many pages didn't work right, but I now see that it was a good deal faster and more stable01:48
ubuntu__b1lly: sudo apt-get purge vsftpd pam?01:48
* drc has never undertood the Firefox vs Chrome arguments...I mean, it's not like its vi vs emacs...that was important. 01:48
ubuntu__nick Polah01:48
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Polah
b1llyunable to locate pam01:49
maxothe main difference is chrome has rubbish address bar suggestion/predict01:49
Mad_HaTTeruse butter01:49
Polahb1lly: whatever that package is called then01:49
b1llynow i gotta reebot?01:50
joshmcb1lly: only if you want to! uninstalls wont normally require restarts (well ideally)01:50
DrFalconbilly: unless its a kernel, you shouldn't need to reboot01:51
truepurplemaxo: they won't drag01:52
stevezauRunning ubuntu 10.10 and I need the 2.6.38 kernel as it has some dvb drivers i require.. I've upgraded using the kernel-ppa (using natty's 2.6.38) which worked fine.. But now when im installing vmware server it throws errors due to different gcc version complied on the kernel and kernel versions.. Does anyone know where i can get 2.6.38 (with source) that is build for 10.10?01:52
muchaj #kediri01:52
TrentonAdamsI have a suggestion for making the upgrade process smoother.  Which channel should I be on?01:53
craighow can I tell what kinds of usb ports I have in this box?01:53
TrentonAdamscraig, lsusb?01:53
gsfaiTrentonAdams: #science-fiction01:53
TrentonAdamsgsfai: very funny, lol01:53
maxoTrentonAdams, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/01:54
gsfaiTrentonAdams: indeed, but it really depends on which upgrade you are referring to!01:54
craigTrentonAdams, I've got three 1.1 hubs, and a 2.0.  Those mean usb1 and usb2?01:54
maxoTrentonAdams, or file it on launchpad, not sure where though01:54
TrentonAdamsgsfai 10.04 to 10.10 could have went smoother.01:54
gsfaiTrentonAdams: usually IRC channels are not ideal for such stuff, you should probably make a post @ the forums!01:55
spacenavihow do you tell what the model number of your computer is through ubuntu or through terminal01:55
Mad_HaTTerohh no for the dev name01:55
TrentonAdamsgsfai, okay, that sounds good.  I like forums.01:55
DrFalconI would suggest a clean install rather than an upgrade, unless you know what you are doing.01:55
aurora_useroh hai01:56
Mad_HaTTerhmm whats the equivalient terminal commend for msinfo32.exe hmmm01:56
spacenavianyone? is there a way to see what your laptop model number is from within ubuntu or terminal01:57
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=== hilarie_ is now known as hilarie
craigTrentonAdams, and that's four lines in lsusb, but I've got six ports.  How do I figure out which ones are on that usb2.0 hub?01:57
phoenixsamprasHelp, what software does UBUNTU brainstorm uses?01:58
naomi__Christ this place is confusing me more. >.>01:58
TrentonAdamscraig: not sure, the lsusb suggestion was a guess.  I'm checking the -v output01:58
hilarieVictory is mine!01:58
DrFalconspacenavi: Try "sudo dmidecode | more". Look on the first page of output, near the top.01:59
TrentonAdamscraig: Yeah, not sure.  May be able to look at the output of "lsusb -v" and figure something out.  But, I gotta run.01:59
phoenixsamprashilarie: sweet01:59
hilarieEveryone who has a thing on installing unity, should put a warning, not to have auto-login enabled, makes it not possible to easily go back to the normal ubuntu gui02:00
riddleboxhow long is 10.04 supported for?02:00
Mad_HaTTercraig if i recall correctly dmesg will tell you02:00
Mad_HaTTershould look like 2:102:01
b1llywhich config file do i edit to change the port to listen on for ftp02:01
b1llyusing vsftpd02:01
DrFalconbilly: depends on what FTP server you are using02:01
=== jack___ is now known as jack_^
w1n5ton!windows 702:02
Mad_HaTTerdrfalcon should just be 20 21 ehh02:02
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:02
mirzahow do i install autocad 2008 on julinux 802:02
=== scott_ is now known as Guest25068
DrFalconbilly: edit the line that says "listen_port=" in /etc/vsftp/vsftpd.conf or /etc/vsftpd.conf, forget which it is.02:02
spacenavithanx DrFalcon02:03
DrFalconspacenavi: glad to help. I just happened to have a script for that, lol02:04
grughow can i check file system integrity on a raid0, raid1, or raid10 volume in ubuntu?02:04
=== Todd200_ is now known as Todd200
DrFalcongrug: that depends very heavily on your raid controller/software02:05
wakilHello, can anyone tell me how I can enable automatic logon in lubuntu 10.10?02:05
Guest25068I installed the gstreamers-plugin-bad package when trying to play a MIDI file, and now Ubuntu doesn't recognize my sound card02:05
Guest25068What did I do?02:05
TrentonAdamsokay, ubuntu upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 is finished, rebooted, and it's working.  However, I still have the same problem with dual display I've always had.  If one display is a different size than the other, my mouse has a dead zone in the smaller one.  e.g. I can move my mouse past the top of the monitor.02:05
TrentonAdamshow to fix?02:05
grugDrFalcon: it's just standard software raid02:05
naomi__I'm new to this whole Linux thing. No idea what the hell I'm doing with half of this stuff.02:07
DrFalcongrug: I think fsck will do it, but I would read the man page first.02:07
DrFalcongrug: never run fsck on a mounted volume, btw.02:08
smwnaomi__, we were all new once.02:08
DrFalcongrug: umount the volume you want to check, then fsck02:09
scottamungaSorry, I had an issue with my sound.  I installed gstreamer-plugins-bad when trying to play a MIDI file, now my sound doesn't work.  I know I screwed up, I just don't know how.  Any ideas? :P02:10
naomi__True. I just can't get the hang of it.02:10
scottamungaWhat are you having problems with in Ubuntu?02:11
coz_scottamunga, ` did you install ubutnu restricted extras?02:11
scottamungacoz_, no02:11
coz_scottamunga,   that should be the first thing you use02:11
scottamungaI have, but I tried to do without by converting over to open formats and such02:12
scottamungaI'm in the process of converting my music to Ogg02:12
alexinslcNoob question - I have domain joshmo.com and I've installed wordpress to joshmo.com/wordpress directory - on ubuntu - how do I point joshmo.com to just default to the /wordpress directory?02:12
coz_scottamunga,  also  you might want to google  ubuntu midi playback   to see some suggestions for that ,, however  I generally never have issues with midi once the restricted extras are install02:12
naomi__I don't know how to download/install things really. Or having to do stuff in the terminal window. Commands for it, anything. >.>02:12
scottamungacoz, are there legal issues with using restricted extras for personal use?02:12
coz_scottamunga, however if you prefer sun java over icedtea then you will have to remove the icedtea  packages  from synatpic,02:12
DrFalconnaomi__ : There are a few commands that are key to teaching yourself linux. Get comfy at the command line using these commands: man, apropos, whatis, and play with the tab key. That should get you started.02:13
coz_scottamunga,  that that I am aware of02:13
coz_scottamunga,  mot "restricted" stuff allows for personal use,, sometimes more02:13
b1llyim having trouble setting up users and permissions with vsftpd02:13
scottamungacoz - true, like flash and java02:14
LantiziaIs there a way I can purge the recommended packages for a package already installed... without specifying all the recommended packages to purge?02:14
coz_scottamunga,  exactly02:14
Drone4fourI'm trying to search at the command line for all traces of the word "compassion" in a sizeable archive of MSWord documents.  I can't figure out the right grep command.  the grep man page is overwhelming.  I found i guide on google for using the grep command, but i still can't figure out what grep command i should be using.02:14
scottamungaI'll try installing restricted extras and see what happens.  I'll probably be back here in a bit if the sound doesn't work :D02:14
coz_Lantizia,  mm  maybe sudo apt-get autoremove --purge name of package02:15
Drone4fouri cd'ed into the directory i want and entered this command: grep -rw "compassion"02:15
scottamungathx coz02:15
Drone4fourbut it doesn't show any results.02:15
spacenavimy screen binks when I play some videos. I uninstalled all dvd and video players and then reinstalled vlc but the whole computer screen keeps blinking. How do i configure my monitor so it's not struggleing to keep up with big videos.02:15
Drone4fourwhat grep command should i be using?02:15
Lantiziacoz_, no that would remove the package - not remove the packages recommended packages02:15
bonnyWhy have I been banned from this server im sure I had followed my mommy's rules hahaha lol Im finally back to this server HELLO EVERYONE !!! YAY02:15
gordonjcpDrone4four: try giving it some files to search02:15
coz_Lantizia,  oh you additionally installed the recommended ones?02:15
smwDrone4four, grep -r [-i for case-insensitive] 'compassion' msword_folder02:16
Lantiziacoz_, look at the original question - it's quiet simple02:16
coz_Lantizia,  this is the advantage of using synaptic package manager   it has a history02:16
Drone4fouri want to search all the files in the current directory, i don't want to list each one of them becasue there are thousands02:16
Drone4fourty smw, i'll try that02:16
smwDrone4four, use -l to just get file names02:16
perlmonkeybonny hi02:17
bonnyMy buddy's smw the person that used to hate me hahah we see eachother again02:17
perlmonkeydont worry all are welcome02:17
Mad_HaTTerdir tree02:17
smwbonny, as far as I know, I don't hate you.02:17
coz_bonny,   go to #ubuntu-offtopic to talk about relationships  or anything you like ,, but not here ,, please02:18
bonnyIm just kiddin smw u helped me alot with things02:18
Cemneed helpppp02:18
bonnysrry folks02:18
smwbonny, sweet02:18
coz_Cem,   what is the issue again.. I didnt see your post02:18
=== moondog is now known as Guest99504
Mad_HaTTerdrone4four just use dir02:19
diffract|i'm writing a process scheduler, how do i make it so it returns to the terminal but keep running in the background?02:19
smwdiffract|, you also asked in #linux. This is not a linux question. It is a programming question.02:20
Drone4fourMad_HaTTer, smw, gordonjcp, this worked: grep -rw "compassion" 9july2k9/02:20
smwdiffract|, look up "forking to background"02:20
diffract|smw: ##programming told me to ask in ##linux, which asked me to ask in ##c, which said it was OS-specific and that i should ask here02:20
smwdiffract|, lol02:20
Diamondcitediffract|: Are you putting the whole app in the background of just a part of the app?02:21
Mad_HaTTerlol run around02:21
diffract|Diamondcite: the whole thing02:21
Drone4fourty smw02:21
smwdiffract|, I am telling you what to look up.02:21
smwDrone4four, np02:21
diffract|smw: i know, i'm looking it up02:21
ricorx7diffract|: you mean "./myapp.exe & "02:21
ricorx7& puts in background02:21
diffract|ricorx7: yes, but without the &02:21
abuanonamehai all what up02:21
Diamondcitediffract|: If it's a whole app/command why not something like "glxgears &" where the & puts it in the background02:21
diffract|Diamondcite: that's now how i want my program to be run02:22
phillyjsomeone help me get my task bar back;02:22
phillyjI'm running 10.04 and just installed it yesterday02:22
phillyjthe last this I installed today was java 602:22
diffract|it should hide itself by default02:22
alexinslcNoob question - I have domain joshmo.com and I've installed wordpress to joshmo.com/wordpress directory - on ubuntu - how do I point joshmo.com to just default to the /wordpress directory?02:22
TrentonAdamsOn ubuntu 10.10, how do I get the icon in the system tray to show which keyboard I'm using?  In 10.04 it said USA/FR02:22
bpris there a way to display an image in the message area of a libnotify bubble?02:22
Diamondcitediffract|: If it set it to run as a cronjob.. it's in the background already.. unless you aren't satisfied with what is provided already?02:23
* ubuntu is trying to get on another channel lol02:23
ricorx7diffract: you can make it a daemon process02:23
perlmonkeyalexinslc two ways, either in your apache server setup an alias, or use a .htaccess rule in main folder02:23
spacenavimy screen binks when I play some videos. I uninstalled all dvd and video players and then reinstalled vlc but the whole computer screen keeps blinking. How do i configure my monitor so it's not struggleing to keep up with big videos.02:23
perlmonkeyyou could also use a html meta header redirect02:23
perlmonkeyin your index page02:23
diffract|Diamondcite: i don't know about cronjobs, i'll look them up02:23
alexinslcperlmonkey, thank you - is it easy to do the .htaccess?02:23
perlmonkeyalexinslc yes02:24
diffract|ricorx7: yeah, any idea how to do that?02:24
Diamondcitediffract|: for per user scheduled tasks look up crontab, for system wide look up cronjobs.02:24
alexinslcperlmonkey, we're talking virtualhosts?02:24
perlmonkeylook up .htaccess redirect02:24
Diamondcitediffract|: Linux specific of course..02:24
perlmonkeyyou can take the client browser to a different folder02:24
perlmonkeyor directory02:25
phillyjactually, i'm running 10.10; what happened to my task/menu bars?02:25
perlmonkeyyou shouldn't need a virtual host02:25
BabyGirlif i change something priority in  sistem monitor for example,,mozilla  ,, does it keep cpnfigurations always or just for seccion02:27
phillyjanyone? I tried to gconftool solution i found on google and it didn't work02:27
nesits very nice :P02:27
=== guitar431_ is now known as guitar431
Senixis there anyone in here that has worked with drawing pads in link?02:27
perlmonkeyin Apache config the same thing would be achieved with...  RewriteRule ^/     /wordpress02:27
Senixi mean is there anyone in here that has had a Genius drawing pad in ubuntu?02:28
coz_Senix,  I do not sorry02:28
lashahey guys I have a question about mounting partition at ubuntu startup, I have a data partition which doesnt get mounted automatically at startup and everytime I need to mount manually, anyone knows how to solve this ?> thank you02:28
phillyjnes: yes?02:29
coz_Senix,  I am googling this02:29
coz_Senix,  which version of the pad is it?02:29
coz_Senix,  is it a genius G-PEN f61002:30
Senixcoz_: G-Pen M60902:30
phillyjnes:  you have a solution?02:30
perlmonkeylasha add entry in /etc/mtab02:30
lashaperlmonkey: how do I do that ? add what entry ?02:31
HeIsRisenHello, is there a way to run archive manager as root?02:31
perlmonkeylasha edit mtab and put a line in for the partition you want to mount02:31
Thomas_BatesDoes anyone know why custom icons assigned via Assogiate don't scale automatically, but icons assigned through the properties thing do?02:31
HeIsRisenlike if I want to use nautilus I just do gksudo nautilus02:32
coz_Senix,  found one post with solugion for g-pen 610   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80682402:32
lashaperlmonkey: how do I edit mtab I never dealt with it :\02:32
coz_solution rather02:32
coz_Senix,  the problem is that is an older post02:32
perlmonkeyi.e. /dev/sda2 /home rw,errors=remount-ro02:32
Senixcoz_: well then lets see if this works02:32
Senixcoz_: tanks02:32
coz_Senix,  but read through it first  please02:32
lashaperlmonkey: do i just run mtab from run terminal ?02:32
Senixcoz_: always do, i learned to stop jumping the gun at times like this02:32
BabyGirlguys,,in system monitor,,is i give an aplication more priority will it keep settings always or just for seccion ??02:32
coz_Senix,  since it is older post dont assume it will work ,, see if it makes sense and do just a bit more googling02:32
perlmonkeylasha you need to read up on this, there's howto...but you can edit mtab with vi or some other shell editor02:32
BabyGirlguys,,in system monitor,,if i give an aplication more priority will it keep settings always or just for seccion ??02:33
coz_Senix,   cool02:33
lashaperlmonkey: ok thank you :) I ll research on it02:33
perlmonkeylasha mtab is just a list of partitions or devices to be mounted at boot up02:33
phillyjhmmm, i just loaded up kile and it says there was a switch from KDE3 to KDE402:33
phillyjCould this be a reason that I lost my taskbars?02:33
perlmonkeylasha put your entry at bottom02:33
perlmonkeyyou can disable it if anything goes wrong by putting a # before the new line02:33
lashaperlmonkey: ok I ll do :)02:34
perlmonkeythen just reload mtab02:34
abuanonameam need ask some question02:34
abuanonamehow do i install phpmyadmin02:34
ricorx7abuanoname: apt-get02:34
Epzishi everyone, i need setting up a 3g internet key, before doing so id like some advice, does anyone of you know sakis3g?02:34
abuanonameem.. give me the complate link for that, richardfullmer02:35
abuanonameem.. give me the complate link for that, ricorx702:35
=== captnmorgen is now known as captn-smokin
raidoperlmonkey: why would you be editing the mtab02:36
perlmonkeylasha: "mount" at shell will show you what devices you mounted, and "mount -all" will reload/mount all devices in mtab02:36
perlmonkeyshould be run as sudo02:36
perlmonkeyraido to add a new partition to mount automatically02:37
DiamondciteEpzis: Why do you need sakis3g? NetworkManager which ubuntu comes with already handles it02:37
lashaperlmonkey: I entered fstab but how do I open mtab file ?02:37
shcherbakabuanoname: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin02:37
DrkCodemanis there an official from conocial here i can ask questions to?02:38
EpzisDiamondcite: apparently not, the key is a zte k3806-z and network manager wont let me connect, goes to it, lights turn on but then keeps saying disconnected02:38
ricorx7abuanoname: in console type "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin"02:38
raidoperlmonkey: thats what fstab is for, not mtab02:38
abuanonameare that the new update of phpmyadmin ? shcherbak02:38
ricorx7abuanoname: online will tell you how to use it from there02:38
EpzisDiamondcite: have you ever used it or know what it is ? (i know its a script but i actually cant, due to job review the code =/)02:38
abuanonameyes ricorx7 am need install the new update of phpmyadmin02:38
perlmonkeysorry I got confused02:38
abuanonameare that command make me install the new update one02:38
perlmonkeyraido is absolutely right02:38
perlmonkeyfstab is the correct file02:39
DiamondciteEpzis: I have never heard of it.. I'm looking up info for your key.02:39
perlmonkeylasha: to edit "sudo vi fstab" but make a copy before you change it, "sudo cp fstab fstab.bak"02:39
EpzisDiamondcite: so kind of you02:39
shcherbakabuanoname: latest for your ubuntu, if you want latest, you may need to install from later repos (natty?) or from source.02:40
lashaperlmonkey: ok I am currently tinkering with it one sek i ll let you know if i am successful02:40
=== abuanoname is now known as ceo
ceooke shcherbak am will try you step thanks b 402:40
DiamondciteEpzis: Is this from Vodafone by chance?02:41
EpzisDiamondcite: yes it is02:41
DrkCodemani would like to talk to someone on payrole of conocial to see if i can retrieve distro roms for redistribution02:41
EpzisDiamondcite: if you need further details ask please, not sure what you may want to know02:41
=== captn-smokin is now known as captnmorgen
shcherbakDrkCodeman: Ubuntu is GPL, and delivered with license, so it is good start.02:43
raidoDrkCodeman: whats a distro rom?02:43
DrkCodemani'm not looking to sell it just redistribution02:43
b1llywhat does | mean when you type it in a cmdline02:43
Senixcoz_: i'm about to try this02:43
Senixcoz_: wish meh luck02:43
coz_Senix,  ok guy,, good luck02:43
arielsanflo_un canal de c en español02:44
DrkCodemanraido: *nix is in "distros"02:44
LoelinI need help02:44
DrkCodemanyou call a varation of linux a distro02:44
psycho_oreosb1lly, allows you to pipe one command to anotehr02:44
drcDrkCodeman: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/cds02:44
LoelinIs anyone here?02:44
shcherbakDrkCodeman: Read license first.02:44
perlmonkeyim in02:44
psycho_oreos!es| arielsanflo02:44
ubottuarielsanflo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:44
DrkCodemandrc: yeah i tried that link never recieved a response02:45
LoelinGuys I have a problem with Unity Desktop Environment02:45
drcDrkCodeman: That's the only way...sounds like they don't like your scheme...sorry02:45
alexinslcperlmonkey, can you help me figure out a virtualhost for the /wordpress directory?02:45
LoelinCan someone assist me with fixing my problem?02:46
DiamondciteEpzis: I am ready a long set of posts which seem to relate to you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168137202:46
perlmonkeyalexinslc are you sure you need a virtual host tho02:46
perlmonkeyits a directory not a domain right02:46
drcDrkCodeman: Of course you are free to burn the iso to a cd and <give> that away yourself02:46
BabyGirlguys,,in system monitor,,if i give an aplication more priority will it keep settings always or just for seccion ??02:46
LoelinCan you help me out?02:46
alexinslcperlmonkey, check priv msg02:47
EpzisDiamondcite: opening, mind you im on that key right now lol02:47
EpzisDiamondcite: so rather slow loading up02:47
DiamondciteLoelin: I don't use Unity and have never tried, don't know where to start ^_^02:47
shcherbakBabyGirl: for a session02:47
BabyGirltoo bad02:47
BabyGirlshcherbak:) thanks02:48
DiamondciteEpzis: I have a 3G stick, so I can kind of guess the speed, mind you I don't have your stick. (Just a E1691/UMG1691)02:48
LoelinDiamondcite: It is an uninstallation problem, I removed the modules, yet still have the listing for the "Ubuntu Netbook Edition"02:48
shcherbakBabyGirl: but runlevels can be adjusted automatically at start up.02:48
EpzisDiamondcite: in the first link he says "ill let u know" and disappears, apparently it didnt work, and people suggested that script too02:48
DiamondciteLoelin: Is that an issue? Perhaps you can try to install the package ubuntu-desktop ?02:48
BabyGirlshcherbak:) HOW,For any aplication02:48
DiamondciteEpzis: I'm reading page 2 of the posts.. doesn't look solved yet02:49
b1llywhen im setting up vsftpd, where do i set the directory to target the passwd file?02:49
BabyGirlshcherbak:) I want mozilla to be a top priority app02:49
EpzisDiamondcite: its what i said , in a week we ll know...probably lol but id need that key now, its a present for someone, not one id use02:50
DiamondciteEpzis: Though.. how are you connected right now if it doesn't work?02:50
LoelinDiamondcite: Yes, it is, because everytime I reinstall and load into Netbook Edition, I do not get the Unity interface, just the wallpaper. Besides, I already installed ubuntu-desktop.02:50
shcherbakBabyGirl: Could guess that firefox :), use Opera instead or http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/i-personally-like-gui-tools-but-i-also.html02:50
EpzisDiamondcite: saski3g whatever the name was02:50
DrkCodemani thought GPL was only for non profit?02:50
EpzisDiamondcite: i started it it asked me admin pass (i freaked out) and now im on02:50
quantDrkCodeman: nope02:50
shcherbakBabyGirl: sorry wrong link02:51
BabyGirljejeje  know02:51
DiamondciteLoelin: Are you trying to get unity or drop unity?02:51
arielsanflo__I started programming in c and I need some good tutorials please if someone help me I appreciate it02:51
LoelinDiamondcite: I am trying to cleanly install unity.02:52
DrkCodemanit would be nice if more gamers supported linux natively to be honest that is the only thing holding me back02:52
DiamondciteLoelin: I'm sorry but I REALLY won't know where to start. Unity is supposed to be for  11.04 and I haven't played with it yet.02:52
shcherbakBabyGirl: nice firefox 5 & <-- this can be used in script or as command.02:53
shcherbakBabyGirl: man nice02:53
quantDrkCodeman: you can run many games through wine and you can reboot windows to play a game and then back again (what I do)02:53
LoelinDiamondcite: thanks for whatever you could do02:53
shcherbakBabyGirl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75524602:53
DrkCodemanquant: ive used wine however i hate "winetricks" etc to get games to work02:53
DrkCodemanand ending up breaking other games02:54
b1llyim having trouble setting up my users and permissions w vsftpd; it keeps saying login failed02:54
quantDrkCodeman: my WoW works out of the box :)02:54
DrkCodemanmeh, i had problems with the sound system i switched to alsa02:54
DrkCodeman10.10 was not for me02:54
DrkCodemanso many bugs with 10.10 when i got it02:54
shcherbakDrkCodeman: From progamer point of view: in M$ i need days to test dirivers and addjust settings, in Ubuntu need days to play with wine ;)02:55
BabyGirlshcherbak:) can i just add this to the showrtut i have of mozilla= sudo nice -n -4 sudo -u user "/usr/bin/firefox"02:55
DiamondciteLoelin: What is your current ubuntu version? 10.04? 10.10? 11.04? 11.10?02:55
EpzisDiamondcite: do you have any other idea?02:56
DiamondciteEpzis: Unfortunately I am not an expert in the field with you key.. this is the first time I've seen it be needed.. so how is this sakis3g not working to your satisfaction?02:57
DrkCodemanshcherbak: what do you think of pulseaudio?02:57
shcherbakBabyGirl: Yes, there is some more about staring firefox.02:57
EpzisDiamondcite: sakis3g is working like a charm, my question was if anyone knew it or checked its source, im a lil paranoid you see, i dont want to trust it blindly but due to my job i dont have time to check the source, so i was asking if somene did02:58
DrkCodemani remember the days of trying to get flash support for firefox on a x64 build02:58
DiamondciteEpzis: You will have to keep asking since I won't be able to help in that sense. but it might be normal to ask for administor permission to add a device.02:59
shcherbakDrkCodeman: Awesome, in comparision with jack. Till last summer was using OSS, since change cannot complain, apart of malfunction with 2+ Xservers.02:59
EpzisDiamondcite: ye but doesnt that name give you the creep ? lol02:59
Epzisok time to copy n paste02:59
aaron_chi, is there any reason i can't copy my entire home directory to a new desktop if they're both using ubuntu 10.04?02:59
Epzishi everyone, i need setting up a 3g internet key, before doing so id like some advice, does anyone of you know sakis3g?02:59
DiamondciteIf it's multople lines use paste.ubuntu.com03:00
DrkCodemanis there a simple alternative of exchange to linux? rather than pop3?03:00
BabyGirlshcherbak:) thanks03:00
riddleboxwhen I install ubuntu on my desktop I get this error: BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!03:00
riddleboxcan anyone help me get it booting please?03:00
b1llyhow do i see a folders privledges like +w or +r03:00
=== julio is now known as MeuPipiNoSeuPopo
perlmonkeyb1lly: ls -all03:00
DrkCodemani have a server with quad xeon's @ 3Ghz but I cannot find a good exchange server that is x8603:01
Jeruvyaaron_c: Not really.  Some stuff like gnome settings you probably won't want.03:01
DrkCodemanother than 200303:01
aaron_cJeruvy: mmk thanks03:01
b1llydoes that mean full access03:01
perlmonkeyb1lly: alternatively start up your file manager/browser, and click on file, then Properties > Permissions03:02
perlmonkeythat shows more clearly owner, rights and group rights etc03:02
b1llythis shits starting to get frustrating lol03:04
perlmonkeyb1lly: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080629011231AA0JefA explains it03:04
lashaperlmonkey: http://enli.co.cc/tutorials/automount-partitions-in-ubuntu-at-startup/ great tutorial!03:04
perlmonkeylasha thanks03:04
perlmonkeylasha I mount my partition via NFS across my network on 3 machines, so my /home is always the same/centralised03:05
lashaperlmonkey its short and it works so keep it in mind if anyone has a problem :P03:05
DrkCodemanb1lly: short answer: status <file / folder>03:05
bunjeeanyone tell me how to reopen a closed MSN email account?03:06
h00k!language | b1lly03:06
ubottub1lly: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:06
h00kbunjee: that's not an Ubuntu specific question, please check with Microsoft technical support03:07
DrkCodemansorry b1lly: i take that back its stat <file / folder>03:07
bunjeehook - sorry - they will not help03:07
=== a is now known as Guest94008
shcherbakb1lly: r = read w = write x = execute - = lack of permission03:08
bunjeeI've tried several times - they are practically non-existent03:08
sancasi want update but i dont want update my kernel what can i do?03:10
DrkCodemanwhats a "zombie process"?03:10
shcherbakbunjee: Add your mail address you want to reopen to any known spammer, they may react...03:10
fermulatorDrkCodeman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_process03:11
joshmcIanWizard: Hello caller, you're on the air!03:12
IanWizardjoshmc: [big grin :D ]03:13
joshmcIanwizard: even better, try /me03:13
IanWizardjoshmc: thanks, I very rarely see this channel this empty, I thought something was wrong with me.03:13
* joshmc like this!03:13
gsiawis anyone familiar with using ubuntu on a usb drive, to configure, and then use the usb drive to install it?03:14
IanWizardjoshmc: that would have been a good idea, I didn't think of that.03:14
* IanWizard feels bad for wasting peoples time03:14
joshmcgsiaw: pendrivelinux would be very helpful for that, but I dont know how well it is updated.03:14
bunjeemy mother's email account was hacked - anyone tell me how to get back in? Windows Live closed it.03:14
perlmonkeyIan don't feel bad man03:14
royale1223how do i bypass 4gb limit of remastersys?03:15
shcherbakgsiaw: Do you have ubuntu installed or on liveCD?03:15
gsiawi have it installed on a usb drive, which boots first03:15
gsiawi am using it now03:16
perlmonkeyslightly off-topic/surreal, but what do you guys eat03:16
gsiawbut the installer confuses me a bit03:16
shcherbakgsiaw: How?03:16
IanWizardbunjee: besides being entirely the wrong chan, and probably illegal, that's what a n00b hacker would say, trying to get someone else to tell him(/her) how to hack something.03:16
=== don is now known as Guest55987
=== samuel_ is now known as cytechninja
royale1223how do i bypass 4gb limit of remastersys?03:16
shcherbakbunjee: Spam idea or still sound.03:17
perlmonkeygot a usb stick that is not showing up/auto-mounted, any ideas?03:17
gsiawwell, i thought the live system would allow me to see if i can get everything running/configured, and then it would install it exactly as it is configured on the usb drive, onto my harddrive03:17
gsiawbut i havent seen documentation that says that exactly03:17
bunjeeshcherbak - do not understand03:17
moondogperlmonkey: curry03:17
perlmonkeyi love curry too03:18
IanWizardgsiaw: it doesn't install quite what's on the drive.  I know because things work using the live image, that don't after install (inhibit applet..arggghhhh)03:18
oobiehaving problems iwth my wifi in 10.10, when i try to install the compat wireless module for my kernel, it tells me i want the meta package.  where do i get this?  or is it alright to just do it and ignore the warning?03:18
gsiawIanWizard - so when i install it from the live usb drive, i will be starting from square 1 again?03:18
royale1223Does anybody know how to bypass the 4gb limit of remastersys?03:19
IanWizardgsiaw: yep03:19
fedeanyone here know something about gnome-shell?03:19
gsiawIanWizard - oh , good to know, i guess03:19
IanWizardgsiaw: there may be a way around that, but I'm unaware of it.03:19
fedeI'm having a problem with the internet connection and maybe you can help me03:19
gsiawIanWizard - thanks! i will start writing down what i did  then03:20
oobiefede:  me too03:20
IanWizardgsiaw: no prob03:20
fedeoobie: are you using the latest version?03:21
royale1223Does anybody know how to bypass the 4gb limit of remastersys?03:21
oobieis 10.10 the latest or is there a new one i am not aware of?03:21
oobiei know the new one is coming out eoApril03:21
fedethat's ubuntu version, i'm talking about gnome-shell03:21
gsiawnext question : i have a 7000 rpm harddrive, and several slower harddrives. even though the usb live drive starts up, it doesnt seem to mount any of the harddrives, even thought they show up in the GUI03:21
* perlmonkey has mounted the usb stick03:21
gsiawis that normal?03:21
LantiziaHey how can I generate the type of password hash used in /etc/shadow to use with useradd?03:22
fedeit's still on beta, but I like very much and I can wait to use it03:22
sancasos[Linux 2.6.35-22-generic x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "maverick" 10.10] cpu[2 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8400  @ 3.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.00GHz] mem[Physical: 3.9GB, 78.1% free] disk[Total: 125.7GB, 89.3% free] video[ATI Technologies Inc Juniper [Radeon HD 5750 Series]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel1: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic]03:23
shcherbakroyale1223: apparently it is not possible, reason: data backup should be done using other methods and 4GB is enough for system files. http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=1001.003:23
fedethe problem I'm having is that the internet connection dissapears sometimes and I have to close the session to use the internet again03:23
royale1223shcherbak: i'm using the distro option03:24
dom15How do you log into an FTP server anonymously without having to enter the username "anonymous"? "ftp anonymous@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" doesn't work for me.03:24
shcherbakroyale1223: I just started reading, it made me interested that there is such limit.03:25
friendlyis any one familiar with running apache and mod_perl? I can't seem to get my code to execute. it just displays the files text03:25
royale1223shcherbak: okay03:25
shcherbakdom15: ftp <address> ?03:26
=== gh0zt is now known as c001
grendal-primeanyone now what the MATCH function does?03:27
dom15ftp <address> works but then asks for me to log in. I want to log in automatically.03:27
royale1223Does anybody know how to bypass the 4gb limit of remastersys?03:29
friendlydoes any one here run mod_perl?03:29
ayeceedom15: you can do that by creating a .netrc in your home directory with the credentials. There's a netrc manpage that describes the format.03:32
Jordan_Uroyale1223: What is your end goal? There may be a better way to achieve it than remastersys.03:33
dom15perfect, thanks!03:34
DrkCodemanhmm, quick question... how long does it take for a subdomain take to propigate?03:35
DrkCodemani added one through cpanel i thought it was instant03:35
royale1223Jordan_U: I just want to install ubuntu like the way it is to another pc03:36
Jordan_Uroyale1223: Is the other PC's hard drive larger or smaller than your current one's?03:37
skullboyhow do i get chrome to display http://03:37
DrkCodemanand is there a command to add my user account to the sudo wheel?03:37
royale1223Jordan_U: larger03:38
Jordan_Uskullboy: I don't know, but you should notice that if you copy  a URL from chrome it *will* include the http:// in the clipboard.03:38
b1llyhow do i change all chown -r /var/www/dir read write03:38
skullboyJordan_U: i am aware but i want it to display03:38
b1llysudow chown -r /var/www/dir data-www03:39
b1llyor w/e03:39
Jordan_Uroyale1223: Then you can dd the whole drive from one machine to the other, then resize the partitition on the larger drive to use all of the space.03:39
DrkCodemanb1lly: chown is to change ownership03:39
DrkCodemanb1lly: you probaly mean chmod03:39
DrkCodemanchmod is to change permissions03:39
DrkCodemanso it would be like sudo chmod <location> 777 -R03:40
DrkCodemanwould be complete access03:40
DrkCodemanand all sub folders03:40
skullboyhow do i get chrome to display http://03:40
area51piloti can connect to a secure wireless network but not an unsecured network...can anyone help?03:41
kevinclarkHi there. I'm running tomcat6 (6.0.24-2ubuntu1.5) and would like size based rotation (rather than time based) on the catalina.out log file. I was hoping to just pipe the output of catalina.sh into svlogd (the rest of the system uses runit - if someone has a startup script that's compatible, that'd work too), but start-stop-daemon backgrounds and I'm not sure how that and svlogd would interact. Anyone know if I can just add the pipe to the argum03:41
skullboy<area51pilot> ur useing the wrong network encryption03:41
b1llyno i wanna chown03:41
b1llysudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/homeskoold/uploads/* returning no such file or dir03:42
mrdebwhat is the purpose of sudo03:42
DrkCodemanb1lly: -R is at the end03:42
area51pilotmrdeb: sudo is admin privelages03:43
DrkCodemanmrdeb sudo or do as super user03:43
=== Luke is now known as Guest66766
mrdebwhat's the difference between using sudo or just typing su?03:43
jdogHi all this my first time in this chat room03:43
Mad_HaTTersudo su or sudo -i03:43
DrkCodemanbasicaly to be able to use "root" less heh03:43
Mad_HaTTeror you can often jhust change the privilages with chmod03:44
DrkCodemanlol not many official supporters of this channel i might as well start using google03:44
DrkCodemanMad_HaTTer: i already said that03:44
itaylor57skullboy: try this link http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=4146703:44
joshmcmrdeb: it's using root permissions one time (well, unlocking it to use, etc) but you are not truely root. su would switch you to root for the session, or until you change back.03:44
mrdebjoshmc: so it's just as safe or unsafe to just use su, and then exit from terminal to stop03:45
DrkCodemani mainly use sudo for apt-get or updatedb03:45
Mad_HaTTersrry just got back to the comp so didnt see it03:45
joshmcmrdeb: it's as safe as you and your habits make it.03:45
jdogHas any one gotten the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card to work in Ubuntu 10.1003:45
mrdebso there is no need for sudo to be installed03:45
kevinclarkmrdeb: sudo is usually used for one off commands. it can also be restricted to specific users or commands, so you can give a user access without giving them root03:45
DrkCodemananyone here know how to add a user to the sudo wheel?03:45
joshmcDrlCodeman: through visudo??03:46
joshmcDrkCodeman: ^ but I'm not sure03:46
bangjamesI have installed hp laserjet p1005 using foo2xqx driver...but the printer isnt working03:46
Anon906i was joking i cant believe thought i believed the video you really thought i was serious here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt82xGmjGJw03:46
red2kicDrkCodeman: System --> Something --> Users/Groups?03:46
DrkCodemanive done it before by altering a file but i think there is a command03:46
Guest66766I would appreciate if any one can help me with tax Application issue (something to do with a graphics driver)03:46
DrkCodemanred2kic: this is a server im ssh into lol not a client03:46
mrdebyes DrkCodeman03:47
red2kicDrkCodeman: Try "gpasswd -a loluser wheel"03:47
Alex61639Hello guys, I have a problem.I can`t connect my machine to wireless internet.I `m using ubuntu. And my first step to move from windows to linux is to connect to the internet. but it is not working.03:47
DrkCodemanred2kic: that looks like a google answer lol03:48
Guest66766I would appreciate if any one can help me with tax Application issue (something to do with a graphics driver)03:49
DrkCodemanhmm sudo vim /etc/sudoers03:49
royale1223Jordan_U: got disconnected03:49
red2kicDrkCodeman: Oh lawl. Here is another one (sudo adduser john accounts)03:49
red2kicDrkCodeman: http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Managing_Ubuntu_Linux_Users_and_Groups03:49
bangjamesI have installed hp laserjet p1005 driver using foo2xqx.....but the printing isnt working..can someone help me???03:50
royale1223Jordan_U: hardware is diffrent for both systems03:50
jdogM-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card any know about it03:50
Anon906PleaseAwnserMe i was joking i cant believe thought i believed the video you really thought i was serious here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt82xGmjGJw03:50
bangjamesI have installed hp laserjet p1005 driver using foo2xqx.....but the printing isnt working..can someone help me???03:51
=== pIxies is now known as Guest95760
itaylor57bangjames: I used hplib to connect to my hp printer03:53
DrkCodemanlol whats this visudo crap03:54
bangjameswhere do u get hplib?03:54
DrkCodemanpfft im happy with vi / vim / pico / nano03:54
itaylor57bangjames: In software center or synaptic03:54
Anon906ban this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt82xGmjGJw03:55
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* rww surfs the netsplit04:23
=== littlestbear is now known as littlebearz1
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DiamondciteIt's causing wipeouts.04:23
ironchewIt's causing grumpouts.04:23
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DiamondciteWipes some scrollback buffers clean04:23
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AndreuLsi need help04:23
AndreuLsI am in love04:23
AndreuLsand she doesn`t wants me04:23
=== gac is now known as Guest43597
ironchewsudo will do the trick.04:23
landingonwaterAndreuLs: avoid moviestars in general04:23
ironchewBut it won't be a mutual love.04:23
DiamondcitePlease call a Psychic, this is only for Electronic relations.04:23
AndreuLslol ironchew :-)04:23
rcconfI have04:23
New0hi guys, hi set grub to be hidden from windows. now i need to change it back. how? i'm in windows maybe there is software?04:24
DiamondciteNew0: What makes it so you can't boot back into linux?04:24
lashaguys are there performance improvements in 11.04 ? in comparison to 10.10 ?04:24
royale1243anybody familier with reconstructor?04:24
AndreuLsyes lasha.04:24
rcconfI have an issue: I added Ubuntu Dev Audio PPA and upgraded the audio packages. Then I purged the PPA... And now I have obsolete packages. How can I fix this? thanks04:24
rcconfI want to roll back to previous version04:25
=== Guest48150 is now known as darkdevil
lashaAndreuLs: is it more lightweight ?04:25
New0Diamondcite Yes because now the GRUB menu is Hidden04:25
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest58017
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DiamondciteNew0: Press something as the system boots, say esc and press it repeatedly, grub shouldn't be THAT hidden unless it was wiped out..04:25
New0Diamondcite but for now it also not possible for me to boot with Live Cd04:25
DiamondciteNew0:  Why did you have a need to hide grub that deep anyway?04:26
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red2kicGrub2 doesn't display menu by default. HOLD SHIFT to see menu.04:27
New0Diamondcite becuaese my laptop did problems, and i called Sony Support and they say that someone will come to me to fix it. but my brother told me to hidded it so the tech guy whould not blem me04:28
rcconfPlease I need to know to rollback to other releases of pulseaudio04:28
OsmodivsI am planning to leave my computer ON ll night rendering an image in Luxrnder, but I want to set an alarm in case the GPU overheats. I am using GKREKLLM, is there a command that alerts me when my GPU overheats?04:28
Mad_HaTTeroften you can set it in the bios04:29
New0Diamondcite i try it Esc but it didn't work. it say Grub is loading or something like it, and then windows keep load and not show me the grub menu04:29
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DiamondciteNew0: Someone else recommended holding shift during boot (probably left shift)04:30
Mad_HaTTerbut why would it overheat in the first place?04:30
Mad_HaTTertoss some heat spreader on it and a better fan and it should be fine04:30
Mad_HaTTermaybe a better sink too04:31
New0Diamondcite ok anyway i will try it another time now and i will see,,, hoo tnx didn't try it yet. anyway i will try it now and will be back. THANK YOU SO MUCH :)04:31
Abhijitgood morning04:31
Mad_HaTTergood evening04:31
XUniqueonegood night04:31
Abhijitin my friends pc we first treid ubuntu and it hangs after 'boot into live cd without installing' pc is old. so we tried xubuntu. but same problem. whats wrong? what we can do?04:32
XUniqueoneu suck04:32
Mad_HaTTerlol abh04:32
Mad_HaTTeri have the same problem on a old i68604:33
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AndreuLsrcconf:  /etc/apt/preferences   | Package: * | Pin: release a=jaunty | Pin-Priority: 1001   | aptitude install pulseaudio04:33
Mad_HaTTeri tried ubuntu dsl mandriva knoppix04:33
XUniqueonewhat to talk about fellow nerds04:33
DiamondciteAbhijit: If it has a wifi capable card, it might want wifi to be connected before it works04:33
AbhijitDiamondcite, ??04:34
AbhijitDiamondcite, we are talking about booting into live x/ubuntu cd04:34
rcconfAndreuLs: jaunty?04:34
DiamondciteAbhijit: It's one of those odd quirks I don't understand yet, in my own home when I tried to liveCD at times it would fail until network is connected.04:34
AbhijitDiamondcite, i will try this. today i am goint to taht friends home. thank yuo.04:35
Mad_HaTTeri can boot live or install on the i686 acrhitceture im talking bout ohh tried arch too04:35
caleb_fd09is there a channel for virtual box?04:35
Abhijitcaleb_fd09, #vbox04:35
New0Diamondcite hey, i try it with Esc and Shift Right, Left , Both and didn't work04:36
Mad_HaTTeris there a channel for proxmox04:36
twiggzOk, me for one...Im sick of these netsplits...this joint splits more than efnet, undernet, and dalnet combined...and then they make excuses...try our up and coming irc network, we offer the same services, less netsplits. irc.sindustries.org04:37
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DiamondciteNew0: You will need a liveCD/LiveUSB to changeg grub settings..04:37
New0Diamondcite ok this is the thing. i choose in grub to select win 7, then i choose timeout to 004:37
Edge226Hi guys, I am not able to chroot from my ubuntu.04:37
Edge226edward@ubuntu:/mnt/arch$ sudo chroot /mnt/arch /bin/bash04:37
Edge226chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory04:37
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Osmodivs Des anyone knows thw command for my PC to beep analarm if my GPU is overheating?04:38
New0Diamondcite yea i know tnx :). but right now i don't have one. so maybe it's possible from windows. i knnow there is a software that can read/write to/from EXT304:38
smwEdgan, bash needs to be in the chroot04:38
Edge226so the bash needs to be in the directory you are chrooting into?04:39
ac7ssOsmodivs, You could script something that polls the temp and sounds a beep.04:40
ac7ssOsmodivs, It would depend on where you could read the temp from, some use /proc/acpi/thermzone others use an application.04:41
soneehey anyone here use asus u series ?04:41
Osmodivsac7ss,  Well, I am using GKRELLM, I just want to use a command that beeps with the internal speaker.04:41
DiamondciteNew0: The main issue is.... writting to ext3 isn't enough, you need to get to the the MBR..04:41
b1llyi got the ftp user account to work04:42
Alex61639guys, i need to compile source code for wireless driver. here is my output to lspci command http://pastebin.com/EZpTgUgi04:42
b1llymy question is, how do i find out what directory im connected to now lol04:42
New0Diamondcite right... i forgot about update-grub :)04:42
b1llycuz it def isnt right04:42
ac7ssOsmodivs, beep would sound the bell.04:42
Osmodivsac7ss,  the command Beep does not work, unless I need to add a $,&,; or wahtever symbol to execute it04:42
b1llyor how do i set r+write access to users for /var/www/website/*04:42
b1llyand all the sub directories04:42
bpris thre a way to get the ubuntu1 client to stop spamming libnotify (on Natty)04:42
Logan_!natty | bpr04:43
ubottubpr: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.04:43
ac7ssOsmodivs, are you doing this from a shell or within the ap.04:43
bprlol... ty ubottu (lol @ bots)04:43
Osmodivsac7ss,  Within the app04:43
bprLogan_: I asked in #ubuntu+1, it's dead atm04:44
Logan_bpr: yes, but we do not answer Natty-related questions in this channel.  You will have to be patient.04:44
Joey_Does this channel offer Wubi support as well?04:44
rcconfbpr: try ##linux04:44
Logan_Joey_: yes.04:44
bprty, rcconf04:44
Alex61639Diamondcite: hi, i found out that my machine doesn`t have make file for wireless driver. how can i make this file04:44
New0Diamondcite ok man THANK YOU VERY MUCH for trying to help me. but i think that i need to solve it with LiveCD/USB and not stick my head to the gruond :) tnx04:44
Theoreticianhello, will e2fsck erase my hard drive?04:45
ac7ssOsmodivs, I am not familiar with the app. so cannot help. (I would write a script to poll regularly and sound the beep. not using the app.)04:45
b1llywahoo got it to work04:45
Mad_HaTTeri need to be identified with services?04:45
Joey_I've tried using Wubi about 10 times today with different versions of Ubuntu, and each time, after the install of the OS completes, the bootloader fails even though I didn't run updates04:45
Bling98hello, I just experienced a problem updating ubuntu, can anyone help me?04:45
DiamondciteAlex61639: I don't suppose you can plug in a network cable to get networking?04:45
Theoreticianproblem updating?04:45
Logan_!ask | Bling9804:45
ubottuBling98: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:45
ac7ssOsmodivs, beep may be an internal sh command. you may be able to get away with "sh beep" to sound it.04:46
Alex61639Diamondcite: no, i can`t plug it in. for some stupid reasons (don`t ask :)) i wouldn`t ask otherwise04:46
TheoreticianI'm trying to recover my crashed hard drive. Will running $ e2fsck -f /dev/sda5 erase my data on my dual boot laptop?04:46
Alex61639 Diamondcite: btw what is the name of the wireless driver for ubuntu?04:47
indicatorFor some reason, network time is not being set04:48
Osmodivsac7ss,  sh beep, nothing, I guess I am gonna have to trust my GPU to not overheat tonight, it's too late for me to do something else, thx anyway04:48
DiamondciteAlex61639: Ubuntu comes with certain wireless drivers built in.. more importantly.. what is your wireless card?04:48
indicatorI have tried to set it on 4 different systems and it wont set.. It's getting kind of annoying04:48
Bling98ok, I installed ubuntu previously and was updating some files. then it asked to reboot, following the reboot, I had a version 10 of ubuntu, and there was nothing but the terminal window asking for my login and password. the main folders were still there, but I don't see any of my files.04:48
ExplodingPigletsIs there some reason why the linux devs decided it would be too convenient to have an "install" button on their programs?04:48
DiamondciteAlex61639: If you have no idea, then please provide the full modelname if your laptop04:49
Alex61639 Diamondcite: are u asking about BCM4312?04:49
izinucsExplodingPiglets: if it's a .deb file just double click it..04:49
ac7ssOsmodivs, another approach would be to "mpg123 Soundfile.mp3" over the regular speakers. :)04:49
ExplodingPigletsit is a tar file04:49
New0Diamondcite by the way, after i'm loading LiveCD/USB, i only need to find GRUB change it back and update-grub command?04:49
DiamondciteAlex61639: some form of broadcom.. doensn't the enviroment ask you to Activate additional drivers?04:49
red2kicExplodingPiglets: If you want "install" button, look for debs.04:50
DiamondciteNew0: Supposedly, yes04:50
Theoreticianif it is a .tar file, you will probably have to build it04:50
ExplodingPigletsWell, it isn't a deb.04:50
DiamondciteNew0: Please remember to chroot into your hard drive!04:50
red2kicExplodingPiglets: TAR = Source File. Compile it first then install it.04:50
ExplodingPigletsIt is a driver for my webcam04:50
ExplodingPigletsOk, what the hell is compile?04:50
izinucsExplodingPiglets: there's many ways of packaging programs.. some tar's have to be compiled.. others come with installers.. you just have to know how to install it.. but you're not getting tar's from the software center (ubuntu dev's responsibility)04:50
Alex61639Diamondcite: it says it can`t connect to the internet04:51
ExplodingPigletsok let's pretend I have no idea what compiling is or how to do it04:51
thetravwhat's a command I can use to find words (eg, background) within text files from the terminal?04:51
red2kicExplodingPiglets: "use a computer program to translate source code written in a particular programming language into computer-readable machine code that can be executed"04:51
thetravit's not grep is it?04:51
thetravnor is it find04:51
DiamondciteAlex61639: ... that is odd.. So it DOES say additional drivers are available but it wants the internet?04:51
thetravis it SED?04:51
izinucs!compile | ExplodingPiglets04:51
ubottuExplodingPiglets: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:51
* ExplodingPiglets facedesks04:51
b1llymy ftp only works on my local machine.. if i go on another computer on my network, it queries username and password but doesnt auth04:51
b1llyhowever on the server itself i can log in fine04:51
red2kicExplodingPiglets: Almost everybody nowaday are installed by binaries. When you compile a source code, you create a binary, then you install that binary.04:52
Theoreticiandoes anyone know how to recover data from an encrypted hard drive?04:52
izinucsb1lly: probably because that machine's user doesn't have a user on the ftp machine and/or that user isn't listed in the database of users for the FTP04:52
edwinkcwI have a source code and I want to compile under Linux but the executale file is able to run under MacOS04:52
rcconfTheoretician: install trucrypt04:52
rcconfTheoretician: install truecrypt04:52
rcconfand mount the volume04:52
Theoreticiancan i apt-get it?04:52
Alex61639Diamondcite; yes. i have followed some videos on youtube where guys simply activate driver after downloading it04:52
red2kicTheoretician: Recover data? You forget the password?04:53
ExplodingPigletssweet jesus!04:53
rcconfTheoretician: no, go to their site04:53
b1llywell my localhost machine prompts username and password, and when i enter it in, it directs me to the correct dir04:53
ExplodingPigletswhat is a binary?04:53
thetravoh, it is grep04:53
rcconf!ot | ExplodingPiglets04:53
ubottuExplodingPiglets: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:53
thetravI grepped me a background04:53
b1llyhoweever when i goto another machine ont he network, it prompts me, but the password and user isnt recognized04:53
Theoreticiani have the password and can mount the hard drive, I just can't read the encrypted data. I have the password04:53
rcconfHow can I rollback pulseaudio?04:53
red2kicTheoretician: Okay. How is it encrypted in first place?04:53
izinucsExplodingPiglets: what's the driver for again?04:53
ExplodingPigletsI am being on topic, I am trying to get help. Isn't that what #ubuntu is for? Or is it just called  the support channel for the lulz?04:53
area51pilotwhy would my wireless connect to an unsecured network...pull a webpage and then disconnect?04:54
Theoreticianwith the default encryption that ubuntu offers when you install04:54
ExplodingPigletsthe file name is qc-usb-0.6.6.tar.gz04:54
b1llyizinucs: any suggestion?04:54
rcconfTheoretician: dont know :\04:54
Theoreticianthe encrypt home directory button04:54
izinucsExplodingPiglets: and where did you find out that's what you needed for the cam?04:54
ExplodingPigletsI googled.04:54
red2kicTheoretician: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:54
red2kicTheoretician: You may have better luck with this as I don't use that stuff myself.04:55
TheoreticianThat is what I have been doing...04:55
ExplodingPigletsMy webcam works....sort of. But the lighting goes off.04:55
izinucsExplodingPiglets: not being overly familure with cams.. is quickcam logitech or MS or what?04:55
Theoreticianit doesn't work04:55
izinucsExplodingPiglets: what do you mean the lighting goes off?04:55
soreauExplodingPiglets: What program are you testing with?04:55
DiamondciteAlex61639: Look for broadcom-sta-common and broadcom-sta-source from an ubuntu package server and downlaod those files to usb04:55
ExplodingPigletswel hold on04:55
rcconf!doesnt work04:56
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:56
ExplodingPigletsit just sort of flickers04:56
TheoreticianSo I have been following that guide that you sent, however I cannot access the files with the process described04:56
izinucsExplodingPiglets: what program are you testing it with?04:56
T_N_Thello, I just got ubuntu to work, and now I am having an issue installing things, I am getting a message that says "an unhandleable error occured" "there seems to be a programming error in aptdameon" this is on 10.1004:56
DiamondciteAlex61639: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/broadcom-sta-common04:56
ExplodingPigletslook at it04:57
red2kicTheoretician: http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/Ecryptfs/ (Perhaps, access your encrypted data from a liveCD or similar).04:57
Alex61639Diamondcite: thanks, i will have a look04:57
T_N_Tanything I can do to get rid of that error?04:57
Theoreticianred2kic: im going to try that, gimme a sec04:58
izinucsExplodingPiglets: looks like a flash site.. that might be part of the issue. Did you install flash on your machine?04:58
ExplodingPigletsI believe it has it.04:58
ExplodingPigletsWhat program in particular should I be looking for?04:58
ExplodingPigletshold on, let me test it on cheese04:58
Alex61639Diamondcite: i need all of them? all three04:58
soreauExplodingPiglets: Yes, try cheese04:58
izinucsExplodingPiglets: you can test with "cheese".. sudo apt-get install cheese or look in software center for it.04:59
TamagoAny idea why the mini install ISO would freeze when I select "install" ? I can scroll the menu before I choose anything, but when I choose install it just freezes at the menu..04:59
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soreauTamago: What version of ubuntu?04:59
DiamondciteAlex61639: Atleast common and source I think.05:00
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.05:00
Tamagosoreau: 10.1005:00
New0Diamondcite chroot what is it?05:00
soreauTamago: Did you check the md5sum of the image?05:00
red2kicTamago: Use "spacebar" to toggle something before you "Enter" to install something.05:00
TamagoI copied the cd to usb key, syslinux'd it, renamed isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg05:00
ExplodingPigletsok it works fine in cheese05:00
Tamagosoreau: nah.05:00
rcconfso I just want to downgrade a package!05:00
Theoreticianred2kic: I did, and i get this: Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory05:00
TheoreticianCheck your system logs; visit <http://launchpad.net/ecryptfs>05:00
red2kicTamago: So you're installing nothing.05:00
soreauExplodingPiglets: That means your drivers are working fine05:00
Tamagored: ok.. er? I'm at the boot menu, not the installer.05:00
DiamondciteNew0: the chroot command when used properly makes the disable system look like the active system so you can do repairs on it while it won't boot05:00
ExplodingPigletsok, then what is the problem?05:00
soreauExplodingPiglets: It's likely whatever other program you were seeing the problem in is at fault05:01
izinucsExplodingPiglets: so you might need to install flash.. there are several versions.. some are "free" some not.. sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:01
rcconfim gonna do this way. wish me luck https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DowngradeHowto#Setting%20up%20pinning05:01
red2kicTheoretician: I never used eCryptfs -- I only know little enough to give you useful links.05:01
Theoreticianred2kic: here is exactly what i ran: sudo mount -t ecryptfs /home/<user>/home/<user>/.Private /mnt/hard_drive05:01
red2kicTheoretician: <user> -- Being your actual username?05:02
soreauTamago: You might want to check the md5sum to eliminate the possibility of a faulty iso image05:02
New0Diamondcite ok i never use this command, but also i will not weste your time. and i will google it tnx :)05:02
rcconfhm force version in synaptic05:02
Theoreticianred2kic: right now I am running ubuntu off of a external hard drive and I copied the encrypted home directory on the internal hard drive to my /home/<user>05:03
jiltdili have a partition named Data and i want to mount it automatically on every system restart how to do that using fstab?05:05
rcconfE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.05:05
red2kicTheoretician: A friendly advice. If you're able to get in just fine, make a backup.05:05
ExplodingPigletsok I tried webcam studio05:05
ExplodingPigletsthe same thing is happening05:05
ExplodingPigletsit keeps flickering05:05
ac7ssjiltdil, add an entry to your /etc/fstab05:05
YankDownUnderjiltdil, Um...there's heaps of "examples" on the forums...?05:06
Theoreticianred2kic: that is what I did, however I would like to be able to decrypt my back up05:06
jiltdilac7ss:whats the entery i have to de done05:06
soreauExplodingPiglets: Do you have it pointed at a high lumen area? (such as outside sunlight)05:06
ExplodingPigletsnot at all05:06
ExplodingPigletsIt is night here and I am in my well-lit room05:06
ac7ssjiltdil, use a mount command to mount it where you want it, use the information gained from 'mount' to copy into the fstab.05:06
red2kicTheoretician: Google something like "ubuntu, ecryptfs decrypt, solved" -- You may get lucky.05:07
YankDownUnderjiltdil, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab05:07
Theoreticianyeah, ok05:07
ac7ssjiltdil, "mount /dev/hdb0 /data ; mount" the result will give something like /dev/dhb0 on /data type vfat options rw, nouser,remount05:08
rcconfTheoretician: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory05:08
Theoreticianrcconf: I have been doing that however it will not let me see decrypted files05:09
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:09
Tamago... could someone do that command for me?05:10
Tamagonm, google helped.05:10
Vr_Raythey having a fire drill lol05:10
rcconfTheoretician: you are doing something wrong obviously05:10
ac7ssjiltdil, use that information line from the mount command to set the options in fstab, copying the options shown.05:10
Kamakazistupid component, just enable05:11
Theoreticianrcconf: well, I will try again, but I did everything exactly as was listed05:11
speedrunnerG55hello fellow linux users05:12
ac7ssHello speedrunnerG5505:12
rcconfwhat is the difference "maverick" and "maverick-updates"?05:12
rcconfpulseaudio package05:12
DiamondciteWe are the Borg you will be.. er I mean Hi, anything we can help you with?05:12
rcconfei speedrunnerG5505:12
jiltdili have to mount this /dev/sda5: LABEL="Data" UUID="0b8c94cb-6b87-4887-9350-38b448fd7e17" TYPE="ext4" what should i have to enter in /etc/fstab?05:12
Kamakaziand by component earlier, I meant composite05:13
teageHello, I have managed to fix my wacky mouse using these commands, sudo rmmod psmouse and then sudo modprobe psmouse proto+imps,  works great!, now how do i keep them settings on my next boot as i loose them and have to reenter those commands?05:13
rcconfDO I force version maverick or maverick-update?05:13
ac7ssjiltdil, where is the target directory (mountpoint)05:13
Mad_HaTTera mod probe serial05:13
rcconfMad_HaTTer: what?05:14
Mad_HaTTerohh just reading what u did05:14
TheoreticianDoes anybody know if e2fsck will erase my hard drive?05:14
Mad_HaTTere2 file system check05:15
Kamakaziapparently can't use compiz and xinerama....great....05:15
ExplodingPigletsscrew this, I am going back to windows.05:15
Mad_HaTTerkinda like sfc in windows05:15
izinucsKamakazi: why you using xinerama?05:15
teageIs there supposed to be a options file in modprobe.d under maverick?05:15
rcconfE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.05:15
Vr_Rayits just a fire drill05:15
rcconfwhat the hell?05:16
rcconfhow can I downgrade pulseaudio?05:16
Kamakaziizinucs: It was the only way I could get my dual portrait-mode screens to work right05:16
ac7ssjiltdil,  /dev/sda5 /media/Data ext4  defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 105:16
jiltdilac7ss: also when i want to go into Data via terminal i am unable to go to it05:16
Syntheadwhere is mkfs.ext4?  it's not installed on my system05:16
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: I know what it stands for, will it erase my hard drive though?05:16
Syntheadwhat package has mkfs.ext4?05:16
hanasakianyone able to get netflix going... I have tried a bunch of stuff from the net but no luck05:16
ayecee!find mkfs.ext405:16
Mad_HaTTerno it checks your file system05:16
draven_soldo i have to restore lost+found files on the current filesystem or can i do it later on a fresh install?05:17
ubottuFile mkfs.ext4 found in e2fsprogs, manpages-fr-extra05:17
izinucsKamakazi: twinview wouldn't do it with a custom xorg.conf? or using xrandr to rearrange the monitors orientation?05:17
Syntheadayecee: I have e2fsprogs installed05:17
Logan_!silverlight | hanasaki05:17
ubottuhanasaki: For Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.05:17
hiexpoSynthead, is formting05:17
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: so it wont? I just want to be sure...05:17
hanasakiLogan_:  I did that... still no luck05:17
hiexpoSynthead,  just use terminal to format05:18
Kamakaziizinucs, well, I couldn't get that to work, which certainly doesn't mean it isn't possible05:18
ayeceeSynthead: there is no /sbin/mkfs.ext4?05:18
hanasakigo figure.. they have java servers and play via silverlight05:18
Mad_HaTTerno it wont it checks the integrity of your file system05:18
Syntheadayecee: no, there isn't05:18
ayeceeSynthead: you may have to reinstall the package05:18
Syntheadhiexpo: this is a cloud machine that will never have a monitor on it05:18
izinucsKamakazi: most likely xrandr will do it for you.. it'll take some digging for the right commands though.05:18
jiltdilac7ss; whai is the meaning of remount -ro05:19
rcconfHow do I downgrade pulseaudio after purging a PPA?!05:19
Syntheadayecee: how do you reinstall, or force an install?05:19
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: yeah but when I run it it offers to fix errors, will this erase anything on any partition?05:19
hiexpoSynthead, oh i don't know about clout05:19
ayeceeSynthead: apt-get install --reinstall05:19
Syntheadayecee: still doesn't have mkfs.ext405:19
Mad_HaTTerunmount something thats mounted and remount it obviously05:19
ac7ssjiltdil, if there is an error, it will remount the drive read-only.05:20
Mad_HaTTermore of a diagnostic command05:20
Kamakaziizinucs: well, here we go05:20
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: ok, thanks05:20
hiexpoSynthead, what are you wanting to format ?05:20
Syntheadhiexpo: an EBS virtual drive from amazon05:20
ayeceeSynthead: not sure what to tell you. It's in that package.05:20
jiltdilac7ss:ok now if i reboots mmy system then it will automatically comes on my desktop screen?05:20
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: I'm going to run it and hopefully it fixes my hard drive05:20
rcconfno one knows how to downgrade to a package that is not being shown in repositories?05:21
Mad_HaTTerwhats wrong with your hdd?05:21
rcconfdo I need to remove and purge and then install it again?05:21
T_N_Tcan anyone help me with this issue I have with not being able to install anything on 10.10, I want to use ubuntu on this notebook but if i cant install anything new it it worthless?05:21
linuxhomiehello all05:21
hiexporcconf, just do a reinstall of the package or you could go get it and compile it yourself05:21
ayeceeT_N_T: what happens when you try?05:22
Kamakazilol, as it turns out, twinview actually works, after all the fiddling I did with xorg.conf to get xinerama to work. But now I remember why I didn't use twinview to begin with, I can't drag windows between monitors05:22
T_N_Tone sec Ill generate the error05:22
rcconfhiexpo: I cant reinstall it's pulseaudio from PPA05:22
Syntheadayecee: it isn't, unless it's not in the path for some reason05:22
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: It won't boot into ubuntu. It gives me "try passing init=bootarg"05:22
jiltdilrconfig:remove the ppa pachkage from package manager and install new05:22
=== Guest59217 is now known as psycho_oreos
Syntheadroot@ip-10-212-185-187:/dev# dpkg -l | grep e2fsprogs05:22
Syntheadii  e2fsprogs                         1.40.8-2ubuntu2                    ext2 file system utilities and libraries05:22
Syntheadroot@ip-10-212-185-187:/dev# updatedb05:22
Syntheadroot@ip-10-212-185-187:/dev# locate mkfs.ext405:22
rcconfjiltdil: I want to remove the latest from PPA.. and get back to the original one05:22
ayeceeSynthead: how about "ls /sbin/mkfs.ext4" ?05:22
hiexporcconf, open synaptic type pulseaudio right click it and click reinstall05:22
rcconf!paste | Synthead05:22
Mad_HaTTerit doesnt list the argument?05:22
ubottuSynthead: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:22
Syntheadayecee: it's not on the system05:22
=== Guest43597 is now known as gac
T_N_Tayecee it says "an unhandleable error occured" there seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon05:23
Syntheadrcconf: it was five lines05:23
Mad_HaTTerdid you check your boot priority05:23
gauravkittzT_n_t what happens05:23
rcconfhiexpo: that will reinstall THE CURRENT PACKAGE05:23
ayeceeT_N_T: could you pastebin the error message?05:23
rcconfhiexpo: I want to downgrade!05:23
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: not that I remember, e2fsck does give many errors though when I run it05:23
T_N_Tits on my other notebook05:23
=== gac is now known as Guest72911
ohsixis there: e2fsprogs: /sbin/mkfs.ext405:23
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: boot priority is fine05:23
rcconfhard to understand?05:23
jiltdilrconfg:yes you will do with that just remove your ppa packages from package manager and install new05:23
Mad_HaTTeryou nee to purge and install apt05:23
ayeceeSynthead: what version of ubuntu?05:23
hiexporcconf, yes if you want to downgrade go get the package and compile it yourself05:23
Mad_HaTTeri had that prob b405:23
=== micca is now known as _666
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: do what?05:24
T_N_Tmad hatter what command should i use in terminal, btw this is on 10.1005:24
rcconfhiexpo: I dont want to compile it.. i want to install the older one05:24
hiexporcconf, that is the only way you are going to get an older version05:24
jiltdilrconfig:just remove ppa package of pulseaudio and install new eaisly05:24
TheoreticianMad_HaTTer: Thanks, here I go05:25
T_N_Tthe error again is "an unhandable error occured" there seems to be a programming error in aptdameon, please report this error....05:25
rcconfjiltdil: i will try again.05:25
hiexpoof he has ppa   oh05:25
Mad_HaTTertheor k05:25
rcconfhiexpo: i purged it before05:25
rcconfand could reinstall05:25
ayeceeSynthead: what version of ubuntu?05:25
rcconfcould not05:25
Mad_HaTTerthat previous about apt was to tnt05:25
hiexporcconf, if you have the ppas than remove the ppa and do sudo apt-get update05:26
rcconfhiexpo: I did that05:26
rcconfE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.05:26
rcconfhiexpo: but im gonna try that method again05:26
DaPenguinrcconf, you could always try a purge then reinstall05:27
hiexporcconf, go in synaptic and remoce puleaudio and than reinsatll in than05:27
T_N_Tmad_hatter what sorry I did not see what u said05:27
rcconfhiexpo: yea that way i know it will work05:27
Mad_HaTTertnt u need to reinstall apt05:28
al_nz1anyone know how to connect to a folder on ubuntu from Win7?05:28
rcconfal_nz1: right click the folder and share it05:28
rcconfin ubuntu05:28
rcconfit will install !samba05:28
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:28
Mad_HaTTeri had ur problem b405:28
T_N_Tok mad_hatter how do I re-install apt, im somewhat of a noob05:28
al_nz1rcconf: lol - it cant be that easy.05:29
al_nz1rcconf: then connect as a SMB share?05:29
rcconfal_nz1: it is easy.05:29
rcconfal_nz1: then you just need to configure the network in lan05:30
jiltdilac7ss: whaen i restarted my system it says an error occured while mounting 0  use S to skip or M to manually correct05:30
jiltdil when i restarted my system it says an error occured while mounting 0  use S to skip or M to manually correct05:31
al_nz1rcconf: C:\Users\Al>net use S: \\\al_home /user:al05:31
al_nz1rcconf: then it asks for password05:31
al_nz1rcconf: thinks - then fails05:31
rcconfal_nz1: put yout ubuntu password05:31
rcconfor the password05:31
al_nz1rcconf: complains password incorrect???05:31
rcconfyou set in ubuntu folder05:31
rcconfhiexpo: pulseaudio:05:32
rcconf  Depends: libpulse0 (=1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu21.1) but 1:0.9.22-0ubuntu1 is to be installed05:32
al_nz1rcconf: sorry - what do you think I need to change?05:32
rcconfal_nz1: check the share settings....05:32
Mad_HaTTeractually first try sudo at-get i dont member all the commands actually install ap-get, update apt-get, upgrade apt-get theres something that you have to do before those too but i dont member i had that problem months ago05:33
rcconfright the click the folder you want to share05:33
hiexporcconf, ok go open  admin software sources05:33
al_nz1rcconf: right click on the foldeR?05:33
DaPenguiniirc, samba needs the windows pass to connect the share05:33
rcconfhiexpo: already did that and purged the PPA05:33
rcconfand updated the repositories05:33
rcconfim not a noob05:33
Mad_HaTTerapt-get install*05:33
rcconfmaybe I removed an official repos05:34
Mad_HaTTeri member it was a pain cause the pkgman kept failing but it was fine in term05:34
hiexpopossablecheck it05:34
rcconfal_nz1: yes05:34
T_N_Tmad hatter didn't work05:34
Mad_HaTTersudo apt-get upgrade05:35
DarkSectorHello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a dpkg related issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/586720/05:35
rcconfhiexpo: http://pastebin.com/0c9XphcV05:35
rcconfcheck it out pls05:35
al_nz1rcconf: the permission look ok to me. and I am supplying my ubuntu password on the win7 box.....is there anywhere else I should be setting the password?05:35
rcconfal_nz1: right click the shared folder..05:36
Mad_HaTTerthen sudo apt-get update05:36
T_N_Tok, thx for your help05:36
Mad_HaTTeras i recall it was something with a specific kernal that was updated shortly after05:37
hiexporcconf, did you notice if that pulse audio is still the newer one   ?05:37
hiexporcconf, i bet it is05:37
T_N_Tmad_hatter its downloading a bunch of files now05:38
olskolirccommand to update all menus please05:38
rcconfhiexpo: not it isnt05:38
whereamiwhere do I complain about Natty's new interface?05:38
rcconfhiexpo: but i think dependecies are05:38
Logan_!natty | whereami05:38
ubottuwhereami: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.05:38
rcconfhiexpo: and i cannot remove dependecies without removing many other audio apps05:38
whereamiunderstood... where do I complain?05:38
Logan_or, better yet:05:39
Logan_!ot | whereami05:39
ubottuwhereami: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:39
rcconfwhereami: ##linux05:39
al_nz1rcconf: when I R click on the folder I want to share I have several Tabs. One of these Tabs is "Basic" which has Name (al), Type and Contents. On the "Share" tab is Share Name (home_al) - when I try to connect from Win7 am I useing Name (al) or Share Name (al_home) ?05:39
rcconf!samba > al_nz105:39
ubottual_nz1, please see my private message05:39
hiexporcconf, yep i think so also i had that happen before with adding a ppa and it wrecked my system05:40
rcconfhiexpo: can you check what is the current pulseaudio version?05:40
hiexporcconf, ok one sec05:40
rcconfplease check and tell me05:40
whereamialso, I understand there's a way to go back to something more gnome2-like... where is that? (main problem I have with this interface is discoverability, btw)05:40
rcconfwhereami: are you talking about natty?05:40
hiexporcconf, 0922/ 0921 stable on maverick05:41
al_nz1rcconf: looked at the link. How can anything in a page that long be easy???????05:41
T_N_Tmad_hatter that worked, really appreciate the help, now I can continue enjoying ubuntu05:41
rcconfal_nz1: im busy05:41
al_nz1rcconf: I thought all I had to do was right click and share!05:41
rcconfit is05:41
al_nz1so why doesnt it work05:41
whereamircconf, sorry, somehow I missed the "#ubuntu+1" part of that first message. I'll be on my way, thanks :)05:41
rcconfal_nz1: if ubuntu asks for a password USE ubuntu login password05:42
Mad_HaTTertnt glad to hear it05:42
rcconfand username05:42
rcconfal_nz1: what version of ubuntu are you using05:42
Mad_HaTTeri had a problem a while back that took 3 weeks bto fix and i ended up having to redo my whole system05:42
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Mate, did you check out the webpage I pasted? And bear in mind that in general, you'll have to reboot the MS machine...05:43
Mad_HaTTeryours was just one of my little snags along the way05:43
al_nz1YankDownUnder: lol - u in NZ or Aus?05:43
T_N_Tthe thing is, on my other system which has 10.10 64 bit i didnt have that problem05:43
YankDownUnderal_nz1, I think I'm in Oz...sometimes...05:43
=== Guest36926 is now known as IdleOne
al_nz1YankDownUnder: lol. looking at it now05:44
T_N_T64 bit 10.10 worked out of the box05:44
Mad_HaTTeryeah it was some specific kernel updates05:44
abemHi, I was upgrading from Karmic to Lucid on the internet and I have the following error: the symbol 'grub_puts_' not found. What do I do?05:45
T_N_Twell im off take care05:45
Karen_mI setup samba on another ubuntu machine.  Windows can see it, but inside nautilus if i refresh under network, it doesn't show up.  Why?  how can i get it to see it without rebooting?05:45
Mad_HaTTerfor me it happened on 10.10 64bit server ed05:45
Mad_HaTTerhave a good one05:45
hiexporcconf, open synaptic and see if those to packages are in there05:46
YankDownUnderKaren_m, Did you restart samba? (sudo /etc/init.d/smbd restart => or "sudo smbd restart")05:46
owapwhen i startup a xterm, for some reason my .bashrc does not get loaded, only my .profile05:46
owapwhy is this05:46
owapshould bashrc not be read?05:47
_redpanther_Ubuntu site download has 10.10 64 bit but it says amd64.iso? I need intel 64 bit05:47
Karen_mand now i see it, for some reason most netwokr shares show up under network, however i had to go into Windows Network->workgroup to see it05:47
portuguesemanwhats up05:47
arand_redpanther_: It is for intel also05:47
lelingi wanna join a channel but it say 'Cannot join to channel #java (You must be invited)'05:47
_redpanther_ok ty05:47
YankDownUnderKaren_m, Sometimes SMB shares and workgroups take a bit of time to "refresh" through the network...05:48
arand_redpanther_: intel licensed technology from amd once upon a time, and the name has stuck05:48
lelingcould somebody answer me?05:48
ohsix_redpanther_: amd64 is the going arch name, the 64bit intel is known for is itanium, ia64; and you don't want that :D05:48
=== Wanda is now known as Guest1151
hiexpoowap, did you mesh with the bashrc file05:48
hiexpo^ mess05:49
al_nz1YankDownUnder: nice simple tutorial which I have followed. But the Ubuntu computer doesnt even appear on the list of computers in the Win7 explorer window!05:49
Guest1151how configure lucid machine at ubuntu one?05:49
al_nz1YankDownUnder: sorry I take that back it does appear05:49
owaphiexpo: ~/.bashrc05:49
hiexpoowap, yes05:49
Karen_mhow do you figure out the block size of ext4?  My windows machine had 64k blocks and I want the same on ext4 (very large files)05:49
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Is the Ubuntu machine and the Win7 machine configured for the SAME WORKGROUP? Cuz that's a help... :)05:49
owaphiexpo: yes what?05:49
al_nz1YankDownUnder: yes - both WORKGROUP05:50
owaphiexpo: when i start a xterm i dont have colors when i ls becuase the alias is in .bashrc which is not getting loaded05:50
owapi see now05:50
Mad_HaTTerthats easy to change yank goto your windows maching and r click computer > properties> workgroup05:50
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Sometimes it takes some time for the shares/computers/etc to show up in the network browser...05:50
Mad_HaTTer(windows network engineer here guilty as charged)05:51
hiexpoowap, thats wierd cause mine does how did you edit the file to make it have colors05:51
owaphiexpo: i just copied /etc/skel/* now it works05:51
owapnevermind i must have used an old .profile05:51
al_nz1YankDownUnder: its prompting for username and password, and I am supplying ubuntu credentials, but its not accepting them05:51
owapthanks anyway05:52
YankDownUnderI'm also an MCSE, ergo, I fully understand the shortcomings of SMB networks...ahem...and choose to live by an RHCE instead...05:52
Mad_HaTTerahh im MCSA05:52
Mad_HaTTeramognst others of course05:53
al_nz1so any ideas05:53
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, :) ....started my biz in 86...05:53
hiexpoowap, how do you make it so some other files like .pdf arecolored also when ls05:53
Mad_HaTTeryeah im starting mine this year05:53
DarkSectorHello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a dpkg related issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/586720/05:54
al_nz1anyone pls help05:54
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Blessings - I seriously opposed (and have since 1993) "Product-based Qualifications" => used to be that a network engineer was just exactly that - regardless of OS or "product"...(we're going to get slammed by the channel nazis shortly)05:55
abem anyone pls help, I was upgrading from Karmic to Lucid on the internet and I have the following error: the symbol 'grub_puts_' not found. What do I do?05:55
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Patience...the network takes time -> and you MAY want to double/triplel check your /etc/samba/smb.conf for any issues...05:55
ohsixcalling them nazi's is a cool move brah; if you don't understand what it means to stay on topic that's your problem05:55
Karen_mis there an 'on the fly block modifier' for ext4, to go from 4k up to like 64k?05:56
al_nz1YankDownUnder: its at the point where it prompts for credentials. It just doesnt accept them!05:56
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Yeppers...understand that mate...have you restarted the Win box...?05:57
Karen_mal_nz1,  search to install samba, and there is a graphical editor that you can install.  Install that, and then go ... system->applications->samba, and click on users, change password for that user and done.  I had to do that as well05:57
ohsixyou know you're certified for something when you're telling people to restart ;]05:57
Mad_HaTTerlol you can always tell a yank when they call you mate05:57
Karen_msystem-config-samba ...  located at:  system->administration->sama05:58
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Hehehhehehe....strewth that! :)05:58
Mad_HaTTermy buddy for the uk mod always says mate05:58
Karen_mwhen inside of that, Preferences->samba users->edit user, done05:59
al_nz1YankDownUnder: interesting. It works if, and ONLY if I provide the root credentials05:59
YankDownUnderal_nz1, ...and this is from the Win box? Are you trying to access the Win box, or access the Ubuntu box?05:59
al_nz1YankDownUnder: now it shows the share folder, but I cant access it - it prompts for credentials again and not even the root ones will let me look at the contents of the shared folder06:00
wifialguien por alli06:00
al_nz1YankDownUnder: the share is on the ubuntu06:00
al_nz1I am trying to connect from Win706:00
ac7ssjiltdil, sorry, I was afk for my real job.06:00
ChogyDanhey, anyone know about the kernel, and "tunables"?   I'm trying to find one06:00
DarkSectorHello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a dpkg related issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/586720/06:01
ChogyDancan I run a find command on them or something?06:01
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Um...and you've really looked through the /etc/samba/smb.conf and made sure you've got sharing set to "guest = ok", ya?06:01
lashaMust read everyone, (laugh guaranteed (if not satisfied call 847 735 5555)) http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/2007/10/top-10-reasons.html06:02
ChogyDanDarkEyes: you should also pastebin /tmp/fmtutil.AinGwwwE06:02
mabusLnxwhere is the setting to stop my unit from going to the login screen upon idle06:02
al_nz1YankDownUnder: I dont want to let guests have access - isnt that asecurity risk???06:02
mabusLnxi just can not find it06:02
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Um...how many thousands of machines do you have on your network? :)06:03
ohsixmabusLnx: power options, it's optional that it locks the screen when it puts it to sleep06:03
al_nz1YankDownUnder: 2!06:03
antonyHi friends!!! I am new to linux, I would like to learn linux from the fundamentals..  Can someone refer good books and any online tutorials.....06:03
mabusLnxi dn't see that under power management06:03
YankDownUnderal_nz1, I think you answered your own question mate.06:03
Karen_mthe thing that sucks about ubuntu, wifi!  My laptop has a 3945 intel nic, and i even tried a wusb600nv2, and both SUCK.  packet loss ftw06:03
triple-09__@antony: search for google, dude06:04
mabusLnxnm fou nd it06:04
al_nz1YankDownUnder: guest access, I would assume allows anyone on the internet access, assuming they got through my router? or cracked the VPN credentials?06:04
mabusLnxwas under screen saver06:04
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Um...no. That's only your local net mate...06:04
lashaOh God another reason to stop using Ubuntu...pretty soon MS will start making apps for Ubuntu...like a blue-screen-of-death emulator. Just to give you that authentic Windows experience. !!!! :D :D06:05
al_nz1YankDownUnder: really? ok06:05
ohsixlasha: there already is a bsod "emulator", and there has been for like 15 years in xscreensaver06:06
Mad_HaTTerlasha go get wine then you can simulate your own bsod06:06
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Most of the time - especially with Vista or Win7, credentials don't come through in the same vein as they used to with XP and 2000 and NT...ergo...(and since MS changed how "workgroup networking" works, well, just have to deal with it mate...)06:06
lashaohsix: I mean I just read it as a joke on a forum so i decided to make people laugh sorry if I failed :P06:07
Mad_HaTTeranyone here use tor with xchat?06:07
YankDownUnderI like wine.06:07
Mad_HaTTeri prefer beer06:07
YankDownUnderJust not "wine in a box"...06:07
Jordan_U!ot | lasha06:07
ubottulasha: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:07
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Yes...beer is heaps better...HEAPS...then again, so is Jaeger... :)06:07
lashaJordan_U sorry06:07
Mad_HaTTertequila beats um all though06:08
al_nz1YankDownUnder: thanks that got me in. Ummm, now to mapping it to a driver letter?06:08
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Tequila from Mexico...yeah...I can live with that...06:08
al_nz1net use s: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\home_al /user:root06:09
al_nz1does not work06:09
triple-09__is there abyone useing back track??4 r206:09
al_nz1triple-09__: me06:09
triple-09__hei there : )06:09
ohsix... root?06:09
Jordan_U!backtrack | triple-09__06:09
ubottutriple-09__: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition06:09
ohsixfor one, you don't know roots password; and another, nothing is shared with its credentials06:09
rcconfthis is really annyoing06:10
al_nz1ohsix: of course I know roots password06:10
YankDownUnderal_nz1, When I "hard link" in Windows (any version), what I end up doing is this: (open a cmd.exe window) net use X: \\ip-address-of-machine\sharename => and it remembers the connection upon reboot - as well, I do the same with a batch-file/script06:10
ohsixal_nz1: and the second point06:10
rcconfmy problem is this06:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 135873 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] qsopcast" [Wishlist,Triaged]06:10
al_nz1ohsix: nothign seems to be working with my user credentials either!06:11
triple-09__which is correct BSD is more harder than any linux distro?06:11
rcconfcannot install pulseaudio without dev PPA06:11
rcconf  Depends: libpulse0 (=1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu21.1) but 1:0.9.22-0ubuntu1 is to be installed06:11
rcconfreally bad06:11
al_nz1YankDownUnder: net use X: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share then prompts for credentials!06:11
Jordan_Utriple-09__: This channel is for Ubuntu support only, please take offtopic discussion elsewhere.06:11
ohsixso break it, why do you have held packages06:11
triple-09__sorry dude,..06:12
Mad_HaTTeryeah i always use the boot.ini option and run a batch on startup06:12
triple-09__my bad06:12
YankDownUnderal_nz1, Um...I'll assume you've changed yer bits and bobs in yer smb.conf, ay?06:12
rcconfohsix: what fo u mean06:12
spiralscome to #ubuntu-offtopic, we'll debate the merits of bsd with you06:12
al_nz1only checked to make sure the workgroup is the same - should anything else be changed?06:12
Mad_HaTTermakes life easy so i dont have to do anything06:12
YankDownUnderIf ya don't have to do anything (get updates, do defrags, run virus checks/malware checks/backdoor checks/rootkit checks/registry checks) then how do you know it's working? :)06:13
Mad_HaTTerpretty much all my machines are dedicated to specific tasks though one for programming one for client diag a couple of servers a apache and a free for all06:14
Mad_HaTTerif it wasnt working id know06:15
Mad_HaTTeri keep my event viewer clear06:15
=== eliezer is now known as clik
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Hmm...might have to think about de-commisioning one of my servers here...think it's doing way too much (media streaming, file services, mail server, MySQL + database, print server, domain/DNS services)06:16
rcconfal_nz1: if you dont know your ubuntu password forget i.t06:16
Mad_HaTTeryeah i wouldnt sAY take it down06:16
rcconfal_nz1: arent you tring to connect from win7 to ubuntu shared folder?06:16
rcconfif it's the contrary is win7 fault06:17
IdleOneYankDownUnder and Mad_HaTTer can you two please move this discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic or PM so that we can focus on Ubuntu support in here06:17
Mad_HaTTerfind out what its doing thre most of then put up another one to take over that task and share the load06:17
rcconfIdleOne: what is the command to purge completetly a PPA06:17
YankDownUnderMad_HaTTer, Told ya we'd get busted... :)06:18
ohsixthough it likely wont work right with the held packages either06:18
IdleOnercconf: umm purge-apt-repository, you will need to install it first06:18
arazillaAnyone have an issue with ubuntu netbook remix and the battery all of a sudden not even being listed as a peaice of harware?06:18
rcconfIdleOne: which package?06:18
IdleOnercconf: ppa-purge is the package06:18
Mad_HaTTerlol yep ill be back in a minuite i gotta go outside for a smoke06:18
IdleOnercconf: the command is ppa-purge ppa:ppaowner/ppaname06:20
rcconfIdleOne: will it remove the keys also?06:20
coz_rcconf,  you may also want to check out   y-ppa-manager06:20
rcconfserver key06:20
IdleOnercconf: it should06:20
IdleOnecoz_: y-ppa-manager?\06:21
coz_IdleOne,  yeah hold on06:21
IdleOneI got the link coz_ :)06:21
coz_IdleOne,    https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/y-ppa-manager06:22
coz_IdleOne,  I have been testing this for about a month now... will search for ppa's   and also purge any that you have installed with it06:22
coz_IdleOne,  so far not a single glitch06:22
abem anyone pls help, I was upgrading from Karmic to Lucid on the internet and I have the following error: the symbol 'grub_puts_' not found. What do I do?06:23
rcconfIdleOne is my god damn hero06:23
IdleOnecoz_: will test it, thanks for the info.06:23
coz_IdleOne,  no problem... its kinda cool06:23
IdleOnercconf: glad I was able to help. please keep it family friendly :)06:23
coz_IdleOne,  it will list packages in a ppa before you even install the ppa06:23
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ohsixso will the page you find them on06:24
arazillaIs there a command to run a diagnostic on battery hardware in ubuntu?06:24
=== gac is now known as Guest18716
ohsixarazilla: theres fwts, but theres nothign to really diagnose; you should see battery messages in dmesg, did you disable acpi?06:24
DarkSectorHello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a dpkg related issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/586720/06:25
Mad_HaTTeridleone have you ever been to pinouts.ru ?06:26
arazillaohsix: i'm completly new to *nix OS so bare with me, all i know is sometimes the battery just dissappears off my hardware listings.06:26
IdleOneMad_HaTTer: no.06:26
Mad_HaTTermcse i think youd like it06:27
notnukeslionHello, i'm in a bit of a bind, i need to do a memory test and i only have an ubuntu 10.10 livecd, it seems to boot straight to the desktop instead of giving a choice to memtest. is there a button to press to make it memtest on boot?06:27
YankDownUnderPinouts.ru is a great tool to keep at hand...06:27
Arci have a ubuntu 10.10 system with r600 graphics.  a recent package upgrade said to reboot, and when I did it cant start X06:27
Arcthe X log says "no screens found"06:27
IdleOneMad_HaTTer: how is that Ubuntu support related?06:28
Arcis there a workaround to get back into graphics so I can connect to the network and figure out what happened?06:28
ouyeshi all, when I boot into ubuntu, there is a warning, said your battery may be broken or old06:28
Arcouyes: thats normal.06:28
arazillaohsix: i've checked the hardware side, and noting is amiss, it just vanishes off the hardware listing06:28
ouyesArc, what is wrong?06:28
ac7ssMad_HaTTer, Thanks, I can use that reference06:29
Mad_HaTTeridleone ubuntu is on a computer pinouts.ru helps with building beast computers that linux is perfectly suited for06:29
Arcouyes: your batter isnt running at full capacity.  its not that uncommon.  if the battery life doesnt effect you then ignore it06:29
ouyesis there anyone use thinkpad x201 running ubuntu ?06:29
ohsixarazilla: i don't know what hardware listing you're looking at, but theres only one place to really look, and that's if acpi sees it at boot06:29
ceoam have install phpmyadmin, and am forget the user name and password06:30
ouyesArc, in windows, it is 100%charged but in ubuntu it said 35%06:30
ohsixouyes: theres also a battery blacklist for batteries that have had recalls06:30
ohsixouyes: the sony and dell batteries that have caused fires, for example06:30
lashaguys anyone knows how to get BSOD screensaver ?06:30
ohsixouyes: if ubuntu thinks theres 35%, discharge it completely, then check the capacity after a full recharge06:31
ceoam have install phpmyadmin on ubuntu 10.10, and am forget the password, and am remove the phpmyadmin and still used password need you ide06:31
lashascreen saver section should have an online download option like firefox does for addons and stuff :P thats for later versions hopefully06:31
DaPenguinlasha, gnome-look.org might have it06:31
arazillaohsix: alrigh, thanks. I'll go google that, see what i can find. Thanks for the information06:32
Mad_HaTTeridleone do you not consider hardware to be os related?06:32
red2kicouyes: How old is the laptop?06:32
ohsixMad_HaTTer: meta discussion is also offtopic06:32
ouyesred2kic, one year old06:33
IdleOneMad_HaTTer: yes, but hardware support is best kept in #hardware.06:33
Mad_HaTTerreally i didnt even think to look for a hardware channel06:34
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red2kicouyes: Meh. You leave it plugged all times? I think it's a rule that nobody know... That you should let it drain down at least 3 times per month. Once a week or something like that. I remember installing old laptop. Windows say 100% but Ubuntu was pretty accurate -- Bad battery.06:34
ohsixboth operating systems keep a battery history too; if you haven't been regularly draining it in windows it thinks the battery is unchanged06:34
Mad_HaTTeridleone you had my hopes up :(06:35
Mad_HaTTer#hardware is invite only06:35
ohsixper channel naming policy on freenode, it'd be ##hardware06:35
ouyesred2kic, yes I think my battery was broken as ubuntu said. poor laptop just one year06:35
ceoplease,how remove permanant phpmyadmin, and am need recovery my password, or have the good ide06:36
Mad_HaTTerwhat is this need to be identified with services does that mean i need to register?06:36
red2kicouyes: Perhaps. Nothing we can do about it. :)06:36
ohsixis that a ubuntu question06:37
ohsixouyes: paste the output of upower -d to paste.ubuntu.com06:37
ouyesred2kic, ohsix ,Arc, thanks any way06:37
juzzy_how can i copy from putty on a windows box to my ubuntu box. i can login fine, but what is the cp command?06:38
Mad_HaTTerno its a freenode question so nm i guess06:38
juzzy_(from desktop to desktop)?06:38
ohsixjuzzy_: it's a separate tool, scp06:38
ohsixjuzzy_: or sftp06:38
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juzzy_ohsix, i tried scp, but when in putty(logged into my ubuntu box) i am unable to access my windows box desktop for the scp?06:40
redentnotnukeslion: http://www.memtest.org/ download the ios burn to disc or download usb06:41
taranmy screen atarted appearing bluish and red color looks blue.I had uninstalled a few files I dont know which.Kindly help06:41
ohsixnothingspecial: i dunno if it's in the boot menu anymore, but you can just hit a key when you see the logo at the bottom of the keyboard, it'll display the boot menu06:42
ssfdre38hey whatis the ubuntu add user command?06:42
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo06:42
pfifohey fellas06:43
pfifowhy are there a dozen different emacs packages?06:46
littlebearz1different versions?06:47
ohsixemacs is a complicated operating system ;]06:47
littlebearz1(pfifo): um. people like alot of packages06:47
littlebearz1(pfifo): seriously, it's like having backup incase the newer version doesn't work06:48
DaPenguini just think it's funny a console editor has more functionality than pretty much any modern office suite :)06:48
pfifowhich one should I use to learn emacs?06:48
=== jhattara_ is now known as jhattara
AssumerHey all, I've had issues with installing nvidia drivers for my gts 450, im on a fresh install now. Anybody with experience want to tell me what to install?06:49
pfifoI installed 'emacs23'06:49
JipstahWhat does '--x--xrwx' mean in directory listing?06:49
DaPenguinJipstah, perms for the file06:50
AssumerAnyone have experience with proprietary drivers(or even the new nouveau ones) for gts 450? Last few times I've tried have resulted in no graphical login06:51
JipstahCould specify somehow? It's for an assigment.06:51
InterwebsHi, does anyone know of a way with apt-get or aptitude to purge/remove all packages that are from a particular repository?06:51
DaPenguinJipstah, that particular string means the file is executable by all users and group users, and readable, writeable, and executible by the owner06:51
pfifoAssumer, try the latest drivers from nvidia, ubuntus might not support that new of a chip.06:51
Assumerpfifo: I've tried the ones from their site once before, I can do so again I suppose.06:52
ohsixInterwebs: like -updates? ppa-purge will do ppa's; it's manual and ugly to get stuff to downgrade if you remove the extra repos (-update & -proposed and the like)06:52
JipstahThanks. Is there "parts" in the string that mean it's only readable/writeable or executible?06:53
ohsixJipstah: you can look at the manual for chmod, it explains all this06:53
pfifoAssumer, I dont recommend noeavu06:53
* ac7ss will open a shell to run vi before using Kate or Gedit.06:53
ohsixAssumer: jockey didn't offer top install drivers for you?06:53
Guest41641my name is Logan too06:53
Assumerohsix: oh it offers, But it's being sneaky and is offering to break my system06:54
ohsixAssumer: try system -> administration -> additional drivers06:54
ohsixsounds like a bug then06:54
Assumerpfifo: I'm going to attempt using a ppa for newer drivers I've found, running out of options so guess its worth a try, thanks for the help06:54
taranmy screen shows red color as blue.What do i do?06:55
ohsixAssumer: theres an x-swat ppa that has updated drivers06:55
Assumerohsix: that's hte one I've found06:55
DaPenguintaran, buy a new monitor?06:55
=== Mad_HaTTer is now known as MadHaTTer_222
ohsixtaran: check that the green pin isn't bent on your vga connector06:55
aaron_chi, is there anyone who is familiar with ubuntu's sbackup package?  i'm trying to use it to restore parts of my filesystem, and it appears to be stuck.  i started a task that should restore about 40GB of files, and it's been going on for a few hours now.06:55
taranohsix: I did nothing with PC except connecting a slave hard disk last week since that day it happened06:56
Guest41641This here first06:56
pfifowhy are there a dozen different emacs packages?06:56
ohsixpfifo: why is water wet/06:57
pfifoohsix, van der wals force?06:58
MadHaTTer_222ohsix is that a ubuntu question?06:58
ohsixMadHaTTer_222: trolling is offtopic on freenode06:58
DaPenguinwell, he's asking about the ubuntu repos, so i'd say it qualifies06:58
ohsixhe's asking about the debian repos06:58
ohsixif theres more than one version, that's useful to someone; that's about the end of it06:59
DaPenguinwell, text mode emacs is on 23 i believe, xemacs uses 21, so that's probably a start right there06:59
ohsixplus if you know anything about emacs, new versions are few and far between, and they break stuff; and addons wont work with every version. people are fine with older versions, or multiple versions06:59
ohsixbut that's all speculation, the question is silly, ask the maintainers of those packages; they are not here07:00
Guest41641Popularity is not high as07:00
SleakerI need some help with a bash script.  If I want to use an argument on a command, but conditionally (based on other variables in the script) how would I do that?07:03
pfifoIm asking specifically about the package's for 10.10, their all 23.0, whats the differences? and if you dont actually USE emacs, please spare me your opinion.07:03
SleakerI can't do like var="--arg" that just spits out an error07:03
ohsixpfifo: look at the package descriptions if you want to know what they are07:04
KartagisSleaker, #bash would be more useful07:04
Sleakerthanks Kart07:04
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
ohsixtheres only 4 emacs packages, and all the descriptions are enlightening07:05
ohsixthe rest are addons/support for their respective versions07:05
taranwhy does red color appear blue on my screen?What should I do?07:07
DaPenguinjust grab the emacs meta, will install what you need07:08
=== Guest41641 is now known as ccdos
pfifotaran, most likely a hardware problem, can you test it on another machine?07:09
taranpfifo: last week I nhad connected a slave hard disk since that day this trouble happened07:09
taranpfifo: how do i correct ahrdware problem?07:10
pfifotaran, new hardware07:10
ohsixgenerally, classifying something as a hardware problem, say; instead of a software problem, is that's the part that needs replacement/changing07:11
taranpfifo: may be some pin disconnected07:11
DaPenguintaran, or a soldering iron and a lot of patience :P07:11
taranDaPenguin: but what should be soldered? is it easy to find this fault07:11
pfifotaran, start by  removing that drive07:11
aaron_chi, is there anyone who is familiar with simple backup restore on ubuntu? i'm trying to restore a 40GB filesystem, and it's been going on for 3 hours now.  not sure if it's ever going to finish.07:12
ray24Anyone know how to install ubuntu on a pipboy?07:13
pfifoit comes pre-installed07:14
ohsixaaron_c: any general problem with that sort of thing can be looked in on with strace, strace -p in fact, it'll show the system calls it's making, so you can see if it's making progress07:14
JoeCoolDeskHow do I get my files off of my machine to a windows machine over the network?07:17
pfifoJoeCoolDesk, cifs is suitable07:17
shcherbakJoeCoolDesk: ftp server? netcat? scp?07:17
lamentscp is nice07:18
JoeCoolDeskI have multiple partitions07:18
Jordan_Uabem: Follow this guide to re-install grub from a LiveCD: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide then when you're booted into Ubuntu again run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and select all drives but *no* partitions when prompted for install devices.07:21
JoeCoolDeskHeard rsync is best07:23
apcI accidentally deleted /etc/grub.d/00_header, is there a way to find out which package contains it?07:24
=== Guest18716 is now known as gac
Jordan_Uapc: dpkg -S /etc/grub.d/00_header07:24
ohsixtheres no best; it's all case by case, in your case, with windows involved you might have character set problems if any of the filenames contain extended characters07:24
=== gac is now known as Guest78617
apcthanks, Jordan_U07:25
Jordan_Uapc: You're welcome.07:25
StavaI cant connect to a wireless network with wpa2 aes, whats up with that?07:25
ohsixStava: who knows, there are logs for network-manager in /var/log07:27
JoeCoolDeskHow do I SSH to a LiveCD?07:27
Stavaohsix, how do i update the list of available networks? can i list/search for them using the command line?07:27
ohsixJoeCoolDesk: you'd need to install openssh-server in the livecd; and set a password for "ubuntu", the livecd account, or add another07:28
ceoplease help me am have install phpmyadmin, am forget password, am need remove it and all database of phpmyadmin how i do?07:28
ceoikonia, please help me am have install phpmyadmin, am forget password, am need remove it and all database of phpmyadmin how i do?07:28
ohsixStava: that's done automatically, but you can ask network-manager for a text version with nm-tool07:28
Freeway92apt-get remove Package07:28
ssfdre38how can i make a user a sudo user on a server?07:29
KimmenStava: you can list available networks in cli by: iwlist <interface>07:29
ohsixssfdre38: add them to the admin group07:30
StavaKimmen, thanks07:30
ohsixiwlist uses the old ioctls, and devices don't keep lists of that stuff anymore if they're mac80211 drivers07:31
StavaKimmen, could it be that my computer setup dont support channel 14 for wireless networks? cause when i do "iwlist wlan0 channel" it'll only list 13 channels07:31
Stavaand my wireless is on channel 1407:31
ohsixthat's controlled by the regulatory mechanism07:31
Stavashould i change something on my computer or router?07:31
ohsixon the router07:32
Stavaany channel between 1 and 13 will do?07:32
ohsixtry "iw reg get" to list the current regulatory policy07:32
StavaNO-OFDM, PASSIVE-SCAN, NO-IBSS, im not sure i understand this, but i should pick a channel on which PASSIVE-SCAN is enabled?07:33
ohsixthose are just restrictions for a band of frequencies, y ou can ignore them; passive scan just means it listens for beacons instead of sending interrogations for known (by the os) aps07:34
ohsixofdm is an encoding type, and ibss is ad-hoc networking07:34
abemcan anyone plsss help: I have upgraded from Karmic to Lucid and I am get the error: symbol 'grub_puts' not found. Its for the fourth time now asking the same question07:35
Stavai'll try to change to channel 2, thanks for your help07:35
ohsixno problem07:35
ohsixyou might want to do a site survey07:35
ohsixthere are really only 4 usable channels in the US and most regulatory domains, 2 is one of those that overlaps with channel 107:35
Stavaand pick a channel which is not being used?07:35
=== ganesh is now known as Guest24613
Stavasite survey will show one other network on channel 607:36
ohsixpick one of the primary channels with no overlap, and failing that (say, too many aps in the area) pick the least used of the primary, then if that's still not workable, pick one of the off channel numbers07:36
Stavawhich are primary?07:36
ohsixit's 1, 6, 11 and one more07:36
ohsixyea, 1 6 11 14; but 14 is usally unusuable07:37
Stavai'll go with 1 then07:37
pfifoeu only07:37
Stavathanks a lot07:37
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:38
ohsixg's 20mhz channels has 1, 5, 9, 13; that diagram shows it all though07:38
lelingdo you know?07:38
=== michael is now known as Guest78143
Stavaehm, network manager crashed :o07:39
Stavaor the notification icon disappeared07:40
HemebondWhat does Ubuntu use to handle the local system mail (/var/mail/*)?07:40
ohsixStava: that's nm-applet07:42
ohsixStava: you can killall gnome-panel or just start nm-applet again with alt+f207:42
celthunderHemebond, whatever you installed? postfix/sendmail and courier/dovecot07:42
Stavaohsix, thanks07:42
celthunderare pretty common could be qmail or a few other though07:42
Hemebondcelthunder: Oh, I thought there might have been a default since the local mail seems to work without installing anything.07:44
siloxidhow do I make my keychain load automatically on 10.10?  every time I log in it nags me for a keychain password so it can turn on my wireless connection07:45
rwwHemebond: as far as I'm aware, there isn't a default and it doesn't work without installing anything :\07:45
celthunderHemebond, so check netstat at what's listening on 2507:45
Stavaohsix, I have one last question if you dont mind. which security mode is preferred? wpa2 personal + aes? (I also have something called wpa2 personal mixed)07:45
celthunderor 110/465/99707:45
celthunderer 995?07:45
appi_uppiwhat is the command to delete the .war file that is refered by JBOSS server?07:46
Jordan_Uabem: Did you see my previous answer?07:46
celthunderrm -rf ?07:46
HemebondApparently exim might be the default.07:46
Hemebond(default MTA)07:46
ohsixStava: aes, personal just means it's a pre shared key instead of using 802.1x stuff for passwords07:47
Stavaohsix, would tkip+aes be less secure than aes?07:47
rwwHemebond: exim is on Debian. Ubuntu tends to prefer postfix. Neither is installed in Ubuntu by default.07:48
ohsixccmp is what you want if you can get it07:48
hiexpowep  :)07:48
Hemebondrww: Hmm, I guess mdadm installs Postfix itself then.07:48
ohsixbut it's nothing like wep vs. wpa, tkip can let people inject frames by abusing qos; which can be dangerous, but nothing like wep07:49
Stavaohsix, I also have a choice between "WPA Personal" and "WPA Personal Mixed" :o07:49
ohsixStava: that probably allows tkip/aes and ccmp/aes clients07:49
Stavaalright, thats a good thing then07:50
ohsixthat is, "mixed" allows both07:50
ohsixyou might as well use the not mixed one, because if tkip clients are allowed the same attack can happen07:50
EmanonI need help setting up a dual boot system with encryption via truecrypt on vista and (of course) luks on ubuntu. Is there anything I should know?07:56
ohsixuse freeofte on the windows side instead of truecrypt, it'll mount luks volumes07:57
=== work is now known as Guest8799
EmanonBut can it do full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication ohsix?07:57
ohsix(if the volume is already an accessible format in windows)07:57
EmanonThen thank you but no thank you.07:57
ohsixif that's something you like, you could like; not have a computer, it's more secuire07:57
ohsixif there was a spectrum of silly, and you wanted to be the most secure, it's the most obvious answer07:58
EmanonWell, both ubuntu (via the alternate disk) and windows via truecrypt can do it, I just wanted some help getting them working together07:59
red2kicEmanon: You have physical encryption hard drives?07:59
red2kichardware encryption*07:59
ohsixyou know what's awesome about encrypting everything? you might as well not, because it's about segregation of information, and just throwing an "everything is encrypted" just side steps the issue07:59
Emanonred2kic: no was going to use LUKS and Truecrypt.08:00
ohsixyou weren't, because you can't08:00
ohsixnot as you wish too, anyways08:00
EmanonThank you ohsix for being no help whatsoever as well as condescending. This is why I come to #ubuntu; for your shrill and useless monologues.08:01
ohsixyou can prepare yourself for such an onslaught by knowing anything about what you're using08:01
ohsixinstead of just their names08:01
EmanonThus my initial question. I choose to use these technologies and wanted to know how best, if at all, they could be used together.08:02
ohsixi misspoke, you know of some of the marketing for truecrypt08:02
ohsixuse luks.08:02
EmanonLUKS doesn't work on windows.08:02
ohsixit does08:02
EmanonLUKS volumes can be accessed FROM windows.08:03
ohsixfreeofte will let you have an encrypted volume to access from either side, segregate your important encryptables into the bin08:03
EmanonBut LUKS cannot be used to facilitate full disk encryption FOR windows.08:03
ohsixis this something you desire with such zeal08:03
ohsixi understand, that doesn't make it not stupid08:04
gordonjcpfull disk encryption is pretty stupid08:04
ohsixyou propose to dip your toe into the world of keep my stuff encrypted, and encrypting all your disk is PRETTY AWESOME LOL08:04
ohsixif you have anything that you actually want to keep secure, it's likely less than 100megs, and you would want to combine it with physical security08:05
jiltdilhow to telnet to my virtual machine OS from my host08:05
ohsixnot just have it sitting in your computer which could be easily lost or seized, and you compelled to provide information to access your secure area08:05
jiltdilthrough it i want to see my Apache version08:05
ohsixjiltdil: telnet is pretty old, and doesn't offer encrypted authentication; install openssh-server in the virtual machine and access it with ssh08:06
gordonjcpjiltdil: are you trying to telnet to port 80?08:06
TheOriginalDude_Is it possible to build for 64-bit systems under 32-bit?08:06
ohsixjiltdil: if you want to see your apache version, use apt-cache policy apache208:06
ohsixTheOriginalDude_: yes, as it is possible to build for even less likely architecture pairs08:07
TheOriginalDude_so what are the libs i need to get?08:07
EmanonWell, this was useless, thank you for being supremely annoying while nor even pretending to offer useful data ohsix. I hope you rot. Goodbye.08:08
TheOriginalDude_can't get a sample to compile for 64 bit08:08
ohsixdepends on what you need to build08:08
TheOriginalDude_general IO08:08
icerootTheOriginalDude_: you can croswscompile but its always better to build on a real amd64 system08:08
TheOriginalDude_building a cgi app08:08
jiltdilactually i hide the Apache version number and want to test if it is hidden so i want to connect to it with my host and want tocheck using telnet any idea?08:09
TheOriginalDude_<iceroot> so intel won't do ? :)08:09
icerootTheOriginalDude_: amd64 has nothing to do with amd or intel08:09
=== deegee_1 is now known as deegee
icerootjiltdil: what about using a browser?08:10
TheOriginalDude_how do i get the sadard libs for c and c++ for 64-bit in ubuntu?08:10
ohsixjiltdil: you mean you want to connect to the web server to see if the version is displayed? heh, nmap has a version scanner; you can also use a web browser, just go to a page that doesn't exist. if there aren't custom error pages, it will show this information08:10
jiltdiliceroot: please explain what do you want to say ?08:11
icerootjiltdil: ?? use a browser instead of telnet08:11
jiltdiliceroot: how to do that08:12
icerootjiltdil: you ask how to use a browser?08:12
ohsixjiltdil: go to a page that doesn't exist, as i've said08:12
jiltdiliceroot:oh sorry i misunderstood08:12
icerootjiltdil: also you can write a phpinfo() file. it shoul always show the browser-version08:13
jiltdiliceroot:ohsix:thanx guys08:13
TheOriginalDude_anyone knows how to get the 64-bit libs under 32 bit ?08:14
ohsixjiltdil: try nmap -sV -p 80 host08:14
=== guntbert is now known as Guest994
gaelfxTheOriginalDude_: I don't think that's possible, and at the very least a bad idea08:14
AginorTheOriginalDude_, you cross compile them?08:15
hiexpoTheOriginalDude_, you cant use 64 on 32 but you can use 32 on 6408:15
=== mirco__ is now known as mirco
ohsixan emulator saves the day08:16
TheOriginalDude_yeah my hosting service want's just 64-bit but i'm under 32-bit08:16
icerootohsix: have fun emulation amd64 on i38608:16
TheOriginalDude_thought it might be possible08:16
icerootTheOriginalDude_: amd64 can run 32bit08:16
icerootTheOriginalDude_: 32 bit cant run amd6408:17
ohsixiceroot: i do08:17
TheOriginalDude_i know but they blocked my modules08:17
gaelfxTheOriginalDude_: it *might* be possible with VM, but even if it does work, it won't work well08:17
Elephantmanhi :) the internal mic of my Dell Latitude E6510 doesn't work. Seems related to this issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1504774 . But the solution (adding options snd-hda-intel model=dell-s14 at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf) doesn't work for me. At a guess, it's not the right model written in there, how could I find out what to put in that model value ?08:17
TheOriginalDude_because of a supposed "security flaw" when running 32 bit under 64 bit08:17
gaelfxElephantman: open termial, type "lspci" without quotes, should tell you your sound card08:18
ohsixElephantman: theres no right thing to put there, that's the thing; and doing that isn't a fix persay, but a workaround. people that have that work need to report bugs to alsa so they can be fixed. further, your problem might already be fixed in the module backports, you should try them (be sure to remove your modifications before you do)08:19
jiltdilis there any way to hide to see Apache version number if somebody is using nmap?08:19
spacenavimy screen binks when I play some videos. I uninstalled all dvd and video players and then reinstalled vlc but the whole computer screen keeps blinking. How do i configure my monitor so it's not struggleing to keep up with big videos.08:19
TheOriginalDude_sounds like the best option is just to switch to 64 bit platform08:19
ohsixTheOriginalDude_: it is08:19
gaelfxTheOriginalDude_: as long as your hardware permits it, that certainly would be the best way to do it08:19
freakynlHi, I recall there once was an option to run the live version from RAM. I however do not see such an option on 10.10, has it been removed?08:20
ohsixTheOriginalDude_: but a "64bit system" can also be a chroot and qemu-system-x86_64 ;]08:20
Elephantmangaelfx: aint any use really - Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio08:20
TheOriginalDude_<ohsix> can you explain what you mean?08:20
gaelfxfreakynl: are you sure you're not thinking of the memtest on the livecd/usb?08:20
Elephantmanohsix: hmm, ok I'll look into that08:21
freakynlgaelfx: yea I'm sure :)08:21
freakynlgaelfx: see here for example for a fix for very old release http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ubuntu-toram-how-to-make-ubuntu-boot-to-ram/08:21
gaelfxElephantman: well, you might try finding out any information you can about how to get that particular chip to work rather than the whole laptop thing08:21
jiltdilAlso how to hide Apache version number and OS name in ubuntu?08:21
gaelfxfreakynl: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm definitely intrigued :D08:21
freakynlgaelfx: with the to ram option it was possible to load the entire CD into RAM, so you could then remove the CD. It's much faster in RAM :)08:22
spacenavihelp my screen blinks when I play videos with vlc. I got an old computer with 7hundred something ram.08:22
ceoplease, am need you help, for remove phpmyadmin from my ubuntu, couses that protact password, and am forget it. can i08:23
ceoplease, am need you help, for remove phpmyadmin from my ubuntu, couses that protact password, and am forget it. can i08:23
gaelfxfreakynl: yeah, I'm starting to get the picture, it sounds pretty sweet, is there any reason that you can't use that guide with a more current version of Live?08:23
ceoplease, am need you help, for remove phpmyadmin from my ubuntu, couses that protact password, and am forget it. can i08:24
gaelfxceo: open Synaptic Package Manager, search for 'phpmyadmi' and purge the package08:24
Elephantmanohsix: would the correct backport be linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic or linux-backports-modules-input-maverick-generic ?08:24
ceoam have do it, and if am install back, am can't uses my new password08:24
gaelfxfreakynl: the only caveat there seems to be the lack of support for casper08:24
ohsixElephantman: the alsa ones08:25
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gaelfxceo: did you PURGE or UNINSTALL?08:25
ceogaelfx, am have do you ide, for solve my proble, and if i install back am can't used my pssword08:25
Elephantmanohsix: ok thanks, I'll try that08:25
ohsixElephantman: needs a reboot after installation08:25
ceopurge or install mean ? gaelfx08:25
Elephantmanohsix: sure08:25
=== gac is now known as Guest22372
ceocan you give me some command step08:25
ceogaelfx, can you give me some command step for do that.08:26
gaelfxceo: uninstall leaves the configuration files, purge removes them along with the package, so uninstalling would keep the password, purging should get rid of it08:26
freakynlgaelfx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM toram kernel option might work, going to test it, see the comments/lucid updates section08:26
ceogaelfx, what command for purge removes phpmyadmin08:26
ceoam have used "sudo apt-get remove phpmyadmin <that bad ide for sovle problem>08:27
ceogaelfx, am find some tutor form ubuntu forum, <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125610>08:27
DaPenguinceo try sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin08:28
gaelfxceo: do you know where 'Synaptic Package Manager' is?08:28
gaelfxceo: or what DaPenguin said :P08:28
ceooke DaPenguin am will try you ide, for remove myphpmyadmin, but am need ask, what the effect of purge command08:30
gaelfxhey, is there any way to make a liveusb that has NVidia drivers installed and WITHOUT persistence?08:30
gaelfxceo: purge uninstalls and removes configuration files08:30
DaPenguinceo removes the package and all associated configurations. basically acts like it was never installed08:30
bigMikeHi, how do i reset the root password to nothing, essentially before I *did* set a pass for it (against all recommendations stating not to do so) ?08:31
ceoand what deferent with sudo apt-get autoremove command08:31
freakynlgaelfx: FYI, it works :), I entered toram in the boot options (in the grub boot line just before the 'splash --') and now I see08:31
gaelfxceo: autoremove removes any packages that are no longer needed08:31
freakynlgaelfx: /dev/shm on /cdrom type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=746468k)08:32
quiescensceo: autoremove removes packages that were installed as a dependancy, but where the package that originally depended on them is no longer installed08:32
gaelfxfreakynl: dude, that's awesome, and I can't wait to try it! thanks for the tip08:32
freakynlgaelfx: I have removed the CD (which had a icon show up on the desktop as mounted cd, i don't recall seeing that when booting from cd normally) and can still start package manager etc after removing the CD :) (hadn't started it before, so wasn't cached)08:32
gaelfxfreakynl: do you know of any way to get nvidia drivers working on the live version?08:33
ceogaelfx, if you say that, that mean, am can used sudo apt-get autoclean ?08:33
ceoare that you mean.08:33
freakynlgaelfx: no soz, it will involve restarting X to load the new drivers and I think the live version shuts down when X stops08:34
freakynlgaelfx: I don't use ubuntu a whole lot tho' :)08:34
PSiLO23Could anyone tell me how i can a 'ls' to see just the dirs that are in the current dir that i am in ? i'm in a folder with tons of files and directories and i just want to list the directories.08:34
jiltdilHow to hide Apache version number in ubuntu?08:34
ceohai DaPenguin and gaelfx  have proble E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)08:34
ceoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?08:34
ceo after am used apt-get purge phpmyadmin08:34
ohsixceo: you have another package manager open, close it first08:35
freakynljiltdil: i'd presume like in any other install, change the variable in the apache config08:35
DaPenguinceo, do you have another package manager open?08:35
ceoohsix am not open anypackeg08:35
|RicharD|hello i had a problem with a ntfs partition with ubuntu 10.1008:35
|RicharD|i can't access to files(but i can write)08:35
ceono, am not open another package manager am just oopen xcaht for chat with all brotha ubuntu support08:35
|RicharD|and i not know how set 77708:35
|RicharD|ls -l say: drwx------ 1 riccardo riccardo 4096 2011-03-29 09:24 Web08:36
PSiLO23chmod 777 dir-or-0file-name-here08:36
gaelfx|RicharD|: sudo chmod +rwx08:36
bigMikesudo usermod -p '!' root ???08:36
freakynljiltdil: see if there's a 'ServerTokens' value in the httpd.conf/apache2.conf/whatever ubuntu calls it and set it08:36
|RicharD|i had do it but nothing :(08:36
bigMikeany one know this?08:36
bigMikesudo usermod -p '!' root08:36
|RicharD|is a media08:36
jiltdilfreaknyl:thanx alot08:36
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ohsixgaelfx: that won't do anything on ntfs, and is a special exception when fuse is involved; as by default only the owner can access the mount anyways08:36
gaelfx|RicharD|: if it's a finalized CD/DVD, it's not gonna work08:36
quiescensbigMike: don't do that08:36
bigMikequiescens: oh?08:37
gaelfxohsix: good to know, thanks08:37
|RicharD|no is a partition08:37
quiescensbigMike: that will just set the password to !08:37
freakynljiltdil: config usually in the dir /etc/apache(2) or /etc/httpd, just use something like 'grep -inr servertokens /etc/apache2' for example08:37
|RicharD|is a hd windows partitioned 2 times08:37
quiescensbigMike: you want usermod -L08:37
quiescensbigMike: ie. sudo usermod -L (username)08:37
ceohow check my display driver, couse am need run some game, but my driver vga not decth08:37
bigMikeah thanks08:37
bigMikeodd that's command is listed here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#root account08:38
ohsixgaelfx: it's actually really ugly to get to work with regular permissions, you need like, allow_other and that other overlay filesystem that adds posix permissions, cuz theres no place for fuse to stash them (though concievably it could store them in alternate streams, it does not)08:38
|RicharD|any suggest ?08:38
gaelfxohsix: fortunately, I don't have to worry about it cause I'm not using NTFS with my Ubuntu at all :D08:39
ohsixgaelfx: it can be really confusing with user level sharing when fuse is involved08:39
bigMikequiescens: how to unlock, usermod -U ?08:39
quiescensbigMike: yes08:39
bigMikeso the root account is locked by default yet?08:40
ohsixit just won't work, cuz samba can't access them without allow_other, and with allow_other you need proper permissions or stuff can be trashed by anyone08:40
jiltdilfreaknyl; when i used it shows grep -inr servertokens /etc/apache208:40
jiltdil/etc/apache2/conf.d/security:19:# ServerTokens08:40
jiltdil/etc/apache2/conf.d/security:26:#ServerTokens Minimal08:40
jiltdil/etc/apache2/conf.d/security:27:ServerTokens OS08:40
jiltdil/etc/apache2/conf.d/security:28:#ServerTokens Full08:40
FloodBot3jiltdil: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:40
bigMikeI'll just use sudo -s or sudo -i to get into root08:40
bigMikemy admin account is in sudoers (via visudo)08:40
gaelfx!pb jiltdil08:40
gaelfx!pb | jiltdil08:41
ubottujiltdil: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:41
quiescensbigMike: the root account is locked by default and has no password by default08:41
|RicharD|anybody can help me pls ?08:41
bigMikeindeed thanks quiescens08:41
gaelfxjiltdil: no prob, happens all the time08:41
durpahi, i just installed sun java6 jre and jdk, but my /usr/bin/java still points to old one i have, how can i find whereis my sun java executable?08:41
red2kic!java | durpa08:42
ohsixgaelfx: posixovl can be mounted allow_other though; since it applies permissions, and accesses the original volume as the same user, it'd be cool if it was automatic though (but there'd be 2 filesystems per mount and it'd be ugly :D)08:42
ubottudurpa: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:42
durpared2kic: re-read what i asked... i already installed it08:42
durpared2kic: i  just don't know where the sun binary is : / and updatedb && locate java brings too many results08:43
ohsixdurpa: "which java", finds things in your path08:43
gaelfxohsix: ok, now you're way over my head08:43
red2kicdurpa: Read the link. Run "sudo update-alternatives --config java"08:43
durpared2kic: ahhh! you're right! that's what i was missing!08:44
durpared2kic: thanks08:44
red2kicdurpa: Np.08:44
ohsixgaelfx: ;]08:45
nibblein mc, how do i see both permissions and modified columns?08:45
ohsixgaelfx: it's packaged for ubuntu as fuse-posixovl, http://sourceforge.net/projects/posixovl/ it's basically umsdos for any filesystem, stores permissions in a regular file so chmod and chown and i think acls work on filesystems without them08:46
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m_anybody knows how to remove titlebar in new firefow, that extension is not working08:49
soreaum_: F11?08:51
ceoDaPenguin, am have remove phpmyadmin with you ide, and am insttall back and am get this probele08:51
ceo ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)08:51
azmhow do I download .swf stream?08:51
jhfm_: about:config08:51
azmI mean .asx08:51
azmwhen mimms does not work please ?08:52
ceoDaPenguin, am have remove phpmyadmin with you ide, and am insttall back and am get this probele  ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)08:52
jhfazm: wget08:52
DaPenguinceo, you may need to restart the mysql server08:52
jhfazm: then read the text and wget the file08:52
ceowhat command08:53
ceoDaPenguin, what command for restar the mysql server08:53
DaPenguinceo, try this 'sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart08:53
azmjhf, what means read the text?08:54
jhfazm: asx is just a txt file that pionts to the real file08:55
jhfazm: so you can still run the asx file via player but it is only valid if the link is08:56
azmjhf, ok and how can I read it ?08:56
azmit does not play in browser08:56
azmin vlc either08:56
jhfazm: any editor -- so the link may not be vaild08:56
openmindHi flks. I'd need some help: How could I enable "remote desktop" in a terminal? Thanks if somone knows :)08:58
azmjhf, but how doI open URL in file ?08:58
azmI dont get it.08:58
gaelfxopenmind: are you trying to enable remote desktop via ssh?08:59
xrohi, i need some help to compile unbound 1.4.9 on ubuntu 10.04... i get this error : http://dpaste.com/526546/ (during sudo make)... i really need some help please...09:00
azmjhf, in gedit I get bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('09:00
azmso its probably broken09:00
openmindgaelfx: exactly :)09:00
azmand thats why mimms does not work09:00
jhfazm: put it as a url the open in text09:01
gaelfxopenmind: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=262376 that should work, if it doesn't, let me know09:01
jhfazm: then u get mms://kentro.kaist.ac.kr/200909/MilesReid(0915)-2.wmv09:02
openmindok, I'm trying09:04
gaelfxis it possible to make a liveusb that has the nvidia drivers installed? Without persistence, mind you09:05
xronobody could give me 3min to help me to build it?09:05
azmjhf ok thanks, but the problem is I dont know how to view the source in firefox09:06
jhfazm: just past url then say open as09:06
fairuzHi, how to know how much a folder took space in command line?09:07
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jhffairuz> du09:08
fairuzjhf: ty09:08
gaelfxazm: I think in Chromium, it's just ctl+u, I would imagine ff has a similar feature09:08
bi-dreamhello all09:08
jhffairuz>try  du -h09:08
bi-dreamwhat is wrong in my script please i am a beginner in bash http://pastebin.com/hsJiMkkc09:08
fairuzjhf: -h just round up the numbers09:09
fairuzjhf: but du will do the job thanks09:09
jhf<fairuz> microsoft numbers09:09
RocketLauncherI want to close notifications.. not get rid of them. Just close them. Any way to fix this?09:09
jhf<fairuz> and it rounds down09:10
gaelfxbi-dream: howdy09:10
InterwebsCan someone help me? I'm compiling something and getting an error saying that libGL.so.1 is not found, but I'm pretty sure I have the proper -dev libs installed09:10
azmgaelfx, it has but it does not work. Some video open immediately and I cant view the source09:11
azmI guess Im doing it wrong09:11
fairuzInterwebs: do ls -l libGL.so* to make sure you have the library09:11
fairuzInterwebs: do it in /usr/lib i suppose09:12
gaelfxazm: well, if it's avideo, it's probably something from server side, I'm not sure if you can find that in the source anyways09:12
Interwebsfairuz: /usr/lib/libGL.so -> mesa/libGL.so09:12
bi-dreamjhf yes i know, but it is not working anyway09:12
azmgaelfx, jhf found it09:12
azmI just cant09:12
piderI cannot anable bluetooth on my new asus laptop, how to fix?09:13
fairuzInterwebs: so do you have mesa/libGL.so?09:13
azmtotem will open and video not09:13
jhfbi-dream:you called code_conn.sh but never created it09:13
azmin chrome stream works but ctrl+u not09:13
Interwebsfairuz: yes09:13
fairuzInterwebs: try to update the mesa package09:13
gaelfxazm: tried vlc? it's usually better with this sort of thing09:13
bi-dreami am browsing a lot of tutorials but no one use the included condition like that09:13
fairuzInterwebs: i think that will do the job09:13
azmgaelfx, yea, that does not work either09:13
Interwebsfairuz: its updated, but I think the problem is related to a recurring reverted symlink for people with nvidia drivers like myself09:14
bi-dreamjhf code_conn.sh is the name of the script file09:14
Interwebsfairuz: but thanks for your help09:14
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jhfbi-dream: then path is not given09:14
bi-dreamjhf no , the error code means that on line 19 of the file it has the problem09:15
bi-dreambut there is the fi09:16
RocketLauncherI want to close notifications.. not get rid of them. Just close them. Any way to fix this?09:16
bi-dreamit surely means inside the if is a problem09:16
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azmjhf, there is no open as in firefox if I right click the link09:16
azmis that what you mean<09:17
monkeyDI activated the nvidia driver that ubuntu offered me in hardware drive, after that I reboot the system and I was able to activate the 3d option in docky but now I have a black plane behind docky09:17
jhfbi-dream: that's what i said09:17
jhfbi-dream: if you gine a ariable it has to go somewhere09:18
jhfbi-dream: if you give a variable it has to go somewhere09:18
ShambatI have a network switch that can be accessed via telnet, but sometimes I want to abort the login ... how can I abort a telnet login?09:18
bi-dreamthe tutorials about bash are not clear sometime using [] sometime () and some time no have the ; before then, it is not clearly explained :s09:18
jhfbi-dream: so 19 executed but there is no perdue file09:19
azmmonkeyD, yea, nvidia drivers are crap for linux09:19
bi-dreamthen some one can correct my if conditions ?09:19
=== __marix is now known as _marix
bi-dreamperdue is not a file, it is a variable09:19
lokinouazm: sometimes you need them, to play HoN for example09:19
jhfbi-dream: what do you need perdue to due09:20
jhfbi-dream: yes but you never toldit what to do09:20
gordonjcpazm: I thought the NVidia drivers were pretty good09:20
gordonjcpazm: they Just Plain Work(tm)09:21
azmjhf, please kindly reveal your great secret how did you made your trick to open that xml file ?09:21
bi-dreamjhf i assign a value to perdue following conditions, either 1 or 009:21
jhfbi-dream: yes hold09:21
bi-dreamif connexion has been lost or not, if was connected on last checking09:21
azmgordonjcp, yea in some cases yes in some no. I recently had issue with flash artifacts09:21
azmafter playing video it stayed there on background09:22
azmbut that is flash's fail as well09:22
C4KL1M-2hi all, has anyone got any success in setting yo blackberry tethering on Ubuntu 10.10 Provider Three australia09:22
gordonjcpazm: strange09:22
qwebirc41359whow do i correctly install 10.10 and get it to work09:22
gordonjcpazm: in general though NVidia is the manufacturer of choice if you want 3D to work09:23
qwebirc41359does anyone know why when i install 10.10 i get a terminal after reboot09:23
jhfbi-dream: ok i get the error09:24
azmgordonjcp, well it is. Im happy that there are here, but its still not that good for all. There is opensurce nouveau with are in my case slow09:24
jhfbi-dream: remove line 1709:25
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coz_hey guys.. I have a question... I have been using lucid and didnt go to maverick for a good reason..but last night one of my drives died and the lucid cd was a bit corupt so I installed maverick forgettings about this09:26
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gordonjcpazm: ye09:26
ceoDaPenguin, am have this error  * Reloading web server configuration lighttpd                           [fail]09:26
ceoinvoke-rc.d: initscript lighttpd, action "reload" failed.09:26
ceoohsix ame have thist error  * Reloading web server configuration lighttpd                           [fail]09:26
ceoinvoke-rc.d: initscript lighttpd, action "reload" failed.09:26
coz_what happens is that the darn cursor jumps all over the screen,, unpredictably but consistently09:26
gordonjcpazm: the Intel drivers are as good as they can possibly be, and an excellent achievement09:26
gordonjcpazm: unfortunately the Intel *chipset* is total cakc09:26
coz_any way around this? I am guessing it has somethingto do with touch  ,, is there a quick way to disable th at?09:27
monkeyDI activated the nvidia driver that ubuntu offered me in hardware drive, after that I reboot the system and I was able to activate the 3d option in docky but now I have a black plane behind docky09:27
ohsixgordonjcp: the drivers aren't as good as they can be ;D09:27
gordonjcpohsix: well, no software is really09:28
bi-dreamjhf no09:28
bi-dreamjhf thanks for your trial anyway09:28
lokinoucoz_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=271052 google is your friend09:28
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zambahow do i get rdp sessions working with rdesktop towards windows 2008 server r2?09:28
zambai get connection reset by peer whenever i try09:29
ohsixgordonjcp: video drivers especially, the problem is Hard (in the np sense) to do optimally09:29
lokinoucoz_: my link is outdated, try to follow the 1st link at the begining of the forum posty09:29
gordonjcpohsix: I've been looking pretty closely at how X drivers work recently09:29
gordonjcpohsix: since one of my apps throws a lot of pixels at the screen09:30
AdvoWorki have paths set like: mirror_lenny = http://cdn.debian.net/debian  for something im using, how would i specify the path for the latest server version?09:30
piderI cannot turn on bluetooth on my new asus laptop with ubuntu 10.10, any  fix?;-)09:30
kracekumari have a system with ip and i have ssh running on it,.but when i tried to connect to it i dont get any response09:30
coz_lokinou,  yeah that is not going to work,, its not a problem when typing here ,, its a problem when using the mouse and only on 10.1009:30
stefan_Hi, i have found a (maybe) a small bug. When i'm using a custom executor service for an Aggregator, and i stop the camelContext/Route, the executor service is still active. stop/stopnow is never called.09:30
theinkman21i need help please09:30
gordonjcp!ask | theinkman2109:30
ubottutheinkman21: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:30
Mario_How can I make my own irc channel?09:31
jhfkracekumar: are you on the same network09:31
theinkman21how come after reboot after installing 10.10 i get a terminal looking thing09:31
lokinoucoz_: have you tried different mouses ?09:32
jhf<Mario_> /join #channelname09:32
kracekumarjhf:nope.both system are in public network,both pc are connected to internet via usb model09:32
coz_lokinou,  of course,, it only happens on maverick as well ,,  and it has something to do with touchscreen stuff not synaptics here09:32
lokinoui though it was touchpad09:33
coz_lokinou,  no  sorry If I didnt make that clear09:33
dydhi all09:33
lokinoui cannot help you coz_: keep searching09:33
coz_lokinou,   as I said I never went to maverick because of this and a few other issues that have never been dealt with,, natty actually rund better  :)09:33
dydhow can i list software i've installed that contains "pdf"?09:34
coz_runs better rather09:34
theinkman21how do i properly reboot mavericlk09:34
ohsixdyd: dpkg -S pdf09:34
coz_theinkman21,  well  best and proper way is to either open a terminal and type sudo init 609:34
gaelfxis there any liveusb/cd with nvidia drivers pre-installed available?09:35
coz_theinkman21,   or ctrl+alt+F1  then log in and do the same09:35
theinkman21when i reboot after installation i get a terminal09:35
dydohsix: thanks09:35
theinkman21i saw somewhere that typing sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop should work....does it09:36
coz_theinkman21,  yes if you want a Desktop Environment09:36
theinkman21okay thank you09:37
coz_theinkman21,  the actual command would be   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:37
theinkman21oh <coz> how do i properly get sound to work on 10.0409:37
Morten_Hi, I have a question about crontab. I have added "*/1 * * * * echo "TEST" >> /home/morten/output.txt" to my crontab file using crontab -e. The script should be executed every minute, but it doesn't. Any ideas?09:37
KB1JWQMorten_: And where is that going to echo to? :-)09:38
theinkman21i tried everything and command i can think of09:38
KB1JWQMorten_: Check your maildir in /var/spool09:38
Morten_KB1JWQ, okay, ill check that :)09:38
KB1JWQ!sound | theinkman2109:38
ubottutheinkman21: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.09:38
stojkofaco /join #gdku2709:39
Morten_KB1JWQ, not really anything there. But do you have a hint to a way to echo the output to the file?09:40
KB1JWQMorten_: Which file?09:40
Morten_ /home/morten/output.txt09:40
Morten_echo "TEST" >> /home/morten/output.txt"09:40
KB1JWQ/bin/echo TEST >> /home/morten/output.txt09:40
Morten_oh ok, I will try to do that instead09:41
theinkman21is there also anyway to get video output other than installing libdvdread409:41
gaelfxis it possible to create a liveusb with nvidia drivers installed?09:42
theinkman21i think gstreamer works but i'm not sure09:42
jhftheinkman21: libdvdread4 is for DVD09:42
ohsixgaelfx: you could do a regular install to a usb drive09:42
nathichow can I look if I have video card drivers installed? When I click on System->Administrator->Additional Drivers          it doesn't  detect anything...09:42
theinkman21ooooh ok09:42
ohsixgaelfx: theres tools for remastering and installing the casper file then resealing it, but it's been a while since i looked09:42
theinkman21then what is gstreamer for09:42
ohsixgaelfx: easier to do a regular install09:43
gaelfxohsix: well, the issue is that my CD drive only works on the liveusb version, not a full install, so I was hoping to avoid actually installing09:43
jhftheinkman21: player backend09:43
theinkman21okay i think thats all i need09:44
gaelfxohsix: it's something I've tried to fix on numerous occasions, to no avail. since 10.0409:44
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ohsixgaelfx: isn't it simpler to find out why it isn't working09:44
gaelfxohsix: you would think so, right?09:44
=== lion_not_Rawr_IA is now known as Maahes
theinkman21how do i access this forum from ubuntu09:44
gaelfxohsix: but if you have any other ideas about how to get my DVD drive to work, I'm all ears :D09:45
nathictheinkman21, i use xchat (irc client)09:45
ohsixgaelfx: you'd need to be running a nonworking system09:45
nathichow can I look if I have video card drivers installed? When I click on System->Administrator->Additional Drivers          it doesn't  detect anything...09:45
theinkman21okay...if i am running windows 7 and do a full install can i get windows 7 back if i want to?09:46
theinkman21without buying it of course09:46
gaelfxohsix: sorry, not quite sure what you mean?09:46
xiongtheinkman21, No; if I understand what you intend.09:46
ohsixgaelfx: you can begin to look when you are currently running the system where the dvd reader doesn't work09:46
xiongIf you reformat your drive, everything on it is lost, including your OS. If you don't have a way to restore it, then of course, it's gone.09:47
WIDE-LIDEse znaeme li09:47
theinkman21so in order to re establish a windows operating system i would have to purchase it09:47
gaelfxohsix: ok, I'll pop a disk in and pb some fun stuff for you ;)09:47
theinkman21ok thanks xiong09:47
nathichow can I look if I have video card drivers installed? When I click on System->Administrator->Additional Drivers          it doesn't  detect anything...09:48
xiongtheinkman21, Dunno. I wouldn't make any suggestions for how to install or re-install any version of Windows. Once you go to Ubuntu, you will never look back. -- Okay, so that's a lie; because you will be quite frustrated for about a month. Then, you will fight the world to keep it.09:48
theinkman21haha thats funny lol09:49
xiongtheinkman21, It's the difference between working with your computer and fighting it.09:49
theinkman21gotta go install 10.1009:49
izuahey there. can anyone confirm or deny that the logitech c270 works and can do 720/720p?09:50
varun hi friends,today my system is becoming slow, so i did top in the terminal,i came to know that 99% of memory is earting by indicator applet,why that much of memory is taking,is there any way to stop that process?09:50
RocketLauncherI want to close notifications.. not get rid of them. Just close them. Any way to fix this?09:50
xiongvarun, "indicator applet"?09:50
varunxiong:yes,it is showing as indicator applet09:50
ohsixRocketLauncher: "close"? they time out09:50
xiongvarun, What is the actual name of the process? It won't have a space in it (probably).09:51
FroztIkonis there a guide that could show me how to add a enviroment variable?09:52
dyddamn i want to make a simple "for" loop in python: "for i in 10:" repeat 10 times?09:52
nathicdoes  lspci -v | grep VGA show me if I have a driver installed or does it just output the device name...?09:53
ohsixFroztIkon: you basically create a file in /etc/profile.d/ that does it09:53
varunxiong, : http://pastebin.com/rz22Zxd909:53
lmontrieuxnathic, it will output the device name09:53
nathiclmontrieux, do you know a method how to check if I have a driver installed for my device?09:54
xiongvarun, Your output was chopped off. You can make your terminal window wider, you know. Looks like the trouble process is 'indicator-applet'; with a dash.09:54
lmontrieuxnathic, what device is it ?09:54
lmontrieuxnathic, there probably is a driver for it in the kernel09:54
xiongvarun, What happens when you kill it?09:54
nathiclmontrieux  , I guess I haven't got a driver installed .. under   system-> administration->additional drivers it doesn't show me drivers for my ati graphic card09:54
varunxiong: i dont know how to kill that process09:55
FroztIkonohsix the thing is, I want to be able to call upon adb from the term without having to be in the same directory09:55
lmontrieuxnathic, there is a driver, but it's the open source one. If there wasn't any you wouldn't see anything on the screen09:55
lmontrieuxnathic, what's the exact model of your graphic card ?09:55
ohsixFroztIkon: then put it somewhere already in your path, if it's just for one user you can edit ~/.profile09:56
nathiclmontrieux, lspci -v | grep VGA gives me 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 71da (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])09:56
monkeyDmy flashvideos that I am looking are very slow, and the framerate is not normal, is there a way to fix that ?09:56
xiongvarun, Okay, well, first, point #1: You may always find that you've killed something you'd really rather have left running. So, be aware of that and know how to restart your system if need be. That will start up all processes that should normally be running, including any you've killed (by mistake or intentionally). Okay?09:56
lokinouto kill a process : killall <name of the process>09:57
lokinou(easy and bruteforce way to kill a process)09:57
varunxiong: ok09:57
xiongvarun, For the rest, well, 'man kill' or 'man killall'. The first takes a PID, the second a process name.09:57
lmontrieuxnathic, if there's no available driver in system->admin.->additional drivers, then I'm afraid there is no proprietary drivers available for that card09:57
lokinoukill -9 <pid of the process>09:58
lmontrieuxnathic, you'll have to stick to the free version09:58
nathiclmontrieux, hmm but Im sure it once showed me some drivers there ...09:58
lmontrieuxnathic, and did you install them?09:58
RocketLauncherohsix, i don't like waiting for notifications to time out after i read them, i'm a fast reader and sometimes i want notifications and sometimes i don't.. i wouldn't want to disable them because i'd just enable them again after later09:58
xiongvarun, You probably want to try the signal 'TERM' first but that rarely helps; I generally go directly to $ kill -s KILL offending-pid and hope there are no side effects. There usually are not.09:58
xiongvarun, As usual, read the man page before doing too much tinkering.09:59
nathiclmontrieux, thing is  I recently did a reinstallation of ubuntu 10.10   and before the installation my system was running with no problem.. now I can't even turn on visual effects in my appearence menu09:59
ohsixRocketLauncher: the point of notifications in ubuntu is to notify, not to have to dismiss or change your focus of attention, just ignore them until they go away, if you have a particular app that keeps a notification open way too long you should look at changing ti09:59
xiongvarun, If you kill the offending process, the problem will almost certainly go away; but that function may now be gone from your system; so you'll probably try a restart -- although you may just ignore that feature. If the problem reappears after restart, then it's time to study it closely.10:00
lmontrieuxnathic, mmmh, that' weird10:00
serverfelnathic:Happened to me me to. Were you connected to the internet during install?10:00
lmontrieuxnathic, were you running 10.10 before, or a previous version?10:01
nathicserverfel, jep10:01
nathiclmontrieux, had 10.10 before10:01
nathiclmontrieux , but LTS version and now I've installed from alternate cd10:01
lmontrieuxnathic, that shouldn't make a difference10:01
varunxiong: what is the command kill indicator-applet10:02
nathiclmontrieux, and last time I upgraded from 10.0410:02
lmontrieuxnathic, have you checked this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI10:02
xiongvarun, The commands are 'kill' or 'killall'. You can kill any process with those commands, including some essential ones; so the first point is to remember you may have to reboot if you're careless in what you kill; the second point is to be careful what you kill.10:03
RocketLauncherohsix, I like to be notified and to be able to close it when I'm done reading it. My wifi notification just says "House - Connected". It's a bother10:03
serverfelnathic: what gpu du you have?10:03
lmontrieuxnathic, is it an old card?10:03
nathiclmontrieux,  I just simply don't have any idea what graphic card I have .. just know that it's an     ati fireGL10:03
spacenavihelp. my screen blinks when I play videos with vlc. I got an old computer with 7hundred something ram.10:04
nathiclmontrieux, but which series ... can I look that up in my system10:04
varunxiong: yes,what i did is : kill indicator-apple ,but the output it is saying is  bash: kill: indicator-apple: arguments must be process or job IDs10:04
ohsixRocketLauncher: perfect, disable notifications from nm-applet then10:04
lmontrieuxnathic, lspci should tell you that10:04
varunxiong: what is the exact command to kill the indicator-appl10:04
xiongvarun, Expand the width of your terminal window. The process is almost certainly named 'indicator-applet', not 'indicator-apple'.10:05
ohsixRocketLauncher: look in /apps/nm-applet in gconf-editor10:05
varunxiong: I expnded the window,it is showing indicator-apple only10:05
serverfelnathic: on my other laptop i had mayor issues with my M radeon 7500. Had to do quite a bit of tweaking. Maybe your previous install used a different driver by default. There are many to choose from. The "ati","radeon" etc...10:05
xiongvarun, Please read the man pages; I won't feel comfortable making suggestions unless you study up, because there's a lot more to know that what I can say without retyping the whole man page.10:05
nathiclmontrieux, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 71da  01:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 71fa                 but i have no idea what that means... not even google finds that card...10:06
xiongvarun, Dunno. Quit top and try it again.10:06
RocketLauncherohsix, i like those notifications, i'd just like to close them when I'm done reading them.... is there another notifications framework i could use to replace it?10:06
nathicserverfel, yeah think my old system used another one but which10:06
varunxiong, :http://pastebin.com/9VQKzdZV10:06
xiongvarun, There are two ways to kill a process: by process ID or by name. 'kill' kills by PID; 'killall' kills by name. I've already suggested one way to do it.10:06
varunxiong: k,i will try,thank you10:07
ohsixRocketLauncher: there probably is, but the point is to notify you of something, not to distract you and have to deal with trivialities10:07
lmontrieuxHmmm, that's annoying10:07
nathicserverfel, and how can i choose one? in additional drivers it showes me nothing...10:07
martin__good morning10:07
RocketLauncherit distracts me for three extra seconds after i read it though :( i'll google10:07
lmontrieuxnathic, could it be this? {“ ATI FireGL V5200 Secondary ,RV530 , 71FA “}10:08
serverfelnathic: im afarid there aint no easy way. Youĺl have to create a xorg.conf file and edit a bit. There are tips on the internet on how to configure the file. By default. Ubuntu 10.10 does not use such a file, but if you create it it will use it.10:08
ohsixlike clicking on every single one will be less distracting10:08
xiongvarun, Okay, well, I never really noticed that top clipped the output like that. As I said, it's almost certainly 'indicator-applet'.10:08
varunxiong: Thank you,i killed that process,now no problem with system,i will check after reboot10:08
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=== wlosio_ is now known as wlosio
nathiclmontrieux  , yeah  :D might be ..10:09
yski am upwhich version of ubuntu is stable 10.04 lts or 10.1010:09
xiongvarun, If it runs up 100% CPU again, start writing down notes about it. When does it happen? What else is going on at the same time?10:09
=== lestat_ is now known as lestat
yskand if i have to increase the size of my ubuntu partition how could i do that10:09
varunxiong:sure,i will keep an eye on that one10:09
yskvarun bhai can u answer my question?10:10
lmontrieuxnathic, ok, so now that you know your card model, have a look at ATI's website to see if it's still supported (see the link I sent you earlier), and if it doesn't then you'll have to follow serverfel 's advice and fiddle with and xorg.conf file10:10
varunysk:which system you are using.i mean which laptop10:11
yskits lenova 10 inch idea pad10:11
serverfelnathic: the card should work out of the box, but there is some threads on the net. http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ATI_Mobility_FireGL_V520010:11
yski am using 10.0410:11
yski need to resize my partition10:11
FroztIkonah ha, I found the path variable10:13
serverfelnathic: another useful thread http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/hardware-peripherals/145940-ati-video-drivers-mobility-firegl-v5200.html. with the 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ' commadn metinoed. good one.10:14
varunysk:ubuntu 10.04 is Long time support,which they provide support for upto five years,in case of 10.10 it is not lts,but it is advanced one,if you can wait upto april 4th,i prefer you to download 11.04 natty narwahal10:14
LantiziaHey how can I generate the type of password hash used in /etc/shadow to use with useradd?  (starts $6$6... so based on sha512 somehow?!?)10:14
varun11.04 has all the advance versions,new kernel,but you have to wait upto april 4th, now it is in beta stage10:16
nathicserverfel, somehow I don't have an  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file10:16
servethi everyone i am using ubuntu 10.10 desktop and looking this error Mar 29 12:16:00 usta kernel: [ 8088.062396] radeon 0000:01:05.0: DVI-D-1: EDID block 0 invalid.10:16
servetcan anyone help me ?10:16
apcmy tty consoles are dropping off the bottom of the screen, and only 1 line is visible. Could someone please help?10:16
nathiclmontrieux, serverfel,     now with your tips I think I will fix the problem             thank you very much for your help10:17
serverfelnathic: thats correct. Youĺl need to create one. 10.10 does not have one by default. newer X system tries to figure out what to du automatically10:17
lmontrieuxnathic, you're welcome10:17
serverfelnathic: i used to pull my hear out with the same issues, if i had any help then i would be grateful. If it still does not work or hangs and freezes, try turning off VESA support. somtimes that also helps.10:18
gaelfxwhenever I insert any kind of media into my DVD drive, it takes several minutes for it to show up on my desktop, and in the meantime, the system is remarkably unresponsive. could someone help me fix this?10:18
nathicserverfel, hmm oki I'll make some tests :D  but first a break... 4,5 hours without break  ...10:18
gaelfxalso I should note, this behavior does not occur when I'm using the liveusb version of ubuntu10:19
serverfelnathic: sure10:19
FroztIkonanyone know the command to change the prompt in terminal, without renaming everything, to something other than user@device10:19
nathicserverfel, hope to see you around .. and maybe I can once help you out :D10:19
red2kicFroztIkon: Change ~/.bashrc (or ~/.profile) -- Depends.10:20
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AdvoWorki have paths set like: mirror_lenny = http://cdn.debian.net/debian  for something im using, how would i specify the path for the latest server version?10:20
gaelfxit also takes several minutes after the graphical confirmation of mounting for it to actually read the media at all, so for example, whenever I put a DVD in and try to play it, it takes forever to begin playing10:20
=== denny is now known as Guest20181
ohsixFroztIkon: the bash man page has info on setting the prompt10:21
serverfelnathic: i hope so to. =)10:21
ohsixgaelfx: post the output of dmesg to a pastebin10:21
=== Guest20181 is now known as denny
Poisonfibrewhy did Poo Bear's Hybernate button not work on his new Linux Laptop <;P10:22
red2kicPoisonfibre: Put his new Linux laptop in the cave and it'll hibernate.10:24
frybyeHibernate hasn't worked on computers.* op-systems.* since Noa sold the ark second hand after the hibernate on that malfunctioned..10:24
RobinHoodhello! I have a problem with apt-get; I have a local repository set up, and I used dpkg-scanpackages to make a Packages.gz file, then put the proper lines in /etc/apt/sources.list; but when I run apt-get update, it says (among other things) "failed to fetch file:/[file path]/Packages.gz File not found". The thing that irks me most is...that precise path DOES exist! What am I doing wrong? I googled, and I'm not finding anything...10:24
Poisonfibreomg...you ruined10:24
red2kicPoisonfibre: New laptop = New hardware that hasn't been tested.10:24
Poisonfibrethe correct answer was....Cause it wasnt winter yet -.-10:25
red2kicOh that was a joke.10:25
Poisonfibreim sorry =s10:25
Poisonfibre...was it that bad =s ?10:25
joeb_can somebody post a link to ubuntu or somehwere im testing a script that highlights websites10:26
=== Guest40668 is now known as gac
RobinHoodjoeb_ : ports.ubuntu.com10:26
joeb_gaelfx: thanks10:26
lekremyelsewRobinHood, Did you have to type in the file name/path to the system any any point in time?10:26
joeb_MadHaTTer_222: thanks10:27
joeb_RobinHood: thanks10:27
joeb_it works10:27
joeb_le tme show you what it looks like10:27
joeb_s/le tme/let me/10:27
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : as in...when I ran dpkg-scanpackages, or when I ran apt-get?10:27
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : no, i didn't type in the file name/path, i just cd'd to the root of my repository, and ran dpkg-scanpackages; I then checked the Packages.gz file to make sure that the package filename paths were correct, and they were...10:29
joeb_its so wherever i am / who ever says my nick / puts http or www i can see it10:29
lekremyelsewRobinHood, What happens to me sometimes is that I type in a file path like '/home/user/Some Folder' but I forget the quotation marks and the computer looks for /home/user/Some because the space ends the argument10:32
lekremyelsewRobinHood, I just thought that might have possibly happened to you10:33
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : well, there aren't any spaces in the path...there ARE "."s in it...10:33
RobinHood"."s aren't a problem on the command line, fur as I know...10:33
lekremyelsewRobinHood, yeah I think there fine10:35
RobinHoodI'm ready to punch apt-get in the face, if only it had one, for being thick-headed.10:35
RobinHood"File does not found!"10:35
RobinHood*"File not found!"10:36
RobinHoodthere we go.10:36
gaelfxMy DVD drive goes completely ape whenever I put any kind of media into it: http://pastebin.com/TSGbQgP2 However, it works perfectly fine on the liveusb. Can anyone help me fix this?10:36
gaelfxRobinHood: you aren't by chance trying to use the Chinese server, are you?10:37
gaelfxRobinHood: if you go into Synaptic you can change the software sources and switch to a different server, it should work10:37
lekremyelsewRobinHood, is there possibly a space after the .gz?10:38
lekremyelsewRobinHood, in the actual file10:38
mehdihey fellas do we have any application for typing practice?10:38
RobinHoodgaelfx : this box has no internet connectivity, thus the local repo.10:38
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : the name Packages.gz is not mentioned in sources.list, at all.10:38
lekremyelsewRobinHood, then why is the program looking for it?10:39
gaelfxohsix: sorry, it took longer than I thought it would. This is what I get when I put a DVD in my drive: http://pastebin.com/TSGbQgP210:39
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : apt-get looks for a file called Packages.gz for the list of files in the repository10:40
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : my sources.list line is as follows: deb file:/[my home dir]/ports.ubuntu.com/ powerpc/10:41
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : and ports.ubuntu.com is a directory on my computer, not a web address.10:41
ohsixgaelfx: bad cable or controller, reseat it10:41
stojkofaco_daco edi kur da te ebu mutu sto ne igras10:42
gaelfxohsix: I've tried that, as well as changing the cable. like I said before, there's no problem in liveusb, only after install does it start borking things up completely10:42
stojkofaco_futka kaza ke te skrsi10:42
gNewbuntuhi all! Need help installing Opera on Ubuntu LTS (10.4.2)... Can't find it in Ubuntu Center O.o10:43
lekremyelsewRobinHood, on second thought, it might just be the '.'s throwing off the stating point of the extension10:43
stojkofaco_TISINA BE10:43
ohsixgaelfx: post the whole dmesg, and lspci10:43
red2kic!opera | gNewbuntu10:43
ubottugNewbuntu: Opera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser10:43
FloodBot3Futka: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:43
pourjourhow can reinstall thr grub after i'm installed a windows sytem10:44
red2kic!fixmbr | pourjour10:44
ubottupourjour: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:44
pourjourthank you10:44
ohsixgaelfx: if it's not cabling it might be some sata setting that the device doesn't like, and there might be a quirk for it in newer kernels; but it's resetting more than one link there10:44
gNewbuntured2kic: ok, let me check... ty10:45
Eckaaaaajoi #gdku10:45
ohsixgaelfx: the reset is probably whats making your computer unresponsive10:45
pourjouralso i have another problem10:45
=== RobinHood2 is now known as RobinHood
pourjournot really my problem but my friend problem10:46
pourjourwhen he install a linux system like ubuntu10:46
pourjourit freeze in the boot loader10:47
pourjourno countdown10:47
pourjourthr keyboard don't work10:47
pourjourdo you ahev any idea about that10:47
gaelfxohsix: dmesg: http://pastebin.com/Fytktt8a10:48
Darkojoin #gdku2710:48
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : any other ideas?10:49
m_how to disable window decoration for firefox using compiz or openbox?10:49
lekremyelsewRobinHood, nada, sorry man10:49
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : or should I just repeat my question in a few moments and hope for the best...10:49
RobinHoodlekremyelsew : ok.10:49
gaelfxohsix: lspci: http://pastebin.com/tNKXBJpG10:50
YankDownUnderRobinHood, ...can ya repeat the question?10:51
gaelfxohsix: btw, that dmesg got cut off, probably by a lot, and it's mostly the sames recurrent errors10:51
RobinHoodyankdownunder: I have a problem with apt-get; I have a local repository set up, and I used dpkg-scanpackages to make a Packages.gz file, then put the proper lines in /etc/apt/sources.list; but when I run apt-get update, it says (among other things) "failed to fetch file:/[file path]/Packages.gz File not found". The thing that irks me most is...that precise path DOES exist! What am I doing wrong? I googled, and I'm not finding anything...10:51
gaelfxshucks, hang on10:51
lekremyelsewRobinHood, the only thing that struck me as odd was the file:/ thing at the beginning10:52
lekremyelsewbut I can't really recall if the error dialog always has that or not10:52
YankDownUnderRobinHood, ...as well, I'm wondering about the permissions on the file (and possibly the directory it's in)10:52
gNewbuntured2kic: can't find it in Ubuntu Software Center... O.o10:53
RobinHoodYankDownUnder : well, I tried chowning it to both myself and root, and no dice.10:53
gaelfxohsix: lspci (for real this time): http://pastebin.com/JpPuuv9c10:53
RobinHoodYankDownUnder : but the directory it's in...good question...10:53
YankDownUnderRobinHood, Hang on...digging into something...10:53
joakimkWhere can I find the various "keyboard mapping files" for different languages on my ubuntu machine?10:54
DannyMunizcould i run Ubuntu 10.10 with 256mn of ram?10:54
joakimkI mean, is there a set of files like this for different lanugages? http://code.google.com/p/directvnc-rev/wiki/KeyboardMapping10:54
YankDownUnderRobinHood, Heya mate - check this out (if ya ain't already): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2021710:54
Darko_join# gdku2710:56
taranwhen the screen shows bule color for all red images what does it mean?10:56
SomelauwHow do I know if acpi is enabled or disabled?10:56
gaelfxtaran: sounds like a bad connection, check the cable10:56
ohsixgaelfx: you have one of those lovely seagate drives10:56
ohsixgaelfx: you probably need to update the firmware or rma it; i had to rma mine10:56
gaelfxohsix: pioneer10:57
tarangaelfx: ok.do i have 2 check a specific cable?10:57
gaelfxohsix: it's a DVD10:57
ohsixgaelfx: nah, the seagate on the same controller,  not the dvd drive10:57
gaelfxtaran: the one connected to the monitor would be your best bet10:57
ohsix[    1.410322] ata1.01: ATA-8: ST3500418AS, CC38, max UDMA/13310:57
ohsixthat one10:57
ohsixyou can also try forcing the 1.5gbps sata mode with a jumper, or with a kernel parameter10:57
gaelfxohsix: so even if I switch the DVD to a different port, I'll have troubles? I have 6 to choose from10:58
=== remoteCTRL2 is now known as remoteCTR1
ohsixgaelfx: who knows, can you try it without the seagate plugged in?10:58
tarangaelfx: I will soon shut down to try as u adviced10:59
gaelfxohsix: no, that's where ubuntu is10:59
gaelfxohsix: well, thanks for the insight, I'm gonna try moving some plugs around10:59
david430DannyMuniz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements11:00
ohsixgaelfx: at best you might isolate it to the seagate, it'll still have link problems11:00
ohsixgaelfx: i'd try and disable 3gbps mode first11:00
gaelfxohsix: how would I do that?11:00
Darko_join #gdku2711:01
ohsixgaelfx: either by jumper or in the bios, or with a kernel option11:01
gaelfxohsix: ok11:01
gNewbuntured2kic: ok, find it and installed! :D11:01
gNewbuntured2kic: ty, bye!11:01
FlynsarmyIn FF4, when you hide the menu bar, the firefox button doesn't have a 'Tools' submenu - which alot of extensions put their names in. Is there any way to put tools into the firefox menu or am i forced to just show the menu?11:01
SomelauwHow do I know if acpi is enabled or disabled?11:02
ohsixFlynsarmy: theres a key to just open the menu even when it's hidden, if you want to be able to click on it without it you're going to have to have it visible11:02
ohsixSomelauw: try dmesg | grep ACPI11:03
Flynsarmyblah :S you'd think the UI guys at mozilla would have picked up on this in the first...say...24 hours after removing the menu bar lol11:03
ohsixor DSDT is more specific11:03
Roger_ /join #gdku2711:03
libowenwho has QGRUBEditor.deb11:05
dragonlivethank u11:05
libowenwho has QGRUBEditor.deb11:06
libowenwho has QGRUBEditor.deb11:06
tonyrulezlibowen, GTFO11:06
shiftingcontroli have my two lap connect through wireless USB datacard,one of which is running ssh server ,how can i connect to other ,i have two ip address, one i am able to ping and when i tried ssh -l username ip,it failed(this one replied for ping),other one doesn't get pinged but when i try ssh i get timeout11:06
=== tonyrulez is now known as guess123342
hphp./server smartcaller.biz 565611:07
guess123342libowen: triple post11:08
static_can you do RAID using the normal installer instead of the alternate version?11:09
superman_join #windows11:13
lekremyelsewHe's a traitor!11:13
RobinHoodoh, gosh, I have a windows box, I forgot.11:14
* RobinHood goes off to join ##windows11:14
=== naturalpsychic is now known as majidkhan
MadHaTTer_222i am using windows11:15
MadHaTTer_222on 3 computers11:15
ohsixgaelfx: find a kernel-parameters.txt and look at libata.force=11:15
shiftingcontrolis it possible to cnnect public pcs using net(i have my lap and my friend both are in internet using datacard usb ),using ssh11:15
MadHaTTer_222speak better english11:16
ioriahi everybody11:17
WIDE-LIDE sefl;eslrwe11:17
ioriai get a little problem11:17
akashm1990Any idea how I can install ipfw/dummynet on ubuntu?11:17
shiftingcontrolMadHaTTER_222:whom do you mean ?11:17
Filip0111join #gdku27211:17
ntatI have problem with Ubuntu One. When I synchronize my folder Ubuntu One copy only directory and subdirectory without any files. Why?11:18
Darko_tuj li ste?11:18
Pumpkin-akashm1990: you can't. You most likely want to check out iptables and tc which provide the same kind of functionality.11:18
MadHaTTer_222lmfao why is it i am forced to speak perfect english so non-native english speakers can understand me but non-native english speakers can butcher their words tell i cant understand they?11:19
akashm1990Pumpkin-, Whats tc?11:19
akashm1990Pumpkin-, Is this it? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/tc.8.html11:20
Pumpkin-yeah. It provides a lot of the same features as dummynet11:20
ioriai use nautilus 2.32.0 and my network (winxp, debian, slackware) is reachable with 'connect to server' but does not appear int the 'Network' window11:20
ioriain wirless11:21
ioriayes, with eth11:21
ntatsombody help me?:)11:22
ioriantat: i don't use yet Ubuntu one... but maybe it can copy only files and not subdirectory11:27
=== Mike_ is now known as weberwithoneb
ntatioria, Ubuntu One can copy directory with files, I check this on one folder with 10 filse and its works.11:29
=== sipior_ is now known as sipior
bobhalhello all11:30
ntatBut when I synchronize folder with a lot files Ubuntu One copy only folders nad subfolders11:31
austiniumhow do i disable single user boot option from Ubuntu? I am trying to secure a system so that the user cannot reset password by using the recovery boot option11:31
ntat*and subfolders11:31
ohsixaustinium: that doesn't do much for security11:32
ntatthese files have cirka 78 MB, but individual files is small11:32
lmontrieuxaustinium, does the user have physical access to the machine?11:32
austiniumlmontrieux: yes11:33
zvacetaustinium:  then there is no 100% security11:33
austiniumohsix: i dont want the user fiddling aroung the settings11:34
ohsixno 100%, but in this case, single user mode is one kernel command line edit away; and if you disable that, a livecd, or anything that can mount it11:34
lmontrieuxaustinium, then there's no point in disabling the recovery mode, since the user could simply boot on a livecd or even steal the hard drive. As soon as users have physical access, you need some amount of trust that they won't do anything silly.11:34
ohsixaustinium: then you probably want centralized authentication, something that can't be messed with11:34
lmontrieuxaustinium, or, just enforce security using a big guard with a big gun :)11:34
austiniumcanit be done?11:35
ohsixlots of things can be done11:35
austiniumlike disabling recovery mode?11:36
=== huabao_ is now known as Athenia
austiniumlmontrieux: you are right about the liveCD11:36
ohsixif you were looking for a good way to do it, that wouldn't be it11:36
ohsixyou can edit the kernel command line with grub and make it boot however you like11:37
ohsixaustinium: though it won't do anything real, you can do what you want in /etc/default/grub11:37
austiniumohsix: like remove the recovery boot option and then put a grub password to prevent editing11:37
SomelauwApparently acpi_id[0x00 and 0x01] are enabled and 0x02 and 0x03 are disabled.11:38
ohsixand seal all the usb ports and removable media drives with epoxy11:38
ohsixbut then, people can edit the passwords once it's booted11:38
austiniumohsix: wouldn't they need the password to edit (iam not sure)???11:39
ohsixnot sure, i think it can be setup that way11:39
ohsixbut they can boot even the stuff on the harddrive any way they want with some external media11:39
MadHaTTer_222model glue is awesome11:39
ohsixmodel glue wouldn't be sufficient, needs oxygen to cure11:40
hemzamy laptop shutdown when i work ...11:40
MadHaTTer_222when it comes to comp plastic nothing works better then model glue11:40
austinium<MadHaTTer_222> +1 to that ;)11:40
ohsixyou need an epoxy that will cure in absence of air if it's more than a small thickness11:40
austiniumhemza: is it heating up?11:40
hemzaCPU get 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:41
yaccAny idea how to make pulseaudio not suspend audio when I switch to text mode?11:41
austiniumhemza:what are you running?11:41
RobinHoodYankDownUnder : that ubuntu forum post wasn't much help.11:41
ohsixas forums often are11:41
MadHaTTer_222i had a problem no forum on channel could cure in a ubuntu server ed so after 3 weeks i fixed it my dam self11:43
JohbeIs there anyway to get sar (from sysstat) to behave like it did in 8.x, 7.x for example when I'm doing sar -W 2 it does 2 statreports then quites, but now with systat 9.x it continue forever with 2 seconds meantime between collects.11:43
=== RobinHood2 is now known as RobinHood
ohsixJohbe: did you look in the manual? if the command line option changed it'd be in there11:45
ohsixJohbe: conversely, if you can make it report once and exit, you could fake it with 'watch'11:45
juniorsaHi, I am running zentyal but no-one in that channel has answered me. so now I am turning to ubuntu as zentyal is based on ubuntu, The issue is I have eth1 configured for pppoe and it does connected as shown by ifconfig, eth2 is my cable modem (dhcp) it connects fine and seems to take all traffic, I can't figure out how to have traffic balance, any ideas?11:46
ohsixjuniorsa: this channel generally doesn't support the distros based on ubuntu, that aren' tubuntu itself (kubuntu, edubuntu etc)11:46
RobinHoodI have a problem with apt-get; I have a local repository set up, and I used dpkg-scanpackages to make a Packages.gz file, then put the proper lines in /etc/apt/sources.list; but when I run apt-get update, it says (among other things) "failed to fetch file:/[file path]/Packages.gz File not found". The thing that irks me most is...that precise path DOES exist! What am I doing wrong? I googled, and I'm not finding anything...11:46
MadHaTTer_222if tracing the root wouldnt you go for debian as ubuntu is based off that?11:47
ohsixjuniorsa: and that's a general linux question, if the two interfaces have the same route, and the same metric, traffic will be shared11:47
ohsixjuniorsa: but in your case they never will11:47
ohsixjuniorsa: if you want to do load balancing between them you'll need to do application level proxying or something, but that can break a lot of websites D:11:47
juniorsaohsix: right they do have the same metric, but not the same gateway, is there a howto somewhere that might help?11:47
ohsixbut sites see different client addresses unless you have some very special setup which actually breaks efficient load balancing11:48
hemzaaustinium, ubuntu 10.0411:48
MadHaTTer_222night everyone11:48
Johbeohsix: I don't want to change the commandline, I'd like to set some environment variable or something so it behaves like it did earlier, but can't find any info about it.11:49
juniorsaohsix so if no one in zentyal wants to help I will post something and see if anyone answers, thanks at least for answering I appreciate it11:49
ohsixjuniorsa: no problem, i was just telling you that nobody else likely would ;]11:49
juniorsaohsix: right11:49
fvahidhi all11:49
fvahidhow i can view image in terminal without x enviromente11:50
ohsixfvahid: like in text?11:50
ohsixfvahid: theres a tool in aalib to do it, but i forget the name of it11:50
ohsixfvahid: if you're talking about seejpeg and other things that use that old svga library they're pretty much gone11:51
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
piderI cannot turn on my bluetooth on my new asus laptop, anyone know how to fix11:55
jussihow does one remove a symlink without removing the target?11:57
ohsixjussi: rm11:58
jussiohsix: so rm symling will not remove the target?11:58
ohsixsoft links are just special, regular files; you actually need to work at it to delete the linked to file ;]11:58
ohsixjussi: nope, and hard links will remove one reference to the inode; if all are removed the file will be too, but those semantics are easy enough to figure out, cuz hard linked files act like regular files ;]11:59
jussiohsix: ok, Ive got important stuff behind the symlink, so I dont want to kill it all11:59
monaDevelopermy laptop was heating so much after installing ubuntu but after solving that problem and having a cooler pad11:59
monaDeveloperI installed KDE 4.712:00
monaDeveloperand it worked ok12:00
monaDeveloperbut I had to change my VGA card and now it returned back to over heating12:00
monaDevelopereven using still the cooler pad12:00
monaDeveloperI switched off the desktop effects12:01
monaDevelopercompiz and stuff12:01
ioriai use nautilus 2.32.0 and my network (winxp, debian, slackware) is reachable with 'connect to server' but does not appear int the 'Network' window12:01
ohsixmonaDeveloper: how do you know its overheating, is it shutting down? that can be a number of things12:02
monaDeveloperohsix: I check the heat using sensors12:02
roffedoes anyone else have problems with webgl?12:05
AnggaDj98ni hao12:07
AnggaDj98!zh > ylmfos12:08
ubottuylmfos, please see my private message12:08
martin__hello, could someone here help me with a problem with linking anope to inspircd?12:09
static_how long should it take for a normal hdd to be converted to ext4? (7200rpm/320gb)12:09
ljsoftnet@static_ a few minutes12:10
static_i have been stuck there for at least 15 minutes12:11
ohsixmartin__: it's pretty well documented in anope's stuff12:11
ljsoftnet@static_ i think it wont take long12:11
martin__yeah i know but i got stuck12:11
ohsixmartin__: that is if it can link at all; services link as servers12:11
martin__inspircd has a fine anope compatibility according to their site12:12
martin__and the docs are great too, read it, used it12:12
martin__but somehow i m still not seeing something12:12
phoenixsampras1how to completele remove a package?12:13
LjLphoenixsampras1: sudo apt-get --purge remove packagename12:13
ohsixphoenixsampras1: apt-get purge, though regular removal only leaves config files behind12:13
Dannydapttitude purge packagename12:13
ohsixif you're using aptitude you can press _, it'll purge it12:14
ohsixif you want to purge all the packages you've removed already, aptitude purge ~c12:14
Dannydsometimes i think apt-get dosent remove unnecessary dependencies, if im right12:14
ohsixonly if autoclean is disabled12:14
davzieAnyone here ever setup a DNS server on Mac OSX Server?12:15
Dannydohsix: how do i check if it is enabled?12:15
LjLDannyd: oh you can "sudo apt-get autoremove" to remove those12:15
ohsixbut one has to wonder what that has to do with ubuntu12:15
phoenixsampras1thank you guys!12:16
ohsixDannyd: theres a thing to dump the current configuration but i forget it at the moment, you can grep /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ though12:17
Dannyd LjL: so is "apt-get --purge remove packagename\n" "apt-get autoclean\n" == "apt-get autoremove packagename"?12:18
JohbeI found the difference in the manfiles to sar aswell12:19
LjLdenny: == "apt-get --purge autoremove packagename", i think12:19
JohbeThey removed 1 sentance in the description of the command12:19
JohbeThe default value for the count parameter is 1.12:19
DannydLjL : ("apt-get --purge remove packagename\n" "apt-get autoclean\n") == "apt-get autoremove packagename"?12:19
Johbethat sentance is no longer in the description for sysstat 9.x12:19
Johbewhich breaks compatibility..12:19
=== windkids is now known as windGone
LjLDannyd: i mean, i think "apt-get autoremove packagename" alone doesn't purge12:20
=== rui_ is now known as ralg
Dannydok sorry i just understood that your previous post..ok i get it now..12:20
quiescensautoremove doesn't do anything related to autoclean12:21
ohsixi misspoke, autoclean removes old packages from the cache, autoremove removes dependencies12:23
DannydI created a panel with auto hide, to the left side of the desktop and added a few widgets...now when i click on a widget, from that panel it stays out...i have to drag the cursor quickly over it again only then it goes back into hiding...how do i make it go back even if I have made a selection from the panel?12:23
Dannydthanks  quiescens:, ohsix:..i think i understand the difference..12:23
Dannydcan someone please tell me where i can ask the panel question?12:27
antantHey guys. I've got a question about bash scripting. How do I use the first instance of "ls filename.*.ext" as a variable in "cp file.ext target/file.ext" ?12:27
ohsixyou might not have an answer, it sounds more appropriate to file as a bug12:27
=== michael is now known as Guest62018
ohsixantant: no scripting needed, cp filename.*.ext target/ will do it12:28
antantshake shake shake the room12:28
antantohsix: Problem is, I want to change the file name12:28
Dannydohsix: how would i do that?12:29
ohsixDannyd: find the package for the panel and add a bug on launchpad.net12:30
Dannydok ill try12:30
martin__i finally got it, kept looking in the wrong place >.<12:30
ohsixmartin__: :] sometimes it pays to leave something alone for a while12:30
CZARi am new to ubuntu i want soem guidelines in installing packages12:31
smwCZAR, there are no "guidelines" for installing packages12:32
martin__yeah =) now to find out how to set /ns etc12:32
antantCZAR: have a look at the ubuntu wiki12:32
antantohsix: any idea on my bash scripting problem?12:33
ohsixyou wouldn't be using bash alone to do it12:34
ohsixhow do you want to change the filename12:34
keyUpI have 2 internet conections one wan other lan how can I use both at the same time, so let's say I have a website and I want to use upload from both of them12:34
LjLantant: i didn't understand the question (but it might be better to ask in #bash)12:34
antantwell here's the command line I want:  ./movie London.Boulevard "London Boulevard" 201012:34
ohsixso change periods to spaces and add a date?12:35
novitololoHi, If I'm in a windows machine and I've connected remotely (via SSH) to a ubuntu server, and I want to copy some files to my windows machine, how can I do that?12:35
smwnovitololo, winscp12:35
ohsixtr '.' ' ' ;]12:35
phoenixsampras1novitololo: use SFTP12:35
antantI want it to transfer ./downloads/movies/London.Boulevard.x264.Release.mkv to ./media/London Boulevard (2010)/London Boulevard.mkv12:35
novitololoalright, two options here12:35
novitololothanks mate :)12:36
smwnovitololo, they are both the same12:36
novitololook perfect12:36
smwnovitololo, winscp is an sftp client12:36
phoenixsampras1antant: do you have a parrot in your shoulder?12:36
novitololobut I wonder, does my server has to have an FTP server right?12:36
LjLantant: uhm how would the script know where the title ends and the rest begins, given everything is separated by periods?12:36
=== c is now known as Guest50781
smwnovitololo, sftp is over ssh12:37
smwnovitololo, any server with ssh should work12:37
novitololothanks, I'm going to read about it12:37
keyUpI have 2 internet conections one wan other lan how can I use both at the same time, so let's say I have a website and I want to use upload from both of them12:37
antantLjL: well that's why I want it to use the first instance of the file in 'ls ./downloads/movies/London.Boulevard.*.mkv'12:37
LjLantant: well to put that into a variable you can do:  VAR=$(ls ./downloads/movies/London.Boulevard.*.mkv | head -n 1)12:38
ohsixkeyUp: if it is indeed a web sever, you just need to look up ip based virtual hosting with your prefered web server12:38
antantLjL: cheers buddy, that's exactly what I needed!12:38
Sonne!cn | zhangguomin12:39
ubottuzhangguomin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk12:39
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest99190
thevishyhi , what is t meaning of thi ?12:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:39
CoolWhipsup sup sup sup12:40
keyUpohsix, ah that is very nice12:40
CoolWhiphow be thee?12:40
syrinx_fairweathered, my friend12:40
CoolWhiphow much do you all love ubuntu?12:40
CoolWhipits fucking great isnt it :D12:40
keyUpohsix, but I don't understand it12:41
phoenixsampras1CoolWhip: until, OSx gets open source, ill love it12:41
syrinx_whoa whoa whoa, first off, watch the language12:41
keyUpok nevermind12:41
CoolWhipdont understand what>?12:41
keyUpI will go and read it12:41
thevishy--------> http://paste.ubuntu.com/586824/12:41
=== Guest13774 is now known as AndrewMC
CoolWhipphoenixsampras1: os x will never be open source12:42
ohsixphoenixsampras1: large parts of it is12:42
mr_mojo_risinhi guys!12:42
ohsixer, CoolWhip12:43
syrinx_sup jim12:43
thevishycan anyone tell me why I am getting the above error ^12:43
CoolWhipyes ohsix??12:43
pidermy bluetooth will not work, this is the message I get: Failed to set Bluetooth power12:44
piderThe error reported is: Connection timed out12:44
piderany help?12:44
thevishycan anyone tell me how to fix this error - http://paste.ubuntu.com/586824/12:44
yaccohsix, well, not exactly, the part that is easily replaceable by taking *BSD (* in Free, Open, Net) has been open source, Apple did not exactly help the community, the part that makes OSX what the user experiences has never been opensource.12:45
ohsixpider: sounds like some of the software might have been uninstalled12:45
yaccohsix, although there is an opensource reimplementation in OpenStep or so I think.12:45
ohsixyacc: large parts, bro; darwin comes to mind12:45
ohsixgcc, llvm; but this is offtopic, the assertion was just false12:46
piderI have installed blueman, because the default will nor work either12:46
=== RobinHood2 is now known as RobinHood
ohsixpider: better to figure out why the defaults don't work than possibly muck up the situation with stuff thats even less well supported12:47
pepsiso if i deleted /usr/bin, and i copy a /usr/bin from somewhere, is there a way using apt-get to reinstall the missing files?12:47
ohsixpepsi: debsums can give you a list of missing/changed files12:47
piderok I install the default program12:48
ohsixyou shouldn't need to install anything, ubuntu-desktop brings in all the things for gnome to manage most bluetooth devices12:48
piderI get only the message that I sshall turn the bluetooth on12:51
piderand nothing happens12:51
ohsixpider: did you restart after removing blueman?12:52
pidernope, I will now12:53
zeldaHow do I add existing user to sudoers file. I know there is a command with -G option, but just cant remember it.12:53
ohsixzelda: that doesn't add people to the sudoers, but usermod -G can add users to the "admin" group12:53
damiani wonder if anyone can help , im looking for some DJ softwear ? somethink like i can add playlist's and it will auto mix ? anyidears ?12:54
phoenixsampras1damian party?12:55
syrinx_damian: something like serato?12:55
damianill have a look12:55
denismfmhaving problems with belkin surf f7d1102 on a fairly old 32 bit laptop, have followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1522815 and dmesg shows "usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl819xu", "system/network tools/devices" list includes wlan0, shows mac 85 62 9e xx xx xx so I assume hardware is talking to adapter but it doesn't seem to be trying to connect to the network, ssid and pw match the one on this working 10.10 64 bit with built in wirele12:56
nick_namewhats up?12:56
damiansyrinx_,  will that auto mix ?12:56
ohsixyou wanna remove the dj part of being a dj? :D12:57
JTallisI still have the same issue with a live file system: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10612335 :(12:57
damianlol , yeah . after a few drinks last i night , they said " were looking for somone to do some DJing " and me , being the ... well.... said yeah i can give it a go ... now i sort of have to do somethink ;)12:58
syrinx_damian: I was using that as reference, serato is "windows software"12:58
ohsixneed a fader and beat matcher :D12:58
nick_namehow to blank screen with terminal?12:58
=== Dreki_ is now known as dreki
syrinx_could probably run it with wine though12:58
syrinx_nick_name: ctrl-l12:58
damianyeah ohsix  thats what i was looking for , so i could just set up a play list , and look dead cool ;)12:59
nick_namesyrinx_: sorry. how to lock screen in terminal12:59
ranjanHi All12:59
ranjanwhat does the second column in ls -l means?12:59
syrinx_nick_name: log out?13:00
nick_namesyrinx_: no13:00
nick_namesyrinx_: i want to active blank scrren~saver13:00
cowslammerranjan "man ls'13:00
nick_namelock the screen you know13:00
ohsixdamian: there are two projects i know of but don't recall the names D: you might search for "dj" in software center, or vj13:00
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nick_namebut in terminnal13:00
damiancool ill give it a go13:01
Sonnenick_name, ^S13:01
nick_nameSonne: ctrl+s?13:01
Sonneyou release it with ^Q13:01
Dr_Willisi recall some console tools to lock the console.13:01
syrinx_nick_name: gnome-screensaver-command --lock13:02
piderohsix: same problem with the bluetooth, ask to be turned on, but nothing happends13:02
syrinx_i think thats what your looking for13:02
Dr_Willisctrl-s and q - are 'flow' control sequences for the terminal/console. not a 'lock'13:02
Abhijit hi guys. trying to install the board. it says i need to have a version of gboject-introspection >= 0.9.6 but the latest version available on gnome website is 0.6.1413:02
Abhijithelp. what to do?13:02
syrinx_the board?13:02
ohsixpider: ok, can you post the output of dmesg to a pastebin, and the output of rfkill list13:03
Dr_WillisAbhijit:   it could be its designed for use with 11.04 for now.13:03
=== Guest31695 is now known as _jason
Dr_Willisor theres some odd version #'s going on13:03
JTallisAlso tried a disk that was burned using the same computer but no luck. :/ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1061233513:03
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
Dr_Willis'the-board' a bullitenboard program for your desktop. VERY much a work in progress13:04
Dr_Willis'pinboard' type thing :)13:04
AbhijitDr_Willis, okay but in real world 'somewhere that 0.906 version should exist naa? its not even exist in gnome website?13:04
Piciranjan: number of hardlinks13:04
=== benkec is now known as benkec_slo
nick_nameirssi froze13:05
=== _jason is now known as jrib
RobinHoodYankDownUnder : you around?13:05
nick_namectrl +s didnt work.13:05
portuguesemanwhen is the new ubuntu coming out?13:05
nick_nameportugueseman: boas13:05
syrinx_nick_name: gnome-screensaver-command --lock13:05
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  i got the-bord working here on my 11.04 system. with no issues.13:05
Piciportugueseman: april 29th13:05
AbhijitDr_Willis, how? from where do you got it?13:06
zeroburnhay may synaptic packet manager wont start due to error "E: The package nvidia-common needs to be reinstalled, but I cant find a package for it" any help?13:06
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  downloaded the deb from its homepage i think. theres a PPA for it now also.. natty only i think13:06
syrinx_nick_name: that should be what your looking for13:06
portuguesemanare they staying with gnome\13:06
AbhijitDr_Willis, i cant find its home page? help please13:06
syrinx_portugueseman: yes13:06
ohsixnick_name: haha someone tricked you, ctrl+s is scroll lock, "unfreeze" it with ctrl+q13:07
nick_nameban syrinx_ please-13:07
nick_nameohsix: thanks for the info13:07
nick_namesyrinx_: this is for helping ppl13:08
ohsixnick_name: you might have missed someone mention ^Q shortly thereafter13:08
=== scott_ is now known as Guest34911
ohsixso don't get too bent out of shape13:08
LjLhe's right though13:08
syrinx_nick_name: i gave you the screensaver lock command13:08
LjLmalicious suggestions of any kind are not acceptable here. please don't give them.13:09
nick_namesyrinx_: ...13:09
nick_nameim in terminal13:09
ohsixsyrinx_ wasn't the one that said it either13:09
RobinHoodYankDownUnder : I just want to thank you for your comment earlier; for future reference, yes, packages.gz (and possibly all *.debs, not sure) needs to be owned by root:root. I ran chown root:root Packages.gz, and was finally able to get apt-get update to work. Thanks.13:09
syrinx_and last time i checked, gnome-screensaver-command --lock turns on the screensaver from terminal13:09
=== TC__ is now known as JTallis
nick_namesyrinx_: im using CLI13:09
JTallisYou're all ignorant cuntbags. -.-13:10
zeroburnhay my synaptic packet manager wont start due to error "E: The package nvidia-common needs to be reinstalled, but I cant find a package for it" any help?13:10
majidkhanhey guys im having problem copying my files to hdd, it hangs my computer up13:10
majidkhannow its not even reading my hdd13:10
majidkhanwith err code 1313:10
majidkhanany clue?13:10
nick_nameis there a way to transfer tty2 to tty1?13:10
Guest34911hi, my sound stopped working after I installed gstreamer-plugins-bad13:10
LjLmajidkhan: eh, maybe hardware problem with the HDD? have you checked it with SMART?13:10
Guest34911I followed the steps at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting13:10
Guest34911but no luck13:10
majidkhanLjL: how would i do that/13:10
LjLwhich op will win? /me waits trepidantly13:10
Dr_Willisnick_name:  you mean in the CONSOLE, not in X at all?13:10
nick_nameGuest34911: try to remove the package andcheck if they work again13:10
majidkhanLjL: it was working fine moment a go13:10
Guest34911I did, but no luck there either :(13:11
LjLmajidkhan: install "smartmontools", then issue a "sudo smartctl -H /dev/whatever"13:11
ohsixsmartctl -x13:11
Guest34911It looked like my sound card is no longer recognized13:11
nick_nameDr_Willis: yes in console13:11
ohsixGuest34911: that may be, but installing gstreamer-plugins-bad didn't do it, aside from being a multimedia package it has nothing to do with it :D13:11
majidkhanLjL: thanks bro, i ll check it now13:12
ranjanPici: what does that actually means?13:12
piderhere is picture of the bluetooth window:[url=http://bildr.no/view/853077][img]http://bildr.no/thumb/853077.jpeg[/img][/url]13:12
Guest34911I didn't think so, but that's the only thing out of the ordinary that I did prior to the sound no longer working. :)  I can't remember if I updated yesterday13:12
nick_nameDr_Willis: i just want to lock the screen in CLI. dunno if its possible13:13
Dr_Willis!info vlock13:13
ranjanPici: where and how are the hardlinks created13:13
ubottuvlock (source: vlock): Virtual Console locking program. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-3 (maverick), package size 36 kB, installed size 224 kB13:13
Dr_Willisnick_name:  proberly is with the proper app.13:13
Dr_Willisperhaps vlock. :)13:13
ShervinHi, I'm trying to install rtorrent and when i "make" it comes up with /usr/local/lib/libxmlrpc.so: undefined reference to `xmlrpc_XML_GetErrorString'13:13
Shervincollect2: ld returned 1 exit status13:13
Shervinmake[3]: *** [rtorrent] Error 113:13
jribShervin: rtorrent is in the repositories, use APT13:14
Dr_Willisnick_name:  im just apt-cache search console | grep lock   or trying other search terms..13:14
nick_nameDr_Willis: k ty13:14
SonneShervin, rtorrent is included in ubuntu, why are you compiling it?13:14
Shervinjrib: does it include xmlrpc-c?13:14
Dr_WillisShervin:  did yoi install all the needed dependencies  and dev files needed?13:14
Dr_WillisSonne:  he may want the latest version for one thing.13:14
ShervinDr_Willis: yeah, i'm pretty sure13:14
jribShervin: I don't know13:14
snappi get this error:  su -m openldap bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied13:15
snappany idea?13:15
majidkhanLjL: what would be "whatever" for external harddrive13:15
SonneShervin, it depends on xmlrpc libs, so i'd assume the ubuntu packages supports it13:15
Dr_WillisShervin:  you used  the  sudo apt-get build-dep PACKAGENAME    to pull them all in? (i think thats right)13:15
Guest34911Is there a command to tell ubuntu to look for the sound card?13:15
jribsnapp: why are you doing that?13:15
ShervinDr_Willis: It said that I didn't need to install anything13:16
Sonnesnapp, that's to be expected, why are you using -m?13:16
piderI try again:<a href='http://bildr.no/view/853077'>http://bildr.no/view/853077</a>13:16
Picipider: Don't use html/forum linking tags here, they don't work.  Just give us the url.13:16
thevishycan anyone tell me why this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/586824/13:16
dr0idthere was this tool that counts the lines of code in a codebase13:16
Dr_WillisShervin:  i compiled it once.. ages ago.  Youy may want to see if theres a ppa for it with newer versions13:16
dr0idcanyone remember the name ?13:16
snappjrib: because i have problem with a command hence i have need of su -m openldap13:16
Picidr0id: wc -l ?13:16
majidkhanwhat is the dev/... for external hdd?13:16
Dr_Willismajidkhan:  could be anything.. /dev/sdXX13:17
jribsnapp: what command do you have a problem with that requires you to do "su -m openldap"?13:17
dr0idPici: don't think so13:17
Dr_Willismajidkhan:  check with 'sudo fdisk -l' perhaps13:17
ShervinDr_Willis: ok i'll try those things out. Thanks guys :)13:17
snappSonne: because?13:17
dr0idanyone ?13:17
snappthat's to be expected?13:17
dr0idthe tool that can count the lines of code in a codebase13:18
dr0idI had isntalled it few days ago, just forgot the name13:18
dr0idso lame13:18
dr0idcan't find the command in my bash_history either :('13:18
Guest34911Reinstalling Ubuntu would be overkill just to fix a sound issue, right?13:18
=== stevo_ is now known as skoodleedoo
ohsixGuest34911: yes13:18
majidkhanDr_Willis: what does "sd" stand for in this context?13:18
Guest34911sorry, I'm just confused, and I'm trying to solve it on my own, I really am. :D13:18
ohsixmajidkhan: scsi device13:19
piderI try again: http://bildr.no/view/853077;-)13:19
jrib!sound > Guest3491113:19
ubottuGuest34911, please see my private message13:19
ohsixGuest34911: post the output of dmesg to a pastebin13:19
* Alonea is convinced pulseaudio is evil13:20
cdbsAlonea: not always, moreover this is not a channel to post your opinions like that13:20
majidkhancan anyone tell me terminal command to mount ext hdd13:20
ohsixAlonea: more like deluded ;]13:20
Aloneacdbs: jeez, its just a damn joke. the thing doesn't work on my system so I got rid of it, everything now works fine.13:21
ohsixpider: open a terminal and copy the output of rfkill list and dmesg to a pastebin13:21
Guest34911ohsix, I copied the input of dmesg13:21
Guest34911I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong channel13:21
cdbsmajidkhan: why ? Isn't it automounting?13:21
ohsixAlonea: blah blah blah, good job fixing the bug that was keeping it from working, you just made everything quantifiably worse13:21
Guest34911I didn't realize there were so many channels lol13:21
Aloneaohsix: ya know what. go fuck yourself13:21
majidkhancdbs: no its not the point, im trying to find out what it emits (as in terminal output) when i mount it13:22
Dr_Willismajidkhan:  sudo mount /dev/sdXY  /media/MAKEADIRECTORYFIRST -t filesystemtouse -o options13:22
Dr_Willis!mount | majidkhan13:22
ubottumajidkhan: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:22
ohsixpeoples definition of working is always very specious too ;]13:22
denismfmhaving problems with belkin surf f7d1102 on a fairly old 32 bit laptop, have followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1522815 and dmesg shows "usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl819xu", "system/network tools/devices" list includes wlan0, shows mac 85 62 9e xx xx xx so I assume hardware is talking to adapter but it doesn't seem to be trying to connect to the network, ssid and pw match the one on this working 10.10 64 bit with built in wirele13:22
cdbsmajidkhan: The command name is mount, and you mount things like this: sudo mount /dev/usbmon0 /media/usb-drive13:22
Guest34911Wow Alonea was a jerk13:22
ShervinOk so i installed rtorrent from the repositories and i got this: rtorrent: Could not lock session directory: "/home/sherwin/.rtorrent/session/", No such file or directory13:22
theinkman21i was wondering why k9copy keeps crashing and if there is any method to fixing it13:22
Dr_Willisservet:  make the directory perhaps...13:22
cdbsmajidkhan: follow what Dr_Willis , my command is incomplete13:23
Dr_Willisoops that was for Shervin13:23
yaccmajidkhan, you can also run dmesg to see what the kernel emits on mount.13:23
nick_name!language | Boylorn13:23
ubottuBoylorn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:23
ShervinDr_Willis: haa sorry :/13:23
ohsixfamily friendly is pretty sexist13:24
theinkman21does anyone know a method to stop k9copy from crashing13:24
nick_namei am friendly13:24
ohsixtheinkman21: presumably it shouldn't be crashing, and that'd be a bug you'd want to tell the developers about13:25
Dr_Willistheinkman21:  run it from terminal. look for error messages. Ive rarely had it crash here.13:25
[TK]D-FenderWow a lot of people are earning bans this morning (EST)13:25
ohsixtheinkman21: you could try dvd95 instead13:25
majidkhanthanks guys13:25
majidkhanDr_Willis: thanks13:25
theinkman21i dont know how to fully report a bug13:25
majidkhancdbs: thanks13:25
majidkhanubottu: thanks13:25
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:25
ohsixtheinkman21: try dvd95 :D13:25
majidkhanyacc: thanks13:25
LjLmajidkhan: oh it's external? well i don't know, it might be /dev/sdb but you should find out with "mount" or "df"13:27
snappnothing idea?13:27
thevishyDr_Willis,  can you explain this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/586824/13:27
ohsixpider: "rfkill list" :]13:28
Dr_Willismajidkhan:  check output of 'sudo fdisk -l' or dmesg command a few moments afrter you plug it in13:28
pumeusti'm running testdisk and i'm copying files. how do i know when it's over? it says 'copying, please wait...' and its been hours13:28
Dr_Willisthevishy:  your key for opera servers are some how wrong.. shouldent affect installing of the nautilus-elemtary program13:29
guibouSorry to ask again (after 24 hours), but anyone know a ppa for boost (>= 1.43) with python3 support ? (and all of this for maverick if possible ;)13:29
ohsixpumeust: it's over when it's over :D it can't count the number of files it finds as it might recover less or more, and without knowing something about it it can't really give you a time, are you watching the dir it's copying files too? it might give some idea of the progress13:29
Dr_Willisguibou:  i recall seeing some ppa-search tool that may help you find it if it esits13:30
thevishythanks Dr_Willis13:30
cgtdkWhere does VIM put the config file in Ubuntu (10.10)?13:30
zvacetthevishy:  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys A2019EA84E7532C813:30
nick_namehow to set password for root?13:30
ohsixpider: hm, that bluetooth dialogue shouldn't be showing that button, the device should be working13:30
ohsix!root | nick_name13:30
ubottunick_name: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:30
pumeustohsix,  i'm not sure how to find the dir13:30
guibouDr_Willis: apart from the ppa builtin search, I dont find anything else ?13:30
ohsixnick_name: you do it with passwd like anything else, but you really should use sudo, if you want a root shell use sudo -s13:31
Dr_Willisguibou:  proberly not one then.13:31
yaccmajidkhan, you can also look at /dev/disk/by-*13:31
thevishyzvacet, does seem to afftect Opera there I think13:31
thevishystill shows the same error13:31
nick_nameohsix: why live cd can access as root without prompting for password?13:31
yaccmajidkhan, take makes for slightly better names than the usual /dev/sd?13:31
Dr_Willisnick_name:  because its set up that way.13:31
nick_nameDr_Willis: canIprotect it?13:32
ohsixnick_name: because that's useful, also; the "ubuntu" account has no password, thus it doesn't ask you for "ubuntu"-s password to change to root13:32
yaccmajidkhan, and if you want to mount some device always at the same path, the uuid is probably the thing you want to look at.13:32
Dr_Willisnick_name:  you mean add a password for root to the live cd.. guess you could. i dont see why.13:32
zvacetthevishy: check if you have partner repository ( I think Opera is there)13:32
ohsixnick_name: if you set a passwd for the "ubuntu" account it'll ask for it when you use sudo13:32
thevishyzvacet, http://paste.ubuntu.com/586838/13:32
thevishyright zva13:32
mohmadhi all13:33
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
nick_nameohsix: so livecd root uses ubuntu account and i just need to  set password for it?13:33
ohsixnick_name: yes13:33
nick_namepasswdubuntu ?13:33
nick_namewhat is the command pls13:33
ohsixput a space in the middle13:33
ohsixin a terminal "passwd ubuntu"13:34
pumeustohsix,  when i tried testdisk the last time i saw 'dir_recup' folders but this time it seems to be different, i dont know where they're being copied to13:34
ohsixtheres a user management applet in the system -> menu but i haven't had a useful chance to use it13:34
piderohsix: I have reinstalled the bluetooth software several times without any luck, i have a new ASUS X52JV with ubuntu 10.10 64b installed, any bug reported?13:34
ohsixpumeust: ah, i've not used it in a while, i couldn't say13:34
nick_nameohsix: it shows ubuntu user does not exist13:35
guibouDr_Willis: Currently, appart from testing every boost ppa, there is no way to know if they support python 3 ;) Btw, thank for your proposition13:35
Dr_Willisof coruse setting a password on a live cd. wont set it permently. Unless you are using a live-usb with a persistant save perhaps.13:35
nick_nameohsix: im using ubuntu server btw13:35
ohsixnick_name: then that's not a livecd bro13:35
nick_namei know13:35
ohsixpider: i don't know if there has, you'd do well to check launchpad.net's bugs; and possibly googling information about your controller, or try and find threads with the bluetooth side of the software (bluez, gnome) and the linux kernel mailing lists for bluetooth13:36
nick_nameohsix: anyone with access to livecd can    change my system as root?13:36
ohsixnick_name: anyone with physical access to your computer can do anything, far worse things than changing a password13:36
nick_nameok so there is no need for passwords13:37
nick_namei neeed to disable cdrom on boot13:37
nick_namefor everyone13:37
soopnick_name: I don't think you can deploy bios settings13:37
soopnick_name:  but you can pull it out of fstab13:38
nick_namesry my english is not that good13:38
Pumpkin-nick_name: physical access is always a pretty tricky issue to solve.13:38
soopnick_name: remove the fstab statement for /dev/cdrom13:38
Dr_Willisencase the PC in epoxy :)13:38
piderohsix: thanks! I will try to find a solution later!13:38
ohsixsoop: that won't keep them from booting it with the bios13:39
Pumpkin-what you might need, if you are worried about people booting your machine from CD, or stealing the hard drive or whatever, is going to be full disk encryption.13:39
Dr_Willissoop:  i dont think there is one for the cdrom by default.. gnome auto-mounts it as needed13:39
ohsixpider: sorry i couldn't offer more13:39
nick_namesoop: what is the command?13:39
ohsixpider: my experience with it is when it's working :]13:39
soopnick_name sudo nano -w /etc/fstab13:39
soopdr_willis: seriously? ... you'd think it would have to be told where its devices are ... it's not like a cdrom is a "hotplug" device~13:40
ohsixif you want a special password policy or special storage (ldap or something behind nss) you do that with pam, or nss; if you want people to not change the password, simply make it so pam refuses credential changes for that user13:40
ohsixDr_Willis: he's using -server13:40
ohsixsoop: and really, yes; no need for an fstab entries since udev wakes up the pertinent parts for udisks to know of something, and for something like nautilus to automount it13:41
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nick_nameso what do i  do with fstab13:42
kubancanybody ever tried to test   USB C-Media Electronics, Inc. Audio Adapter. the speaker channel is working OK, but the MIC input is not working...13:42
hareldvdusing wget I want it to store in different file name.13:42
guampanick_name: in any case editing fstab or otherwise preventing cdrom from mounting won't stop anyone from booting from a livecd into your comp13:42
pumeustwhy does my system monitor say '1.1 GiB of 5.8 GiB' when my pc has 6gb ram?13:42
nick_namethats why i talked about the bios13:42
ohsixand it won't stop someone from running "mount"13:42
zeroburnkubanc: edit your sound preferences to use the input from them13:42
phoenixsamprasdoes ubuntu comes with firewall? how to disable it?13:43
=== iceblue is now known as iamiceblue
ohsixpumeust: some ram is used by the kernel and other things that aren't reported as usable to user space13:43
=== iamiceblue is now known as _iceblue_
nick_namephoenixsampras: its disabled byd default13:43
soopnick_name: http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/lockdown.html.en13:43
zvacet!ufw | phoenixsampras13:43
ubottuphoenixsampras: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.13:43
ohsixphoenixsampras: linux comes with a firewall13:43
nick_namesoop: cannot use GUI13:43
soopnick_name so these systems aren't running gnome?13:43
kubanczeroburn, i'm trying it, but it seems that nothing is working...13:43
nick_namebrowser for CLI?13:43
Picinick_name: w3m should already be installed.13:44
soopcould you not change the permissions on mount?13:44
pumeustthanks ohsix i was wondering if something was wrong with the ram13:44
zeroburnkubanc: explain what you are trying?13:44
guampanick_name: links, lynx13:44
soopnick_name:   lynx ;)13:44
Piciguampa: w3m should be isntalled by default.13:44
ohsixnick_name: links is great13:44
soopnick_name sudo apt-get install lynx    <--- console based web browser13:44
zvacetnick_name: links13:44
guampaPici: good to know13:44
nick_namenah forget im gonna use firefox 413:44
nick_namecli version13:44
theinkman21im haveing trouble finding dvd95 software..any idea of a wesite or prompt13:45
ljsoftnetim a bit confused on computertemp, which should i select "ACPI", "kernel i2c sensors" or "kernel i2c sensors (hwmon)" to monitor the processor?13:45
ohsixtheinkman21: it's in ubuntu's software center13:45
theinkman21but i cant connect to the internet13:45
Dr_Willis!info dvd9513:45
ubottudvd95 (source: dvd95): DVD9 to DVD5 converter. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.6p0+git20100528.ef7c-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 296 kB, installed size 796 kB13:45
LjL!cn | owner13:45
ubottuowner: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:45
ohsixljsoftnet: it depends on what one works, i've never seen cpu sensors on i2c, you want to use ACPI, but even with acpi depending on your computer, might not report them13:45
kubanczeroburn, i have an USB sound device, which has an input for speakers and input for microphone. the speaker channel is working, but the mic channel is not working... i need the mic channel for the singstar deluxe game13:46
Dr_Willistheinkman21:  its proberly a front end to other command line tools.. so it may be a bit tricky to just downlaod and isntall13:46
ohsixDr_Willis: dig the package description, they go out of their way to mention the dependencies ;]13:46
ohsix* Needs no additional packages - onboard version of vamps and dvdauthor is used, to be as fast as possible.13:46
ljsoftnetohsix ah ok13:46
ohsixljsoftnet: other useful sensors can be on i2c though13:47
theinkman21i dont know13:47
zeroburnkubanc: oka try this: system-preference-sound, then under the tab that says input, you have a list of input devices, does your audio device show up there?13:47
theinkman21hmm that might work13:47
k1ng"wget  -O blah" will replace blah if i run "wget  -O blah" again?13:47
anubishi, can anyone recommend a eps-viewer that has a next/prev button. gv doesnt have this feature afais13:48
soopnick_name: google is your friend ..... http://serverfault.com/questions/152434/how-to-disable-cd-rom-and-usb-for-normal-users-in-linux13:48
kubanczeroburn, yes, i have internal audio analog stereo and audio adapter analog mono13:48
ohsixanubis: evince?13:49
ohsixsoop: don't tell people to google, they wouldn't be here if they could solve their problem that way13:49
zeroburnkubanc: try selecting the second one "adapter" one. That should be your USB harware13:49
Dr_Willisohsix:  and those deps need other deps and so on and so on..... back to  the kernel. :)13:49
theinkman21i think i found it13:49
Dr_Willisive had no issues withj k9copy - so ive never tried the other apps13:50
ohsixyou should try dvd9513:50
Dr_WillisI rarely need to copy a dvd these days. :)13:51
pumeustwhen i click on the disk that testdisk is copying from, it says 'Unable to mount location Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 21: fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy.' does that mean its unmounted or busy??13:51
ohsixit's a shame that none that i know of actually work like dvdshrink, dvdshrink does bitrate shaving and is very fast13:51
pumeustoh i'm sorry disregard my last question13:51
pumeustit was the wrong disk sorry lol13:52
k1nghow do i disable retry of wget?13:52
k1ngConnecting to thefisherman.com||:80... failed: Connection timed out.13:52
Dr_WillisI dont think you want to be trying to access a disk while testdisk is working on it.13:52
pizzasI want to find my ip so I tried ifconfig. Which # is my ip which I can use on my host windows machine to share folders?13:52
zeroburnkubanc: has that corrected your prolem?13:53
pumeustbut then again i still dont know if its unmounted or busy13:53
pumeustbut then again i still dont know if its unmounted or busy13:53
sooppizzas: probably eth013:53
theinkman21dvd95_1.2p0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb this is the file i downloaded should it work13:53
pumeustDr_Willis, oh i didnt know, i been accessing it, i better stop13:53
zeroburnpizzas: the number after inet addr on the eth0 device13:54
ohsixtheinkman21: you can have software center install it, you shouldn't need to look for any debs13:54
pizzassoop the eth0  inet addr:13:54
majidkhanim having problem with partition manager13:54
sooppizzas: or whichever one gives you an actual address of something like 10.something.something.something or 192.something.something.something13:54
majidkhanMove partition ‘/dev/sda4’ to the right by 97.00 KiB and shrink it from 150.51 GiB to 120.01 GiB: Error13:54
LjLmajidkhan: ugh, you're trying to repartition an HDD that might be failing? :|13:54
sooppizzas: worstcase scenario ... ping your hostname from your windows machine ... it should resolve to the ip13:55
soopbrb printing stuff13:55
pizzassoop that is right, got it. If I go to the windows host and try "run" then goto that ip, in never finds it.13:55
pumeustDr_Willis, i'm thinking i should start over anyways...i dont even know where the files are being copied to. maybe i should start over and pay attention13:56
bahaaubuntu is freezing very often and for trivial reasons, is there a way to know what's cosing it to freeze?13:56
zeroburnpizzas: do you have the samba client/server instaled on your ubuntu host?13:56
quantbahaa: freezing in what way?13:56
ohsixbahaa: how do you know its trivial if you don't know what it is?:D13:56
majidkhanNTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!13:56
majidkhanThe usage of the /f parameter is very IMPORTANT! No modification was13:56
majidkhanand will be made to NTFS by this software until it gets repaired.13:56
majidkhanwhy is it?13:56
FloodBot3majidkhan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:56
pizzaszeroburn: yes samba is installed on ubuntu13:56
soopmajidkhan chkdsk /r implies /f ;)13:57
zeroburnpizzas: can you ping from your ubuntu machine to your windows machine with IP?13:57
bahaaquant, ohsix: it just stops responding, and I cant' even move the mouse or do anything, the last time was one minute ago, when I switched between pidgin and firefox13:57
quantbahaa: it's probably a hardware overheating problem13:58
pumeustDr_Willis, is there any harm in running testdisk over and over on a disk if its not damaged? it may take me a few tries before i figure it out13:58
pizzaszeroburn: I do not know how to do that13:58
ruanhow can i rip an icon from an .exe file without screenshot?13:58
bahaaquant, I don't think so, the computer is cold, I think it's software13:58
pizzaszeroburn: from where do I do that? how?13:58
ruannevermind, got a png13:59
LjL!info icoutils | ruan13:59
ubotturuan: icoutils (source: icoutils): Create and extract MS Windows icons and cursors. In component main, is optional. Version 0.29.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 60 kB, installed size 180 kB13:59
zeroburnpizzas: oka go to console on your ubuntu (also called terminal) and type "Ping <IP of windows machine>13:59
ruanLjL: thanks anyway13:59
ruani'll use it in future13:59
bahaais there any log for what happens when system freezes?13:59
ruanbahaa: syslog?13:59
zeroburnpizzas: terminal can be found at Applications - accesories - terminal14:00
bahaaruan, I'll try, does it record what happened before a force reboot?14:00
ruanbahaa: possibly14:00
ohsixbahaa: are you running natty? or do you have an intel video card14:00
littlebearz1(zeroburn): ping sometimes get blocked though14:00
pizzaszeroburn: I know where the terminal is but not my windows ip :|14:00
bahaaohsix, I think it's msi14:01
bahaaohsix, what's natty?14:01
bahaaohsix, kernal driver?14:01
ruan!natty | bahaa14:01
ubottubahaa: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:01
aron__how can i check my svn version?14:01
ruanaron__: which svn application?14:01
zeroburnpizzas: shoe havent worked op windows in looooong time... try in the command prompt typing ipconfig? I think, ill boot a vmware windows just now to follow your steps14:02
bahaaruan, ubottu: I'm ruunig mavrik koala :D, 10.1014:02
ruanaron__: look for an help/'about' menu though14:02
ohsixbahaa: look at the output of lspci for something like 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)14:02
denismfmhmm,now trying ndiswrapper, driver is loaded according to ndiswrapper but no inrterface in system/admin/network tools / devices14:03
ruanbahaa: maverick meerkat14:03
jribaron__: svn --version   for the package: apt-cache policy subversion)14:03
bahaaruan, thanks:)14:03
bahaaohsix, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AS [Radeon 9550]14:03
ohsixbahaa: ok, then you dont, thanks14:03
aron__ruan and jrib: thanks.14:03
bahaaohsix, thank you14:03
ohsixbahaa: does the mouse cursor still move during these freezes?14:03
bahaaohsix, nope14:03
pizzaszeroburn: got it to work with ipconfig14:04
ohsixbahaa: ok, i haven't got much to suggest then :\14:04
bahaaohsix, thanks14:04
denismfmnm, net just came up14:04
ohsixbahaa: there are logs in /var/log though, you can scour them for information if it isn't a kernel panic14:04
zeroburnpizzas: oka yes i see it is the correct command, now the line that says "IP-address" is your LAN IP, the one you want to ping from your ubuntu machine14:05
ruanhow do LAN ips work? every machine that is on the same internet connection?14:05
bahaaohsix, I'm reading in syslog, but the problem it gives PID not apps names14:05
pizzaszeroburn: when I ping it keeps repeating a string of numbers14:05
MeanEYEruan: IPv4? And can you be more specific with your question?14:06
ohsixruan: dhcp gives them out,  or they are static; other machines that want to contact machines in the lan ask who owns which ip, and get a mac address in the reply; then they communicate directly14:06
bahaaI'm using ubuntu desktop over xubuntu, can I make it pure ubuntu without reinstallation ?14:06
zeroburnpizzas: oka goto paste.ubuntu.com and paste the output of the ping command, and please leave the url after you pasted here for me to chek the output14:06
ruanMeanEYE: yeah ipv414:06
MeanEYEruan: what specificially are you interested in?14:07
ohsixbahaa: yep, just install ubuntu-desktop, it's a virtual package that will bring everything in14:07
ohsixbahaa: after that,  if you want; you cvan remove xubuntu-desktop and the packages no longer being used should be cleaned up14:07
bahaaohsix, I have ubuntu-desktop but the login and such are all xubuntu14:08
Dr_Willisbahaa:  theres ways to change them back. but i rarely bother. :)14:08
ohsixbahaa: i'm not sure how to switch all the theming if you already have ubuntu-desktop installed14:08
ruanMeanEYE: well, how they are assigned14:08
bahaaohsix, and even I've read xubuntu in syslog14:08
bahaaeven I'm not using it14:08
pizzaszeroburn ok I did that14:08
jjpruan: they can be assigned automatically if a dhcp server exists on the net, or manually14:09
zeroburnbahaa: system - administration - login acreen14:09
MeanEYEruan: they can be either static or dynamic. Static ones you assign by hand. Dynamic ones are assigned by DHCP server.14:09
zeroburnpizzas: oka the last part of the url is a few digits, i need them to view your paste14:09
bahaazeroburn, how to get red of it?14:09
ChogyDananyone know about kernel tunables?14:10
pizzaszeroburn a few digits? I am not sure what you mean14:10
zeroburnbahaa: red or rid? dont you want the login screen to show?14:10
ohsixChogyDan: which ones, they're all documented in Documentation/ in your typical kernel tree14:10
bahaazeroburn, I want the box to be pure ubuntu14:10
zeroburnpizzas: after you pasted the console output of the ping command at http://pate.ubuntu.com it redirects you to another page, and i need that page's URL to view the paste you made14:11
bahaaI'm afraid it's making trouble14:11
Dr_Willisbahaa:  xubuntu uses gdm and just set a differnt gdm theme i belive.14:11
ChogyDanohsix: specifically, Im trying to find out about sampling_down_factor.  I'll look for that Documentation folder14:11
zeroburnbahaa: oka, bottom right there is a button that says unlock, click it to unlock the settings (it will ask for a password)14:11
pizzaszeroburn http://paste.ubuntu.com/586851/14:11
bahaazeroburn, you're talking in xubuntu?14:12
ohsixChogyDan: cpu-freq/governors.txt14:12
bahaazeroburn, or in login?14:12
pizzaszeroburn I only pasted one line, it goes on and on like that I can not stop it in fact.14:12
zeroburnpizzas: oka that means your ubuntu machine sees the windows machine14:12
ohsixChogyDan: considering this is what you're interested in, what are you actually trying to do?14:12
zeroburnpizzas: ctrl C14:12
zeroburnbahaa: after you are loged in14:13
pizzaszeroburn :) that stopped it14:13
ChogyDanohsix: test it  :)   see how much it boosts performance14:13
bahaazeroburn, in xubuntu or ubuntu-dsktop-edition ?14:13
zeroburnpizzas: its the escape sequence for any console command, remember it :)14:13
ohsixi hope performance isn't as vague as it actually is as stated ;]14:13
zeroburnbahaa: rather boot into the plain ubuntu, that way i can follow your steps..14:14
pizzaszeroburn that would be hot tip number 007  I will remember it14:14
ohsixChogyDan: you can turn off the governor and run the cpus at 100% too; default values are pretty good to follow "Average" workloads14:14
bahaazeroburn, where should I press?14:14
zeroburnbahaa: where are you atm? in the loging screen settings?14:14
ohsixChogyDan: you're pretty much just trading off for power, too; and if power isn't a concern you could just disable it and it'll go all fast, all the time; wasting all the energy in the world ;]14:15
ChogyDanohsix: fwiw, the ondemand governor saps about %30 of my cpu strength14:15
bahaazeroburn, I'm using the box, so I'm in ubuntu-desktop using xchat14:15
zeroburnpizzas: haha noprob. Oka now can your windows machine see your ubuntu machine with a ping?14:15
xskydevilxCan I install Gnome 3 on Maverick and be able to select it from the logon screen together with the old gnome or does it just replaces the old one?14:15
zeroburnbahaa: oka good, now open up System - Administration - Login screen14:15
ohsixChogyDan: if thats the case you want to adjust the tunable that picks transitioning to higher power/speed states,  not transition down14:16
ericJinOhioi got a new router using wpa security..my internet works, but every 10 minutes or so it stops for about 30 seconds..any ideas?14:16
bahaazeroburn, ok14:16
zeroburnbahaa: oka now bottom left there is a button that says unlock, press it and type in the password of the current account14:17
bahaazeroburn, I've selected ubuntu14:17
OnepamopaHI all, Im having very strange problem, Im using ssh keys to login from remote machine to my server, passing su root -c /root/script.sh script_var14:17
=== fcitpd is now known as HChat
Onepamopabut the script doesnt recieve script_var14:17
bahaazeroburn, I've selected ubuntu-desktop-edition14:17
pizzaszeroburn: no it timed out14:17
Onepamopaanyone knows whys that ?!14:17
zeroburnbahaa: then that should be the defaul sesion when you log in from now on14:17
Onepamopahi all14:18
bahaazeroburn, and before the login there is this screen that shows xubuntu with the mouse icon, do you know it/14:18
Onepamopaim having very strange issue here14:18
shahid_Slaam everyone14:18
bahaazeroburn, how can I replace xubuntu with ubuntu and the buttons turning on and off below it?14:18
zeroburnpizzas: oka, so the problem is either firewall or your ubuntu machine, explain your network settup please, aswell as any antivirus software you have14:18
BluesKajericJinOhio, sounds like the router is doing some kind essid/broadcast recycle14:18
zeroburnbahaa: you mean the bootscreen?14:19
bahaazeroburn, yes14:19
asiekierkaso i'm in problems again14:20
zeroburnbahaa: oka give me sec14:20
ericJinOhioI have a windows 7 and ps3 too...it doesn't occur on there..or its so fast its not noticeable..that at least gives me something to google though14:20
asiekierkamy SD card got corrupted (dmesg shows a few Filesystem Errors)14:20
pizzaszeroburn: My host is a 32bit win vista with kaspersky internet security 2011 and I am running a ubuntu 10.10 on a virtualbox14:20
asiekierkafixing or formatting the card is not a problem for me, but it is for Ubuntu (Read-only file system no matter if i try doing it via gui, the disk utility or mkfs.msdos)14:21
bildramerI think I filled my HD and now my VM can't run14:21
bildramerI'll probably have to redo everything14:21
bahaazeroburn, where can I delet a package that update manager has downloaded? (like apt-get claer does)14:21
bildramerlet me write down the error, I can't quite paste it from there14:21
pizzaszeroburn: I just paused protection of kaspersky and tryed the ping again with no luck14:21
ohsixericJinOhio: is it an 802.11n device & router?14:21
asiekierkaoh hi bildramer14:21
ChogyDanohsix: up_threshold?    I dunno.  The sampling_down_factor was supposed to prevent the cpu from changing frequencies as much, which I think was my prob.  It would bump up to a higher freq, than drop down, bouncing between 2 cores.  Anyway, I really don't know.  I don't even see the documentation  for that tunable :(14:22
bahaazeroburn, I want to reinstall the latest kernal so maybe it fixes the freeze prob14:22
ericJinOhiono, G14:22
ohsixChogyDan: it's in Documentation/cpu-freq/governors.txt14:22
bghjhello, how can i activate the nvidia driver?14:22
dydhow can i make nautilus open all folders with 33% view size? setting that on edit--->preferences in nautilus won't fix it, when i open some folders i never opened they are shown at 50%14:22
zeroburnbahaa: /etc/apt14:22
ChogyDanohsix: what version of the kernel?14:22
ohsixit's a git tree, but it's been there for as long as the governors have been14:23
zeroburnpizzas: hmmm thats funny, the ubuntu machine, does it get its networksettings from a DHCP server (such as a router)14:23
bahaazeroburn, didn't work, I want the packages with .dep14:23
zeroburnbahaa: look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-210268.html14:23
BluesKajbghj, admin/additional hardware14:24
bildramerproblem with config server, gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 25614:24
bildramerwhat could that be?14:24
ohsixericJinOhio: is the client an intel wireless card?14:24
zeroburnbahaa: /var/cache/apt/archives14:24
pizzaszeroburn: you ask things I do not know :|  I do not know how to check that either.14:24
bghjhow to restart my xserver?14:24
ericJinOhiolet me check..i know its an older wifi card (4+ years)14:25
bghjthanks BluesKaj14:25
bahaazeroburn, that's it14:25
zeroburnpizzas: oka, how is the 2 PCs connected to each other?14:25
ohsixbghj: log out, then log back in14:25
pizzaszeroburn: this is one pc14:25
ChogyDanohsix: I'm pretty sure the sampling_down_factor was added 3 months ago14:25
bghjohsix: i'd like to do it another way14:25
ohsixChogyDan: ok14:25
pizzaszeroburn: ubuntu is in a virtualbox14:25
ohsixChogyDan: Date:   Tue Jan 25 20:12:41 2011 +053014:25
zeroburnbahaa: oka awsum, did you read the forum I reffered you to, for the splash screen change..14:25
ohsixto be exact :D14:25
ohsixChogyDan: but it says documentation was added, not the parameter14:26
zeroburnpizzas: oooh that changes the whole ball game, what virtual box do you use?14:26
bahaazeroburn, I'm reading it14:26
BluesKajbghj, why do you want to stop xserver?14:26
pizzaszeroburn: Oracle VM virtualbox14:26
zeroburnpizzas: oka gimme a sec14:27
dashsWhat happened to the intrepid archive??14:27
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asiekierkagreat, it gets sillier14:27
asiekierkanot only i can't format the SD card because of fat filesystem errors making it read-only14:27
asiekierkanow i accidentally ejected the whole SD card reader14:27
ChogyDanohsix: and on google, it says that it and the documentation have been removed, even though I still see the tunable on my machine  (which is 2.6.38 atm)     o well, Im confused   :)14:27
asiekierkaand as it's internal i can't just (un)plug it14:27
bahaazeroburn, thanks I'm giving it a shot, but isn't it a problem that they are working on 6.06? (so old)14:27
ohsixasiekierka: i love doing that! haha14:27
asiekierkaohsix is only a reebot left14:28
ohsixasiekierka: you can try rmmod usb-storage, then modprobe usb-storage14:28
asiekierkaroot@asie-ubuntu:/etc# rmmod usb-storage14:28
asiekierkaERROR: Module usb_storage is in use14:28
asiekierkayour ubuntu is trolling14:28
ohsixChogyDan: my tree is current, theres no removal in the log14:28
ericJinOhioit's a Ralink RT2500, i did a lshw (not sure if thats the best way)14:28
zeroburnbahaa: no not realy, the basics stay the same, or try: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Change-Ubuntu-Bootsplash-Theme-55237.shtml14:28
asiekierkaso not only i can't format a card to fix it because it's corrupted14:28
asiekierkanow i can't remove a module because it's in use14:28
asiekierkaone momet14:28
zeroburnpizzas: I dont know the virtual box you are using14:29
ohsixericJinOhio: those problems are either in the client and its driver, or in the qos/power options the router might be doing14:29
asiekierkafixed THAT, at least14:29
ohsixericJinOhio: but all the specific cases i'm familiar with have been excluded14:29
asiekierkathat didn't help14:30
asiekierkareboot it is14:30
ericJinOhioI'll try to get an updated driver...if other machines are fine, maybe it's just specific to this machine14:30
zeroburnpizzas: read the help file at: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Advanced_Networking_Linux   that might give you some insight into how to setup the network14:30
ohsixericJinOhio: well, you can try the module backports if you want a "newer" driver; don't install the vendor driver or anything from source if you can help it14:30
ericJinOhiowhen you do a lshw, does that really detect the hardware or just the driver operating it?14:31
ohsixericJinOhio: but given the timeframe and the device, i don't know of any big fixes that would be pertient14:31
ohsixericJinOhio: it asks the OS, checks lspci, does a few things, it's just a uniform way to look at stuff a certain way14:31
BluesKajericJinOhio, sudo lshw -C network14:31
ericJinOhiodebating if I need to open the machine up and see whats really inside14:31
bahaazeroburn, cool :) I've never thought about what I've read now :) ( a personal splash login screen ;) )14:32
ohsixericJinOhio: lspci would be the final word; cuz if the device is lying about its vendor/device id; it won't work anyways14:32
bahaazeroburn, but I think I'll leave it to the weekend :D14:32
zeroburnbahaa: haha, its one way to present yourself a "geek" to your friends :D14:32
zeroburnbahaa: well enjoy poking around14:33
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bahaazeroburn, thanks man :D14:34
denismfmhmm, I need to "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" each time I reboot for the usb wireless adapter to become visible - where's the best place and how to automate that?14:34
=== chue8 is now known as rose
ericJinOhiook, confident I know what cards inside...at least I have something to google now, thank you all14:34
bahaazeroburn, ohsix, ruan, : thanks a lot guys.14:34
zeroburnpizzas: the networking between host and guest seems to be troublesome on this software you use, look at the http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/User_HOWTOS page and you'll se what I mean, so many tutorials just on network setup14:34
zeroburnbahaa: any time :)14:35
ohsixdenismfm: the best thing to do is find out why the real driver isn't working for the device, or if one exists14:35
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denismfmohsix I spent 3 hours trying to make the real driver work before going the ndiswrapper path14:36
denismfmohsix fyi my earlier request: having problems with belkin surf f7d1102 on a fairly old 32 bit laptop, have followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1522815 and dmesg shows "usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl819xu", "system/network tools/devices" list includes wlan0, shows mac 85 62 9e xx xx xx so I assume hardware is talking to adapter but it doesn't seem to be trying to connect to the network, ssid and pw match the one on this working 10.14:36
zeroburndenismfm: try adding the command you use as a "startup aplication" might solve your problem, it ugly, but should work14:37
ohsixdenismfm: did you try installing the module backports, it includes updated drivers14:38
Frotshi guys14:38
jcapincso I just configured vpnc but it is vpn for all services, is there any way to configure a vpn to only redirect one service and not all of them?14:38
denismfmohsix - any suggestion where I can find it - problem machine has no net conn so I need to dl to another machine and transfer by usb stick14:39
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FrotsI have an nvidia GT218 and am trying to get dual monitors with xrandr, currently xrandr only show one screen and output14:39
Anon904hello all :)14:39
FrotsI have duplicate screens now14:39
zeroburnchez guys14:39
ohsixjcapinc: a vpn is a network connection, so all traffic will go over it; if you want to proxy one thing you want a tunnel, be it ssh or tor or whatever14:39
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ohsixdenismfm: it's in the package manager14:39
Anon904not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but...i cant get on an irc channel i want to get on, says im banned, is there a way i can set up ubuntu to auto proxy when i go to a IRC ?14:40
pizzaszeroburn: yes I would agree, I have been at it for  a long time with endless frustration. Is there a much better virtual machine out there?14:40
zech_does any1 play black ops?14:40
ohsixdenismfm: i'm on natty so i can't tell you the package name, but apt-cache search backports should have a package with wireless in the name in it14:40
denismfmohsix great, but this is a 64bit m/c and the other is 32 bit, so using package manager to get it from this ,m/c will get the 64 bit one14:40
Anon904zech, wrong place =/14:40
zech_ok lol nvm14:40
zech_you guy do php?14:40
jcapincohsix, I know, I have a socks tunnel running just fine, but that does not work for everything14:40
pizzaszeroburn: this is just the first free one that i came accross14:41
zech_or html? or both?14:41
iceroot!ot | zech_14:41
Anon904i know a little html14:41
ubottuzech_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:41
Anon904not much14:41
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Roasted__I'm trying to set the NTP time on my LTSP thin client servers to match up with our time server here at work. But it's not pulling the correct time. Some do, some don't. It's not a solid 100% are right or 100% are wrong. Where can I go with this?14:43
Samuel2is it possible to run sabnzbdplus as a deamon?14:43
ohsixRoasted__: if the skew is too much ntp wont even try; you need to kick it to something close with ntpdate or something14:44
icerootSamuel2: sure14:44
icerootSamuel2: it is a daemon14:44
Samuel2I did /etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus start14:44
Samuel2and then it starts14:44
tuxx-noh :X14:44
Samuel2but after reboot its not running14:45
denismfmohsix ok, managed to find the package and dl it14:45
Roasted__ohsix, uh, what? where do I run ntpdate? on my servers or the clients or what?14:45
Samuel2then I need to manual start it14:45
icerootSamuel2: daemon doesnt mean its starting at boot14:45
ghzti installed a new video card14:45
ghztbut the graphic quality is still very bad14:45
ohsixSamuel2: you need to add it to a runlevel to start with update-rc.d14:45
ghztwhat's the problem here?14:45
Samuel2I see ohsix14:45
ghztand how can i resolve that?14:45
ohsixRoasted__: the client, it's usually ran once at boot time14:45
iceroot!boot | Samuel214:45
ubottuSamuel2: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto14:45
Samuel2would this do it?: sudo update-rc.d /etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus start defaults14:46
dydi have 2 users that belongs to ftp group, but if i set chown :ftp -R /var/ftp one use can't access. Why?14:46
Samuel2another question: is there a cli way to see if a deamon is running or not?14:47
ghzthow can i increase my video card quality?14:47
BluesKajRoasted__, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata , on the pcs with the wrong time14:47
ohsixdyd: the flags can still be wrong on those subdirectories, only allowing owner access; which you didn't change with that command14:47
icerootSamuel2: service daemonname status14:47
iceroot!upstart | Samuel214:47
ubottuSamuel2: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:47
ghzthow can i increase my video card quality?14:48
Frotsno xrandr/nouveau guru's here?14:48
sipiorghzt: buy a nicer card?14:49
sipiorghzt: (if you want a real answer, ask a real question :-)14:49
zheng_I edit a crontab file myown.cron in /etc/cron.d, but it don't be called, why?14:50
jeetuhow to install script during booting time14:50
dydohsix: damn, you were right... i set chmod 777 -R folder now works14:50
Samuel2is upstart GUI based?14:50
jribzheng_: why aren't you using crontab -e to edit your crontab instead?14:50
ghztsipior: i had the exact same issues with the other card, the board video device and the new video card. same poor quality and blurred icon "borders" and so on14:50
ohsixdyd: :O set them properly, 777 is read write execute everyone, group, owner14:50
Samuel2it seems Upstart is installed but I can't find it14:50
sipiorzheng_: try removing the file suffix.14:51
zeroburnHay i just accidently deleted a menu item from my main panel, but i cant remember what is was called, how can i undo the proccess?14:51
erUSULSamuel2: no it is not gui14:51
zheng_jrib, I use my on file for backup .14:51
zheng_sipior, I will try.14:51
Samuel2when I do upstart in cli it says command not found??14:51
jribzheng_: what?14:51
DarsVaedaHi, i need to tunnel two ports from a remote host to my localhost so i could use the remote localhost as my localhost, i use ssh tunnel manager to tunnel and the tunnel is active, still if i put localhost in my browser it still fires up my browser14:52
armandozeroburn: just right click the menu and check the item14:52
armandoon edit menud14:52
crash82Hello I need a good msn client for ubuntu , pidgin crashes , empathy doesn't show certain contacts ...14:52
ghztsipior: i had the exact same issues with the other card, the board video device and the new video card. same poor quality and blurred icon "borders" and so on14:52
sipiorghzt: if the problem is seen across multiple cards, i'd check the monitor and connections.14:52
crash82Any other sugestions ?14:52
zheng_jrib, a independent crontab file is simple for backup.14:52
jeetuerUSUL:how to install script during booting time14:52
Poisonfibresudo apt-get install amsn14:52
random_amsn isn't bad14:53
sipiorghzt: you needn't repeat yourself, but it is considered courteous to give someone a chance to formulate a reply to what you've written.14:53
jribzheng_: I don't see how14:53
crash82DirtyDawg, random_ Poisonfibre , amsn doesn't support multiple clients :S14:53
jribzheng_: read « man cron » if you want to know about what /etc/cron.d/ is intended for (and how to use it)14:53
crash82DirtyDawg, random_ Poisonfibre , amsn doesn't support multiple clients :S I mean jabber14:53
zeroburnarmando: I cant do that since i dont know the name of the item i just deleted, i wanted to remove the monitor item from the bar, and right click - remove from panel it, and it removed several other icons aswell14:53
erUSULjeetu: install? or run?14:53
izinucsDarsVaeda: just guessing here.. but some how you need FF to connect on the port assigned to the ssh tunnel.. simply fireing it up and going to localhost doesn't mean *remote* by default14:54
armandozeroburn: did you deleted the panel, or just some items?14:54
izinucsDarsVaeda: ssh is a bit different in that regard from VPN14:54
zheng_sipior, good, it works. why the crontab file cannot have its suffix? I used the suffixed crontab file for some years14:55
zheng_anyway , thank you very much.14:55
zeroburnarmando: just some iems, or rather just one item but it removed the area with for eg the sound preference thingy aswell (where you click to change the system volume without going into system sound)14:55
sipiorzheng_: it's a policy established by the run-parts script, i believe.14:56
hedkandihow does my ecryptfs Private directory get mounted when it's not in fstab?14:56
armandozeroburn: I think that's the notification area. just right click the panel -> add to panel -> notification area and you will restore it14:57
Stormx2How can I get a list of X windows, with names and ids?14:57
erUSUL!boot | jeetu14:58
ubottujeetu: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto14:58
denismfmmeh, I got the backports package for the installed kernel version, and it's complaining about a dependency14:58
shiftingcontrolis there any tool for sending sms from ubuntu(nokia is connected via usbcable)14:58
zeroburnarmando: thanks, that dint work, but i just reseted the laptop and it fixed it :)14:59
ohsixhedkandi: stuff need not be in fstab to be mounted14:59
ohsixhedkandi: fstab is just one way to tell some tools, including the stuff that mounts things at boot; about some filesystems14:59
kubanchow do i lunch personal file sharing window...15:00
hedkandiohsix, do you happen to know how my ecryptfs magically manages to mount .Private?15:00
ubuntuhi all15:00
hedkandiohsix, it seems to happen at boot quite happily15:00
ubuntuin the 'ls -l' command why are some folders showing bigger number of hardlinks?15:01
maxsanielhellow alguem do Brasil???</